Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy Award Winners, Dancing With The Stars Cast Revealed, TV on DVD Releases - August 30, 2010

Jim Parsons holds his Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on The Big Bang Theory  at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on August 29, 2010.  UPI/Lori Shepler Photo via Newscom
The Emmys were held last night and all I have to say is, well, that was one year overdue. I'm talking about Jim Parsons winning an Emmy for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance on The Big Bang Theory. Only bummer is that the show was not nominated and neither were the rest of the cast who greatly deserved it. Some streaks continued while others ended. Mad Men won for Best Drama again but 30 Rock and The Amazing Race had their streaks ended. Modern Family beat out 30 Rock for Best Comedy Series. The Amazing Race lost to Top Chef in the award for Best Reality-Competition Series. Amazing Race had won the award for seven years in a row. Not really surprising as The Amazing Race has grown kind of stale in the last couple of years and that show really needs a boost of something. I say that as a fan from the beginning of the show. Lost was shut out which was surprising. Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn didn't win in the best supporting actor category. The two of them are amazing actors and were gold especially when they were on screen together. There was a lot of hype on Matthew Fox with many expecting him to win for best actor but it was not to be. Fox really stepped his game up this season and they really give him a lot of credit on the Lost season six DVD set. Some of the other big winners included:
Lead Actor in a Drama Series: Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad)
Lead Actress in a Drama Series: Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer)
Lead Actress in a Comedy Series: Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie)
Supporting Actor in a Drama Series: Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
Supporting Actress in a Drama Series: Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife)
Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family)
Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Jane Lynch (Glee)
Directing for a Drama Series: Steve Shill (Dexter - "The Getaway")
Directing for a Comedy Series: Ryan Murphy (Glee - "The Pilot")

The new Dancing With The Stars cast has been named. Here is a list of who will be competing this season: Jennifer Grey, Margaret Cho, Michael Bolton, David Hasselhoff, Brandy, Kurt Warner, Rick Fox, Kyle Massey, Audrina Patridge, Florence Henderson, Bristol Palin, and Mike Sorrentino. I love seeing Jennifer Grey's name on this list. She could be a major comeback story and I am really hoping that she does well. Interesting list for sure that will have people talking.

TV on DVD releases for tomorrow include Brothers & Sisters (Season Four), FlashForward (Full Series), House (Season Six), Lonesome Dove (Season One), The Middle (Season One), NCIS: Los Angeles (Season One), Parenthood (Season One), Sons of Anarchy (Season Two), The Vampire Diaries (Season One).

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Brother Eliminates Two - August 26, 2010

Tonight's Big Brother eliminated two from the game. The show got rolling with the live eviction of Matt which was unanimous. Before the eviction, we did see footage of how Ragan had finally put things together that the Brigade was an alliance. Tonight had a week's worth of Big Brother in one episode. The HOH competition was held and won by Hayden. Hayden nominated Ragan and Brendon for eviction. The live veto competition takes place and is a memory type game which plays right into Ragan's hands. He wins the veto and takes himself off the block. Hayden's replacement nominee is Britney. Brendon is voted out on a unanimous vote as well. That leaves us with the final five of Hayden, Lane, Enzo, Britney, and Ragan.
SPOILER ALERT!!! The HOH competition has already taken place tonight but was not seen on the feeds. In fact, we still don't have feeds back. Big Brother After Dark has been on for nearly 45 minutes now but yet the live feeds are still down. Sometimes it's so fun being a paying live feed customer. Insert sarcasm there. Lane has won the HOH competition.

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - August 26, 2010

Well, this wasn't the HOH week that Britney was looking for. I think this week was more of a bad thing than a good thing. When we left off last week, I was cheering as Britney won HOH. She ended up putting Brendon and Enzo on the block. The talk then turned to what would happen in the veto competition. Yeah, this did not go well for Britney. This was one of those veto competitions where you buzz in on punishments or prizes. If you buzz in first to take a punishment, you get more points toward the veto. If you buzz in and take a prize first, you lose points toward getting the veto. The most memorable of this type of competition was during All Stars when Chilltown just kept taking all of the prizes. LOL. Well, it happened again but more in a bizarre way this time instead of humor. The Brigade had one of their own on the block while having Brendon on the block as well. So, Hayden and Lane went for prizes while Britney, Matt, Enzo, and Brendon were fighting for the veto. Hayden took the $5,000 and the trip to Hawaii. Lane took the phone call from home. Britney's reaction was of anger seeing people take the prizes when she is trying to get Brendon out of the house. Brendon and Enzo buzzed in on several punishments to get closer to the veto. Brendon took the 24 hour chum bath, the handcuffing to the houseguest of his choosing for 24 hours and picked Britney, and took a headshaving. Enzo got in there for wearing the penguin suit for the rest of the week. Brendon won the veto and Britney's plans were derailed. The Brigade's plans were on track as they were ready to get Matt backdoored. Britney was furious in the HOH room after it was over and she is seeing that she is doing the dirty work for the guys which is very true. She just doesn't see all of what is going on including how Lane is working her. So, Brendon survived and the guys worked Britney on putting Matt up. They filled her with information on that Matt was the one that took all the prizes cause he felt safe for the week. Britney puts Matt up on the block and now it is Brigade vs. Brigade.

Thoughts On The Week: My thoughts are all over the board this week. Likes and dislikes. Brendon is upset over Britney going back on their deal which is kind of controversial in itself because Brendon has said several times on the feeds that the DR told him that he couldn't nominate Britney. The reason was that he had told her before nominations that she was going up. So, he had to pick someone else. That is what he is saying so you'll just have to go with whatever you believe. I wish Britney could see that these guys are playing her but we really didn't get the full feel that Lane was playing her too until the episode aired last night and we heard his DR stuff. She really has done their dirty work for them and it might be too late now for a change. Pandora's Box returned and it did not go well for Britney. She got a visit from a previous houseguest including advice. It was Jessie and her advice was workout advice. The guys got a BBQ in the backyard including hula girls. So, while she is seeing Jessie, she is also seeing the happenings in the backyard on the TV. Britney also was handcuffed to Brendon for 24 hours this week. The reaction of the house to him taking the chum bath was funny. Britney's reactions in the DR to Brendon cracked me up. Her "help me" line had me laughing. Did you see her getting ready to do the rope hanging sign again before Brendon looked over at her? LOL.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Britney's birthday was on Sunday and she got a birthday cake. She got a song of "for she's a jolly good Britney" from the houseguests. It's so strange that they won't let them sing the normal "happy birthday to you" song. How can that be copyrighted??!! We did not see Jessie on the live feeds. The feeds went off for a bit and returned with Britney telling the story in the living room of what had happened to her which was seen on the show. I was disappointed that the show didn't really air more of her zingers at Jessie that she mentioned. Yeah, she was not a happy camper. The show really made the Britney/Brendon handcuffing deal look worse than it was. Yeah, she hated it but they were civil to one another and I thought they both made the best of it. On The Tip returned this week with it taking place in the HOH room. It was funny and I enjoy seeing them having fun playing up to the fans watching the feeds. Ragan had a moment in the backyard after the veto ceremony where he made an argument over how things were going in the house. I'm not really sure what point he was trying to make and the rest of the house was kind of clueless on it too. Basically, Ragan was hurt about Matt's actions in the house. Not a whole lot of happenings in the house as far as big events. I don't mind that either. Some fans have complained about it but I don't need drama 24 hours a day. Give me this group over BB9 any day. That season almost killed my love for the show. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and everyone has different opinions on things cause we're all different. I like this group for the most part and have enjoyed following them on the feeds. Yeah, some days are more entertaining than others but I thought that Britney's HOH blog put it into good perspective. They're all locked in this house for months and you're going to run out of things to do. Big Brother should give them some new things to do such as new games or something so that is a complaint obviously. I sometimes think that is why they verbally bash each other so much because it's the only thing to do.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: "Help me" - Britney during the DR session handcuffed to Brendon.

So, tonight's live show will have a double eviction. Will there be any more cracks shown of the Brigade? Basically, I'm speculating on whether Matt might blow it up or not. Will Brendon make another HOH comeback? Will Britney survive tonight? Lots of questions to be answered in a fast paced show of Big Brother tonight.

