Sunday, November 29, 2009

Storm Chasers Finale Thoughts - INCREDIBLE! - November 29, 2009

Three words can describe the season finale of Storm Chasers. Amazing adrenaline rush!!! Wow, that was just amazing TV!! The first episode saw Sean make history as he finally got his shot!! Sean and the TIV crew teamed back up with Josh and his crew for a little bit but Josh’s meteorologists, Matt and Brandon, pointed to a different storm. So, Sean left and followed that storm instead. That would be the right decision and even Josh and the Vortex crew would later go to the same storm. The Doghouse team got Sean’s TIV right into the tornado for the intercept. How about that shot of Sean pulling down on that camera as he fights to get the shot from inside the tornado??!! That was an incredible camera shot and just showed how intense the moment was all around. A dream being achieved, how strong the storm was, and just the amazement all around. I had the face of the Doghouse crew as I watched all this happen. Laughing and just loving every minute of it. Sean has been at this for so long and to see his dream realized was amazing to watch. If you aren’t familiar with Sean, he has been making a IMAX movie but the final shot that he needed was from inside a tornado. He has been trying to get this shot for around ten years now. Seriously, that shot of him hanging on inside the TIV was one of the best TV shots ever. Incredible. All the storm chasers were eyeing the same storm. Reed and the TVN crew also intercepted the storm too by sitting right in the tornado as well. Reed had a new driver for this intercept as Dave took over driving duties. How about the look on his face when the dominator intercepted??!! LOL. What happened to Joel? Well, after conflicts he is now chasing on his own and was seen in that episode. He and Reed did reunite to talk about their incredible day after the tornado had passed and all is well. Tim and the Twistex team had an amazing day as well deploying probes. It was a lot of fun to watch all the teams coming together and telling the stories of chasing the same tornado. It reminded me of watching a bunch of people together telling their war stories. Incredible episode all around with all the teams involved!!! How ironic is it that Sean gets his shot without Josh??!! LOL. Josh did do very well too with Vortex 2 as they recorded the whole lifecycle of the storm. That brings us to episode two with TVN and Twistex being involved in the chase in Nebraska. This was an intense storm that dropped multiple tornadoes. Reed had his plane deploying probes and Twistex was all around that storm dropping probes in the path of the tornado. Tim got two direct hits for sure is what it looked like. The size of that tornado was incredible and Reed and the TVN crew found themselves right in the middle of it. This led to the shot that we’ve been seeing all season of the window being blown open. Reed and Chris were cut open by the glass while their radar guy Mick was in the back seat bracing for impact and collecting data. Intense moments with them being in this incredibly strong tornado as Tim and his crew watched from behind knowing that Reed was awful gutsy to be trying to intercept this particular one. Nasty, nasty tornado and the TVN crew got some incredible data out of it. As did the Twistex crew with their probe intercepts. Tim and his crew did incredible in this episode!! This really is a life or death situation and you have to be on top of things at all times. Hopefully, all the data that these storm chasers collect is going to help make the warnings happen sooner and help to understand storms better. This two hour finale showed just how intense this stuff can be and just how great these people are at what they do. Congratulations to all the chasers on an incredible season!! Tim made the comment near the end of the last episode looking at the camera and saying how about that for a season finale? I couldn’t have said it better, Tim. I couldn’t have said it better!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Moon Box Office, Slapsgiving, Storm Chasers, & More - November 28, 2009

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. New Moon - $142.8 million. 2. The Blind Side - $34.1 million. 3. 2012 - $26.4 million. 4. Planet 51 - $12.2 million. 5. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $12.2 million. 6. Precious - $10.8 million. 7. The Men What Stare At Goats - $2.8 million. 8. Couples Retreat - $1.9 million. 9. The Fourth Kind - $1.7 million. 10. Michael Jackson’s This Is It - $1.6 million.

As you can see by that, New Moon was the talk of the entertainment world this past week. All you can say is wow to those numbers. New Moon had the third highest grossing opening in history trailing only The Dark Knight and Spiderman 3. It set opening day records doing $72.7 million on its opening day and $26.3 million in midnight showings.

How I Met Your Mother presented Slapsgiving 2: Revenge Of The Slap last Monday night and it was great TV. If you haven’t been following the show, there has been an ongoing storyline throughout the series based on a slap bet between Marshall and Barney. What is a slap bet? Well, the winner of the slap bet gets to slap the other person in the face as hard as they can. It has provided for some great laughs on the show. Anyway, the original bet was trying to figure out what Robin had done in the past which embarrassed her so much. That was revealed to be that she was a Canadian pop star with her breakaway hit “Let’s Go To The Mall”. Yeah, I dare you to listen to that song and not get it stuck in your head. LOL. Anyway, after all was decided, Barney was punished with five slaps which could be delivered over any time in the future. Three have been delivered which left number four for Monday night. Marshall announced that slap four would take place before sundown as to not mess with Lily’s meal that she had prepared. Marshall decided that he was going to share the love and give his slap to anyone that wanted it. Lily, who is slap bet commissioner, allowed the move. This came down between Ted and Robin who argued over who wanted it. The two then showed sympathy with one another with what the other had been through and tried to give the slap ability to one another. I should also add that Lily’s dad showed up (played by Chris Elliott) and was not welcomed at all by Lily after the things that he done in the past to her and her grandparents. However, they all made up and he was even given a chance at the slap. He passed it up as well as did Lily. Barney’s strategy at one point was to turn people against one another and starting arguments to get the time to pass so he would avoid the slap due to the time restriction of sundown. However, Marshall had Barney tied up in a chair waiting for the slap. Marshall looked to be showing some sympathy saying that the slap had brought everyone closer as he planned and he proclaimed that there would be no slap today. As Barney turned around, he received slap number four. The setup and build throughout the episode was great. The writers have really gotten good at teasing this slap bet throughout the series. The capper to the episode was the commercial at the end advertising the new slap bet board game which was made by Lily’s dad. Yes, that was another storyline of how he kept trying to invent hit board games. The commercial was hilarious!! So, happy slapsgiving. LOL.

