Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007 - Carrie Underwood, Storm Chasers, Hot/Crazy Scale

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. 30 Days Of Night - $15.9 million. 2. Why Did I Get Married? - $12.1 million. 3. The Game Plan - $8.1 million. 4. Michael Clayton - $6.6 million. 5. The Comebacks - $5.5 million. 6. Gone Baby Gone - $5.5 million. 7. We Own The Night - $5.4 million. 8. Nightmare Before Christmas - $5.3 million. 9. Rendition - $4.0 million. 10. The Heartbreak Kid - $3.8 million.

I bought Carrie Underwood's new CD, Carnival Ride, this week and am really enjoying it. How would I compare it with her first CD? I definitely like it just as much for sure. The CD does have more of a country sound to it than the original which is what she was going for. I purposely avoided any kind of sneak peeks of the CD so I could just listen to it straight through. Some of my favorite songs are So Small (the first single off the album), Just A Dream, Wheel Of The World, Crazy Dreams, I Know You Won't, Twisted, and The More Boys I Meet. Wheel Of The World is the last song on the album and centers just about the wheel of life in general with how things change every moment. The More Boys I Meet is a fun song that kind of feels like the "I Ain't In Checotah" of this new album. The basic idea of the song is that she will give any guy one chance but keeps meeting the wrong guys with the lyric being "the more boys I meet, the more I love my dog". Pretty funny and just a fun song. Carrie did a great job with this sophomore album of hers and I wish her plenty of success with it!!

Kristen Bell arrived on Heroes this week. I let out a cheer when she appeared on screen. We've got plenty of questions on her character so far. Who is she working for? Why is she after Peter? Just who is daddy??!! Several twists this week with Parkman meeting up with his father after many years and there is for sure something going on with him. How does Parkman's father fit into the story of Molly and then the others that have been murdered? It sure does appear that he may be behind it. I've really got to wonder about Suresh. I can't really figure out whose side he is on and just what he is trying to accomplish. I'm not sure he realizes what is going on all around him. The show definitely keeps you guessing. I'm thrilled to have Kristen Bell aboard this season and that helps with my lack of Veronica Mars. She'll add a punch to the show for sure.

I am starting to read the Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall Of The WB and UPN book. Interesting to point out in the beginning of the book is that the author, who worked at the WB from the beginning, points out immediately that the WB started to go downhill when they "let their baby go" which appears to be pointing to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I am really interested in finishing this book and finding out more stories on the inner workings of the decisions of both networks.

This week's How I Met Your Mother was definitely the episode of the season so far for me. This was also the highest rated episode of the season as well which was fitting. The stuff with how they all met each other was very good and the addition of the "crazy" girl that Ted was seeing was funny. I kept cracking up at Barney talking to her about how "crazy" every story was. Barney also talked about the crazy/hot scale. What is that, you ask? According to Barney, it's a sensitive scale where you have to balance a girl on how "hot" she is and how "crazy" she is. The key is for her to peek over to the "hot" side instead of the "crazy" side so it makes dating her worthwhile. Head over to where Barney's blog has an explanation on the scale and a questionnaire that people can take to see where they rank on the hot/crazy scale.

Tonight's Smallville wasn't what I thought it was going to be. When I first saw the previews of it, I was thinking here is a filler episode with a standalone storyline. I wasn't expecting to see some twists revealed. We saw the return of Lionel Luthor. He was being held captive by a woman who apparently was being put up to it by Lana. He was being held on land that had been purchased by the Luthor's but Lex had no clue of it. I'm assuming that it was Lana that bought it with some of the money that she received. I'm left with all sorts of questions about Lana. Just what is she up to? Is it even really Lana??!! I did like the whole storyline with the comic book fan where he told her that Clark had bigger things that he had to do like saving the world and not wanting her to hold him back from doing it. There was also the cool moment at the end with a sighting of a cape. He had saved the life of an actress and she got him a present upon leaving town. She had been calling him her hero and the gift was a cape. Very cool shot at the end with the cape hanging on the fence as Clark walked inside. Pleasantly surprised by tonight as, like I said, I was expecting a monster of the week type episode.

CBS has canceled their new show Viva Laughlin after just two episodes. The news of this however is good news for all of us Amazing Race fans as the opening left by the show leads to The Amazing Race's season premiere being moved up to November 4th on CBS. The series executive producer sure did hype up this season saying that this would be for sure one of the best seasons of the show. CBS has revealed the cast for this season and head over to for more information.

I checked out the series premiere of Samantha Who? The show opens with Samantha in the hospital and it is revealed that she has amnesia. She obviously doesn't remember anybody or anything so relies on others to help her. What she realizes is that she doesn't like the person that she is learning about. She hasn't spoken to her parents in a couple of years. She has a boyfriend named Todd, but it turns out that she has another lover. She has an alcohol problem. Just pretty much a mean person all around. Samantha continues to try and piece things together wanting to change the person that she was. Todd reveals that they broke up right before her accident but was mad upon learning about the other guy. He also reveals how him and Samantha met which consisted of her stealing his latte that he was waiting for. Several funny moments with Samantha and her mom as her mom is not realizing at all what amnesia is and then the effects of it. I liked the cast in the show as I'm familiar with Christina Applegate, Barry Watson, and Melissa McCarthy. Overall, I enjoyed the pilot and wouldn't mind watching some more episodes of it.

ABC has picked up Pushing Daisies for the rest of the season.

CBS has ordered some more scripts for their new show Moonlight.

Fox has picked up their new show, Back To You, for the rest of the season.

I haven't had a chance to see all of the extras on the Transformers DVD just yet but I thought I'd go ahead and put my original thoughts on the movie in this week's Wrap Up. This is what I typed up after I saw it back in the summer. If you haven't seen it yet, you may want to avoid this as I go into story spoilers. I went into seeing this movie with excitement and nervousness. I say nervous cause I am a very long time Transformers fan and was worried about how this new movie was going to turn out. I just kept thinking "please don't mess this up". I don't really have much of anything to say negative about the movie. I went in with a mentality of "let's just see what happens" and stayed open minded while being very excited. As far as the story goes, I liked it. I liked that they introduced Bumblebee first putting him with Sam. That was always the bond of friendship in the original series and the series really focused on the two of them a lot. I did find it interesting that they kept the Witwicky last name for the family but instead of Spike, they called him Sam. It was odd when they kept the Sparkplug nickname for the dad but changed Spike. Having the Witwicky name though was important for me. I liked the little things such as when Bumblebee was found at the car lot, he was parked next to a yellow bug. Another name change saw that the matrix is now called the spark. The first hour of the movie was really just setting up the movie which I thought was perfectly fine. We didn't see a lot of the Transformers pop up in the movie till halfway. I liked that it built the excitement of when we're going to see them and how. I couldn't have been the only one that just LOVED seeing Optimus pull up in vehicle mode that first time and waiting to see him transform. They did an amazing job with him. I thought everyone's personalities were pretty close such as Ironhide, Ratchet, and Jazz. One thing that I did notice different in this movie as compared to the original story. It appeared that they could change transformation mode when they wanted at any time. Bumblebee was kind of ridiculed for his look and then he got an image of a new car driving by changing into that. In the original series, they arrived on Earth and the computer scanned for nearby machinery and that was how they formed their transformation mode. From there it was all either being upgraded such as with Unicron or if they were physically changed by repairing them. They weren't able to use such power to do that as they wish. I just took a mental note of it when it happened. Didn't bother me so much though. Megatron obviously didn't transform into a gun like in the original which is COMPLETELY understandable in this day and age. Times have changed since the 80's and you have to have him as something that you can market. Starscream was right on but I'm hoping that there is a deleted scene somewhere with him trying to take over. I did pop for the line of Megatron telling Starscream "you've failed me yet again, Starscream". I loved that!! If you're not familiar with Starscream, he was a decepticon but was always looking for that way to get rid of Megatron so he could be the leader. It ended up being his demise. I thought Starscream looked awesome in the movie especially when he was flying around battling the military planes. The unveiling of Megatron was very cool seeing him deactivated inside. You just really had a feeling of "oh you people are going to pay when he activates". How about us getting a Optimus/Megatron battle at the END of the movie instead of 30 minutes into it like the 1986 movie? I loved the "one shall stand, one shall fall" line that was put in this movie which also was said during their 1986 battle. I did walk into the theatre saying I'd be furious if they kill off Optimus in this movie. They left things wide open at the end where the humans apparently don't know that just dumping decepticons in the water isn't going to finish them. Also, one decepticon escaped. I expect whoever it was to power back up and form an army to come back to get the others. The fans' opinions that I have read think it was Starscream but I didn't get a good look. That would be great cause then he could go and form his own army and be the leader. There was a lot of good comedy in the movie. I wasn't crazy about a lot of the potty humor that they went for at times. I think you can be funny without going that route but that is just me. The scene with the autobots hiding in the back yard was very funny. The Sam and Bumblebee scenes were very funny as well. I really liked the soundtrack. The 1986 movie had a very strong soundtrack and the new movie had a good one as well mixing in some current music. I'd actually like to get the new Transformers soundtrack. Now, I'm probably going to get the question of which movie did I like best? The 2007 movie or the original 1986 movie? You really can't compare the two. They're just two different animals from two different eras. I loved the 1986 animated movie. I loved the 2007 movie. It's also two different eras of movie making. The 1986 movie was the version of Transformers that I grew up with and am obviously going to cherish deeper. The 2007 movie did so much live action that looked amazing. It had a good mix of action, comedy, and the story made sense. I'm not going to pick a favorite between them as it is just unfair cause each one has an advantage. They're just two different animals as I said.

