Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Preview, Movie Box Office, & More - December 31, 2009

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Avatar - $75.6 million. 2. Sherlock Holmes - $62.3 million. 3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel - $48.8 million. 4. It’s Complicated - $22.1 million. 5. Up In The Air - $11.2 million. 6. The Blind Side - $11.4 million. 7. The Princess and The Frog - $9 million. 8. Nine - $5.4 million. 9. Did You Hear About The Morgans? - $5 million. 10. Invictus - $4 million.

If you’re home on New Year’s Eve and looking for something to watch, here is your preview of some of the New Year’s shows. New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark on ABC will start at 9pm central time on ABC. Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest will share hosting duties with live perfomances from Daughtry and Jennifer Lopez from Times Square. Also performing on the show will be Colbie Calllat, Black Eyed Peas, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Keri Hilson, Orianthi, and Robin Thicke. Carson Daly will be doing the hosting duties on NBC with his special which includes performances by Green Day, Rihanna, Jay-Z, and more. That show will also kick off at 9pm and take a break for local news just like New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, January 5. Chuck (Season Two), Super Friends (Season One – Volume One).

Twitter Update Of The Week: I like this one from Stacy Keibler and it is good advice for 2010.
@StacyKeibler “Remember we r entering a new decade...time to make positive changes 2 yur life! Dream big n think positive thoughts, it will change yur life”

You Tube Video Of The Week: Flashing back to Happy Slapsgiving from How I Met Your Mother one last time in 2009.

Wishing all of you a great and very safe New Year’s. Be careful and have a great time. Prayers of a great 2010 for everyone!! Take care and God bless!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HIMYM, He's Just Not That Into You, Lost, Christmas Movies, Music Lists, & More - December 23, 2009

I’ve been a couple of weeks behind on How I Met Your Mother but I wanted to comment on the episode a couple of weeks ago guest starring Joanna Garcia. I loved this episode. The story was that Garcia’s character was the perfect girl for Ted but she was only available for a short amount of time. She would end up in long relationships and then be back in another one in no time. So, when she ended up single again, Ted had to act quick. Ted got a call from her neighbor who he had worked out a deal with for her to call him if she knew of a breakup. Ted scrambled quickly as did the group to make sure to keep her away from other guys and give Ted the chance that he had been waiting for. Chaos ensued as it always does and it was fun to watch. Ted didn’t get her but the next guy ended up being the right one for her and they ended up together forever.

There has been a new trailer released for the final season of Lost. It continues with the trend of showing previous footage building to the final season. The trailer does start with being told like a children’s story with “once upon a time”.

Heroes is set to return on January 4 with two hours of new shows. The promos that they are running look very cool and start with the morphing of Nathan into Sylar. The puzzle piece effect looks good and it is basically focusing on where all of them fit in the world as far as pieces.

I watched the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You last night. I really enjoyed this movie. Unique romantic comedy that was co-produced by Drew Barrymore. The movie follows a lot of characters with most being intertwined with one another. We follow several different couples and also singles looking for love. The rules of dating are talked about which is a fun twist throughout the movie. Really strong cast including Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johnansen, and more. For me, I thought the Gigi character stole the movie. I’m sure that tends to be the plan since she appeared to be the narrator of the story. I really enjoyed her story the most of trying to find love while also seemingly getting lost in how to go about dating and the rules of it especially phone calls. The phone call stuff was hilarious. This is a spoiler obviously, so SPOILER ALERT….but I thought it was hilarious that Janine could seemingly put up with everything from Ben including being cheated on but then she snaps over him lying about smoking. Fun movie.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Avatar - $77 million. 2. The Princess and the Frog - $12.1 million. 3. The Blind Side - $10 million. 4. Did You Hear About The Morgans? - $6.6 million. 5. New Moon - $4.4 million. 6. Invictus - $4.2 million. 7. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $3.4 million. 8. Up In The Air - $3.2 million. 9. Brothers - $2.8 million. 10. Old Dogs - $2.3 million.

Sad news this week with the passing of Brittany Murphy. So young. That girl had a lot of talent for sure. Clueless is one of my favorite movies of all time so I’m always going to think of that movie when I think of her. She had plenty more success after that movie with other roles including in 8 Mile, Uptown Girls, and more. It’s always so sad to hear of an actor/actress passing away so young. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends missing her right now.

Well, I wasn’t taking this story seriously cause it is a yearly rumor but is Simon Cowell getting ready to leave American Idol? His brother said that this season will be his last season. Wow, this will hurt the show tremendously if Simon does leave Idol. The show will not be nearly as good. Yes, I do think he is way too harsh at times obviously. My thing is that he is honest and I tend to agree with him more than any of the judges. The show’s personality has a lot to do with Simon and this is a major hit for Idol if the news happens to be true. American Idol has also released its programming schedule for the new season. American Idol 9 returns on Tuesday, January 12. Hollywood week will be the week of February 9-17. The voting will begin on February 23. Also, Idol Gives Back will be returning this season on April 21.

Speaking of American Idol, the contestants on the show over the decade have done very well. Billboard released their decade lists. On the artists of the decade list, Kelly Clarkson placed at number 14, Carrie Underwood at number 50, and Daughtry at number 90. How is Carrie that low is what I want to know. She should be top 20 for sure at the very least. On the top 200 albums of the decade, Carrie’s Some Hearts placed at number 14 while Carnival Ride placed at number 132. Kelly Clarkson was in at number 29 with Breakaway. Daughtry’s debut album placed at number 48 while Clay Aiken’s Measure Of A Man album placed at number 170.

Nielsen Soundscan has released their list of the top selling albums of the decade and here is the top 10. Looking over this list is albums that I have seen battling it out since their release early in the decade.
1. The Beatles – 1 – 11.4 million sold
2. NSync – No Strings Attached – 11.1 million
3. Norah Jones – Come Away With Me – 10.5 million.
4. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP – 10.2 million.
5. Eminem – The Eminem Show – 9.7 million.
6. Usher – Confessions – 9.7 million.
7. Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory – 9.6 million.
8. Creed – Human Clay – 9.4 million.
9. Britney Spears – Oops I Did It Again – 9.1 million.
10. Nelly – Country Grammar – 8.4 million.

Billboard released their top one-hit wonders of the decade. These lists are always kind of odd cause you wonder what the criteria is that they are juding on what is a one-hit wonder. Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” was number one on the list. This song was huge especially being tied to the American Idol results shows every week but he has yet to follow up to the hit. Strange to see Bo Bice’s version of “Inside Your Heaven” on the list at number nine. That is kind of unfair. That was a Carrie Underwood song mostly since she won and it became her single. Now, you could make the argument that he had the song off of his album The Real Thing that never followed up. Ahh, I’m sad to see Dream on the list at number ten with He Loves You Not. I loved Dream. They were a fun female pop group with great harmony. Then, Sean Combs did nothing else with them including just dropping their second album. Then, to top it off, he did a reality show shortly after looking for a girl group. Umm, hello?? LOL. You just had one. What is funny is that most of the songs on this one hit wonders list are songs that I wasn’t ever really crazy about. I do have to look at number twenty with Samantha Mumba’s “Gotta Tell You”. I had forgotten all about this song until I played it. Yep, I loved that song when it was released and I still like it now. These lists always kind of puzzle me sometimes especially when I get to Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”. What about “An Ordinary Day”? I still hear that song and they do mention that it made it to the top 30. So, that doesn’t qualify as a good second hit? DJ Sammy and Yanou featuring Do with “Heaven” places in at number 30. Ok, yeah this one qualifies but I loved this version better than the original and still hear it randomly on radio. Wow, there are some songs on this list and some singers that I have completely forgotten about. Definitely worth taking a look to send you down memory lane of this decade.

