Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - February 28, 2008 - SNL Returns, Knight Rider, Oscars, and more

The writers strike is now even more officially over as the WGA approved the new three year contract earlier this week.

Here are the happenings in the Big Brother house for the week. Last week, James and Chelsia won the HOH. They put up Alex & Amanda and Matt & Natalie on the nomination block. The power of veto was won by Josh and Sharon and they did not use the veto. Not much campaigning going on with Alex as he seemed content to just let it all happen. He didn't want to campaign against his friend Matt. Amanda did try a last effort to save themselves which he half heartedly agreed to go with. Allison was working a lot of power in the house and was not at all listening to what Amanda or Alex had to say. The vote was 3-0 to evict Alex and Amanda. That led into the next HOH competition won by Josh and Sharon where they destroyed the competition. No other team got a right answer in. This HOH was crucial for them as they were likely gone if they hadn't won it or a veto this week. Julie Chen also announced an upcoming twist involving evicted houseguests. Are they bringing back houseguests? We'll find out next week.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week.
Well, the news of the week focused on the medical trouble in the house. Allison and Amanda both had serious medical issues in the house within minutes of each other. This occurred last Friday night and I was watching the live feeds at the time when it happened. Amanda had been complaining about not feeling well and talked about how she is hypoglycemic. She needs to have a certain amount of sugar to keep her body levels right. Amanda was talking about trying to get into the diary room to see about getting some sugar but couldn't get in. She was walking with Natalie when she passed out into the floor in front of the diary room. Natalie immediately ran and got help from the houseguests. They started banging on the diary room door hitting the button over and over. There is also a "panic button" in the house which sends a call immediately through to the authorities that something bad is wrong. Josh hit that. The nurse ran out to attend to Amanda. What was the delay on getting out there to Amanda? Well, Allison had just went into the diary room a minute or so earlier complaining that she couldn't breathe. She was having a severe allergic reaction to something that she ate and her face had swollen up including her saying that her throat was trying to close on her. The nurse got her doing better and that was when Alex came running into the diary room to get help for Amanda. The house had no clue that Allison was in trouble in there. Alex told the rest of the house about Allison as the nurse ran out to help Amanda. James was incredible holding Amanda the whole time trying to help her. They got her the help that she needed and Amanda came back to not having a clue that she had passed out. One of the sadder things was her in a daze saying that all she needed was sugar. Both were taken to the hospital. Amanda returned to the house first a few hours later. About ten minutes later, Allison returned. The houseguests all told the stories of what had happened and really put over James for how he helped Amanda. Allison said that she was thankful that she was in the Big Brother house when it happened saying that she didn't know if she would have gotten the help that she needed anywhere else that quickly. Everyone put over the medical help HUGE saying how great that they were and quick. I was watching the live feeds that night when all this happened. On the live feeds, we saw Amanda pass out and the houseguests running to her aid along with them trying to get help. They cut the feeds off right after they turned Amanda over and she began to shake gasping for air. IT WAS SCARY!! That was one of the scarier things that I've ever seen. I was happy that they cut the feeds off when they did cause we didn't need to see this poor girl being worked on by the paramedics. That was actually what I was saying at the time was "cut the feeds, cut the feeds". The feeds did not return until 45 minutes later as fans waited to find out what had happened. The feeds returned with the houseguests calm so the house seemed normal which was obviously a good sign that everyone was ok. The feed viewers had no clue about Allison's trouble until hearing the houseguests discussing what had happened. I'm just thankful that both of them are ok cause that was a scary scene. It was scary to watch on the feeds and it was even scarier watching it on TV. The episode this week filled in the time line of what happened while the feeds were cut off. When I saw the segment of the slop and them using the line from Amanda about how the slop is just going to make her week worse, it was clear that they were going to show her passing out. I wasn't sure how they were going to cover that situation on TV. There has been blame of the slop causing Amanda's condition and from what I understand, she wasn't eating it. That was part of the problem. They do put nutrition in that slop. After she returned to the house, she was being given tablets every day by Big Brother to take but she had been told that she has to eat the slop cause it does give her what she needs to keep her levels up. Ok, so the "bueno" segment on Sunday's episode was funny. Yes, Amanda says that all the time on the feeds. They aren't exaggerating. LOL. Then, moving on to Natalie. Wow, she looks bad on TV with how head over heels she is for Matt and he has not shown any interest in her.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds:
I've already pretty well covered the live feed stuff of the week but here is a little bit more. That argument between Allison and Sheila was chopped up quite a bit as I was watching it when it happened. It had been building for a while. At one point, I think Allison was yelling as loud as she possibly could. A few minutes later, they moved on from the argument and hugged.

What Has Happened Since Last Night's Show: SPOILER ALERT!!
Josh and Sharon got their HOH room last night. Some definite tension between Josh and Allison. Nominations were announced tonight and Josh & Sharon put Allison & Ryan and Matt & Natalie up on the block.

I read an interesting article that was from Entertainment Weekly this week talking about the current season of Big Brother. The writer of the article talked about not liking the cast of this current season. She also mentioned how many die hard Big Brother fans that she worked with who are just about to tune out and wait for the summer edition of Big Brother. This season's cast seems to not have a middle ground among fans. You either like this season or you don't. I find myself a bunch of times thinking "what is up with this cast this season??". I've commented about how it is starting to head toward season four for me where I just didn't like that cast either. I have a few people in the house that I like this season but very few. This cast is just way too young and I find myself embarrassed listening into a lot of the conversations that they discuss on the live feeds. Well, I say too young but the show has always had young cast members but things get wild in that house this year. I feel like I'm watching The Real World instead of Big Brother. The other night when the margarita party started, I tuned out knowing that this wouldn't be any interest to me cause I've seen this group party. With the level that it got to, I'm really glad that I tuned out. That is just my feelings on it cause I know there are a lot of fans that do like this season quite a bit. If you do, good for you but I'm just not big into it like previous seasons. The ratings have been lower this season which is obviously not helping being against American Idol but I wonder if this current cast has chased some viewers away.

This week's American Idol was definitely better than last week as far as performances go. Four people were eliminated tonight from the competition including Alaina Whitaker, Alexandrea Lushington, Jason Yeager, and Robbie Carrico. The only surprises for me was Robbie and I was stunned to see Alaina go home. I never would have guessed that. She was one of my favorites as I really liked her voice. She was extremely emotional being voted off and it's nice to see the other girls get up there to support her in her final performance. David Archuleta definitely stood out this week having a strong performance. Get used to him cause he's going to be around for a while and I can already tell that he is going to be popular with the female voters especially the teens. Kristy Lee Cook has a good stage presence to her. I keep waiting for Kady Malloy to break out and be a star this season. The judges talked about how she just hadn't yet had that song to show what she is made of. If she can find that style of song that works for her, I think she can do very well this season. She's got to do it next week though as she was in the bottom three tonight. It was announced tonight that Idol Gives Back will return this season and it will happen on April 9th. That show was a huge success last year and raised a TON of money.

The Oscar Awards were this past weekend. I didn't watch it and it appears that a lot of people didn't based on the ratings. I think I've watched The Oscars once ever if I remember right. I've rarely ever seen any of the movies nominated and there were several this year that I hadn't even heard of. Anyway, thought you might be interested in seeing the winners of the big categories in case you missed it. Best Picture: No Country For Old Men; Actor In A Leading Role: Daniel Day-Lewis for "There Will Be Blood"; Actress In A Leading Role: Marion Cotillard for "La Vie En Rose"; Actor In A Supporting Role: Javier Bardem for "No Country For Old Men"; Actress In A Supporting Role: Tilda Swinton for "Michael Clayton"; Directing: Joel Coen and Ethan Coen for "No Country For Old Men"; Writing (Original Screenplay): Diablo Cody for Juno.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend.
1. Vantage Point - $24 million. 2. Jumper - $12.7 million. 3. Spiderwick - $12.6 million. 4. Step Up 2 - $9.8 million. 5. Fool's Gold - $6.3 million. 6. Definitely Maybe - $5.2 million. 7. Be Kind Rewind - $4.1 million. 8. Juno - $4.1 million. 9. Roscoe Jenkins - $4 million. 10. There Will Be Blood - $2.6 million.

ABC announced that five of their reality shows will be returning next season including Dancing With The Stars, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Supernanny, Wife Swap, and America's Funniest Home Videos.

There is talk tonight that Scrubs may be moving from NBC over to ABC next season.

NBC has canceled their show, Las Vegas.

Tonight's Survivor was all about immunity. After winning the reward challenge, the Favorites sent Kathy back to Exile Island but sent Ozzy with her. Kathy didn't want to go searching for the immunity idol again but Ozzy did....and he found it. Not only did he find it but he made up something fake and wrapped it back up in its hiding spot. Will we see someone again try to use a fake hidden immunity idol? It could happen. Ozzy is dangerous in this game cause he is such a tough competitor and now he has a immunity idol to use making him even tougher. Who else was needing immunity? Well, Eliza for one. Eliza was sick through a lot of this episode and the tribe was looking to cut her loose seeing her as the weakest. She needed for the tribe to win immunity to keep her safe. It happened as the Favorites won immunity and she survives to another day. The Fans were looking to eliminate Chet as they saw him as the weakest on their tribe. However, Joel had it explained to him by Tracy that Mikey was likely going to be trying to get revenge for turning on him a while back. She said that this would be his last chance to get Mikey out having the numbers for the votes. Mikey had talked in this episode that he was going to wait to right before the merge to turn on Joel and get his revenge. Well, revenge will not be had as Mikey was voted out tonight. The tribe wasn't satisfied with the decision overall though pointing out how they lose more challenges than they win and want to stay strong. There will no doubt be some talk about this vote when they return from tribal council.

