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Ongoing Lost Auction - Live Updates - August 21, 2010

SANTA MONICA, CA - AUGUST 21: An item on display for sale during the 'Lost' Memorabilia Auction at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, on August 21, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
I'm following the happenings of the Lost Auction online. As expected, this stuff is going for high dollar amounts!! Just thought I'd post some of the happenings of it.
Season One items:
All the cast chairs were high demand with Elizabeth Mitchell's going for $2,000.
Jack Bender's chair back goes for $3,250
Pieces of the plane wreckage were auctioned with some of the totals being for $9,000, $3,250, and $1,300.
The Pilot episode script signed by JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof went for $15,000!!
Oceanic flight wreckage used to cover Sawyer's stash: $7,000
Sawyer's beach camp chair: $2,750
Row of Oceanic Airlines plane seats: $1,700 and $1,800
Oceanic wreckage used for Rose and Bernard's camp shelter: $2,500
Jack's Pilot episode costume which he wears after the crash: $3,000
Jack's season one medical costume: $850
Kate's Pilot episode costume: $1,300
Other Kate season one costumes: $750, $650, $750, $1,500
Kate's costume from "House of the Rising Sun": $850
Hurley's season one costume and backpack: $850
Hurley's costume from the episode "The Numbers" including the number 72 on it: $475
Sawyer's Pilot episode costume (blue shirt and jeans): $650
Sawyer's Pilot episode costume (gray shirt and jeans): $1,400
Locke's costume, binoculars and compass: $2,500
Other Locke season one costumes: $475, $650
Locke's costume worn at Boone's funeral: $1,100
Locke's costume from the episode "Born To Run": $1,600
Sayid's Pilot episode costume (gray shirt, black pants): $650
Sayid's costume from the episode "Deus Ex Machina": $425
Jin's season one costume (tan pants): $400
Jin's season one costume (blue pants): $200
Jin's distressed costume from "In Translation": $425
Sun's season one costume (yellow top and multi-colored skirt): $500
Sun's season one island costume and backpack: $500
Sun's costume from the episode, "Walkabout": $450
Sun's bikini from the episode, "In Translation": $1,200
Sun's dress from "House Of The Rising Sun": $400
Claire's costume from the episode "The Moth" (black tank top and pants): $350
Claire's costume from the episode "The Moth" (gray shirt and blue skirt): $350
Charlie's season one costume (black jacket, striped shirt, jeans): $3,500
Liam Pace's Drive Shaft concert costume from "The Moth": $700
Charlie's costume from the episode "White Rabbit": $700
Michael's season one costume (blue shirt, tan pants): $325
Michael's island costume (orange shirt, jeans): $375
Walt's costume from the pilot episode: $500
Walt's distressed shirt and life jacket worn on the raft: $950
Shannon's pilot episode costume (pink outfit): $900
Shannon's island costume (yellow top and gray skirt): $600
Shannon's island costume from "Hearts and Mind" (pink and purple outfit): $550
Boone's Pilot episode costume (orange jacket, blue shirt, black pants): $850
Boone's costume from the episode "Raised By Another": $450
Rose's costume from the Pilot episode: $300
Oceanic Airlines pilot costume: $425
Oceanic Airlines jumpsuit: $450
Oceanic Airlines employee uniform: $650
Jack's season one backpack: $2,500
Jack's U.S. passport and customs declaration: $4,750
Jack's green medical case: $800
Jack's halliburton: $1,600
Key and necklace to the halliburton briefcase: $2,000
Jack's medical achievement awards: $1,300
Jack's framed medical degrees: $1,600
Jack's wedding vows from ex-wife Sarah: $1,300
Jack's burgundy medical case: $1,300
Kate's U.S. passport and police mug shot printout: $4,750
Kate's metal handcuffs from the Pilot episode: $1,400
Kate's toy airplane from season one: $6,500!!!!
