Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - July 24, 2008 - Dark Knight Opens Big, Dr. Horrible, Lost Season One, and More

Here come the Batman box office numbers. The movie made $18.5 million on midnight showings just by itself which topped the record by Star Wars Episode 3 which made $16.9 million. The movie then set the record for biggest opening day ever making $66.4 million total on Friday which topped Spiderman 3's $59.8 million. However, the big news was that the movie had the biggest box office opening weekend ever with $158.4 million defeating Spiderman 3's $151.1 million. There was talk today that the movie is now up over $200 million making it the fastest movie to ever reach the $200 million mark. I have yet to see the movie but am really looking forward to seeing it. I have had no telling how many friends ask me this week if I've seen it and they are raving about it.

Overall movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Dark Knight - $158.4 million. 2. Mamma Mia - $27.7 million. 3. Hancock - $14 million. 4. Journey To The Center of the Earth - $12.3 million. 5. Hellboy II - $10.1 million. 6. WALL-E - $10 million. 7. Space Chimps - $7.1 million. 8. Wanted - $5 million. 9. Get Smart - $4.1 million. 10. Kung Fu Panda - $1.8 million.

I left off last week with Jessie being HOH on Big Brother 10 so how did his HOH reign go? Well, I guess it went well for what they had planned. He wanted to target Renny but his alliance talked to him about getting the personal plans of his out of the equation. Again, we had Jessie saying that Renny should have apologized BEFORE his HOH win. Does he just ignore what he doesn't want to hear? Again, she apologized immediately during the first conversation over the waking him up that night. The happenings in the house this week had the team of Ollie, Michelle, Angie, Jessie, Steven, and Dan winning the food competition. This got into some tempers being stirred. We had Libra getting caught in her lie. Her and April discussed about how it was unfair that they had two "old people" on their team. She did in fact say that the "old people" were the reason for the loss and she went nuts when she was questioned on it by Jerry and Renny. I always love it too when someone denies something that they said and then the show runs the flashback of the quote. Dan was finally able to get Jessie alone and work out a deal with him. The target for the week was Steven. Jessie did put up Steven and Dan for eviction. The veto competition was held and Keesha did think about winning it and taking Steven off the block. However, Michelle was the veto winner and did not use it. That led us to last night's eviction episode. No surprise as Steven was voted out on a unanimous vote. He did a speech before the live voting which wasn't so much as a plea to keep him but instead a bye bye speech. ha ha. It's funny how right before he did his speech, I was just thinking about how pointless it was to try and plea to stay every week when the decision has been made on who to vote out. Well, he knew it and went out with a speech. The HOH competition was held and came down between Keesha and Libra. Keesha won it and is the new HOH.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. Funny stuff with the aliens appearing in the mirrors and scaring houseguests. It was very reminiscent of the "ghosts" of evicted houseguests during Big Brother All Stars.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: I've got some You Tube clips in here to check out if you want to but remember that they may have some strong language in them when you watch. The houseguests have been having fun with a slip and slide in the back yard. We also had the back yard turn into a dance show with them doing the electric slide. Not bad at all considering that they have no music to go with it. This week also saw the houseguests doing Big Brother Late Night which had them doing their own show in the living room including getting dressed up, Dan having the hosting duties, a David Letterman style Top 10 List, makeover segment, antique value segment, a therapy session with Libra being the therapist interviewing April and Ollie, and other things. This cast is definitely able to entertain themselves in the house and are also keeping the feeds entertaining as well.

It appears that Brenda Walsh will be returning to Beverly Hills 90210 this fall. Official word has come out from the show's executive producer that Shannen Doherty will be back and the story will be that Brenda will be directing the high school musical. She will be making multiple episode appearances with this story line.

I've finished season one of Lost and am officially loving the show. I have had so many friends suggesting this show to me over the last year or so and I've been looking for a good show to watch for summer viewing. It looks like I've found it. I pulled a long marathon over the weekend to finish up the season and didn't watch one bad episode. I'm going to go into some thoughts on the season so if you plan on watching the show and don't want spoilers, you'll want to avoid the rest of this paragraph. The writing is so good on this show. I love how the episodes bounce back and forth with past story and current story. It's a good way to figure out how everyone got on the plane and where they were in their previous lives. We seem to see the good and bad of every person. I got blindsided on the fact that Kate was the criminal being escorted by the marshall. I didn't expect that at all!! I loved following the story of them trying to figure out the previous distress signal that had been left and then finding the woman that left it. I was shocked over them killing off Boone. That is one thing that I've noticed about this show is that they aren't afraid to kill off characters. Hurley is hilarious!! I have laughed so much at his antics over the season. I was expecting some major things going on on the island during the season finale but it turned out the bad was going on out in the water with "the others" taking Walt. Well, the baby was taken by the french woman but I was expecting some major ugliness besides that. I knew that something wasn't going to be good for them being rescued on the boat. It couldn't cause the show would be over. We're rescued, show's over. ha ha. I kept waiting for the twist of who was pulling up in that boat and I got it. I can't even tell you how many times I've planned on watching one episode or two and then get left on a cliffhanger. Then, I have to watch another episode....and another....and then another. Really enjoying this show a lot.

The final day for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show has been announced by NBC. May 29, 2009 will be the last show for Leno as the host of The Tonight Show.

If you're a Joss Whedon fan, like myself, you've probably heard about or watched his latest project. Dr. Horrible is an online viewing venture from Whedon that was brought about due to the writers strike. Dr. Horrible has launched online in three separate episodes with each going about fifteen minutes in length. Dr. Horrible has all kinds of ties to previous Whedon shows but has a fresh one as well. Neil Patrick Harris stars as Dr. Horrible, who is a supervillian trying to get into the Evil League of Evil. Nathan Fillion (Firefly) stars as Captain Hammer who is the arch nemesis of Dr. Horrible. Felicia Day (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) stars as Penny, the girl that Dr. Horrible is in love with. Of course, I watched this over the past week and have really enjoyed it!! Lot of fun and laughs. The show is a musical and very Once More With Feeling like, which is of course the name of the Buffy musical episode if you aren't familiar with it. When I watched the preview scene for it, my first thought was, oh yes, this is what it would have been like if The Evil Trio had been in the Buffy musical episode. Imagine Andrew singing about his love for a girl and you have Dr. Horrible. Dr. Horrible does a video blog for the web where he talks about his plans. Harris does a great job in this role and seeing Fillion in a different role from Firefly is a lot of fun as well. Seeing Felicia Day's fun performance made me wish we had gotten more of her on Buffy. The basic story is Dr. Horrible trying to be accepted into the Evil League Of Evil while also having to deal with this major crush on Penny and the problems with Captain Hammer. If you're a Big Bang Theory fan, you'll see another very familiar face in this as well. I highly recommend checking out Dr. Horrible. Joss Whedon has another hit on his hands and I love that the hit is online and not on actual TV. Maybe the success of this will inspire others to give online shows a shot. Hopefully this will also inspire....a sequel!! For more info on Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, head over to
Here is the trailer for it.