Ok, here is my funny moment of the week. After seeing Dream on that list, I looked for them on Twitter to see what they were up to now and found out that three of the four members of Dream have reformed a group called Lady Phoenix. I kid you not!!! Ashley, Melissa, and Diana are back together. Their sound is very much a mix of Pop/R&B/Big Band. No new album just yet.

When you look over this list of music over the decade, one thing really shows in it and makes you remember just how influential that MTV’s TRL was. That show was a music monster in the early part of the decade. It fizzled out in the last few years of being on the air but the importance that the show had on the music industry is shown on all of these best of the decade lists.

I’m loving the new season three promos for Chuck currently airing on NBC. There have been several of them and I’ve seen them airing multiple times during shows so that is nice to see. I am very excited for season three. Here are a couple of my favorite promos released so far.

I was hoping to include the video from this week’s Live With Regis and Kelly of Mark Consuelos Christmas tree hunting in this week’s Wrap Up which was very funny. No one has posted it though. It had him going to a place looking for the family Christmas tree. It had to be the right size and all. The lady there was really helpful and it was a very funny segment.

I really like the new Lifehouse music video for “Halfway Gone”. It is really cool with how it is edited. Fun video and cool concept.

With Christmas being here, I thought I’d just share some of my favorite Christmas movies from over the years.
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – My favorite Christmas movie ever. So funny and a movie that is going to be played on Christmas forever. I remember that the first time that I saw this movie was hanging out with some friends that were in town for the holidays. We all watched it on HBO at their house and laughed all the way through it with the adults that were there as well.
Ernest Saves Christmas. Why does this movie not air anywhere anymore?? I loved this movie and it had a fun story to it with Ernest working on keeping the Santa transition going.
The Santa Clause. This Tim Allen movie became an instant Christmas favorite of mine after I saw it.
Home Alone. Lots of good comedy in this and launched Macaulay Culkin’s career. I liked the sequel as well. Hey, I even liked the third one that didn’t have Culkin in it which also included a young Scarlett Johansen.
A Charlie Brown Christmas. You can’t go wrong with any Charlie Brown special.
The Muppet Christmas Carol. Gotta love the Muppets. I watched a little of the new one the other night on NBC as well. I’m hoping to watch the whole thing if it is up on Hulu.
Yeah, I’m sure there are some movies not on this list that are classics and you’re wondering where they are? You’d be surprised at what classic movies that I’ve never seen.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 29. Glee (Season One – Volume One), Time Warp (Season Two), United States Of Tara (Season One), Whale Wars (Season Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From Survivor.
“I’ve accomplished the impossible out here…all by myself and brought a couple of bums with me.” - Russell on making it to the final three against Natalie and Mick. One of those “bums” ended up beating him of course. LOL.

Twitter Update Of The Week: Neil Patrick Harris
@ActuallyNPH "Holiday Airline Madness! Flight to NY cancelled, mad dash to find seats in full planes. Feel like I'm on the Amazing Race. In the bad way."

Video of the Week: The JK Wedding Entrance Dance. I had never seen this until today. Pretty funny. 35 million views and counting.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!! Take care and God bless!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Survivor Samoa Finale Thoughts - December 20, 2009

Tonight was the Survivor Samoa finale and it was an entertaining one. Several stories going into this finale. Would Brett continue to win challenges to keep the lone hopes for Galu alive? Would Russell continue to work his magic? Would Foa Foa be able to finish off their comeback? The answers all played out in the three hour finale including the reunion show. The episode opened up with the first immunity challenge of the show which resulted in a battle down to the wire over a puzzle between Russell and Brett. Brett wins immunity for the third time in a row. That guaranteed that a Foa Foa member would be going home. It seemed like Natalie was going to be the target to be sent home with Russell basically telling her that while adding that they needed the three guys to go up against Brett to make sure his reign would end. Instead, Russell decided to put his target on Jaison saying that Jaison had worn out on the game a while back and was performing weak. It came down to Russell and Natalie on deciding who to get rid of on whether it was Mick or Jaison. Jaison was the choice and he was voted out on a three to two vote. Russell worked a deal with Brett over the next round of safety. If either of them won immunity, the other would be safe and be taken to the final three. That gets the final four to the final immunity challenge. It was a balancing endurance challenge. You had to balance a statue on top of a pole while adding pieces to the pole making it taller after a determined amount of time. Mick and Natalie went out first. That left the showdown between Russell and Brett. Brett ended up losing with Russell winning his first individual immunity. I did like Russell’s strategy at the end. You had thirty seconds to add your pole piece and Brett went for his quickly. Russell set back and watched to let Brett go first and possibly lose the balance. However, then Russell would have to scramble to get his piece on there. With Russell with immunity, he had to decide on what to do from there. He had a deal with Mick and Brett so the deal would have to be broken with someone. Mick started getting very nervous thinking that the deal wasn’t solid with Russell. Natalie assured him that everything was ok and I’m mostly sure that she had no idea that Russell had worked a deal with Brett so Mick’s safety being in question would have been news to her. The decision was made to vote out Brett and he was gone at tribal council despite how likable that everyone found him. Foa Foa fights all the way back and makes it to the final three. Russell, Natalie, and Mick are your final three going for the million dollars. Russell then had an interesting strategy as they got back to camp. He started messing with them on how the jury was going to vote. It really was this feeling of that he was planting seeds to get an idea of what the others game plan was going to be on how to get votes. Russell kept saying that he did have the votes to win. He definitely was trying to get in their heads. That gets us to the final tribal council. Natalie’s opening statement was basically how much that she had done there when no one there or people at home thought that she could do it. Mick talked of how hard he had played in the game. Russell flat out laid down his game play including showing moves that he had made involving jury members to get where he was. Some of the jury questioning had some hurt feelings being shown but it wasn’t as harsh as I thought it might be. I didn’t really think Russell got slammed that bad from the jury. Shambo wasn’t hiding her feelings taking shots at Natalie and Mick while apologizing to America for dismantling Galu. Russell did have to defend himself when questioned about his game play style of lying, cheating, and stealing as compared to what he is like in real life replacing those adjectives with integrity, honor, and loyal. I liked Dave’s question on percentages asking what percent sure they were on winning cause it was very telling of what all of us viewers were thinking. Based on the questioning so far, Natalie and Mick gave themselves a very low percentage on winning while Russell brought his down a bit saying 55%. I thought Russell had it wrapped up at this point as well based on the jury. Then, Erik gets up last and talks of the jury criticism of Natalie’s game play of that she rode coattails and all. He added that he didn’t see how Russell’s game play of lying, cheating, and stealing was so much better than what Natalie did. He said that he would be voting for Natalie. So, we get to the live vote and the surprise happens with Natalie getting the votes that she needed. I believe the vote total was five to two when the winner was declared and I’m not sure about the other vote. The reunion show had Russell visibly upset over the results. You could see him steaming over it and he was asked about how he was feeling. He said that he played the best strategic game in Survivor history and thought he should have won which got a big reaction of cheers from the crowd. However, Natalie was hyped up by Jaison over her game play as well with how she played hard and hooked up with Russell to the end with letting Russell take the bullets of the people getting voted off. Natalie then got a lot of cheers from the audience as well. Russell wanted the win really badly and offered $10,000 to Natalie just to give up the name of “sole survivor” to him. She could keep the money. He just wanted the name of sole survivor. He later upped that to $100,000 and she wouldn’t budge on it. Russell did say that he had no regrets on his game play. Other notes from the reunion show. Russell and Jaison’s exchange was funny including Russell bringing new socks for Jaison but throwing them in the fire again. Jeff Probst brought up the bad names that he had for the girls early in the show with the alliance while pointing out that one of those girls beat him. Mike and Russell S are both ok and doing fine. Great to see them back in good health as they had some very scary moments. Russell S said that he had a near death experience out there. Yasmin forgave Ben for the comments that he made about her and all is well between the two of them. The fan vote for the Survivor player of the season was between Russell, Brett, and Shambo. It came down to Shambo and Russell getting the top two votes with Russell winning which gave him $100,000. Fun season overall and Russell was a big reason for it. I do wonder how this season would have been without him. He was a good villain for the show all season and fun to watch. Congratulations to Natalie!! I predicted her win but really didn’t think it was going to happen after watching that jury questioning. I really thought that Russell had it wrapped. Natalie proved a lot of people wrong and was strong in challenges. I said that midway through the season that people were going to have to watch out for her cause how of how well that she was doing in challenges. Much respect goes out to this whole cast. The conditions out there were HORRIBLE at times with the non stop rain and all. This was a tough season.