I watched a show last night on Discovery Channel called Storm Chasers. The show is just what you would expect by the name and it looks like it is a series instead of a special from what I can tell but I haven't researched it. Storm chasing is always something that I've been fascinated with and I'll often stop to watch a show that revolves around it. The show follows a group of storm chasers, each with their own role in studying tornadoes. There are some amazing shots that they get of storms in the episode that I watched and they had some very nervous moments for sure. One, they got into a gravel road going toward a storm which left them unable to turn around due to them backing into mud. They had to put the vehicle in reverse to back down the road that way while having to avoid traffic on the road as well. Two, they could not get on the right track to a storm and their day didn't get any better when the computer wouldn't boot up that gave them all their radar information. They obviously couldn't go into the storm without any information. The computer booted up but still gave them problems. The group was watching a storm but the guy with the radar kept giving them opposite information from what they were seeing. After a lot of confusion, it was realized that the outage had caused a phasing problem leading to the computer showing things on the opposite of what they were. For example, the computer was saying that the storm is in the west and the group is watching that storm in the east. I hope to keep watching this show.

I've got to say that Kid Nation is becoming one of my favorite shows.

Jimmy Kimmel has been pulling double duty this week hosting his show and sitting in for Regis Philbin for the week on Live With Regis and Kelly. Jimmy is flying back and forth across the country each day. His day goes something like this. Regis and Kelly in New York in the morning. Then, he flies back to LA after the show and hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live. After that, he hops a plane and flies back to New York to do it all over the next morning. Kelly Ripa actually flew along with Jimmy on Monday to see what it was like. After taping Regis and Kelly, she flew out with Jimmy and then appeared on his show and then the two flew back to New York that night. That is dedication is all I can say. Jimmy Kimmel's last day of doing this back and forth is tomorrow.

I haven't watched Cavemen since the premiere but I decided to tune into it this week when I saw the promo for the episode. Nick is a substitute teacher and gets offended when he sees the school's mascot, a caveman. My first thought was that it could be funny as it goes back to the basics of the cavemen idea from the commercials. It was an all right episode.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 30th.
Angel (Full Series), The Benny Hill Show (Thames Years - 1969-1989), CSI: Miami (Season Five), Everybody Loves Raymond (Full Series), Family Affair (Season Four), Magnum, P.I. (Season Seven), Miami Ink (Season One), My So-Called Life (Complete Series), Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (Volume Twelve), October Road (Season One), The Outer Limits (Volume Three), The Real McCoys (Season Two), Riptide (Season Two), Scrubs (Season Six), Tate (Complete Series).

You Tube Video Of The Week:
A very well behaved tire.

TV Line Of The Week:
From Cavemen:
Principal Collins: "Our caveman mascot is a tradition that dates back to the founding of the school. It's part of our history. No different than say the Duke Blue Devils or the Crimson Tide."
Nick: "Blue devils don't exist and you can't offend the Crimson Tide cause it's an abstract concept. Cavemen do exist cause otherwise you wouldn't have a ****** off one sitting here right now."

That is it for another week. Wishing all of you a happy and safe Halloween!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18, 2007 - Star Wars To TV?, Buffy, Veronica Mars, Kid Nation, and More

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Why Did I Get Married? - $21.3 million. 2. The Game Plan - $11 million. 3. We Own The Night - $10.8 million. 4. Michael Clayton - $10.3 million. 5. The Heartbreak Kid - $7.2 million. 6. Elizabeth: Golden Age - $6.1 million. 7. The Kingdom - $4.6 million. 8. Across The Universe - $3.8 million. 9. Resident Evil - $2.6 million. 10. The Seeker - $2.2 million.

I let a big cheer out when the previews were shown for next week's Heroes as Kristen Bell makes her debut on the show. She is one of my favorite actresses and I'm looking forward to seeing her appear on Heroes.

How about the Star Wars news that came out this week? George Lucas has started work on a Star Wars TV series. Lucas had this quote about what the show is going to be about: "The Skywalkers aren't in it, and it's about minor characters. It has nothing to do with Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader or any of those people. It's completely different. But it's a good idea, and it's going to be a lot of fun to do."

Tonight's Smallville saw a guest star that has some history with the Superman legacy for sure as Dean Cain guest starred on the episode. Dean Cain played Dr. Knox who was "curing" people effected by the meteors. This got Chloe interested and she was willing to go through it regardless of the fact that she would lose some of her memories including her forgetting memories of her friends. It didn't help her confidence with her new meteor effects when Jimmy called everyone "meteor freaks". He was beginning to hit it off with Kara though but was she just working an agenda or not? Speaking of agenda, what is Lana's? There is something going on with her for sure and I find it amazing how she is completely all right with the alien life knowledge. Something is going on there. Holy season one, Clark Kent, as we got a monster of the week from season one return for a cameo tonight with the bee girl being a patient of the doctor. We found out that she had been cured but had her memory wiped out so when Chloe confronted her, she had no clue of what harm she had done to them in high school. Don't forget that we have Helen Slater of Supergirl fame guest starring on Smallville in an upcoming episode.

All the Jon Stewart rumors can now go away as Comedy Central has announced that they have signed a new deal with him that keeps him there through 2010.

This news didn't shock to me at all. The CW has canceled its new show, Online Nation. The show was reportedly said to only have 580,000 viewers this past Sunday.

Variety is reporting that the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie is set to be released in theatres on May 1, 2009. The movie will start shooting soon and it will indeed star Hugh Jackman.

I was hoping to review the pilot of ABC's new show Samantha Who? in this week's Wrap Up but I haven't had time to watch it. Hopefully next week, I'll review it. The show did well in its first outing averaging just over 14 million viewers.

I read issue seven of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer season eight comic and really enjoyed this issue. The Faith storyline has been interesting so far. Faith goes on her mission from Giles to take out Gigi, a slayer who he feels is extremely dangerous. Faith is sent to her birthday party. Faith continues to look back at her past of being a slayer including a flashback to season three of her and Buffy's big battle. Gigi and Faith end up having a conversation which leads to them realizing that they have things in common in life. However, at the end, we realize that Gigi has a target all right and it is a certain other slayer. Most of the issue is seeing things through Faith's thoughts as she continues on her mission. We also have Willow and Dawn having a conversation with Willow trying to help her out as Dawn continues to be a giant. Issue eight hits stores in November.

NCIS jumped up to 17.4 million viewers this week as it is the highest number of viewers for the show this season.

The ratings for Cavemen stayed even with last week. However, the show following it, Carpoolers, lost some more viewers from the previous week.

Kid Nation saw an election take place this week to determine the council members of the town. It's funny cause last week I was talking about how I wondered if there was a way to replace council members. I watch last week's episode and find out that there IS. This week saw an election take place and I've got mixed feelings on it. Town members could only vote for the election of their particular district. Red district saw Guylan decide to run against the current council member, Mike. Guylan won easily to take the council from Mike. I've got to say that I'm surprised especially in the wide vote margin. I don't know much at all about Guylan as he has barely been featured on the show until this week. We'll see what he can do in charge. I did feel bad for Mike cause I really feel like he has tried hard although has made some unpopular decisions. Green district had Laurel remain on the council unopposed as her district was happy with the job that she has done. Totally agree. She has been the best council member in my opinion anyway. She has just been a good leader since day one. Moving on to the blue district. I've got to say that I'm surprised to see how the voting turned out here. Anjay had Olivia run against him as she tried to get on to the council. I've never really been able to figure out Anjay on whether I think he has been a good leader or not. He's just kind of in that middle ground for me. However, I really thought that Olivia would get on to the council but it didn't happen. Anjay stays on the council. On to the yellow district. This was the race that I had my eyes on. Zach, who has been a strong person for his district and for the town in general, stepped up and challenged Taylor for leadership of the yellow district. I immediately thought that Taylor was done cause she has made just about everyone in the town mad with her attitude but then I started having doubts when I saw that her friends were lining up to vote for her. Zach pulls it out by one vote and he takes out Taylor to step into the council seat. So, our new council is two returning members and two new members. We have Laurel, Zach, Guylan, and Anjay. The wild card to me is Guylan just cause I haven't seen enough of him to know what his personality is like. He's very confident in stepping up there though and he must have done something right to get as many votes as he did. Greg received the gold star and it was a nice moment where he talked about how that meant that he will now be going to college. Good for him. We'll see how things play out with the new council but this was a very entertaining episode on Wednesday night. Things look interesting for next week's episode as well.

