Monday, February 27, 2012

Jennifer McGill, Formerly Of MMC, Debuts Her First Single, "Hanging On For Dear Life"

Jennifer McGill, former Mouseketeer from The Disney Channel's "New Mickey Mouse Club", debuts her first solo release! This deluxe single is available worldwide at participating online music stores! Jennifer McGill's deluxe single not only includes the rerecorded "Hanging On For Dear Life" (originally from Walt Disney Record's "MMC" album and "My Boyfriend's Back” movie soundtrack) and the double single "This Little Light", co-written by Jeff Savage (Grammy winning producer/writer-Toby Mac, Jars Of Clay, dcTalk) and Lauren Evans (Jordin Sparks, Kimberly Locke, Kelly Roland),but also includes karaoke tracks, instrumentals,and acapella selections to make your own remixes! Get Jennifer's 3 singles or get the whole album! If you would like to support and learn more about Jennifer McGill, please visit From her homepage, it's one click to “Like” Jennifer on her Facebook Music page, follow her on Twitter, subscribe to RealJenniferMcGill's YouTube Channel, and buy Jennifer's album on iTunes:

For die-hard MMC fans, Jennifer has included a guest book and scrapbook on her "MMC Geek Out" page! Please enjoy the trip down memory lane and sign her guestbook!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Taylor Swift Gets Asked To The Prom And Then One Ups The Offer

Taylor Swift got asked to the prom. Not only did she respond but she one upped the offer. Kevin McGuire of Stratford, New Jersey is currently battling cancer for unfortunately the second time in his life. He had a battle with leukemia when he was thirteen years old. After going through various treatments, he was able to win the battle against it. Kevin went on to play sports in high school including football and basketball at Sterling High School. Now at 18, he has had a relapse and battling it again. Kevin's sister, Victoria McGuire talked to him about working on getting his dream date for prom and that would be Taylor Swift. Kevin is obviously a big Taylor Swift fan. Victoria started a Facebook page called "Taylor Swift Take Kevin McGuire to Prom!" She posted on there saying "Kevin is the kindest, most noble 18 year old a person could even fathom meeting, and through out his ups and downs Kevin never questioned 'why me?' Nothing and I mean NOTHING brightens Kevin's day more than Taylor Swift." The response to the page has been awesome and gained a lot of attention in a small amount of time. That includes the person that it was meant for. Taylor Swift found out about this and posted this response on her own Facebook page "Kevin, I'm so sorry but I won't be able to make it to your prom. But I was wondering, the ACM Awards are coming up. Would you be my date? Love Taylor." Kevin has of course accepted and the Prom page has been updated with this comment: "Taylor got back to us!!!! She is unable to attend Kevin's prom, although did one better - Invited Kevin to be her date to the Academy of Country Music Awards!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so so so so so much! The McGuire family could never show how grateful we are to all of you! We have won in more than one way..we got Taylor to take Kevin on a date, and we have made so many good friends along the way." This is just a great story to read.  I know I speak for everyone in thanking Taylor Swift for such a kind thing that she is doing for Kevin and his family.  Really looking forward to hearing about their date together at the ACM Awards.  Awesome Taylor.  Just awesome!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Carrie Underwood's New Single "Good Girl" Now Available on iTunes, Joins Twitter - February 24, 2012

If Carrie Underwood fans were up late last night, you got a really fun surprise. Carrie's new song "Good Girl" was released on iTunes to download. I like many others had to scramble to download it immediately. Earlier in the week, Carrie posted a video giving us a little preview of the song. I liked what I heard in that video. I love what I hear in the full version of the song. I love it the more that I listen to it. "Good Girl" is the first single off of her new album that will be released on May 1, 2012. "Good Girl" basically plays off the story of a girl that is way to good to be dealing with this guy that isn't good enough for her. The song will hook you immediately with an awesome guitar riff. It definitely has a cool rocky sound to it especially in that chorus. One of my first thoughts was that I can't wait to hear how this song sounds live and that we need some tour date announcements now. LOL. This song is catchy as can be and will get catchier the more times that you listen to it. So, if you want to hear Carrie's new song, iTunes is your destination. Get over there and download it now. May I also say that her promotional pictures that have been released with the album and song are amazing. She looks amazing and I love the colors around her. I love the updated look of her website which you can check out here and also of the fan club page here.There is also news today that Carrie has joined the world of Twitter. So, go over to Twitter and give her a warm welcome. Her name is @carrieunderwood. It is going to be a very exciting year for Carrie fans with many more announcements still to come including a video premiere and a tour.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thoughts on Chad Michael Murray's Return To One Tree Hill - February 23, 2012