I can always find something to laugh about and make my blood pressure rise when it comes to The CW. I've always said that I was a huge WB fan. I wanted to like The CW. In fact, I was excited about the idea of combining WB and UPN. However, it has been clear all along that The CW is more UPN and hardly any WB. Dawn Ostroff was making the rounds last week talking about the network and future plans. She explained that the network is going after the young female audience. Nothing else. That is what was said. She also explained the decision of letting go of WWE's Friday Night Smackdown with saying that the fans that watched WWE didn't watch anything else on the network. Ok, are you trying to tell me that WWE fans don't watch Smallville or Supernatural? I don't buy that a bit considering I'm a male fan that watches WWE and watched several other shows on the network. I see a lot of crossover appeal between the fans of those shows. Speaking of Smallville, what is it going to take for one of the most popular shows on the network to get some mentions? If you listened to the CW promotion and interview segment, you'd think the only shows on the network are Gossip Girl, America's Next Top Model, and the upcoming Beverly Hills 90210. Gossip Girl is definitely the face of the network right now which is fine cause the show does have a lot of buzz about it. 90210 is obviously a huge leap for the network. However, there are OTHER shows on the network that are very popular. Smallville is one of the highest rated shows on the network and the buzz from the network about it is, well, pathetic. I haven't thought that Smallville has been treated very well since the move to The CW. The WB was able to target the same demographic that The CW wants (however both male and female) at a level that few have been able to achieve. It is possible to target the same age range and give males and females something that they like to watch. Ostroff also talked about how they feel that actual TV viewing and live ratings are going out cause of people watching shows online and on demand. Isn't this the same network that pulled all the streaming video forms of Gossip Girl last season to get people to watch it on TV instead of online to get the ratings from it? Now, they're talking like they are catering to the online viewers?? They are also talking about launching their 2009-10 season during the summer which is the time when hardly anyone watches TV. Do you really want to take a risk of launching shows in the time when viewership is at its worst? The more that I hear from The CW, the less seriously that I take them as a major network. Like I said, I wanted to like The CW. I really did.

Joss Whedon has said that he is redoing the first episode of Dollhouse. It appears that the original pilot will now become the second episode. He spoke on about the changes saying: "There were a few clarity issues for some viewers. There were also some slight issues with tone — I was in a dark, noir kind of place...and didn't bring the visceral pop the network had expected from the script. The network truly gets the premise...loves the cast, is excited about the show but they're also specific about how they want to bring people to the show and I not only respect that, I kinda have to slap my forehead that I didn't tailor my tone and structure to the network’s needs, since that's something I pride myself on."
Initial thoughts? Oh no. Fox is trying to take over again. Please don't let this end up the same as the demise of Firefly!! Maybe I'm just worrying too much. I am really looking forward to another Whedon show.

Sad to hear about the passing of Estelle Getty this week. My thoughts and prayers go out to her, her family, and friends.

Robot Chicken is set to do another Star Wars episode. Very happy about this!! The episode will apparently air on November 16th.

Ok, I lied about the Angel comic reviews this week. I have not had the time to read them like I thought I would. I'm sorry and I'll try again next week.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, July 29th. Baldwin Hills (Season One), Beverly Hills 90210 (Season Five), Freakazoid! (Season One), Girlfriends (Sesaon Four), The Hills (Season Three), Law & Order: SVU (7th Year), Tiny Toon Adventures (Season One - Volume One).

You Tube Video Of The Week: With Dr. Horrible, this brings back great memories of the other loved musical from Joss Whedon.

Wishing all of you a great week. Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - July 17, 2008 - Big Brother 10 Week One Thoughts, Late Night TV, Cable Ratings, and More

Big Brother 10 is underway. I've said that my hopes would be that the show could go back to what it used to be after the horrible Big Brother 9 season. Based on first impressions, I'm feeling better about this season already. The first week saw one of the cast members get a reality check very early. One of the rules of Big Brother is to not play the game too hard from the beginning and that is what happened to Brian. Brian made a quick alliance with the HOH and did all he could to make sure that he was running the HOH instead of Jerry. Another rule in Big Brother is never make quick alliances. They rarely work with Kail's alliance as one example and the other being the Horsemen in season five. It was funny to watch Brian and Dan being all cheerful and then seeing their reaction turn quickly when Jerry gave his speech. I'm jumping ahead though so let's get right into it.

