Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feed Update - Pandora's Box Strikes Again

SPOILER ALERT!! Nominations have taken place and the veto competition took place today. On the block is Brendon and Enzo. The veto competition took place today and was won by Brendon. It was a competition similar to All Stars where you could buzz in to take prizes or punishments. Brendon has shaved his head which was something that he accepted. Money was a part of the competition as well but it isn't clear who took it or I've missed it. Enzo has to wear a penquin suit this week and he looks ridiculous. LOL. One thing too is that he had to give up his clothes as well so it appears that he now has no clothes. Britney is going to have to be handcuffed to Brendon for 24 hours which has not happened yet. Apparently, he actually picked Britney to be handcuffed to. Britney was mad over how it all turned out and had a good talk with Lane over what happened where he eased her down. Now, the feeds went off tonight for about 30 minutes or so. When the feeds returned, Britney was talking about opening a Pandora's Box. Apparently, it unlocked a Hawaiian Luau BBQ for the rest of the house while she says that she was stuck in a room with Jessie. Yes, that Jessie from previous Big Brother seasons. She says that the message said "how would you like to receive advice for an hour?" with a previous houseguest but said that she didn't know what kind of advice. So, she got workout advice for an hour. She said that he talked about himself the whole time saying that kept saying about how he was the best looking guy and built guy. She said that Russell was bigger than him and that Jessie was about her height. She did say that she got to watch the feast from inside while she was stuck with Jessie. The way she told the story was really funny. Yeah, she's not a fan of Jessie's, needless to say. LOL. We didn't see Jessie on the feeds so we just have to assume that she is telling the truth on this. I wondered if she was making this story up to cover for her getting something good in the Pandora's Box. However, with the house getting something good, it has to be sure that she got something bad. So, it appears that Jessie made a quick return to the Big Brother house unless we see otherwise.

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