Here is an extended version of the Britney/Jessie clip that CBS has released today.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grand Ole Opry Returns To The Opry House On September 28

NASHVILLE, TN - MAY 04: Kevin Farrell loads microphone stands into a truck from the Grand Ole Opry on May 4, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. More than 13 inches of rain fell over two days, more than doubling the previous record of 6.68 inches and leaving as many as 10 dead and thousands displaced in Nashville. (Photo by Jeff Gentner/Getty Images)
The Grand Ole Opry announced its return to the famed Grand Ole Opry house during a press conference this morning that streamed online at The horrible flooding in Nashville back in the spring did a lot of damage to the city including the Opry. It was truly sad to see all of the pictures of that historic place under water. At the press conference, Brad Paisley and Little Jimmy Dickens installed the famous circle back into the Opry stage. The announcement was made that the Grand Ole Opry will return to the Opry house on September 28 at 7pm with a big lineup including Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Charlie Daniels Band, Trace Adkins, Josh Turner, Montgomery Gentry, Little Jimmy Dickens, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Diamond Rio, and Del McCoury Band.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lost Season Six DVD Thoughts - August 24, 2010

SANTA MONICA, CA - AUGUST 21: An item on display for sale during the 'Lost' Memorabilia Auction at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, on August 21, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Just some quick thoughts on the Lost season six DVD set that came out today. I have watched the bonus features on it and they are incredible. I'll start with "The New Man In Charge" and this is a spoiler alert for anyone that may be waiting to see it. This is the feature that has about 12 minutes of footage that was shot of the story of Hurley and Ben in charge of the island. In this feature, we see where the food drops were coming from until Ben shows up. That footage has been shown in a lot of the leaked video. Hurley has ordered for the stations to be shut down. The Dharma introductory video is shown to the guys in charge of loading up the food by Ben. This video includes talk of the experimenting that went on with the polar bears and shows the use of the cages including the biscuits. While those guys are completely clueless on anything, including them thinking the Dharma Initiative is going on, Ben doesn't give them a lot of answers except to give them a nice payment to move on to their next life. The next place that we go to in this feature is seeing the return of Walt. Ben goes to Walt who is staying at Santa Rosa. Ben talks about how they always planned on coming back to get him cause his home was on the island. When they leave, they get in the van with Hurley in the back seat. Walt and Hurley are thrilled to see one another and they talk of a job that they have for Walt on the island. That is pretty much it but it did give you that glimpse of what they had in store.

The other extras include an awesome behind the scenes of the final season. It is called "THE END - Crafting A Final Season". The camera crews show a lot of footage of them shooting including cast and crew interviews. It is a really fun production and just shows what all goes into making the show and the incredible emotion knowing that they were counting down to the end. It does a great job of capturing the last moments of the show. Several cast members are shown getting their last script. Jorge Garcia is shown actually reading the script and we see his first reactions to how things were going to play out. We also see several of the cast members shooting their final scenes and getting their curtain call. It is really powerful to watch that stuff. Then, we get the reunion scene with all of them getting together for the last scene. Emotional with Lindelof shown giving a thank you and farewell speech combined into one. Lindelof and Cuse comment a lot on what it was like to wrap up the show and their thoughts on shooting the final season. If you get this DVD set, make sure to take the time to watch this featurette cause it is amazing. It will pull on your heart strings in a major way and make you even more sad to see the show go. Then, we get the piano music brought in that always rips your heart in two over the years that is included in this featurette. This was so greatly produced. Another feature is called "A Hero's Journey" which talks of how all of the characters were heroes at some point on the island with whatever they were able to do. Everyone had different ways of stepping up to the challenge. This is also a well produced feature. "See You In Another Life Brotha" looks at the flash sideways world getting comments from the cast and crew. It's very interesting with them showing the comparisons of the plane happenings from the pilot episode and putting it next to the season six premiere. Returning cast members are interviewed and there is a hilarious moment with Maggie Grace being interviewed and then Naveen Andrews venting in the background about how the show messed up with killing her off. Bloopers are always a must with DVD sets and this one is a really funny one that gets most of the cast involved in it.

I have already seen the episodes and will be watching them again. So, for now I just checked out the bonus features of what I haven't seen. I can't talk about the commentaries cause I've yet to listen to them but do look forward to it. I'm a little disappointed that there isn't commentary on the last episode cause I would love to hear the thoughts on what was occurring to see if we might get some info of things that we didn't catch on to with watching the episode the first time around. Great looking set and I highly recommend it. Wow, I miss this show even more after watching it. Thank you to all the Lost cast, crew, and everyone involved for giving us such a great show!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lost Auction - Day Two Bidding - August 22, 2010

SANTA MONICA, CA - AUGUST 21: An item on display for sale during the 'Lost' Memorabilia Auction at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, on August 21, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
The Lost items went for insane prices yesterday and that was just the first day. Day two promises to bring even more jaw dropping bids for items. Lots of big items going today including the Dharma van and Hurley's Camaro. I won't be able to update this as quickly as yesterday so just check through the day at it if you're interested.

Season Four:
Ben Linus "halliwax" DHARMA parka and costume: $3,500
Jack's personal belongings: $4,000
Photo of Jack & Aaron and toy Millennium Falcon: $1,700
Jack's backpack: $1,200
Court documents in the criminal case against Kate: $1,000
DHARMA branded red wine enjoyed by Sawyer & Hurley: $1,200
Backgammon set used by Sawyer and Locke: $4,000
Locke's knife: $3,500
Death certificate and body release form - Jeremy Bentham: $2,750
Sayid's golf club set: $1,500
Note delivered to Sayid & Desmond on the freighter (don't trust the captain): $1,900
Jin's stuffed panda bear: $1,700
Sun and Jin's wedding rings and photos: $1,900
Ben's messenger bag and keffiyeh from Tunisia: $1,500
Ben's bag containing stacks of currencies and passports: $5,000
Ben's island messenger bag, journals and Polaroid photos: $2,750
Copy of Philip K. Dick's "Valis" given to Ben by Locke: $1,100
Michael's wooden cargo box from freighter: $1,000
Michael's prop suitcase bomb and freighter bomb: $3,250
Satellite phones used by Charlotte and Faraday: $3,000
Faraday's experiment test kit with rockets: $1,400
Faraday's Oxford time machine and rat maze: $2,000
Faraday's folder with scientific notations and briefcase: $3,250
Faraday's map to the Tempest station: $2,250
Miles ghost detector: $900
Tunisian newspaper with Flight 815 cover story: $4,250
Polar bear collar: $4,500
Risk board game played by Locke, Sawyer, and Hurley: $2,500
Blueprint of Jacob's cabin: $7,000
Collection of Apollo candy bars: $2,000
DHARMA map to the Temple: $3,500
Season four production artwork: $5,500
Hurley's Camaro: $20,000
Island Time-shifting spinning wheel: $25,000 (How funny is it that this outsold a car??!!)