Survivor 20 premieres on February 11. The theme will be Heroes vs. Villains. This is going to be the long talked about new All Stars Survivor. The idea is that the heroes will be players from the past who played with integrity while the villains played on skills and deception. That should be fun and I’m excited to see who is brought back.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Survivor, Lost, Award Nominees, & More - December 17, 2009

Don't you just love the Lost promos that have started airing? "Where are we?" or whatever similar that they say and then straight to the graphic. LOL. I love that the producers are giving us nothing on the new season. I agree with the producers that they can't show us anything for right now cause it will give us ideas on where the show is going to go this season. Did the events of the finale change the course of events? The season six poster has been released which features a lot of historical happenings from the show's run while the producers also say there are clues in the poster as well about the new season. There are a lot of familiar faces on the poster that we haven't seen in a while which has been discussed. We will be seeing a lot of the cast members that have been long gone. How will their characters be put into these episodes is what I'm interested in? Are they alive? Are they flashbacks (which I doubt)? Maybe we'll have some kind of weird alternate universe. I can't wait for the season to begin. Such a tremendous show.

I need to make an addition to my favorites of the decade list of TV last week. Storm Chasers. This has to go on the list. An incredible adrenaline rush of TV with fun personalities doing what they love to do and that is chasing tornadoes. This show airs on Discovery Channel and has become one of my big TV addictions.

This week’s Survivor was the last episode before the finale on Sunday. Russell had his target as Brett. He said that they had to get rid of Brett as early as they could cause he could win the million dollars especially with his buddies over on the jury. The reward challenge took place with Jaison, Shambo, and Russell winning over the team of Natalie, Brett, and Mick. The reward was the winners getting to go to the village and have a feast while getting a look at the local culture. Natalie and Brett have bonded. Russell used that as a way to get in Shambo and Jaison’s minds about how they need to get rid of Mick or Brett. The immunity challenge takes place which is won by Brett. There went Russell’s plan. Jaison and Russell then started talking about voting out Shambo. When Shambo walked up, Jaison took off with Russell having to cover this by saying they were voting Mick and their conversation had just finished. Shambo of course had her suspicions on that being true. Tribal council occurred and Russell had his last opportunity to use the hidden immunity idol. He chose to keep it as a souvenir. Shambo ends up getting voted out on a five to one vote. The other vote went to Mick from Shambo. So, we have the final five going into the finale on Sunday with Natalie, Russell, Mick, Brett, and Jaison. I’m still picking Natalie for the win.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Princess and the Frog - $24.2 million. 2. The Blind Side - $15 million. 3. Invictus - $8.6 million. 4. New Moon - $7.9 million. 5. Disney's A Christmas Carol - $6.8 million. 6. Brothers - $5 million. 7. Old Dogs - $4.4 million. 8. 2012 - $4.3 million. 9. Armored - $3.5 million. 10. Ninja Assassin - $2.7 million.

Here are the some of the Golden Globe Award nominees announced earlier this week.

In TV:

Best TV Series - Drama: Big Love, Dexter, House, Mad Men, True Blood
Best TV Series – Comedy/Musical: 30 Rock, Entourage, Glee, Modern Family, The Office.
Actor In A TV Series - Drama: Simon Baker, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie, Bill Paxton
Actress In A TV Series - Drama: Glenn Close, January Jones, Julianna Margulies, Anna Paquin, Kyra Sedgwick.
Actor In TV Series – Comedy/Musical: Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell, David Duchovny, Thomas Jane, Matthew Morrison.
Actress In TV Series – Comedy/Musical: Toni Collette, Courteney Cox, Edie Falco, Tina Fey, Lea Michele.
Actor In A Supporting Role in TV Series, Mini-Series, or Motion Picture Made for TV: Michael Emerson, Neil Patrick Harris, William Hurt, John Lithgow, Jeremy Piven.
Actress In A Supporting Role in TV Series, Mini-Series, or Motion Picture Made for TV: Jane Adams, Rose Byrne, Jane Lynch, Janet McTeer, Chloe Sevigny

In Movies:
Best Picture – Musical/Comedy: 500 Days Of Summer, The Hangover, It’s Complicated, Julie & Julia, Nine.
Best Actor – Drama: Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart), George Clooney (Up In The Air), Colin Firth (A Single Man), Morgan Freeman (Invictus), Tobey Maguire (Brothers).
Best Actress – Drama: Emily Blunt (The Young Victoria), Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side), Helen Mirren (The Last Station), Carey Mulligan (An Education), Gabourey Sidibe (Precious).
Best Actor – Musical/Comedy: Matt Damon (The Informant!), Daniel Day-Lewis (Nine), Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock Holmes), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days Of Summer), Michael Stuhlbarg (A Serious Man).
Best Actress – Musical/Comedy: Sandra Bullock (The Proposal), Marion Cotillard (Nine), Julia Roberts (Duplicity), Meryl Streep (It’s Complicated), Meryl Streep (Julie & Julia).
Best Supporting Actor: Matt Damon (Invictus), Woody Harrelson (The Messenger), Christopher Plummer (The Last Station), Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones), Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Bas*****).
Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz (Nine), Vera Farmiga (Up In The Air), Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air), Mo’Nique (Precious), Julianne Moore (A Single Man).

The SAG Award nominations were announced earlier today. Here are some of the categories:

In TV:
Best Drama Ensemble - True Blood, The Good Wife, Dexter, The Closer, Mad Men.
Best Comedy Ensemble - The Office, Glee, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Modern Family.
Best Comedy Actor - Charlie Sheen, Steve Carell, Alec Baldwin, Larry David, Tony Shalhoub.
Best Comedy Actress - Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Christina Applegate, Toni Collette, Edie Falco.
Best Drama Actor - Hugh Laurie, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, Bryan Cranston, Simon Baker.
Best Drama Actress - Patricia Arquette, Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, Julianna Margulies, Kyra Sedgwick, Mariska Hargitay.

In movies:
Best Ensemble: An Education, The Hurt Locker, Nine, Precious, Inglourious Bas*****.
Best Lead Actor: Morgan Freeman (Invictus), Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart), George Clooney (Up In The Air), Colin Firth (A SIngle Man), Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker).
Best Lead Actress: Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side), Carey Mulligan (An Education), Helen Mirren (The Last Station), Meryl Streep (Julie & Julia), Gabourey Sidibe (Precious).
Best Supporting Actor: Matt Damon (Invictus), Woody Harrelson (The Messenger), Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Bas*****), Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones), Christopher Plummer (The Last Station).
Best Supporting Actress: Mo'Nique (Precious), Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air), Vera Farmiga (Up In The Air), Penelope Cruz (Nine), Diane Kruger (Inglourious Bas******).

