Thursday, August 19, 2010

WB's Upgrade To Blu-ray, Average TV Viewer Age Goes Up, & More - August 19, 2010

Warner Brothers has been offering a deal to their customers who are now wanting a Blu-ray of their DVD that they own. For a little bit of a cost, viewers can upgrade to a Blu-ray. They offer their movies at about $5 a piece where you send the disc to them and they'll send you a new Blu-ray disc. Now, here comes the even more fun part. They are now doing this with several of their TV shows now including Smallville, Supernatural, Chuck, and more. Seasons six and seven of Smallville are upgraded for $14.99 a piece while you can upgrade season eight for $19.99. When you order your new set, they ask you to only send back the first disc of your current standard DVD set. No other discs or the packaging. For more info, here is the link to check it out:

What is the average watching age on TV? The median range has went up to 51 while the networks and advertisers are continuing to go younger with their target focus. Magna Global did a recent study on this topic of the average age o viewers. Youngest went to Gossip Girl at 27. The average age of viewership for One Tree Hill was set at 30 which seems about right to me. I think that show has a lot of older viewers based on the fact that a lot of us were younger when the show premiered. That group of viewers has hung with it while adding new viewers as well. Interesting that 90210's average age is 31 which makes me speculate if it involves fans of the original watching the new show like myself. Glee has an average age of 38. The Simpsons is at 32. On the other end, 60 Minutes has the oldest average viewership at 62. You can check out more of the averages of shows at this link:

Speaking of One Tree Hill, The CW has released a ten second trailer for the new season which teases some of the new happenings. Speculate away!!

I got this news to pass along as HBO Documentary Films will present If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise on Monday, August 23 from 8-10pm central time and on Tuesday, August 24 from 8-10pm. This is a Spike Lee film which is the followup to the previous documentary, When The Levees Broke. The documentary focuses on the rebirth of New Orleans from the horrible tragedy that occurred there several years ago. For more info, check out the website at:

TV on DVD releases for this week include Cougar Town (Season One), Dexter (Season Four), Father Knows Best (Season Five), Friday Night Lights (Season Four), One Tree Hill (Season Seven), Ugly Betty (Season Four).

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