Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 29, 2007 - Angel Comic, Spiderman 3, Journeyman, & More

The strike continues but could there be good news coming to us very soon? If you didn't know, both sides finally talked this week with them talking Monday through Wednesday. Things appeared to go well with there being talk that they also decided to meet today as well. There hasn't been much news out of the negotiations as far as to the public as I've heard that they've decided to not discuss the talks this week. News came out that The Writers Guild of America was apparently presented a deal and asked to have time to look over it. They have since rejected it saying that it was a bad deal. Talks are set to resume on Tuesday. Hopefully, the WGA can get a cut of the money as it is baffling why they aren't getting paid any amount off of downloads, DVD's, etc. Stay tuned and let's hope the end of the strike is near. Conan O'Brien is helping the staff of his show during the strike but aren't on the writing team. He is going to pay the salaries of the staff for the near future to help them out as their jobs are just caught in limbo cause of there being no new shows to produce. This was a really classy thing to do by Conan. David Letterman is also said to be doing the same thing. Carson Daly is the first of the late night hosts to decide to do new shows despite the ongoing strike. The talk was that new shows were possibly going to be taped this week and begin airing in very early December.

Broadway is back underway after a strike halted shows there over the holidays. The strike lasted 19 days and was said to have cost New York City an estimated $38 million.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend.
1. Enchanted - $34.4 million. 2. This Christmas - $17.9 million. 3. Beowulf - $16.5 million. 4. Hitman - $13.1 million. 5. Bee Movie - $11.8 million. 6. Fred Claus - $10.5 million. 7. August Rush - $9.4 million. 8. American Gangster - $9 million. 9. The Mist - $8.9 million. 10. Mr. Magorium - $7.9 million.

The long anticipated Angel season six comic is now underway as issue one has been released. I've gotten the chance to read it and really enjoyed it. The comic doesn't pick up immediately with the final battle that was seen at the end of season five. Instead, the comic jumps ahead a bit in time and we see from time to time which characters survived. The writers do promise that we are going to find out what happened in that battle but just not right now. We see the devastation that Los Angeles has turned into with Wolfram & Hart laying out the punishment for what Angel and crew decided to do at the end of season five. It is a whole new battle for Angel in trying to deal with what he had a hand in creating. Things are not pretty at all in LA!! I won't go into spoilers as to who is seen and not seen in the comic but I did see some faces that I was surprised to see. I enjoyed the comic and this comic really felt like a great tie to the end of season five.

One episode left of Heroes as it airs this coming Monday. That will then be all of the episodes that have been completed due to the strike. The promos are saying that "two heroes will die". Any predictions on who it is going to be? I really have no clue but it looks like this episode is going to be a big one.

NBC has officially picked up Chuck and Life for a full season. On the other side, things are not looking very good for Journeyman and Bionic Woman.

This was way long overdue but I finally watched Spiderman 3 over the weekend. I know there has been some criticism over the movie but I really liked it. It is hard to keep the movies strong when you start doing multiple sequels. I liked the first two movies and liked the third one as well. It was nice to see how the other two movies tied so pivotally to the third one. I hadn't heard a lot about what they did script wise in advance of seeing this as I purposely try to avoid any kind of spoiler stuff with movies. If you haven't seen the movie and don't want to know spoilers, you may want to stop reading. I figured that this movie would revolve mostly around a battle between Peter and Harry. It did but it didn't dominate the movie and I liked the finish to the Peter/Harry story at the end that ended up seeing them fighting side by side to save the woman that both of them loved. I didn't expect the storyline of what happened to Uncle Ben to be brought back up in this movie. The Sandman character turned out to be all right. Funny thing is that I was watching the movie thinking how do you defeat a guy that is sand. I thought immediately that you could turn him to mud and thirty seconds later, he turns to mud. However, that didn't defeat him either and I was out of ideas at that point. LOL. The main point of this movie seemingly revolved around bringing the characters back down to reality. Peter had an evil side brought out in him that saw him show no mercy including him seemingly leaving Harry for dead at one point. Mary Jane saw her struggles including her work and then her love life as well. The final battle was a lot of fun. Surprised to see that they killed Harry off but I guess they had really done all that they could with that character. I assume that Peter and Mary Jane were back together at the end of the movie but we didn't get any kind of glimpse as to what the future would hold for them. Well, we had the tease of the marriage proposal early on in the movie but a lot happened after that. For now, we'll just have to leave it up for grabs on what else could happen with them. If you haven't seen the bloopers yet on the DVD, give them a look as I thought it was the funniest blooper reel of all three of the movies.