I've been re-watching episodes of Journeyman again recently and it just makes me more annoyed that the show isn't coming back. Such a greatly written show and amazing cast. What are you thinking NBC??!!

I recently checked out the new Knight Rider movie that aired on NBC. I went into this remake of Knight Rider with an open mind seeing what the story was going to be of it. I'm usually not very optimistic when it comes to bringing a popular show or movie back with how it will compare to the original. I grew up watching the original show and always liked it. Overall, I thought the movie was good. They definitely set things up for the much talked about TV series if the movie did well ratings wise which it did. The story of the movie was that Charles, who created the original KITT 25 years ago, is about to get caught by some men looking to find out his technology secrets. Charles' daughter, Sarah, gets a call from KITT saying that he has been instructed to find her to protect her. She already has the men after her and gets to KITT. We then get several scenes of her and KITT together where she adjusts to what this car is able to do. KITT has also been instructed to have a human look after her as well which turns out to be Mike Tracer. Sarah knows him very well but they had a not so good ending to the last time that they saw each other. Charles also has a friend in the FBI named Carrie who helps them out along the way but her problem is that he has a sheriff with her that is on the other side leaking info to the men trying to kidnap Charles and Sarah. We got a nice history of Mike when his mother gets brought into the story. His mother and Charles know each other and she knows all about the original KITT. How? Well, it turns out that Mike is indeed the son of Michael Knight. Nice twist. I was wondering if they were going to just stand this series return on its own or tie it to the original somehow. It was explained that Mike did not know his father at all cause he left home. He obviously left home cause of his job with KITT. All turns out well when everyone is saved and the men are taken out. There is a casualty however as Mike's mother ends up being killed. At the funeral, we get a father/son reunion with David Hasselhoff returning to his great role of Michael Knight. He and his son talk about Mike's mom but also about the incredible offer that Charles had given him to work with them as there were more people trying to hunt down their secrets. Mike takes the job and the end of the movie saw a classic finish except with a new twist. Mike and KITT backing out of, not a trailer, but an airplane. What about KITT? KITT is now a Ford Mustang. One new twist is that KITT is able to change into different versions of the Mustang to help hide himself. And, the theme music was back. It was pretty cool to hear that theme start off. Overall, if you have access to the movie and liked the original show, give it a shot. It's worth watching to see if you like it or not. I wasn't just crazy about it but I liked it. For more info on the new Knight Rider, go to:

Saturday Night Live returned this past weekend to a big audience doing its best ratings in two years. Tina Fey was the host and I watched quite a bit of the show. They started immediately with the political sketches which is their strong point in election years. Later, an appearance was made during Weekend Update by presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee. My favorite sketch of the night though was the Donald Trump stuff cause I think that Darrell Hammond does an incredible impersonation of Trump. Great to see Tina get to jump into her old segment, Weekend Update, for an appearance. SNL is going to be doing four new shows in a row including last week which is something that is said to have not happened since the 1970's. This week's host will be Juno's Ellen Page.

The Justice League movie appears to be going again after it was stopped due to the writers strike. The plan is for it to be released in the summer of 2009.

TV Guide is reporting that NBC is canceling Bionic Woman. The show did big ratings with its series premiere in the fall but had been losing viewers ever since.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 4th.
Ben 10 (Season Three), The Love Boat (Season One - Volume One), Magnum P.I. (Season Eight), Saturday Night Live (Best Of 2006-2007), Saturday Night Live (Lost and Found - SNL in the 80's).

You Tube Video Of The Week:
This dog makes me laugh every time she appears on Regis and Kelly. Watch as she attempts to break the record for balloon popping. Keep in mind that all the excitement from her is cause she LOVES popping balloons. Don't take her to any parties. LOL.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/27/08 - Eviction and New HOH

8:00pm - Update. Tonight's live show has concluded and the next couple evicted from the Big Brother house is Alex and Amanda. The vote was 3-0. The head of household competition winners were Josh and Sharon who ended up destroying the competition. Nobody else got a question right. They definitely had their game face on. The women competed against each other with the winner of each question getting to eliminate another houseguest. No surprise that Sharon took out Allison first and then Sheila. Some definite strategic playing there from her. Sharon of course won against the women. Josh then won against the men easily as well. Lots of celebration from them as this HOH was crucial to them as they were likely going home next. Allison is definitely in trouble for eviction next week. She's going to have to work some sort of magic or win the POV. Julie Chen mentioned tonight that a twist was coming involving the evicted houseguests. Is someone coming back or is there another twist?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/26/08

11:15pm Update - Sorry for slacking on the live feed updates. I've actually been becoming less interested in this season so far as I'm just not liking this cast. Some of the stuff that this cast has been doing in the house is just wild. Thankfully, I've purposely missed the wildness. Happenings in the house this week. Amanda and Allison seem to be doing better after their scary night a few nights ago. Amanda has been still back and forth on whether she feels good or not. Allison seems to be fine but is still waiting to hear on what she is allergic to. How is the voting and alliance stuff going in the house? Well, I'm not sure. There are so many deals going on with everyone promising deals to everyone. Allison has been playing the game really hard the last few days working deals and people are catching on that she has multiple deals. Who is going home? Well, it was originally going to be Natalie and Matt but things changed and it turned to Alex and Amanda going home. Alex has pretty much blamed Amanda for their downfall and he has quit the fight to stay in the game. Amanda is currently trying a last chance to get something stirred up in the house to save themselves. Alex doesn't even look like he cares about staying in the game anymore and seems content to go home.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/23/08

Well, we're about a week and a half into this new season of Big Brother and I can't decide if I'm liking this season or not. I haven't liked it very much so far. It's still early though and we'll see how it plays out.
1:00pm Update - SPOILER ALERT!!
Last night was a wild and scary night in the Big Brother house. First, the veto competition was held and the veto was won by Josh and Sharon. Last night, Allison and Sheila had a huge argument over rumors that had spread through the house. It was very intense at times. I'm not sure who got the rumor floating around the house cause there was a lot of fingerpointing going on. They later did apologize to each other and hug. This was when things got very scary. Amanda had been complaining about not feeling well. She had mentioned earlier that she had a condition where she needed a certain amount of sugar in her body. She is on Big Brother slop for the week due to losing the food competition. Amanda and Natalie were walking along the hallway when Amanda just passed out right on to the floor. Natalie ran and got the rest of the houseguests. James got to her immediately and Amanda was shaking on the floor. Josh hit the panic button in the house which is the ultimate alert to let people behind the scenes know that help is needed immediately. I happened to be watching the feeds when this all happened and IT WAS SCARY!! I was glad that they cut the feeds off while she was attended to and was actually saying "cut the feeds" at the time. It was a very long 45 minutes of the feeds being off as I was praying that she was ok. The feeds came back and the house was back to normal showing signs that everything must be all right. Amanda had been taken from the house but there was someone else missing. Allison was missing. It turns out that when Amanda passed out waiting to get into the DR that Allison was already in the DR. She was in bad shape as well as she had a major allergic reaction to some food and her face was swollen up. At the same time, there were two major medical problems in the house. At around midnight, Amanda and Allison returned to the house and seem to be doing fine although understandably a little shaky. The houseguests were raving about how great the nurse was that is in the house. Allison said the nurse was to her in about five seconds to attend to her. Then, when Alex came in and said what had happened to Amanda, she ran out there immediately as well. Allison said that her face and tongue had swollen up while her throat had closed within 45 seconds. The doctor told her that she was severely allergic to something that she had eaten. With Amanda, James was given a TON of credit for how he took care of Amanda after she had passed out. He was the first to her and held her the whole time. Alex said that he was pounding on the DR button trying to get in to let them know what was happening. He finally got in and saw the doctors attending to Allison, which he had no clue was happening, and let them know what had happened outside. Josh had also hit the panic button as well as I had said. I am so happy that everyone is ok. Both of them are set to meet with the doctor this morning to get checked out again. Their personal well being is obviously the most important as Big Brother is a GAME so I just hope that they get checked out completely to make sure that they are ok to continue in this game. Big Brother is a mentally and physically grueling game and I want the show to make sure that everything is all right with them. There are more that are sick in the house. Natalie was down last night as well complaining of a fever, headache, and sick to her stomach. She was extremely rattled with what happened with Amanda as was James.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - February 21, 2008 - Show Returns, Idol Top 24, NBA, Survivor, and more

Has it really only been one week since Big Brother started??!! It feels like an eternity already with all the craziness happening in the house. First, let's start with the facts of what has occurred since the last Wrap Up. Jen and Parker were named the power couple and voted to evict Sharon and Jacob. The HOH competition is held which is won by Alex and Amanda. The secret of Jen and Ryan being a couple outside of the house is told. Jen tells Parker. Ryan tells Allison. Jen and Ryan ended up telling the house the secret as they were concerned that Allison was going to let the news out to help herself out in the game. With the house now knowing about the real life couple, it was decided to break them up. Jen and Parker were put up on the block against Ryan and Allison. The power of veto was played a few days later which was hosted by Big Brother 8's Jessica and Eric and it had Matt and Natalie winning. They did not use the veto. That left the nominations as is. Last night's show saw a three to one vote sending Jen and Parker home from the Big Brother house. Not surprised at all to see them voted out as that had been talked about on the feeds all week. Parker still looked furious sitting there being interviewed by Julie Chen. I am shocked that he didn't just go off but he kept his cool. That brought us to last night's HOH competition which saw James and Chelsia win HOH.