Well, as usual with these awards shows. I've seen hardly any of these movies. I really know nothing about any of the movies besides maybe Nine cause I have seen it promoted so much lately. What star power to that cast by the way. On the TV side, it is the usual nominees. There are so many actors, actresses, and TV shows that get left off that it just gets frustrating. Just not sure why they can't get nominated. Bummer. I am thrilled to see Michael Emerson and Neil Patrick Harris nominated for their great roles on Lost and How I Met Your Mother. Both of them are tremendous at playing their roles.

The promotional material for season three of Chuck is starting to make its way out. I’ve seen the poster and it looks really cool. I am happy to say that I’ve hooked another friend on Chuck.

The Michael Jackson documentary movie, This Is It will be released on DVD on January 26th. I've already reviewed the movie and thought it was incredibly produced. It gives all of us fans that last performance from him. If you're a fan, you will definitely want to see it.

You Tube released their top five viewed videos of 2009. Number one was Susan Boyle’s performance from Britain’s Got Talent with over 120 million views. Second went to David After Dentist with more than 37 million views. Number three goes to JK Wedding Entrance Dance with 33 million views. Fourth was the New Moon trailer getting around 31 million views. Number five was the Evian roller babies with 27 million views.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 22. Kyle XY (Season Three), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (Season Three), Taxi (Season Five).

Sorry that I don’t have a TV line of the week this week. Not much new on TV.

You Tube Video Of The Week: If you’ve never seen David After Dentist, here you go. This is hilarious and a must see. The story is basically a dad recording his son after having dental work done and his son is still coming to wondering if he is going to return to normal.

Twitter Update Of The Week: Kelly Ripa who provides a link to a very funny special “in box” segment.
kelly Very funny Bonus Inbox w/ Kelly, Anderson, & "the dog," is now on our website.You'll have to check it out to understand!

That is all I have for this week. Wishing you all a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

My Favorite Movies Of The Decade - December 17, 2009

Hey everyone. Hope that all of you are doing great!!!

I covered my favorite shows of the decade last week so I'll move over into favorite movies of the decade this week. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. When I was making this list, I definitely realized just how many of my favorite movies of all time do not reside in this decade. They are mostly in the 80's and 90's.

Spiderman. Loved it. Saw this opening weekend with friends at the theatre. Great story, great cast. Loved it all around. We had a great time watching it. This movie really started the trend of how much money could be made from a comic book series when you do it right. Others followed the trend afterwards.

50 First Dates. I saw this on DVD a couple of years ago and liked it immediately. It stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. The idea of the story is that Drew's character was in an accident so she wakes up every morning basically reliving the same day over and over due to her condition. Her family and friends help to make sure that her day goes smooth all the time. Adam's character falls in love with her and eventually learns of her condition while working to help with how he can. I loved this movie a lot. I actually saw this on TV a couple of weeks ago and watched it for a little while again.

Transformers. Yeah, no brainer here. That was my cartoon growing up and I never have grown out of that love for Transformers from my childhood. When I heard that they were doing a live action movie, I was of course going to see it. My first instinct and fear was, oh no, they're going to mess it up. I went into the theatre on opening weekend very nervous but left pleased. Yeah, I thought that the language and crude stuff was unnecessary especially when they are gearing it toward kids. I thought the story was good and being a fan of the original series, I was satisfied with it. I also liked the sequel as well but had the same issues with it as well and thought it pushed the envelope more than the first one. The story was good in it too even though it opened up a lot of new stuff story wise as far as the history of the Transformers. Lots of action and all in these movies.

The Dark Knight. Definitely the best of the Batman movies. I liked Batman Begins a lot and this sequel topped that one. Heath Ledger takes the Joker character to a whole different level here. Incredible performance. Just a great battle between Batman and Joker where you have Batman trying to protect lives and trying to bargain and battle with a guy that just does not care about anything or anyone.

Star Wars Episode Three - I saw this opening day in the theatre and there really is no other feeling like watching these movies premiere on opening day. Me and a friend of mine who is a die hard fan went to the last two movies on opening day. I'm a fan but more of a casual fan but I love taking part in the fandom of it. We had one opinion going into this one and thought, yeah, this isn't going to end well. LOL. We were of course talking about the series of events that would have to play out to get to episode four through six. This is actually my favorite of all of the Star Wars movies and I really liked it a lot. Acting was great and the fall of Anakin Skywalker is one to watch.

Lord Of The Rings. This is one of a lot of my friends favorite movie stories of mine. I went to this movie with my friend and his family. I knew nothing about the movies other than what had been talked about with the movies opening. I knew nothing about the books. I was invited and it sounded like fun so I was happy to go. The movie goes on and I get really interested in it. Then, the movie ends with them....just wandering off into the sunset so to speak. I was thinking, what a lousy ending. Are we supposed to just imagine what happened from there? Then, I got it told to me that it was just the first part. Ok, that makes a lot more sense!! LOL.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I'm not sure how many lists that this movie will make it on but I loved this movie. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey battle it out with Kate's character writing a story which is about trying to do everything in the world to get the guy to dump her while he tries to prove that he can make any woman fall in love with him in ten days. Each has separate agendas without the other knowing but love starts working between the two of them. Clever idea for a movie.

Monsters Inc. Yeah, I loved this movie. I went with my friend to see this way back in the decade. What I found funny was just how many adults were laughing harder than the kids. That is when you have a good kids movie. The kids are happy seeing the characters but they throw a lot of comedy in there that the adults can laugh at. Me and my friend laughed so hard at this movie!!

Serenity. Yeah, you knew that I had to tie a Joss Whedon project into this mix. Serenity finished off the Firefly TV series after it was cancelled way too soon. The movie was a great finish to the series and gave all of us fans a close to it. It gave us all that we loved about the TV show and put it into a fun two hour movie.

Fever Pitch. Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon star in this romantic comedy about Drew’s character, Lindsay, being in a relationship with Jimmy’s character, Ben, who is a diehard Boston Red Sox fan. So, we have the balance of his love the for the Red Sox and his love for her. Fun movie.

That is really all I have as far as favorite movies for the decade. I’m sure I’m leaving something off but like I said, most of my favorites reside in the 80’s and 90’s.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Survivor, 90210/Melrose, I Love You Beth Cooper Movie Thoughts, & More - December 10, 2009

Moving on to this week’s Survivor. I knew we had to see more than one surely get voted out tonight cause we had eight people left and are getting near the finale. The episode opened with Russell telling a lie to Shambo that John was targeting her and that was why things changed from Dave. We go right into an immunity challenge which was a bowling challenge. It came down to Jaison and Shambo in the finals. Three gutter balls in a row leaving it to Jaison on his final throw. All he had to do was knock down one pin and he won immunity. It looked like he got two and Jaison wins his second straight immunity. The target went back to Dave with Foa Foa knowing that was what Shambo wanted. There was a tease of a change but Dave did go home on a seven to one vote. That means that Foa Foa now has the numbers in the game after being in rough shape not long ago in the game. Russell wanted to target Brett for the next vote cause of how likable that he is and how tough he would be to beat in the final. Another immunity challenge is held with it coming down to a battle between Brett and Mick at the end. Brett wins immunity which moved the target off of him. Russell then moved the target to Monica. Monica stirred things up when she spoke about Foa Foa members telling her that Russell was a millionaire and that Jaison was just waiting for the idol power to go away time wise so he could vote Russell out. Russell got fired up going to each of his tribe members to figure out who said what. Tribal council took place and Monica talked of how she enjoyed watching Russell’s buttons getting pushed for a change. However, the real news of the tribal council was Russell taking his immunity idol and putting it around his neck as it started. Yeah, that was a statement being made. Would the tide turn and Russell be targeted? Well, only by a couple of Galu members. Monica was voted out on a five to two vote. Well, at least she went out making some noise. Russell really is running this show and has been for a while. Can he keep it up till the end? I’ve been saying this for a little bit now but you had better watch out for Natalie. I’m going to go ahead and predict that she wins this game. She’s strong in challenges and is liked. Picking her for the win. Two episodes left and a lot of game play to go though.

