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Superman Celebration 2009 - Metropolis, IL - Lineup Announced - March 27, 2009

The lineup has been announced for the 2009 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL. At the Celebration will be Justin Hartley (Green Arrow on Smallville), Phil Morris (The Martian on Smallville and has appeared in numerous Superman related projects), and of course, Noel Neill (The First Lady Of Metropolis and Lois Lane from the Adventures Of Superman series). It's always great to have a Smallville presence at the Celebration every year. Smallville stars that have appeared at the Celebration in recent years have included Allison Mack, Michael Rosenbaum, and John Schneider. It appears that the Noel Neill statue planning is back underway and the official statue website, is saying that the groundbreaking for it will take place during this year's Celebration. This is such a great honor for her and is so greatly deserved!! This will be the 31st Superman Celebration and will take place from June 11-14, 2009. For more info on the Superman Celebration, head over to:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost, Dollhouse, Idol, Manufactured DVD's, Sweet Home Alabama, Smallville, & More - March 26, 2009

Hope all is great!! This week, I’ve got thoughts on Idol, Lost, Smallville, a great episode of Dollhouse, the latest trend of manufacture on demand with DVD’s, thoughts on Sweet Home Alabama, and more.

Motown week on American Idol this week with Smokey Robinson and Berry Gordy being the mentors. Entertaining week of performances. My favorite in the competition is Allison Iraheta. I’ve liked her since early on and find myself cheering her on. Just an incredible voice for someone that age. She got rave reviews from the judges this week with Kara saying that you just can’t teach what she has adding that it sounded like she had been singing for 400 years. The only ones that really took major criticism from the judges were Megan Joy and Michael Sarver. Adam Lambert really shocked everyone this week and changed his look and performance style. Very impressive night for him. Scott MacIntyre got a middle ground vote on his performance with the guys not liking it and the girls liking it. Let’s just get right to the bottom of it. That would be the bottom three which was Matt Giraud, Michael Sarver, and Scott MacIntyre. Scott was sent back to safety meaning it was Matt and Michael in the bottom two. Going home tonight was Michael Sarver. Other notes from Idol this week. What was up with Paula and Simon this week??!! Ha ha. I also had to point out this tip to all of you awaiting judge repsonses. If Paula starts quietly with “you look beautiful”, here comes some criticism.

I liked tonight’s Smallville. Just a fun episode with a fun storyline. I think the show needs an episode like this every so often. The story focused on Zatanna who was the daughter of a magician. She granted the birthday girl, Chloe, a wish. Her wish turned out to be that she wanted to be Lois. Lois had that reporter dream job that she always wanted. So, the wish didn’t go quite as expected as Chloe ended up looking just like Lois. No, she didn’t take over her body like with what usually happens in these kind of storylines as the real Lois was out of town. We also saw other happenings like Chloe as Lois confronting Clark who then also lost knowledge of his abilities. Things of course all worked out. The ending of the episode had Chloe becoming secure with herself and ready to move on with her life. She is now back at watchtower status joining up with Oliver to watch over The Justice League.

What really needs to be said about this week’s Lost? What in the world is Sayid shooting young Ben going to do to current day for the Oceanic survivors??!!!! Unreal!! I figured that was likely to happen but how is it going to effect everything? One of my thoughts was that I don’t think Jacob would save Ben. Jacob has been very angry with Ben which was evidenced by him telling Locke that Ben wasn’t asked to move the island and that was the reason for the unstable time travel island issues. Would Jacob save young Ben to keep things intact on the island? I don’t think that Jacob would save him but that is my opinion. If Ben is gone that early on, that obviously changes the island dramatically!! No Dharma Initiative being wiped out. No…..ahh, forget it. Lots of things would be messed up!! How is this all going to be explained??!! I can’t wait to find out!!

Speaking of Lost, I’ve been watching some of the season one/two episodes on Sci-Fi that air late at night. I loved watching that season one finale again and how we saw everyone’s journey on getting on the plane in the airport that day. They also had the incredible music playing in the background to set the mood as the plane was set to take off. Just incredible even after having seen it before!! Fun to see Desmond’s debut on the show in the season two opener and the bizarre opening to that season with him in his daily routine as the music played. What I also love about Lost is that it is still fun to watch over and over. We sure have come a long way on this show with the story.

I watched the movie, Sweet Home Alabama, earlier this week. I've been meaning to watch this forever but now just got around to it. Yeah, I said I was bad about taking time to watch movies cause I have so many TV shows to keep up with. I'm a big Reese Witherspoon fan and she is one of my favorite actresses. She was really good in this movie. I really liked how this movie was different from others as far as how they presented both guys to the audience. Usually, you have one of them that is good and the other is just completely wrong. I found myself watching it changing my mind several times on who she should end up with. The basic idea of the movie is that Melanie has moved out of her home state of Alabama and is living in New York City. She is in a relationship with Andrew, who is the mayor's son. However, she still has a major tie to home in Alabama. That tie is her husband, Jake, who she has been trying to divorce for a long time now. Fun movie. Good cast. Really liked it.