Last night's One Tree Hill was a combination of great retro feel and also complete drama wondering just how in the world that Nathan was going to get out of this situation.  Chad Michael Murray returned for his last episode of One Tree Hill as Lucas.  We learned the story that he was there to pick up the kids from Haley so she could concentrate on Nathan.  Take some of the pressure off of her.  Good stuff with a Lucas and Haley reunion and him helping her through one of the toughest times of her life with Nathan missing.  What about Nathan?  Well, it looked like he was about to get free until it turned out that the police officer that Haley and Chris Keller had talked to turned out to be on the wrong side of things.  Now, Nathan looks in even worse shape than he was.  The previews for next week look bad.  Really bad.   I do have a theory and prediction on it though.  The easy look at the previews would make you think that it is Nathan.  Who knows?  It could end up being Nathan but I'm thinking it is Dan.  Dan is right on the brink of figuring this thing out and actually looked to have it all figured out after viewing one of Nathan's videos for Jamie.  My prediction is that Dan is going to take off and go get Nathan.  Nathan will be saved but Dan will end up paying the ultimate sacrifice in saving his son.  With a man that is so desperate to be with his family, I could see him doing whatever it takes to save his son and that would be his final legacy.  So, that is my prediction.  Haley is looking at Dan and not Nathan.  Of course, I could be and probably will be wrong.  LOL.  Actually, I feel pretty decent on that prediction.  It was a good episode last night and it was good closure having Lucas back.  We're now also halfway there through this final season.  I said this already but it has been really good.

The CW has posted this interview with Chad talking about his return to One Tree Hill.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chad Michael Murray Returns To One Tree Hill This Wednesday Night

One Tree Hill is good this season.  Really good.  We're six episodes into this last season and I have loved it.  When this season opened up, we got a glimpse of bad things going on with all the OTH characters.  Dark moments of this group of people that we only saw.  We didn't know the circumstances but as the season has progressed, we have seen a bunch of those moments.  Some have yet to be seen including just how in the world does Chris Keller apparently get involved in Dan Scott's plan?  LOL.  The big storyline of the season has been the disappearance of Nathan Scott.  Why did he not come home after catching that flight home?  Dan's history caught up to him once again leading to mistrust from Haley and now even Jamie has turned against him.  Several are on the job looking to track him down as he is in major trouble.  Julian has been dealing with his own troubles after leaving one of the babies in a hot vehicle.  I love the storyline with the cafe next door that has opened up next to Karen's Cafe.  We've got the new character of Tara who has stirred up all sorts of drama.  Brooke's battle with her has been great cause we need to have at least one more "you don't mess with Brooke Davis" kind of storyline in this last season.  Also, add into the fact that Tara was cheating on Chris Keller with Chase.  Clay and Quinn are dealing with the trouble of what is happening with Clay as he seems to get out sleepwalking and forgets who he is.  The Millie and Mouth storyline has been interesting with worrying about his health.  I did laugh at the moment where she finally had all she could take and went off on the talk show frustrated over it all.  I like that couple a lot.  The show has been really strong this season.  The music has been great to go along with scenes.  I thought that song that went with Haley's revelation of her suspicion of Dan went perfect with that scene.  Just a huge build up for that final scene in that episode.  So, what now?  Well, Chad Michael Murray returns.  What is going to help Haley get through this situation?  How about a visit from her best friend, Lucas?  This Wednesday at 7pm central time on The CW, Chad Michael Murray returns to One Tree Hill.  This episode is also directed by Austin Nichols.  Should be a lot of fun.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Survivor One World Premiere Thoughts and Recap - February 16, 2012