Here are the happenings in the first week of Big Brother 10. For the first time since Big Brother 3, all the houseguests are complete strangers with no opening twist. The houseguests were immediately forced to choose a HOH before even entering the house and vote on it just going by looks. The votes were cast and the results would be revealed later. The houseguests went into the house in groups. We went through the introductions in the living room. The houseguests then learned that their first competition was set to take place. It appeared to be a luxury competition until Julie Chen revealed that it was also a food challenge. The house was split into two teams. With an odd number, someone had to sit out and Jessie volunteered quickly so he sat out. However, he didn't know what the challenge would consist of when he volunteered to sit out. The teams would get inside of cars wheeling themselves across the backyard hanging upside down. When you made your way across, one person from your team had to jump out. So, you had to agree on who was going to jump out or you're stuck until a decision is made. Also, if you jump out, you give up on the winning point of the competition which was winning one of two classic cars there in the backyard. The red team won pretty easily but it had to be decided between Memphis and Steven on who would be the winner of the car cause they both wanted it. Steven jumped out last leaving Memphis the winner of the car and their team getting to eat food for the week while the others were on slop. Memphis chose the '69 Camaro for his winning. Even though Jessie sat out, it was revealed that he would get to eat with the winning team for the week. The results of the HOH were revealed to the house and the voting was between the two oldest players in the house, Jerry and Renny. Jerry got four votes while Renny got three votes. So, the first HOH is Jerry and he had to make his nominations for eviction in 24 hours. We had an immediate alliance between Brian and Dan. Dan then went to Ollie and pulled him into their alliance. We had the first issue of the season between Renny and Jessie. Renny stumbled into the bedroom where some of the house was trying to sleep and woke Jessie up. He confronted her on it saying how rude it was that people were trying to sleep, well, actually just him it seemed. She apologized (which he would later say that she hadn't apologized when their confrontation was brought up later) but Brian saw that as a target. He went to Jerry and talked to him about putting up Renny and Jessie to get the conflict out of the house. Jerry agreed and he ended up putting Renny and Jessie up for eviction. Brian also got himself an alliance with Jerry in the process of their talking. Brian was feeling VERY good at this point along with his alliance. Things then started going bad for Brian. The veto competition was held and it ended up being won by Jessie so that guaranteed that Jerry had to put someone else up on the block. Brian, Ollie, and Dan decided to target Memphis as Brian saw him as a big threat in the game and also used the "he won a car" as a negotiation tactic. Ollie was talking to April, Libra, and Keesha in the bedroom and he talked to them about targeting Memphis. Brian then came in and got it rolling even more. It was all about Ollie setting it up and Brian hammering it home. However, the girls started talking and realized what was going on with there being an alliance and how they played that bedroom talk to perfection. It should be pointed out that April and Ollie have been romantically interested in each other already. April and Libra talked to Ollie and flat asked him about an alliance and he looked like a deer in headlights when asked. The girls had figured out that Brian had been making an alliance with, well, everyone. ha ha. A revolution was set up by Ollie and the girls where they went to the rest of the house to see what Brian had said to them. Sure enough, alliance with everyone and the decision was made to go to the HOH to make an ultimatum. Nine people headed up to the HOH room to talk to Jerry. They promised him safety for the next week but pointed out how Brian had been playing the game. Jerry made the tough decision to go back on his word. Brian and Dan thought everything was great and that Memphis would go up in replacement of Jessie. However, the look on their faces was priceless when Jerry put up Brian in Jessie's place. Brian took it in good fun saying that he thought he had things all lined up and got blindsided pointing out how good everyone had played the situation to get him. Jerry did tell Brian that Ollie was the ringleader in getting the tables turned. Ollie explained his turn saying that he had no choice but to turn cause he had been exposed and had to go with the majority. Brian's strategy to stay in the house turned out to be just him having fun with the house showing how fun he is to have around. They did a very funny puppet show which had an imitation of him being evicted where he said that he "made 8,000 alliances". ha ha. The plan worked with the ones doing the puppet show as they talked of how disappointed that they were in him having to go home. Well, I say that it worked but I thought the show made it look better with his chances of staying than it actually played out on the feeds. Angie did try to sway some votes. We had a blowup between April and Keesha which resulted in some heated words being exchanged. On the live eviction episode, a live audience (the first for a weekly eviction since Big Brother 1) saw Brian get evicted on a 9-1 vote with Dan being the only vote for him to stay. Brian was interviewed afterwards and he had a great line saying that he was "building an army but no one was on the other side". The HOH competition came down between Ollie, Libra, Steven, and Jessie with a tiebreaker. Jessie ends up winning the HOH.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. I'm loving the new opening for the show. The new graphics are cool too that they are using during the show. House Calls got a lot of Chilltown calls this week. Will held a contest for the best prank caller to call into House Calls and mention Chilltown. Thoughts on the houseguests so far. I like Jerry but I just don't know about how his first HOH week went cause he sure wasn't running his own HOH as others were in his ear. Libra is definitely a game player in that house. She is stirring up a lot of things over the beginning of this game. I can see Renny sticking around for a while cause many don't see her as a real threat. Not sure what to make of Ollie just yet. His first week went all over the place and he looked like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar when he got confronted by the girls on his alliance. I'll have to see some more game play out of him to see on how I think he'll do. Dan is really in a bad spot now being the left over from the alliance with Brian. He is going to have to scramble to stay in the game. I have yet to see a whole lot out of Steven and Memphis to really make my mind up on their chances to go far. The same goes with April and Michelle on the girls side. Angie is an interesting one. From what I've seen and heard so far, it sounds like she is playing the game hard but not really showing that she is playing hard. She's playing a quieter game that could pay off.

Brian was on House Calls today being interviewed by Gretchen and Dick. He was a lot of fun on there. He definitely has a good idea of the personalities in the house and learned about each one of them. He had a good attitude about things realizing that he played the game too hard too quick. He said that he had only seen two seasons of Big Brother and they were All Stars and a little bit of Big Brother 2. When asked who he would like to see exit the game next, he said Libra saying that she fuels the fire in that house. He said that of all the girls that could do well in the game, he said that Angie could do very well if she can keep her morals and conscious out of it. He pointed out that Angie has been making a lot of plays in the game that he has found out about after leaving the house. She is making plays that are being kept low at this point and that she only reveals what she wants to reveal about herself.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: The live feeds started at 11pm central time on Sunday night after the west coast show had aired. The feeds went live and the houseguests were running and screaming around the house. Pretty funny and a really fun light mood. It sure beat the beginning of the BB9 feeds with them all yelling at each other and this really tense situation. That should have been a sign of things to come. ha ha. The BB10 cast was seen waving at the cameras as they ran around so it was pretty obvious that the cast was told that the feeds and Big Brother After Dark were going live. I should point out something that was left out of the argument between Keesha and April. Keesha at one point threw water across the yard and some of it landed on Michelle. That was the main reason that Michelle was over there talking to Keesha after Keesha and April were separated. Michelle was also trying to calm the situation but was questioning about what was up with the water landing on her. She did apologize to Michelle about it though. We had a sock puppet show from Dan, Brian, Angie, Memphis, and Steven where they acted out the first eviction ceremony. Ok, SPOILER TIME. I'm going to tell who Jessie has nominated for eviction. If you don't want to know who it is, you need to move on down to the next paragraph. Jessie won HOH on Wednesday night and has made his nominations. Jessie nominated Dan and Steven for eviction which isn't really a surprise. He was naming names right after the live show ended.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Hellboy II - $34.5 million. 2. Hancock - $32 million. 3. Journey To The Center Of The Earth - $21 million. 4. WALL-E - $18.7 million. 5. Wanted - $11.9 million. 6. Get Smart - $7.2 million. 7. Meet Dave - $5.2 million. 8. Kung Fu Panda - $4.4 million. 9. The Incredible Hulk - $2.32 million. 10. Kit Kittredge - $2.30 million.