I mentioned this last week with season four of Charles In Charge but this manufacturing on demand is picking up steam. Warner Brothers announced that they will be opening up their film vault with movies to buy that have never been released. The reason that they were never released was because they felt that they wouldn't sell enough to make a profit on them. Now, they can produce them even with the demand and it won't cost them as much as it would if they released them without many sales. You can check out the titles available at which will cost $19.95 a piece. I think this will be a great thing all around especially if others follow suit. I'm hoping that Warner Brothers will also do this with TV shows. There are a lot of WB shows that have yet to be released that I'm hoping we'll now see in this format. They can produce the DVD's as they are ordered and fans are pleased without it costing the studios a fortune and not making their money back. There have been several shows that I am a fan of that have only had one season released. Other seasons were not released because of sales not being strong enough on the initial release. Will this make other seasons of Growing Pains becoming available in this format? Step By Step? Yeah, I could go on and on with the sitcoms that I love and I'm of course just speculating. The possibilities really are endless with what you can do in this kind of a produce with the demand type format. The winners will be us as fans. Amazon has been doing this with TV shows as of late making them exclusive to their site. Season four of Charles In Charge was released this week and it will be produced as people order it. Of course, those are DVD-R's of Charles In Charge while Warner Brothers appears to be doing regular DVD's with their stuff.

What a great episode of Dollhouse on Friday night. Yep, that sixth episode was a major payoff and we are now seeing where the show is going to go. Ballard was face to face with Echo after trying to track her down. They had a really nice fight and she was sent to him by Adelle wanting to get Ballard off of the case. Ballard then got more information than he planned on when Echo was secretly programmed to tell him all about the dollhouse. Anyone else bummed when it looked like Ballard's neighbor, Mellie, was about to get taken out? All I was thinking was why Joss why? ha ha. Why do you always have to toy with our emotions of these sweetheart female characters getting killed off? We always get our emotions messed with on these characters over the years in the Whedonverse. However, there were much bigger things going on when she got the command from her boss showing that she is in the dollhouse as well. I didn't see that coming!!!!! I cheered at that twist. I liked the comedy of Echo being programmed to be the wife for the mogul played by Patton Oswalt from King Of Queens. I thought they played off of each other really well. That was actually the first time that Echo and Ballard were face to face as he busted in on them still continuing to track the leads on the dollhouse. Nice twist as well about who Sierra's attacker has been. Great episode. Loved it!!

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Knowing - $24.6 million. 2. I Love You, Man - $17.8 million. 3. Duplicity - $13.9 million. 4. Race To Witch Mountain - $12.7 million. 5. Watchmen - $6.8 million. 6. The Last House On The Left - $5.7 million. 7. Taken - $4 million. 8. Slumdog Millionaire - $2.6 million. 9. Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail - $2.5 million. 10. Coraline - $2.1 million.

This week's Heroes was definitely the most that I've enjoyed an episode in several weeks. Two characters are now gone as Tracy and Daphne are both gone. We also found out the identity of "Rebel" who is Noah. Tracy sacrificed herself to help save Noah as the government was hot on their trail trying to find out the identity of "Rebel". Daphne was unable to recover from her injuries and I really liked the sendoff that she got with Parkman getting in her head and being able to say goodbye to her. Hiro now has his powers back (well, not all of them) after his encounter with Baby Parkman who has the power of touch. They are now protecting the baby after the officers showed up while Parkman's ex led the officers away. I just have not been crazy about this season at all but I enjoyed this episode.

The season premiere of My Boys is almost here!! Season three premieres on Tuesday night, March 31, on TBS at 9:30pm central time. I have enjoyed this show from the first episode. Just a fun and cleverly written show.

Bones meets Family Guy? That is the plan for the May 7th episode of Bones. The idea is that David Boreanaz's character, Booth is going to be suffering from some sort of medical issue which will make him see hallucinations of Family Guy's Stewie.

This week’s Amazing Race had Christie and Jodi trying to come back from last place and attempting to overcome having to complete the speed bump. They actually left the detour in sixth place ahead of Mark and Michael. Mark and Michael were able to get ahead of them and make it to the finish line ahead of them. Eliminated were Christie and Jodi. Here are the standings at this pit stop. 1. Tammy and Victor. 2. Mel and Mike. 3. Kisha and Jen. 4. Margie and Luke. 5. Jaime and Cara. 6. Mark and Michael. 7. Christie and Jodi (Eliminated).

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 31. California Dreams (Season One and Two), The Fugitive (Season Two - Volume Two), Hannah Montana (Volume Five), Hope and Faith (Season One), In Plain Sight (Season One), The IT Crowd (Season One), Urban Legends (Season One), Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Season Four - Volume One).