Veronica Mars fans, don't forget that season three is released on DVD this Tuesday. The DVD set is going to include a feature based on the show's creator, Rob Thomas, pitching an idea for season four to the CW which would have seen Veronica joining the FBI. I am looking forward to seeing how it was pitched. Other things that I've read that will be included are deleted scenes and a blooper reel. I really miss not having Veronica Mars in this new fall TV season but it is going to be really nice to have Kristen Bell back on TV next week when she joins Heroes.

Was anyone watching Conan O'Brien earlier this week when a fire alarm interrupted the taping of his show? It turned out to be a false alarm. The show continued to be interrupted by a voice over the PA giving details of the false alarm to the building. The worst of it happened during one of his own segments but he did get interrupted in the next segment as it messed up the interview that he had with an actress. If you didn't see any of this, look at the You Tube Video Of The Week later in the Wrap Up as NBC has posted video of the show.

I'll have thoughts on the new Transformers movie DVD in next week's Wrap Up.

I watched quite a bit of the Little People Big World marathon over the weekend but have yet to see the new episodes that premiered on Monday night. I really enjoyed quite a few of the episodes that I saw including the redesigning of the kids' bedrooms, the visit to the amusement park place that they went to, and plenty more.

I'm working on getting caught up on some TV. I thought the San Francisco earthquake episode of Journeyman was good. I haven't had the chance to watch the episodes after that.

It looks like Private Practice, Big Bang Theory, and The Unit have been picked up for the entire season. I'm happy obviously about Big Bang Theory as that is the one of the three that I watch although I wasn't crazy about this week's episode.

The DVR numbers are out from Nielsen for premiere week. Shows that saw a good jump in their viewers with the DVR numbers added in were Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Heroes, Smallville, Two and a Half Men, Private Practice, Bionic Woman, Back To You, and Journeyman. Let's see how the DVR numbers affect week two of the fall TV season.

I just realized that the 80's-90's sitcom Perfect Strangers is playing on the ION Network. I loved watching that show when it was on ABC back in the day. It appears to be running Monday through Thursday nights on ION.

Gamespot has news on some changes upcoming for the Sony Playstation 3 including a price change and new model. Here is the link to check it out.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 23rd.
American Gangster (Season One), The Adventures Of Aquaman (Full Series), I Love Lucy (Full Series), The L Word (Season Four), Mind Of Mencia (Season Three), NCIS (Season Four), Route 66 (Season One - Volume One), The Sopranos (Season Six - Part Two), The Super Powers Team (Full Series), Tales From The Crypt (Season Seven), Veronica Mars (Season Three), Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Season Three - Volume Two), The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Volume One).

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Conan's show gets interrupted by a false alarm.

TV Line Of The Week:
From: How I Met Your Mother. Barney (wearing an eye patch) tells of his latest plan to pick up women. He tells Ted of how they'll have a story of how they save a baby in the park from six cobras and how he strangled them with his bare hands.
Ted: "So, what are the eye patches for?"
Barney: "We got bit"
Ted: "On the eye?"
Barney: "Yes"
Ted: "Both of us?"
Barney: "They're different eyes. I don't see why this bugs you. PATCH UP!!"

That's it for this week. Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wrap Up Q&A With Big Brother 8's Jessica - October 11, 2007

Hey, hope everyone is doing great!!

I've got another Wrap Up Q&A this week and it is with Big Brother 8's Jessica. Jessica was part of the rival twist at the beginning of this season being paired up with Carol. Jessica was a two time head of household winner and made it to the final six before being evicted. Jessica and Eric, who was America's Player, started a romance in the house that has continued on outside of the house. Jessica and Eric were my favorites of the houseguests this season and I cheered for her and Eric all season. So, this was a pleasure to have her answer the questions for the Wrap Up. A huge thank you to Jessica for responding and taking the time to answer!!

I already have heard the answer to this in a recent chat but can you go ahead and answer the first question that everyone wants to know? What is the status with you and Eric?
Eric and I are dating! I am going to NYC this weekend to visit him and he will be coming to Kansas with in a few weeks.

Any plans on either of you relocating to be near the other?
There are no immediate plans for either of us to relocate. I have one more year of college that I want to finish here at Wichita State and I am not sure what Eric’s career plans are at this time, so we are just taking things a day at a time.

What do you think of all the tribute music videos that have been made of you and Eric and do you have a favorite?
I am so surprised by the number of tributes made for us, and I really love every single one of them (I watch them every day)!!! I cannot get over how talented our fans are – and want to say how special they made us feel. THANK YOU so much to every one of you that took the time to make us a tribute!!

Overall, how would you rate your experience in the Big Brother house?
I had an awesome time, and would rate my experience as the best summer of my life so far!

What made you want to try out for Big Brother and how long have you been watching the show?
I have been watching Big Brother since season four, and it always looked like so much fun, so I knew that I would try out as soon as I turned 21, because I love competing and trying new things!

Did you have a specific strategy going into the house on what you were wanting to try and do?
I went into the house planning to just be myself, competing hard, and having lots of fun while trying to make friends and allies that would help me in the game.

What did you think of the original "rival" twist of the game?
I hated the rival twist. I really wanted to be in a house full of strangers, and it threw my game off when I had a rival there.

Did you ever have any suspicion of another twist in the game after the ones had been revealed at the beginning?
The Big Brother house is full of paranoia, and you always wonder what is true, and what you might be missing, so of course I always wondered if there were other twists. This paranoia makes you second guess everything you do, hear, think, and believe.

What did you think of the twist of America 's Player and what were your thoughts on when it was revealed by Julie Chen?
Wow, I was shocked! I thought Eric did an amazing job as America ’s Player! I don’t believe anyone else could have pulled it off. When Julie revealed the twist, I could not believe my closest friend & ally was the twist and I did not even know it!

The week when Eric was almost evicted about halfway through the game which was the week that included the Amber blowup appeared to be very hard on you with trying to decide what to do. Were there any doubts in your mind on whether you could trust Eric especially with others trying to break you two apart?
That was a very tough week for me. I wanted to believe Eric so bad, but with everyone in the House telling me what a liar he was and how he was playing me, I doubted him. Eventually I had to make my own decision, and went with my instincts, which were to trust him. I was relieved and excited when I found out Eric was staying.

Do you regret not putting up Dick and Daniele for eviction during your last HOH week cause it looked like that you really wanted to make that power play but sort of got talked out of it?
At the time, we had a final four agreement, and I went against my intuition, hoping I could trust them. In a game like this, the paranoia always makes you second guess every move, but knowing what I do now, of course I wish I would have listened to my instincts and nominated them before they broke our alliance and went after me.

If you had things to do over in the game, what things would you like to go back in time and change?
I wish I had built closer relationships with Jen and Zach. On a personal level I wish I had stood up for Jen and the other houseguests when Dick was abusive to them – nobody deserved to be treated like they were by him. I also wish I had not doubted Eric so much, and would have stopped all the Eric bashing that was going on.

What was your favorite moment in the house that was related to the game and also what was your favorite non-game moment in the Big Brother house such as when everyone was just hanging out and having fun?
My favorite game moment was when I won my first HOH – it was really huge for me since it happened right after “hell week” for Eric. My favorite non-game moment was the night Eric and I stayed up all night in the backyard talking about fun things on the lawn chairs.

Can you talk about what it is like to have cameras on you 24/7 in the house? Is it something that you just kind of get used to or always stay aware of?
The cameras in the house would follow us from room to room so we were always aware of them, but I did get used to them. For me, it was more bizarre to think about the staff & crew in the walls watching us, than having the cameras in the house.

One of the best moments of the season was when you got your phone call from your brother. How is he doing and is he back home now? Was he able to keep up with you at all on the show?
Eric was so generous to give me that call! I had been so worried if Dean was still in the war or home, and when I heard his voice, I immediately got all choked up – it was such a relief to know he was back safely in the USA! Dean is doing great. He was able to come to the finale & wrap party with me, and we had a great time. I don’t think he has ever been able to watch the entire season, but we filled him in with all the highlights. He is now stationed in 29 Palms, California , and attending school and training for his next deployment back to Iraq .