More late night TV buzz this week that was stirred up at the Television Critics Association session on Wednesday. ABC Entertainment president, Stephen McPherson, talked about the possibility of bringing Jay Leno over to the network. The way that the question was asked to him was funny as they had Jimmy Kimmel looking like a reporter asking the question of pairing up Leno and Kimmel. Leno has talked for a while now that he isn't ready to retire but is going to follow through on his agreement with NBC to hand The Tonight Show over to Conan next year. The speculation has been flying since then on what would Leno decide to do. There is really no telling what might happen but I do think that Leno will end up somewhere. He loves what he does and isn't ready to quit but understands the position that he, NBC, and Conan are in. ABC definitely seems ready to make a move in late night TV as McPherson even mentioned the chances of moving Kimmel to 10:35pm (central time) were a "huge possibility". Leno and Kimmel would be a strong late night lineup for ABC that would be fun to watch with seeing the three of them (Leno, Conan, and Letterman) battle it out at 10:35. That would bring the question of what about Nightline if ABC did decide to go this route. Nightline does very strong ratings against Leno and Letterman. McPherson didn't talk much about Nightline though when questioned about it. This is all talk for right now but the speculation talk sure is exciting.

How did some of the big cable shows perform with their season premieres? Burn Notice had its second season premiere on USA last week getting 5.4 million viewers which was up 35% from the series premiere a year ago. TNT had season premieres of their own with The Closer getting an average of 7.8 million viewers making it the most watched episode of scripted TV on cable this year. Following that, Saving Grace opened up its season with an average of 5.2 million viewers.

The Joss Whedon fans have spoken again. Whedon launched his new internet only show, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, and the fans crashed the site due to the popularity of it. The site is back up and running and you can check out the site at: and the show is also up on iTunes.

Speaking of Joss Whedon, I'll have my latest thoughts on the season six Angel comics next week.

Amy Poehler told the Associated Press today that she will be joining The Office spinoff. She didn't know any details but confirmed that she would be joining the show. This obviously sounds like her exit from Saturday Night Live may be upcoming in the next little while. Amy is definitely one of the bright spots for SNL so her leaving is a big loss for the show and a gain for the spinoff of The Office.

A DVD release of Robot Chicken's Star Wars stuff is being released in stores this Tuesday. I saw this a while back and actually talked about it in the Wrap Up a long time ago. It is hilarious!! I laughed all through it and thought the writing was very funny for it. I've seen a few episodes of Robot Chicken but the Star Wars stuff is definitely my favorite of what I've seen.

I really am going to have to watch more episodes of Burn Notice. Fun show. I was raving last week about the great promo for Burn Notice to the song "Everybody Wants You" and here is the link if you haven 't seen it. I love it.

Michael J. Fox is set to return to TV. He will have a four episode role on the FX show Rescue Me coming up next year.

Any predictions on the big box office that The Dark Knight does this weekend? Hmm, I wonder if it will open up at number one? ha ha.

TIME Magazine's Richard Corliss has made his picks on his favorite baseball movies of all time. It is a fun video slideshow that you watch at this link:
My favorites that are featured on the slideshow are A League Of Their Own, Major League, and The Bad News Bears. If I see any of these three movies on, I'll usually watch them. Who can forget Randy Quaid playing one of the Cleveland fans who just rips on the team when they are losing? His ranting tirade against Rick Vaughn in the second movie is great!! "Just a bit outside" was a line from Bob Uecker that still lives on in pop culture. The movie also brought the song "wild thing" to another level as Vaughn's entrance at the end of the movie is one of my favorite sports movie moments. A League Of Their Own was a major favorite of mine. It immortalized the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League and gave it the recognition that it deserved. One of the original players in the league was actually here in the local area giving a speech recently. The movie itself was a good mix of drama, sports, and comedy. The Bad News Bears is a classic. That is about all that can be said there. Speaking of the movie, I'd love to see the old TV series pop up somewhere to watch as I loved it.

I got an email wanting to let you know about a new comedy show involving Martin Lawrence. Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-up is currently airing on Starz. The show airs Wednesdays at 9pm central time. Martin Lawrence is the executive producer of the show and it features up and coming comics performing for the live audience. Comedians performing on the next new episode include MoZan, Joe Torry, and Lavell Crawford. For more info on the show including previews of episodes, schedules, downloads, and more, head over to:

If you're a fan of the TV show, Reba, you'll probably like the tie in with the show and Reba McEntire's new video with Kenny Chesney. The video is for "Every Other Weekend" and the story of the video is played by Joanna Garcia and Steve Howey who played the roles of Cheyenne and Van on the show. Here is a link to the video if you want to check it out:

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, July 22nd. LA Ink (Season One), Las Vegas (Season Five), Robot Chicken (Star Wars), Spaced (Full Series), Transformers: Cybertron (Ultimate Collection), and TV Funhouse.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Facebook Anthem. Some strong language in this one.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - July 10, 2008 - Big Brother 10 Preview, and More

Hope you're all doing great!!