TV Line Of The Week: From Live With Regis and Kelly.
Regis and Kelly surprising their trivia caller with a phone call and asking her what she does for a living. Hilarious answer especially with the delivery of it.
“What do you do?” - Regis and Kelly
“Nothing” – Trivia Caller.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Remember Punchout on the old Nintendo? A new version is coming to the Nintendo Wii!! Such memories with this game!! Here is the trailer for the game to check it out. Go ahead. Relive your childhood memories.

That is all I have for you this week. Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lost, American Idol, Smallville, CBS Comedies, & More - March 19, 2009

Spring is almost here!!!!!! Thank you lord!!

Time to step back Jack cause Sawyer is now in charge. That was the theme of this week’s Lost. Members of the Oceanic Six have returned to the island and we’re now learning where the rest of them have ended up. Sawyer made the cover on how to get Jack, Kate, and Hurley into the Dharma Initiative. I loved the reaction of them on the news that they are now in the 1970’s. I’m thinking that with the things that have happened to you on the island, you’d just be thinking that it’s just another day. It sure does make you get right back into the flow of things right away after being away for three years. Sayid’s time went worse when he was found by Jin and another Dharma guy and they couldn’t reveal his identity as a friend. So, Sawyer had to improvise on how to protect Sayid. Hey, Frank survived. He didn’t suffer the fate of the last pilot who we’ll just call Parkman. :) It is funny to see the random survivors of the crash and you just immediately start thinking that person’s days are numbered and that person won’t be around long. Even having speaking lines won’t do much for you based on the ending of the two random survivors from years back that suddenly got a lot of dialogue on the show. Anyway, Frank took off with Sun and Ben. After Sun took out Ben with the oar, it was Sun and Ben heading to the main island. Really interesting twist with Frank, Sun, and Ben along with that group of survivors are in current day while the rest are back in time. How about Sayid coming across a young Ben? How cool was that??!!!! Good point brought up about the fact that the Dharna Initiaitive eventually gets wiped out and how did Sawyer plan to get around that? Will the Dharma Initiative eventually win out with them in the past? Will it be one of those things that Faraday talks about where you can’t change things? Just where is Faraday anyway?
Grrrrr to American Idol this week. Alexis Grace is gone off of the show. Grrrr. Allison Iraheta was in the bottom three with her. Grrr again. Maybe I’ll go with a Joss Whedon theme and give it a Grrrr Arghhh. This week was Grand Ole Opry week on American Idol with Randy Travis as the mentor for the contestants. Some definite strong performances this week. Danny Gokey’s version of Jesus Take The Wheel turned out to be a strong performance. I wasn’t crazy about it until he got to the chorus and his performance won me over. It is still a Carrie song and I’m sticking to it. ☺. Adam Lambert sure had people talking with his performance of Ring Of Fire. Hmm. I thought it was interesting and a definitely different twist on the song that I’ve never heard before for sure. I kind of liked it. Lil Rounds took a big chance with Independence Day and the judges just weren’t into it. I wasn’t either but props to her for giving it a shot. I’m sure she is glad to get out of country week as are many others. Scott MacIntyre promised to hold to Paula’s request to eliminate the piano from his perfomance at some point but waiting for a surprise time to do it. Allison Iraheta sang Blame It On Your Heart and got compliments from the judges such as Kara saying that Allison could sing the alphabet and make it good. I’ll get to Alexis Grace who sang Jolene. Was it the best song choice for her? Probably not. She liked the song and went with it. The judges were very mixed on what they thought of her performance. Wednesday’s results show had Ryan announcing a bottom three of Allison Iraheta, Alexis Grace, and Michael Sarver. Yeah, I was not a happy camper when Allison and Alexis were named in the bottom three. I’ve said that the two of them and Danny are my favorites. Allison was sent back to safety which got a “whew” from me in relief as the bottom two was Alexis and Micheal. Alexis went home and the judges opted to not save her. Such a bummer. Alexis had a nice style to her and I’ve liked her since her audition. I wouldn’t have guessed at all that she would have went home this early.

Carrie Underwood’s new song, Home Sweet Home, which is the go home song for this season’s American Idol is doing very well on the charts. The song was the top debut on the Billboard Top 100 selling 112,000 digital downloads. Carrie also appeared on this week’s American Idol dueting with Randy Travis on “I Told You So”.

Great news for us Big Bang Theory fans. CBS has renewed it but not just for one season. CBS has picked it up for TWO more seasons!! That is very exciting. The Big Bang Theory is now my favorite comedy and I love it. This wasn’t the only show picked up though. CBS has also picked up Two and a Half Men for two seasons as well.

This takes me to my other favorite comedy, How I Met Your Mother. Operation break up Ted and Karen was underway by Lily on this week’s episode. Fun episode which had the friends all staying up to watch Robin’s early morning newscast which featured her delivering a baby, having to try and save a life, and more. All sorts of happenings on live TV that the group didn’t see because the conversation was about Lily and how she has purposely broken up Ted’s relationships at times in the past cause the friends didn’t like the girl.