Going to once again cover 90210 and Melrose Place in the same paragraph. This was the last new episodes that we'll have of either for a while. I'm assuming that even the network doesn't know when they're bringing it back when they say "new episodes coming soon". Both shows tied up some storylines while leaving us hanging on others. With 90210, we always have to have a big event to center happenings around and this was the winter dance. Intervention time for Annie as everyone pulled together to tell her the truth about Jasper and his drug dealing. Navid also figured out that it was Jasper that shoved him down the stairs. Annie didn't believe any of it until Adrianna stepped forward and admitted her relapse with drugs which involved buying from him. She questioned him on it and he finally admitted to it. Just when it looked like she had the advantage on him, he pulled out the "it was an accident when you ran over my uncle" card. I really like how they have stretched this story out. We're already halfway through the season and we're just now getting back to it. Like I said, the last half of the first season felt so rushed and this season has been at a much better pace. Naomi was once again on the retreat realizing all the wrong that she had done. It's the normal story for that character. Do bad, treat people bad, and then realize you've done wrong. Be sympathetic, make it right. Then, get back to doing what you're doing...and do wrong. LOL. I did like the realization moment of Naomi where she realized that she had ruined Annie's life saying of course she'd end up with a drug dealer cause she took away all of her friends and ruined her reputation. So, Liam and Naomi back together. Blah. Yeah, they've been teasing it but why?? I liked Liam and the surfer girl. By the looks of the previews, surfer girl is not going quietly. On to Melrose Place where we had Sydney's murder mystery solved, what Amanda is after, a breakup, and a hookup. Well, I should have known that they had Michael's wife, Vanessa, as too much of a quiet background character. It turns out that she found out about the Michael/Sydney affair and then went to Sydney's apartment. The two had a fight and Vanessa ended up murdering her and shoving her in the pool. How was this found out? Michael called David and told him the story of how he saw Vanessa leaving Sydney's that night and that was the reason that he had the necklace. It had her prints all over it and Michael had it looking to protect his wife and family knowing that she was guilty. Michael had David get his son away from Vanessa cause he knew that she was about to skip out of the country with him. After David had to go to attend to Lauren being drugged, he left the son, Noah, with Violet. So, here is where it gets interesting for sure. Vanessa shows up at the apartment and hears her son in Violet's apartment. When Vanessa showed up, Violet already knew that Vanessa was the murderer when David had told her. So, this builds up and I'm thinking, yeah, my money is on Violet here if she has her mom's genes. LOL. Vanessa pulled a gun and the two ended up going at it. They ended up right where the story had started, the pool. Violet ended up killing her in the pool which Amanda walked in and saw. Amanda was a witness saying that it was self defense. I should have known that there was more to Vanessa's character instead of just being the poor woman married to Michael Mancini. What is Amanda's ties to Sydney? Apparently, they were working some sort of painting scam and making money off of it. Amanda was shown in a flashback with Sydney where she questioned her on stealing one of the paintings for herself. I have to say that it was really cool to see Laura Leighton and Heather Locklear together in a scene again. Two of the most evil characters in the show's history. Good times. LOL. What was the breakup? That would be Jonah and Riley. Yeah, this was a bummer but they've been teasing it all along. The two went to go elope but Riley wasn't feeling it especially after a talk with Auggie where he pointed out how much she had changed since getting engaged. I don't see how that it is a bad thing but anyway?? Jonah breaks it off and ends up with Ella. Ella had gotten him an encounter with a major movie producer who bought his movie. So, he went to Ella and talked of how she had always believed in him. And, things were progressing big time between them as the show went off. I was surprised to see how Ella was really questioning Jonah for sure on what he wanted. Anyway, bummer that they broke them up as they were a fun couple on the show. Auggie did kiss Riley at one point in the episode with her backing him off really quick. However, Violet caught this happening and remember that the two of them have been an item. Yeah, I'm thinking those Andrews genes are about to kick in again and we're going to find out what is going to happen to Auggie as a result really soon. Anyway, good tie up of the murder mystery and I wasn't sure where the storyline was going to go. It really is fun having my 90's retro TV night with both shows airing. Overall thoughts on the half seasons so far. 90210 is having a good second season and the show is at a much nicer pace this season. Melrose Place started good out of the gate but has lost a little steam lately for me. Part of that may be me being concerned over the creative change for the show due to the ratings not being what they want. Like I and many others have said, it isn't the show. People just aren't watching.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Blind Side - $20 million. 2. New Moon - $15.4 million. 3. Brothers - $9.5 million. 4. Disney's A Christmas Carol - $7.7 million. 5. Old Dogs - $6.8 million. 6. 2012 - $6.7 million. 7. Armored - $6.5 million. 8. Ninja Assassin - $5 million. 9. Planet 51 - $4.3 million. 10. Everybody's Fine - $3.8 million.

Speaking of movies, I watched I Love You Beth Cooper last weekend. Honestly, I was a little let down with it. I thought I would like it more than I would. I really like the story which was basically the high school valedictorian professing his love for the popular girl during his graduation speech. His basic idea was that he might as well go for it cause he'd probably never see her again. Some of these thoughts will be spoilerish so you might want to be careful in reading this a whole lot if you haven't seen it. The two end up together on graduation night and you see the two social worlds colliding. Each sees the other in a different light. My only thing with the movie was that they had to filth it up a bit. That seems to be the drawback with so many movies here lately is that the ideas are so good and draw me in. Then, there is so much filth in them to get around that it ruins them a bit or sometimes totally. Just kind of unnecessary stuff, you know? Anyway, I liked this movie all right. Just some things in it that I wasn't crazy about and it kind of took some of my enjoyment away from it.

I've gotten hooked on this 90's Pop radio on It's amazing with how you can hear different songs and they take you back to a time in your life. I have heard so many songs that I haven't heard in forever.

As Regis sits on the sidelines recovering from his hip surgery, a couple of my favorite substitute co-hosts have been sitting in with Kelly Ripa on Live With Regis and Kelly this week. Bryant Gumbal and Jeff Probst have been really good this week. Bryant told of shocking news this week on the show saying that he had had cancer surgery done so I send prayers out to him in this difficult time. Regis called into Live this morning and is doing well. He was his usual self so I think he is doing just fine. Wishing him a speedy recovery!!

Indy driver, Danica Patrick is jumping over to Nascar. Well, this has been the worst kept secret. LOL. I'm thrilled to see it happening though. She will be driving for JR Motorsports which is under the Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rick Hendrick umbrella. She will make her debut in the ARCA series at Daytona. She'll be getting cheers from me and I am hoping to see her do well.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 15. Ice Road Truckers (Season Three), The Paper Chase (Season Two), Robot Chicken (Season Four), The Tudors (Season Three), Wagon Train (Season One).

TV Line Of The Week: From today's Regis and Kelly.
"That was a fascinating story about the cell phone. Honest to God, it only put me to sleep twice." - Regis on the phone to Jeff Probst talking about the cell phone story that Jeff had just told earlier in the show. The story was good and the usual joking from Regis showed that he is feeling good.

Twitter Update Of The Week: Miracle Laurie posting about her last day shooting Dollhouse.
@miraclelaurie “last day 4 me on Dollhouse tomorrow. gonna try & have fun instead of being a weeping mess! :) i'll sure miss my DH loves!”

Video Of The Week: Season five of Lost was released on DVD this week. I thought it would be fun to post this amazing official music video promo that was released about a year ago promoting the new season. It is set to “You Found Me” by The Fray. If you’ve never seen this, definitely check it out.