The Big Brother 10 cast has been revealed. Based on first impressions, I'm already feeling better about this cast than the last one. Here is the info on the new cast:
Angie - 29 years old - pharmaceutical sales representative.
April - 30 years old - financial manager.
Brian - 27 years old - telecommunications account manager.
Bryan (aka Ollie) - 27 years old - marketing sales representative, son of a Pentecostal preacher.
Dan - 24 years old - Catholic school teacher.
Jerry - 75 years old - retired marketing executive, watched all BB episodes and a watcher of the live feeds and After Dark.
Jessie - 22 years old -- professional bodybuilder.
Keesha - 29 years old - Hooters waitress and model.
Libra - 31 years old - Human resources representative.
Memphis - 25 years old - "mixologist".
Michelle - 28 years old - realtor.
Renny - 53 years old - beauty salon owner.
Steven - 35 years old - champion bull rider.
No doubts about this being a variety of personalities and ages for this season. It should provide for an interesting dynamic. I have watched the video of the house tour and am liking what they have done with it. The decade themes look great in the bedrooms and the kitchen got a HUGE makeover. The show premieres this Sunday night at 7pm central time on CBS. My pleas for the show this year. No more of this "good people" vs. "bad people" stuff. How many seasons in a row have we had the cast members argue on who is the good group and who is the bad? I think it started with season six as far as going to the next level. Actually, my plea overall this season is PLEASE be better than Big Brother 9. Anything has got to be better!! Please!! ha ha. I am still waiting on whether to take this cast for a test drive before buying the live feeds or just blind buy. Knowing me, I'll be doing a blind buy and I'll be glued to it by Sunday night. Casting is obviously going to make or break a show and I just really hope that it boosts Big Brother back up after last season. House Calls: The Big Brother Talk Show will once again be running this season with Gretchen being joined by former Big Brother cast members. This is the schedule that I have been able to find: Daniele (BB8) on Mondays, Bunky (BB2) on Tuesdays, Sheila (BB9) on Wednesdays, Dick (BB8) on Thursdays, and Kaysar (BB6 & BB8) on Fridays. For more info on Big Brother 10 including more on the cast, house, and other happenings, head over to:

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Hancock - $62.6 million. 2. WALL-E - $32.5 million. 3. Wanted - $20 million. 4. Get Smart - $11.1 million. 5. Kung Fu Panda - $7.3 million. 6. The Incredible Hulk - $4.8 million. 7. Indiana Jones - $3.7 million. 8. Kit Kittredge - $3.2 million. 9. Sex and the City - $2.3 million. 10. You Don't Mess With The Zohan - $1.9 million.

The numbers for Hancock are a bit misleading as those are just weekend numbers. The movie opened up earlier in the week and did a total of $103 million for its opening week.

I'm still spending the summer TV viewing trying some new shows to see what might hook me. I have had so many friends over the last couple of years trying to get me to watch Lost. So, I've caved in and am watching the first season on I'm enjoying it so far. I thought the last ten minutes of the pilot episode set up the mystery of the island really well. I like how we keep getting the backstory of characters and how they ended up on the plane in the first place. There was one moment in the first episode that I found kind of funny due to me seeing a familiar face. This is a spoiler for anyone that might watch it but not a major one cause it is only one episode. On screen pops up Parkman from Heroes and I'm thinking cool. Well, cool didn't last long as a few minutes later it was clear that he wasn't on the show for long. I'm not jumping up and down about the show just yet but I am enjoying watching it.

If you're needing a Heroes fix to hold you over till the fall (that would include me), head over to as July 14th is the premiere date for the new Heroes webisodes. It will be a trilogy of videos that follows a mailman with abilities. The webisodes are done by the same crew behind the show. It looks like each Monday will see a new episode premiere. I'll be checking it out. If you're like me and trying out new shows this summer, I can't recommend Heroes enough. Give season one a shot and see what you think. I was hooked after just one episode!!

Lots of buzz as expected as The Dark Knight is close to hitting theaters. The early reviews are good on it. The box office for this movie is going to be big!! July 18th is the opening. I will have to make a trip to the movies to see this.

Mark Cuban has commented on comparing Hulu and You Tube. Interesting comments especially with the Hulu numbers that have been coming out. Here is the article with his comments:

The sent out an email this week telling of more shows that will be available upon launch in August. These shows include Everwood, Veronica Mars, Roswell, Angel, MadTV, Firefly, The Loop, and clips of In Living Color. Roswell, Angel, and Firefly are all up on Hulu so either two different sites will host the shows or just one of them. They are promising new features such as "increased video player quality", "greater interactivity and features through Facebook", and "synced viewing and chat for you and your friends". Don't forget that you can sign up to be a beta tester by registering at The full public launch for the site is August 27th. I love the site so far as I registered to be a beta tester and look forward to the improvements on making the site even better.

Funny segment on The Tonight Show tonight with Ross The Intern being sent across the street to the gas station to have someone answer questions to earn a free tank of gas. How funny is it that gas prices are so ridiculous now that this is now a big giveaway? The girl that they talked to and also won said that it was $80 to fill up her SUV. That was a fun segment.

Nat is returning to the Peach Pit. Joe E. Tata has returned as Nat in the pilot episode of the new Beverly Hills 90210. No word on whether he may return as a regular. I don't think he really knows based on his comments this week.

Michael Ausiello is reporting that Courteney Cox will be guest starring this season on Scrubs. It looks like it is a three episode appearance for her.

Do you want a pair of the shoes that Marty McFly wore in Back To The Future 2? Well, you're in luck and also out of luck. Nike recently released Air Mcfly shoes which are replicas of the shoes that Marty wore in 2015, well, except for the power laces. They're a little hard to find though!! Only 350 pairs were released and are already going on Ebay for up to $1000. Wow.

The new season of Burn Notice premiered tonight on USA Network. If you haven't checked it out, I'd recommend it for sure. I've only seen two or three episodes of it and find it fun to watch. The story of the show is about a spy who gets fired and blacklisted, hence the name Burn Notice. He has to get his life back together and figure out why this happened to him. Nice mix of action, comedy, and drama. I've got to give a lot of credit to USA as they have been promoting the new season to the maximum. I've loved the music video type promo that they're been running set to "Everybody Wants You". Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9pm central time on USA. For more info, head over to:

Hulu has been adding a lot of classic shows lately. Throughout the summer, they are adding a new thing each day whether it be a show or a movie. Definitely some big name things going up.

Here is a look back at what the movie box office looked like ten years ago. The movie box office numbers for the weekend of July 10th, 1998. 1. Lethal Weapon 4 - $34 million. 2. Armageddon - $23.5 million. 3. Small Soldiers - $14 million. 4. Doctor Doolittle - $12.8 million. 5. Mulan - $7 million. 6. Madeline - $6.4 million. 7. The X Files: Fight The Future - $3.8 million. 8. Out Of Sight - $3.8 million. 9. Six Days, Seven Nights - $3.6 million. 10. The Truman Show - $3.5 million.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, July 15th. Birds of Prey (Full Series), Dallas (Season Nine), Eureka (Season Two), Evening Shade (Season One), Reno 911! (Season Five), Saving Grace (Season One).

You Tube Video Of The Week: Charles Barkley or Ron Burgandy?

