Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Houseguest Evicted & The New HOH Is Crowned On Big Brother - August 12, 2010

Tonight's Big Brother had another couple on the block and they handled it worse than the couple did last week. After Hayden and Kristen were put on the block last week by Rachel, the same thing happened to Rachel and Brendon this week. Being put on the block. This time by Matt who didn't mess up with his HOH reign this time. The couple was put on the block and they had a complete meltdown over it. The veto competition was held and hosted by BB11's Jeff and Jordan. After practicing till late in the night, Rachel and Brendon went out early. Winning was Britney for her third veto win in a row. After the competition, Rachel faced off with Kathy over Kathy's celebrating over beating her. Britney did not use the veto despite being offered $5,000 by Rachel. Brendon decided to call out Britney during the veto ceremony to try and get himself evicted to keep Rachel in the house. The plan did not work though as Rachel was evicted by 6-0 tonight. The HOH competition was underway as the show went off the air.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! STOP READING NOW if you don't want to know who wins the HOH competition. The competition was not close at all with Brendon pulling away for the win. After the win, he yelled at the other houseguests about getting his revenge for Rachel. The new HOH was also able to pick the three have nots for the week and it appears to be Britney, Ragan, and Matt. Things are calm in the house tonight however even with the win but the power has definitely changed for the moment. Or has it? Remember that Matt has the big power that he got from Pandora's Box. Will Brendon's HOH week be ruined or will he let it play out? It depends who is on the block.

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