Your family did an amazing job with your site while you were away!! How was their summer with watching you on Big Brother and did they enjoy the Big Brother experience?
My parents are the best! They watched the feeds 24-7 while I was on the show, so the basically lived the show with me. My parents told me it was very hard to watch other people scheme against me and say hurtful things about me. They actually knew more than I did! I know they feel the editing that was done for the television show was unfair to me and many of the houseguests.

Which game did you enjoy playing more, zuma zuma or pong?
Zuma Zuma lets more people play, which was great when there were several of us that wanted to play. But, pong is my favorite, and if we had been given ping pong balls, I would have totally dominated the game! The rules we came up with were so ridiculous and I looked forward to pong every night!

With where you are in watching the Big Brother shows, is there anything that has surprised you so far with what you've seen?
I have watched through week five, and I am surprised at how much is not shown on the television episodes! For example, Joe and I were very close, and that was not shown on the TV show at all!

Editing of the show and of the houseguests is always a hot topic. I was disappointed as a feed viewer to see how long it took for the producers to put on the show of how close you and Eric were getting. I also remember you saying on the feeds at one point early in the game that you could tell you weren't being shown much on the show cause of the questions you were being asked in the diary room. How have you felt about the editing of yourself and other houseguests from what you've seen? Has it been fair for the most part?
If fans did not watch the live feeds and/or Big Brother After Dark, they really missed a lot, and never got to see the full, true personalities of the houseguests! The editing done for the television show was very unfair to many of the houseguests. For example, Jameka was almost never shown unless she was praying, and never did they really show her sense of humor and her fun side. There is also so much more to Amber than just her crying which was pretty much how her role was edited on television.

We got to see very little of the sequester house this season. What was the mood there? Was it still tense from the game or was everyone just kind of relaxed and ready to move forward?
There was some tension, but since there were no more game strategy pressures, for the most part it was a very relaxed atmosphere, and we had a lot of fun there. I especially enjoyed getting to know Jen and Dustin better!

With the jury voting, how did you base your decision on who to vote for to win Big Brother? Overall, were the rest of the jury members voting on personal feelings or by game play?
We could base our votes on anything we wanted, and in my opinion, most of jury members voted on a personal level rather than strategic.
My vote was purely personal. I knew at the final three that I would vote for Zach in any scenario simply because the Donato’s had broken their word to me on the final four agreement we had. If Zach didn’t make the final 2, then Dick would get my vote over Daniele, because I had a better relationship with Dick than I did with Daniele.

What is the first thing to come to mind when you think of each houseguest?
Eric- Mr. Personality, always fun, I love being with him!
Dick- His exterior is loud and mean but he can be nice when he wants to
Daniele- She loves Nick
Amber- So much hair and hair products!
Dustin- Lets have another 24 hour go to bed day!
Jameka- I love this girl! She’s my lil baby!
Carol- rival
Kail- wore a bunny suit when she was evicted
Joe- He was my first best friend and bed mate and I missed him so much when he left!
Mike- meat logs
Jen- I love how strong she was in standing up to Dick
Zach- Dolphin Crash
Nick- He loves Daniele

How has your life been since the end of Big Brother with fan interaction? Are you getting recognized a lot and do you have any funny story to tell about being recognized?
My life has been very busy since the end of the show and I do get recognized a lot more than I ever thought I would. My favorite story is from the day after the finale. Eric and I went to Universal Studios with our brothers and friends and we were getting in line for a water ride when a worker yells “There she is! That’s the girl who kept my wife up all night every night this summer!” haha. I took a picture with him and he was really nice. I couldn’t believe that someone actually wanted to stay up and watch me every night!

What would you like to say to all the fans of the show and of you?
Thanks for watching! Thanks for all the love and support you have given me and my family! I really appreciate it! I love you all!

To wrap this up, I couldn't think of any better way so can you give us one word that starts with a B and ends with -yah? LOL.

Again, I want to say a huge thank you to Jessica for taking the time to answer those questions!!

Here are the movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Game Plan - $16.6 million. 2. The Heartbreak Kid - $14 million. 3. The Kingdom - $9.7 million. 4. Resident Evil: Extinction - $4.5 million. 5. The Seeker - $3.7 million. 6. Good Luck Chuck - $3.6 million. 7. 3:10 To Yuma - $3.2 million. 8. Feel The Noise - $3.1 million. 9. Mr. Woodcock - $2.3 million. 10. The Brave One - $2.3 million.

TV Guide is saying that NBC has ordered more scripts for Chuck, Bionic Woman, Life, and Journeyman.

Here is something that I am glad that I heard about. There is a book coming out on October 16th called Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall of the WB and UPN. The show has stories from Suzanne Daniels, who was an executive at the WB, and Cynthia Littleton, from Variety. They will cover the ups and downs of both networks. It's no secret that I was a huge WB fan back in the day and spent many nights watching shows on that network. With UPN, I just never was really into many of their shows. I could probably count on one hand how many shows I watched on UPN and two of them were former WB shows heading over to UPN including Buffy and Roswell. This could be a very interesting book that will hopefully have many questions answered including various decisions on shows and many more. I plan on picking this book up and will let you know my thoughts on it when I get it read on down the line.

Carrie Underwood's new CD, Carnival Ride, hits stores Tuesday, October 23rd. Her new video for So Small has been doing very well over at CMT.

Being released on Tuesday is the Transformers movie DVD. Be sure to check advertisements for different stores to decide on where you want to get it from cause various stores are offering different exclusives with your purchase. There are also different versions of the movie being released. Be sure to research around on what version that you want as well.

On to tonight's Smallville. I like that they have Clark playing the Jonathan Kent role in the family with Kara. He is looking out for her best interest like Jonathan did with him. I haven't been much of a Clark/Lana couple fan lately but I did enjoy their reunion tonight. Lex has found Kara and is talking to her about saving his life. So, he is now on to Kara's mystery as he has been with Clark. Jimmy has returned and there is a spark between him and Kara. So, Chloe is on the outs with him probably and also is taking a backseat to Lois at the paper. What is up with Chloe's luck?? Previews for next week show that Chloe is going to be looking for a cure from a doctor. The doctor is played by someone who has some Superman history, Dean Cain.

The slap bet countdown clock continues to run for How I Met Your Mother.

The new season of Little People Big World premieres on Monday night on TLC. This is a show that I really like but unfortunately don't get to watch it like I would like to. The family is extremely likable and it's a fun show to watch.

Seth Green is set to guest star this season on Grey's Anatomy.

The previews for next week's Survivor shows a "twist" coming. However on tonight's episode we saw Dave go home after continuing to clash with his tribe over the entire season. I actually thought he was going to be voted out a few episodes ago. He worked hard at camp but his style seemed to turn people off. He was interesting TV for this early part of the season of the show.

If you're looking to get started on Heroes, G4 may be your destination. G4 is going to start airing Heroes episodes soon including airing the current week's episode on the same week that it airs on NBC. G4 is also going to run some marathons on October 27th and 28th of season one.

Big Brother production has been auctioning off items from the Big Brother 8 house including picture frames, chess pieces from the back yard, lamps, and even a sink. Also, they were auctioning the male and female HOH robes and you can check out the female robe here which has already been sold.

Ratings on the new shows continue to be interesting to follow. Cavemen had its second episode this week and was said to have lost 2.2 million viewers from the series premiere last week. Carpoolers also had a decrease in viewers in its second episode. It is pretty normal for shows to drop off from their premiere to their second episode but you never want the drop off to be big.

Ok, I've gotten hooked on to Kid Nation. This is an addictive little show. It's been interesting to say the least. I haven't gotten to watch this week's episode so I can't comment on anything else that has happened. I've been impressed with what they are able to do with running this town. That council keeps taking a ton of heat but it's a lesson to be learned that you can't please everyone. There are very likable kids on there and then others that are not so much. LOL. I like Sophia and would be curious to see how she would handle things with being on the council. I'm pretty happy with the council for the most part. Some of them have been taking some heat and I don't know if it is even possible to overthrow a council member to be replaced. Watch that have happened this week and I'll feel like a moron. LOL. It was nice to see Mallory get that gold star last week. She seems like an extremely good kid and you can tell that her parents have done a good job in raising her. For 8 years old, she is very level headed.

The new shows of The Price Is Right with Drew Carey as the new host are set to begin airing on Monday.

Wayne Newton was eliminated from this week's Dancing With The Stars.

Regis Philbin announced this morning on Live With Regis and Kelly that he will hosting the return of Password on CBS. It was also announced that the Halloween show of Regis and Kelly will be a 3D viewing special. Live is promoting that you can pick up your 3D glasses at Walgreens at the photo counter to watch the show.