Kate's season one backpack: $900
Kate's mini pocket knife and whittling stick: $600
Kate's wallet, NM driver's license and credit cards: $1,400
Kate's knife with sheath: $1,200
Kate and Tom's lunchbox time capsule with contents: $1,800
Hurley's U.S. passport: $3,500
Hurley's CD/MP3 player and headphones: $1,300
Hurley's winning Mega Lotto Jackpot ticket: $5,500
Box of Mega Lotto Jackpot ping pong balls (winning numbers): $1,600
Girls soccer backpacks with Hurley's Lotto numbers: $1,100
Hurley's Spanish comic book: $3,250
Hurley's shirt-turned-fishing-net: $1,200
Hurley's set of Prokennex brand golf clubs: $1,400
Hurley's Connect Four Game: $700
Improvised golf course hole markers created by Hurley: $1,000
Sawyer's season one and two backpack: $1,400
Sawyer's improvised reading glasses from season one: $2,250
Sawyer's paperback copy of "Watership Down": $2,750
Sawyer's letter to the man who murdered his parents: $6,500
Sawyer's briefcase with fake oil report for oil scam: $850
Locke's Oceanic Airlines boarding pass: $2,750
Locke's backpack: $2,250
Locke's knife set and Rimowa Tropicana Trolley case: $7,500
Locke's hero wheelchair: $3,250
Locke's Master Bowie knife with studio blood stains: $3,500
Locke's collection of rubber stunt Master Bowie knives: $3,250
Locke's special effects Master Bowie knife: $2,000
Locke's backgammon set: $7,000
Locke's tan canvas backpack: $1,800
Sayid's Oceanic boarding pass, passport, and belongings: $4,250
Sayid's Koran and archive of CIA surveillance material: $1,600
Set of three Sayid photos of Nadia: $1,000
Jin's personal belongings: $1,400
Jin's fishing net and fishing pole: $900
Rolex worn by Jin and later given to Michael: $1,900
Collection of handcuffs worn by Jin: $800
Rolex that Jin delivers for Mr. Paik in Australia: $2,000
Sun's Oceanic Airlines boarding pass and passports: $2,000
Jin and Sun's wedding announcement: $2,000
Claire's Diary: $1,900
4 scorched model Oceanic airplanes from Claire's dream: $1,600
Claire's prop baby, Aaron, in bjorn: $850
Baby Aaron's crib: $8,000
Charlie's Oceanic Flight 815 boarding pass and belongings: $1,400
Charlie's personal belongings: $1,600
Charlie's "DS" ring: $9,000
Charlie's blindfold with reference photo: $850
Charlie's "FATE" hand bandages and gauze: $1,200
Charlie's "Drive Shaft" paraphernalia: $700
Michael's raft diagram: $1100
Michael's sketches dawn from the hospital: $750
Box containing letters and cards from Michael to Walt: $1,100
Michael and Walt's personal belongings: $1,200
Walt's Spanish comic book: $1,400
Walt's Gameboy Advance SP: $650
Shannon's personal belongings: $750
Boone's personal belongings: $1,700
Oceanic Flight 815 boarding gate sign: $4,750
U.S. Marshal Edward Mars, personal belongings: $600
Boone's hunting knife: $1,100
Set of Oceanic Airlines pilot ID badges and luggage tags: $1,900
Survivors tools made from the Oceanic 815 wreckage: $700
13 Oceanic Airlines branded water bottles: $1,400
Binder used for the eulogy, first funeral on the island: $750
Island torches used by the survivors in seasons 1 & 2: $1,700
Vincent's collar and leash: $1,300
Four Virgin Mary statues: $4,250
Collection of Rousseau's maps: $9,000
Crystallized Black Rock dynamite: $1,300
Black Rock prop dynamite in crate: $1,500
Two crates filled with six Virgin Mary statues: $5,000
Wine bottle with messages from the raft: $2,250
Radar and equipment used on the raft in season one finale: $1,100
Season one production artwork: $14,000
Oceanic Airlines 815 Boeing 777 Digital Maquette: $900
Set design model of the Oceanic Airlines 815 interior: $500
Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute Sign: $750
Set design model of the Swan station hatch: $1,600
Swan station hatch door: $16,000 (highest money getter yet)
The Hatch: $8,000 (wow, the door sold higher than the hatch.)

Season Two: With the costumes, I'm just going to mention the big name ones cause some of these are kind of repetitive.