Tomorrow night is the season finale of Storm Chasers. This is where I insert my sad face cause I LOVE this show. I'm obsessed with this show as it is so good. Tomorrow’s episode will feature the clip of what we’ve seen all season where Reed is going to have a too close of an encounter with a tornado which takes his driver’s side window out. Last week’s episode was really good watching multiple teams chasing the same tornado. I love Reed’s airplane that he had going. It is able to get near a tornado and is controlled by remote control. It can drop multiple pods in a tornado’s path while it also shoots video as well. They had success with it as well and Reed and TVN crew had a big day. The reaction of the other teams was funny when they saw this random plane flying through the air. LOL. The TIV crew had a successful intercept the hard way. How funny was the reaction of them to the leak that is in the TIV. They’re getting soaked!! Tim and his crew had a good day as well. This was a very wild episode and this two hour finale will not be a letdown either. The finale starts airing at 8pm central time on Discovery Channel.

I love watching the Black Friday store sales. It’s fun to look for bargains and watch people stand in line and all. Much respect to the diehard shoppers that get out there and go for what they are looking for. I mostly watch stuff online and Amazon has been doing lightning deals. There will be a deal going for only a certain amount of time and a limited supply. You put the right thing on sale for the right place and sales will fly. I sat and watched a lot of these sales to see how fast they would go. I saw the X-Men Trilogy Blu-ray DVD set sell out in about 3-4 minutes in a hot price. The Michael Jackson “This Is It” soundtrack got put on sale for $5 and sold out in around thirty minutes or so. The new Beatles box set was put on sale for $99 and it sold out in a matter of minutes as well. Computers were selling quickly on there as well and if you weren’t online when the sale started, you weren’t getting it. I saw a hot price at Best Buy on the Smallville box sets. $9.99 a piece!!! Hope that you Smallville fans got in on that one!!

Survivor took a break this week with its annual Thanksgiving tradition of a recap episode with new footage added in.

Funny episode of The Big Bang Theory with the battle between Sheldon and his co-worker. I loved the stuff with Wolowitz and Bernadette as well. Funny episode all around.

I thought Melrose Place was new this week until I sat down and went to watch this week’s episode. I then realized it was a rerun. New episodes return this Tuesday night.

I watched The Fantastic Four over the weekend. Fun movie and it was a movie that I expected to like and did.

Is it really possible that it is the 25th anniversary of Back To The Future in 2010??!! Taking place on March 5, 2010 will be a Back To The Future reunion taking place at the University of North Alabama. In the Shoals Community Theater. In attendance will be Lea Thompson (Lorraine McFly), Marc McClure, James Tolkan, and screenwriter Bob Gale. The event is part of the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival and is being co-sponsored by Now, this event sounds like a lot of fun. It’s too far away for me to make it but I see this as an event that will be great to attend especially to celebrate the big anniversary. To get tickets for the event, head over to:
Wow, and all these years later, it is still my favorite movie of all time. I kid you not that if I see the movie on TV, I will stop and leave it on. I would just love to have a count of how many times that I’ve seen those three movies. I noticed the other day that one of the movie channels was running all three movies in a row. That gave me the idea of that over Christmas vacation, I’m going to make some time and pull a marathon and watch all three right in a row.

I got this information to pass along to all of the readers about a new movie. The Young Victoria, starring Emily Blunt, opens in select theaters on December 18. The movie is written by Academy Award winner, Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) and produced by the team of Graham King (The Departed), Martin Scorsese, Tim Headington, and Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York). FOr more info on the movie, head over to:

I have found myself watching a couple of different shows on The History Channel over the last couple of days. One being Pawn Stars. My family was watching this and I ended up watching a bit of it. Interesting show and fun personalities. The previews of the new season are funny with the revelation that one of them bought a $38,000 hot air balloon and planned to sell it for $50,000. When questioned about who would buy it, he replied with people that like to go riding in hot air balloons. LOL.

The other show that I watched a little of this morning was Ice Road Truckers. Wow, talk about a show that will raise your stress level just watching. I can’t even tell you how much respect that I have for these people that drive in those conditions. Just incredible.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 1. Better Off Ted (Seasone One), The Donna Reed Show (Season Three), Saturday Night Live (Season Five).

TV Line Of The Week: From How I Met Your Mother.
“Last year, you got left at the altar, you lost your job. You’ve come such a long way since then and I’m so proud of you Ted. You deserve to slap someone in his face as hard as you can.” Robin to Ted over the battle between them on who would get to use slap four of five in the slap bet against Barney.

Twitter Update Of The Week: Gotta give it to Neil Patrick Harris again this week as this was a funny one.
@ActuallyNPH: "FYI - Starting arguments around the Thanksgiving dinner table is a bad idea. Unless you're drinking. Then it's hilarious."