This season's Little People Big World has been a lot of fun so far. The road trips have made me feel like that I'm on a road trip as well. The footage from Yosemite and The Grand Canyon was just incredible to watch. There is so much to see and I'm sure the cameras can't even do the sights justice for how beautiful it is. Watching the family try to drive this massive RV was funny at times especially with Matt trying to get used to it at the beginning of the trip. I would be lousy at driving one of those things. This week's episode saw Matt, Zach, and Molly landing in Paducah, KY where Matt spoke and brought the kids with him. Zach is very big into history so when he saw how much Civil War history that Paducah had, he was for sure wanting to go. Molly also was looking forward to the trip. It looked like the three of them had a great time. They toured around the area seeing the sights and got to check out a Civil War reenactment. The show did a good job of showing off the history of Paducah and also the sights of it as well. So, this season of Little People Big World has been a very fun road trip season so far and I'm curious to see if there are any more episodes of them out on the road.

There is a fan petition going on to try and get Big Brother's Jessica and Eric on to The Amazing Race. There are a ton of signatures on it. Here is the link to sign the petition:

November sweeps have come to a close and CBS appears to have done the best overall while ABC had the most viewers in the 18-49 demo. However, most of the networks were down overall in viewers but the networks point out that the DVR numbers aren't in yet so the numbers are likely to go up. Comparing to the previous year, Fox had an increase of viewers of 3% while the other networks were down: ABC was down 8%, CBS down 8%, NBC down 14%, and The CW was down 21%. Hmm, the Veronica Mars fan in me has to grin a bit seeing that 21% fall by The CW. Several fans have boycotted the CW's new shows actually including myself too. They have me for one show only and that is quite a change considering I watched the most shows in previous seasons on the old WB network.

Did anybody watch the beating that the Boston Celtics put on the New York Knicks?? Geez. 50 point lead by Boston as I type this. Unreal.

Interesting two episode storyline with Journeyman. We found out what happens when Dan goes out on his own and tries to fix something on his own that he may not supposed to be fixing. The guy that Dan had arrested for keeping two girls captive was put in jail but got out on good behavior. The guy then showed up at his house in present day which ended up with Dan getting shot. Dan disappears and ends up back in time around 1980. He gets fixed up in the hospital in the past and goes back to the house that he was beside when he time traveled. He finds a boy that is being kept captive in his house by his dad. Who is the boy? It turns out to be the same person that shot him but, in 1980, was a boy. Wow. That was a nice twist!!! The boy ends up helping to take care of him while Dan contemplates killing the boy knowing that it would fix his problems in current day. He ends up flashing back to present day where the man has Dan's wife held captive. Dan is able to somehow talk the guy into surrendering after the conversation turns to when they were together back a couple decades earlier. Dan's brother, Jack, was once again on the case of trying to figure out what was going on with Dan. Jack then ran into Livia. We had the agent guy who had pictures of Dan in various time periods wearing the same clothes talking to Jack about how this all defied physics. So, he knew something was up. Nice touch on the story when the agent ended up getting shot and killed. Now, the agent that was getting close to knowing Dan's secret is gone leaving Jack as the only one that knows something is going on with Dan and time travel. A couple of funny moments with the time travel in this week's episode. First was the medical guy in 1980 looking at Dan's iPhone in amazement. Dan then told him it was a calculator. Second was when he was fixed up again after being shot. He was fixed up in 1980 as I said but he ended up getting an infection from it. He was fixed up again in current day. The nurse asked Dan what he was given in his last visit trying to figure out what caused it. Dan had heard the name of the antibiotic in 1980 and relayed it to the nurse. The nurse replied that the antibiotic hadn't been used in 20 years and there was no way it could treat this virus. Dan laughed saying that it makes sense now.