The CW has been picked up Gossip Girl for the rest of the season.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 16th. Ironside (Season Two), Jonathan Creek (Season Two), MacGyver (Full Series), Masters Of Horror (Season 1, Volume 1), Medium (Season Three), Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (Volume 1), Roseanne (Season 9), Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (Season One), That 70's Show (Season Seven), Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Season Three).

You Tube Video Of The Week: I'm sure most of you have seen this one already but here it is in case. Some amazing shadow puppets.

That's it for this week. Wishing all of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

October 4, 2007 - ABC Sitcom Reviews, Heroes, Smallville

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Game Plan - $22.7 million. 2. The Kingdom - $17.7 million. 3. Resident Evil - $8 million. 4. Good Luck Chuck - $6.3 million. 5. 3:10 To Yuma - $4.2 million. 6. The Brave One - $3.7 million. 7. Mr. Woodcock - $3.0 million. 8. Eastern Promises - $2.9 million. 9. Sydney White - $2.7 million. 10. Across The Universe - $2.1 million.

Top 20 TV for the week of Sept. 17-23. 1. Sunday Night Football - 19.0 million viewers. 2. Survivor China - 15.4 million. 3. CSI (rerun) - 14.1 million. 4. Cold Case - 12.7 million. 5. Deal Or No Deal (Monday) - 11.7 million. 6. (tie) Shark - 11.4 million. 6. (tie) 60 Minutes - 11.4 million. 8. Without A Trace (rerun) - 11.3 million. 9. (tie) Two and a Half Men (rerun) - 10.8 million. 9. (tie) Family Guy - 10.8 million. 11. Deal Or No Deal (Wednesday) - 9.9 million. 12. CSI: Miami (rerun) - 9.7 million. 13. The Simpsons - 9.6 million. 14. Back To You - 9.5 million. 15. Kid Nation - 9.4 million. 16. CSI: NY - 9.2 million. 17. Desperate Housewives - 9 million. 18. K-Ville - 8.9 million. 19. Big Brother 8 (Finale) - 8.7 million. 20. Criminal Minds (rerun) - 8.4 million.

Some Big Brother 8 updates for you. I am so completely bored since Big Brother ended. LOL. I find myself constantly begging to find something good to watch on TV. Several interviews have been done with a lot of the houseguests. Real Player has done two separate video interviews. One was done with Nick, Dick, and Daniele all together. Last week, there was an interview done with Eric and Jessica together. Eric and Jessica's was a lot of fun.

Updates on some of the ratings for the new shows. These are just random and are in no particular network order. Private Practice and Bionic Woman debuted strong last week. This week saw both shows go down in viewers. Nothing huge but they were down. ABC's Dirty Sexy Money pretty well kept its audience from its first week premiere. About 12 million people tuned into the premiere of Pushing Daisies on ABC so that was a good number for that premiere. The CW's Gossip Girl held its audience from the week before. Kid Nation on CBS does slowly keep losing viewers from week to week. NBC's Monday night lineup appears to be solid as Chuck and Journeyman are pretty well even with each other in ratings. Big Bang Theory on CBS is doing all right on Monday nights. It's actually doing a little higher of a rating than How I Met Your Mother which comes on right before it. Fox's K-Ville has lost viewers every week so far. CBS's Moonlight debuted to just kind of in the middle ratings.

I've talked about this before but delayed viewing is really hurting the TV ratings. DVR's and TIVO's are running wild and people are waiting to watch shows until later. Ratings are being hurt by people not tuning into it immediately. It's not just that which is hurting the ratings. Everyone has different ways of watching it. Online viewing has become very popular and that is a whole different deal there. Like I said, Nielsen is way outdated!!

The Big Bang Theory so far is my favorite NEW show of the season. I loved the second episode and laughed all through it. It had Penny getting a furniture delivery which she wasn't going to be home for. She asked Leonard to sign for it when it arrives giving him her spare key to let the delivery guy in. Only problem is that the delivery guy leaves it in the lobby of the building. Leonard decides to attempt getting it upstairs and gets Sheldon to help him. Funny stuff with them trying to bring equations into how they are going to get this thing up the stairs. They eventually get it upstairs and Sheldon goes nuts when he sees how messy of a person that Penny is. He begins to pick up her things as Penny comes home. She thanks them and they leave. In the middle of the night, Sheldon decides to go in her apartment to clean it up while she is sleeping. Leonard wakes up to find out what is going on trying to talk Sheldon out of it. He ends up not being able to talk him out of his cleaning plan and reluctantly goes along with it. Penny is of course furious the next morning when she see her apartment clean knowing that they were in there when she was sleeping. She knew who had done it too cause of Sheldon's complaining over how messy she is and his wanting to clean it up originally. She ends up cooling down and forgiving them especially after Leonard writes her a nice letter which he reads out loud to her. It ends up with Leonard getting a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She goes back into her apartment. Leonard who is still stunned by the kiss proceeds to walk into his apartment not looking ahead and runs right into the door. Very funny. I really enjoyed this episode a lot. You can watch the full episode online if you'd like as it is available over at I really like the casting on this show. I've always liked Kaley Cuoco in comedic roles ever since I saw her on 8 Simple Rules. She is really good at comedy. Johnny Galecki is hilarious as Leonard and just makes the character really likable making you cheer for him. The Sheldon character is good too as you just have Leonard constantly trying to battle with his personality to not scare Penny off. LOL. Jim Parsons is funny in the Sheldon role as well. Just a really enjoyable show.

Episode two of season two of Heroes was this past Monday night. Strong episode that saw many different happenings. Hiro continued his quest to fix the past hoping to make his hero into the hero that he was supposed to be. Kensei would not go and save the day so Hiro put on Kensei's gear to help build his legacy. It ended up working on getting Kensei motivated. He was then taken out as he stepped outside. Kensei does have a legend and it is beginning to show as apparently he is not able to be killed. Claire continued to have questions about her power and to what extreme that she could use it. Peter is still trying to figure things out and now knows his name. He is still learning about his powers. Maya and Alejandro apparently have a power together. What is this evil and how are they able to balance each other out? The return of the Haitian was very cool. What is it that is after Angela Petrelli? What is in the future with these other pictures that have to be found that may include others being killed?

Into tonight's Smallville episode. I am really liking season seven so far and we're just two episodes in. Things are coming together nicely so far. We have the arrival of Kara or Supergirl as she is known to us. Tonight explained her arrival and the relation between her and Clark. Kara is the daughter of Zor-El which is Jor-El's brother. That makes Clark and Kara cousins. The two of them together is looking like it is going to be a lot of fun with them comparing powers and helping each other. It turns out also that Jor-El and Zor-El did not get along at all and Jor-El warned Clark that Kara is more trouble than he knows. Clark is of course defending her. We now know that Lana is indeed alive and Lex found out as well. The Lana that blew up in the explosion was a plan of hers to use the clone that was made of her. The clone was identical all the way down to the DNA. Lana faked her death and left the country. Lex apologized and offered her a complete return to Smallville where she will be left alone upon her return. Lois and Chloe now working together at The Daily Planet? This could become a tough rivalry especially when the new guy in charge is claiming that Chloe has lost her touch on writing. We now are left with the question of who is this person that has the crystal that was taken from the ship? What is going to be required in Clark's returning to training?

Survivor was yet another good episode. They've done a good job of introducing people so far. I liked the luxury challenge and James was a monster in that thing. What a big guy he is. However, he and Jean-Robert's conversation laying out game plans was overheard by Courtney and Todd. Courtney struggled on the immunity challenge but was saved cause the tribe had a bigger target, Leslie. Leslie was already starting to form an alliance with Jaime on the other tribe due to their giving immunity idol clues to each other. Leslie also was kidnapped to the other tribe and was getting along with several of the people. Her tribe ended up seeing her as a threat knowing that she is getting along with the other tribe so early on and she was voted out. Bummer as she was a very likable person. Now, the only people that know about the immunity idol are Jaime and Todd.