Have a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

July 7, 2008 - Little People Big World Event In Metropolis

Metropolis hosted the Roloff Family on Sunday night from TLC's hit show, Little People Big World. I made another drive this summer to Metropolis for the event. If you are unfamiliar with the show, the show follows the story of the Roloffs. Matt and Amy are married and have four kids. Matt and Amy are little people but only one of their kids is little like them which is Zach. Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob are regular sized. Jeremy and Zach are twins. Both of Matt and Amy's parents are also regular sized as well. If you haven't watched the show, you really should check it out. It is very addicting and so much fun to watch. In attendance in Metropolis were Amy, Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob. The only one missing was Matt. As we waited for the event to begin, the episode that focused on Matt, Zach, and Molly's visit to Paducah played on the screens. The episode played through twice while we were there. Very good episode by the way. It was nice to talk with other fans too and talk about the episodes and all. It was really nice to see the wide range of ages of the fans in attendance. The TV crew was on hand recording footage for the show and recorded quite a bit of the event and also the meet and greet. There was a sign outside that said that upon entrance that you agreed to let them use you in the show. It looks like that will be part of an episode in the future.

Amy was the guest speaker for the night and spoke about her experiences in her life as a little person. Amy did an excellent job as a speaker!! She spoke about Metropolis and Superman and how she never really had superheroes growing up like her friends did. She just couldn't see herself becoming the superheroes that her friends fantasized about due to how different she was than them. She said that the only superhero that she could think of as a little kid was one of the dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She wasn't sure that anyone would think of them being a hero but those were the images that she had as a young kid. Amy talked of her first day of kindergarten and how scared that she was being so different from everyone else. She spoke of the speech that her dad gave her that day and what she also tells her kids: "God doesn't make mistakes. There is a reason and a purpose on why you are here. Your job is to find it. Now granted, that he didn't say it exactly like those words but I got the point. Anyone that is of difference or a challenge or whomever we are, the thing that keeps driving me to move forward, have a purpose, and to continue to find what that purpose is is that he doesn't make mistakes and you just have to find out, to be the best that you can." Amy went on to talk about how she would adjust to her surroundings instead of expecting people to adjust to her. She credits her family and friends for helping her so much along the way in facing the challenges that life has thrown at her. College was an experience for her that was like kindergarten where she was so scared in not knowing anyone. She pointed out that she quit being herself cause she was afraid of what others were thinking of her. However, she feels that she thought more of the difference than others did and her friends at college told her that. Other things that she talked about was the difficulty in getting an internship and how she had to bounce back from it, meeting others like her at the LPA and her reaction to it, how she met Matt, how well they complimented each other with their personalities, wanting a wedding instead of his idea of eloping, having kids, making sure to treat them as individuals, and how her heroes are her parents and friends with how they have inspired her. She closed out her speech by mentioning the Superman and heroes tie into Metropolis again by saying: "I want to teach all of my kids that they can be heroes. It's truly the little things that make things work. You don't have to have your names in lights, newspapers, or even have people know that we've done those extra little things to make someone else's life worthy or to have helped them to aspire to be someone bigger or go beyond what they're capable of doing. It takes all of us to do that. So, when I came to Metropolis and thought of a hero, I'd like to look at my four kids as my heroes right now cause they inspire me to be a better mom, woman, person, and to just do everything better. I can't think of myself cause I have four wonderful kids that I've got to have them at least reach to a point that they are able to move on and contribute and think of themselves as worthy and think of the possibilities as possible and not impossible."

After the speech, Amy introduced each of her kids individually and told us a little about all of them. It was really nice with what she had to say about each one. She introduced Jeremy, Molly, Jacob, and then Zach. Fittingly enough, Zach was introduced and came out with a soccer ball. He kicked the ball up into the audience which, if I heard right, had been autographed by the family. A definite souvenir item there for a lucky audience member.

I thought I'd recap some of the question and answer session for you as the audience got to ask questions. The Q&A lasted about 30 minutes. I've recapped a few of the questions. It was a bummer that Molly and Jacob didn't get asked more questions than they did.

Zach spoke at the beginning to open up and said this on finding a purpose in life. "Being on the show has helped me with that there is a purpose for everyone in life even though you may not figure it out soon enough. When you're in high school, this is really important as far as what teenagers do. High school is only four years of your life. The average age in life is about 70 and that means that you still have like 40 or 50 years to go. (lots of laughs at that comment). Not everyone's purpose will be shown at the beginning of life and some won't know their purpose till they're about 60. I figured out that one of my purposes is soccer. I can't really play it cause I can't run. Well, I can run but I can't run fast. I've figured out that my purpose in soccer could be coaching cause I can do it just as good as a tall person."

Question: Question about visiting the farm during pumpkin season.
Amy: "Our place is open Thursday through Sunday in the month of October. Obviously, the show has brought in a lot more people which we're very grateful for. Most of the time the family is there but at least one of the family is there at all times."

Question for Amy: After this past remodel and what you went through, does Matt have to write everything down and then you sign it to make sure it is ok before you start anything else and lay down any ground rules.
Amy: "Oh god no. That doesn't work that way. The unfortunate thing about Matt is that he'll get a project started and say 'by the way what do you think if we did this or started this' I said 'well, it sounds ok but how are you going to go about doing it'. (Matt) 'Well, I've actually already started it and it's almost done'. Needless to say, what he does is all ok, however, it's a lot easier if I don't get involved. Giving input yes but not necessarily involved."

Question: What brought about the television show? Did they approach you?
Amy: "At first, it wasn't something that me and the kids wanted to do. We had a really rough time on the first year or two. We didn't think it would go beyond three episodes. I really didn't care what I looked like or the house and that I was going to get through these three episodes and be done with it. My understanding on how it came about was that we have been in the media kind of all of our lives, mostly locally. Eventually, later on we got into People magazine and The New York Times and other media outlets known nationally. They saw our family and another couple of families and said they had a concept for the show. Matt at the time wasn't really working as he was becoming the president of LPA. He listened to them and thought 'great, we can be on television' and thought it looked good. He came to our family and we all said 'no, no, no'. Not sure how far no went but it didn't go very. That was about 5 or 6 years ago with how it began. The network that he approached did not accept it. About 6 or 8 months later, (another plan was talked about) we would like to do just a show on your family because you've got a lot of dynamics and a lot of things going on and think it could work. Again, he came to us and we all originally said no but lo and behold, we're all on TLC."