Smallville followed up on what has happened with Jimmy since his attack from Doomsday. The triangle of Jimmy, Chloe, and Davis came to a head in tonight’s episode. Jimmy caught Davis in the act of his rage but no one believed him due to his recovery and the drugs that he was on because of it. Davis also helped to frame Jimmy and cover himself. Chloe took Davis’s side and Jimmy got to his breaking point. He said that he was done with Chloe as he was tired of her never taking his side calling their marriage the worst thing he had ever done. Wow. How sad was that shot of Chloe just standing in the hospital looking heartbroken??!! Allison Mack is just an incredible actress.

It sounds like things will be picking up on Dollhouse beginning tomorrow night. That will be episode six and Joss Whedon has been promising big things with episode six and beyond. The previews definitely show big happenings.

Gloriana’s "Wild At Heart" is the iTunes Free Single Of The Week. Head over to iTunes to download it for free as you have a few more days to do so.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Race To Witch Mountain - $24.4 million. 2. Watchmen - $17.8 million. 3. The Last House On The Left - $14.1 million. 4. Taken - $6.5 million. 5. Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail - $5.1 million. 6. Slumdog Millionaire - $5 million. 7. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $3.1 million. 8. He’s Just Not That Into You - $2.9 million. 9. Coraline - $2.7 million. 10. Miss March - $2.4 million.

Reese Witherspoon was cracking me up on The Tonight Show last night. She was showing pictures of her trip to Europe. I won’t go into it (ha ha) but she was showing pictures of signs of what the word for exit meant there. Funny stuff. She is always one of my favorite talk show guests and one of my favorite actresses.

If you want season four of Charles In Charge on DVD, you’re going to have to go with a different route that normal. Season four is going to be offered exclusively at Even more different is that you buy them on DVD-R. This is something different that companies are planning with the companies making discs as they are bought. That way they don’t mass produce them and possibly lose money on them if they don’t sell. One problem that I’ve seen is there are people saying that they have bought DVD-R’s of other shows made available in this form which are not playing in their DVD players. Seems like it is just hit or miss which is common at times with DVD-R’s. Season four of Charles In Charge is released this Tuesday on Amazon and is already up for preorder.

No elimination on this week’s Amazing Race. Christie and Jodi fell from first to last but it was a non elimination leg. Funny moment with them that I laughed at was the two of them getting the clue for the road block which said “who has no shame?” and Jodi immediately handed it to Christie saying “you”. I cracked up at that. The task for the road block was that one member of each team had to run a marathon in the freezing temperatures in their underwear. The weather messed with teams as driving became hazardous especially combining a stick shift vehicle and ice. Tammy and Victor rubbed teams wrong with them wanting to work together and then leaving teams when they found out something on their own. Luke & Margie and Jaime & Cara were especially annoyed with them. The standings at the pit stop were: 1. Margie and Luke. 2. Tammy and Victor. 3. Jaime and Cara. 4. Mel and Mike. 5. Mark and Michael. 6. Christie and Jodi (last but not eliminated).

Who is the best player in the NBA? I have seen a lot of discussion over this in the last week with the discussion being between Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade. You really can’t go wrong with any of the three as I find all three very entertaining to watch. If I had to choose to only be able watch one of the three players, I’d pick Kobe Bryant. He is fun to watch and has a style of play that I’ve always enjoyed. All three players have done big things for their teams this year and will make this year’s Playofffs very exciting. I still think it will be a Lakers/Celtics Finals rematch. Boston is sliding a little bit but I think they’ll get it together. I’d gladly welcome another Lakers/Celtics series. Their game on Christmas night was so much fun to watch.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 24. Andy Richter Controls The Universe (Full Series), Charles In Charge (Season Four which is the Amazon exclusive that I talked about), The Clone Wars (Volume One), In Treatment (Season One), The Riches (Season Two), Room 222 (Season One), Runaway (Full Series), The Venture Bros (Season Three).

TV Line Of The Week: From American Idol.
“It’s from Simon Cowell. (reading) I miss you deeply, please come back. (finished reading) Ok, that’s kind of creepy.” - Carrie Underwood pretending to read a letter from Simon Cowell backstage. It was really funny especially with her walking off looking disturbed after she read it.

From The Amazing Race:
“I knew it would be bare minimum. I didn’t know that it was going to be my bare minimum.” - Christie while running the marathon.

You Tube Video Of The Week: I’m A Marvel and I’m A DC. And I’m Batman.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idol, Kelly Clarkson Album Review, Smallville, Lost, Survivor, & More - March 12, 2009