That is it for this week. I wish all of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

My Favorite TV Shows Of The Decade - December 10, 2009

With the decade coming to a close, I thought I would go back over the next few weeks and talk about some of my favorites of the decade. So, today I'll start with TV shows. Now, I'll lay out my criteria on how I went about picking choices. If the show was airing new episodes this decade, it is fair game. Now, I'm obviously going to have to be picky on shows that maybe aired new episodes in just part of 2000. It has to have at least had a couple of years run. So, here we go. My favorite TV shows of the decade and these are in no particular order.

Lost. What can be said about this show. As a lot of you know, I usually pick a TV show to watch over the summer while mostly everything is in reruns. A show that I can run through over the summer. A couple of summers ago had Lost being that show. It didn't take long to get hooked on this show. I flew through this show over the summer and loved the advantage of going from one season to the next. My question for the long term fans was how in the world did you deal with those season ending cliffhangers for months??!! I just clicked and went to the next episode. There was actually one day where I was just going to watch one episode. They kept leaving me on cliffhangers and I'd say, ok, I'll watch just one more. Then, I'd be at eight episodes watched by the end of the day. This is one of the most addicting and incredibly written shows that I've ever seen. It always has you guessing and usually guessing wrong. I think I've called maybe one or two things right in the whole run of the series. LOL. The show returns in 2010 for its final season and what does it say that the producers won't even give us a glimpse of anything yet cause it will give away what the season is going to be like!! You cannot go wrong with this show. If you haven't seen it, give it a watch.

Friends. One of my favorite shows of all time. I will still watch reruns of this if I see it on. I still laugh at the same jokes that I've seen multiple times. The show wrapped up in 2004 coming off of a strong last season. NBC really hasn't been the same since the show ended. I can usually hold my own pretty well in Friends trivia and had a great time playing it with friends one night.

Dawson's Creek. This show premiered in 1998 and continued on till 2003. This was one of those shows that people grew up with. I know that I did. I was hooked from the first episode. I still say that the first season was the show's strongest. It gave us characters that we either liked or didn't like. Relationships that you cheered for or booed against. Dawson and Joey. Pacey and Joey. The fans still battle over that which is funny. I just liked Joey as I fell in love with her after one episode. LOL. Kevin Williamson returned to write the final episode and the show went out big. What a sad finale though but a clever way to wrap up the show by fast forwarding ahead five years. This show helped launch a network and is going to be talked about for years to come.

Survivor. 19 seasons of Survivor and the show keeps rolling and is still interesting. There were a few seasons toward the middle of the run where the show started to get a little stale. So, they changed the rules up a bit and kept evolving the show. The results have been fantastic and some of the best seasons have been more recent seasons. My favorite has always been season two in Australia but there are so many that are right there in greatness.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel. Yeah, I might as well tie these together. Buffy went off into the sunset in 2003 while Angel would go out in 2004. However, if you want to keep the story going, both have returned in comic form in the last couple of years picking up right where the shows left off. Yes, the comics are with Joss Whedon involved. I often go back and forth on which show that I liked better. What I like is that even though the shows are the same and tie to each other, each show had a different feel than the other. Buffy gave the viewers this strong female lead action role. Sarah Michelle Gellar brought that character to life big time and Joss gave her so many great stories to work with. My favorite episode is always going to be Once More With Feeling. That musical episode was just flat out great. The way that the music was tied to the episode and the way that the cast stepped up to the plate was amazing. I still watch the episode from time to time and yes, I do own the soundtrack. :) All of this talk is making me want to go put the episode in the DVD player right now. Angel was more of a darker show and there wasn't much happy on it. The story of Angel's son and the loss of him and then seeing him again grown up was great TV. Joss would pull on your heart strings with this show. David Boreanaz is an incredible actor and he has since remained my favorite actor. He can do action, drama, and comedy. I think he's very funny and some of the lighter episodes of Angel were his best. You just knew that Smile Time was going to be a hit just based off of the previews. I'm talking about the episode where Angel gets turned into a puppet. That led to one of the best fight scenes in the whole series with a puppet Angel fighting a laughing Spike. I actually got to attend a Buffy/Angel convention back in 2003 getting to meet several of the stars from the show. It still remains one of the most fun things that I've ever gotten to attend.

Veronica Mars. This is where the greatness of Kristen Bell was introduced to my TV screen. I kept wanting to check out Veronica Mars and when I finally did I was hooked. I flew through the first season and loved it. This is another show that kept you guessing. The writing on this show was so good and that Kristen Bell delivery of witty lines was perfection. Fan campaigns helped keep the show around longer than it might have been. Just a shame that we're likely not going to get that movie.

American Dreams. One of the best produced shows ever. I miss this show a lot and it was such a great family show. The show took place in the early 60’s and followed the story of the Pryor family. Bandstand was a big feature on this show. The story followed all aspects of the stories of that era in history ranging from the JFK assassination all the way to Vietnam. The way that this show blended the story into the classic songs was amazing. My parents started watching this show before I did and knew that it would be a show that I’d like just with how it was produced. They were right. I was hooked. The first scene of the first episode set the tone for how the series was going to look style wise. The show got three seasons on NBC but deserved so much more. I still want to see that footage that was shot for a series finale that we’ve never seen. We saw the season finale footage but that was it. Yeah, I jinxed this show when I declared it my favorite show with rumors of cancellation upcoming just a few days after my declaration. The show used so much music in it which must be killer music rights fees. The first season was released on DVD and was sold for a higher price due to making sure to keep all the music intact. If you took the music away from this show and changed it up, this would do major damage to it. The music was just as important to this show as the cast and stories.

American Idol. How can you talk shows of this decade and not mention American Idol? This ratings juggernaut has been a huge TV hit. I've watched since the first season and a lot of my favorite singers are Idol alums. Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson are among those. Some seasons have obviously been better than others but when they have a good group, it is great TV. Some Idol winners have went on to have big careers while others have just sort of faded out. Some that didn't win have went on to have bigger careers than the winners. The show has left us with results shows that have left us with our jaws dropped to the floor. It is a lot of fun to pick your favorite and cheer them on.

Gilmore Girls. This is one of the best written shows that I've ever seen in my life. The dialogue in this show is famous and rightfully so. Amy Sherman-Palladino had a major hit on her hands with this with the show about a mother and daughter who are best friends. The town of Stars Hollow was brought to life with so many great characters who each had their own kind of quirks that made them interesting. I still say that the character of Paris Gellar is one of the best characters on TV period. You could tell that Amy loved to write stories for that character. Unfortunately, the Palladinos went off into the sunset before the last season started after not being able to reach a new deal. The show was continued with another creative force. The show felt VERY different with the writing in the first few episodes but I thought they started to hit stride about a couple of months into the season. However, the show wasn't the same and I do wonder what the final season would have been like if Amy had had control. The show was very strong right out of the gate with fun episodes and stories. Amazing cast and show.

The Big Bang Theory. When I heard the story of this show during the CBS upfronts a few years ago, my thought was how funny of a show this could be. I tuned into the pilot and it is such a clever and unique comedy. What I loved is seeing how audiences are embracing it and the show keeps drawing its highest ratings to date. CBS had so much confidence in it that they renewed it for two seasons instead of just one. That just doesn't happen in this world of TV. Seeing two social worlds collide with Penny and the guys is hilarious TV. I want to give so much credit to the cast cause they are all amazing. Kaley Cuoco is one of the best facial expression actresses on TV. The looks that she'll give just make you laugh so hard and she doesn't even say a word. Jim Parsons as Sheldon is great. He brings that character to life and when you have Sheldon and Penny in a scene together, it is gold. Leonard and Penny's romance has been fun to cheer for since the beginning.