Survivor: One World premiered last night on CBS and it was a hot premiere just based on the tensions between tribes and even the people in the tribe.  I'm actually not sure which was hotter during tribal council.  The actual fire that was sitting there at tribal council or the tension in the air.  As was announced previously, we learned that the tribes would be split into men against women and that they would also be living on the same beach together.  Now, when they said same beach, I had no assumption that they meant right next to each other.  Things got off to a heated start when both tribes were able to take whatever that they wanted off of the nearby truck.  It had all kinds of useful tools to help get your camp started.  As the women were getting things, Michael ran over and started stealing stuff from their pile without the women noticing.  One of these things included an axe.  The women of course noticed that they were missing some things.  Right there, we are off to a tense start.  The tribes later learned that they were living together and that took the battle to the nearby chickens and who was going to get them.  When Chelsea was able to get both of the chickens, the women decided to keep both of the chickens and not share with the men.  My thinking was while watching it, hey, they'll trade you a chicken for an axe.  This back and forth of things like this with bargaining continued through the episode.  I would like to point out that the men started this with stealing the axe.  They seem to forget that little detail when they start arguing with the women.  A problem got stirred up between Christina and Alicia when Alicia didn't like the bargaining that Christina was doing with the men.  On the men's side, there is already division.  Colton sees himself as odd man out and starts to bond with the women including him hoping that one of them would give him an immunity idol.  Well, his wish is granted when Sabrina finds a hidden immunity idol without a clue.  It was in the second place that she just randomly looked in.  Unfortunately for her, she found the idol that was for the other tribe.  With finding it, she has to give it to one of the men before the next tribal council.  She had already started to form a bond with Colton and gives it to him in hopes of him flipping the game and taking down one of the stronger guys.  We also already have a strong alliance of guys on that tribe with Matt being the one that I'm hoping to see get a reality check in this game really soon.  LOL.  During the immunity challenge, Kourtney was injured in her jump to the net below breaking her wrist in the process.  The challenge was stopped so she could have the medical team check her out.  Then, it was stopped for good with the men being given the opportunity to continue the challenge or just accept the win.  They chose the win which did not go over well with the women.  At tribal council, the women learned that Kourtney would not be able to return to the game and that her wrist would require surgery.  The heat of the tribal council was the back and forth between Alicia and Christina.  Even Jeff had a look of what is the deal here?  Especially for day three!!  Lots of drama in the first episode.  Bummed that Kourtney had to go home in that way.  It's never good to see someone have to leave the game like that.  Next week's episode teases more drama and this season is already looking drama filled.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wrap Up Q&A With Lindsey Alley

The Voice last week saw a MMC reunion that had fans all talking. MMC had such a talented cast that continues to go on to do great things. What are some of the cast up to these days? That was one of the questions I had in my mind. The Mickey Mouse Club premiered in 1989 and lasted for seven seasons before being cancelled. I like many other fans was parked in front of the TV on weekday afternoons. Lindsey Alley was one of only three members of the cast that was on the show from start to finish. I thought it would be fun to catch up with her to talk about the show and also what she has been up to since then. As you will see, she has stayed very busy.

What do you think of when you look back on your time with MMC?
"It's strange, but most of my memory from that time is in moments...flashes. In fact, I don't recall the performance aspect of the experience at all, really. Just the people…growing up with those kids, the amazing staff and the fun we had. It was an incredible time and I just remember everyone really wanting to be there…so glad to be a part of it."

What made you try out for MMC and what was the audition process like?
"I had auditioned for Matt Casella before Mouse Club…for a show called Addie Pray, based on the film, Paper Moon. He suggested I audition for the MMC. I’d been performing in theatre since the age of 6, so the audition process wasn’t really new to me, however, I wasn’t a savvy show kid, either. My mom drove me to Orlando and I waited for a very long time to get in the room that day…maybe 5 hours? I remember my mom wanting to leave, saying, “This is ridiculous! Let’s go home.” But I forced her to stay. That audition turned into three more callbacks."

Was entertaining something that you wanted to do from a young age?
"Always. I feel like I’ve been performing forever and it’s the only that truly makes me happy."

What was a typical schedule day like for you and the cast?
"Arrive at the studio at 9 a.m. Go to school until 12:30, lunch and then rehearse and/or tape the show until 6:30 p.m. It was a real job."

You, Jennifer, and Josh were the only ones of the cast to be there from the beginning to the end. What was it like for you to see the show go from start to finish?
"Again, there’s so much of it I don’t remember…but I do remember it feeling like “that thing I do.” Gotta go to work today! I often joke that by season 6, I was smoking in my trailor saying, “Britney who? Who are these CHILDREN?!” But you know…we were always welcoming of new cast members. As an adult, I’d be bitter and insecure…questioning my position on the show. As a kid, you don’t have the sense to think of such things, so you welcomed the new students to class.
Jen and Josh and I saw it all…and to this day, they remain very close friends."