I checked out a couple of ABC premieres this week. First, the much talked about Cavemen series. I've said all along with this show is that the commercials are funny with them in it. I just wasn't sure that they could turn it into a 22 minute funny every week. The show has seen several changes to it since it was announced. The pilot was redone at one point. Well, I watched the first episode this week and it just didn't do much for me. The pilot revolved around the group of cavemen realizing that one of their own is dating a girl who is not in their species. He was hiding it from them knowing that they'd be mad. One was mad at him while the other one is currently in a situation where he keeps talking on the phone to his ex so he was mostly preoccupied and didn't care. I just couldn't get into it. I didn't really laugh at it either. I thought the funniest part of the episode was them playing video games on The Wii. After Cavemen, I watched the premiere of Carpoolers. Umm, it was all right. I'm just kind of in the middle ground with it. I like several of the cast of the show as I've watched them on previous shows including Faith Ford, Jerry O'Connell, and Allison Munn. I thought that Jerry O'Connell would be the breakout funny star of the four carpooler guys but I found myself laughing more at Jerry Minor as Aubrey. The show sees these four men riding to work together with each being different ages. Jerry O'Connell's character, Laird, is recently divorced including the fact that his ex-wife is taking just about everything he owns. He's down to a TV that sits in the floor and his abs exercise machine. The rest of the group consists of Dougie who is a newlywed and things are great with his marriage, Gracen is having difficulty with the fact that his wife and now his son (with his first job) are making more money than him, and then there is Aubrey who does the driving and has a family of a wife and many kids. Dougie is the new guy and Aubrey works on helping him fit in with the group. He comes off all happy go lucky getting on the nerves of a couple of them including Laird. One funny moment in the premiere was Aubrey going off when the yelling began saying that this 45 minutes to and from work is the only peace he has in the day and that isn't going to change. LOL. They kind of work as a team while knowing what their role is in the group. Like I said, the premiere was all right. It's worth a look if you're interested to see whether you might like it or not.

It looks like the writers of the Transformers movie this summer will indeed be returning for the sequel.

Hulk Hogan has been announced as the host of the soon to be revived series, American Gladiators. The show will premiere in midseason on NBC.

When I saw the previews of that new show called Moonlight on CBS, my first thought was what a ripoff of Angel that show is. It turns out that I wasn't the only one that caught it. Angel fans are not very happy over it at all. Several critics are taking shots at it too. A vampire as a private investigator? Flashback to Angel eight years ago. Angel, Cordelia, and crew ran Angel Investigations which was a detective agency promoting that nothing was too weird for them to look into. Moonlight is about a vampire that is doing good and helping people and is a private investigator. Hello? That is what Angel was based on. The one shot that really got my attention in the promo was the lead character standing on a roof top and looking over the city of Los Angeles. Hmm, it looks a lot like an Angel poster that I have with David Boreanaz looking over LA. USA Today had this quote on their review of Moonlight: "When it comes to grand-scale theft, it's hard to be more obvious than CBS' vampire-detective drama, Moonlight. It's basically Angel without the search-for-a-soul underpinnings that gave Angel depth, and with a more ponderous script and less adept cast. OK, so maybe it isn't Angel after all. "
I'm just kind of insulted by this whole show and promotion for it like we haven't seen this before. My apologies to any of you that might like Moonlight and are mad at my rant. LOL.

I had to laugh at the promo for the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. They put Maya Rudolph in there and she didn't say a word. It was like they were saying yes, she will be on the show. LOL.

George Takei has become the third Star Trek star to have an actual asteroid named after him. The asteroid is located between Mars and Jupiter. The asteroid is now named 7307 Takei.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 9th. Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Season 3), Ben 10 (Season 2), CSI: NY (Season 3), Creature Comforts (Season 1), Degrassi Junior High (Complete Collection), Everybody Hates Chris (Season 2), Family Ties (Season 2), Ghost Hunters (Season 3 - Part 1), Girlfriends (Season 2), Hannah Montana (Volume 3), Jericho (Series 1&2), The Lair (Season 1), Murder, She Wrote (Season 7), Stargate SG-1 (Complete Series), Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Season 1, Volume 2).

TV Lines Of The Week:
From The Big Bang Theory - An argument over how Superman gets his ability to fly.
Leonard: "Your entire argument is predicated on the assumption that Superman's ability to fly was a feet of strength"
Sheldon: "Are you listening to yourself? It is well established that Superman's flight is a feet of strength. It is an extension of his ability to leap tall buildings on an ability that he derives from an exposure from Earth's yellow sun"
Howard: "Yeah, how does he fly at night?"
Sheldon: "A combination of the moon's silvery reflection, and the energy storage capacity of Kryptonian skin cells"

From Carpoolers: "They won't hit you twice" - Laird to Dougie as Dougie runs on foot trying to get his body into a parking spot for the guys. He had earlier been hit when the rookie was sent out there to get it and the guys in the other car proceeded to move him with the car out of their parking spot.

You Tube Video Of The Week: The free photo booth.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

September 27, 2007 - Heroes & Smallville Premieres, Kid Nation

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Resident Evil: Extinction - $24 million. 2. Good Luck Chuck - $14 million. 3. The Brave One - $7.4 million. 4. 3:10 To Yuma - $6.3 million. 5. Eastern Promises - $5.7 million. 6. Sydney White - $5.3 million. 7. Mr. Woodcock - $4.9 million. 8. Superbad - $3.1 million. 9. The Bourne Ultimatum - $2.7 million. 10. Dragon Wars - $2.5 million.

This is a new feature that I'm hoping to add each week. Top 20 most watched TV of the week for the week of Sept. 10th through the 16th. 1. Sunday Night Football - 15.3 million viewers. 2. 59th Annual Emmy Awards - 13 million. 3. 60 Minutes - 11.5 million. 4. Two And A Half Men (rerun) - 10 million. 5. Without A Trace (rerun) - 9.5 million. 6. (tie) Big Brother 8 (Thursday episode) - 8.9 million. 6. (tie) CSI: New York (rerun) - 8.9 million. 8. CSI (rerun) - 8.4 million. 9. CSI: Miami (rerun) - 8.3 million. 10. Criminal Minds (rerun) - 8.2 million. 11. Big Brother 8 (Tuesday episode) - 8.1 million. 12. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - 7.9 million. 13. (tie) The Biggest Loser - 7.8 million. 13. (tie) House (rerun) - 7.8 million. 13. (tie) Power Of 10 - 7.8 million. 16. NCIS (rerun) - 7.7 million. 17. Rules Of Engagement (rerun) - 7.5 million. 18. Cold Case (rerun) - 7.3 million. 19. (tie) Saturday Night Football - 7.1 million. 19. (tie) Big Brother 8 - (Sunday episode) - 7.1 million.

The second season of Heroes kicked off this week and I thought it laid the groundwork nicely for what we'll be seeing in season two. We saw that Claire and her dad have started their new lives in California hoping to lay low and not draw any attention to themselves as they continue to hide. Claire now goes by a new last name of Butler. Her new school showed promise for plenty of high school drama. Instead of showing up the cheerleaders who challenged her while she was sticking up for another girl, she instead chose to back off. She was challenged to do a cheerleading move from a good height and she did do it after everyone left but injured herself. She of course quickly healed just as a guy walked in who she has been talking to. Did he see this? We don't know but we later saw him hovering outside her bedroom window only to take off and fly. Who are these two people that are trying to get to New York? Also, what power does the woman have that left the whole vehicle of people dead? Hiro is still stuck in the past and ended up meeting his hero only to be extremely disappointed with him. We saw Peter at the end of the episode. He still has his powers but has no clue who he is. Parkman is still helping Molly out. She is having nightmares again leading us to believe something bad is coming. We had Angela Petrelli and Nakamura coming together after finding out that they had been targeted for death. Who is it that is coming after them as it appears one of them has already been taken out? Will the other be soon to follow? It looks like Mr. Bennett (or Butler as now he is known) and Mohinder are working undercover to take down "the company".
Some other Heroes notes. Where is Kristen Bell??!! That was my question as I was hoping for her to show up early. TV Guide is saying that she will make her debut on the October 22nd episode. An upcoming TV Guide is set to have Heroes on the cover including Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, and Ali Larter. I think it may be in stores next week. Adrian Pasdar, of Heroes, has signed up on You Tube and is posting some behind the scenes videos of the cast goofing off or doing whatever. If you want to check them out, here is the link:

The new shows have been rolling out this week and the ratings have just kind of been in that middle ground for the most part. Here are some numbers of the series premieres although I've seen some differing ratings numbers but they are all about around this range.
From CBS: Big Bang Theory (3.7), Cane (2.9), Kid Nation (3.1)
From Fox: K-Ville (3.3), Back To You (3.1)
From The CW: Reaper (1.5), Gossip Girl (1.6)
From NBC: Life (4.1), Chuck (3.6), Journeyman (3.7)
From ABC: Dirty Sexy Money (3.6)
Some of these shows have had their second episode already air as Kid Nation, Back To You, and Gossip Girl were all down a bit from their premiere episodes. K-Ville's second episode actually dropped to a 2.3 rating. Bionic Woman and Private Practice started strong with their series premieres last night and they went head to head. Private Practice drew 14.4 million viewers on ABC. Bionic Woman performed well too getting 13.6 million viewers on NBC but also was the highest rated show on Wednesday night in the 18-49 demographic. Variety is saying that the premiere was the highest rated show premiere on NBC in eight years. The demographic numbers are a bit different between the two shows and change that up a bit. All the spinning on demographics tends to get kind of annoying for me. Just give me total viewers. LOL. I would like to point out that Veronica Mars had more viewers with its season premiere last season than Reaper's series premiere this week in the same time slot. Just had to take that little jab at the CW. It will be interesting to follow the ratings for these new shows as time goes along cause its one thing to have an audience for a premiere but completely different to hold that audience from week to week.