Do you want to see what the new Joker is going to look like in the upcoming Batman movie? Well, Empire magazine has a cover shot of Heath Ledger in his Joker gear. Check out this link to give a look at it.

Dancing With The Stars is over for another season and the winner was Helio Castroneves. The finale was said to have averaged around 24 million viewers.

With the Tonight Show still out of commission, old shows have been airing all week. It's wild to watch Jay Leno and see how his delivery on jokes and all has changed over the years. The episode that aired on Monday was from 1993 and you could tell he was still working into his own.

I am looking forward to seeing Sheriff Sophia in action on next week's Kid Nation. Sophia has been one of my favorites on the show as she is very much no nonsense. Having her in charge next week while the council is away could be fun. We learned on the episode that mixing an arcade and doing work for the town doesn't work well at all.

On to this week's Chuck. This show is really starting to roll lately and becoming can't miss for me. Who is Sarah going to choose? Will she go work with Bryce or stay with Chuck? Nice touch at the end of the episode with the phones ringing with each of them on one of them as she pondered which to answer.

Tonight's Survivor. From a game standpoint, the vote tonight was the absolute right thing to do. If you let James stick around, he would have two free tribal councils which at this point would guarantee him final four and possibly more if he won individual immunity. This was the time to get rid of him cause you couldn't risk him getting further and then allowing him to use those two immunity idols. I thought James took being voted out well in his farewell speech. He realized it was a game and said that he gambled too many times on not using those idols. James never did give one of those idols back after he was helped to get both of them.

The Amazing Race added a new twist on this week's episode with the U-Turn. The U-Turn can be used at the end of a detour. There are two of these on the race with one team being able to U-Turn another one. This means that the team that gets it done to them has to go back and complete the other task of the detour before they can move on. This was the final thing to end the race for Lorena and Jason. They were yielded by Shana and Jennifer (who did by the way disagree on whether or not to use it) which I thought was just kind of an insulting way to finish the race where they didn't even get a chance to catch up. They were so far behind anyway to begin with.

HBO put out their third quarter numbers this week and subscribers have stuck around despite The Sopranos coming to an end. Their subscriber numbers actually went up slightly from the previous quarter.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 4th.
24 (Season Six in a slim set), 30 Days (Season Two), 7th Heaven (Season Five), Crank Yankers (Best Of), Diagnosis Murder (Season Three), House Of Payne (Volume One), Law & Order SVU (Year Four), New Street Law (Season One), Saturday Night Live (Season Two), Touched By An Angel (Season Four, Volume Two), Will and Grace (Season Seven), The Wire (Season Four).

TV Line Of The Week:
From a rerun episode of this week's Late Night With Conan O'Brien
"Good news. Warner Brothers is producing a movie with Batman and Superman in it together. The bad news. It's a love story." - Conan O'Brien during his monologue.

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Here is a first dance by a couple at their wedding. This video has become very popular over the last few days. Pretty funny!!

Have a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 21, 2007 - Strike, Slapsgiving, Chuck, and More

Hey everyone. I've got a Wrap Up coming to you a little earlier than normal due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is some good news and a glimmer of hope with the ongoing writers strike. Both sides are going back to the negotiating table on Monday. The only way anything is going to be settled is if they talk so this is definitely a positive.