American Idol Top 13 Party
The top 13 performed on the big stage for the first time on this week’s American Idol. The theme of the week was Michael Jackson songs. Some contestants shined while others faded. A new twist was named this week as well. The judges are now able to veto. How does this work? Well, America will vote just like normal. The judges will have the power to use this veto only once until the top five where they can override America’s vote. This is a plan to eliminate the shock eliminations of people from years past such as Chris Daughtry among others. The decision also has to be unanimous by all the judges to save someone. I guess I don’t really have an opinion on this new twist. The competition can take major hits when a shock elimination happens which happens almost every year. It will add some drama to the show so I’m fine with it. The performances this week were fun for the most part. I still like who I’ve said that I like. I like Allison, Alexis, and Danny. Definitely pulling for them. Allison Iraheta sang a song that I knew was going to be a good pick when it was announced and that was “Give In To Me”. I always liked that song and her voice and style was well matched for it. Alexis Grace also picked out a song with a rock style and that was “Dirty Diana”. Danny Gokey broke out “PYT” and got a compliment from Paula saying that he was going straight to the finals. Adam Lambert was also major talk this week as he got some big praises from the judges for his rendition of “Black Or White”. Lil Rounds also got big praise and she had the task of going first as she put a different spin on “The Way You Make Me Feel”. One thing that I really like is that we have some major singers in this competition and personalities. I already have who I’d like to see be the top six or so but viewer voting can get crazy so we’ll see. There were other singers that were middle ground and others who were criticized for their song choice. On results night, the group was split into two. It was narrowed down to Megan Joy Corkrey and Jasmine Murray with Jasmine going home. In the second group, it was narrowed down to Anoop Desai and Jorge Nunez with Jorge going home. The judges did not vote to save either one of them. Kelly Clarkson returned to the Idol stage last night as well singing her new single. I will be talking about her album here momentarily. Seeing her on the Idol stage was fun. It was humorous with the talk of what Idol was going to do about the 866 number for contestant 13. Ryan Seacrest had some fun with that on his radio show this week.

Carrie Underwood's cover of "Home Sweet Home" is now available to download at iTunes. This is the farewell song that is going to be played every week on American Idol for the video package of when someone is sent home. The song is a big hit on iTunes and that was obvious after the results show aired last night. I kept trying to buy it and it was so jammed that I couldn't buy it until later in the night. The song was of course originally done by Motley Crue. Carrie does a very nice version of it and I have had it in my head all day. Speaking of Carrie, she will be performing on next week’s Wednesday episode of American Idol. The theme for next week will be Grand Ole Opry week. Randy Travis will be the mentor. Carrie and Randy will be performing “I Told You So” together.

I picked up Kelly Clarkson’s new album, All I Ever Wanted. Her first single from the album has had to grow on me. I wasn’t very crazy about it at all the first time that I heard it but I find myself liking it more in the last week. Her performance on Idol was really strong with it too and got me to give it more of a chance as well. There are a lot of songs on this album that should be released as singles. Very catchy and great sound to them. “Cry” and “Don’t Let Me Stop You” definitely have chart feel to them. “Cry” is a very good slow song that is one of my favorite songs on the album. Other favorites of mine include “Long Shot”, “Save You”, and “All I Ever Wanted”. This definitely sounds like a Kelly Clarkson album and she works her strengths with the rock sound along with her ballads. Overall, I really like the album a lot and am very happy to have picked it up. If you’re a Kelly Clarkson fan, give it a listen. You can test drive the album over at her official website,

Smallville returned tonight with new episodes and I really enjoyed it. I just kept wondering how they were going to reverse things to get back to where we were and then got the answer. Clark was threatened by the returning Linda Lake who threatened to expose his secret in the newspaper. Clark decided to take matters into his own hands and tell his secret on his own. He gave Lois the story and revealed his secret to her. I liked this as I’ve always wondered how she would deal with things if she knew. She had his back through the whole thing. As expected, things went crazy. He was treated like a hero and his friends were getting all kinds of attention for being associated with him. However, things turned out like they often do in real life and that is that a hero has to be torn down unfortunately. He was framed and chased down along with Chloe. Chloe ended up finding out some more big information when talking to Davis. She found out that Davis was Doomsday and sent the info to Lois. Lois was knocked out that point as Clark battled Linda. Clark did find a solution on what to do to solve this whole thing and that was to use the time travel ring that was given to him by The Legion. He would use it to go back in time two days to also stop Linda from doing her story. The story baffling me to this episode was when Lois got the message and tried to tell Clark what Chloe had just said. Clark went ahead and put the ring on and time traveled. Wouldn’t you wait five seconds to hear what she had to say??!! I really did like the story of Clark and Lois in this episode cause she really had his back through the whole thing and was disappointed that he wasn’t going to tell her the secret again when he time traveled. I just thought about this but we sure do have a lot of TV time traveling lately!! Lois waiting for Clark only for him not to show was sad at the end. They are doing a good job of building up their romance. Well, Linda wanted Doomsday and she got him. She was finished off by him. Good episode tonight.