The second season of How I Met Your Mother will be released on DVD on Tuesday. The show premiered its third season on Monday night. We get closer and closer to the reveal of who the mother is. She apparently has a yellow umbrella. Just who is this girl? We may soon find out.

SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven't watched Smallville yet, you may want to skip this. Smallville's season premiere aired tonight on The CW. It was really good!! However, it answered some questions but left us with many more. One thing that I'll have to get used to is watching one episode a week now as my fast viewing crash course on the show a few months ago had me watching multiple episodes whenever. You mean I have to wait a week between episodes now? What is up with that??!! LOL!! The phantom was taken care of by Clark after getting advice on finding his weakness. The phantom had already invaded part of Clark's life which saw one pretty funny moment that Clark ended up having to hear about later. I was very happy that Chloe survived but just how did she? She was declared dead but suddenly came back to life in the morgue calling for Clark to save her. How is she alive? We didn't get any answer to that tonight so that is for sure a question yet to be answered. The Supergirl stuff was awesome tonight especially that last scene in the episode. I loved the whole last couple of minutes of the episode with "Sober" by Kelly Clarkson playing. It mixed with the scene very well. Supergirl saved Lex but he thinks it was an angel that saved him to give him the chance to make up for all the bad things that he has done. He turned himself in for Lana's murder but as I expected, she is just fine and living in China hiding out. What will happen with her now? What happened with Lionel as he was dragged off by someone but is he alive? Like I said, questions answered from the season six finale but season seven has started leaving us with more questions.

Tonight's Survivor saw a battle over leadership or should I say a battle over just how they are led. I for sure thought that Dave was a goner. Dave rubbed a lot of people wrong with what he was wanting to do with fixing up camp and rubbed Ashley wrong the most. Ashley and Dave clashed big over the first two episodes and it came to a head tonight. However, it didn't go like I thought. Ashley ends up being voted out. Wow, she gets voted off second after taking off six months of WWE TV. From what I've heard, she won't be returning to WWE TV until the season finale airs. I wonder if that holds true cause with her being voted off so early on.

I watched the premiere of Kid Nation last week on CBS. I thought I'd see what all the talk was about with the show. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the show, it is a bunch of kids put together to start a town back up living like pioneers. There is a total of 40 kids that begin the show. They run it on their own with no adults. The only adult is the host. The kids range in age between 8 and 14. I say 14 cause there is, I believe, only one kid who is 15. I was watching Reality Remix on Fox Reality Channel and they were discussing the show. One of the people on the roundtable discussion said that it was Survivor but with kids. After watching the premiere, I can definitely see the comparison. Even the host and challenges are very Survivor like. I found the show to be interesting. The kids have a four member town council. They are kids as well with the youngest of the council being 10 years old. The council splits the town into four separate sections. Each of them leads one of the four. They are also given the ability to award a gold star to the kid who they feel worked the hardest or made the biggest difference in helping with the town. The gold star? It's worth $20,000!! From what I gather, a kid each week will be awarded this star and the reaction of the kids to finding out this news was pretty funny. Sophia was awarded the first one and then that was when they revealed the news of the worth of $20,000. The kids were given the opportunity after a few days at the first town meeting of being able to go home. One kid named Jimmy, who is 8, took the chance to go home. Everyone tried to talk him out of it but he just said that he is too young for this. No shame at all on him cause I thought he did really good being in that situation and being only 8. At my age, I wouldn't want to do what these kids are doing and am not sure that I COULD do this. I let out a big "GEEZ" when I was watching the show and it was revealed that they would be there for 40 days. That is a long time!! I've been impressed with the kids. I like Laurel who is one of the town council. She seems like a good leader and motivator. Taylor who is one of the town council, who is 10, was close to going home but was all smiles at the town meeting saying that she was committed to staying to get the town up and running. The kids competed in a challenge and then were rewarded with a surprise with all four teams finishing the challenge in under an hour. First, the competition set the concept of how each group would be ranked as far as power and jobs in the town. They get paid for doing jobs and then get to spend the money in various places in the town. The surprise was a choice of the council being able to choose one of the following. The kids only have one outhouse that is shared by 40 kids. One choice was that they would get seven additional outhouses bringing their total to 8. The other choice was a TV. The opinions were back and forth but the council chose on the outhouses which seemed to go over well with everyone. Bottom line on this show. It is interesting. I'll say that at least. I just hope the kids do ok with this as this is quite a challenge. I'm going to watch this show for a little bit and see how it goes.

Maya Rudolph sure made some news this week. News came out last week that Maya Rudolph had signed a new deal with Saturday Night Live. This week came the news that she changed her mind and had decided to not return to the show. TV Guide was saying that it was a "personal, family-based decision". The next day saw news come out that she changed her mind and would be returning to SNL. Wow, what a whirlwind of a week if you are a fan of hers on SNL. I think she is very funny on that show. So, it does appear that she will be back on SNL unless something else happens.

Dancing With The Stars is underway. Model, Josie Maran and her partner Alec Mazo were the first team to be voted off of the show this season.

Some Buffy alum casting news. Kristin over at E Online is reporting that James Marsters, who played Spike, will be returning to make several guest appearances on this season's Smallville. He was excellent on Smallville by the way if you haven't seen him on there. Mercedes McNabb, who played Harmony (what a fun character that Harmony was), is set to guest star this season on Supernatural with the episode airing on November 15th. Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia, is set to guest star on an episode of Fox's new show, Back To You, while she is also set to appear on ABC's new show, Big Shots.

Fox has already canceled their new show, Nashville, after two airings. The show did not do good ratings and could not find an audience. I actually recorded the first episode to see if it was any good but didn't watch it yet cause I know how Fox likes to cancel new shows. Nice to see that I was right. I guess I'll just delete it.

There is talk that The Transformers movie sequel should be in theatres on June 29, 2009. Transformers has already made $700 million worldwide. Don't forget about the DVD release on October 16th. I saw a commercial for the first time tonight advertising the DVD during Smallville. It's crazy that it is already being released but I'm not complaining!! Nothing is going to top it for my favorite movie of 2007.

It looks like we may possibly be seeing Knight Rider return. NBC is set to do a new Knight Rider movie that will air later this season. If it does well, they could turn it into a series. It will see KITT return but get a modernized treatment.

Was anyone watching The Tonight Show tonight with Chuck star, Zachary Levi, going door to door in an apartment complex trying to get people to turn over to his show and watch it? Funny stuff.

The first three seasons of Hogan Knows Best are now available on DVD. The catch to that is that it is a FYE store exclusive so go there to pick it up if you are interested.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 2nd. Criminal Minds (Season 2), Entourage (Season 3 - Part 2), Felix The Cat (Golden Anniversary Edition), Galapagos (Galapagos), How I Met Your Mother (Season 2), I Love New York (Season 1), Jericho (Season 1), Little People, Big World (Season 1), Metalocalypse (Season 1), The Secret World Of Alex Mack (Season 1), Shark (Season 1), Star Trek: The Next Generation (Complete Series).

TV Line Of The Week: Let's see if I can bring this feature back now that there are new episodes of stuff to watch now.
"Someone threw a live snake inside the drive thru at a Taco Bell. Fortunately, the snake was eaten by all the live rats in the kitchen" - Conan O'Brien in his monologue on a show this week.

You Tube Video Of The Week: This is an incredible video that someone taped of an approaching sandstorm in Iraq.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Wrap Up Q&A With Big Brother 8's Kail - September 13, 2007

This week's Wrap Up Q&A is from Big Brother 8's Kail. Kail was the fifth person evicted from the Big Brother house this season. She was the last houseguest to not have to go to sequester so she has been able to go home and catch up on everything. I want to say a big thanks to Kail for taking the time to answer these questions for the Wrap Up. Here is what Kail had to say about her experience in the Big Brother 8 house.

I remember hearing that you have been trying to get on Big Brother for several years now. How long have you been trying and what made you interested in doing the show? I have been a fan since season one and started auditioning in season 5 and every season since then. (except all-stars) Finally season 8 was the season for me.

What was your strategy going into the house? Going in I wanted to align with an all-girl alliance. Right away I knew that wasn't going to work because they seemed so young to me. Also, I did not want to win HOH the first time and that seemed to change the first night too. I knew I had to prove myself right away being one of the older houseguests and a smaller personality.