Saturday Night Live returned to a live audience on Saturday night. Just not to TV of course. A reported 150 people got to be in the audience in the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to see the show. Michael Cera was the host and Yo La Tengo was the musical act. The SNL event was done as a way to benefit the staff who has been hurt by the strike. Lorne Michaels was in attendance for the show. The performance was just like a regular SNL episode. Maya Rudolph was the only one of the regular cast to not attend. Horatio Sanz and Rachel Dratch returned to take part in it. I like reading that they are doing something like this to help out the staff cause the behind the scenes people all around are getting hurt bad cause of this strike.

NBC is apparently going to air some old Tonight Show episodes as the strike continues on. The five shows range from 1992 up to 2000. It appears that the episodes could be airing next week.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend.
1. Beowulf - $27.5 million. 2. Bee Movie - $14 million. 3. American Gangster - $12.8 million. 4. Fred Claus - $11.9 million. 5. Mr. Magorium - $9.6 million. 6. Dan In Real Life - $4.3 million. 7. No Country For Old Men - $3 million. 8. Lions For Lambs - $2.8 million. 9. Saw IV - $2.2 million. 10. Love In The Time Of Cholera - $1.9 million.

Happy Slapsgiving from How I Met Your Mother this week. Fun episode with several different storylines going on. The first was the much hyped continuation of the slap bet. Marshall showed his website that he had launched with a slap bet countdown to Barney. He had it calculated down to the minute and it would end on Thanksgiving. Marshall continued to taunt a very nervous Barney throughout the episode. Then, we had Robin bringing an older guy that she had been dating to the group's Thanksgiving. The problem? Ted and Robin had a temporary lapse in their breakup and ended up sleeping together the night before. All these crazy things were going on around Lily who is working her hardest to get this dinner together. She finally got fed up with it and set everything straight including saying that no one was going to get slapped on Thanksgiving. Barney was thrilled and Marshall was heartbroken. The taunting then turned around with Barney rubbing it in that Marshall couldn't do anything. He mocked his countdown as the seconds were approaching to which Lily finally got fed up with Barney and told Marshall that he could slap him after all. Then, a big slap knocks Barney to the ground and Marshall does a theme song to it as well. Funny episode and the episode also gave us a nice closure to Ted and Robin's relationship where they realized that maybe they can be friends after all. Oh, and I am definitely going to start using that funny catchphrase with the "General Idea" and "Major Clean Up" with the salute and all. If you didn't see the episode, you have no clue what I am talking about. I thought it was a clever little joke to throw into the episode and ended up playing a major part at the end.

I have some theories after watching this week's Heroes. Yet another strong episode. This episode focused on the fathers and daughters. We had Noah & Claire and Bob & Elle. We saw that Noah was shot and killed but later appeared to heal up coming back to life. Hmm, I am wondering if he had been prepared for this moment and had injected some of Claire's blood into him in case something like this happened. That way he would always be able to take care of her. I don't know about you but when he was supposedly killed off, I really had this feeling of seeing Claire as really being alone in the world with no one capable of protecting her. That is my theory on him. However, did the company inject the blood to take care one of their own? Here is something else to throw out there. Any chance that he now has the virus? Elle and Bob. It really seemed like they got into Elle's head with it being revealed what had happened to her in her early life. I'm thinking she is going to turn on her dad and fight with the others against the company. Theories are really pointless with this show cause every time you think you have it figured out, they nail you with something else. I fully expect for my theories to be wrong. LOL.
The new Angel comic is now in stores. I have a copy on the way to me and will give my thoughts on it when I get it read. The comic picks up where the series finale left off. What happened in that final battle? We're about to find out.

This week's Chuck saw more progress made in the love triangle. Then, the triangle got more complicated. I was annoyed with how much was revealed in the promos for the episode which I am going to talk about in a moment. I really liked the moment with Chuck and Sarah when it appeared they were going to be blown up and then she laid a kiss on him just seconds before the time expired. Then, there was no explosion....except for the kiss which continued. Chuck decided to end things with Lou so he could end up with Sarah. The problem with that? Bryce is back. It was revealed at the end of the episode that he appears to be alive. We go from one triangle with two women and one man to now a triangle that involves two men and a woman. I'm excited to see how this plays out.