Moving on to tonight’s Survivor. The secret alliance continues to roll so far. Although, some tribe members are getting concerned that something is going on. Taj and Stephen made their way to the tree mail site and found the hidden immunity idol so now both sides of the secret alliance have their idols. Sierra went to Brendan and she had a funny reaction to him on when he planned on telling her about this alliance. He revealed to her that he had their hidden idol. Jalapao won the reward challenge and they sent Brendan to exile island once again. Brendan was able to take someone and he spared Taj to take Stephan. That was strategy of course so they could talk. It does seem that Stephan isn’t into this secret alliance as much as the others are. He is happy about it but just not convinced that it is going to work. The immunity challenge was a rough one and resulted in JT losing part of his tooth. It wasn’t enough to help get the win as Timbira won immunity. Spencer struggled during the challenge and had a target on his back. However, that was almost not a problem cause Taj went off after getting back from camp out of frustration over the loss. Spencer ended up being voted out on a 5-1 vote. Other thoughts on tonight’s episode. Timbira is definitely keeping an eye on Brendan cause they are talking about him socializing with the other tribe at exile island. Coach is already noticing that he is in trouble if they merge cause Brendan has numbers then. Speaking of Coach, the moment of him miscalling the storm was funny especially with Erinn’s commentary. Jeff Probst stepping into the challenge to save the tooth. Jeff cared about it more than TJ appeared to. He needs to thank Jeff for that!!

I didn't comment on Lost last week so I'll get it in here this week. I liked the episode and the payoff was at the end. I loved the reunion of the Oceanic Six members with Sawyer. Perfect with Kate and Sawyer!! This was right after he had just told his new love, Juliet, about how he was once in love but couldn’t even remember what her face looked like. Minutes later in the episode, it was, oh yeah, now I remember. It should be pointed out that it has been three years since the Oceanic Six left on the island as well. With the time traveling happening, I had wondered if the Oceanic Six members would return soon after they disappeared. Time traveling is over as Locke did fix the island. However, the island is now stuck back in time decades earlier during the Dharma Initiative. I’m not sure if they are in a safer or unsafer time period than what they were.

It was nice to see John Glover return to TV this week on Heroes. He played the father of Sylar. That was definitely the best storyline of the episode. Glover is an incredible actor and he played the role well. I am beginning to think that maybe it is the Nathan Petrelli character that is bugging me about Heroes. I just think that character has gotten to be so boring. It doesn’t help that the show is centered around him right now. Maybe since he has been exposed as one of “them” now, things will pick up. By the way, Heroes has been picked up for next season by NBC.
Summer Glau guest starred as herself on this week’s Big Bang Theory. The guys were on a train with her as she sat not far from them. Sheldon of course had his own thing going but the other guys were all competing for going to talk to her. The one that did the best was of course Raj who had went to get alcohol cause he can’t talk to women without it. Things went well until Wolowitz found out that it was non alcoholic that he was drinking. Raj was sabotaged by Wolowitz and then Wolowitz stepped in and proceeded to annoy Summer to no end. Leonard? Well, Leonard finally stepped in and got his chance but right before Summer reached her stop.

Now this is hilarious. You may know that How I Met Your Mother mentions website jokes from time to time and they actually do put the websites up online. A couple are and I just found out about this but you can now add Robin Sparkles as a friend on My Space. Great stuff. Here is the link to check it out.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Watchmen $55.2 million. 2. Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes To Jail - $8.5 million. 3. Taken - $7.3 million. 4. Slumdog Millionaire - $6.8 million. 5. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $4.1 million. 6. He’s Just Not That Into You - $4 million. 7. Coraline - $3.2 million. 8. Confessions Of A Shopaholic - $3.1 million. 9. Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience - $2.8 million. 10. Fired Up! - $2.4 million.

The Blind U-Turn was introduced on this week’s Amazing Race. Yeah, I liked this twist. This means that you can do that to another team and it isn’t revealed who did it to them. There are so many people that are afraid to use the U-Turn or the Yield cause of the fact that it puts a target on you. Luke and Margie decided to use it and used it on Amanda and Kris. It ended up being Amanda and Kris’s elimination cause they were at the back of the pack anyway. The plan by Luke and Margie was also to use it on them to help their friends, Jaime and Cara. I thought for sure that this would be a non elimination leg but it wasn’t. Christie and Jodi went right to the top of the standings with their performance in this leg of the race. Here are the current standings: 1. Christie and Jodi. 2. Kisha and Jen. 3. Tammy and Victor. 4. Luke and Margie. 5. Cara and Jaime. 6. Mel and Mike. 7. Michael and Mark. 8. Amanda and Kris (Eliminated).

Dancing With The Stars opened up its new season with a huge audience on Monday night. The show had its highest opening rating ever as it had 22.8 million viewers. Lots of buzz about Bachelor rejectee, Melissa Rycroft, being a surprise contestant on the show. I don’t watch The Bachelor but I know enough that people are fired up over that finale!! Two weeks later and people are still furious.