Amy was asked about their current vacation.
Amy: "We are currently on a one month vacation. We flew from Oregon to Michigan. My family still lives there and we stayed for a week. We stayed another week for the Little People of America conference. We took a wonderful riverboat ride up the Mississippi and Ohio and was thrilled that my kids loved it. We were there for a week. Now, we're here in Metropolis and still have a little bit to go."

Question for Zach and Jeremy: College plans? What they are wanting to do?
Zach: "I want to be a teacher. My goal would be to be a teacher, probably history and also be a coach in soccer. Maybe make coaching a career. I kind of would like to be a cameraman. Definitely go to college though."
Jeremy: "I know I want to go to college but I just don't know where. I haven't really picked something yet. Maybe go into business in something that I could do with being a pilot or captain or something. Maybe open a body restoration shop."

They were asked about the remodel and how it was going. The remodel is done and the kids all had to sleep in the family room on the floor in a Oregon winter. Amy said this about it: "The house is way different than the house has ever been. I told Matt that this is your house, you've done a great job, beautiful home, beautiful house, it will be my job and our four kids to turn it into a home again." Jeremy talked about catching the fish while on vacation on the episode that aired saying: "Amazing experience. Ten minutes after reeling it in, I looked down at the line and it's still pulling and thought 'are you kidding me?'. It was half an hour of trying to pull this thing in. The sea was really restless and it was a great experience".

The Roloffs were presented with a Superman of Metropolis award from the city of Metropolis. The city doesn't give keys away but instead gives awards away. I got to meet everyone after the event and they were all so extremely nice thanking us for coming to the event and taking pictures. They were having a great time meeting the fans and all of us were having a great time meeting them. Everyone was just as they are on TV and they are great.

If you've never seen the show, I definitely recommend it!! The show does an amazing job of showing all of their personalities where (I know it sounds cliche) you feel like you know them. Matt and Amy do an amazing job with everything. The kids are all great and are going to do great things in the future. The way that family pulls together and handles the stress of pumpkin season is incredible. I'm even tired after watching all the work that they do with it. ha ha. The vacation episodes are a lot of fun to watch too. We see the fun that they have but also the struggles and tough times that they go through as well. I want to give a lot of credit to the ones behind the scenes that put the show together too cause they do an incredible job with it. Little People Big World airs on Monday nights on TLC and is currently airing reruns with new episodes returning later this year. A big thanks again to the Roloffs for coming out and giving us a great night of fun!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up-July 3, 2008-Allison Mack Blogs About The Superman Celebration, Friends Reunion Movie?, Average Age of TV Viewers, and More

Allison Mack has posted a blog about her weekend at the Superman Celebration. We had heard at the Celebration that Allison had a tough time with the weather in getting there. That was no surprise at all to us there cause the weather was TERRIBLE that Friday. Nasty storms came through the area just about all day and into the evening. She went through a lot to get there and it's nice to see that she did have a fun time at the Celebration once she got there. I know I speak for everyone else there in thanking her for doing all that she could to be with all of us fans in Metropolis. Allison was so nice to everyone and was a lot of fun. I got to meet her and she was extremely nice. Her blog sounds like she got a life experience out of her journey to Metropolis as well. Here is a link to her blog:

Since I took last week off, here are two weeks worth of movie box office numbers.
June 20th-22nd weekend: 1. Get Smart - $38.6 million. 2. The Incredible Hulk - $22.1 million. 3. Kung Fu Panda - $21.9 million. 4. The Love Guru - $13.9 million. 5. The Happening - $10.4 million. 6. Indiana Jones - $8.5 million. 7. You Don't Mess With The Zohan - $7.4 million. 8. Sex and the City - $6.5 million. 9. Iron Man - $4 million. 10. The Strangers - $2.1 million.
Box office numbers for this past weekend. 1. WALL-E - $63 million. 2. Wanted - $50.9 million. 3. Get Smart - $20.2 million. 4. Kung Fu Panda - $11.6 million. 5. The Incredible Hulk - $9.5 million. 6. The Love Guru - $5.3 million. 7. Indiana Jones - $5.1 million. 8. The Happening - $3.9 million. 9. Sex and the City - $3.8 million. 10. You Don't Mess With The Zohan - $3.1 million.

Will Smith's movie Hancock is doing well already. The movie opened up yesterday and brought in $17.3 million. The movie did have previews available on some screens across the country on Tuesday so that brings the total money up higher than the $17 million.

In the I'll believe it when I see it category for the week (however also in the I will be REALLY excited if true category), there is yet another rumor of a Friends reunion. Mail Online out of Britain is saying that a Friends movie has been given the go ahead. They say that the movie will be made in the next 18 months and that the whole cast is in for it. The talk in the article is that the success of the Sex and the City movie really got this thing rolling again. I said at the time of the box office success of Sex and the City that I was extremely happy for it as a TV fan. If that movie did well based off of a TV reunion, others might risk it and give it a shot. If this Friends movie does happen, there is going to be a TON of buzz about it and I will be waiting in line to see the very first showing. I'm still not getting any hopes up until an official announcement is made cause I'm just not believing it yet cause the rumors have been spreading for years now. It's worth a read, if anything, to fantasize about. We can always hope though!!

The Screen Actor's Guild and AMPTP have continued to talk about a new contract. Will there be another strike in the entertainment industry? Let's hope and pray for there not to be. SAG's current contract expired on June 30th but the last word was that SAG was looking over AMPTP's possible last offer. We should know in a few days where the contract talks go from here.

9021-no. Luke Perry was asked this morning on Live With Regis and Kelly if he would be interested in joining the growing list of 90210 stars on the new spinoff. He said that he just didn't have any interest in in but wished the show good luck in its return.

Just thought I'd update you on how the Joss Whedon comics are selling. The Buffy season eight volume two graphic novel is selling very well. It sits at number one for the month of May on the top 100 graphic novels list. As far as the regular comic issues in the top 100 comics for May, Buffy (issue 14) is ranked 15th, Serenity (Better Days issue 3) is ranked 41st, Angel (issue 7) is ranked 50th.
Also, Comedy Central has posted this list of what they feel is the funniest five episodes of Buffy. Very good list and it made me laugh quite a bit in thinking back on these episodes.