Season Five:
Jack's DHARMA suit: $3,750
Kate's DHARMA suit: $2,750
Hurley's DHARMA suit: $2,250
LaFleur DHARMA suit: $6,500
Sayid's DHARMA suit: $2,500
Jin's DHARMA suit: $1,900
Sun's wedding dress: $2,000
Roger Workman DHARMA suit: $2,000
Juliet's Motor Pool DHARMA suit: $4,250
Miles DHARMA suit: $1,700
Jack's U.S. passport and Ajira Airways Flight 316 ticket: $3,250
Kate's U.S. passport and Ajira Airways Flight 316 ticket: $4,250
Kate's backpack and New Kids On The Block lunchbox: $1,200
Photo of Hurley with gun outside the safe house: $1,100
Hurley's notebooks for The Empire Strikes Back rewrite: $4,250
Young Sawyer's letter to the man who killed his parents: $2,250
Dossiers on the Oceanic Six that Widmore gives to Locke: $3,000
Locke's compass: $8,000
Locke's suicide note to Jack: $8,500
Locke's Ajira Airways coffin crate: $3,000
Locke's crutches used during suicide attempt: $1,300
Boar carried by Locke/Man in Black: $1,500
Collection of photos of Ben and Alex: $1,200
Jin's wedding ring: $4,750
Ben's U.S. passport and paperback copy of "Ulysses": $2,500
Ben's secret door/wall with hieroglyphics: $6,000
Nuclear bomb core detonated in season five finale: $4,500
Richard-built ship in a bottle: $4,750
Desmond wedding ring and Penny's watch: $3,250
Faraday's "new" journal as given to him by his mom: $2,750
Daniel Faraday's journal w/extensive handwritten notes: $27,500!!!! (I was waiting to see what that item went for and this is now the highest selling item of the auction!!)
12 cans of DHARMA beer: $4,500
Framed Group Photo of the 1977 DHARMA recruits: $7,000
DHARMA Initiative Swan Station Construction Codes: $1,000
DHARMA Initiative Videocassette: $850
Prop "Jughead" nuclear bomb with bomb core: $2,250
Collection of Ajira Airways branded water bottles: $700
Ajira Airways blankets: $1,000
The Others collection of bows and arrows: $2,500
Materials from the DHARMA Initiative induction: $2,000
Seven photo prints of the 1977 new DHARMA recruits (color and black & white pics): $3,500
Concept design model of Swan Station construction site: $900
Season five production artwork: $6,000
Set design model of Swan statino construction site hole: $600
Set design model of the Jughead chamber: $650
Galaga submarine conning tower and deck: $2,500
Galaga submarine interior door #1: $800
Galaga submarine interior door #2: $700
Monitor console from the Barrack's security office: $550
Hatch door to the Lamp Post station: $1,700
Secret door to the Temple: $1,800
Hieroglyph wall section from tunnels beneath the island: $1,500
Firepit from Jacob's chamber inside statue of Taweret: $1,200
Jacob's primary tapestry: $8,500
Fragment of Jacob's tapestry: $6,500
Jacob's tapestry: $3,750
Jacob's tapestry: $2,000
DHARMA Van: $47,500!! (Now the highest selling auction item. Been waiting all weekend to see what that would go for.)
DHARMA Jeep: $20,000
DHARMA Bicycles, tricycles, and metal bike rack: $1,700

Season Six:
Jack's death costume from the series finale, "The End": $2,750
Jack's suit from the series finale, "The End": $2,250
Jack's bloody death costume from the series finale, "The End": $10,000
Kate's costume from the series finale, "The End": $3,000
Hurley's costume from the series finale, "The End" (dressy - purple with jeans): $900
Hurley's costume from the series finale, "The End" (tan with jeans): $900
Sawyer's costume from the series finale, "The End" (blue shirt with dirty jeans): $1,600
Sawyer's costume from the series finale, "The End" (dressy - jacket, shirt, jeans): $1,600
Locke/Man In Black Season Six island costume: $1,900
Locke/Man In Black death costume from series finale, "The End": $1,700
Locke's costume from the series finale, "The End": $1,300
The Man In Black's dagger: $6,000
Locke's distressed wheelchair: $900
Claire's squirrel baby: $2,750
Senet game played by young Jacob and Man In Black: $7,000
Steel cup that was used to hand power from Jacob to Jack: $7,500
Jack's watch: $8,500
Season six production artwork: $15,000
Four toed statue: $4,750
Candidate Cave: $650
Dial mechanism and mirror array from the signal room of the lighthouse: $27,500
The script for the finale signed by Lindelof and Carlton: $7,500

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feed Update - Pandora's Box Strikes Again

SPOILER ALERT!! Nominations have taken place and the veto competition took place today. On the block is Brendon and Enzo. The veto competition took place today and was won by Brendon. It was a competition similar to All Stars where you could buzz in to take prizes or punishments. Brendon has shaved his head which was something that he accepted. Money was a part of the competition as well but it isn't clear who took it or I've missed it. Enzo has to wear a penquin suit this week and he looks ridiculous. LOL. One thing too is that he had to give up his clothes as well so it appears that he now has no clothes. Britney is going to have to be handcuffed to Brendon for 24 hours which has not happened yet. Apparently, he actually picked Britney to be handcuffed to. Britney was mad over how it all turned out and had a good talk with Lane over what happened where he eased her down. Now, the feeds went off tonight for about 30 minutes or so. When the feeds returned, Britney was talking about opening a Pandora's Box. Apparently, it unlocked a Hawaiian Luau BBQ for the rest of the house while she says that she was stuck in a room with Jessie. Yes, that Jessie from previous Big Brother seasons. She says that the message said "how would you like to receive advice for an hour?" with a previous houseguest but said that she didn't know what kind of advice. So, she got workout advice for an hour. She said that he talked about himself the whole time saying that kept saying about how he was the best looking guy and built guy. She said that Russell was bigger than him and that Jessie was about her height. She did say that she got to watch the feast from inside while she was stuck with Jessie. The way she told the story was really funny. Yeah, she's not a fan of Jessie's, needless to say. LOL. We didn't see Jessie on the feeds so we just have to assume that she is telling the truth on this. I wondered if she was making this story up to cover for her getting something good in the Pandora's Box. However, with the house getting something good, it has to be sure that she got something bad. So, it appears that Jessie made a quick return to the Big Brother house unless we see otherwise.

