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Back To The Future Returning To Theatres, Survivor, Life Unexpected, & More - September 30, 2010

LOS ANGELES - MAY 13:  The 'Back To The Future' car is displayed at the Barris Star Car Collection Auction at the Petersen Automotive Museum on May 13, 2005 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)
Back To The Future will be returning to theaters for its 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, it will not be nation wide but you might be in luck to have it in a theater near you. AMC Theatres is set to host the event which will be on Saturday, October 23 at 12:30pm and also on Monday October 25 at 7pm (exactly 25 years since Marty McFly traveled back in time). All of the guests attending will get an exclusive full sized post commemorating the 25th anniversary while supplies last. There will also be movie related giveaways before the movie starts. This is very exciting. I just wish that there was a theatre near me so I could attend too. Count me as jealous of all of you that are going to get to attend this event. If you want to see a list of the cities and theatres covering the event, here is the link:

Nothing really surprising about Survivor this week. I am not surprised to see Jimmy Johnson go home. He did well out there but just was seen as too much of a leadership threat by several in his tribe that wanted to take him out. The problems continue on the young tribe with them not getting along. Naonka and Kelly B. had a battle over the clue to the immunity idol which was a big moment on this episode. Does Naonka like anybody? She is mean in every one of her interviews. I still keep trying to figure out what Kelly did to insight such anger from her. It looks like that feud will carry over into next week's episode.

Warner Brothers put out a press release announcing a January 4, 2011 release date for season one on DVD. Wow, what is up with the delay there? That DVD should have been out before the new season started to help gain more interest in the show. If you haven't checked out Life Unexpected, you need to cause it is a really good show.

TV on DVD releases for this week: CSI (Season Ten), The Cleveland Show (Season One), Designing Women (Volume One), Scrubs (Season Nine).

Big Brother 12 Interviews and News - September 30, 2010

If you haven't canceled your subscription to the Big Brother live feeds, there is more Big Brother to come. Yesterday, there were announcements made about two Big Brother 12 houseguests. Britney and Kristen are going to be hosting two separate weekly shows. Britney's show will start on October 12th and be an every Tuesday thing. Kristen's show starts on October 7th and will be on every Thursday. Don't forget that there are plenty of chats and all to come as well. Tomorrow night (October 1), Matt and Ragan will be doing a live chat at 5pm Pacific time. Brendon and Rachel will be doing a live chat on Superpass on Friday, October 8th at 5pm Pacific time. Lane and Hayden were interviewed on there last week so you can check out the archive for it. Don't forget that Jordan and Janelle hosts separate shows as well.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Back To The Future 25th Anniversary Hollywood Gala Set For November 5-12, 2010

If you're a Back To The Future fan, here is something that you'll definitely want to check out. is hosting a 25th anniversary celebration that will have you very busy for a week in November. They will be hosting the event in Burbank, CA from Friday, November 5, 2010 to Friday, November 12, 2010. The event will focus on recreating the events of Marty's journey into 1955. You will get to meet some of the cast and crew including Claudia Wells (original Jennifer Parker), Harry Waters Jr (Marvin Berry), James Tolkan (Principal Strickland), Bob Gale (writer/producer), and many more, visit original film locations, get to see several of the time machine Deloreans, ride a hoverboard with Griff's 2015 gang and their stunt team, and finish off the week with the Enchantment Under The Sea Gala which will take place at the original location where it was shot at for the movie. They will then count down to 10:04pm with a speeding Delorean at the clocktower. There are multiple ways to attend as far as getting tickets. Get tickets for the full experience or pick and choose what you want to see. This sounds like so much fun and I would be there in a second if it was nearby to me. For me, just seeing the film locations would be a dream for me. There will be a screening of Back To The Future at Puente Hills Mall which was of course Twin/Lone Pine Mall in the movie. If you are in that area, go and attend it and live out the dream for me. LOL. All proceeds are going to Team Fox for Parkinson's research. For full event details, head over to their website at:

The Amazing Race Premiere Thoughts - September 27, 2010

The new season of The Amazing Race started last night on CBS. I found it funny that the whole promotion of the season premiere basically was "watch this poor girl get hit in the face with a watermelon". That was what every promotion that I saw of it was. The moment happened and wow, it hurt to watch. Kudos to Claire on finishing the task and also her and Brook finished fourth. Solid premiere and I feel better about this cast than recent seasons. Recent seasons of the show have just had me losing interest midway through. The cast is more compelling so far with their stories and there are some fun personalities this season. I had been hoping for a new twist in the race and we now have that with the express pass. The team that won the first leg of the race would win it. The express pass allows that team to skip any task in the future during the race. The dating couple, Jill and Thomas, won it when they finished first. Who was going to be eliminated really depended on who had the least mistakes. It came down to Nick & Vicki and Ron & Tony. It seemed like neither team could catch a break on their bad day. Ron & Tony were eliminated. There are some interesting teams on this race with some dating couples that are either newly dating or have been dating for a while. This race will make or break some of those relationships. I like the story of Andie and Jenna which is the birth mom and daughter team. They just recently reunited and I believe that they said that the race had brought them together in person for only the third time. Like I said, solid premiere and I enjoyed it. Hoping the rest of the season will be better than recent editions as well.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Smallville Season Ten Premiere - Thought and Recap - September 25, 2010

