Thursday, July 7, 2011

Big Brother 13 Premiere Thoughts - July 7, 2011

We are off and rolling for season thirteen of Big Brother. Tonight was the season premiere and it was an enjoyable episode as we got to know the new houseguests and also get caught up with the returning houseguests. Rumors have been flying all week on who was returning. The rumors did indeed hold up on who was returning to the game. The duos include Jeff & Jordan, Dick & Daniele, and Rachel & Brendon. First, the new houseguests made their debut into the house. Not long after entering and introducing themselves, Julie Chen dropped the first twist of the season. Everyone has to pair up and work as a team. My first thought was this was not good for Big Brother 9. Actually, there wasn't much of anything good about Big Brother 9 so maybe I need to back off on that initial worry on this tag team deal. The new eight houseguests were immediately concerned about there being more places set at the table. They all knew that it wasn't just going to be eight of them. The entrances of the returning houseguests was interesting to see who liked who. Not really anything new since this bunch left the house except for two engagements and the fact that Dick and Daniele are still not talking. They said that they had not talked since BB8. I have not really kept up with them out of the house outside of the occasional blog but I wonder if they're as bitter enemies as they say. I seem to remember them still not getting along outside of the house and that both of them had commented on it. Maybe I'm wrong and I apologize if I am. With the new houseguests, there are some big personalities. Definitely a lot of laughs from several of them in the first episode. With them all being paired up out of nowhere, it just went fast and uncomfortably for the most part. What do you do? Say no to someone that wants to team up? Teaming up are Keith and Porsche, Adam and Dominic, Lawon and Kalia, and Shelly and Cassi. The Adam and Dominic one is not one that Dominic is a fan of but he didn't want to say no to Adam....mostly because he was scared of him. Keith was looking to pair up with a girl and did. Shelly and Cassi were ready to pair up. Lawon and Kalia were the last ones left having to pair up. After that was when the returning duos entered the house. The first HOH took place with the duos competing against one another. The hope among the new houseguests were that one of them would win so they could work on getting the returning duos out of the house. Things didn't go that way though. It ended up being Porsche battling against the Donatos and against Rachel. Porsche finally had to drop. The Donatos worked a deal with Rachel. She said they were good and the Donatos dropped out. Rachel wins HOH. Now, comes the next twist. The HOH will nominate a duo for eviction. The one person out of the duo that survives the eviction will be rewarded with the Big Brother golden key. That guarantees them a spot in the top ten. They can not be nominated again until the top ten. That means they also cannot compete in competitions as well since they are already safe. Basically, you could have a duo get nominated and then if you can campaign to stay, you are going to be doing some great living in the house for a few weeks. Dick and Daniele were already teasing that they would turn on each other if they got nominated. That is a good twist. It also gives the duo something to fight for. That was how the show ended. We'll get nominations on the next episode. Waiting for the live feeds to turn on which will take place after the west coast has aired. Another Big Brother summer is underway and I'm looking forward to seeing this game get rolling.

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