Video Of The Week: The Muppets parody Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. This has to be seen and it is hilarious!!

Have a great weekend. Take care and God bless!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gloriana, Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson Among The Big Winners At The AMA's - November 23, 2009

2009 American Music Awards - Press RoomLast night was the American Music Awards and I tuned in and out on it so I didn't see the entire thing. The most exciting moment for me was seeing Gloriana win for Breakthrough Artists Of The Year. I've been a huge Gloriana fan since seeing them in concert a year ago. I've told the story but I watched them perform and after just ten minutes into their show, I then leaned over to my friends saying "I have a new favorite group". They've had an incredible year as they continue to grow and get attention. Seeing their reaction last night to winning the award was great!! Congratulations to Gloriana!! Taylor Swift was once again a big winner taking home the Artist Of The Year award beating out Michael Jackson, Kings Of Leon, Eminem, and Lady Gaga. Taylor also won for Favorite Female Artist in both the country and pop/rock categories, Favorite Artist in the Adult Contemporary category, and also for Favorite Country Album for Fearless. In the rest of the country categories, Keith Urban won for favorite male artist, and Rascal Flatts won for favorite band/duo/group. Michael Jackson won four out of the five awards that he was nominated for winning for Pop/Rock Favorite Male Artist, Favorite Album (Number Ones), Soul Rhythm & Blues Favorite Male Artist, and Soul Rhythm & Blues Album Of The Year (Number Ones). Jermaine Jackson accepted the awards for his brother. Other big winners included The Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, and Beyonce. Favorite soundtrack album went to the Twilight soundtrack. Hey, it might as well be another big finish to the incredible weekend that that movie has had. I didn't catch a lot of the performances cause I was in and out watching another show but Carrie Underwood was amazing with her performance of Cowboy Casanova. Congrats to all of the winners last night!!
2009 American Music Awards - Show
2009 American Music Awards - Show

Friday, November 20, 2009

Smallville, Survivor, 90210/Melrose, NPH On Twitter, & More - November 20, 2009

Awesome episode of Smallville tonight!! After just seeing bits and pieces of the future from Lois’s visions, tonight we saw the full deal. The future….is not pretty. Zod had built his tower and had the red sun in full effect. Zod’s army was in full control and Tess was involved as well. Interesting how she kept talking about how she was the earth’s savior with what she had done. Clark was useless cause of the red sun. As Clark and Lois were captured, the crew jumped in for the save with Chloe and Oliver. Chloe got a virus into the tower wiping out the red sun and returning the regular sun. Yes, Chloe does get killed in the future and things were not looking good for Clark either. Oliver and Clark assured Lois that she could use the ring and go back to the past and prevent this all from ever happening. Tess was also trying to get answers in present day by plugging into Lois’s dreams so she could find out the mystery of where Lois was for so much time when she disappeared. Then, Clark and Lois were synced up as well and he was able to get answers. The result of what happened in the future was because of Clark going against Zod. So, now he is going to try a different approach and appears to go for a peaceful resolution with Zod. The episode finished with Zod telling his army to bow before Kal-El. Really cool moment and then we learn the news that the next new episode is…..January 22. That is two months away!!! What an episode to finish out this early round of early season stuff.

One, two, three times a hidden immunity idol winner on Survivor. Well, at least this time Russell had a clue to help him. The other two times had him finding it without a clue. The immunity challenge had a lot of attention on Laura cause that was the target and has been for a while now. When she was eliminated, there were a lot of smiles. Mick ended up winning immunity but the story was all about Laura and the hidden immunity idol. Russell was trailed by several Galu members through the woods as he searched for the idol. He thought he had found it and then ran off to get the others off the track. When he lost them, he returned to where he had been and there was the hidden immunity idol. He told Shambo and the Foa Foa members that he had it. Laura wanted to vote Russell again to either get rid of him or flush out the idol. John wanted to target Natalie saying that she was the least likely to have the idol. John got extremely frustrated with his tribe members over their growing mistakes in recent days with who has been voted out. So, the plan was made by several Galu members to tell that they were going to vote out John. Then, they would fake it and vote out Natalie instead. Yeah, this didn’t go over with John. The plan was made and he was put it in before he was even told. Who would be good with that plan which included you having your name possibly written down??!! John and Russell talked and John said that he was not going to take the knockout punch meant for Laura. Russell had already seen that he and Foa Foa were likely getting played. So the decision was made to have the tie vote possibly and then have John flip. Well, it worked. At tribal council, Laura talked of how tight that Galu still was. However, Jeff pointed out that Shambo was on the fence and that doesn’t mean a tight group if one isn’t with them. We had a tie vote with Laura and Natalie getting five votes each. With that locked up and only being able to vote for one or the other, there was the re-vote. That was when John flipped and voted out Laura. Five to three votes sending Laura home. Wow, another blindside. The last three weeks of episodes have been great blindsides.

Hmm, there is some new movie that was just released called New Moon? Ever heard of it? Me either. I’m of course being completely goofy. Yeah, this movie will do a big box office number this weekend.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. 2012 - $65.2 million. 2. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $22.3 million. 3. Precious - $5.87 million. 4. The Men Who Stare At Goats - $5.86 million. 5. Michael Jackson’s This Is It - $5 million. 6. The Fourth Kind - $4.6 million. 7. Couples Retreat - $4.1 million. 8. Paranormal Activity - $4 million. 9. Law Abiding Citizen - $3.7 million. 10. The Box - $3.1 million.