Thoughts on the Big Brother week. Hey, Sharon is back in the game. If you missed it, Neil had to leave the game for personal reasons and Josh was given a choice of either Jacob or Sharon to have as his partner. He chose Sharon and she is back in the game. It was funny watching that episode as the credits quietly removed Neil from it and then added Sharon back in and this was before the official announcement had been made. Jen was expecting everything to be cool with her and Sharon over the first eviction but Sharon wasn't over it. She was all about voting to get Jen out of the house. Lots of drama in the house involving Jen and Ryan and then also Alex and Amanda. I wasn't crazy about the editing on a lot of Tuesday's show. I just didn't feel a lot of it really gave a complete story of what had happened. It was bizarre with just how far behind the show was at times compared to the live feeds. Sunday's show was still showing stuff from before the feeds went live. We were basically watching the feeds for a full week before an episode aired that included stuff from after the feeds went live. The episodes did provide some nice insight into some of the happenings in the house as to how it all started. It kind of felt like watching a prequel.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds:
No spoilers here as I'm just going to cover stuff in this paragraph in the time frame of up to last night's episode. First, I probably should start with the major argument in the back yard involving Amanda, Chelsia, Josh, and Alex. I thought it was pretty fairly edited as far as how it went down as I've seen it all unedited. Things that they left off of the show version of the argument was Allison basically cheerleading Josh when they got in the house BEFORE the personal comments were made. That was when she followed him into the house after he got out of the pool. What I didn't like that they left off was Chelsia coming into the kitchen immediately while Amanda and Allison were sitting on the kitchen floor and her apologizing to Amanda for the personal comment. Chelsia's story to Amanda was that she didn't mean it in a personal way but instead using the term for Amanda's game play. Josh did not apologize immediately but has apologized since and they had a long conversation about it. I really wish that the personal comments hadn't been brought up as it should not have been said. It's a game and that should be left out of it. Well, the first night of the live feeds was completely left off of the episodes where Parker got furious at Jen. It got to the point where Ryan wouldn't leave Jen's side cause he was tired of Jen being talked down to. They didn't cover the story between Natalie and Matt at all this week. Matt doesn't have any interest in her from what he has said on the feeds.

What has happened since last night's eviction show: SPOILER ALERT!!
James and Chelsia got their HOH room last night and spent the night drinking while hanging out. The two did kiss last night as well. Lots of planning going on last night and today with the nominations. James and Chelsia have their targets of who they want to take out of the game and when but they went over all possibilities. James did tell Matt earlier about the lie that Sheila and Allison had stirred up. James and Chelsia aren't very sure at all about trusting Allison and Sheila after the lie was told and they aren't sure that it is a lie. Adam and Sheila had a blowup last night which got loud at times. Nominations were tonight and James and Chelsia put up Natalie and Matt against Alex and Amanda. Matt and Alex are not happy at all about it and trying to figure how to play this as I type this up.

My plea to CBS. Will you please get Big Brother away from American Idol??!! Fans of America's Next Top Model may be wanting the same thing as it didn't do its usual numbers either going up against Idol.

Don't forget that Saturday Night Live returns this Saturday night with Tina Fey as the host and Carrie Underwood as the musical guest. I've got to think that SNL has been waiting very impatiently during an election year to get back on the air. A lot of their best stuff over the years has featured skits revolving around politics.

ABC has announced return dates for several of their hit shows with new episodes. Desperate Housewives (April 13), Ugly Betty (April 24), Lost (April 24), Grey's Anatomy (April 24), Samantha Who? (April 7), Boston Legal (April 8), Brothers & Sisters (April 20).

The CW has decided to bring back Everybody Hates Chris this spring after all so there will be some new episodes upcoming.

How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory will be changing timeslots upon their returns in March. So, Big Bang Theory will now be leading off Monday nights on CBS.

The competition is underway on American Idol with the singers now competing for votes to get to the top 12. This week saw the top 24 perform. Overall, I didn't think that this week was very strong as far as performances. Few stand out above the others. The guys struggled more than the girls. Tonight, two guys and two girls were voted off of the show. The guys voted off were Garrett Haley and Colton Berry. The girls voted off were Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella. Do they put the show on the screen inside the studio? If they do, Amy knew she was going home before Ryan even called her out cause they put the camera on her too early. It looks like Better Days by Graham Colton is the goodbye song this year unless they change it in the later rounds. I'm a big fan of that song. My early favorites of this season are Alaina Whitaker, Syesha Mercado, Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson, Danny Noriega, and David Archuleta. I think the girls are the ones to beat once again this season. It just seems like there are more stand outs with the girls.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Jumper - $31.7 million. 2. Spiderwick - $24.5 million. 3. Step Up 2 - $21.5 million. 4. Fool's Gold - $15 million. 5. Definitely, Maybe - $11.4 million. 6. Roscoe Jenkins - $10.4 million. 7. Juno - $5.5 million. 8. The Bucket List - $4.6 million. 9. Hannah Montana - $3.9 million. 10. 27 Dresses - $3.8 million.

Tonight's Survivor focused around picking sides. Cirie was in the position of swing vote and the way she was trying to decide what to do, I thought she might end up like Christy from the Amazon. On the Amazon season, they got tired of waiting on Christy to decide who to go with on the votes and voted her out. I was wondering if that might happen with Cirie tonight but it didn't. There was an argument between her and Jonathan where he kept trying to get her to pick a side. Jonathan wanted to break up the couples and vote off Parvati. That was what that group with him involved wanted to do. The couples wanted to vote off Eliza. Cirie was absolutely voting out Yau-Man so as far as she was concerned, she wasn't changing her vote and others would have to vote with her. The votes saw Yau-Man get six votes to get voted out while Parvati got two votes and Cirie got one vote. The favorites did have some glory in this episode winning the reward challenge where the winner got to have three things out of a catalog of their choosing. They got a nice tarp while the fans team had a ROUGH night out in the storm. It really looked completely miserable!! That reward challenge was a very physical and rough one. I found it funny that while all this competition was going on that there was flirting going on as well. LOL. James is just a force!! Did you see him dragging three people at one point??!! Going to exile island on this episode was Kathy and Ami. Kathy wasn't revealing at all about what clues that her and Cirie found on the last trip there. Kathy said she wasn't about to go "island jumping" again. The preview for next week shows more trouble brewing between Jonathan and Cirie.

Smallville's Kristin Kreuk has been cast as Chun-Li in the new Street Fighter movie.

ABC has announced the new lineup for the new season of Dancing With The Stars. Here is the lineup: Adam Carolla (radio host/comedian), Cristian de la Fuente (actor), Shannon Elizabeth (actress), Steve Guttenberg (actor), Mario (musician), Marlee Matlin (actress), Penn Jillette (illusionist), Monica Seles (tennis superstar), Jason Taylor (NFL player), Marissa Jaret Winokur (actress), Kristi Yamaguchi (olympic skater), and Priscilla Presley.

NBC is looking at a different option in bringing back Friday Night Lights. The show which is in trouble of being canceled may have life after all. NBC is said to be talking to other networks about sharing the show. This would mean that the show would air on multiple networks. They have apparently talked to cable networks but have also talked to The CW.

The NBA dunk contest is in great shape. There was fear for several years that the dunk contest might go away based on overall creativity and problems with getting the stars to compete in it. However, the dunk contest has been very entertaining over the last few years. This year's dunk contest came down to Dwight Howard and Gerald Green. Green brought out the birthday cake dunk where he blew out the candle of a cupcake as it set up on top of the rim while throwing down the dunk. We had the Superman dunk by Howard which was fun, creative, and impressive. My most impressive dunk of Howard's though was the one where he stood behind the basket. He threw the ball off the backboard, caught it, and went underneath to dunk it on the other side. That was extremely hard. Oh, and I have to mention the dunk where he bounced it off the backboard with one hand and dunked with the other all in one motion. Just a lot of fun to watch it this year and the TNT crew did a great job of calling the action as always. I could just listen to them call basketball all day.

This isn't much of a shocker as the winner of the high definition DVD war was over long ago but Toshiba announced this week that they will be discontinuing their HD-DVD format. Blu-ray is the official winner of the high definition war. Blu-ray has been taking victory after victory over the last few months including them getting many studios to pick their format exclusively for their releases.

Monk will be returning for another season on USA Network.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, February 26th.
Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (Season Five), B.L. Stryker (Season One), Family Affair (Season Five), The Fugitive (Season One - Volume Two), Ghost Hunters (Season Three - Part Two), Newhart (Season One), Punky Brewster (Season Four), The Smurfs (Season One - Volume One).

TV Line Of The Week:
From the NBA 3 Point Shootout. Kevin Harlan and Charles Barkley trading jabs during the shootout. Before this, Kevin had been asking Reggie Miller and Kenny Smith about strategy of competing in the shootout which Charles had been picking on him about. Minutes later, this resulted which got the whole group laughing.
Kevin: "There is some strategy here to this."
Charles: "Yeah, make shots. Kevin, you're killing me with this strategy stuff."
Kevin: "I'm asking shooters. I'm not asking the worst playoff three point percentage shooter . I'm sorry Chuck."
Charles: "Hey the truth should never hurt your feelings."

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Birthday cake dunk? Superman in the dunk contest?

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/20/08 - Eviction Day

12:00pm - Update - SPOILER ALERT!! Calm night in the house last night. Lots of talk on what the votes will be like and the couples up on the block talking about whose votes that they have. There was also a lot of talk about strategy going forward depending on who gets HOH tonight. I still think it is Jen and Parker going home tonight but I'm pretty sure that Parker thinks he has the votes to stay. Not sure about Jen's thoughts on it. Tonight is the live show and eviction night so it should be an uneventful afternoon in the house as they prepare for the show.

8:15pm Update - Results of tonight's live show saw Jen and Parker evicted on a 3-1 vote. The new HOH are James and Chelsia. Live feeds are already back up right after the show ended. If I had to guess, I would say that they are going to for sure put up Alex and Amanda for eviction. I really am not sure who they would put up against them.