Ongoing Lost Auction - Live Updates - August 21, 2010

SANTA MONICA, CA - AUGUST 21: An item on display for sale during the 'Lost' Memorabilia Auction at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, on August 21, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
I'm following the happenings of the Lost Auction online. As expected, this stuff is going for high dollar amounts!! Just thought I'd post some of the happenings of it.
Season One items:
All the cast chairs were high demand with Elizabeth Mitchell's going for $2,000.
Jack Bender's chair back goes for $3,250
Pieces of the plane wreckage were auctioned with some of the totals being for $9,000, $3,250, and $1,300.
The Pilot episode script signed by JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof went for $15,000!!
Oceanic flight wreckage used to cover Sawyer's stash: $7,000
Sawyer's beach camp chair: $2,750
Row of Oceanic Airlines plane seats: $1,700 and $1,800
Oceanic wreckage used for Rose and Bernard's camp shelter: $2,500
Jack's Pilot episode costume which he wears after the crash: $3,000
Jack's season one medical costume: $850
Kate's Pilot episode costume: $1,300
Other Kate season one costumes: $750, $650, $750, $1,500
Kate's costume from "House of the Rising Sun": $850
Hurley's season one costume and backpack: $850
Hurley's costume from the episode "The Numbers" including the number 72 on it: $475
Sawyer's Pilot episode costume (blue shirt and jeans): $650
Sawyer's Pilot episode costume (gray shirt and jeans): $1,400
Locke's costume, binoculars and compass: $2,500
Other Locke season one costumes: $475, $650
Locke's costume worn at Boone's funeral: $1,100
Locke's costume from the episode "Born To Run": $1,600
Sayid's Pilot episode costume (gray shirt, black pants): $650
Sayid's costume from the episode "Deus Ex Machina": $425
Jin's season one costume (tan pants): $400
Jin's season one costume (blue pants): $200
Jin's distressed costume from "In Translation": $425
Sun's season one costume (yellow top and multi-colored skirt): $500
Sun's season one island costume and backpack: $500
Sun's costume from the episode, "Walkabout": $450
Sun's bikini from the episode, "In Translation": $1,200
Sun's dress from "House Of The Rising Sun": $400
Claire's costume from the episode "The Moth" (black tank top and pants): $350
Claire's costume from the episode "The Moth" (gray shirt and blue skirt): $350
Charlie's season one costume (black jacket, striped shirt, jeans): $3,500
Liam Pace's Drive Shaft concert costume from "The Moth": $700
Charlie's costume from the episode "White Rabbit": $700
Michael's season one costume (blue shirt, tan pants): $325
Michael's island costume (orange shirt, jeans): $375
Walt's costume from the pilot episode: $500
Walt's distressed shirt and life jacket worn on the raft: $950
Shannon's pilot episode costume (pink outfit): $900
Shannon's island costume (yellow top and gray skirt): $600
Shannon's island costume from "Hearts and Mind" (pink and purple outfit): $550
Boone's Pilot episode costume (orange jacket, blue shirt, black pants): $850
Boone's costume from the episode "Raised By Another": $450
Rose's costume from the Pilot episode: $300
Oceanic Airlines pilot costume: $425
Oceanic Airlines jumpsuit: $450
Oceanic Airlines employee uniform: $650
Jack's season one backpack: $2,500
Jack's U.S. passport and customs declaration: $4,750
Jack's green medical case: $800
Jack's halliburton: $1,600
Key and necklace to the halliburton briefcase: $2,000
Jack's medical achievement awards: $1,300
Jack's framed medical degrees: $1,600
Jack's wedding vows from ex-wife Sarah: $1,300
Jack's burgundy medical case: $1,300
Kate's U.S. passport and police mug shot printout: $4,750
Kate's metal handcuffs from the Pilot episode: $1,400
Kate's toy airplane from season one: $6,500!!!!
Kate's season one backpack: $900
Kate's mini pocket knife and whittling stick: $600
Kate's wallet, NM driver's license and credit cards: $1,400
Kate's knife with sheath: $1,200
Kate and Tom's lunchbox time capsule with contents: $1,800
Hurley's U.S. passport: $3,500
Hurley's CD/MP3 player and headphones: $1,300
Hurley's winning Mega Lotto Jackpot ticket: $5,500
Box of Mega Lotto Jackpot ping pong balls (winning numbers): $1,600
Girls soccer backpacks with Hurley's Lotto numbers: $1,100
Hurley's Spanish comic book: $3,250
Hurley's shirt-turned-fishing-net: $1,200
Hurley's set of Prokennex brand golf clubs: $1,400
Hurley's Connect Four Game: $700
Improvised golf course hole markers created by Hurley: $1,000
Sawyer's season one and two backpack: $1,400
Sawyer's improvised reading glasses from season one: $2,250
Sawyer's paperback copy of "Watership Down": $2,750
Sawyer's letter to the man who murdered his parents: $6,500
Sawyer's briefcase with fake oil report for oil scam: $850
Locke's Oceanic Airlines boarding pass: $2,750
Locke's backpack: $2,250
Locke's knife set and Rimowa Tropicana Trolley case: $7,500
Locke's hero wheelchair: $3,250
Locke's Master Bowie knife with studio blood stains: $3,500
Locke's collection of rubber stunt Master Bowie knives: $3,250
Locke's special effects Master Bowie knife: $2,000
Locke's backgammon set: $7,000
Locke's tan canvas backpack: $1,800
Sayid's Oceanic boarding pass, passport, and belongings: $4,250
Sayid's Koran and archive of CIA surveillance material: $1,600
Set of three Sayid photos of Nadia: $1,000
Jin's personal belongings: $1,400
Jin's fishing net and fishing pole: $900
Rolex worn by Jin and later given to Michael: $1,900
Collection of handcuffs worn by Jin: $800
Rolex that Jin delivers for Mr. Paik in Australia: $2,000
Sun's Oceanic Airlines boarding pass and passports: $2,000
Jin and Sun's wedding announcement: $2,000
Claire's Diary: $1,900
4 scorched model Oceanic airplanes from Claire's dream: $1,600
Claire's prop baby, Aaron, in bjorn: $850
Baby Aaron's crib: $8,000
Charlie's Oceanic Flight 815 boarding pass and belongings: $1,400
Charlie's personal belongings: $1,600
Charlie's "DS" ring: $9,000
Charlie's blindfold with reference photo: $850
Charlie's "FATE" hand bandages and gauze: $1,200
Charlie's "Drive Shaft" paraphernalia: $700
Michael's raft diagram: $1100
Michael's sketches dawn from the hospital: $750
Box containing letters and cards from Michael to Walt: $1,100
Michael and Walt's personal belongings: $1,200
Walt's Spanish comic book: $1,400
Walt's Gameboy Advance SP: $650
Shannon's personal belongings: $750
Boone's personal belongings: $1,700
Oceanic Flight 815 boarding gate sign: $4,750
U.S. Marshal Edward Mars, personal belongings: $600
Boone's hunting knife: $1,100
Set of Oceanic Airlines pilot ID badges and luggage tags: $1,900
Survivors tools made from the Oceanic 815 wreckage: $700
13 Oceanic Airlines branded water bottles: $1,400
Binder used for the eulogy, first funeral on the island: $750
Island torches used by the survivors in seasons 1 & 2: $1,700
Vincent's collar and leash: $1,300
Four Virgin Mary statues: $4,250
Collection of Rousseau's maps: $9,000
Crystallized Black Rock dynamite: $1,300
Black Rock prop dynamite in crate: $1,500
Two crates filled with six Virgin Mary statues: $5,000
Wine bottle with messages from the raft: $2,250
Radar and equipment used on the raft in season one finale: $1,100
Season one production artwork: $14,000
Oceanic Airlines 815 Boeing 777 Digital Maquette: $900
Set design model of the Oceanic Airlines 815 interior: $500
Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute Sign: $750
Set design model of the Swan station hatch: $1,600
Swan station hatch door: $16,000 (highest money getter yet)
The Hatch: $8,000 (wow, the door sold higher than the hatch.)

Season Two: With the costumes, I'm just going to mention the big name ones cause some of these are kind of repetitive.
Jack's medical bag: $3,250
Kate's season two island costume: $800
Kate's costume from the episode "What Kate Did": 2 costumes with prices of $800, $750
Hurley's season two costumes: $700
Hurley's Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack restaurant costume: $750
The actual Mr. Cluck chicken costume: $1,900
Sawyer's costume from "The Long Con": $700
Jin's Seoul Gateway Hotel doorman costume: $650
Pierre Chang's DHARMA lab suit: $2,000
Desmond's DHARMA jumpsuit: $4,750
Shannon's death costume from the episode "Collision": $950
Kate's backpack: $850
Kate's personal belongings: $1,600
Kate's Smith and Wesson S.W.A.T. pocket knife: $1,200
Collection of Drive Shaft CD cases: $1,500
Mr. Cluck's employee name tags, buckets, cups, etc: $1,600
"Walt Missing" milk carton from Hurley's dream sequence: $1,400
Sawyer's books: $850
Sawyer's backpack: $1,000
Collection of Sawyer's "gold chains" used in con job: $600
Pearl Station Hatch: $3,750
Locke's non-serrated Master Bowie knife w/tape repair: $2,750
Various renditions of Locke's blast door Map: $2,000
Locke's Australian "walkabout" book and tourism posters: $1,000
Locke's "welcome home" business materials: $650
Locke's engagement ring and apartment key: $850
Locke's folding pocket knives: $1,700
Sayid's Republican Guard torture tools and other items: $1,300
Desmond's books from the Swan Station library: $1,200
Charlie's acoustic guitar: $4,750
Charlie's piano: $1,700
Ben's personal belongings as "Henry Gale": $1,500
Henry Gale's hot air balloon and gondola: $850
Desmond's letters to Penny from prison: $2,000
Penny's letter to Desmond: $3,500
Desmond's photograph with Penny at the Marina: $6,500
Desmond's fail-safe key with "Joe Inman" dog tag: $11,000
Shannon's Bag: $475
Rose and Bernard's personal belongings: $1,100
Ana Lucia's personal belongings: $800
Eko's machete, cross necklace, and hollowed-out Bible: $4,250
Eko's signature staff with Bible scripture carvings: $8,000
Lightweight stunt version of Eko's stick: $4,000
Rousseau's distressed music box: $2,000
Scope used by Desmond in the Swan Station: $1,600
Swan Station film projector and screen: $2,000
Three DHARMA Initiative orientation films from the Swan: $2,750
DHARMA initiation videos and notepads: $2,000
DHARMA Initiative orientation kit: $3,250
Digital Swan station/hatch wall countdown clock: $6,000
Swan station computer: $16,000
Pearl station printer and "System Failure" log printout: $1,900
Swan station record player: $1,800
Geronimo Jackson LP: $1,600
Dollhouse from Shannon's father's funeral: $475
Assortment of DHARMA branded foods: $3,250
DHARMA branded playing cards used by Sawyer and Jack: $4,250
DHARMA notepads and pneumatic canisters from the Pearl: $3,000
Six Apollo chocolate bars: $1,200
Emma's teddy bear: $1,200
Season two production artwork: $7,500
DHARMA shark: $1,600
Swan Station hatch door after the discharge: $9,000
DHARMA Initiative Sign: $3,750