I have to ask this. Was there something in your contract that they had to torture you with all sorts of segments such as dealing with animals and such? It was unreal the situations that they put you in. I always had to think 'poor Lindsey'. LOL.
"Nah! I loved it. There was nothing in my contract…I guess I just had the best reactions when Warren Eckstein pulled out the creepy critters."

How was life like for you and the cast with all the attention that you were getting at the height of the fandom for the show?
"Again, we were too young to really see it that way, you know? Don’t get me wrong…it felt nice that people were watching the show and enjoying it…and it was fun being recognized, but it just felt like part of the job. Also, my parents were pretty great about keeping everything in perspective and keeping me in check…they would never allow me to get too big for my britches."

Do you have a funny story that you could tell us of something that happened behind the scenes?
"There are so many! My favorite moment of all was the year that Fred Newman arranged for 500 banana cream pies to be delivered to the wrap party. He dropped a huge curtain and everyone (cast and crew) spent the next half hour in a massive pie fight…it was pretty great."

The show ended after seven seasons. When did you all find out and what was the reaction to it?
"Well, all good things must come to an end and I was ready. I don’t remember how they told us…I just remember being excited about going back to high school and being “normal”, as I had never really experienced a sense of normality. It was sad saying goodbye, but 6 years and 7 seasons is a long time to be in front of a camera…especially when you’re a kid."

What is your favorite memory of your time on the show?
"Again…there are so many memories…I don’t think I could pick a favorite. I’d say the relationships that were established remain some of the strongest in my life. Also, my mom gave up her career to live with me in Orlando during those years…so our relationship was and is to this day incredibly strong because of that experience."

Since then, you've obviously had a bunch of different projects going on. What was your stay like with working in New York including your one woman show 'Look Ma....No Ears'?
"New York was/is fabulous and remains my favorite city on the planet. I’d probably never live there again…too cold, too expensive and too intense. But I loved every second of my time there and Look Ma was the highlight of that journey."

I checked out your web series, On The Patio and love it. The social media and Pigfest episodes have to be my favorite episodes so far. For those that haven't seen the social media episode, you ask your mom questions about Facebook and Twitter and she isn't into social media. The question you asked her about tagging and poking on Facebook cracked me up. If I wasn't into social media, I'd be thinking the same thing as your mom with what in the world are you talking about??!! Can you talk about the project, how the idea came about to do this show, and how you got your mom involved in it?
"Well, I think my mom is the funniest lady on the planet. Mainly because she’s not trying to be funny…she just is. The s*** that comes out of her mouth is so unexpected and she genuinely makes me laugh out loud…all the time. The show wasn’t my idea. My friends, Matt and Katie Wiatt and Andy McEntire came to me with the concept and we thought we’d try it. We’re still not sure what we have or what we’re doing, but we’re having fun!
It’s funny…but I’m the straight man in these pieces…I set her up and she always knocks ‘em down. So basically, we’re exploiting my mother. She seems to be okay with it."

Can you give us any previews of things to come on the show?
"More lively conversation and wisdom from Marcia and more borderline inappropriate interviews."

I have gotten to check out some clips of your new one woman show, Lindsey Who? and it is a lot of fun! The show is a fun combination of music, comedy, and storytelling. Can you tell us about the show and how has it been performing it?
"I love doing this act, as it can be tailored to any audience. It was actually conceptualized on an Atlantis cruise. The boys let me practice on them and get it ready for the masses. I do it almost everywhere now. It’s actually more about the comedy than the music…think stand-up with show tunes. It ain’t rocket surgery, but it seems to work."

Do you have any other upcoming projects on the horizon that we can look forward to?
"Working on a lot of projects…two web series, a pilot, and my own act, to name a few. The rule is…throw a lot against the wall…something will eventually stick."