The final season of Smallville is underway after last night's great premiere. It is clear from the start that we're going to be going through the history of this show in this final season. There are going to be twists and turns that go back to the past. There was a lot of it in this episode. I liked a lot of what went on this episode and it set things up really well for what is to come as the show heads to the finish line. First, the thing that stands out the most is the incredible scene that closed the episode with Clark and Jonathan. How great was it to see Tom Welling and John Schneider together again? That was an incredible scene. I'm assuming that we're going to be getting more things like that in the future including Lionel Luthor. The episode started off where we saw that Clark was apparently saved and brought back. Jor-El made it clear that he didn't bring him back so I'm assuming it was Lois that gets the points for bringing him back by pulling out the blue kryponite. That is unless I missed something in that. Jor-El told Clark that a bigger evil was coming so he went for Lex. That whole story in the episode of the Lex clones was interesting. Tess was moved to a facility that included a bunch of Lex clones that Lex had created to try and heal himself. We later learned from the much older Lex clone that the real Lex didn't live to see if it worked. Tess was healed and saved the young Lex clone. Clark and the older Lex clone had a conversation about their history. Lex put the spin on it that Clark was his own worst enemy and that his pride always got in the way. Clark ended up having enough of him and almost choked him to death. He let go but the Lex clone didn't survive but it was pointed out that he was near death anyway. The Lex clone left a task for Clark of big magnitude where he set the Daily Planet globe to fall to the ground and cause a catastrophe. However, Clark also had to deal with the fact that the Lex clone had his own history lesson. He captured Lois and tied her up in the corn field. Hello flashback of the series premiere. How wild was that to see with us being taken back to that whole scene? Clark is able to save both Lois and the people at The Daily Planet. That was when Jor-El really let Clark have it on that he wasn't turning into the person that he had trained him to be and that the big evil that was coming was within himself. That led to the conversation with Jonathan that ended the episode where Jonathan gave him one of those great speeches that we're always accustomed to and how he can't always listen to what Jor-El has to say. The scene was so great and really made you think back on the early days of the show. The relationship between those two was such a HUGE part of this show's history. I'm not going to lie. I had tears in my eyes while I was watching it. It was that good. What about Oliver and Chloe? Well, I'm assuming the way that this turned out is how Chloe will be written off of the show for a while since she isn't going to be appearing full time this year. Oliver was captured and beaten while tied up. Chloe found out where he was including some other future events based off of her putting on the Fate helmet. Oliver was told that he was free to go and we saw them pass each other with hoods over their heads. Yep, Chloe traded herself to the captives to save Oliver. Lois did find out Clark's secret and now knows everything. She did take the job in Africa after all the happenings in this episode. That sure looked like the arrival of Darkseid at the end of the episode. The way they played up Clark pushing the Planet globe back up to the roof teased that he was flying but I almost wondered if he didn't. I did see him jump off of that taxi so it looked like he jumped and pushed it up. He did tell Jor-El that he almost felt like he was flying in that moment. Awesome, awesome premiere. I loved it. So much was set up and I love that we're getting a major homage to the past. We're definitely going to be going full circle with this final season and I'm excited to see what happens.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Carrie Underwood's New Video Debuts Online, Opry Birthday Contest - September 24, 2010

Hey Carrie Underwood fans. Her new video for "Mama's Song" has debuted and it is being shown on The video features an appearance by, fittingly enough, her mom. The video goes right along with the song with her mom dealing with her girl growing up. It is really a great video. Check it out here:

Staying with the music theme, the Grand Ole Opry is about to celebrate its 85th birthday on October 8th and 9th. I got this information to pass along to you about the Country Comes Home Sweepstakes where you can win a trip to the birthday bash. Hurry and get your entry in today as the deadline is later tonight. The grand prize package includes: airfare for four to Nashville on Southwest Airlines, two night accommodations at the Radisson Hotel at Opryland, tickets to the Opry Birthday Bash featuring Trace Adkins, Dolly Parton, and many more, tickets to the birthday concert (a salute to country comedy), a backstage tour of the newly re-opened Grand Ole Opry House, and a commemorative poster.
Here is the link to enter:

Smallville Premieres Tonight, Survivor, Kristen Bell Talks Veronica Mars, HBO Shows, & More - September 24, 2010

SAN DIEGO - JULY 24: (L-R) Actors Cassidy Freeman, Justin Hartley and Erica Durance attend the EW and SyFy party during Comic-Con 2010 at Hotel Solamar on July 24, 2010 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for EW)
The tenth and final season of Smallville starts tonight on The CW. It's exciting but yet bittersweet as a fan. I am really going to miss this show and this amazing group of people that make this show happen.

Two episodes into this season of Survivor and one thing comes to mind. People are losing their mind out there!! LOL. I have seriously never seen this many people lose their mind this early on in a season of Survivor. We have people snapping at things going on and filling shoes with sand to bury in the water. People losing socks and stealing other people's socks just because they can. We have people burying themselves in tribal councils. This is definitely a season so far where you just need to lay back and be quiet. Let everyone else sink themselves with talking. The tribes have been split with younger against older. I haven't decided if I like the medallion twist in the game yet or not. Too early to tell. It's something different anyway to mix up the game a bit. So, who is going to lose their mind next or will it just be a continuation of someone that already has? That game will mess with people's heads for sure and it's being proven this season.