Season Three:
Jack's DHARMA scrubs: $1,200
Jack's DHARMA surgery scrubs costume from "I Do": $1,300
Jack's distressed DHARMA scrubs: $1,400
Kate's dress from "A Tale Of Two Cities": $1,600
Kate's costume from the episode "I Do": $1,200
Young Ben Linus costume when first meeting Richard: $600
Ben Linus DHARMA jumpsuit from "Man Behind The Curtain": $1,500
Juliet's bloodied DHARMA medical scrubs: $1,100
Desmond's distressed DHARMA jumpsuit: $1,000
Richard Alpert's "Man Behind The Curtain" costume: $750
Jack's CA license plate for his Ford Bronco: $2,750
Jack's divorce papers: $500
Kate and Kevin's wedding rings: $1,100
Sawyer's improvised reading glasses: $2,250
Two DHARMA branded beer cans belonging to Sawyer: $1,500
Hurley and Sawyer's makeshift ping pong paddles and balls: $2,250
Sawyer's Arrest Report as James Ford: $1,000
Locke's CA driver's license and registration: $1,500
Locke's flash forward coffin with rolling base: $1,200
Sayid's personal belongings: $1,300
Sayid's DHARMA cabling map showing the Barracks: $2,000
Aaron's crib after attacked by the Others: $1,200
Charlie's "DS" Ring: $8,500
Notepad with Charlie's top 5 greatest moments: $3,750
Charlie's guitar with an arrow through the neck: $2,000
Charlie's flashback guitar and case: $4,500
Ben's handwritten orders for Juliet's execution: $1,300
Ben Linus's glasses: $2,500

Friday, August 20, 2010

Basketball Hall Of Fame Inductions, NBA 2K11 To Feature Michael Jordan - August 20, 2010

Hall of Fame inductee Scottie Pippen (L), presented by former teammate Michael Jordan, delivers his acceptance speech during the 2010 Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremonies in Springfield, Massachusetts August 13, 2010. REUTERS/Brian Snyder (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)
The Basketball Hall Of Hame induction ceremony took place last week and featured many of my favorite players. One of them being Scottie Pippen. Pippen and Michael Jordan are my favorite basketball duo ever. It was truly a pleasure to watch these two guys step on to the court every night. Pippen was that great all around player that you could count on to get the job done. He was a big time weapon from all over the court. He could drive, shoot, pass, rebound, and led the Bulls team in five statistical categories at one point. Pippen and Jordan helped each other get to six NBA championships. During the 1993-94 season, Pippen stepped it up and took the Bulls to a regular season record of what they had done the previous year with Jordan still on the team. I still to this day say that the Bulls would have won the championship had it not been for the still haunting Hue Hollins call on the three point attempt by Hubert Davis in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals at MSG. That one call changed the series as the Bulls would have headed home with a 3-2 series lead and be able to close the series out in Chicago. Hollins eventually said that it was a bad call on his part and I still cringe watching the play to this day. Hollins would then be booed for the rest of his career when returning to Chicago. Scottie stepped up huge that season including a All Star MVP and what should have been a league MVP. With Michael returning in 1995, the two paired up again along with Dennis Rodman to lead the Bulls to the best record in NBA history with 72 wins. Seeing Jordan present Pippen was very fitting and I loved it as a fan seeing the two of them together. It almost made me sad too to think of how long away those days are now. These two guys were torture to teams on offense but also on defense. During the first three peat years, they were referred to as the dobermans on defense. They would wear you out defensively and then be up the court on offense. Remember that Pippen's defense on Magic Johnson in the 1991 Finals really changed that series. Karl Malone, who also very deservedly went into the Hall of Fame last week, commented on Pippen saying how great of a player that he was specifying how Pippen won him over when he led most of the statistical categories on the team. Scottie Pippen was a warrior on the court and I will never forget the enjoyment that I had with watching him over the years.
Members of the 1992 United States Olympic Dream Team pose for a photograph after that team was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame during enshrinement ceremonies in Springfield, Massachusetts August 13, 2010. The players are: (front row L-R) John Stockton, Clyde Drexler, Chris Mullen; (middle row L-R) Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone; (back row L-R) Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson and Christian Laettner.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder  (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)
The 1992 Dream Team also went into the Hall Of Fame with most of them being in attendance. I loved having Magic and Bird being the spokesmen for the team. Talk about two guys that have their careers always revolved around one another. They still have that competitiveness about them and I laughed watching Bird at one point looking intense cause you just get the feeling that he'd love to go roast some guys on the court. LOL. That team was incredible to watch. The greatest team ever assembled. How exciting was it to see Jordan, Magic, Bird, Barkley, Pippen, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, Drexler, among others all on the same team? You can't top that. They beat their opponents by an average of 44 points if I remember right. They did it in a fashion that I've never seen. These were guys that just wanted to win. As Magic said, they didn't care about egos, who scored the most points, or who took the most shots. They wanted to win and win decisively. The whole country was wrapped up in watching that team in Barcelona and the only disappointment was NBC cutting out of the games when they would get up by 20 points unless you had the PPV triple cast. I have the memory of jumping up off the couch when seeing Magic throw that no look over the head pass to Jordan who skied to dunk that ball in big fashion. It was the Dream Team and there will be no team like it. Congrats to all the inductees into this year's Hall of Fame!!

While on the subject of the NBA, I want to congratulate NBA 2K11. Why? They are pulling me back into the video game world. LOL. I just kind of phased out of it some and then comes the announcement of Michael Jordan being put back into a NBA video game. After seeing the first video of MJ in the game, I was sold. Add into the fact that classic Bulls teams and other classic players are on this game as well and that is just a HUGE bonus. Michael Jordan will appear on a NBA video game for the first time in over a decade. You will be able to play as Jordan of all different eras of his NBA career. You can take Jordan and put him on current teams or have him running with his Bulls of the day. One really fun thing included in this game is that you have The Jordan Challenge. You play as Jordan in some of the biggest games of his career and you have to accomplish what he accomplished to beat the level. Some of the games included are the 63 point game in Boston Garden, the 1991 NBA Finals, the 6 three pointers against Portland in 92, the flu game in 1997, the double nickel game in 1995 at MSG, and more. Some of them are not going to be easy to recreate especially when you have to score a certain amount of points and have a certain shooting percentage too. If you unlock all of these, you open up Jordan for a career type mode. Basically, you take a rookie Michael Jordan and put him on the team of your choice. As you start out, Jordan isn't going to be that greatest player that we all know and love. You'll have to keep building him on experience points and his play will get better along with his look changing. It sounds really fun!! So, my plan is to take the 1995-96 Bulls and completely dismantle the Miami Heat of Wade, James, and Bosh. If you want to take a sneak peek look at NBA 2K11, here is the latest trailer to be released of it and it looks incredible!!

Lost Auction This Weekend, DVD Sets Set For Tuesday Release - August 20, 2010

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 12: (L-R) Actors Emilie de Ravin, Daniel Dae Kim, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly, co-creator/executive proudcer Damon Lindelof, executive producer Carlton Cuse, actors Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia speak onstage at the ABC 'Lost' Q&A portion of the 2010 Winter TCA Tour day 4 at the Langham Hotel on January 12, 2010 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Big happenings in the upcoming days for Lost fans. An auction and a DVD set.

Want to have a piece of Lost? Well, now is your chance. Lost: The Official Auction will be taking place this coming weekend out in Santa Monica, CA. You can buy tickets for the event to there in person at this link: They are going to be doing a giveaway there as they encourage fans to dress up for the event. The "Best Likeness" to the character will win the complete collection on DVD. People in attendance will also get to see a sneak peek at the new bonus material on the season six DVD set. You will also have the opportunity to get your picture taken in Oceanic 815. The auction looks awesome and there will be some major items on sale including the Dharma van, Hurley's Camaro, Locke's Wheelchair, cast costumes, letters used in the show, pieces of the Oceanic flight wreckage, and SO much more. They have some amazing items up for auction. If you want to bid, you don't have to be there in attendance. You can bid over the phone and online but you do have to register to bid obviously which you can do at: Here is the link to check out the auction.
Here is a video sneak preview:

Tuesday will be the big DVD release of the season six box set along with the full series collection. The new box set will include many things not seen yet which includes the 12 minute video of Hurley and Ben taking over the island and we also learn where the food drops were coming from. Other things included on the set are: bloopers and deleted scenes, commentaries on four episodes, The End: Crafting A Final Season featurette, A Hero's Journey featurette, See You In Another Life Brotha featurette, LOST on Location featurette, and there will be Blu-ray exclusives.