8:30pm Update - Remember when I said that Allison and Sheila's fake story was probably going to backfire on them? Well, it is going into effect. With James and Chelsia in power, Allison has admitted to the story being fake. Chelsia and James are now talking about this saying that they don't trust them now saying they don't know what story to believe whether it is true or not true. They just told Josh that he and Sharon were safe and weren't even going to be used as a pawn. Josh went to Allison and Sheila to get more information on their story and why they did it. Sharon is also in this conversation as well. Allison said that they just decided to make up this story of a new twist. They are really covering their tracks. Again, how did they think that making this story up was a good idea?

10:00pm Update - Big blowup between Adam and Sheila a little bit ago. Not sure what started it but Sheila got mad and was yelling at him while he yelled right back. She got upset about him getting as close to her as he did during the argument. Seems to be a deal where she is mad that they aren't on the same page. She then yelled her frustration to Allison but the whole house could pretty much hear her yelling. Adam came back after this and tried to get things settled down. She is furious over the last few minutes!! James and Chelsia have gotten their HOH room and have spent the last hour or so just hanging out in there away from the drama. Lots of strategy talk from them on what they should do as HOH. They've good logical thinking on how the game is going and what will get them the furthest. They need to use this one moment on the show where they are sitting watching the screen with all the houseguests in the kitchen on it. James says something along the lines of these are the people we have to take out to win the money. That has to make the show.

11:00pm Update - 11:00 and all is calm. Houseguests are eating dinner and doing a lot of joking around. Everyone seems to be having fun.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/19/08

3:00pm Update - SPOILER ALERT!! We may find out if Allison and Sheila's secret lie about being together for 10 years is about to backfire on them. Josh told Sharon about the story which Sharon seemed to buy cause Josh is absolutely convinced of it. Eventually, I've got to think that the story is going to be told as false or proven false. Jen and Parker spent the night listening in on conversations. Parker has declared that his strike against the DR is over. Jen and Parker have talked about targeting James and Chelsia if they remain in the house. Parker just confronted Allison on things that he has heard that she has been saying about Jen. Still no love between Jen and Allison. The two aren't getting along at all to say the least. The votes at the moment look the same to send Jen and Parker home but I wonder if Allison may finish herself if she keeps stirring up stories.

9:30pm Update - Happenings in the house this evening. Josh has apologized to Amanda for the personal comments that he yelled at her during the argument the other night. The houseguests had boxing matches in the back yard and seemed to have a lot of fun. Dinner tonight is a goodbye dinner with the houseguests saying nice things about the couples up for eviction.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/18/08

1:00pm Update - SPOILER ALERT!! What a night that I missed on the live feeds. All I can say is WOW. Major argument broke out. I have been catching up this morning watching video of stuff that went down. I have been saying all weekend that something was brewing and it finally exploded. Lots of stories have been floating around the house and Amanda has been stirring up a lot of it. I've been amazed that she keeps telling people stuff cause word of anything spreads within the hour in the house this season. It finally exploded last night. Things unfortunately got personal as well with comments that were being yelled back and forth. Chelsia went outside to confront Amanda on a lot of the comments that she has been saying. Things intensified when Josh just finally snapped and he and Amanda started having all kinds of words. He eventually had to walk off and then Alex was forced to get involved as well. Alex is mad cause her actions in the house effects him with the couples deal. Chelsia then got back into it and her and Amanda yelled for a while. This whole thing was definitely in the debate for biggest blowup in Big Brother history. Later, there were problems between Jen and Ryan after Allison and Sheila confronted Jen on stuff that she had been saying about Ryan. There is so much stuff in the house that has yet to air and I have no clue how they are going to fit it in before the next eviction episode.

7:00pm Update - Things are much calmer in the house today. There has been talk about the incident from last night among the houseguests today. Parker is saying that he is on a diary room strike and won't go into the DR when asked as he is still mad over being put into this twist of the game. One of the shockers of today for me anyway was something that was started on last night's episode. Allison and Sheila talked about knowing each other out of the house and told a few people about it. It was basically a lie that they started just to start with all the other secrets in the house. My surprise today was that they are still carrying that story out. Chelsia and Josh still think that its true and Allison was actually making up stories about their outside life telling it to Chelsia a little bit ago. How long till they start contradicting their stories and get caught on this? I can't see this as being a good thing for them especially the longer it goes. That sure is a gamble to make that story up and keep it going.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/17/08

1:30pm - Update. SPOILER ALERT!!! When watching the feeds this year so far, I find myself saying many times "what is up with this cast??!!" This group is not shy at all whether it is conversations or their actions so far in the house. One thing is for sure is that a lot of the cast is attracted to others that they haven't been paired with in the house. One of the biggest drama stirrers in the house so far has been Amanda and this has all occurred over this weekend. To sum up my thoughts on this season so far with watching the feeds, all I can say is BIZARRE. This is one bizarre season so far and it's making me think toward this season being like season four. Josh said earlier that the veto ceremony will be held today. It will be interesting to see what happens after that when people realize how the votes are going to turn out depending on if the nominations stay the same. What is really strange is that there is finally an episode on TV tonight and it is going to be really odd to watch cause the time line is going to be so far off from what we are seeing now. Bizarre season, BIZARRE so far.

6:30pm Update - The veto ceremony has taken place and the nominations were left the same. That confirms that Jen and Ryan will be split up after this week. Expect there to be a lot of talking going on with trying to get votes locked down. As of now, it appears that Jen & Parker will be the ones to go home but it's Big Brother and anything can change within the hour. LOL.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/16/08

Live Feeds Update - 9:00pm. SPOILER ALERT!! Today has seen trouble with some of the couples but it has yet to lead to a major problem in the house. Talk of the problems are spreading around to people but no one has been called out publicly in front of everyone about anything. Trouble between Natalie & Matt and Alex & Amanda. Quite a bit of game talk and overall talk of shaking the game up but everyone seems to be waiting for the veto ceremony to take place before shaking it up. No veto ceremony yet and it probably won't take place today. The "what in the world??" moment of the live feeds tonight was the quad cam suddenly shutting down and after me reloading it, then going to a car commercial of a monkey trying to deliver a baby!! This happened two or three times while trying to load it up. I went to a single cam feed and it was fine. I had to see if anyone else was having problems and the message board was filling up with people trying to figure out what in the world was going on as well. LOL.

11:00pm - Update.
Very funny moment a little bit ago with Josh, Chelsia, Sharon, and James all talking in the house. Josh started talking about a Big Brother casting bus ride which Big Brother wasn't happy about him talking about. They immediately started joking that they'd be hearing the Big Brother voice. Then, he got the Big Brother voice saying "Josh, STOP THAT". The look on his face was hilarious as they had the camera right on him. The house started cracking up as they heard it all over. He has been telling others that weren't there at the moment when it happened that he was messing with his microphone too much. That strict voice brought back memories of Jase in BB7 when he was teasing jumping into the pool and Big Brother got mad about it. The houseguests have pretty much just been in a big group talking about whatever for the last hour. Everyone seems to be getting along for the most part and lots of joking around.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/15/08

7:00pm. SPOILER ALERT!! I'm still trying to catch up today on things that I missed yesterday. I can honestly say that this is one of the most confusing seasons so far. Lots of voting talk today with people trying to see who is voting how. The veto competition has been decided and the winners were Matt and Natalie. The talk today is that they are not going to use the veto and the nominations will remain as is. Overall, definitely a quiet day compared to the other days so far. There is always tonight though for it to break loose. LOL. It is hard to tell when people are telling the truth in this house cause so many different stories float around. Sharon does seem to have come back upset at Jen over her eviction. She has definitely been gathering a lot of information about the happenings in the house since her return.

11:00pm - Not much going on in the house tonight. Mood is light. General chit chat around the house during dinner. There was some chess playing. There is some random game talk going on with Sharon seeming to be doing most of it. Lots of fans on the message boards are wondering if she is revealing way too much to too many people. Sheila and Allison had a game talk earlier planning stuff out later down the line no matter whether Allison stays or goes. They seem to have a good friendship. Allison has also been talking to Matt in the last few minutes trying to see where his vote is going to go. He did tell her "straight up I cannot give you my vote". It seems like the guys aren't doing a lot of game talking tonight or, if they are, we aren't seeing it on the feeds. The feeds mostly keep focusing on one conversation all night instead of splitting the feeds up. The talk is still that the veto won't be used and the nominations stay the same. If I had to predict right now with what I'm seeing tonight on the feeds with this week's eviction, I'd say that Jen & Parker are leaving. However, all it will take is for someone to leak some info leading to a major argument and all of it could change.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - February 14, 2008 - Post Strike News, BB9 Premieres, Idol Sets It's Top 24

Supersized edition this week with the post strike news including what shows are doing and when they're coming back, Big Brother, and the normal stuff.

The strike is over!! Can you believe it??!!

So, what are the TV shows going to do now that the strike is over? There has been a lot of talk about some coming back while others weren't going to come back till later. After reading several sites, I'll split this into two categories with who is coming back this season and who is calling it quits. Keep in mind that several of these shows still had new stuff yet to air. I am only putting them into categories with if they are going back into production this season. Some shows have yet to make a decision on what to do while others aren't even sure if they're getting another season such as Journeyman which unfortunately looks bad for another season.

Going back into production this season:
Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Smallville, 30 Rock, Lost, Bones, Boston Legal, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, Brothers & Sisters, all CSI shows, Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, ER, The Game, Ugly Betty, The Office, One Tree Hill, Moonlight, My Name Is Earl, Gossip Girl, House, Grey's Anatomy, all Law & Orders, Medium, Numb3rs, Reaper, Rules Of Engagement, Samantha Who?, Without A Trace, Scrubs, Supernatural, and Two and a Half Men.