Kristen Bell has been doing her promotion for the new movie, "You Again". She was asked the question that we always want answered by all of us Veronica Mars fans. Anything at all new on the movie front? Well, not so much. The story is about the same with Warner Brothers feeling like they wouldn't be able to turn a profit on it. Kristen commented on the possibility of a movie to The Hollywood Reporter. Interesting comments and here is the link to check it out:

HBO has been getting a lot of talk lately from fans on a lot of their original series. Eastbound and Down returns on Sunday, September 26th. You can check out the trailer here:

If any of you are Boardwalk Empire fans, I was passed along a preview of the next episode for you all to check out. Here you go:

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Big Bang Theory, OSCK Magazine Debuts, Chuck Premiere, Community - September 23, 2010

The Big Bang Theory had its season premiere tonight and it was a funny episode. For me, the highlight was Penny being stuck on the date with Sheldon and his new "girlfriend" played by Mayim Bialik. Really funny stuff especially with Penny trying to stir the conversation. Yeah, that didn't go so well for her. LOL.

Another show that I watched tonight was Community. I have never watched the show but the guest starring role of Betty White got my attention. So, I recorded it and watched it later in the night. Yeah, my priority obviously goes to The Big Bang Theory live. I enjoyed Community. Funny show and I was able to jump right in pretty easily despite not having seen any of the first season. Betty White was great and I enjoyed the cast overall.

Chuck premiered earlier this week with a very strong season opener. Chuck and Morgan were on their mission to find Chuck's mom. While Sarah and Casey were on their own mission which ended up being tied into the mom mission. Chuck and Sarah are my favorite TV couple and I really liked the direction that they are going in this episode. Chuck has turned into someone that can protect Sarah now and doesn't have to rely on her all the time. The standoff segment in the episode was really the first time that I had the feeling of Sarah was the one that was needing rescuing and realizing that Chuck had it under control. He had the power in the situation for a change. The Buy More has returned and it now a full fledged CIA operation. Then, we got the news that Ellie is pregnant so we have a baby Awesome on the way.

To close out my post for tonight, OSCK has released their first issue of their magazine. They have Smallville covered with all the news of the summer, convention recaps, reviews and recaps of last season, a look ahead at this new season, comic reviews and news, collectibles, and a whole lot more. There is a certain Superman Celebration recap from this site that is also in there as well. They've worked hard on getting the magazine together and it looks great!! Great job!! I highly recommend checking it out. You can check it out at this link:

Big Bang Theory Premieres, Harry Potter Trailer, Storm Chasers, TV on DVD, & More - September 23, 2010

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 28: Actors Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar speak at 'The Big Bang Theory' panel during 2010 Summer TCA Tour Day 1 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 28, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Don't forget that the season premiere of The Big Bang Theory is on tonight on CBS at 7pm central time. This is its new night so keep in mind that the show is now on Thursdays!! Speaking of The Big Bang Theory, I want to send out get well prayers for Kaley Cuoco who is recovering from a fractured leg. Get well soon Kaley!! If you have not watched The Big Bang Theory, you are really missing out on a great show. I've been hooked since the first episode and am really looking forward to the season four premiere tonight. Make sure to tune in and give this show a great push of viewers on its new night!!

If you love Lost's Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson, on screen as much as I do, they just signed up for a round two. Vulture has the story about NBC picking up the rights to a J.J. Abrams produced project that would have the two starring in a brand new series. This is fun news. Those two have an incredible chemistry on screen. When they were on Lost, you knew you going to get some great scenes when you'd see them paired up.

If you're a fan of the Discovery Channel show, Storm Chasers, you're not far off from the season premiere. I'm a fan of it as well and the video put out so far to preview it looks intense. I was following online the adventures of Reed and the TVN crew back during tornado season and I'm excited to see the new episodes. Storm Chasers premieres on October 13th at 9pm central time.

TV on DVD releases for this week include: 30 Rock (Season Four), How I Met Your Mother (Season Five), The Mentalist (Season Two), Two and a Half Men (Season Seven), Being Human (Season Two), The Hills (Season Six), Castle (Season Two), Community (Season One), Desperate Housewives (Season Six), Law & Order: SVU (Season Eleven), Saturday Night Live (Best of the 2009-10 Season), and Modern Family (Season One).

To close out, here is the new trailer for the upcoming Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It will be released on November 19.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

American Idol Finally Names The Judges, How I Met Your Mother Premiere, & More - September 22, 2010

Sept. 22, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Sep 22, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - American Idol Judges Musician STEVEN TYLER, Actress/Singer JENNIFER LOPEZ, Personality/Judge RANDY JACKSON at the American Idol Season 10 Press Conference held at the Forum, Los Angeles. © Red Carpet Pictures
After months of waiting followed by a couple of weeks of reports of what the news would be, American Idol finally unveiled the new judge lineup for season ten. Randy Jackson will return but will have two new judges by his side which will be Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. The show is returning to a three judge format obviously with that news. I don't really have any certain opinion on it. I'm a long time fan of the show but the show has been weakening in recent years especially this past season. With Simon Cowell leaving the show, the show fell even further down. Viewership is down and we'll have to wait to see if this new season will bring judges back. Honestly, this announcement did nothing for me as far as excitement for the show and I like Steven Tyler. What will season ten hold for American Idol and can they get rolling again? Time will tell.

I haven't watched any other new shows this fall season yet. Just not very many that grab my attention. The one show that does is on Fox and I just have my rule with Fox. Don't watch new shows on there. They'll promote it to the moon, get you interested, and then cancel it possibly after one episode. So, I've learned my lesson from them after getting burned way too many times.