Weezer plus Hurley. Yes, Lost fans, Hurley is the name of the new album being released by Weezer which also features Jorge Garcia on the cover.

Exciting but yet bittersweet week for all of us Lost fans knowing that the show really is over.

One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Fight For The Gulf - August 20, 2010

One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols have been big time battlers for helping the cause with the Gulf. The oil spill in the Gulf has been an absolute disaster. They are extremely dedicated to the cause and they have been posting heavily on Twitter of any kind of news that is going on while continuing to get the word out on what we can all do to help. It has been great to see people jump behind them with their fight. I really admire them for what all they've done to help raise money and awareness including them traveling to the Gulf themselves.

They have had various deals going on in helping with fundraising efforts. Sophia and Austin have been offering autographed 8x10's to fans who donate $50 to the cause. There has also been a contest going which recently ended where you could donate $28 and be entered for a chance to win a One Tree Hill signed box set. Here are the links to Sophia and Austin's projects:
Also, check out on more of what you can do to help with the Gulf. Sophia and Austin recently did an interview with Global Green which you can check out at this link:
Part One:
Part Two:

One Tree Hill supporters have jumped aboard as well. has organized an auction on Ebay for two shirts signed by cast members of One Tree Hill. The first is signed by Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols. The other shirt is signed by Sophia, Austin, James Lafferty, Stephen Colletti, and Kate Voegele. The proceeds of these auctions will go to the charity of Sophia and Austin's choice. The fans of One Tree Hill have always been an awesome, awesome community and support one another's efforts. You can check out the auctions at these links:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

WB's Upgrade To Blu-ray, Average TV Viewer Age Goes Up, & More - August 19, 2010

Warner Brothers has been offering a deal to their customers who are now wanting a Blu-ray of their DVD that they own. For a little bit of a cost, viewers can upgrade to a Blu-ray. They offer their movies at about $5 a piece where you send the disc to them and they'll send you a new Blu-ray disc. Now, here comes the even more fun part. They are now doing this with several of their TV shows now including Smallville, Supernatural, Chuck, and more. Seasons six and seven of Smallville are upgraded for $14.99 a piece while you can upgrade season eight for $19.99. When you order your new set, they ask you to only send back the first disc of your current standard DVD set. No other discs or the packaging. For more info, here is the link to check it out:

What is the average watching age on TV? The median range has went up to 51 while the networks and advertisers are continuing to go younger with their target focus. Magna Global did a recent study on this topic of the average age o viewers. Youngest went to Gossip Girl at 27. The average age of viewership for One Tree Hill was set at 30 which seems about right to me. I think that show has a lot of older viewers based on the fact that a lot of us were younger when the show premiered. That group of viewers has hung with it while adding new viewers as well. Interesting that 90210's average age is 31 which makes me speculate if it involves fans of the original watching the new show like myself. Glee has an average age of 38. The Simpsons is at 32. On the other end, 60 Minutes has the oldest average viewership at 62. You can check out more of the averages of shows at this link:

Speaking of One Tree Hill, The CW has released a ten second trailer for the new season which teases some of the new happenings. Speculate away!!

I got this news to pass along as HBO Documentary Films will present If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise on Monday, August 23 from 8-10pm central time and on Tuesday, August 24 from 8-10pm. This is a Spike Lee film which is the followup to the previous documentary, When The Levees Broke. The documentary focuses on the rebirth of New Orleans from the horrible tragedy that occurred there several years ago. For more info, check out the website at:

TV on DVD releases for this week include Cougar Town (Season One), Dexter (Season Four), Father Knows Best (Season Five), Friday Night Lights (Season Four), One Tree Hill (Season Seven), Ugly Betty (Season Four).

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - August 19, 2010

Previously on Big Brother, the DR completely messed with this game. Geez, it was unreal with what all happened this week. Last week's show ended with the HOH competition underway. Brendon won easily. His nominations ended up being Ragan and Lane. The veto competition had Ragan winning. Things really got busy this week when Rachel returned to the house. Brendon got a Pandora's Box which teased that he would get to spend 24 hours with Rachel outside of the house. Well, it didn't work that way. He took it and went to a remote location while she returned to the house for 24 hours. They did not see each other. Rachel stirred it up immediately upon returning to the house. Her and Ragan clashed big time and they had two big arguments. The inside argument was not seen on the live feeds but the backyard one was seen and I watched it live. UGLY argument. Rachel took a fight to him and he finished it. There were more happenings which I'll get to in the live feeds section which was not shown on TV. Rachel left the house and left a message for Brendon to target Matt making the message out of pretzels. Hey Big Brother, I thought you couldn't write things in the house. That is just one thing that they did this week that wasn't very fair. Anyway, Ragan uses the veto and Brendon puts Matt up as the replacement. Matt however had the diamond power of veto. Matt appeared to be the one going home. Kathy got targeted as the saboteur when Ragan left a note saying "I know your secret" under Enzo's pillow. Enzo thought it was Kathy who left it. Kathy also got a target on her from Matt when she didn't let him know about the pretzel message. On tonight's live show, Matt used the veto and the power was revealed to a stunned house. With the power, Matt was able to replace who went on the block and picked Kathy. Kathy goes home on a 5-0 vote. The HOH competition comes down to Britney and Enzo. Britney wins HOH!! Julie Chen announced that next week will be a double eviction which sounded like the return of Big Brother Fast Forward.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: It should be mentioned that before tonight's live show, Matt was told that he was going to be voted out. It appears that Enzo for sure told him but I'm not sure if Hayden told him too. So, that could start the downfall of the Brigade. I was wondering if Matt might blow it up tonight and put up Enzo. The Rachel/Ragan fight in the kitchen was not shown on the live feeds but we obviously heard about it. We did not see Rachel actually walking back into the house. The feeds went off and when they returned, Rachel was suddenly in the house. The argument in the backyard between Rachel and Ragan was edited pretty much how it happened. It was cut down quite a bit time wise obviously. After it was over, Rachel stood there speechless for about two minutes or so. The funniest part was the shot of Britney in the background just playing pool. Rachel went into the DR and then returned later apologizing to Ragan. They hugged and had a really nice conversation. Rachel was saying that she had to speak to every houseguest one on one before she left. She talked to Britney and the two had a very civil conversation. It actually went surprisingly well and civil. Britney told Rachel that she thought that Rachel was the saboteur. This is where things got odd. They talked about who was the saboteur with Britney mentioning that Brendon had said that he thought Enzo might be the saboteur. Not long after this nice and civil conversation, Rachel went out in the backyard and stirred things up with Britney over the saboteur talk with her using what Britney had said. It turned into a "who said that Enzo was the saboteur" argument with Enzo right there. I was amazed that this was left off of the show cause this argument went on for a while. I was also fuming watching this on the feeds thinking how Britney's game had been messed up due to a houseguest returning who has outside information. Anyway, the rest of the BB week was normal. The houseguests play a TON of pool and do a pool tournament every night.