You've got a lot of fans out there. Is there anything that you'd like to say to them and what is the best way for everyone to keep up to date on your upcoming projects?
"I’d like to say a giant thank you to everyone who has followed me and my career since Mouse Club! It feels great to have such support. Keep up with me via Twitter, Facebook and my website"

Thanks so much to Lindsey for taking the time to be a part of this Wrap Up Q&A! Check out her website which is again at where you can get more info on her upcoming projects. You can look her up on Facebook and also follow her on Twitter at: MsLindseyAlley. If you want to watch some of her videos, look her up on You Tube with her official channel which is TheLindseyAlley.

Have a great day everyone! Take care and God bless!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Favorite Romantic Comedies To Watch On This Valentine's Day - February 14, 2012

It's Valentine's Day. Are you looking for some movies to watch? Well, I thought it might be fun to make a list of some of my favorite romantic comedies. There are some movies that you see on TV and will just have to stop and watch them. Well, here are some of my favorites in no particular order.

She's All That. Hacky sack. Hacky sack. LOL. Besides being a big Rachael Leigh Cook fan, this movie has a fun story to it and I've always loved it. It is kind of a twist of a modern day feel of another movie that will be mentioned later in this list. Freddie Prinze, Jr. plays the role of Zach who is mister popular in high school. Fresh off a break up, a bet is made as to whether Zach could turn any girl in the school into the prom queen in six weeks. Enter Laney who is an art student played by Rachael Leigh Cook. Zach goes out of his way to find a way to get into communication with her which goes back to the hacky sack that I mentioned earlier. However, what happens when the bet turns into another problem when he starts to show real interest in Laney?

Never Been Kissed. I actually just watched this movie in the last few years and loved it. Drew Barrymore plays Josie who had a horrible high school experience with lots of embarrassing moments. The current day Josie works at a newspaper and is assigned to do a report on the happenings in high school. She has to go back to high school and work undercover as a student. The story has her fighting her fears and anxieties of what happened before while also looking for healing as well. She ends up falling in love but it could ruin her whole story.

10 Things I Hate About You. I love you baby and if it's quite all right, I need you baby to warm a lonely night. Many will remember that song from the serenade by Heath Ledger's character, Patrick Vernona to Kat Stratford played by Julia Stiles. It was a very fun moment out on the football field as he tried to prove himself to her. This is one of my favorite movies of all time and had a strong cast. You have Cameron who wants to date Kat's sister, Bianca. Problem is that Bianca is not allowed to date. A deal is made by her dad that if Kat decides to date, then Bianca can date. Kat is of course not the social high school person. That leads to deals being made and then Verona gets involved. Love this movie.

Can't Buy Me Love. This is a movie that I will stop and watch if I see it on TV. The movie stars Patrick Dempsey and Amanda Peterson. Dempsey plays Ronald who is seen as a nerd in high school. Peterson plays Cindy who is the popular cheerleader. The story of the movie is Ronald seeing if he can basically buy his way into the popular crowd. He pays Cindy $1000 to pretend to be his girlfriend and get him in with the 'in' crowd. What happens when he ends up becoming close to the popular crowd but also forgetting where he came from with his old friends? What happens when Cindy sees the monster that she has helped create? Just love this movie a lot.

Jerry Maguire. Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds? I had to pick a different line other than the obvious "show me the money". LOL. Tom Cruise plays a sports agent who ends up going it on his own after a falling out with his agency. Renee Zellweger plays Dorothy who goes out on a limb to join him in his venture. Things don't go so well as Jerry competes trying to grab clients but he does have the great Rod Tidwell. This movie has so many memorable moments in it whether it is the story or the lines.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. There is just something really fun about this movie that I have always liked since the first time that I saw it. Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey star in this movie. Both have a goal although very different. Matthew's character, Ben, has a bet made that he can make any woman fall in love with him in ten days. Kate Hudson's character of Andie is writing an article for work on how to lose a guy in ten days. The two end up together and she puts him through everything to try and chase him off. He is doing his best to deal and keep her despite the things that are driving him crazy. Fun story and I love how it played out on screen.

Sweet Home Alabama. I'm also a big Reese Witherspoon fan and I never mind watching a movie that she is in. This story is the usual big city versus small town love story. Will she choose the big life that she has accomplished in the big city including her love life? What about her roots in her small town that are trying to lure her back.