See you next season:
24, Heroes, Chuck, Dirty Sexy Money, Everybody Hates Chris, Las Vegas, Life, Men In Trees, New Adventures Of Old Christine, Pushing Daisies, and Private Practice.

Looking over that list, not really anything that surprises me. Well, I am surprised a bit to see Chuck not coming back. Heroes is not a surprise at all. I have been predicting for a while that they'd be done. There just doesn't seem to be a point in coming back to do four or so episodes with the way they write that show. Four episodes would just be a building to something type arc in a regular season on that show. They left off at a great point so why bother coming back before the fall. I would like to see them come back a little earlier than normal in the fall though.

ABC announced this week of several renewals for the fall. Among the shows picked up for next season so far are: Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Brothers & Sisters, Ugly Betty, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Private Practice, and Samantha Who?

CBS announced some renewals today for several of their shows for next season. Renewed for next season is The Big Bang Theory, all three CSI shows, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Numb3rs, Two and a Half Men, Without A Trace, and Ghost Whisperer. A big yes to The Big Bang Theory. I love that show and I was worried about how it will do post strike hoping that the audience it had been building hasn't gone away. I am feeling good that it is secure in another season. My concern is not seeing How I Met Your Mother on the list. A decision has not been made about it yet. CBS also did announce when several of their shows would be coming back with new episodes and here is what they released. How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Two and a Half Men will all return on March 17th. Criminal Minds and CSI: NY return on April 2nd. Other shows: Cold Case (March 30), CSI: Miami (March 24), Without A Trace (April 3), Ghost Whisperer (April 4), Numb3rs (April 4), NCIS (April 8), Rules Of Engagement (April 14).

NBC announced a few renewals of their own with Chuck, Life, and Heroes all returning next year for another season. NBC said that none of those shows will come back this season and are planning a big return campaign for all of those shows. They also announced when several of their shows will be returning with new episodes: My Name Is Earl (April 3), Law & Order: SVU (April 15), Law & Order (April 23), and 30 Rock, The Office, Scrubs, and ER will all be returning on April 10.

The CW announced that the long running series Girlfriends is done for good. The show appears to not be coming back with any new episodes with the strike now over. The reason given was that the network is going to "focus its creative and financial resources on shows that are in consideration for renewal next year." They also announced the cancellation of their new show, CW Now.

Saturday Night Live is set to return on February 23rd with Tina Fey returning to do the hosting duties. It appears that Ellen Page from Juno will be the host the week after that.

Big Brother fans. Welcome to Big Brother 9!!! Tuesday's premiere saw the cast enter the house and also revealed the secret twists of the season. The first twist is that all the houseguests are single (well, not all of them but we'll get to that in a moment) and each of them will be paired up with their "soulmate" based on questions that they answered. The pairs will compete together, share a bed together, and be evicted together. We learned that four of the people aren't strangers. We have Jen and Ryan who are dating in real life and are going into the house as a secret real life couple. Then, we have Sharon and Jacob who dated for twelve years but aren't together anymore. The ending of the relationship was bad and the two are now going to be living in the house together. She is understandably upset with him still while he says that he messed up losing "the love of his life". With Tuesday's premiere, the girls entered the house first and immediately started putting clues together on what was going on. They noticed that all the bedrooms were locked and also all the love type slogans posted all over the house. The men enter the house and it is pointed out how everyone in the house is single. Introductions are made and Jen and Ryan play things off extremely well. Jen even continues to have to be reminded of his name. Nicely played Jen. Nicely played. The reaction of Sharon and Jacob seeing each other was about what you would expect when you see an ex walk in the house. Very awkward!! Julie Chen announces the twist to the house and the pairs are then announced. The reaction is obviously of shock. Here are the pairings. First, the previous couples mentioned don't have things go their way. Jen and Ryan are split up. Jen ends up with Parker. Ryan ends up with Allison. Then, we get Sharon and Jacob who are of course paired together. WOW. Other couples paired together are: Alex & Amanda, James & Chelsia, Natalie & Matt, Neil & Josh, and Sheila & Adam. The opinions on the pairings are positive and negative from the houseguests. Sheila is not happy at all with her pairing with Adam and pretty much just bashed him in the remaining moments of the first episode. Poor guy. We then get the first competition of BB9 which involves the couples being held from up above a bed in the back yard. The idea is that you will have one person on top and they will have to hold the person below them as they have to hold on tight to each other to keep from falling on to the bed to which you're eliminated. The last couple remaining in the air wins the competition and becomes the power couple being able to evict whichever couple that they want. The first couple out is Sheila & Adam as she really wanted nothing to do with the competition. Josh & Matt are eliminated next followed by Amanda & Alex and Sharon & Jacob. As it nears the end, the remaining couples are then told of a twist that if you are able to reach the pillow below you and pick it up with only your hands, you'll win $10,000 if you are also the winner of the competition. The teams go for it with James & Chelsia making a very tough effort at it. She does get the pillow but has to quit a little bit later cause she can't hold on any longer. Ryan & Allison were eliminated as well. It came down to Jen & Parker and Natalie & Matt. It is decided to go ahead and let Jen & Parker win since they have the pillow. They win to become the power couple and also win the $10,000. After winning the competition, it was up to Jen & Parker on who to evict from the house. What was Jacob thinking when he bashed Parker right in front of his partner, Jen? Of course, Jen went right to Parker and told him what was going on. He gets called out about it in front of everyone and looks really bad. This ends up leading to Jacob & Sharon being evicted from the house. They didn't want to evict Sharon but she was connected to Jacob so she had to go. Wow, I feel so bad for Sharon. She didn't even get to play the game!! Her game was messed up from night one and it ended even a chance of her getting to play. The HOH competition takes place and it is hosted by some very familiar faces. BB8's Jessica and Eric return to the Big Brother house to host the HOH competition which is a dating game of sorts. Great to see Jessica and Eric!!! The HOH is won by Alex & Amanda.

Off to the live feeds:
We got a NASA broadcast. Seriously, they had the NASA stuff up on the feeds for a while as a sort of test pattern deal, I'm sure. It was fun to watch the feeds load up immediately after the show ended. About 7:59pm, the NASA stuff disappeared and we started seeing "application loading" signals across the feeds. Each one loaded up one by one starting from four going up to one with each loading the BB9 logo. The theme song started playing and I admit to letting out a big cheer. We then got a shot of the guinea pigs on all four feeds as we waited. So, I'm guessing that the guinea pigs are the new "front of the house", "flames", or whatever else we've had over the years. Hey, I can deal with that.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds:
Ok, if you don't want to know what happens before the next show airs, this is where you need to move on in the Wrap Up as this is going to be spoilers. Major SPOILER ALERT coming here............................................ Here is what has been happening in the house. Jen and Ryan's secret is out and the house knows that they are a real couple. I don't know how it got revealed yet cause the secret was known when the feeds went live to the viewers on Tuesday night. Parker and Allison were furious obviously. Things got tense early on which you can read more about on my site. The house is split into two different alliances. It was talked about that Jen & Parker and Ryan & Allison would go on the block. Ryan had said repeatedly that he was only there for Jen and it sounded like he was willingly waiting to be voted out to keep her in the game. However, word got around back to Jen that Ryan was campaigning to stay. That made her furious and she said to put him up on the block cause she'd vote Ryan out. Those four are indeed up on the block for eviction. Today brought word that Neil was removed from the house overnight. It appears to be a personal situation with him and not game related. Back in the game is Sharon!! She is teamed up with Josh. There was an argument that went down today between several houseguests but mostly involving James and Parker. It seems like a deal where paranoia is running through that house worrying about additional twists coming. I haven't gotten to watch much of the feeds today so I'm behind as well on most of the happenings. Veto competition has been going on tonight but no results of a winner yet as I type this. It hasn't been all intense all the time as the houseguests did play charades last night in the living room.

Hollywood week has concluded on American Idol and we have a top 24. Here are the people that you'll be seeing performing in the coming weeks beginning next week.
Top 12 guys:
David Archuleta, 17, Salt Lake City, Utah
Colton Berry, 18, Staunton, Virginia
Robbie Carrico, 26, Melbourne, Florida
Jason Castro, 20, Rowlett, Texas
David Cook, 25, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Chikezie Eze, 22, Inglewood, California
Garrett Haley, 17, Elida, Ohio
David Hernandez, 24, Phoenix, Arizona
Michael Johns, 29, Los Angeles, California
Luke Menard, 29, Crawfordsville, Indiana
Danny Noriega, 18, Azusa, California
Jason Yeager, 28, Grand Prairie, Texas
Top 12 girls:
Joanne Borgella, 25, Hoboken, New Jersey
Kristy Lee Cook, 24, Selma, Oregon
Amy Jean Davis, 25, Cedar Lake, Indiana
Asia'h Epperson, 19, Joplin, Missouri
Alexandréa Lushington, 17, Atlanta, Georgia
Kady Malloy, 18, Houston, Texas
Ramiele Malubay, 20, Miramar, Florida
Syesha Mercado, 21, Miami, Florida
Amanda Overmyer, 23, Mulberry, Indiana
Carly Smithson, 24, Dublin, Ireland
Alaina Whitaker, 16, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Brooke White, 24, Van Nuys, California.
An impressive group of singers. I don't know a lot about some of these names cause it really depends on who they decide to show on TV and who doesn't get focused on as much. I am excited more about the competition with the girls side more than I am with the guys. Carly has a lot of hype on her especially from Paula. Brooke has a unique voice. Kristy could do very well. I like JoAnne's voice and think she could be underrated. Syesha also has a very nice voice but we'll have to see if that nice voice will hold up as she has battled a rough throat through a lot of Hollywood week. Amanda is the female rocker this season and I'm interested to see how she does. I don't know a whole lot about the guys. Danny has been someone that has stood out with his voice and personality. David has a good voice as well but we'll have to see if he can handle all this with his age which is something that the judges discussed in putting him through. Other thoughts on Hollywood week. The judges did argue over different ones to put through or not put through. It was pointed out that it was not unanimous to not send Kyle on through. I was surprised to see that Simon was the one that pushed for him to go through especially after a disagreement over Kyle made Simon leave the area on the previous episode. It did appear that the judges were second guessing not sending Cardin McKinney on through as Simon said that for sure. Josiah had a rough Hollywood experience. I really was hoping for him to get through cause he is so unique but he was cut. His last audition pretty well finished him off. It was really sad watching the goodbyes from everyone to him. People seemed to really like him. Ok, I liked Amy Flynn. There was something about her that I liked and I just didn't understand the logic in her coach giving her a brand new song that she didn't know the words to and perform during her last chance to make it through. She had the chorus of the song wrong and I'm sure that finished her chances. Time to start voting people. Vote for your favorites!! To get more info on the top 24 contestants, here is the link to check out:

Sticking with Idol news, GAC is going to air a special about Kellie Pickler's visit to the troops overseas this Saturday night at 8pm central time.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend.
1. Fool's Gold - $21.6 million. 2. Roscoe Jenkins - $16.2 million. 3. Hannah Montana - $10.3 million. 4. The Eye - $6.5 million. 5. Juno - $5.6 million. 6. 27 Dresses - $5.4 million. 7. The Bucket List - $5.3 million. 8. Rambo - $4.5 million. 9. Meet The Spartans - $4.1 million. 10. There Will Be Blood - $3.9 million.

Kristen Bell is set to star in a Disney romantic comedy named "When In Rome". Kristen will play a real estate agent in Manhattan who can't find love. She will then be off to Rome for her sister's wedding when she'll start collecting coins from a fountain of love which will bring all sorts of offers for romance. The movie begins shooting in the next couple of months.

The new J.J. Abrams pilot called Fringe that will be on Fox has named a familiar name for a lead role. Joshua Jackson, best known for his role on Dawson's Creek, will be playing the role of a high school dropout with a high IQ but also a gambling problem.

News out of the Star Wars world this week. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is going to happen and it will be an animated series. The series will have a timeline of being between Episode II and III. The series will first go to the theatres on August 15th. After that, the series will air on Cartoon Network and TNT in the fall. For more info and to see a video preview of what the series will look like, head over to:

Have I mentioned that Smallville's Allison Mack is an excellent blogger? Check out her blog over at her website at

What goes on in Lex Luthor's mind? We found out in tonight's Smallville and what a great episode!! Clark went into Lex's head while Lex was in a coma to try and find out the whereabouts of Kara and Lois. Lois had tracked down Kara but so had Lex. Clark saw many things while in Lex's head including heartbreaking childhood moments of Lex's life. We saw how things are going in there with the bad side of Lex trying to wipe out the good side. Clark took a step in trying to help the good side prevail. This was great stuff. Chloe ended up having to use her healing powers to bring Lex and Clark back. Clark pointed out how it had taken Chloe longer to come back this time after using her powers. Kara still has no clue who she is except, well, she knows her name now cause she was told it. It appears that the next new episode of Smallville will be March 13th from the research that I just did to find out.

There sure is a lot of romance going on with Survivor this year. Tonight's show saw love connections being made on both sides. We have the flirting of Parvati and James. Then, we had Ozzy and Amanda who kissed during the episode. However, the connection on the other side revolved around who got voted off. A little connection started being made between Mikey and Mary. The favorites end up winning the immunity challenge and we actually see very little of them tonight. The show mostly focused on the fans tribe. The tribe splits with the younger group and the older group not getting along. Mikey comes up with a plan but plans a little too much for Joel's liking. The plan is come up with to mess with Mikey and blindside Mary. Mary is voted out with six votes. Other happenings on the show saw Kathy and Ciria on exile island together getting their first clue at the immunity idol. They end up swimming all over the place continuing to get new clues but no idol. It looked exhausting. It does appear that the favorites do realize that the couples are going to become a problem and may need to be broken up. Cirie could be that swing vote according to the previews for next week.

This season of American Gladiators wraps up on Sunday night on NBC. This week's episode saw Alex defeat Andy in the men's competition. I was surprised that Andy lost. Disappointed too as I liked Andy. Monica defeated the comeback kid, Venus. I have liked Monica since seeing her originally compete. Fun personality and really competitive. She has been tough in all of the competitions and she is the odds on favorite in my view to win. Monica will take on Shanay and Alex will take on Evan on Sunday's finale for $100,000 and to become a new gladiator.

I haven't done this in a while. Just picking my five favorite songs at the moment that I have been listening to. No particular order.
Rihanna - Please Don't Stop The Music
Alicia Keys - No One
OneRepublic - Stop and Stare
Carrie Underwood - All-American Girl
Daughtry - Feels Like Tonight

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, February 19th.
Charlie Brown/Peanuts (It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown), Coach (Season Three), He-Man and the Masters Of The Universe (Volume One), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Season Two - Part One), Walker Texas Ranger (Season Four).

TV Line Of The Week:
From American Gladiators
"That is ridiculous up there. That guy is huge. I mean I look like a third grader with like a senior in high school." - Andy's comment after taking on Justice in the Hang Tough competition.

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Conan brings in a professor to help him break the ring spinning record.

Now that my eyes are completely crossing from typing up all of this (LOL), I'm done for the night. Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Big Brother 9 - Live Feed Update - 2/14/08

I turn off the feeds overnight and suddenly have different houseguests.  Neil has been removed from the house and his replacement is...........Sharon.  She has been paired up with Josh.  Still trying to catch up on everything that happened.  It appears that Neil leaving was nothing game related.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Live Feeds Update - 2/13/08

Live Feed Update - 3:00pm. Again, these are spoilers as the feeds are way ahead of the actual show at the moment so keep that in mind when reading this stuff. Things are much calmer in the house today and the mood is light. Everyone is mostly bored in the house at the moment. Lots of just miscellaneous conversations with also game talk thrown in. Alex and Amanda are in the HOH position. Nominations are expected later today. Jacob and Sharon are definitely out of the house and it was said a little bit ago in a conversation that they were in the house for either three or four days. All was settled down last night with the stuff involving Jen and Parker. Parker has basically said that he was just mad and had to let it out. He said in a conversation a few minutes ago that he didn't blame Ryan at all for standing up for his girl and likes that he did that. Parker and Jen did have a talk last night about everything and things seem cool between them. I'm still having trouble figuring out who is on what side. I'm enjoying watching the feeds today and learning more about all of the houseguests. This is basically "get to know your cast" day on the feeds. The talk of nominations seems to revolve around Jen & Parker against Ryan & Allison. We'll see what happens!!

5:o0pm - Update. Remember when I said there wasn't a lot of game talk going on? Well, that changed pretty much minutes after my last update. We have trouble in paradise between Jen and Ryan. The talk for nominations was that it would be Jen & Parker against Ryan & Allison. It has been pointed out last night that Jen is the big fan of the show and Ryan said that he was there for her. Jen seemed to feel that she would be the pawn and there would be hopes for a veto win to solve the problem of being against each other. However, the conversation of nominations started to circulate and it appears that Jen might not have the votes to stay against Ryan. They are in opposite alliances as well. Now, she doesn't want to be the pawn. Ryan pointed out that now that she feels like that she doesn't have the votes to stay that now she doesn't want to be put up on the block. Jen told him that she felt betrayed cause of how she went to bat for him last night against the group. She told Ryan that she had heard that he was already campaigning against her and stormed out of the room. She then told everyone who was outside of that room not to put her up on the block cause he was campaigning against her and that she would vote him out cause she can't play the game with him there. We then went to trivia a few minutes later which means that its time for the nomination ceremony or some sort of competition. Probably be a while before the feeds come back.

7:30pm - Update. Feeds are back and we learned who the nominations are. It was what has been talked about all day. Jen & Parker and Ryan & Allison.

8:45pm - Update. Houseguests are taking a break from the game for a while as they are playing charades in the living room.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Writers Strike Is Over!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is something that I've been hoping to say for the longest time now!! The writers strike is over!!!! The decision was made today to end the strike as the members made their votes. 92.5% of the voting was for the strike to be ended. Expect for there to be a lot of scrambling as we see how the industry will react with going back to work and what the plans will be. Very exciting!!!!