What are your thoughts on the twists in the game this year with the "enemies" from your past and also America's Player? Well, we all know going in to "expect the unexpected" so I cannot complain. However, I do feel if I had my dad in the house he would have had my back to the end too. :) he he As far as AP... I am happy for America to be able to participate in the show.

When you found out about America's Player, was there anything that really stuck out to you that made you think "that is why Eric did that"? Absolutely! Almost everything he did now makes sense. Did he have to go over the top on "bashing" fellow houseguests to get what he wanted? You'll have to ask him. I would like to know myself.

I know one thing that viewers seem to think is that living in the Big Brother house is a breeze. I'm NOT one of those that thinks that by the way after watching the show all these years. LOL. Can you tell us what it is like to live in the house and have this game going on constantly while also having cameras on you 24/7? There is no escaping. Even if you find a moment to yourself without the other HG's then you have the cameras to deal with. It is very difficult. The MOST difficult hurdle for me was being homesick! Something I never expected to happen to me. When I say sick, I mean sick!

The first HOH is always the toughest to win cause it seems to put a target on the person's back immediately. What were your thoughts on winning the first HOH and also the reasoning on your nominees for eviction that week? The first HOH was horrible because you know you now have a target on your back. Plus, every HG is approaching you telling you about ALL these alliances that are happening around you, hence you jump into one because you are afraid you are being left out. That explains why I nominated Carol. I was told she was in a 6 person rival alliance.

With the history of pawns going home in this game, how stressful was it to keep hearing that someone is putting you up as a pawn? I was suppose to be only Dustin's pawn. I agreed to be his pawn and for some reason felt pretty good about it. I did not want to be Daniele's pawn! I had no choice...and...I could not hang on that bar for another second. I took whatever verbal she would give me. If only I was 15 years younger. :)

You had an alliance formed early on in the game. Where do you think it went wrong? It went wrong with Nick. Everyone else I feel would have been loyal.

If you could go back and change anything that you did in the game, what would it be? I'm still thinking hard on that one. That is a difficult question when you feel that everything happens for a reason. You'll have to ask me that one again later down the road.

What was your favorite non game moment in the house? None. But, I am so glad to have Jen as a new friend.

Dick has received a ton of criticism for his actions in the house. What are your thoughts on his game play? Richard has definitely crossed the line in "game" and in "life" play in my opinion. I feel his very crude, violent remarks (rape) toward Jen and myself is criminal and brakes every game rule (if there are any). I do not admire that kind of game play.

I'm sure you're sick of getting asked this question. Thoughts on the bunny suits? LOL. Yes, most asked question. I do not have the suit... I wish I did, I would be rich. he he Well, I guess the good news is I wont be forgotten.

Word association deal. What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of each houseguest?
Jen...Jen u ine and intelligent
Amber...high maintenance
Jameka...ummm hum
Joe...character boat

Who do you feel was the most overrated player this season and the most underrated player? Amber went farther than I thought she deserved and I wish Carol went farther and should have.

Are you a Big Brother TV viewer, live feed viewer, or both? I was never a live-feed viewer. I will be next year though.

Who are you pulling for to win Big Brother 8? Zach.

How has it been getting back to your normal life and getting to interact with the Big Brother fans? The fans is what made the whole experience worth it! Another positive way of looking at being out in week 5. I'm not in the Jury house with NO contact with my family, friends, and fans. As far as getting back to normal...not quite there yet. he he

Overall, how was the experience on the show and would you do the show all over again? To soon to tell. If my mom had it her way... I would not do the show again.

To close this Q&A, what would you like to say to all the Big Brother fans out there? I want to thank everyone who takes the time out of their busy summer to watch the show. To each and every one who has found a way to contact me and let me know they are a fan... a BIG thank you to them! Only the best to everyone! Jer. 29:11 Kail Harbick BB8

Thanks again to Kail for taking time to answer the Wrap Up questions!!

Wrap Up Q&A With Big Brother 8's Carol - August 30, 2007

This week's Wrap Up Q&A comes from Big Brother 8's Carol. I sent Carol some questions for the Wrap Up and thank her very much for responding!! Carol was the first person evicted on this season's Big Brother. She was also one of the three twists in this season's game. The twist of this season has been being forced to live with a rival of your past. There were three of these twists and Carol was paired with Jessica who were former rivals from school. Here is what Carol had to say about her experience on Big Brother 8 and the game since she left.

How has your experience been since leaving the Big Brother house with getting back to your normal life and interacting with fans of the show?

Had you ever seen Big Brother before entering the house and what made you want to do the show?

Obviously, you were one of the twists in the game this season. What were your thoughts on finding out about the twist including you, and also the Dick/Daniele twist and America's Player?

What kind of strategy were you wanting to play in the Big Brother game?

Can you describe what it is like to live in the house with all these cameras on you 24/7?

With all the craziness that has happened in the house since you left it, are you glad to be out of there? LOL.

Who do you feel is the most overrated and underrated players in the house?

Are you a live feed viewer or just a TV viewer?

What have been some of your favorite and least favorite moments that you've seen this season on the show?

Word association deal. What is the first thing that comes to your mind with each houseguest's name?

Do you feel that America's voting has helped Eric's game or hurt it?

Who are you pulling for to win Big Brother 8 and why?

If you had it to do over, would you do Big Brother again?

A big thanks again to Carol for answering the questions for the Wrap Up!!

Wrap Up Q&A With Big Brother 8 - Mike & Jessica's Mom - August 9, 2007

I sent a few questions to a couple of people tied to Big Brother and they gave me their thoughts on Big Brother this season for the Wrap Up. One is from a family perspective as Jessica's mom was great to give me her thoughts on what she is thinking of her daughter in the house. The other is from a recently evicted houseguest, Mike, who was evicted a couple of weeks ago.

I have comments from a recently evicted houseguest as Mike responded to my questions as well. Mike was the third person evicted from this season's Big Brother 8. Here is what Mike had to say.

What made you want to do the show?
I thought it would be a great challenge to make it all the way by playing honestly.

What was your first reaction to finding out about the America's Player twist?
I was surprised but it made sense in recalling Eric being a little peculiar at times.

What are your thoughts on the other twists with people in the house having to live with others from their past? Well, my immediate thought was they would align with one another being they had a history together. So I viewed it as a huge threat.

Do you have any regrets of your time in the house?
I regret getting in an alliance immediately. I was pressured into it the 2nd day when Kail won HOH and sought me out. She wanted me to join with her in an alliance with the others and in fear of not doing so, I felt she would view me as a threat and put me up on the block right away with the chance of going home the first week.

What was your favorite non-game moment in the house such as just hanging out kind of moments with the houseguests? Probably the strong man competition.

With the game play in the house, who do you feel is the most underrated player and who is the most overrated player and why? I think the underrated is Jessica at this point. She seems to not be saying or doing much but I feel she will have some tricks up her sleeve and shouldn't be trusted. The most overrated is Dick. Some people admire the fact he speaks his mind but its only going to hurt him in the long run. Especially the malicious attacks on other houseguests.

Who are you pulling for to win at this point and why?
I'm pulling for either Jen, Zack, Jameka, Kail, or Eric. I believe in the outside world their views align with mine so it would be nice to see someone parallel to myself win.

Big thanks to Mike for taking the time to do that.

Next up, Jessica's family is running her site while she is in the house. I sent some questions to them for the Wrap Up to find out what they were thinking of Jessica so far in this season of Big Brother. Big thanks to her mom for replying!!

From a family perspective, what is it like to watch Jessica on TV and see her in this whole different world of the Big Brother house?
Obviously we miss her very much, and it is awesome to be able to watch her in action every day, however it is bitter-sweet because it is very hard to watch the other houseguests scheme against her.

What is your favorite Jessica moment so far in the Big Brother house?
We like watching her have fun at night (she is a night owl) and that is when her real personality comes out!!

I know I really enjoy watching Jessica and Eric together. They're a lot of fun. Just wondering what your thoughts are on him and the two's friendship?
We think he seems like a really fun person, and we can see why Jessica and he clicked so well. We hope that they will both go far in the game!

What were your thoughts on the twist of the season with America's Player and also the "people from your past" twist?
We thought the people from your past twist was very unfair because only 6 of the 14 houseguests had to deal with past drama. Then 3 of the 6 (including Jess) were isolated from the other 11 houseguests which made them feel like immediate targets. It really seemed like an unfair playing field to us. We like the America's Player twist.

If you could give Jessica advice right now on what to do in the game, what would it be?
Trust your gut instincts, and don't believe everything you hear from those you think you can trust!

Thanks so much to Jessica's mom for taking the time to do that!!

Carrie Underwood's Cry Pretty Album Released

Album release day today for Carrie Underwood's new album, Cry Pretty! I love album release days! So much scrambling around trying to mak...