Clueless. In my favorite movies of all time list. I thought about this the other day but it really feels like this movie was my generation's Fast Times At Ridgemont High. I watched this movie again about a month ago on DVD and I still love it. The movie looks at the lives and lifestyles of a high school in California. All different crowds and seeing how they mix and match. How many lines made it into pop culture from this movie? Another strong cast with what young Hollywood was at the time. Alicia Silverstone was one of the hottest actresses at the time appearing everywhere. Brittany Murphy was taking off to at the time with popularity.

50 First Dates. What happens when you meet a girl and fall in love with her? Normally that is a typical thing. What if you show up the next day to talk to her and she has no idea who you are? Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore star in this clever and powerful movie about a girl that was in an accident which wipes out her memory. She lives each day pretty much brand new. Adam Sandler's character is determined to find a way to make her fall in love with him and prove his love to her.

Whatever It Takes. I always thought this was a very underrated romantic comedy. Several names in this movie including Shane West, Marla Sokoloff, and James Franco. Ryan and Maggie are best friends and go to high school together. They are also neighbors literally just a window apart from one another who have a deal to go to prom together if they don't have dates. Ryan ends up making a deal with a football player to help the football player get close to Maggie in exchange for Ryan being introduced and led to the popular cheerleader. Basically, it is a trade off as they head toward prom. It's a very paint by numbers kind of story but I loved every bit of it. Just a shame that it doesn't get talked about more but it is a really good movie.

So, there you have it. Just part of a list of some of my favorites. Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day. Take care and God bless!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston Tributes, Smash, TV on DVD - February 13, 2012

The big news of the entertainment world and even beyond just that genre has been the loss of Whitney Houston this weekend. I saw the story online on Saturday night and was shocked like everyone else. The outpouring of people sharing their memories of Whitney has been awesome. I've found myself watching these music video marathons that were ongoing on TV like a lot of people. I was amazed at some of the songs in the mid 90's that I had completely forgotten that she did. When I first started getting into mainstream music as a kid, I remember that "So Emotional" was a song that was in big time rotation. That video played a ton and I loved that song. Her legacy for me is always going to be that incredible rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl at the time of Desert Storm. She delivered this great powerhouse performance of it at a time when the country needed a huge patriotic moment like that. It was so good that they released it in stores to buy. How many times have you seen that happen? Whitney will be missed. I flipped over to VH1 Classic this weekend and also saw a Michael Jackson hour of videos on it. It just completely amazes me to think that Michael and Whitney are both gone. Just unreal. Last night's Grammy Awards paid tribute to Whitney Houston. Jennifer Hudson delivered such a classy performance of "I Will Always Love You" that just brought the house down. Everyone is still talking about it today. Great to see all the tributes to Whitney as she was a superstar for sure. She is going to be missed.

The Voice returns tonight on NBC at 7pm central time with its newest two hour episode. Love these audition round episodes. Following that is the new show, Smash which airs tonight at 9pm central time. Katharine McPhee has been all over the talk show circuit today including appearances on The Today Show and Live With Kelly. Randy Jackson guest co-hosted with Kelly Ripa today so it was a fun reunion seeing those two back together. If you haven't seen Smash, check it out. Katharine is great on this show.

Looking for some TV on DVD to get this week? Well, here are some of the releases coming to you on Valentine's Day. Family Matters (Season Two), Hawaii Five-0 (Season One on Blu-ray), JEM and The Holograms (Season Two).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The CW Green Lights "Green Arrow", Season Five Of Chuck DVD Release Date, and More - February 9, 2012

The CW has been green lighting several pilots in the last several weeks but one green lighting got a lot of attention. Green lighting Green Arrow. The producers on the project are Greg Berlanti (from Everwood), Andrew Kreisberg (from The Vampire Diaries and Fringe), and also Marc Guggenheim (FlashForward). For those hoping for Justin Hartley to be back in the role, they have cast another Green Arrow. Stephen Amell will be in the lead role. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. The early talk seems to be that this Green Arrow will be a different style of character than the one we are used to in Smallville. This will be something to keep an eye on.