How I Met Your Mother premiered this past Monday night. There is a lot of hype on this season with the producers saying that it is going to be their best season and that the show will focus more on an overall storyline instead of standalone stuff. The cliffhanger at the end left all of us fans wondering what wedding that Ted was at. The Saget voice said that he met his wife at this particular wedding. With Lily in a bridesmaid dress and with Ted and Marshall suited up, my first thought was that they are at Robin's wedding. I am really excited about this season of the show.

I did not watch The Event this week. Lots of hype on it and unfair hype. Here is my recommendation to the networks, shows, and whoever. PLEASE do not hype a show saying that it is the next Lost. I literally groaned when I saw that in the promos for The Event. That puts way to much pressure on a new show and makes people have huge expectations of a show. Remember FlashForward? It was promoted as the new Lost. Where is that show now? Just put a new show out there and promote it. Don't link it to huge hit shows to try and grab those fans. If it disappoints, I think you're in worse trouble than you would have been if you just promoted it on its own.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Video Of The Week - Human Mattress Dominoes - September 17, 2010

Live With Regis and Kelly has been doing their Guinness Book Of World Records week with people attempting to break records. There have been a lot of fun ones to watch including records set for most free throw baskets made in an hour, lowest limbo contact, and more. However, today was the most fascinating to watch and I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The LIVE audience participated in the record for human mattress dominoes. 380 people participated in this which was quite the happening to watch. It was one of those things that looks so silly but yet it is so great. LOL. Here is the video to check it out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Brother 12 Crowns A Winner - September 15, 2010

Big Brother 12 has officially come to a close. Tonight's finale has wrapped up and we have a winner. First, part three of the final HOH competition took place and it was won in a tiebreaker by Hayden. Hayden chose Lane to go with him to the final two which meant that Enzo was voted out. The jury was put together for the live questioning. Nothing really that interesting although Matt did take some shots at him being ousted from the Brigade. Lane was asked if he would have stayed loyal to the Brigade or Britney if he had chosen who to take to the final two. He lied and said the Brigade. Later, the video was shown of him saying that he would have taken Britney when the reunion took place after the live vote. The live vote did take place and it was closer than I thought it would be. I didn't expect a tie vote with Enzo being the tie breaker. Hayden won on a 4-3 vote. The results of the voting was that Enzo, Matt, Ragan, and Kathy voted for Hayden to win. Britney, Rachel, and Brendon voted for Lane to win. The winner of America's Choice for favorite houseguest was Britney!! $25,000 to her. Loved it!! Ok, the reunion part of the finale. It was the best part of the show. The second saboteur was revealed with Ragan and the jury was stunned to learn it was him. The Matt lie was revealed to the final three and they were shocked as was everyone in the past. Speaking of reveals, I loved that Britney got to reveal to the jury about the Brigade alliance with the special shirt upon entering the jury house. The Kristen and Hayden relationship in the house was shown on the reunion to the house. That was a funny moment. I love the moments when you get to see the house react to things that they didn't know. So, Hayden wins Big Brother which I thought would happen. I thought he sealed it with his competition wins late in the season.

Super Pass is doing live interviews in the backyard with the houseguests on the live feeds. Just some random recaps on it. Kathy was just asked if she knew that Enzo thought that the "S" in the note he got was for "sheriff". Kathy got a huge laugh out of it. Britney said that she didn't see Rachel much in the jury house as Rachel was with Brendon most of the time. You can tell that Britney is getting a ton of Lane questions. She confirmed that she did lie about the goodbye to Rachel. She told Rachel that she recorded two goodbyes which was a lie. She said "duh" to the question laughing that of course she lied cause she wasn't expecting Rachel to return to the house. Britney talked of how she was devastated about the Brigade reveal but that she knew she could either be happy or sad during her last days in the house. She chose to have fun with the friends that she had made for her last few days in the house. "Just The Tip" was brought up and Britney was thrilled to learn that it was a hit. I loved it. Matt said that he came up with the wife lie before the show started on doing something like that. He said that he just blurted it out at the beginning of the show and had to run with it from there. He did regret throwing Ragan under the bus and also said that he knew he was the low man in the group from early on. It wasn't something that he learned late in the game but said he did not know that the others were so determined to get him out. Matt still is battling over the creation of the Brigade. Matt said that Enzo created this deal of making side alliances but yet Enzo was the only one that didn't have a side alliance with anyone. We'll have a battle going on for a while over who started the Brigade between Matt and Enzo. Ragan was asked about his trashing on the other houseguests on the feeds. He said that the people that he disliked were doing bad things to him in the game so he didn't feel bad about it. He feels that he and Matt will remain friends. He did not regret throwing the competitions to Matt saying that he didn't feel like he was a target at the time. Looking back on it, he said he would have put up Brigade members. Rachel was asked why she chose to have a showmance so early in the game and put a target on her back. She said that she didn't plan on it but fell in love. Rachel said that her and Ragan would never make up saying that Ragan won't accept any of her apologies. She was asked about the imitation in the HOH room and whether she knew that they were laughing at her and not with her. She said that she did know it. Enzo said that Matt is lying about putting together the Brigade. Enzo was asked one why he ate when he was a have not? He said that he was given a warning but that he is the meow meow and that is why he can get away with it. Lane was asked about Britney. He did a lot of joking around about it saying how he had picked on her so their relationship is healthy. He did say that Britney was his type and a sweet girl. Lane was told about his dogs having been missing but that they had been returned. He was obviously happy to hear that news. Lane did say that it was a strategy of his to lay low in the early part of the game. Hayden was asked why he didn't take Enzo and he felt that Enzo could have beaten him. That was pretty much the highlights of the interviews that I saw.

