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Lost Season Six DVD Thoughts - August 24, 2010

SANTA MONICA, CA - AUGUST 21: An item on display for sale during the 'Lost' Memorabilia Auction at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, on August 21, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
Just some quick thoughts on the Lost season six DVD set that came out today. I have watched the bonus features on it and they are incredible. I'll start with "The New Man In Charge" and this is a spoiler alert for anyone that may be waiting to see it. This is the feature that has about 12 minutes of footage that was shot of the story of Hurley and Ben in charge of the island. In this feature, we see where the food drops were coming from until Ben shows up. That footage has been shown in a lot of the leaked video. Hurley has ordered for the stations to be shut down. The Dharma introductory video is shown to the guys in charge of loading up the food by Ben. This video includes talk of the experimenting that went on with the polar bears and shows the use of the cages including the biscuits. While those guys are completely clueless on anything, including them thinking the Dharma Initiative is going on, Ben doesn't give them a lot of answers except to give them a nice payment to move on to their next life. The next place that we go to in this feature is seeing the return of Walt. Ben goes to Walt who is staying at Santa Rosa. Ben talks about how they always planned on coming back to get him cause his home was on the island. When they leave, they get in the van with Hurley in the back seat. Walt and Hurley are thrilled to see one another and they talk of a job that they have for Walt on the island. That is pretty much it but it did give you that glimpse of what they had in store.

The other extras include an awesome behind the scenes of the final season. It is called "THE END - Crafting A Final Season". The camera crews show a lot of footage of them shooting including cast and crew interviews. It is a really fun production and just shows what all goes into making the show and the incredible emotion knowing that they were counting down to the end. It does a great job of capturing the last moments of the show. Several cast members are shown getting their last script. Jorge Garcia is shown actually reading the script and we see his first reactions to how things were going to play out. We also see several of the cast members shooting their final scenes and getting their curtain call. It is really powerful to watch that stuff. Then, we get the reunion scene with all of them getting together for the last scene. Emotional with Lindelof shown giving a thank you and farewell speech combined into one. Lindelof and Cuse comment a lot on what it was like to wrap up the show and their thoughts on shooting the final season. If you get this DVD set, make sure to take the time to watch this featurette cause it is amazing. It will pull on your heart strings in a major way and make you even more sad to see the show go. Then, we get the piano music brought in that always rips your heart in two over the years that is included in this featurette. This was so greatly produced. Another feature is called "A Hero's Journey" which talks of how all of the characters were heroes at some point on the island with whatever they were able to do. Everyone had different ways of stepping up to the challenge. This is also a well produced feature. "See You In Another Life Brotha" looks at the flash sideways world getting comments from the cast and crew. It's very interesting with them showing the comparisons of the plane happenings from the pilot episode and putting it next to the season six premiere. Returning cast members are interviewed and there is a hilarious moment with Maggie Grace being interviewed and then Naveen Andrews venting in the background about how the show messed up with killing her off. Bloopers are always a must with DVD sets and this one is a really funny one that gets most of the cast involved in it.

I have already seen the episodes and will be watching them again. So, for now I just checked out the bonus features of what I haven't seen. I can't talk about the commentaries cause I've yet to listen to them but do look forward to it. I'm a little disappointed that there isn't commentary on the last episode cause I would love to hear the thoughts on what was occurring to see if we might get some info of things that we didn't catch on to with watching the episode the first time around. Great looking set and I highly recommend it. Wow, I miss this show even more after watching it. Thank you to all the Lost cast, crew, and everyone involved for giving us such a great show!!

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