Season Five of Chuck will be released on May 8, 2012 on DVD and Blu-ray. The Warner Brothers press release shows these as the DVD and Blu-ray extras on the set: featurette on shooting the final episode, featurette called "Sandwiches and Superfans: The Saving of a Show", a featurette on the music scoring for Chuck, gag reel, full versions of the Buy More ads with Big Mike and Captain Awesome, audio commentaries on two episodes, "declassified" scenes, featurettes on "The Beginnings", "Through The Years", and "The Future", and also an extended version of the series finale. I really enjoyed season five of Chuck and thought that they did a lot with 13 episodes. The extras look like a lot of fun and it looks like a good tribute to the show especially with the featurette on saving the show cause the fans are a huge part of the legacy of that show. Great show, cast, and crew. I am looking forward to seeing the extended finale as the producers have been talking in interviews about stuff they had to unfortunately cut out due to time. So, May 8 is your date Chuck fans to pick up the final season.

TV on DVD for this week. Downton Abbey (Season Two), Father Dowling Mysteries (Season One), Laramie (Season Two), Rocko's Modern Life (Season Two), Rules Of Engagement (Season Five).

Smallville Bringing Season 11 To Comic Form In April - February 9, 2012

Move over Buffy and Angel. They've got more company with another show doing comics in tv season form. Buffy and Angel have both been big hits with both comics doing seasons and picking up where the shows left off. Well, add Smallville to the list. What!??? That's right. If you are missing Smallville like myself, get ready for season 11 in comic book form. DC Entertainment announced this morning that the comic will debut in digital form on April 13. There will be a new chapter released every week after that. If you want it in print form, you'll get that first issue on May 16. The comics will be written by Bryan Q. Miller so there is a creative force of the show behind it. Characters that will return in the series include Chloe Sullivan, Oliver Queen, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and more. Artists involved in the project include Pere Perez, Gary Frank, Chris Beckett, and Cat Skaggs. Miller has said that the comic will pick up six months after the series finale. I am definitely excited about this. Comics has become the new form with how shows can keep going in another form for fans. I have enjoyed the Whedonverse comics and am looking forward to seeing what DC can do with Smallville in comic form. The Smallville world is definitely abuzz this morning.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Carrie Underwood & Steven Tyler Rock CMT Crossroads, Jana Kramer's Video Premiere - February 6, 2012

If you missed CMT Crossroads on Saturday night, catch a replay! Carrie Underwood and Steven Tyler paired together in the latest installment of the show and did not disappoint. I think I just kept turning the volume up louder and louder as the show went along. Just amazing the chemistry that those two had and hearing them sing one another's songs was just incredible. The show opened huge with "Sweet Emotion" and into "Love In An Elevator" before moving into "Before He Cheats". It didn't take long for me to realize that this was going to be a huge deal. Carrie even talked on stage about how she is usually over the nerves after the first song when she is performing. However, she said on this night that she couldn't get rid of the nerves cause she was performing with Steven Tyler. They did a great combo of "Just A Dream" and Dream On" blending those together. We got a great encore of their performance from a few months ago of "Undo It" and "Walk This Way" which had the music world buzzing. Carrie, we must now have a Steven Tyler song on the new tour. At least one. LOL. Amazing show. CMT will be airing repeats and I have already seen one of them. If you see it on, check it out! Highly recommend it.

On another music note, Jana Kramer's new video premieres today on CMT. It will be running throughout the day. Look for it on there or better yet, here it is right here for viewing. This is the video for "Why Ya Wanna".

The Voice Turns Into A MMC Reunion - February 6, 2012

I tuned into the season premiere of The Voice and a MMC reunion broke out. I first have to say that I was a big fan of the show growing up. I have a Wrap Up recap somewhere for the special that was done in recent years interviewing cast members of the show. I may need to track that thing down and post it again. Last night's episode saw a reunion moment for sure when Tony Lucca took the stage. Tony Lucca was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club from the fourth to seventh seasons. The last two of those seasons brought another member to that show. That was Christina Aguilera. Last night, the show went to break teasing this reunion and my ears (no pun intended) perked up at the fun of this reunion. What would Christina's reaction be? What would Tony's reaction be to her? Tony is someone that has been at hard work on his music for years now. It is very exciting that this could be his really big break. Tony took the stage and the judges all took notice immediately of his talent. He got all of the chairs to turn around so then it turned into a situation of him being able to pick who he wanted to work with. Would Tony pair up with Christina in a duo that all of us retro fans would love? Would he go with someone else? He did go with Adam Levine which I think will be a good thing. As Tony left the stage, Christina looked over at him and realized who he was. Now, my question is did it take to that point to know who he was? He did say his name earlier on so I'm curious as to when it came to her. As Carson Daly was interviewing Tony and his family, the talk turned to the reunion. Christina then walked in and said hi to her former cast member. It was a cool moment for me as a fan seeing those two back together again. We also got an admission from her that Britney Spears had a big crush on him. I can't say I'm surprised cause he was one of the big heartthrobs of the show at the time and the girls all loved him. Well, I now have a lot more attention to pay to The Voice this year in support of a moment that took me back to my teenage years. The Voice gave us a very fun reunion moment last night and I say we just start rotating cast members up there now and see what happens. LOL.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smash - Series Premiere Thoughts - February 2, 2012