I do want to finish this by saying thank you so much to the live feed updaters. You guys work really hard to help keep us up to date on what is going on in the house. When the rest of us are away, you do the work and we're able to read and catch up. Thank you to all the fans who made this season a lot of fun as well with reading the message boards. Watching the feeds and reading the forums at the same time is an absolute must and makes the live feed experience so much better. I really enjoyed this season and am already looking forward to Big Brother 13 which will be happening. That is it for tonight's Big Brother recap. Take care and God bless!!

TBS Cancels My Boys, Survivor Premiere & Big Brother Finale Tonight - September 15, 2010

TBS has canceled My Boys after four seasons. The season finale aired on Sunday night. The way it tied up almost did make it feel like a series finale. I wonder if they knew something that we didn't. Such a shame to see such a funny show get canceled. Well, what else is new? The good shows get canceled while a lot of bad ones continue on. Welcome to the world of TV. Thanks to the producers, cast, and crew for four fun seasons.

Big night of TV tonight on CBS. The return of Survivor as season twenty one premieres. Wow, I have watched twenty one seasons of Survivor. Amazing to think about it. It will be a battle of the ages and there will be a new twist put into the game this week that I read about in Entertainment Weekly over the weekend. I'll just leave it at that and let you see it happen or read about it in EW if you want to. Tonight is also the finale of Big Brother 12. There is really no drama going on in the house. The guys are just wasting time to get to finale night. I am still amazed that they have had to stay in the house for another week since the last competition. I am predicting a Hayden win in the final competition and also a win overall. I don't think Lane or Enzo can beat him. The only chance of Hayden not winning is if Lane wins the competition and doesn't take him to the final two. The real show is going to be the reunion of the houseguests, the jury house, etc. That is where our drama is going to lie. The jury questioning could be very interesting especially when Britney shows up at the jury house with the news of the Brigade alliance.

Lost Viewing Marathon Going On In London - September 15, 2010

There has been a Lost marathon going on over in London at the Prince Charles Cinema. Carlton Cuse tweeted about it earlier in the week. 280 people gathered in a theater in London watching all 121 episodes of Lost in a row which should finish on Thursday. It is said to be an 80 hour marathon with the last fan standing being declared the biggest Lost fan in Britain. Breaks are taken from time to time and paramedics are there to watch over the participants. As of earlier today, nineteen fans remained with another day to go. It appears that they are into season four of the marathon. This is a really fun idea and I'd be curious to hear the thoughts of the viewers on things that they might have picked up on watching the show in that marathon form. Here is a video that was posted of what is going on at the marathon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts On The One Tree Hill Season Premiere - September 14, 2010

The new season of One Tree Hill is underway after tonight's premiere on The CW. I enjoyed it. Good premiere. First off, it was great to hear the theme song back on the show. I have missed it as have a lot of fans. Lots of happenings in the episode including Brooke getting arrested, a love triangle, a pregnancy announcement, and the fact that we're going to have to wait just a little bit longer to find out the fate of Quinn and Clay. What about Quinn and Clay? Well, you may remember them being shot in the finale last season. There were all sorts of signs through this episode that we were in some sort of dream sequence with them including Clay pondering about how they were the only ones on the beach. The episode ended with Nathan at the door and there being no answer as they lay unconscious inside. Haley is pregnant. That will be a fun story to follow this season just as it was with the arrival of Jamie in season four. How funny was the stuff with Jamie and Chuck and the computer trying to figure out where babies come from? Haley and Nathan bombed with trying to find a way to tell Jamie the answer. When I saw them with the computer, my first reaction was that this can't end well. LOL. Brooke is arrested. It turns out that Victoria and Millie lied about the success of the business in the weak economy and Brooke takes the fall. So, we'll wait and see how that scandal will play out. Brooke and Julian are engaged and were starting to make their plans before the scandal hit. Then, we have the new couple of Alex and Chase with Mia being the one on the outside looking in. A few random thoughts. Like I said, I loved the theme song being back. Great choice of music and the music is so important to this show. The Grease scene with Haley walking in on Brooke and Julian was funny. If you were on Twitter tonight, you got a fun time with several of the cast posting comments and answering questions including Sophia Bush, Jana Kramer, Austin Nichols, and Lisa Goldstein. That is one of the many things that I love about this show is how they are always giving back to the fans. This has to be the most fan friendly show that I've ever seen and I can't credit them enough for that. I enjoyed tonight's premiere and am looking forward to the rest of the season.

One Tree Hill & Life Unexpected Premiere Tonight, 90210 Premiere Thoughts - September 14, 2010

One Tree Hill moves to its new night of Tuesday night with its season premiere tonight. We got left with some definite cliffhangers on that show and I'm excited to see what happens. Based on the info that I've been reading about the overall tone of the series this year, I'm looking even more forward to it. Also, Life Unexpected returns tonight with new episodes. Life Unexpected has been a really fun show and I've admittedly gotten behind on it. Bad me. I need to get caught up on it so I can get rolling with the new season.

