Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Brother Eliminates Two - August 26, 2010

Tonight's Big Brother eliminated two from the game. The show got rolling with the live eviction of Matt which was unanimous. Before the eviction, we did see footage of how Ragan had finally put things together that the Brigade was an alliance. Tonight had a week's worth of Big Brother in one episode. The HOH competition was held and won by Hayden. Hayden nominated Ragan and Brendon for eviction. The live veto competition takes place and is a memory type game which plays right into Ragan's hands. He wins the veto and takes himself off the block. Hayden's replacement nominee is Britney. Brendon is voted out on a unanimous vote as well. That leaves us with the final five of Hayden, Lane, Enzo, Britney, and Ragan.
SPOILER ALERT!!! The HOH competition has already taken place tonight but was not seen on the feeds. In fact, we still don't have feeds back. Big Brother After Dark has been on for nearly 45 minutes now but yet the live feeds are still down. Sometimes it's so fun being a paying live feed customer. Insert sarcasm there. Lane has won the HOH competition.

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