I got this info to pass along about a new show on Travel Channel called, Dhani Tackles The Globe. Here is the info on the show. "Dhani Jones will need more than shoulder pads where he's going. This NFL linebacker and Renaissance man is about to embark on a global sports odyssey that will take him anywhere with a scoreboard. By trying his hand at beloved national pastimes from around the globe, Dhani explores the way sports help to define culture. As a top athlete, Dhani will be able to demonstrate the thrills and challenges of each game by playing it himself. Off the field, Dhani immerses himself fully in each city, getting the locals' take on the best places to eat, drink, shop and sleep. Throughout his travels, Dhani finds the love of sports to be universal, providing common ground wherever he lands." The show premieres on Monday, March 16th at 8pm central time. For more info, head over to the website at:

Great idea by Live With Regis and Kelly to do live trivia calls for their contest. Regis and Kelly have been calling people at home live on the air with the contestants not having any clue that
their card entry has been picked. It has provided for some great laughs this week.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 17. Barney Miller (Season Three), Ghost Hunters (Season Four – Part Two), Head Case (Season One), JAG (Season Eight), Married With Children (Season Ten), Mr. Belvedere (Seasons One and Two), The Nanny (Season Three).

TV Line Of The Week: From Heroes.
“You want a fight? Is that what you were expecting? Son kills his father? Epic battle. That’s a myth.” - John Glover as Sylar’s dad talking to Sylar. If you’re a Smallville fan, you can really appreciate that line.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Bizkit The Sleep Walking Dog.

I wish each and every one of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol Top 13 Named, Survivor, Dollhouse, & More - March 5, 2009

Lots of American Idol this week with plenty of performances and results. This was the final week to determine the top 12….or was it only a top 12? Tuesday’s show of performances was the toughest as far as competition. That was my opinion anyway. I had several that I liked competing. Standouts from me on this night were Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds, Kristen McNamara, Kendall Beard, and Jorge Nunez. Those were my favorites but I also enjoyed others as well. My predictions on who would go through were Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, and Kendall Beard. Well, I got two out of three right. Wednesdays results show announced the three that would move on to the top 12 which was Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, and Jorge Nunez. Not surprised at all to see Jorge go on through and he was very good Tuesday night. Here is the list of those that competed but didn’t make the cut: Von Smith, Taylor Vaifanua, Alex Wagner-Trugman, Arianna Afsar, Ju’not Joyner, Kristen McNamara, Nathaniel Marshall, Felicia Barton, and Kendall Beard. Bummed about Arianna as I liked her as well. So, we then get the announcement of the people that would participate in tonight’s wild card show. Those competing would be Von Smith, Jasmine Murray, Ricky Braddy, Megan Joy Corkrey, Tatiana Del Toro, Matt Giraud, Jesse Langseth, and Anoop Desai. My first thought was no Kendall Beard??!! I was shocked over that. Her performance on Tuesday didn’t knock the judges out obviously but I thought it was good none the less. I thought she definitely deserved another shot in the wild card. Just shocked and kind of annoyed really that she was left off the wild card show. Anyway, on to the wild card show. Some really stepped their game up and it helped their cause big time. The judges made the picks on this night and their picks were Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkrey, and then came a surprise. I actually had to read the rest of the results online cause my recording cut off. I should also point out that I even ran my recording three minutes over and STILL didn’t get the whole show. The plan changed to make it a top 13 so Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai are both in. It is now time to get to the main competition with the top 13 set and here is who will be competing beginning next week: Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Scott MacIntyre, Jorge Nunez, Lil Rounds, Michael Sarver, Anoop Desai, Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkrey, and Matt Giraud. I definitely have some favorites in this group. Mine are Allison, Danny, Alexis, and Scott.

Tonight’s Survivor. Team Secret is in place. The secret four member alliance is intact. The plan was for Taj to talk to Stephen and then Brendan to talk to Sierra so they could get everyone in place. Taj talked to Stephen and he was definitely in. Funny comment from Stephen where he talked about accidentally backing into a major alliance. However, Brendan didn’t get the chance to talk to Sierra before the reward challenge. It did work out though. Jalapao won the reward challenge which involved being able to raid the losers camp and take two items. They also got to send someone to exile island. With the plan in place, Taj picked Sierra and then Sierra picked Taj for revenge in picking her. Taj talked to Sierra but got the feeling that Brendan hadn’t gotten to talk to her yet. So, Taj filled her in and Sierra was all in for it. She was very happy that she aligned with Brendan who was making such a big play. The secret alliance of four was made. The immunity challenge was won by Timbira. The targets were Sandy and Sydney. Talk at tribal council turned into how Sydney had been flirting with the guys as part of her strategy. Sandy however had been making some enemies at camp. The vote had Sandy going home with five votes and Sydney getting one while Joe also got one.

I said this last week but it holds true again. I liked last week's Dollhouse more than the previous week. This is obviously a good trend to have. Echo's job last week was to protect a pop singer who was being stalked by a fan. Echo was given the personality of a backup singer. Her dollhouse friend, Sierra, was also given a job in the plan as she was the "number one fan" that got to meet the singer. It all turned out that the singer was fine with the threats from the stalker and was actually hoping for harm for herself from him. Sierra ended up being caught in the mix when the stalker guy kidnapped her. How does Echo solve the problem? She takes the singer straight into the situation making the stalker care for the singer's safety and also giving the singer a new happiness for life. Ballard sure had a lousy time in this episode. The episodes are really well written as we are given a lot of the inside dollhouse story with Echo's job for the episode but the hunting down of the dollhouse is held back on what we know is going on. It was a really good episode.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail - $16.1 million. 2. Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience - $12.5 million. 3. Slumdog Millionaire - $12 million. 4. Taken - $9.8 million. 5. He's Just Not That Into You - $6 million. 6. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $5.6 mi llion. 7. Coraline - $5.2 million. 8. Street Fighter - $4.7 million. 9. Confessions Of A Shopaholic - $4.6 million. 10. Fired Up! - $3.7 million.