Last night was the 90210 premiere. I felt like I got blasted with new storylines in the last five or so minutes of the show Senior year started with an earthquake that got all of the new happenings of the season underway. Annie had done her time for the hit and run and was now free. I still thought the payoff for that season long storyline was lame to end last season. They built and built and then barely a whisper to send it out on. Last night, Annie applied for an internship and after being honest about her summer house arrest, she was given the job. However, the woman in charge seemed to have plans for Annie especially with her current state of being desperate to get back on her feet. Annie and Liam. Tension going there. Also, Annie and Dixon are having to help their mom as she deals with the divorce. Silver and Teddy are going well. However, Teddy ends up getting hurt in the earthquake and returns to play tennis too quickly hurting himself worse. Silver later caught him with Naomi as a very intoxicated Naomi was throwing herself at him. We learned that Naomi had hid in a hotel all summer from everyone after she was raped by the teacher at the end of last season. She looks to file charges against him when seeing he is still at the school but she continues to free fall. Definite weird triangle, wait make that a square I guess, with Dixon, Ivy, a childhood friend of Ivy's, and Ivy's mom. Yeah, it was just weird. Adrianna was in a car accident after returning from her tour with the pop star. He basically informs her that she is done and her career is about to go bad. Then, an accident happens and he is killed. She takes the song book of his and starts to use the songs. Navid told her it was the best stuff that she had ever written. Overall, I mostly enjoyed the premiere. There were things that I liked. Things that I didn't like. I didn't like the love triangle-square at all. Just seems really forced and bizarre. As usual, I like most of the Annie storyline stuff. Teddy's injury provides some story possibilities for him and Silver. The Naomi storyline with the teacher could be interesting with her looking to get revenge. The rest of the Naomi stuff is just usually way too over the top for my liking. There are times where this show really feels like it goes off the rails with storylines and just overdoes things. The shows seems the most enjoyable to me when they keep the stories simple. We'll see where they take season three from here.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Boys Season Finale, CW Shows, & More - September 13, 2010

My Boys wrapped its season up last night on TBS with a one hour block of episodes. Fun season that saw the group making changes in their lives. Brendan probably had the most changes. Wait, that isn't true based on the finale last night. Mike got married!! Wow!! I did laugh at how that relationship got started with her basically just continuing to show up at his door and doing all she could to get his attention although he was clueless. LOL. I loved her approach of that she was the new neighbor and had heard a bunch of barking over night. She asked if he had a dog. He didn't. She then asked if maybe he had a wife or kids that make a lot of noise. He didn't again. That opened the door for her to know he was single. My first thought was..…BRILLIANT. LOL. That was great writing right there. Anyway, she has been a good addition to the cast. Brendan's changes for the season was him moving out of P.J's. and into his own place. Then, he saves Crowley's at the end by buying it. How did I not see that story unfolding was what I thought at the end of the episode? P.J. and Bobby continued their relationship and P.J. had to decide how much a dream job would mean to her. Would it be worth changing her life for? The answer was no and she chose her crew over the job. Fun season. Fun show.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 29: Executive Producer Kevin Murphy, actresses Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka and Executive Producer Tom Welling speak onstage during the 'Hellcats' panel during the 2010 Summer TCA Tour Day 2 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 29, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
I checked out the H-Cats series premiere last week. Yeah, I'm just going to put a hyphen on that show name. I enjoyed it. I was amazed at just how many cast members from other favorite shows of mine were on this show. The story revolves around the college cheerleading squad. There are two different stories of desperation going on. One is the cheerleading squad who is in danger of being cut due to budget cuts unless they perform and win. The second is the story of Marti. Marti is a scholarship student and learns that her scholarship has been cancelled. She learns a little too late after her mom doesn't inform her of the news. If you didn't see it, her mom isn't the most responsible. Marti basically is desperate to do whatever she can to stay in college and brings her gymnastics talents back to the forefront. She goes for the cheerleading squad. This clashes with both team captains, Savannah and Alice. The first episode had Savannah and Marti putting their differences aside and working to better the team. That doesn't appear to be happening with Alice though who is going to cause all kinds of trouble based on what we saw in the last part of the episode. This show has a lot of cast interest with me. Several of my favorite shows are represented with former cast members including One Tree Hill, Buffy, and American Dreams. Plus, you have Tom Welling of Smallville producing it. This is a show that I see as being a fun competitive sports story with drama added in. I liked the first episode and will be continuing to watch.

The season premieres roll out on The CW this week. 90210 starts tonight on its new night along with the season premiere of Gossip Girl.

Little People Big World has returned on TLC for its last season. I'm sad to see this show ending soon as it is such a fun show. The Roloffs have been a lot of fun to watch over the years. They are going to definitely be missed by all of their fans. Tune in tonight on TLC at 7pm central time.