NBC is putting a big promotional push behind their new show, Smash. I watched the first episode last night via a sneak peek which I always encourage networks to do. Several of the shows I've gotten hooked on in recent years was because I got to watch the pilot episode ahead of time and wasn't constricted to a certain time and date. I watched more pilot episodes than I ever would just because I have easy access to them. Please networks, keep doing this. This article will contain spoilers more than likely so if you don't want to be spoiled by the happenings in the first episode, you may want to read this later. Smash takes us inside the inner workings of Broadway. The show stars Debra Messing, Christian Borle, Anjelica Huston, and Katharine McPhee and is executive produced by Steven Spielberg. The first episode sees a new project being born which revolves around the life of Marilyn Monroe. The writers of the new Marilyn show, Tom and Julia, work to get this project off the ground while also dealing with their own personal lives such as Julia's family trying to adopt a child. The family is already concerned because when she is working on a show like this, they never see her which obviously conflicts with their goals as a family. Add in a battle behind the scenes between the producer, director, and writers with there being a lot of conflict. It becomes a deal of talent versus can you deal with the person on a personal basis? Which overrides the other? Early on, we see another problem when an audition video goes online which breaks the quiet of this new show getting off the ground. Stuff like that can either create a buzz for a show or finish it before it can even get started. The real story of the show for me involves the battle for the starring role. Katharine McPhee plays Karen who is just trying to find her big break and get her foot in the door. Megan Hilty plays Ivy Lynn who has a ton of stage experience and is determined to get the role. The writers push hard for Ivy to get the role but Karen comes in and just leaves a huge impression on them. Based on the previews for upcoming episodes, it looks to be getting messy with the competition to get this role. I am a Katharine McPhee fan going back to Idol and I just thought she shined in this first episode. They really set the table for her role in the series with the dinner scene where you see that her parents really have little confidence in her dreams while her boyfriend is the one that lifts her up. It was that dynamic in that scene that really gets you behind this character wanting her to succeed. If you are a long time McPhee fan, you'll appreciate the opening of the show with her song. That brought back memories. Like I said, that story with those two having two different backgrounds and competing for this role with one really having the talent and having to fight the odds and the other having built in support and seemingly a big advantage is the core of the show for me. I enjoyed the first episode. The cast did a really good job and I like the way that the overall show is produced. I'd definitely recommend checking it out and seeing if it is something that grabs you or not. Definitely worth a shot if anyone is looking for a new show to get interested in. Smash premieres Monday, February 9th on NBC at 9pm central time. Here is a preview of Smash.

Carrie Underwood Album Release Date Set For May 1, More Super Bowl Ads Making Their Way Online - February 2, 2012

Last week, we got the announcement of the single release. This week we have an official announcement on a release date for Carrie Underwood's new album. May 1 is the big date for Carrie fans. This will be Carrie's fourth studio album and has already been named as one of the "ten albums we can't wait for" by Entertainment Weekly. Don't forget that Carrie will also be a part of Super Bowl weekend this Saturday night. Her CMT Crossroads special with Steven Tyler will air on Saturday, February 4th at 10pm central time on CMT. Good time for that album release date too just a month before CMA Fest.

More Super Bowl ads continue to make their way online previewing before they even air during the Super Bowl. I can't remember this ever happening before where we've seen so many ads before the big game. Here are a few more that have landed online including this one from Volkswagen playing off of the awesome one from last year with the Vader kid.

Jerry Seinfeld has teamed up with Acura in this funny commercial with Jerry trying to find a way to be the first one to get the car. Some funny cameos in this one too especially if you are a fan of the Seinfeld show and there is also an appearance by Jay Leno. Liking this commercial too.

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