One thing that is becoming annoying with TV shows is the promos for the next episode. Is it me or is it getting much worse with how much of the episode that they are giving away before the episode even airs? My example this week was Chuck. Wow, that episode promo showed a TON more than I wanted to know about. The promo covers the whole love triangle including them showing Sarah kissing Chuck. I didn't want to know that was going to happen!! The way they did the promo was saying that something incredible was going to happen in the episode but the kiss wasn't it. I didn't want to know about the kiss!!! I watched the whole episode knowing that it was about to happen. I'm getting to the point now where I'm about to stop watching previews for next week's episodes of every show. I'm not picking on just Chuck as there are a TON of shows that are doing this.

Tonight's Kid Nation saw the election take place. Going back to my promo rant, they showed who won the election in the episode promo!!! I luckily didn't catch who everyone was that had made council in that clip cause the scene was so fast. I was surprised to see the whole council get replaced. Guylan pulled himself off the council and DK got on to the council unopposed. Zach was replaced by Blaine. Laurel was replaced by Michael. What a bummer. I like Michael too but Laurel has just been amazing the whole time she's been there. And....Anjay was replaced by Greg. The reaction of the town was not good at all when they realized who their council was going to be. Michael was the voice of reason throughout the episode while the other three stirred things up. Nice to see Michael step up for his district and actually the whole town. The new council (although I can't remember if Michael was there or not) threatened Taylor of not getting the town reward on whatever it might be if she did not work. She said that she still wasn't going to work. Later, the reward ended up being letters from home. They went against what they said and let Taylor have the letter. I was glad to see that. Even if she goes back to not working, it would just be completely wrong to not let her have a letter from her family. Good call there. Things got ugly between the town and the new council in this episode including the council threatening to not give the gold star to anyone. Laurel ended up being given the gold star. Pretty fitting that she won it on her first chance of actually being able to win it due to her previously being on the council. Very good episode tonight. Next week looks good as well with the decision of starting a school in the town.

One of my favorite shows ever, Charles In Charge, now has its second season released on DVD in stores now. Unfortunately no extras on the DVD set.

Jennie Garth was eliminated from this week's Dancing With The Stars. The finale will be next week with Helio Castroneves, Melanie Brown, and Marie Osmond.

Entertainment Weekly recently did a list of the Top 50 Greatest TV Icons. The top 10 rounded out to be (in order) Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Walter Croncite, Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore, Jerry Seinfeld, Homer Simpson, and Dick Clark.

To no surprise, Shrek The Third opened up at number one on the DVD sales and rental charts for the week.

I read something over the week saying that Journeyman may be in trouble on NBC. There is talk that the ratings for this previous Monday and next week may help decide the fate of the show. The talk also said something along the lines that NBC is only interested in the live ratings and not the DVR ratings or downloads. Well, I guess me and many others are out considering I don't watch it live. To make matters worse, a lot of the feedback on the show appears to be people that watch it online as well. I'd be disappointed to see this show canceled. It's not a can't miss show for me but I do enjoy the show.

The Munchkins from The Wizard Of Oz were given a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame this week. This is great to hear!!

Dexter is doing big numbers for Showtime. The network announced that Dexter drew 1.23 million viewers for the episode that aired on Sunday. That topped the record for Soul Food in 2004 as Dexter now holds the record for the most watched episode of a Showtime series.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 27th.
Futurama (Bender's Big Score), Happy Days (Season Three), Laverne and Shirley (Season Three), Mork and Mindy (Season Three), The O.C. (Full Series Release).

TV Line Of The Week:

From Heroes:
"What 's your super power? Punching bag?" Elle to a nose bandaged Suresh.