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - September 13, 2010

The Week Of Big Brother. I'm late on getting this up on the site. This was the week that the live feeds went dark…..for a long time..….taking out the last interesting thing to watch..……and returning..….to watch the guys sleep. No real surprises last week with the happenings and that is unfortunate as a Britney fan. She had to win veto last week to survive and didn't get it. So, let's start with the beginning of the Big Brother week. Hayden wins the HOH and decides to put Britney and Lane up on the block. No surprise there. Hayden wins the veto. I'm kind of surprised cause I really thought Britney might pull out the win. Hayden doesn't use the veto which keeps his nominations the same. Enzo is the lone vote and votes Britney out of the house. The first part of the HOH competition was held and was an endurance competition. Enzo was the first one out and was out at around 20 minutes if I remember right. Seriously??!! LOL. He got on the nerves of Hayden and Lane when he went in the house and fixed him some food. He came back out and ate it right in front of them. Yeah, they weren't happy. LOL. Hayden and Lane battled for nearly two hours with Hayden pulling out the win. Yeah, it figures that we FINALLY get a good length endurance competition and the feeds are blocked. Thanks CBS. Glad that I pay for these feeds. The second part of the HOH competition was held with Lane against Enzo. Lane won easily and will face Hayden in part three on this Wednesday's finale. The winner will then get to choose who to take with them to the final two. The other big news of the week was The Brigade revealing to Britney about their alliance. I thought Britney took it pretty well until the guys basically were laughing in her face about it. The final straw seemed to be Hayden's smirky glad you won ten grand comment. That was when she realized that she had no chance. She left the room crying. We also saw the arrival of Ragan to the jury house. We also got another argument between him and Rachel. The argument was bizarre and basically had Ragan's point proven that things had been more peaceful since she left the house. It's true. The drama did leave with her as the arguments didn't happen after that. Ragan's reaction to the Matt's lie reveal was better than I expected. He didn't take it as bad I thought he would.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Well, the live feeders pretty much missed as much as the non feed viewers. I'll just leave it at that with the blackout that they did on us. It felt like a ratings move which I just don't get anyway. If it was a ratings move to get us to tune in, what's the point? We tune in anyway. We have to so we can get the rest of the story with the diary room stuff. Then, the ratings weren't as strong for that episode anyway which kind of made me laugh. Real was working hard trying to get programming on for the live feeders who were canceling left and right in anger over what had occurred. I have to give credit to Real for trying all they could including getting call in shows on the air to keep us entertained or at least more patient. I did watch the Brigade reveal to Britney on the feeds. It went basically as it was shown. She just listened and took in this information of what had been going on. She was basically fine until she realized that she had no chance of winning. She went to the diary room for a while which was likely the breakdown that we saw with her DR interviews on the show. The reaction in the room with the Brigade after she left was one of feeling bad. Enzo seemed to feel the worst saying that he hated that they had made her cry. They all basically felt bad about her crying. Well, if you mock her and laugh right in front of her making her realize that her game is done, what do you expect her to do? She did cool off and was fine later in the week including her playing cards with the guys. I thought she handled the whole thing really well overall including a classy exit with her interview. The feeds have been DULL since Britney left. The guys sleep most of the time and Enzo's mood has been terrible for a lot of it with him thinking that his chances to win are gone. I just don't understand why Big Brother left them in there for a week with nothing to do. That is a lot of time and I'm really hoping that something is given to these guys to entertain themselves.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: Actually, I'd just put any of those Zingbot lines from last night's best of episode cause they were hilarious. ZING!!

I listened to an interview with Matt's wife the other night. Good interview and she seems really nice. She had interesting takes on the season and how Matt had played the game. Big Brother After Dark did the interview and you can check it out at this link:
Their website is at this link:

So, we have the two hour finale on Wednesday night. I'm predicting a Hayden win in part three of the competition and a Hayden win overall. I just don't see anybody stopping him. The most entertainment of the night will be the jury house and the questioning taking place. That will be where the fun of the show will be.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CBS Cuts The Big Brother Feeds Till Tomorrow Night - September 7, 2010

Big Brother fans are having an angry day after the live feeds shut down earlier today. CBS has shut down the Big Brother live feeds until after tomorrow night's episode. This message has been shown on the feeds to viewers: "We're sorry, but CBS is blocking the live feeds from Tuesday until after the Wednesday show". There is talk that the eviction episode will be taped tonight. So, with the feeds being shut down, what does that mean that we'll miss? I won't spoil anything obviously but there isn't likely to be any drama with who is going home on the next episode. It has been decided. Will we be missing the first part of the final HOH competition? It really sounds possible. The live feeders could be cut off on what is the deciding part of the game. The endurance part one is usually good and draws feed viewers. Now, I assume that is being cut out. I am trying to remember if part two ever airs live on the feeds and I don't believe it does. Part three obviously is on the live show. If the feeds are going to be cut out on this final competition, what has CBS really left all of us feed viewers to watch? I have to think that there are a lot of people canceling feeds today. Based on what I'm seeing online today, that is what is happening. On feed one, they are replaying previous episodes of Big Brother After Dark to fill the time with some sort of Big Brother programming for fans to watch. They appear to be airing from the beginning based on who I'm seeing in the house. So, fans are shut out until tomorrow night's episode. CBS definitely isn't making any fans out of people today.
UPDATED: 10:00pm
SPOILER ALERT on the eviction. First, it appears that Big Brother After Dark will be a taped episode with footage that was recorded earlier today. So, that rumor appears to be true. Second, the eviction has taken place. Reports started coming from Twitter and are now popping up on other sites. Britney has been evicted from the Big Brother house. The first part of the HOH competition is taking place tonight. Real has been scrambling trying to get programming online to keep the feed viewers entertained. Believe me, there are a lot of people canceling their feeds today over what has happened with us being blocked. It's like getting to the championship game and then having the first half blocked from being viewed. Lots of frustration from Big Brother fans today.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Final Four Is Set On Big Brother 12, New HOH Is Crowned - September 2, 2010