How I Met Your Mother. When so many sitcoms were coming along and seeming so much like the same kind of show, here came How I Met Your Mother. This show was so unique with its style and writing. It stood out over the others. I've liked this show since its premiere episode. The story of a father telling his kids many years into the future about the story of how he met their mother. The actual story part of it takes place in current day. Each character brings so much to the show and they've gotten a lot of mileage out of several story ideas. I think that Barney is one of the best TV characters in many years. Amazing cast and stories. Hey, it also brought us the song that we can't get out of our head, "Let's Go To The Mall" and the greatness that has been the slap bet episodes.

Big Brother. How can putting people in a house and having them live together competing for money be entertaining? It has been entertaining for most of that time except for that season nine that I keep trying to forget. LOL. This is my summer addiction. I've been a live feed watcher off and on depending on how great that the season was. The show has given us so many moments over the years, Dr. Will, banner planes, the Eric and Jessica romance, the twin revelation, pots and pans, Chilltown, and so much more. I still have Will Kirby as my favorite Big Brother houseguest ever. That guy had the people in the house wrapped around his finger and he was such a charmer that his lying was even rewarded with the season two win. LOL. There aren't any other shows like it where you can literally sit and watch the happenings of the house on the live feeds. The editing of the show as a live feed viewer has always been funny to watch. I've watched people go nuts on the message boards as we watch something play out on TV that we all watched happen live. We're all thinking, that isn't how that went down at all!! LOL.

8 Simple Rules. This was such a great sitcom that had tons of potential that we unfortunately never got to see. The first season was amazing and so funny. John Ritter passed away at the beginning of the second season and the show was changed to keep it going adding new cast members. The show was still good from beyond the first season but nothing could get near that first season. The stories were funny and the constant battles that the parents had with their teenage kids made for great TV. I laughed so hard at this show.

Firefly. Such a short lived Joss Whedon series. A sci-fi western type show. Great characters, cast, and writing. This show was ended way before its time but then again it aired on Fox. Fox is notorious for killing shows early. That is why I rarely watch anything new on Fox. I've been burned too many times. Remember that show Reunion. I loved it. Yeah, thanks for nothing Fox. LOL. Firefly was cancelled by Fox early in its run including them not even airing all of the episodes. The show was released on DVD where it did VERY well. So well that it brought about the movie into theaters named Serenity. Serenity did a great job of tying up the story but was also a good stand alone movie for anyone that might not be familiar with the show. Come on, the show also gave us the greatness that was Jaynestown. The Ballad of Jayne was hilarious.

Smallville. Smallville has been my introduction to the Superman world. I had never seen any of the movies prior to watching Smallville. No comics or anything like that either. So, I don't pick up on everything that ties to the original story like others do. Smallville follows Clark Kent in his young adult life from high school and beyond. The first season was mostly setting up the show and establishing characters. From the season one finale and on, the show really hit stride fast. The show has a great mix of it all. Action, comedy, romance, drama, and sci-fi. So many great seasons. I actually watched season five in one weekend. 12 episodes on the first day which led me to think, hey, what is 10 more to watch tomorrow and I could just finish it? LOL. The show has had creative and actor changes in the last couple of years and the show just keeps trucking along. What is great about the Superman series is that they have such an unlimited amount of characters that they can bring in. I think this current season has been really good so far.

Roswell. I was trying to decide whether to include this show in here or not cause it was so short lived at the beginning of the decade. I loved this show. Season one is still the best season of this show in my opinion. The show was saved by two amazing fan campaigns. One that brought it back for season two and the other that got it brought to UPN for season three. Season three was a bummer overall cause the show became the Isabel show instead of focusing on what the show had been about since the premiere, Max and Liz.

So, there you go. I'm sure there are some shows that I am going to kick myself for forgetting but that is my list. I miss so many of those shows.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

NBC/Comcast, Survivor, Top TV Of Decade, Music, Dollhouse Returns, Heroes, & More - December 3, 2009

The news that everyone is talking about today is the merger between NBC and Comcast. The deal is worth $30 billion with Comcast owning the majority of it while GE will have the minority of 49%. Jeff Zucker will become CEO. So, what will happen here with NBC? Any changes? There has to be changes cause NBC has been bad for a while now overall. Keep in mind that this merger includes all of the NBC family involving the cable networks as well. I really am not sure what this is going to mean for everyone involved. It will be an interesting story to follow. I’m beginning to wonder if this is why NBC programming suddenly started showing up on Comcast On Demand in recent months?? LOL. This merger may end up changing a lot of things in the industry. We’ll have to wait and see.

Moving on to Survivor. Another episode, another blindside. This has turned into quite the season and Russell has been right in the middle of it. Whether you like him or don’t like him, he has made this season very entertaining. Last week was a recap episode so I’ll refresh on the last happenings. The Galu members lost their third member in Laura when Russell got John to flip. Tonight’s episode opened with one of my favorite happenings of every season, the Survivor auction. This is always fun to see what people will pay even on items that they have no clue what are. Natalie started it big by throwing $200 down immediately for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Some paid big money for the hopes of something big being in the surprise plates but it didn’t go well for Shambo or Dave. Mick threw all of his money, $500, at a cheeseburger, fries, and more. It was really funny. Jaison decided to step up for his tribe and went for the assist in the future immunity challenge spending all of his $500 on it. John bid $200 for a hidden immunity idol clue which was useless cause Russell already has it. The final thing to be auctioned was a piece of apple pie. John won it and then he was then given the option of giving up his piece of pie and exchanging it for a full pie which could be shared by four other people. He would get none. The obvious answer was that he would probably trade but he didn’t. LOL. Russell talked about what a lousy game move that was which included John saying that he was confident no one was going to vote him out over a piece of pie. This is where the drama kicked in. Shambo had to cook the chickens and her way of cooking them did not sit well with Dave. Dave spoke up about it and Shambo put a big target on him after that. It looked like Dave was going home. Then we get to the immunity challenge. It was a strength competition with them having to hold a rope by various knots which are hanging on to a log. They continue to have to move up a knot after each time break making the leverage of holding it harder. Jaison’s advantage was that he was able to move up a couple of knots if need be which would loosen the pressure. He took advantage of it quickly. It came down to Jaison, Natalie, Dave, and Mick. Mick and Natalie went out and then so did Dave. Jaison wins immunity. We are then shown that John is looking for the hidden immunity idol. He and Russell end up talking game strategy and the talk turns to John saying that he knew that Russell had the idol. Russell admitted to it and Russell pointed out that he had to get rid of John now since he knew. LOL. Here comes the flip. Shambo still thought Dave was the target. Russell told Dave that he was the target but that his new target was John while also telling Foa Foa of the new plan. Jaison was not on board with it mentioning how they were going to do to Shambo what Galu had done to her already. Russell was sure that he could smooth things over with her. So, we get to tribal council and here comes the blindside. John gets voted out with seven votes with one vote going to Mick and the other to Dave. Yeah, Shambo was stunned. Yet another blindside. On a side note to close this out, isn’t it good to see that Erik is in a much better mood now arriving at tribal council? LOL. He still has an angered look like he was the last one voted out. Great episode tonight.