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Season One of Chad Vader comes to a close with episode eight. I love these Chad Vader clips!!

I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving!! If you're going to be traveling, have a safe trip to wherever your destination may be. Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

November 15, 2007 - Slap Bet Countdown Approaches, Heroes, Kid Nation, & More

No end in sight with the writers strike. The two sides aren't even talking at this point and haven't been talking for a while now. It would be nice if a mediator could be brought in to try and help settle this. I know it is tough watching my favorite shows knowing that there are very few new episodes left to air. Let's hope that everyone can at least start negotiating again.

It is looking more and more like Big Brother 9 will be starting up earlier cause of the strike. Rumors are swirling that February may be go time for the new season. News came out this week of many casting calls that will be going on across the nation. They're definitely getting prepared for the show to run if it is needed.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Bee Movie - $25.5 million. 2. American Gangster - $24 million. 3. Fred Claus - $18.5 million. 4. Lions For Lambs - $6.7 million. 5. Dan In Real Life - $6.0 million. 6. Saw IV - $4.9 million. 7. The Game Plan - $2.4 million. 8. 30 Days Of Night - $2.1 million. 9. P2 - $2.0 million. 10. Martian Child - $1.8 million.

Heroes creator, Tim Kring, did a recent interview where he basically apologized to the Heroes fans for how slow the current season has been going. He just seems to feel that mistakes have been made with how the plot has unfolded and how long while also the way that characters have been introduced. There has been a lot of debate about this season's Heroes with some fans not liking it and others liking it. Me? I'm fine with it. I know a lot of people are upset with things going slowly as far as plot but I realize that they are setting things up to run with the story. That is the attitude that I've had all along and I have a lot of patience when it comes to TV shows. I learned last season that it does play out like a comic. The story is going to continue to build and then they'll put it into high gear when they've got the story introduced like they want it. So, the pace hasn't bothered me. The only criticism that I've had is that I've felt that the Hiro back in time storyline continued on a bit long as I didn't expect it to go for as many episodes as it did. Now, I see where they were going with it. I'm still kind of up in the air with the storyline with Claire and her guy. But, I'll wait to see if they are going somewhere with it as well. I've enjoyed the season so far and the introduction of the story has really paid off in the last couple of weeks. This week's Heroes gave us a lot of answers as to what happened between the time period of the first season's finale and this season's premiere. This week saw how Peter and Adam Monroe came to know each other. Adam told Peter that they were trapped and being caged to keep them out from being in the world while having their powers taken away due to the medication. We also learned of how Elle and Peter knew each other as well. Welcome back to my TV Miss Kristen Bell. LOL. Peter and Adam escaped and Adam was able to use his blood to heal Nathan's burns. They then got out of there quickly so they wouldn't be found but were tracked down by Elle and the Haitian. They were split up and then we saw the Haitian wipe out Peter's memory to "help him". He said that Peter deserved to have a better life as he would never be able to have a normal life. So, that was when his memory was erased and he was found during the season premiere. We found out the fate of D.L. What a bummer as I liked that character. D.L. was shot and killed when he went to try and find Nikki who had left to LA. He presumed that Jessica had taken back over. She apparently now has another split personality named Gina which is who had taken control. We saw a lot of Bob in this episode and seeing how he plays into the lives of these people. Maya wiped out a whole wedding gathering when she discovered what she was able to do. Now, we know what led to them being so desperate to finding a cure for her. A fan did point out on a message board that we didn't find out what occurred with Sylar in that four month time period. Hmm, maybe we'll find that out later on.

