Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Superman Celebration Announced For Metropolis, IL

The 2011 Superman Celebration is fast approaching from Metropolis, IL. If you don't know, Metropolis has been hit hard with massive flooding over the last month. The city is moving forward with the Celebration. Keep everyone in your prayers there as it has been a lot of sandbagging efforts going on fighting back what has been near record high flooding in the area. The lineup has been announced for the 2011 Superman Celebration and here it is. Brandon Routh who of course played Superman in the recent Superman Returns movie will be making his first appearance to Metropolis. He isn't the only one from the movie who will be in attendance as Sam Huntington who played Jimmy Olsen in the movie will be attending. Other celebrities on the lineup include Alaina Huffman (Black Canary on Smallville), Mark Pillow (Nuclear Man from Superman IV), and Tracey Roberts Lewis (Darla on Superboy). The Celebration runs from June 9-12, 2011.

Smallville Ends Its Ten Year Run With An Exciting Finale - May 13, 2011

I haven't been doing a lot with the website lately obviously but there was one thing that got me to have to type up something. That is tonight's series finale of Smallville. Ten years in the making. Clark's trials and tribulations that he had been through. All to get him to his next step. Becoming Superman. This finale had it all. It had closure, returns, action, romance, and just a lot of great, great stuff. The battle against the apocalypse which turned out to be more than the Smallville gang counted on, a whole planet. It got rolling just as the wedding between Clark and Lois was about to begin. Add into the problem that Oliver had the darkness in him and he made for one cranky member of the wedding party for Clark and Lois. I loved that Chloe was the one that realized that Clark was being set up as it goes back to the whole thing of how she has been his strongest ally. I loved the deal of how Clark was trying to balance between both of his families. That was great closure with having Jonathan back in play here with Clark able to finally see him. That allowed for him to be a part of the wedding and also the final battle as Clark was finally able to move on with allowing Jor-El to continue him on to the next level that he needs to get to. I loved their scenes in this episode. Having the scene with Jonathan, Martha, and Clark in the barn was a perfect setting. Back where we all started with seeing Clark all grown up and ready to accept his role and remembering where he came from as a young kid in that barn trying to figure out why he was different. Michael Rosenbaum, oh, how you've been missed. How awesome was he in this episode??!! It was like he had never left. Lex was given another chance after Lionel was taken out with a gunshot from Tess. Darkseid gave Lionel's heart to Lex and Lex was reborn. Tess and Lex had a nice scene that really tied their story up with him killing her but she got the big finish by using his own experimentation on him making him lose his memories of everything to that point. That wasn't the only tie up to a story as we got the scene with Clark and Lex where Lex basically said that he knew that this all was going to happen and that Clark was going to save the world. It was this really fun balance of knowing what their future was going to be but also playing off of their history to this point. Great to have Rosenbaum back for the finale! The finish had me literally cheering and applauding multiple times. The second that it got rolling was when Clark showed up and said he was there to work with Jor-El now while seeing his trials from over the years in a series of flashbacks for us. There is the cape and it is handed to him by Jonathan. Just an incredible moment and just teared you up watching it. It couldn't have been more of a fitting moment. We then see him take off in the suit and we're flying folks. That was a definite cheering moment. Lois looks out the window of Air Force One to see Clark in his super moment. Loved them looking at each other. Lois gets her big moment by interviewing the president as Clark saves the world and takes out the evil planet. All while wearing the red and blue cape. I wasn't sure we'd ever see Tom Welling in that cape but what a thrill that it was. I always thought the final scene would just have him taking off in it as the show closes. So, the fact that we got the big final battle underway with him in the Superman suit just made it all the better.

Just some other random comments to close this out. Thank you Smallville for taking the drama off of me for a change and allowing me to not have to worry on the fate of Chloe. LOL. The show kicked off with her reading the story of the finale to her son. I breathed a sigh of relief knowing that she obviously survives. We also saw the arrows which makes us know that Oliver is still around. I loved the addition of Aaron Ashmore playing the next generation of Jimmy Olsen and working under Lois at the Daily Planet. Perfect to have him in that scene. The whole Daily Planet scene at the end was well done. It just felt like these characters went to the next level. Having so many players from the ten year run in play in this finale just added so much to it. I did watch the pilot episode tonight before I watched the finale and it still holds up big time. Seeing those moments from the pilot and the big moments through the series really brought me back to reflecting back on this ten years.

It was just a great finale and the last fifteen minutes were as exciting as it could be. I loved it. It gave us closure and set up what will go on to happen in the Superman series that everyone knows. I know the depression of Smallville ending will set in tomorrow but for tonight, I'm excited. The cast and crew stepped up huge. Tom Welling and Erica Durance have been at a whole different level in the last several episodes. They have worked hard as has the rest of the cast. Big kudos to the writers and crew that have worked so hard. When this show started, everyone was so young and we've watched everyone grow and mature on this show over the last ten years. Tonight's finale showed just how far we've come. Thank you Smallville. You're going to be missed. Thanks for all the memories and thank you for giving us ten years of hard work. God bless you all!!

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