Saturday, August 14, 2010

Big Brother Live Feed Update - August 14, 2010

SPOILER ALERT!! Major happenings on the Big Brother Live Feeds tonight. The feeds went off for a bit earlier today and when they returned, Rachel was back in the house. What??!! How did this happen? Well, it isn't totally clear at the moment but it appears that Brenden opened up a Pandora's Box. He appears to be locked somewhere else and now she is in there. It appears that she is back for 24 hours. She is telling the houseguests that she has to have a one on one conversation with each of them. Rachel and Ragan apparently had words upon her entering the house. I do find this frustrating cause she saw the goodbye videos which is going to mess with the games of these houseguests. Britney is one of those as she was very vicious to Rachel in her goodbye speech so this could REALLY mess up her game with Rachel in there saying whatever. My wonder is what kind of info does Rachel have coming back into the house? She has done the media tour and has talked about how her and Hayden have have loud DR's which was a question asked by Entertainment Weekly. She has been telling several that Enzo is a popular houseguest. She has been talking one on one with several houseguests including Kathy and she told Kathy that she had 24 hours to mess with their games and the houseguests. Britney has been vocal complaining about Rachel seeing the goodbye speeches and returning to the house able to influence. Several of the others have said the same thing. Here is one problem that is going to come out of this and Britney has already alluded to this. Houseguests are going to be afraid to say much in their DR and goodbye stuff now. Now, there is that possibility that it might backfire against you later in the game. Rachel and Ragan had a MAJOR blowup in the backyard. It got really ugly and personal between the two. Rachel did go to Ragan which started this whole thing and he completely shut her down at the end of the conversation. Wow, it was heated. Rachel was left speechless as Ragan went inside. She talked to The Brigade afterwards in the kitchen and then went to the DR. The Brigade and Britney went to the other room to talk to Ragan about what had happened to check on him. Rachel has yet to talk to Britney so I don't know what is going to happen there. We still have many more hours with Rachel in the house. Like I said, I don't like this move by Big Brother. It messes with their games and she is able to influence them. If a houseguest is going to be brought back in for any reason, they should not have done any media stuff.

Update: Rachel left the DR and went right to talk to Ragan. Rachel apologized and offered a hug which Ragan accepted. The two talked it out for a while and everything appears to be fine between the two. They were laughing by the end of it. Britney walked in toward the end of it and her and Rachel are now finishing up their conversation. They have had a very nice and civil conversation that has had nowhere near any heat to it. I know that Britney is working this conversation obviously. This season is amazing in that I've never seen a cast that can have a huge blowup and then an hour later, they'll be laughing and apologizing. It is so bizarre. LOL.

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