I checked out the Opry Live show last week broadcast live in connection with My Space. Really good show that lasted for a hour. Carrie Underwood opened and closed the show with a great performance. Martina McBride performed in the middle of the show and was incredible. Jake Owen and Rodney Atkins were also a part of the show as well. The viewership of the show was up in the 90,000 range as Carrie closed the show at the end. I really enjoyed the show.

If you’re a Twitter person like I am, you’ll be happy to know that Neil Patrick Harris is now on Twitter. You can follow him at @ActuallyNPH He seems to be having fun so far and is learning quickly on the workings of Twitter. In fact, he has been tweeting tonight along wiht Alyson Hannigan about Stacy Keibler being a guest star on How I Met Your Mother. They are shooting scenes tonight from what it sounds like and Neil has posted a picture of he and Stacy as well.

That song by Owl City called "Fireflies" sure is a song that will get in your head quickly.

Lost will be returning on Tuesday, February 2 with its sixth and final season. Three hour premiere on that night.

90210 saw Silver, Kelly, and Jackie bond together one last time. I really thought their scenes were incredible in this episode. Jackie was rushed to the hospital where it was learned that she was in cardiac arrest. The doctors said that she was too weak from treatments to fight much longer and basically said to say your goodbyes. Silver tried to get Kelly to talk to her but she didn’t want to and compared Silver’s relationship with their mom. Kelly said to add twenty more years of bad memories to what Silver had and she’d understand. Kelly was not up for it at all saying that their relationship was too far gone. Kelly got the wakeup call when she arrived at the hospital to pick up Silver only to notice that the room was empty and Silver was not answering her phone call. Kelly broke down only to be found by Silver who explained that Jackie had gotten a private room. So, that gets us to the excellent scene with Jackie and Kelly getting together and rekindling their relationship. Jackie said that Kelly didn’t turn out like she thought she would and was thankful of that while apologizing for being a bad mom. Kelly told her that she forgave her and we later had the scene of Silver and Kelly each on one side of Jackie as she passed away. They were all holding hands and the scene was as powerful as could be. Other happenings on the show. Jasper was invited to dinner at the Wilson house but he didn’t make an appearance until after Dixon informed them of Navid’s talk of him being a drug dealer. The dinner happened but they informed Annie that they didn’t want her seeing him anymore saying that she wasn’t even herself anymore around him. Jasper had his moment at the end of the episode when he sneak attacked Navid at school and shoved him down the stairs leaving him unconscious. Liam, Dixon, and the crew appear to be setting up a plan to get a confession out of Jen. Naomi’s using guys for her own gain caught up with her as she seemingly realized how wrong she had been to three different guys. Adrianna was caught with drugs by Naomi as well.

Amanda returns to Melrose Place. That was the big promotion this week and she was definitely working on toughening up Ella. The basic storyline is that Ella wants to be Amanda so Amanda was pushing her limits to see how badly she wanted the job. When she finally refused to do something, Amanda did it on her own which was costing Riley her job at school. What about Sydney? Well, there is obviously some tie between Amanda and Sydney considering that Amanda appears to be looking for something of Sydney’s. David was working on trying to tie Michael to Sydney’s murder including him finding Sydney’s bloody necklace in Michael’s car. Also, Auggie was arrested in the case of the murder after his blood was found on the murder weapon. Amanda returns next week as well.

How funny was the scene with Sheldon filling out Penny’s paperwork at the hospital on this week’s Big Bang Theory? I was cracking up all through it with him asking questions and seeing her reaction to the question. Then, he would write down what he thought. It was really funny. Jim Parsons and Kaley Kuoco are great at playing off of each other. Just the facial expressions of Kaley’s crack me up!!

I also liked this week’s How I Met Your Mother which featured Barney’s playbook. All the different strategies and plans of how to pick up women. Just when the gang thought they had straightened out Barney, he outsmarted them with a whole new play. Great episode.

I’ve said this already but I’m really liking Heroes this season. So much easier to watch than last season. Much more fun this year.

Oprah will be ending her show in 2011. The last show will air on September 9, 2011.

I was flipping through channels the other morning and saw that Joan of Arcadia was airing on Syfy. I was thinking, well, that is an odd network to be airing that show. That is a show that I really need to watch sometime as I’ve always heard good things about it.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 24. Beverly Hills 90210 (Season Eight), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Fourth Year), Melrose Place (Season Five – Volume Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon fills out Penny’s hospital information paperwork asking questions off of it.
Sheldon: “When was your last menstrual period?”
Penny: “Oh, next question” (angrily)
Sheldon: (starts writing) “Currently in progress.”

Twitter Update Of The Week: Neil Patrick Harris
@ActuallyNPH Felicia Day is popular. She mentions me and Twitter and Kablammo!