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week: This was a frustrating week at times to watch how the DR was messing with the game. I get that it is their game and all but they really pushed the boundaries this week and I watched it play out on the live feeds. Let's go to Rachel. Rachel comes back in the house AFTER having outside information. She did the media tour and talked of some of the questions that she was asked by the media. So, the houseguests get that information. She also returns AFTER seeing goodbye messages. Britney was called out on hers. You are not allowed to write messages which leads us to Pretzel-gate. She left a message in pretzels for Brendon to read which ended up backfiring on her anyway. Just bizarre and it really messed with the game for no real reason other than to create drama. It did create drama and it was good live feed viewing on Saturday. I just really didn't like how the game was messed with and it seemed like rules were being changed. The only way that a houseguest should be allowed back in is if they are sequestered without doing any media stuff. The media tour gave her info and she was using it in the house. I'm thrilled with Britney's win obviously and now wait to see who she'll nominate. The Brigade is starting to show some cracks. Ragan made his $20,000 by finishing his saboteur challenges. The only tasks that were really any good was the challenge tease where the houseguests kept getting woken up all night teasing a night time competition. That was pretty funny. The other one was the "I Know Your Secret" letter cause it at least had some effect. I have been laughing at all of Enzo's comments about how this person needs to go up on the block and getting mad that things aren't going like he wants. Well, win something Enzo and do it yourself. LOL. Even the Zingbot got him on that and I laughed at it. Zingbot needs to return even as creepy as it was. LOL. I have never seen anything like this season with how houseguests will be screaming at each other and then making up an hour later. It is so bizarre. Not everyone has obviously but most have. Well, at least to their face anyway.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: "One of my single girl friends said 'it's Valentine's Day, I'm sitting in the bathtub drinking wine and watching a movie, seconds away from throwing my toaster in with me' " - Britney talking about one of her favorite lines that a friend of hers had said at home.

What Has Happened Since The Live Show: The feeds returned with Matt telling his stories of hiding his veto power. Enzo said that he had told everyone that Kathy was the saboteur and that "he's not as dumb as he looks". LOL. They still think that Kathy was the saboteur. Britney's birthday is coming up so she will be HOH on her birthday. Britney gathered Kathy's stuff since she didn't get to pack to give to her. Enzo was furious over his loss. He's complaining that Big Brother was rushing him on his answers. Hello? They gave you as much time as they give every houseguest in those kind of challenges. Matt has already joked to Brigade members that he now knows the pecking order of how things go in the Brigade. He laughed but I fully don't think he is joking. He does know now. LOL. Peaceful house tonight so far but there is a mix of emotions all over the place among the houseguests with the happenings of tonight.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Brother Live Feed Update - August 14, 2010

SPOILER ALERT!! Major happenings on the Big Brother Live Feeds tonight. The feeds went off for a bit earlier today and when they returned, Rachel was back in the house. What??!! How did this happen? Well, it isn't totally clear at the moment but it appears that Brenden opened up a Pandora's Box. He appears to be locked somewhere else and now she is in there. It appears that she is back for 24 hours. She is telling the houseguests that she has to have a one on one conversation with each of them. Rachel and Ragan apparently had words upon her entering the house. I do find this frustrating cause she saw the goodbye videos which is going to mess with the games of these houseguests. Britney is one of those as she was very vicious to Rachel in her goodbye speech so this could REALLY mess up her game with Rachel in there saying whatever. My wonder is what kind of info does Rachel have coming back into the house? She has done the media tour and has talked about how her and Hayden have have loud DR's which was a question asked by Entertainment Weekly. She has been telling several that Enzo is a popular houseguest. She has been talking one on one with several houseguests including Kathy and she told Kathy that she had 24 hours to mess with their games and the houseguests. Britney has been vocal complaining about Rachel seeing the goodbye speeches and returning to the house able to influence. Several of the others have said the same thing. Here is one problem that is going to come out of this and Britney has already alluded to this. Houseguests are going to be afraid to say much in their DR and goodbye stuff now. Now, there is that possibility that it might backfire against you later in the game. Rachel and Ragan had a MAJOR blowup in the backyard. It got really ugly and personal between the two. Rachel did go to Ragan which started this whole thing and he completely shut her down at the end of the conversation. Wow, it was heated. Rachel was left speechless as Ragan went inside. She talked to The Brigade afterwards in the kitchen and then went to the DR. The Brigade and Britney went to the other room to talk to Ragan about what had happened to check on him. Rachel has yet to talk to Britney so I don't know what is going to happen there. We still have many more hours with Rachel in the house. Like I said, I don't like this move by Big Brother. It messes with their games and she is able to influence them. If a houseguest is going to be brought back in for any reason, they should not have done any media stuff.

Update: Rachel left the DR and went right to talk to Ragan. Rachel apologized and offered a hug which Ragan accepted. The two talked it out for a while and everything appears to be fine between the two. They were laughing by the end of it. Britney walked in toward the end of it and her and Rachel are now finishing up their conversation. They have had a very nice and civil conversation that has had nowhere near any heat to it. I know that Britney is working this conversation obviously. This season is amazing in that I've never seen a cast that can have a huge blowup and then an hour later, they'll be laughing and apologizing. It is so bizarre. LOL.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

TheNest.Com Offers Chance To Win Tickets To See Carrie Underwood - August 12, 2010

July 30, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - CARRIE UNDERWOOD.CARRIE UNDERWOOD on NBC's ''Today'' Show Toyota Concert Series at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City on 07-30-2010. K65627JBB. © Red Carpet Pictures
Want a chance to win tickets to a Carrie Underwood concert? Then, is your destination. It is part of their Summer Concert Series. Enter for your chance to win the tickets up until Tuesday. has already given away tickets to several concerts this summer including Miranda Lambert, Lilith Fair, Brad Paisley and Josh Thompson, Rooney, and Chris Young and Kellie Pickler. Click on the link for your chance to win:

Another Houseguest Evicted & The New HOH Is Crowned On Big Brother - August 12, 2010

Tonight's Big Brother had another couple on the block and they handled it worse than the couple did last week. After Hayden and Kristen were put on the block last week by Rachel, the same thing happened to Rachel and Brendon this week. Being put on the block. This time by Matt who didn't mess up with his HOH reign this time. The couple was put on the block and they had a complete meltdown over it. The veto competition was held and hosted by BB11's Jeff and Jordan. After practicing till late in the night, Rachel and Brendon went out early. Winning was Britney for her third veto win in a row. After the competition, Rachel faced off with Kathy over Kathy's celebrating over beating her. Britney did not use the veto despite being offered $5,000 by Rachel. Brendon decided to call out Britney during the veto ceremony to try and get himself evicted to keep Rachel in the house. The plan did not work though as Rachel was evicted by 6-0 tonight. The HOH competition was underway as the show went off the air.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! STOP READING NOW if you don't want to know who wins the HOH competition. The competition was not close at all with Brendon pulling away for the win. After the win, he yelled at the other houseguests about getting his revenge for Rachel. The new HOH was also able to pick the three have nots for the week and it appears to be Britney, Ragan, and Matt. Things are calm in the house tonight however even with the win but the power has definitely changed for the moment. Or has it? Remember that Matt has the big power that he got from Pandora's Box. Will Brendon's HOH week be ruined or will he let it play out? It depends who is on the block.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comic Con 2010 - Joss Whedon Experience, The Guild Panel - August 10, 2010

SAN DIEGO - JULY 24: Writer/Producer Joss Whedon attends the EW and SyFy party during Comic-Con 2010 at Hotel Solamar on July 24, 2010 in San Diego, California. (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for EW)
The Joss Whedon Experience panel was held at Comic Con with all things Joss being talked about. You just know that he can show up and host a panel and the fans will show. They did. He announced that there will be a Serenity graphic novel being released in the near future written by Joss and Zac Whedon. Joss said that he is thinking about doing a subscription based web series. He has thought a lot about it actually. A few Dr. Horrible questions were asked including where he got inspired by it. He said that the writers strike inspired it and that he wanted to do a smaller scale project. When asked about a Rock Band version of Dr. Horrible, he said he'll "look into it" and will give the guy who asked the question the first copy of it if it happened. LOL. Talk turned to Dollhouse. He talked about the turn by Boyd and answered the question on whether it was planned all along. Joss talked of how they inadvertently shot an apocalypse episode for a finale in season one cause they thought they were cancelled. So, they took the show from there and he came up with the idea halfway through the season to turn Boyd. He said that Boyd was Echo's main person and how killing him wouldn't be enough of a moment and instead had to take it a step further with turning him. A really fun surprise moment at the end of the panel when he was asked about whether he had favorite actors in the Whedonverse? Joss started to talk about how much trouble he'd get with his cast of actors if he picked a favorite. The guy asking the question was in full disguise and then Joss saw who it was. He said his favorite would have to be Nathan Fillion. Really funny moment with Nathan taking off the disguise and the crowd going crazy for him. The two traded jokes with one another before Nathan walked off through the crowd.