The final four has been revealed for Big Brother 12. Tonight's eviction episode went as expected. Ragan was voted out despite giving an effort on why it would benefit Britney and Lane to keep him. It was a classy exit from Ragan and also by the houseguests. We saw the jury house full of evicted houseguests for the first time. It is always interesting to see the reaction of the jury house as each person is added to it. However, all of that was overshadowed by Matt revealing to the jury house of Rachel, Brendon, and Kathy that he had lied about his wife's health. It did not go over very well as expected with Rachel and Kathy being the most furious. Wow, just wait till Ragan gets that reveal. I actually thought that Matt wouldn't tell that till finale night but he said that he wanted to come clean since the game is over for him. The episode ended with the live HOH competition taking place. It was a Christmas themed HOH with the houseguests having to decorate their tree with ornaments. They had to reach through a fence and work the ornaments up to their destination on their tree. SPOILER ALERT!!! If you do not want to know who won the HOH competition, stop reading now. The feeds did not return until after the competition was long over and the final four was sitting at the kitchen table talking about it. Hayden was sitting there with the HOH key so there is your new HOH. So, the live feeders were robbed again. It does get annoying sometimes to be a live feed watcher. I still remember the live HOH competition a few weeks ago where we missed just about everyone being eliminated including them blocking when the winning moment happened. So, Hayden is the new HOH.

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - September 2, 2010

After last week's double eviction episode, Matt and Brendon were eliminated from the game. The next HOH competition was held which was won by Lane. The obvious question with that is where is his loyalty going to lie? The Brigade or Britney? Well, it obviously wasn't going to be with Ragan who was put up on the block next to Enzo. Enzo was the pawn in the situation. OTEV returned for the veto competition and it came down to Enzo and Ragan for the POV. The two collided diving down the slide to get the winning CD. It was amazing to watch and thank you Britney for calling for the slow motion replay of it. LOL. Enzo finally wins something and is the veto winner. He takes himself off of the block and Lane has to choose between Britney and Hayden on replacements. Britney definitely got in Lane's head with the talk of that he can't beat Hayden in the final two. So, Lane is now paired up with Britney till the end for final two. Hayden goes up on the block and it's Hayden against Ragan. All signs point to Ragan going home especially with him knowing about the Brigade alliance. Lane opened up Pandora's Box this week which ended up being a money tree. He could possibly have won up to $10,000 in money but instead ended up with $91.17. LOL. Three punishments were inflicted on the house for the time after the box was opened. One was that all the eating and drinking utensils were gone. Two was that the houseguests had to wear a sock puppet with their likeness for 12 hours including them having to talk all the time with the puppet. Three was the dance party. For twelve hours, the houseguests would have to get up and dance every time the music played in the house for as long as it played. It didn't matter what you were doing at the time. That was hilarious!!

Overall Thoughts On The Week: It was an all right week. The Pandora's Box stuff obviously helped it a lot cause there was no drama with how things played out with nominations and veto. Ragan knew he was the target this week and had to win to keep himself in the game. Just some random notes of the show happenings. I loved the conversation with Enzo trying to understand golf. We do have a lot of these fun type conversations like that on the feeds and you just never know what he is going to say. Enzo's comments on the picture of Lane's brother was hilarious comparing him to The Undertaker. How hilarious was Ragan throwing that CD and hitting the clam AND it bouncing off to hit Enzo in the face? LOL. The puppets were hilarious and provided for some good entertainment. The likenesses of them were funny.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Well, you've seen most of the big happenings. We just saw it longer such as the puppets, dancing, and the ending of the penguin suit. I did think it was funny how they cut the ceremony. We get one line from Lane saying something to the effect of we'll miss you penguin. LOL. The houseguests were around the pool and Enzo asked them each to say something about the penguin.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: Enzo learning golf.
Enzo: "How many different sticks do you need?"
Britney: "Nine."
Enzo: "Why do you need nine, it's one golf ball? Just use two sticks. If one breaks, you use the other one."

It's 90210 Day - September 2, 2010

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - NOVEMBER 3:  (from left to right) Former cast members Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green, Ian Ziering, Jason Priestley and Gabrielle Carteris arrive at the Beverly Hills 90210: The Complete First Season DVD Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel November 3, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Today is 90210. September 2, 2010 which equals 9/02/10. A fun day to have a tie in to the TV series, Beverly Hills 90210. This is one of my favorite shows of all time and a show that I grew up watching. A generation of fans grew up with this show and grew attached to these characters that we watched grow over ten years. When the show signed off in 2000, it really felt like fans were saying goodbye to these characters that they had known and loved in that time. Now, we obviously had the characters going in and out of the series over the ten years although many did stay throughout the run of the series. I still find myself watching reruns on SOAPnet and remembering these fun episodes. I remember tuning in excited for the season to start early with the summer season premieres and wondering how the love triangle of Dylan, Brenda, and Kelly was going to turn out. The show tackled serious topics as well from teenage pregnancy, rape, drugs, and alcohol. Then, we also had the fun silly high school stories that were fun to watch. The show went on to the college years and into the real world beyond that with what the characters would do in their lives. SOAPnet will be airing its normal episodes today but I think that a marathon was in order. It is nice to see The CW airing a rerun of the new 90210 series but how fun could the promotion have been for the season premiere to be on the date of 90210? I get that the date doesn't fall on what its normal night would be but I think this would be a fun excuse for it. Plus, I wish the writers of the show would not completely forget its roots but that is another blog entry for another time and one that I've already done. LOL. Anyway, just a fun little moment of a day for us Beverly Hills 90210 fans. So, go get your custom license plates made that say I8A4RE, buy yourself a mega burger, put out an APB for Shannen Doherty to get in her Laverne gear, and by the way….Donna Martin graduates..….

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