With the final season of Lost getting closer, it is time for the most recent season to be released on DVD. Season five is released on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday and there are two versions of the set. You can get the regular set or get the Dharma Initiation Kit which is more expensive but you will get more extra stuff. If you want to see all the goodies that you get in the Dharma kit, here is a link:

With the decade coming to a close, Reuters has released the list of the top ten most watched TV episodes of this decade. It’s funny because I was only part of a very few of these. Here is the list.
1. Friends – The Series Finale – 5/6/04 – 52.5 miliion viewers
2. Survivor – First Season Finale – 8/23/00 – 51.7 million viewers
3. Joe Millionaire – Finale – 2/17/03 – 40 million viewers
4. ER – All In The Family Episode – 2/17/00 – 39.4 million viewers
5. American Idol – Season Six Premiere – 1/16/07 – 38.1 million viewers
6. Grey’s Anatomy – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It Episode – 2/5/06 – 38 million viewers
7. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – 5/3/00 – 36 million viewers
8. Frasier – Something Borrowed, Something Blue Episode – 5/18/00 – 33.7 million viewers.
9. Everybody Loves Raymond – Series Finale – 5/16/05 – 32.9 million viewers
10. Spin City – Michael J Fox Farewell– 5/24/00 – 32.8 million viewers.
Looking over the list, there are some things that surprise me. One is Joe Millionaire??!! Then, with all the Idol shows, I figured it would be a finale that would get in the list instead of a premiere. The ER episode that is on there is actually probably the only episode that I've ever seen. I had some friends over who couldn't get home and were wanting to see the episode. So, I watched it with them and this episode left me telling them, how do you watch this stressful show every week??!! The first Survivor was a HUGE ratings draw so seeing it sitting at number two is not a surprise. Speaking of no surprises, Friends sits at number one for the night that it had its farewell. Yeah, I was a part of that one viewer wise and very sad to see one of my all time favorite shows going on its way. Do you remember how several networks went basically dark during the finale? They knew that people were going to be watching the big finale. I think it was E! that just had a shot set up of people watching the finale. I really miss that show but it will forever live on DVD and in syndication.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. New Moon - $42.5 million. 2. The Blind Side - $40.1 million. 3. 2012 - $18 million. 4. Old Dogs - $16.8 million. 5. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $16 million. 6. Ninja Assassin - $13.1 million. 7. Planet 51 - $10.2 million. 8. Precious - $7.09 million. 9. Fantastic Mr. Fox - $7.02 million. 10. The Men Who Stare At Goats - $1.5 million.

It isn’t just the fans that aren’t up for a new Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie WITHOUT Joss Whedon involved. The cast is also speaking out about it with Alyson Hannigan and Anthony Stewart Head both showing no interest in a Buffy remake without Joss. Good for them. I just cannot understand how they think that this remake is going to draw people. It might draw people just based on the fact that people won’t know any better and just think it is going to be what they’ve been used to with the series. They’ll get a rude surprise for sure if that is the case. The Whedonverse definitely needs to get this news out and let it be known that they aren’t happy with what the plan is. It is kind of frustrating for me as a fan and watching these vampire shows and movies taking over right now and knowing that Joss is on the sidelines watching it.

I checked out a couple of music specials this week. I’ll start with Gloriana as they have a special currently airing on GAC called Introducing Gloriana. The show focuses on their amazing year while also giving the background story of the band’s start including interviews. It is really well produced and it’s great to see them doing so well. The other special is the Invitation Only with Carrie Underwood currently airing on CMT. The special has Carrie performing new songs from her album in front of an intimate audience while performing old songs as well and taking audience questions. Fun show and her performances are amazing.

Susan Boyle broke all sorts of records in the United States. You’ll remember Susan Boyle from the Britain’s Got Talent show where she surprised the world with her amazing voice. Well, the surprises keep coming and she is loved here in the United States. Her album was released and sold over 701,000 copies in its first week making it the highest selling debut for an album in 2009. It is also the highest selling debut for a female artist in the Billboard SoundScan era. Wow is all that can be said to this story. Good for her on the accomplishment.

I’ll just cover 90210 and Melrose Place in the same paragraph. Beginning with 90210. The score was settled with Jen by Liam and the gang as they brought her down big time. This left Naomi reeling and apologies were going to have to be made. One was a voice mail to Annie who was caught by her family still seeing Jasper. However, a reunion of the siblings was in place when Dixon helped out Annie after being caught again out with Jasper. Navid spent this episode in the hospital after being shoved down the stairs with no memory of what happened. Adrianna is still battling her issues but she went to help out her friends after learning of their trouble including Silver’s mom passing away. Silver and Teddy continue to grow closer over their similar life circumstances. Again, 90210 is at a much nicer pace this year. The last half of the first season had them FLYING through storylines. This year is much more relaxed and I had a thought toward the end of the episode that we still haven’t gotten to the climax of the Annie storyline with the hit and run. Last year, it would have probably happened already. Melrose Place had a very classic feel to it. Black mail and who can do it more and worse. It also involved the ones that us fans of the old show are very used to, Amanda and Michael. Everyone is on their own agenda to get this necklace of Sydney’s and doing whatever means that it takes to get it. It appeared that the advantage was to Michael until David set him up. Michael was arrested in the murder case of Sydney. However, Amanda is working her twist and is now going to be living back in her old home. I am glad that they explained how her character was back as well. Another faked their death reason. Ok, the storyline with Violet and her brother. Umm, weird and just kind of pointless. Melrose is still good but I think it has lost some steam from earlier in the season. I am enjoying watching the classic battle of black mailing between the original characters.

It is nice to see The CW already promoting Life Unexpected. This is a show that will premiere in January and stars two actors from the old WB days with Shiri Appleby (Roswell) and Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek). The show is about a daughter who is trying to find out who her biological parents are. The parents are played by the two that I just mentioned. On a side note, it really hit me as bizarre to see actors that I grew up watching now playing parents. Just one of those reality check moments. LOL. I do plan on checking out this show as it seems interesting and I like the cast obviously.

I liked this week’s episode of Heroes. It’s just too bad that the story of the departing character being killed off was so widely reported in the media that it took the drama away from it. Nathan’s demise has been talked about for a month now and the shot of him turning back into Sylar during the fall was really cool. For me, I’m not really that down about it. I liked the Nathan character in the first season but I thought that the character was ruined with the whole president storyline and hunting down the ones with abilities. It just made no sense and the character had already lost steam at that point. For his farewell, It was fitting that it was him and Peter together one last time up on that roof. I liked the other story with Claire and her friend arriving at the carnival. The carnival just keeps getting person after person there but we then learned that she isn’t what is wanted. She appears to be bait for Noah.

The Dollhouse farewell countdown is under way and the new episodes begin tomorrow night on Fox. Fox will be airing back to back episodes over the next few weeks as the show gets to its series finale. Tomorrow night’s episode will finally have the guest starring role of Whedonverse alum, Summer Glau.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 8. Dhani Tackles The Globe (Season One), The Fugitive (Season Three – Volume Two), Get Smart (Season Five), Lost (Season Five), Perry Mason (Season Four – Volume Two), Rescue Me (Season Five – Volume Two), SpongeBob SquarePants (Season Six – Volume One).

TV Line Of The Week: From Storm Chasers as the TVN crew is about to intercept. This was a funny moment with the look on their faces with these lines.
“Are we going to die?” - Dave to Reed
“No, I won’t kill us. I promise, Dave. “ – Reed to Dave.

Twitter Updates Of The Week:
Julie Benz. @juliebenz "Embarrassing fan moment....if I'm standing in front of you I can hear everything you say about me...and I will call you out!! Haha!!"

Felicia Day: @feliciaday "Ordered fries at a "hip" bar. "Can I have some ketchup?" "Oh, we don't do that here." Who decided that?! WHY WOULD THAT EVER HAPPEN?!"

From Storm Chasers as this was posted by the TVN crew after the finale aired.
@TornadoVideos “Chris' mom just said don't do that ever again!”

Videos Of The Week: Storm Chasers Moments this week from the finale including Sean getting his shot:

Reed and TVN crew end up intercepting a massive tornado with rough effects:

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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