SAN DIEGO - JULY 23:  (L-R) Actors Amy Okuda, Vincent Caso, Sandeep Parikh, Jeff Lewis, Felicia Day and Robin Thorsen attend the Xbox 360 Media Reception during Comic-Con 2009 held at the Hard Rock Hotel on July 23, 2009 in San Diego, California.  (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images)
The Guild continues to build popularity and momentum. The show just started their fourth season and it was great to see Comic Con upgrade them to a bigger room. The cast and crew were in the house to take questions for the Q&A. Scott Allie did make an announcement from Dark Horse that there would be five one-shots being released starting this fall. Felicia Day talked of the great community of people that they have around them and how they are able to keep doing what they're doing because of that. It was pointed out during the panel that The Guild was turned down by the networks saying that it was too niche so they went to the internet with it. Wow, now look at how successful that it is two years later. I love it being another growing project from the internet and hopefully it will encourage more to do it. I say the same thing about Dr. Horrible all the time. Will Wheaton talked of playing the role of Fox and how much fun that he had at it. He joked that even he doesn't like the character. Wheaton is so good at playing the bad guy roles including The Big Bang Theory. He joked of how he gets questions all the time of how he could have broken up Leonard and Penny and how he always answers that people miss the point, he won bowling. LOL. Season three was really good with The Knights Of Good battling their new arch enemies, The Axis Of Anarchy. Codex had to rally the troops after the loss of Tink. Really fun episodes. I love the way that it is produced and it just really catches your eye. The opening with Felicia doing a diary of sorts in every episode is fun. I laugh a lot at what Codex has to say about the happenings. Season three had the addition of Will Wheaton to the cast and his involvement has continued into season four. The writing, production, and cast is all great. If you haven't seen The Guild, what are you waiting for? You're really missing out. Check out more at:

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Brother 12 - HOH Endurance Challenge - Live Feed Update - August 5, 2010

As expected, Kristen was sent home with a 6-1 vote on tonight's eviction episode of Big Brother. Julie Chen talked of how this HOH competition tonight would make someone the most powerful HOH ever. The winner of the HOH will be tempted with Pandora's Box. Opening the box will unleash the saboteur. We learned that the voting was between Enzo and Ragan for the role of the new saboteur with Ragan getting the most votes. Julie also announced what has been talked about online and that is that Jeff will be returning to the Big Brother house for a visit but he won't be alone. Big Brother 11 winner, Jordan, will be in the house as well. The show ended with the HOH endurance competition underway. I am watching the live feeds and will be posting updates throughout the night.
SPOILER ALERT!! If you don't want to know what happens in the competition, stop reading now.
8:30pm central time: Live feeds are back on and Kathy and Enzo are already out. Kathy was the first one out which makes her the only have not this week. Brendon falls not long after and he is out of the competition. Looks like it could be trouble for him and Rachel this week.
8:40pm: Britney, Hayden, and Lane are all out. It's down to Matt and Ragan again. The game talk is going on between the two of them just like the last endurance challenge. And I mean exactly like last time.
8:53pm: Ragan tells everyone that he is done and tries to find the easiest way to fall off without hurting himself. Big Brother cuts the feeds like they have annoyingly through a lot of this competition. Feeds return and both are off. Ragan loses and Matt is the new HOH.
9:15pm: Matt, Enzo, and Hayden have already been talking in the storage room. Brendon apologizing to Rachel for not winning the HOH. She says that it wasn't his fault and that he did all he could. She also says that she now sees what is going on and that they are going to be "thrown under the everyone". Matt is talking about putting up Rachel and Brendon. It's Matt so who knows if that is true or if he'll change his mind again?

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - August 5, 2010

The week of Big Brother involved a repeat HOH winner, a showdown between the couples, a veto comp including a psychedelic leotard, and more. Last week's Big Brother episode ended with Rachel winning HOH. Andrew's departure from the house was an explosion in the house when he called out Hayden and Kristen's relationship. We were seeing a war erupting on the couches as the voting was underway and we saw some of that on this week's episodes. Rachel and Kristen had a shouting match in the backyard after the HOH competition. The two continued to have words that night with Rachel apologizing and Kristen not accepting. Things cooled down mostly after that and Kristen learned one Big Brother lesson, don't yell at the HOH especially when their power just began!! Rachel at least did what Matt didn't do last week. She put up the couple first thing guaranteeing that one of them would go home. Matt, I'm still not sure what Matt was doing last week. I still laughed this week at his comments of "we have to get Rachel and Brendon out of this house". Well, you could have last week!! LOL. So, Hayden and Kristen go on the block. The veto comp takes place which is a pinball style of game. It is one of those competitions where each person goes out and takes a prize. Kristen was the first to get the veto way early in this game which meant that her odds of having it at the end were slim. She kept it till Hayden went out. He took the veto but it was up to Britney to decide it all. She took the veto and won it for the competition. Other prizes or not so much prizes were Kristen ending up with the "hippie-leotard", Rachel winning $5,000 but she is able to use that in the game if she needs to later down the line, Enzo with a 3D television, Ragan wins a veto pass meaning he can use that as a guarantee to be in next week's veto competition, and Hayden gets solitary confinement. Hayden had to stay in the secluded room for a day but it wasn't a full 24 hours. Would Britney use the veto? She was working deals to use the veto which would hopefully mean that Kathy would go on the block. Britney was really close to using the veto and making a move but when Rachel threw Lane's name in there as a possible replacement nominee, she backed out. I actually watched that play out on the live feeds.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Britney's veto deal was really messed with by the DR this week. She made her play on possibly using it. Then, after meeting with Rachel for a while, Britney left knowing that she couldn't use it with Lane's name mentioned. She started on her way to tell Hayden that she wasn't going to use it. Big Brother calls her to the DR as she is about to walk down the steps insuring that she doesn't tell Hayden so they can get the surprise on TV. It was annoying to watch as it happens cause I thought that this could mess up her game. After the veto ceremony, she immediately went to Hayden and Kristen telling them that she had been cut off from getting to talk to them. I laughed as they kept cutting the feeds too when she would talk to them about her being called to the DR. We're not stupid Big Brother, we saw what happened. LOL. The big meeting with Kristen and Rachel last Friday was a disappointment for the most part. I thought it would be intense but it ended up being about 45 minutes of saying the same things over and over to one another with what each of them is doing game wise. I was watching the feeds when Kristen disappeared after the veto comp which left us knowing that she was about to debut the new leotard. Wow, even with a wig this year. Big Brother stepped it up. Big reaction when she walked out and debuted the new look. Rachel and Brendon have a deal going where one of them is around the others most of the time so they can overhear anything and deflect any talk that they don't want. So, a lot of the house has started a get away from Brendon type of game. At one point, Britney was talking to him and Lane left her with him. Her and Brendon eventually roamed elsewhere. A few minutes later, Brendon joined in on their conversation again outside. This time, Britney got up and left Lane. It was pretty funny to watch. Definitely a social kind of game going on here.

Thoughts on the week. I still wonder a lot at the game play of these houseguests. Not all of them but most of them. Rachel is easily persuaded into anything game wise. That is what I have noticed with both of her HOH reigns. Some issues with Brendon and Rachel getting along this week which was shown on TV. Does she ever give him some mean looks? Wow. I have already said this but Britney is my favorite of the Big Brother houseguests. I think she is probably playing the game more than anyone. She has herself in a good position at the moment but this coming week is going to be crucial to everyone in this game. Her diary room stuff is great. Her line about going to see the HOH room was brilliant cause that is exactly what it should be. She hated going up there but talked of how she was going to play the most excited to further herself game wise. She is a fun houseguest to watch on the feeds.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: "Who wants to see my HOH room? Nobody. In fact, we'd rather hang ourselves. But guess who's most excited? Me." - Britney on everyone being called to see Rachel's HOH room.

Tonight we have the live vote and eviction and the saboteur deal will return. No idea on what kind of HOH comp that we will see tonight.

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