You Tube Video Of The Week: Microsoft Goes Back To The Future

Wishing all of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Season Premiere Date For Chuck Is Announced

Wrath of Con PartyHey Chuck fans. Great news!! The show now has an announced season premiere date and I'm happy to say that it is much earlier than expected. Season three will premiere on Sunday, January 10 at 7pm central time with a two hour premiere. The show will then move back to its normal Monday night at 7pm time slot on January 11. Expect to see a lot of guest stars as usual this season with several already announced including Brandon Routh, Robert Patrick, Kristin Kreuk, Armand Assante, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Vinnie Jones. So, get the word out and get everyone watching!! If you haven't seen Chuck, pick up the DVD's or check out the show on Hulu. You won't be disappointed!! I just want to mention also again how awesome everyone was with the fan campaigns to save the show. The fans worked hard and the reward premieres on January 10. If you want a sneak peek at season three including a thank you to the fans from Zachary Levi, here is the video for you to check out:

Friday, November 13, 2009

Smallville, Heroes, Survivor Blindside, Opry/My Space, & More - November 13, 2009

With the news of Dollhouse being cancelled which was in a terrible Friday night time slot, we have the latest DVR numbers. DVR numbers are strong for several shows in bad time slots. Dollhouse was boosted by 55% in viewers after DVR numbers were added in. Fringe has also seen a significant jump in viewers jumping 41%. Heroes has jumped by 31%. I was just reading an article and here is an interesting stat about shows airing on Friday. Brothers which airs on Fox on Fridays has been doing around a 1.6 rating. It aired on Sunday in a new timeslot and got a 3.4 rating. Now, that is significant. DVR numbers are going to continue to be good for shows stuck in bad timeslots.

Moving on to this week’s Storm Chasers. What an episode and accomplishment for Reed Timmer and his crew. They get their new radar up and running and then end up right in the middle of a F3 tornado. Incredible footage and moment for them. Where was Joel? Well, Joel was out chasing with the Scout team. This is the first appearance for the Scout team on this season’s episodes. Imagine Joel’s frustration when he learned of the success that Reed had. All was not lost for Joel and the Scout team as they did get to see a tornado. Tim and his crew were chasing the same tornado as Reed and got a close up encounter with it as well. Wow. What about Sean? Well, TIV 2 was once again back in the shop being repaired which is frustrating for sure.

If you can’t make it to the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night, My Space has you covered. On Saturday, November 14 at 8pm central time, My Space will run a live video stream of the Opry show which includes performances by Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Rodney Atkins, and Jake Owen. For more info, head over to:
I’ll definitely be tuning in.

Tonight’s Smallville had the debut of the Wonder Twins with one of them having a tie in to an old favorite show of mine, 7th Heaven. One of the actors playing in the role was David Gallagher. The other twin was played by Allison Scagliotti. The Wonder Twins were obviously new characters for me as I’m not familiar with the Superman background obviously. I liked their role in this episode with wanting to help the Blur but they were doing more harm than good. Then, we had the story of Lois finding out that Clark was indeed the Blur. That was until The Wonder Twins saved the day for Lois after she fell from the building. Then, Chloe made a call in Blur voice to Lois with Clark standing nearby. It really is funny to watch this and you just know that Lois can never know that Clark is her superhero cause of how the story has played out over the decades. Yet, you're still dragged into it.

Speaking of Smallville, we’ll be getting a double dose of episodes on January 29. The episodes that have been written by Geoff Johns involving the Justice Society will air back to back that night. That will be a lot of fun.

I don’t know how others are feeling but this is the most that I have enjoyed Heroes in a LONG time. This season is simple to follow and has slowed down. Plus, they are giving us a lot of nice twists. The stuff with Hiro and Charlie was fun last week with the time travel stuff sending us back to season one. One by one, the carnival is taking in the ones with powers. Hiro is now being used so he can find Charlie. That was last week. This week, we had the fun stories of Claire and Bennett battling Rebecca. I liked the backstory of why Rebecca was after Claire. She was actually after Bennett cause of him killing her father when she was a little girl. Now, Samuel has stepped in and is trying to play Claire against Bennett. He’s definitely an interesting character with how he works to manipulate against the weaknesses of various people that he is after. I have really enjoyed the Parkman/Sylar stuff. The big finish this week of Parkman realizing that the only way to save everyone was to have himself killed (in a way, his body, but Sylar’s control). Yeah, it’s complicated. LOL. I thought that was a big scene with the cops and what Parkman did. I’m wondering what happens with that from here.

Survivor blindside last night. Yet again. I was cheering for this one to happen. If you missed it, Russell was in major trouble last week after using the hidden immunity idol. He and Foa Foa were still a target. After his team lost the reward challenge, he went looking to see if a hidden immunity idol was being put back into the game. The team that won the reward challenge was all Galu members. They got a clue informing them that the idol was going back into play. Well, too late. Russell searched the whole area. He looked under the bridge and found the hidden immunity idol. This is the SECOND one that he has found with ZERO clues!! Unbelievable!!! LOL. I just laughed and had to see this play out. The target was originally Laura to be voted out but she won the immunity challenge. So, Russell knew that he was the target. He showed the idol to Shambo with that being the only one from the original Galu tribe. He then told the rest of the Foa Foa tribe about his idol and made sure for the tribe to keep the target on him. That way he could use the idol and send someone else home. Tribal council takes place and he plays the idol. That means all of the votes for Russell were thrown out. The first vote that comes up is for Russell. The look of shock on everyone’s faces was priceless. Russell had seven votes to go home. The other votes then started coming up which was for Kelly. She gets four votes and that sends Kelly out of the game. WOW. That has to be one of the great blindsides in Survivor history!! Two tribal councils in a row where the low numbered Foa Foa tribe survives. Next week’s episode looks like a race to keep Russell from finding yet another hidden immunity idol. Unreal. Great episode and great twist seeing Russell find that idol again.