The obvious big release for this weekend is The Watchmen. Lots of promotion and hype on it. I do plan on seeing it sometime.

I have watched a tiny bit of Jimmy Fallon's debut week on Late Night. Not enough to comment on how the shows are but the viewers definitely tuned in for his debut. Going head to head for the first time, Fallon was reportedly up 35% on Craig Ferguson's ratings on Monday night. More people did tune into Conan's exit than Fallon’s debut but that is to be expected. I did see the opening of the show with Conan making a cameo packing his stuff. Fallon asked Conan if he was going to watch and Conan gave a half hearted reaction of that he would TIVO it.

One team that has had little trouble so far on this season’s Amazing Race almost went from first to last. Tammy and Victor had major issues in this leg of the race whether it was flight issues, getting lost, or trouble in the challenges. They were able to overcome and stay in the race. The main reason for that was that Brad and Victoria had even bigger issues after a flight problem at the beginning put them at a huge deficit that they were unable to overcome. Standings at the pit stop: 1. Mel and Mike. 2. Amanda and Kris. 3. Kisha and Jen. 4. Margie and Luke. 5. Michael and Mark. 6. Christie and Jodi. 7. Jaime and Cara. 8. Tammy and Victor. 9. Brad and Victoria (Eliminated).

This week’s How I Met Your Mother introduced us to Barney’s family. Well, kind of. Barney’s mom had always wished for him to find someone so he wouldn’t be alone once she passed on. She was in bad health and he hired an actress to play his fiancee so his mom would think that he was going to be ok. Well, the actress blurted out that she was pregnant too. So, his mom recovered and Barney also had to hire a kid to play his son. It was funny stuff especially when the rest of the gang met Barney’s “family” as well.

I mentioned last week that Gloriana’s first music video had premiered. Well, it has performed very well on the CMT Power Picks this week. Get to voting Gloriana fans!!

Two competitors have already had to withdraw from Dancing With The Stars. Nancy O’Dell and Jewel are out of it due to injury.

ER is getting a dose of Gilmore. Alexis Bledel will be appearing in the series finale as an intern. Yeah, I'm an Alexis Bledel fan but ER stresses me out way too much to watch. ha ha.

People sure are fired up over The Bachelor finale. I don't watch the show but it has been entertaining watching talk show hosts venting over it.

I got this info to pass along to you about a new show that recently premiered on Animal Planet. It is called Jockey and here is the information about it: "Animal Planet brings viewers into a world dominated by ferocious rivalries, fierce bonds and extraordinary risk as it documents the behind-the-scenes lives of jockeys and their magnificent racehorses. It is a world ruled by 112 lb. men (or less) on 1,200 lb. Thoroughbreds - equipped with oversized personalities and big dreams. JOCKEYS follows numerous athletes as they compete amongst each other during the course of a 30- day racing season. This is the only pro sport where if you don‘t win, the pay is meager. The pressure is high. Months of preparation go into each one-to-two-minute race, and jockeys ride as many as 10 races a day with an ambulance traveling at high speeds right behind the field of horses. They risk life and limb knowing that virtually every year, an average of two jockeys die while riding races in North America. Meet the superstars whose success depends on knocking out the competition. Big winners, who have won horse racing‘s richest purses, live beside jockeys who have never won a race and struggle to make next month‘s rent. It is cut-throat competition, and cameras follow the action from pre-race jitters to the finish line - and everything in between."
The show airs on Fridays at 8pm central time on Animal Planet. For more info, head over to this link:

I've been watching some old Family Ties reruns that have been airing at night. FamilyNet is the place to watch if you get the channel. I always loved that show and still love seeing the episodes over again. It is definitely one of my most favorite shows ever.

Speaking of sitcoms that I love, ALF is airing on WGN America. I've watched a few episodes of it too.

I was watching Twister on TBS as I typed this Wrap Up and I have to ask this. Can TBS get away with saying the “s” word in primetime??!! Wow, didn’t expect that.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 10. The Best Years (Season One), Caroline In The City (Season Two), Family Ties (Season Five), Get Smart (Season Two), The Starter Wife (Season One).

TV Line Of The Week: From How I Met Your Mother.
“Call me crazy but child actors were way better in the 80’s” – Neil Patrick Harris as Barney talking about the actor that he had playing his son.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Chad Vader has premiered season two and here is the first clip.

Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Big Brother Over The Top - Week One Thoughts

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