Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - August 5, 2010

The week of Big Brother involved a repeat HOH winner, a showdown between the couples, a veto comp including a psychedelic leotard, and more. Last week's Big Brother episode ended with Rachel winning HOH. Andrew's departure from the house was an explosion in the house when he called out Hayden and Kristen's relationship. We were seeing a war erupting on the couches as the voting was underway and we saw some of that on this week's episodes. Rachel and Kristen had a shouting match in the backyard after the HOH competition. The two continued to have words that night with Rachel apologizing and Kristen not accepting. Things cooled down mostly after that and Kristen learned one Big Brother lesson, don't yell at the HOH especially when their power just began!! Rachel at least did what Matt didn't do last week. She put up the couple first thing guaranteeing that one of them would go home. Matt, I'm still not sure what Matt was doing last week. I still laughed this week at his comments of "we have to get Rachel and Brendon out of this house". Well, you could have last week!! LOL. So, Hayden and Kristen go on the block. The veto comp takes place which is a pinball style of game. It is one of those competitions where each person goes out and takes a prize. Kristen was the first to get the veto way early in this game which meant that her odds of having it at the end were slim. She kept it till Hayden went out. He took the veto but it was up to Britney to decide it all. She took the veto and won it for the competition. Other prizes or not so much prizes were Kristen ending up with the "hippie-leotard", Rachel winning $5,000 but she is able to use that in the game if she needs to later down the line, Enzo with a 3D television, Ragan wins a veto pass meaning he can use that as a guarantee to be in next week's veto competition, and Hayden gets solitary confinement. Hayden had to stay in the secluded room for a day but it wasn't a full 24 hours. Would Britney use the veto? She was working deals to use the veto which would hopefully mean that Kathy would go on the block. Britney was really close to using the veto and making a move but when Rachel threw Lane's name in there as a possible replacement nominee, she backed out. I actually watched that play out on the live feeds.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Britney's veto deal was really messed with by the DR this week. She made her play on possibly using it. Then, after meeting with Rachel for a while, Britney left knowing that she couldn't use it with Lane's name mentioned. She started on her way to tell Hayden that she wasn't going to use it. Big Brother calls her to the DR as she is about to walk down the steps insuring that she doesn't tell Hayden so they can get the surprise on TV. It was annoying to watch as it happens cause I thought that this could mess up her game. After the veto ceremony, she immediately went to Hayden and Kristen telling them that she had been cut off from getting to talk to them. I laughed as they kept cutting the feeds too when she would talk to them about her being called to the DR. We're not stupid Big Brother, we saw what happened. LOL. The big meeting with Kristen and Rachel last Friday was a disappointment for the most part. I thought it would be intense but it ended up being about 45 minutes of saying the same things over and over to one another with what each of them is doing game wise. I was watching the feeds when Kristen disappeared after the veto comp which left us knowing that she was about to debut the new leotard. Wow, even with a wig this year. Big Brother stepped it up. Big reaction when she walked out and debuted the new look. Rachel and Brendon have a deal going where one of them is around the others most of the time so they can overhear anything and deflect any talk that they don't want. So, a lot of the house has started a get away from Brendon type of game. At one point, Britney was talking to him and Lane left her with him. Her and Brendon eventually roamed elsewhere. A few minutes later, Brendon joined in on their conversation again outside. This time, Britney got up and left Lane. It was pretty funny to watch. Definitely a social kind of game going on here.

Thoughts on the week. I still wonder a lot at the game play of these houseguests. Not all of them but most of them. Rachel is easily persuaded into anything game wise. That is what I have noticed with both of her HOH reigns. Some issues with Brendon and Rachel getting along this week which was shown on TV. Does she ever give him some mean looks? Wow. I have already said this but Britney is my favorite of the Big Brother houseguests. I think she is probably playing the game more than anyone. She has herself in a good position at the moment but this coming week is going to be crucial to everyone in this game. Her diary room stuff is great. Her line about going to see the HOH room was brilliant cause that is exactly what it should be. She hated going up there but talked of how she was going to play the most excited to further herself game wise. She is a fun houseguest to watch on the feeds.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: "Who wants to see my HOH room? Nobody. In fact, we'd rather hang ourselves. But guess who's most excited? Me." - Britney on everyone being called to see Rachel's HOH room.

Tonight we have the live vote and eviction and the saboteur deal will return. No idea on what kind of HOH comp that we will see tonight.

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