When I was watching 90210 this week, I just thought that Silver’s party wasn’t going to work out like the original plan. Jackie is unconscious with Silver unable to wake her. Call goes to 911. I have enjoyed the bonding with Silver and her mom and it is giving Jackie a good farewell. The other stories revolve around drug dealing going on at West Beverly involving Jasper. He has covered his tracks with people but is starting to trip up including him selling to Adrianna who has fallen once again. Not really sure what to make of the whole storyline of Dixon and his mom with the stories of the baby. It has just been kind of there for me. I guess I’m just in the middle ground on reaction to it. I’m waiting to see just what Liam is going to have happen to get revenge on Jen.

Heather Locklear returns to Melrose Place this Tuesday night on The CW. To no surprise, she’ll be clashing with Ella.

ABC cancelled a couple of their shows this week as they cancelled both Eastwick and Hank.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $31 million. 2. Michael Jackson’s This Is It - $14 million. 3. The Men Who Stare At Goats - $13.3 million. 4. The Fourth Kind - $12.5 million. 5. Paranormal Activity - $8.6 million. 6. The Box - $7.8 million. 7. Couples Retreat - $6.4 million. 8. Law Abiding Citizens - $6.1 million. 9. Where The Wild Things Are - $4.2 million. 10. Astro Boy - $2.5 million.

If you want Bon Jovi’s new album, you can get it for $3.99. Yes, $3.99 at Amazon for a MP3 version of it. Great price on that. I did see them perform earlier this week on The Today Show and they were great. Glad to see them mixing up the new song along with the older stuff as well.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 17. 7th Heaven (Season Nine), The Little Couple (Season One), Scrubs (Season Eight), Wagon Train (Season One).

TV Line Of The Week: Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosting at the CMA Awards. This was funny and got a big laugh from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.
Carrie (to Brad): “You smell amazing”.
Brad: “Thanks. I’m wearing McGraw.”

Twitter Update Of The Week: Alyson Hannigan
@alydenisof: “Late night on set. Gearing up for our 100th episode next week! No spoilers but I'm VERY excited about one of our guest stars!!!”

Video Of The Week: Taylor Swift’s opening monologue from SNL. When I watched this on Saturday night, my first thought was how this monologue was very Phoebe-like from Friends.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Dollhouse Cancelled By Fox - November 13, 2009

FOX Summer TCABad news but news that I can’t say surprised me. I was already braced for the news. Dollhouse has been cancelled by Fox. The show has not performed well ratings wise this year although the DVR numbers have definitely been good. The good news is that reports are out that all thirteen episodes of Dollhouse that was ordered by Fox will air beginning in December. Eliza Dushku had these comments about the cancellation on her Twitter account: "Hear it here. Hey, that's really why I started twitter, the rumors/news IS true: Dollhouse will not cont. past these 13 eps :( BUT... There's always a but... I can't express enough-- this has been one of the MOST rewarding experiences of my career. Thank you guys!” What a bummer for sure as this was a show that really hit its stride. It appears that Joss will still be able to set up the last episode to be a series finale. Joss has commented on the cancellation over at ath this link:

CMA Awards - Carrie Underwood & Brad Paisley Host, Taylor Swift Wins Big - November 13, 2009

Little Jimmy Dickens attends the 43rd Annual CMA Awards in NashvilleThe CMA Awards were this past week and I watched a lot of it. The awards show was hosted by Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. I thought they were fun and did some funny comedy bits including them spoofing songs. They did a Kanye West spoof with Carrie complimenting Brad’s video. Then, Brad goes into an acceptance type speech which was interrupted by Jimmy Dickens. Jimmy said how Taylor Swift had the best video of the year. Jimmy left the stage and Brad had a great line pondering how bad their security must be for a 4’9” 88 year old man to get by security. LOL. Great job to Carrie and Brad!! Congrats to Taylor Swift on winning so many big awards including Entertainer of the Year, Album Of The Year, and Female Vocalist. It’s hard to find any other artist that has had a bigger year than her. A top selling album and a sold out tour. Yeah, I’m thinking she earned every bit of that. Her reaction to it was priceless and it’s amazing at what she is accomplishing at the age of nineteen. Other big winners included Lady Antebellum for Vocal Group and also Single Of The Year for “I Run To You”. Brad Paisley won the award for Male Vocalist while Darius Rucker won for New Artist. The award for Vocal Duo went to Sugarland.
Taylor Swift wins Entertainer of the Year award at the 43rd Annual CMA Awards in Nashville

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Storm Chasers Clashing, Scream 4?, Regis & Kelly Halloween, Survivor, Southland, & More - November 5, 2009

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Michael Jackson’s This Is It - $23.2 million. 2. Paranormal Activity - $16.3 million. 3. Law Abiding Citizen - $7.4 million. 4. Couples Retreat - $6.4 million. 5. Where The Wild Things Are - $5.9 million. 6. Saw VI - $5.2 million. 7. Astro Boy - $3.4 million. 8. The Stepfather - $3.2 million. 9. Cirque Du Freak - $3.09 million. 10. Amelia - $3.03 million.

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" was a major winner last weekend at the box office worldwide. The movie drew $101 million worldwide which includes $23 million that it did here in the U.S. to finish at number one at the box office. I reviewed this last week and you really need to see it. It is incredibly produced!!