Jack's medical bag: $3,250
Kate's season two island costume: $800
Kate's costume from the episode "What Kate Did": 2 costumes with prices of $800, $750
Hurley's season two costumes: $700
Hurley's Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack restaurant costume: $750
The actual Mr. Cluck chicken costume: $1,900
Sawyer's costume from "The Long Con": $700
Jin's Seoul Gateway Hotel doorman costume: $650
Pierre Chang's DHARMA lab suit: $2,000
Desmond's DHARMA jumpsuit: $4,750
Shannon's death costume from the episode "Collision": $950
Kate's backpack: $850
Kate's personal belongings: $1,600
Kate's Smith and Wesson S.W.A.T. pocket knife: $1,200
Collection of Drive Shaft CD cases: $1,500
Mr. Cluck's employee name tags, buckets, cups, etc: $1,600
"Walt Missing" milk carton from Hurley's dream sequence: $1,400
Sawyer's books: $850
Sawyer's backpack: $1,000
Collection of Sawyer's "gold chains" used in con job: $600
Pearl Station Hatch: $3,750
Locke's non-serrated Master Bowie knife w/tape repair: $2,750
Various renditions of Locke's blast door Map: $2,000
Locke's Australian "walkabout" book and tourism posters: $1,000
Locke's "welcome home" business materials: $650
Locke's engagement ring and apartment key: $850
Locke's folding pocket knives: $1,700
Sayid's Republican Guard torture tools and other items: $1,300
Desmond's books from the Swan Station library: $1,200
Charlie's acoustic guitar: $4,750
Charlie's piano: $1,700
Ben's personal belongings as "Henry Gale": $1,500
Henry Gale's hot air balloon and gondola: $850
Desmond's letters to Penny from prison: $2,000
Penny's letter to Desmond: $3,500
Desmond's photograph with Penny at the Marina: $6,500
Desmond's fail-safe key with "Joe Inman" dog tag: $11,000
Shannon's Bag: $475
Rose and Bernard's personal belongings: $1,100
Ana Lucia's personal belongings: $800
Eko's machete, cross necklace, and hollowed-out Bible: $4,250
Eko's signature staff with Bible scripture carvings: $8,000
Lightweight stunt version of Eko's stick: $4,000
Rousseau's distressed music box: $2,000
Scope used by Desmond in the Swan Station: $1,600
Swan Station film projector and screen: $2,000
Three DHARMA Initiative orientation films from the Swan: $2,750
DHARMA initiation videos and notepads: $2,000
DHARMA Initiative orientation kit: $3,250
Digital Swan station/hatch wall countdown clock: $6,000
Swan station computer: $16,000
Pearl station printer and "System Failure" log printout: $1,900
Swan station record player: $1,800
Geronimo Jackson LP: $1,600
Dollhouse from Shannon's father's funeral: $475
Assortment of DHARMA branded foods: $3,250
DHARMA branded playing cards used by Sawyer and Jack: $4,250
DHARMA notepads and pneumatic canisters from the Pearl: $3,000
Six Apollo chocolate bars: $1,200
Emma's teddy bear: $1,200
Season two production artwork: $7,500
DHARMA shark: $1,600
Swan Station hatch door after the discharge: $9,000
DHARMA Initiative Sign: $3,750

Season Three:
Jack's DHARMA scrubs: $1,200
Jack's DHARMA surgery scrubs costume from "I Do": $1,300
Jack's distressed DHARMA scrubs: $1,400
Kate's dress from "A Tale Of Two Cities": $1,600
Kate's costume from the episode "I Do": $1,200
Young Ben Linus costume when first meeting Richard: $600
Ben Linus DHARMA jumpsuit from "Man Behind The Curtain": $1,500
Juliet's bloodied DHARMA medical scrubs: $1,100
Desmond's distressed DHARMA jumpsuit: $1,000
Richard Alpert's "Man Behind The Curtain" costume: $750
Jack's CA license plate for his Ford Bronco: $2,750
Jack's divorce papers: $500
Kate and Kevin's wedding rings: $1,100
Sawyer's improvised reading glasses: $2,250
Two DHARMA branded beer cans belonging to Sawyer: $1,500
Hurley and Sawyer's makeshift ping pong paddles and balls: $2,250
Sawyer's Arrest Report as James Ford: $1,000
Locke's CA driver's license and registration: $1,500
Locke's flash forward coffin with rolling base: $1,200
Sayid's personal belongings: $1,300
Sayid's DHARMA cabling map showing the Barracks: $2,000
Aaron's crib after attacked by the Others: $1,200
Charlie's "DS" Ring: $8,500
Notepad with Charlie's top 5 greatest moments: $3,750
Charlie's guitar with an arrow through the neck: $2,000
Charlie's flashback guitar and case: $4,500
Ben's handwritten orders for Juliet's execution: $1,300
Ben Linus's glasses: $2,500

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