I have laughed so hard at the last couple of episodes of My Boys. Tonight's episode had P.J. getting a big shocker when Bobby announced that he and Elsa were engaged. The feeling among the group was that it was just a way to keep Elsa in the country as she was being deported. However, Bobby revealed that the feelings were true when he was questioned by P.J. She did grant him her and the group's blessing as she had been voted as the one to confront him about their thoughts. Other very funny happenings on the show tonight was Brendan turning into his own doctor and self diagnosing himself. He had been depressed and down about life wearing himself down. He had also lost his health insurance. So, he used his medical knowledge to diagnose himself. It was hilarious just how much rougher he was looking through the entire episode to which Bobby told him at the end of it that his face looked like "a sweaty volleyball". I laughed a lot at Mike and Andy doing the improv classes with Mike only being there to hit on the women. Mike had his eye on one but who did she talk to? Kenny. Hilarious moment especially after the last few episodes.

Just over a week away from Big Brother 10. The houseguests have been chosen and the show premieres on Sunday, July 13th. The houseguests are usually inside the house for about a week before the show actually premieres with a taped episode so the show could actually begin taping any day now. I find myself more nervous than excited about this edition of Big Brother after how much I couldn't stand Big Brother 9. has spoken to executive producer, Allison Grodner, where she confirmed that the houseguests will be strangers with a wide range of ages. The show also will have live audiences on eviction night which is something that I've been hearing. Interesting interview.

One of my friends sent me an interesting email this week of an article from Variety. The topic of the article is about the average age of TV viewers being 50 years of age. This was the average with combining five networks together. This was live TV and not including DVR viewers. The ages for each network ranked as follows: ABC (age 50), NBC (age 49), Fox (age 44), CW (age 34), and Univision (age 34). It appears that DVR viewership does bring the average age down by one year on every network besides on CW and Univision. The article also noted on some of the average ages of various shows and I was surprised at some of them. How I Met Your Mother, Big Brother, and Kid Nation all had average age of viewers of 45. I was expecting How I Met Your Mother to have a younger audience but I'm happy to see that all different ages enjoy the show. Big Brother was right where I expected as the show has a wide range of age of viewers. Tonight Show has an average age of 54, Letterman has 53, Jimmy Kimmel at 50, and Conan at 46. What I found interesting was that TV targets that 18-49 demographic so hard and yet the average age of viewers is out of that range. There are a bunch of theories that I and others have on why the average age isn't as young as many would expect. Different ways of TV viewing such as watching shows online or maybe people are doing other things other than watching live TV or even DVR viewing. For more info including the average age of others show viewers, head over to:

Music sale numbers have been released covering the first half of 2008. Album sales fell 11% from the same time a year ago. While album sales fall, digital sales continue to rise. Album sales done digitally went up 34%. Digital songs are doing well though as they are up 30%. A lot of people are going the route of buying songs that they like instead of albums. I know that I don't buy CD's anymore just for a song that I like or from an artist that I just kind of like. If I'm buying a CD, it is from an artist that I'm a fan of. From what I've seen so far this year, it doesn't seem like there have been very many huge name albums being released so that could have an effect. However, it is very clear that consumers are going digital as a way to get their music. I'm sure that these half way year numbers really aren't a surprise to anyone reading this as the way of selling music has been changing for several years now.

I watched Serenity again last week. If you haven't seen that movie, you should really check it out. Even if you didn't watch the Firefly series, I think you'd still enjoy the movie. They do a good job of recapping the events at the beginning of the movie. Just a lot of fun action, laughs, and excellent writing.

I saw a promo for the new season of Heroes last night on NBC. It's just a short overview of "Villains" which is the next chapter in the story. If you're watching NBC and are a Heroes fan, keep an eye out for it.

Like I've been saying, I've just been watching various first episodes of shows seeing if I can get hooked on anything new. I've yet to really watch anything that has grabbed me and make me absolutely want to watch more. I watched the first episode of 24 last week on Hulu and can definitely see why so many people are addicted to it. I am definitely going to watch some more episodes to see if it draws me in. I really liked the first episode though. I still have more shows that I plan on watching first episodes of including Arrested Development, Lost, and Charmed (although to be fair, I've seen this show before and liked it). I'm looking for a show that I can get hooked on and fly through a box set like I did with Smallville and Veronica Mars. Even better, something on Hulu.

I'm very sad to hear of the passing of Larry Harmon today. The name might not sound very familiar but the character that he was known for will be, Bozo The Clown. Harmon was 83 years old. I know that I loved Bozo as a kid and watched the show on WGN for many years. Come on, what kid didn't have a home version of the ping pong game? Harmon gave a lot of enjoyment to people of all ages for many decades and he will be missed.

American Idol has announced their audition dates and cities. Idol auditions will be stopping in San Francisco, CA (July 17th), Louisville, KY (July 21st), Phoenix, AZ (July 25th), Salt Lake City, UT (July 29th), San Juan, Puerto Rico (August 2nd), Kansas City, MO (August 8th), Jacksonville, FL (August 13th), and East Rutherford, NJ (August 19th).

TNT is getting set for a couple of shows returning on July 14th. The Closer returns for season four at 8pm central time. Following that at 9pm is the season two debut for Saving Grace.
For more info on The Closer, go to these links. The second link on each show takes you to a recap to get you caught up :
Saving Grace:

Here is a couple weeks worth of TV on DVD releases.
Released this week: 30 Days (Season Two), The Closer (Season Three), Mad Men (Season One), Walker Texas Ranger (Season Five).
Releases for Tuesday, July 8th: Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet (Best Of Ricky and Dave), The Batman (Season Five), The Dog Whisperer (Season Three), Fastlane (Full Series), I Dream Of Jeannie (Season Five), Jake and the Fatman (Season One - Volume One), Monk (Season Six), Psych (Season Two), Soul Food (Season Four), Stargate: Atlantis (Season Four), Teen Titans (Season Five).

You Tube Video Of The Week: Weezer's new music video. If you are a You Tube watcher, you'll really appreciate this video that includes many You Tube stars. Fun video.

I want to wish all of you a great 4th of July. Have fun and be safe!! Take care and God bless!!

Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty Album Released

Album release day today for Carrie Underwood's new album, Cry Pretty! I love album release days! So much scrambling around trying to mak...