Awesome episode of Storm Chasers this past Sunday night. It saw a lot of clashing going on between teams while also members of teams clashed. Well, I thought that Sean and Josh had parted ways but it was just temporary until Josh got his new Vortex radar system up and running. Josh and Sean paired back up but things didn’t set well when Josh talked at the big meeting of the TIV crew chasing with them but not being “formally” a part of the Vortex group. Yeah, I’d take that as a sort of insult too if I was Sean. Then, we have Josh and Reed clashing. Why? Well, Reed is working on his own radar system that picks up the wind from a different angle than everyone else. Reed’s radar system is the only one that could interfere with their frequency range. From what I understand, Reed’s radar works vertically while the others go horizontal. Josh kept trying to get the frequency number from Reed. If I was Reed, I’d be hesitant to give out information as well when I’m trying to accomplish the same goals as other chasers. I just never really know about Josh. I’ve never been much of a fan of his on this show. It seems like he misses more than he hits over the past couple of seasons of Storm Chasers. I’ve often wondered what Sean might be able to do paired up with someone else. Reed is definitely the front runner on the show with what he is able to accomplish. The clashing continued between members of the same team. Reed and Joel have not been getting along and Joel has been very iffy on whether to go chasing on various days. They were not getting along at all at the end of this episode. The TIV 2 is back out on the road as Sean has it improved and up and running. Awesome episode that really showed the competitiveness of what they are all trying to accomplish. Big things yet to come and I think we may see that on this week’s episode.

I loved last week’s Smallville. Clark and Lois trying out for morning TV and then doing a blind date segment for the show. That was a lot of fun!! The running commentary by Lois during Clark’s date was hilarious. He ended up with a great girl and date so of course Lois had to compete. The counter to that was something that she didn’t expect. Oliver taking her blind date’s place and pouring his heart out to her. The ending of the episode did give us the big moment that we were teased about and that was the big kiss between Clark and Lois.

Live With Regis and Kelly had their annual Halloween show last Friday and it was a lot of fun. The theme this year centered around reality TV and had a lot of funny moments. The first costume appearance for Regis and Kelly was as Jon and Kate and was fun. I wondered who would be the first to do the balloon boy costume and there was Gelman and Art Moore. Lots of funny segments during the show spoofing several reality shows.

I had not heard about this but it looks like there is going to be a fourth movie from the Scream franchise of movies. It will be written by Kevin Williamson. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this. It could work. I just don’t know where you take the story from here cause the third one kind of brought it all back full circle. I liked the first three but the original was easily the best one by far. This was the last series of films that I probably watched in the horror genre before I finally just outgrew it and didn’t care to watch horror movies anymore. Well, except for me getting pulled in a couple of weeks ago staying up late watching Prom Night cause I couldn’t turn it off waiting to see what happened. LOL. Would I give Scream 4 a look? I don’t know. I think I probably would but would likely wait for a DVD release. Actually, the first Scream was the only one that I saw in the theatre of the three. I still have fun memories of me and my friends sitting in the theatre trying to figure out who the killer was. I think we had every character in the movie picked as the killer at one point or another. LOL.

The Survivor merge happened tonight and it was a mad scramble to see who would survive and who wouldn’t. Russell was working people like crazy making deals and showing them the hidden immunity idol that he had. His original target was Laura and that was the plan to vote her out. However, plans changed during the immunity challenge. Immunity was won by a male and female. Both were won on the final shot in the Survivor T-Ball challenge. For the men, John won it. For the women, the winner was Laura. That meant a scramble to find out who to vote out from there. Russell wanted Monica to be the target to break that duo up. That didn’t go over though. People started talking and word got out even more about Russell having the idol. Talk turned to flushing out Russell’s idol and sending someone else home in the process. Well, Erik then made a statement to the Foa Foa members minus Russell about what he wanted them to do to save themselves. Yeah, they didn’t take that well and strategy started flying on voting out Erik. At tribal council, Erik took shots at Foa Foa and how weak that he felt that they were. Russell and Erik both had immunity idols. Russell went ahead and played his idol cause he felt uncomfortable on his status in the game but said everyone knew that he had it anyway. Erik did not use his. Russell did not get a vote. Jaison got two votes. The other seven? They went to Erik and he was voted out. Wow, quite a turnaround there. Laura saved herself from going home and Erik basically talked himself into getting voted out.

Did anyone see the clip from The Today Show of Meredith Vierra working drive thru at McDonald's? It was a lot of fun and the customers mostly enjoyed it as well. Well, except maybe for that guy that she said looked like De Niro. LOL.

Jodie Sweetin of Full House fame now has a book out on her life and struggles. Jodie, of course, played the role of Stephanie Tanner on the show. In the book, she talks about her days on the show and moves on to the struggles of drugs in recent years. This is a book that I'd really like to read. I grew up watching that show every week and learned of the book in the last couple of weeks. I definitely hope to read it soon. The title of the book is UnSweetined.

After NBC dropped Southland, TNT has picked up the show and will air episodes in January against Jay Leno on NBC. Well, that sure is interesting, isn't it??!! Lots of people were upset over the network dropping the show especially after bringing it back for the new season.

Hey Party Of Five fans. Remember the house used for the show? Want to own it? Well, now you can. For $7.2 million, it is yours. LOL.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 10. Dawson’s Creek (Full Series), JAG (Season Nine), Nash Bridges (Season Three), The Tudors (Season Three), The Untouchables (Season Three – Volume Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From Smallville.
“Congratulations Clark. You’re dating Mother Teresa in six inch heels.” – Lois to Clark as he is on his date after hearing all of the incredible things that his date has been doing with her life.