Big Brother 9 Update - Thoughts on Premiere

Big Brother fans. Welcome to Big Brother 9!!! Tonight's premiere saw the cast enter the house and also revealed the secret twists of the season. The first twist is that all the houseguests are single (well, not all of them but we'll get to that in a moment) and each of them will be paired up with their "soulmate" based on questions that they answered. The pairs will compete together, share a bed together, and be evicted together. We learned that four of the people aren't strangers. We have Jen and Ryan who are dating in real life and are going into the house as a secret real life couple. Then, we have Sharon and Jacob who dated for twelve years but aren't together anymore. The ending of the relationship was bad and the two are now going to be living in the house together. She is understandably upset with him still while he says that he messed up losing "the love of his life". With tonight's premiere, the girls entered the house first and immediately started putting clues together on what was going on. They noticed that all the bedrooms were locked and also all the love type slogans posted all over the house. The men enter the house and it is pointed out how everyone in the house is single. Introductions are made and Jen and Ryan play things off extremely well. Jen even continues to have to be reminded of his name. Nicely played Jen. Nicely played. The reaction of Sharon and Jacob seeing each other was about what you would expect when you see an ex walk in the house. Very awkward!! Julie Chen announces the twist to the house and the pairs are then announced. The reaction is obviously of shock. Here are the pairings. First, the previous couples mentioned don't have things go their way. Jen and Ryan are split up. Jen ends up with Parker. Ryan ends up with Allison. Then, we get Sharon and Jacob who are of course paired together. WOW. Other couples paired together are: Alex & Amanda, James & Chelsia, Natalie & Matt, Neil & Josh, and Sheila & Adam. The opinions on the pairings are positive and negative from the houseguests. Sheila is not happy at all with her pairing with Adam and pretty much just bashed him in the remaining moments of the first episode. Poor guy. We then get the first competition of BB9 which involves the couples being held from up above a bed in the back yard. The idea is that you will have one person on top and they will have to hold the person below them as they have to hold on tight to each other to keep from falling on to the bed to which you're eliminated. The last couple remaining in the air wins the competition and becomes the power couple being able to evict whichever couple that they want. The first couple out is Sheila & Adam as she really wanted nothing to do with the competition. Josh & Matt are eliminated next followed by Amanda & Alex and Sharon & Jacob. As it nears the end, the remaining couples are then told of a twist that if you are able to reach the pillow below you and pick it up with only your hands, you'll win $10,000 if you are also the winner of the competition. The teams go for it with James & Chelsia making a very tough effort at it. She does get the pillow but has to quit a little bit later cause she can't hold on any longer. Ryan & Allison were eliminated as well. It came down to Jen & Parker and Natalie & Matt. It is decided to go ahead and let Jen & Parker win since they have the pillow. They win to become the power couple and also win the $10,000. Who will get evicted? We'll find out tomorrow night. I really enjoyed this first episode and was hooked on it immediately. It will be interesting to see what happens with the couples especially the ones that already know each other. I am going to predict right now that Sharon & Jacob work things out.

Off to the live feeds: We got a NASA broadcast. Seriously, they had the NASA stuff up on the feeds for a while as a sort of test pattern deal, I'm sure. It was fun to watch the feeds load up immediately after the show ended. About 7:59pm, the NASA stuff disappeared and we started seeing "application loading" signals across the feeds. Each one loaded up one by one starting from four going up to one with each loading the BB9 logo. The theme song started playing and I admit to letting out a big cheer. We then got a shot of the guinea pigs on all four feeds as we waited. So, I'm guessing that the guinea pigs are the new "front of the house", "flames", or whatever else we've had over the years. Hey, I can deal with that. As I type this, we still have nothing but the guinea pigs on the feeds so I'm assuming that the feeds won't become active until the west coast show has aired. I've heard that Big Brother After Dark is airing tonight as well so that has to mean that we'll be getting feeds soon.

Feed Update (12:15): SPOILER ALERT here so keep that in mind if you want to be surprised with the shows. The feeds came on after the west coast premiere ended. I figured this was going to happen as it is mass confusion trying to figure out what has happened in the time of when the footage on the show ended and current time. Lots of chaos and drama immediately upstairs with it appearing that Jen has let people know about her and Ryan being together. Parker is furious over it as he feels cheated and wants Jen to be loyal to him. The rest of the room is pointing at Jen about how she and Ryan have an advantage over everyone. Jen seems to be taking on the room at this point. I feel bad for her. It appears that the house is already divided with sides being chosen. Lots of talk about how Jen and Parker have to agree on nominations or they go up as a penalty nomination. Parker is roaming around saying to put him and Jen up so they can go home. Lots of tempers going tonight and the alcohol is flowing. I'm thinking that Big Brother may want to limit the alcohol to this season's group. LOL. Really uncomfortable feeling tonight for sure in the house. Ryan isn't moving far from Jen. Parker is extremely unhappy and the rest are on their respective sides from what I can tell. Funny comment from Amanda saying something along the lines of "it hasn't been like this in previous seasons?" pointing out how crazy it is in the house. Somebody pointed out about Dick and the pots and pans last year. My thought was yeah, but Dick didn't do that till at least a month in. This house is wild for it only being five days in. It's really hard to recap this as I'm trying to piece together all that is going on and there are different sides of the story from all points of view. Probably won't get a clear picture of how this all went down until the show airs. We also appear to know the first couple that has been evicted and I'm extremely disappointed on who it is. It appears that Sharon and Jacob are gone from the house as they have not been seen on the feeds. What a bummer as I was looking forward to seeing how they would evolve in this game. So, really wild first night on the live feeds!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Writers Strike Update - Things Are Looking Very Good!!

Unless something out of nowhere happens, it appears that the writers strike is just about to end!! I've been following the reports very closely over the last few days and it appears that we have very good news. The tentative deal between the WGA and AMPTP was written up very early Saturday morning. Yesterday, meetings were held on the east and west coasts to present the tentative agreement to WGA East and WGA West. The WGA East meeting was held yesterday afternoon and the presentation was said to go over well. Last night, WGA West was up with their meeting and it went over extremely well there too. DeadlineHollywood is reporting that there was actually a standing ovation that took place there from people in attendance. The agreement is said to give the writers several gains in what they were wanting. When will the strike be lifted? Well, it appears that a 48 hour voting period is going to take place. Everyone could be back to work by mid week. What exciting news for this weekend!! Now comes the question of what part of this TV season can be salvaged? What shows are coming back and which ones are done for the year? We'll be finding out more and more when this strike likely ends in a couple of days. Anybody else want to just take a deep breath and just say "whew, finally"?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7, 2008 - Survivor Premieres, BB9 Preview, Strike About To End?, and More

Is the writers strike just about over? Signs are extremely pointing toward yes so let's just keep hoping. Word came out last Friday that a major step in the talks was taken to get things closer to being resolved. Since then, rumors have been flying all over the place saying that the strike was about to come to a close. Here is the good news. On Saturday, the WGA is going to meet to discuss the latest happenings. If all goes well, the strike could come to an end soon after. Interesting quote from Michael Eisner tonight on his appearance on CNBC where he said the strike was over adding, "They've made a deal, they shook hands on a deal, it is going on Saturday to the constituents". He also said that the writers would not turn it down saying "It's impossible that they turn it down. A deal has been made and they will be back to work reasonably soon. I know the deal's been made and I know the strike is over. I have some friends in certain places and I believe there was a handshake last Friday. It's possible they (The WGA) will turn it down but it would be insane if they did." Things are looking very good people!! Where would this leave the TV season? Well, it's all up in the air. Some shows are talking about coming back to do a few new episodes while others are saying "see you next season". Who will do which of those options? Let's just wait and see if this strike gets resolved first.

What a Super Bowl this past Sunday!! I don't watch much football as I'm a basketball fan but that was a great game and I watched it beginning to end. Incredible ending to the game. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers performed at halftime and I have to say that I definitely let out a cheer when they sang "I Won't Back Down" which might be my favorite songs of theirs. One thing that I have done for years is always read the USA Today poll results of the Super Bowl commercials where they do an instant poll to get people's thoughts on the commercials after they air. Here is the results for their top 10.
1. Budweiser - Dalmatian training the Clydesdale to make the beer wagon team.
2. FedEx - FedEx beats giant carrier pigeons.
3. Bridgestone - Animals screaming with the squirrel who has a near encounter with a car.
4. Doritos - The giant rat attacking the guy with the Doritos.
5. Bud Light - Guy breaths fire on a date.
6. Bud Light - Men sneak beer into a wine and cheese party.
7. Coca-Cola - The battle of the cartoon balloons over the coke.
8. Diet Pepsi Max - Star-studded cast stops dozing.
9. Planters - Woman with Planters smell attracts all the guys.
10. (tie) Tide To Go - Stain on shirt starts talking louder than the job candidate.
(tie) SoBe Life Water - Lizards and Naomi Campbell dance to Thriller.
To see the rest of the list, head over to:
How many times has Budweiser won for best commercial? I do agree that my favorite commercial was the Clydesdale being trained by the Dalmatian. They always do a fun inspirational type commercial with the Clydesdales. My number two would probably be the cartoon balloon battle over the coke and I did let out a little cheer seeing Charlie Brown show up to get the prize. The animals screaming commercial ranks high as well on my list. When the Diet Pepsi Max commercial started and the song kicked on, I did wonder if they were going with the SNL spoof. Chris Kattan going off at the end of it was GREAT!! The Charles Barkley/Dwayne Wade commercial didn't finish very high on the polls and I guess you have to be familiar with their commercials so far to probably enjoy it more. I loved it but I'm also a NBA and Barkley fan. So, I'm biased. LOL.

The Superbowl set HUGE ratings records. It became the highest watched Super Bowl ever topping the 1996 Super Bowl and was the second most watched telecast ever trailing only the MASH finale which had 106 million. The game averaged 97.5 million viewers and was said to have 148.3 million checking out the game sometime during it. The ending of the game saw viewer ship jump up to 105.7 million. What else can be said but wow?

After a summer of reunion twists, ED, The Late Night Crew, America's Player, beer pong, the Jessica/Eric romance, pots and pans, booyahs, and more, Big Brother is set to return for a new season on Tuesday night on CBS. My summer TV obsession is now my winter TV obsession. LOL. I'll be getting the live feeds once again. The twist of the season appears to be that each person will be paired with another one which brings in the "soulmates" name that has been thrown around with the promotion. They will share all duties including HOH and eviction. Here is a listing of the Big Brother 9 cast.
Jen - 26 years old and a bartender from Columbus, Ohio
Amanda - 23 years old and a paralegal from Fridley, Minneasota
Parker - 26 years old and a paparazzo from Northridge, California
Ryan - 27 years old and a college student from Columbus, Ohio
Sheila - 45 years old and a former model from Reseda, California
Alex - 24 years old and a DJ company owner from Staten Island, New York
Natalie - 28 years old and a bikini barista from Salem, Oregon
Allison - 28 years old and a pharmaceutical sales representative from Boston, Massachusetts
Adam - 29 years old and a public relations manager from Delray Beach, Florida
Jacob - 23 years old and an electrician from Dallas, Georgia
Chelsia - 21 years old and a college student from Cedar Falls, Iowa
James - 21 years old from Sarasota Florida and is biking around the world.
Joshuah - 25 years old and an advertising media buyer from Dallas, Texas
Matt - 23 years old and a roofing foreman from Charleston, Massachusetts
Sharon - 23 years old and a realtor from Olathe, Kansas
Neil - 29 years old and a realtor from Los Angeles, California
I've seen the pictures online of what the house is going to look like and it's definitely got an interesting look to it. I like it. Big Brother 9 premieres this Tuesday night at 8pm central time on CBS. For more info on the show including the cast profiles, pictures, house preview, and info on getting the live feeds, head over to:
I will be doing (hopefully) daily Big Brother live feed updates when time allows on the site.