Twitter Update Of The Week: @darthvader
“I love Halloween. The only day of the year when I'm scarier with my mask *off* instead of on.”

Video Of The Week: Meredith Vierra works the McDonalds drive thru.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Dawson's Creek Reunion - November 5, 2009

Paley Center For Media's "Dawson�s Creek: A Look Back"A Dawson’s Creek reunion took place this week at the Paley Center for Media. In attendance were Kevin Williamson (Show Creator), James Van Der Beek (Dawson Leery), Meredith Monroe (Andie McPhee), Busy Phillips (Audrey Liddell), and Monica Keena (Abby Morgan). The reunion was also to promote the complete series being released on DVD on November 10. It was interesting to read comments of how they feel about the show looking back on it. The pilot was screened there and everyone felt that it still holds up well. I’ve seen it again in recent years and have always felt that the pilot was a great episode. It holds up greatly almost twelve years later. It was tremendous on premiere night. I remember watching the promos for this show before it premiered thinking that this looks like a show that I might like. By the end of the first episode, I was hooked and watched every episode from there on out. I had fallen in love with Joey Potter, played by Katie Holmes, by the end of the first episode. LOL. The Dawson/Joey love story was fun to follow and that first season was just incredible. I still say that the first season was the best of the show’s run. Fans have always been back and forth on Jen being killed off in the series finale but Kevin worded it really well. He said that the show was always to him about growing up and that them losing someone that they loved was the final lesson in that process. He added that Jen’s arrival changed Dawson, Pacey, and Joey and then her passing away also changed their lives as they took that final step to growing up. Busy Phillips took a shot at Chad Michael Murray during the event and it was obvious that she didn’t care much with working with him. James, who has worked with him recently, did step up for him saying “he’s actually come a long way”. So, the complete series will be available on DVD on November 10. Now, keep in mind that there are music changes on this set so don’t be surprised when you notice that scenes are very different and don’t have the music that you remembered. That actually kept me from buying the sets. I did buy season one cause there were just a few songs replaced on it so most of it was intact. Yeah, if you haven’t been reading my stuff for very long, I am VERY big about music replacement on DVD sets. It will make or break me buying sets for me. I’d rather stick with my recorded episodes off of TV than buy a box set with the show different than I saw it. With that said, the full series DVD set is very cool with how it was produced packaging wise and fans will be happy with it. This show was cutting edge for its time and I have a lot of great memories of this show. It was very sad to see the show go and the finale was bittersweet to watch. Excited to see it but knew that it was over. That final sequence set to “say good night, not goodbye” still stays in my memory. The show was a MAJOR deal in launching The WB network. It was nice to see the show mentioned in that way in that WB/UPN book that was released in recent years. Great to have some of the cast back together for the reunion and this box set will be a great thing for fans to have for their collection.
Paley Center Presents 'Dawson's Creek - A Look Back' Beverly Hills

Monday, November 2, 2009

Carrie Underwood - "Play On" - Album Review - November 3, 2009

I have been very excited to hear Carrie Underwood’s third album, Play On. I have been getting little bits and pieces of song previews of it just like everyone else through the iTunes weekly song releases leading up to the release. 30 second previews but I’ll take 30 seconds. LOL. Very strong album from her once again!! The album has a mix of all sorts of sound to it. There are parts that sound more country than she has done, then there is more rockier stuff like Cowboy Casanova, and then we go back to the ballads. Lots of slow stuff on this album and it is incredible. Temporary Home is an incredible, incredible song. The lyrics are so powerful to it. The closing lyric is about an old man dying in his hospital bed with his family surrounding him with the man telling them to not be sad for him cause he will see them all again while talking about how he can see God’s face. The song finishes saying “this is just our temporary home”. Wow. Wow. That was all I could say when listening to this song. Just an incredible song. I am really hoping that this will become a single and that we’ll get a video for it. When I heard it, I was thinking that this feels like the new “Jesus Take The Wheel”. “Mama’s Song” was one that I liked immediately after listening to the preview of it a couple of weeks ago. The song focuses basically on mom not having to worry and to watch her daughter grow as she has found the great guy that treats her that like a man should. “What Can I Say” is a song that features Sons of Sylvia and is definitely one of my favorites on the album. Their voices combine really nicely on that song!! Another song that I really like is another slow song called “Change”. It talks about wanting to change the world and how people will always tell you that you can’t change it. Really inspirational song with talking about how even the smallest thing can change the world. Getting away from the slower stuff, “Undo It” and “Unapologize” are really good rockier kind of songs that I really liked. There is the fun mad at guys and venting out song with “Songs Like This”. The chorus goes with “if it weren’t for guys like you, there wouldn’t be songs like this”. Great lyric. I love the album. As I was listening to a lot of these songs, I had thoughts of just how incredible these songs would sound live at a concertThat powerhouse voice of hers is great on this album. This album delivers strong. There are a lot of songs on this album that would be great singles so I’m very interested to see which ones are picked. If you’re a Carrie fan, you’re going to love the album. What are you waiting for? Get the album. Ok, so when is her fourth album going to be released? I’m ready. LOL. I have always said that I could listen to her even sing the phone book. If I ever got to talk to her, I’d have to ask her, can you sing this phone book just to prove my theory right? LOL. She definitely always leaves you wanting more.

Carrie Underwood on the Women Want To Hear Women podcast with Elaina Smith

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