Survivor Micronesia premiered tonight with the theme of Fans vs. Favorites. I was excited to see what happened tonight with this and how things would work out. The tribes were split with fans vs. favorites obviously. The fans were giving big reactions to the favorites as they were introduced separately. Jeff Probst announced that there were two immunity idols waiting around their boat. One for each team and it could only be used at the next tribal council. The swim was on and the search was all over the place only for the idol to be ON THE BOAT sitting on the beach. LOL. Jonny Fairplay finds it but he doesn't find the right one. He grabs the other tribes idol. Yau-Man realizes what is going on and jumps all over Fairplay to grab the other one. Once again, Yau-Man has an idol. The fans idol was grabbed by Kathy. Day one pretty much went easy for the favorites of setting up camp with a been there done that kind of vibe to it. Day one on the fans side had Kathy in the position of saying too much too early. They pointed out that it was a good thing that she had the idol. It's hard to find that balance in the beginning of Survivor to not say too little but not say too much either. On the favorites side, alliances are already starting to form. Parvati is flirting with James and there is a connection going there it seems. Then, we have Amanda and Ozzy having a connection as well. Eliza, Jonathan, Yau-Man, and Ami all decide to get together as they are going to be outnumbered with the couples already forming. Ozzy decides to try and lock down some allies as well and goes to Jonny Fairplay. He says that he can't trust Eliza and wants her to be the first one voted out. Fairplay ends up going to Eliza and that gang to tell them of what Ozzy had said. How in the world does Fairplay get in the middle here between these two groups? The immunity challenge sees the fans put on a strong performance winning by a good margin. The favorites are in trouble and who is going home? Fairplay starts saying things about how he is about to be a father and misses being back home. Parvati suggests to him to keep saying that and let the others get their guard down so they can vote out Eliza. The next talk was immediately on whether Fairplay was telling the truth on wanting to go home or was he playing the game. Well, it looks like he really did want to go home. Probst was even questioning it as well not knowing what to think. Fairplay goes home first getting a unanimous vote. Other thoughts on the premiere of Survivor. Let me get this straight. Ozzy doesn't trust Eliza and goes to Fairplay to discuss it??!! LOL. I am glad to see Eliza stick around as she is one that I'm really pulling for to do well. She will mix things up and make for some entertaining TV. She took a hard shot during that immunity challenge and I'm glad to see that she is ok. Probst and Fairplay exchanging jabs throughout the show was funny. The fans looked good in their first episode and already have the mentality of wanting to prove themselves. I'm happy with the casting choices for this season and am looking forward to the rest of the season. Next week, it looks like two people will be sent to Exile Island and we'll see a romance get going as well.

Tonight's Smallville. After the shocking ending to last week's episode, this week saw a little bit of follow up to it although not much. The only real mention about Jullian/Grant was Lionel going to Lana trying to get information which she wouldn't have anything to do with. The Clark/Lana relationship continued to be odd but they seemingly took a step forward in trying to fix things. There is just something still really different about Lana and I just can't figure it out. We did find out that she is still keeping an eye on Lex though. Debut of the Black Canary on tonight's episode and the return of Green Arrow. Black Canary was pitted into the middle of the battle between the Justice League and Lex Luthor. She eventually saw who was in the right in the battle. With the return of Green Arrow, that was a perfect way to put Lois back into the equation. Lois ended things off with him saying that she couldn't "share him with the world". After watching this episode, I kept thinking that Jullian/Grant's murder is being kept quiet at the moment. It appeared that Clark didn't know anything about it as Lionel hadn't went to him yet but did Lana say anything to him? I'm guessing no. Does Lois know about it or did I miss it? Anyway, the preview for next week looks like it is going to be a weird type episode with getting into what is going on in Lex's head.

The audition episodes are finished on American Idol and next week gets the competition going. First, let's look at this week's episodes. Tuesday's episode was the Atlanta auditions. Wednesday's episode was a rest of what you didn't see type episode flashing back to all of the auditions. Yep, I did my tally and here we go. Tuesday's episode had eight bad auditions including a montage compared with six good auditions. When they do an episode looking back on the auditions, I usually expect it to be more bad auditions than good. I was happy to see some good ones thrown in. I had nine bad auditions, five good auditions, and one neutral. Thoughts on the Idol week. There weren't a lot of standout people for me this week as there has been in weeks past. Some definitely sad stories of the people auditioning. I can't even tell you how much I admire Asia'h Epperson for getting up there and auditioning especially with her dad just passing away. She had a good voice too. The judges were incredibly touched by her story and the song that she sang for her dad, "How Do I Live?". Josiah Leming made it through to Hollywood and that was the guy that was living in his car. He had a very unique voice and, like the judges, I wasn't expecting to hear a british sounding accent to his singing. Can you imagine being J.P. Tjelmeland? He was the guy telling the story of being two people in line behind Carrie Underwood when she auditioned in season four. That would be an incredible story to tell. I was surprised to see the judges really have to think about whether to send Jo Anne Borgella through to Hollywood. What was there to think about? She definitely had a voice to get to Hollywood. She was the one who had sang recently at Madison Square Garden. Funny moments of the week revolved around Simon. We had the montage of him messing up names which I thought was funny. Then, we had him sweeping the floor up and messing around with Ryan at the same time. Like I said, the auditions are over and it's time for Hollywood. Very excited about the Hollywood rounds as I think the talent has been good this year. My hope is that they don't rush through it like last season. They barely even showed it last year and it really hurt the show cause we learn more about the singers during that portion of the competition. On the previews, it showed that the singers will get to use instruments so that will be different. Looking forward to the Hollywood round.

Election coverage didn't get in the way of the American Idol viewer ship this week. Tuesday's episode averaged 27.8 million viewers. House, which aired after Idol, averaged 23.2 million viewers. That partnership of Idol and House has done wonders for House as it is doing very good numbers.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend.
1. Hannah Montana - $31.1 million. 2. The Eye - $12.4 million. 3. 27 Dresses - $8.5 million. 4. Meet The Spartans - $7.3 million. 5. Rambo - $7.1 million. 6. Juno - $7.0 million. 7. The Bucket List - $6.7 million. 8. Untraceable - $5.1 million. 9. Cloverfield - $4.8 million. 10. There Will Be Blood - $4.7 million.

Some of you may be looking at those box office numbers and be thinking, Hannah Montana? This was a film of her concert tour that was brought to the theatres for a limited time and also limited theatres. The movie made $31.1 million in only 683 screens playing it. It set the record for highest grossing movie during Super Bowl weekend. I read something about tickets being up around $15 to go see it but I don't know if every theatre was charging that top price. It was only supposed to run for one weekend but, to no surprise, the movie has been extended. Why shut it down when its making that kind of money?

Some Smallville info for any of you out in the California area. The Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit taking place at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel and Convention Center in Burbank, CA will be host to several stars on the weekend of April 12th and 13th. From Smallville, Erica Durance (Lois Lane), Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen), Phil Morris (Martian Manhunter), Laura Vandervoort (Kara), and also James Marsters (Brainiac and also Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Several stars from other shows will be in attendance as well. Go here for more info including what day that the stars will be appearing on:

News broke a couple of weeks ago about the Buffy reunion at PaleyFest08 but we didn't know a cast lineup. Well, now it has been announced and I am very pleased by it. I was stunned to see the first name. Here is the lineup for the reunion. Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, Nicholas Brendon, Emma Caulfield, Eliza Dushku, Seth Green, James Marsters and Michelle Trachtenberg, and last but certainly not least, Joss Whedon. The reunion panel will happen on March 20th. Other shows that will have panels at PaleyFest include Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Pushing Daisies, Dancing With The Stars, Gossip Girl, and more. Head over to this link to get more info on the event:

I watched a nice surprise this morning on The Today Show when the cast of Family Ties was on there. They were there to help promote the book of the show's creator, Gary David Goldberg. The book is entitled fittingly enough, Sit Ubu Sit. If you watched Family Ties, you'll join me in unison in saying "sit Ubu sit, good dog, ruff". That was what always played at the end of the credits in case you didn't know. Sitting in on The Today Show interview were Goldberg, Michael J. Fox, Meredith Baxter, Michael Gross, Justine Bateman, and Tina Yothers. Here is the link for the story and also video of the segment:
Don't forget that season three of Family Ties is released on DVD this Tuesday.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, February 12th.
Blade (Complete Series), Dallas (Season Eight), The Equalizer (Season One), Family Ties (Season Three), Girlfriends (Season Three), Hotel Babylon (Season One), Riptide (Season Three).

TV Line Of The Week:
"I think it's insane there are nine other of your favorite Survivors of all time that all believe what I say. Have you not watched this show before?"
- Jonny Fairplay on tonight's Survivor.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Problems With Names

Wishing each and every one of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Big Brother Over The Top - Week One Thoughts

I hope many of you have floated over to Big Brother Over The Top like I have.  Tonight, we will be one week into this game and this new plat...