On to tonight's Smallville. Lots of happenings tonight with some of it being stuff that is not completely understood as of yet. Clark's mother once again returned to Earth when Clark activated the crystal. Problem was that it also brought Zor-El which is Kara's father. His goals were obviously very different than everyone else's. Yeah, the full out eclipse gave a clue of that. LOL. He was stopped when the crystal was destroyed. With the crystal, along went his mother and also the disappearing of Kara as well. Kara turned up in Detroit but she apparently has no powers which I'm assuming due to her not looking very strong on trying to open up that locked door. She also has no clue who she is. Clark went back to Jor-El wanting to get Kara back. Jor-El wouldn't have any of it telling Clark once again that he had disobeyed him. It would result in....wait for it....consequences. Uh oh. I tend to remember one of the consequences from before was Jonathan. Does this mean a character is being killed off this season? Could it be Lana considering that she was the original consequence from before? Am I reading too much into this and it won't be something as big? We also got the nice twist on finding out who this Grant is from the Daily Planet. It's Julian who is apparently doing fine and being hidden away from Lionel. I wonder how Lex got all this going. Several questions that we'll have to get answered as the season goes along.

Alexis Bledel has signed on to star in a new movie. Variety is reporting that she will star in a comedy called Ticket To Ride. Her role will be that of Ryden Malby who moves back home with her family after graduating from college.

Glass shattering. That was the theme on this week's How I Met Your Mother as the friends kept pointing out each other's habits that drove each other crazy. The point was when you point out that bad habit to another that doesn't notice it, they then notice it all the time. Examples: loud crunching when eating, saying "literally" all the time, correcting people all the time, saying catchphrases in high pitched sounds, and more. The glass shattering would be heard as a general idea of that personality quirk being pointed out or that the glass would no longer keep it blocked out. Pretty funny episode and I'm completely paranoid about any quirks that I may have now. Don't tell me, just don't do it!! If I have any, just leave me with it and I apologize in advance!! LOL!!

Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, the slap bet countdown clock is approaching zero. Tune in to the Thanksgiving episode on Monday night on CBS as the slap bet countdown ends.

I have to say that this week's episode of Chuck was probably my favorite of the season so far. The show has mostly been standalone episodes as far as storyline but this week saw a twist that will carry over for a little while anyway. This week saw the addition of guest star, Rachel Bilson, who was a customer named Lou that came into the Buy More in desperate need of having her cell phone fixed. She met Chuck and there was an instant spark between the two. The problem? Sarah is Chuck's pretend girlfriend as a cover for her to be around him with being an agent so she can keep an eye on him. There is an obvious little something between Chuck and Sarah but I think that Sarah is afraid to commit due to what happened with Bryce. Chuck finally just asked her if there was going to be anything between them and Sarah said no. Chuck finally decided to end the fake relationship telling Sarah that they were going to have to fake breakup. Chuck then immediately went to Lou as an earlier conversation showed that she was clearly interested in him. I liked this storyline twist as it is unfair for Chuck to not be able to find love due to his agent situation. This could turn out in two likely ways. Chuck will hit it off with Rue and the two will be happy. Option number two which I think could be the most likely is Chuck and Rue get together and makes Sarah jealous making her realize that she does want more with Chuck. Then, the two of them end up together for real. Fun episode.

Lots of moving and shaking on this week's Kid Nation when the council agreed to shake the districts up. Well, not all of them. Blaine was sent to the yellow district from the blue district which split him and Greg up. Emile was sent to the blue district from the red district. The move seemed to help her step her game up as she was miserable in the red district. Nathan was moved from the yellow district to the red district. He got a pretty bad reaction from the red district being brought over but, council leader, Guylan took most of the heat over the decision. Green district didn't gain anybody and didn't lose anybody as Laurel fought to keep her district intact. I know Laurel took some heat over being the one that didn't want to change any of her district but with all the drama that goes on with some of the other districts, who can blame her for wanting to keep her drama free district intact? Greg was furious over his best friend being switched to another district while Blaine saw it as a challenge to make his own mark with another district. The end of the episode saw the news of another election coming up and it promises to be a good one just like last time. Halfway through the episode, I predicted that we'd see Zach and Anjay replaced on the council. Now, I'm not so sure as it depends on who they're running against. We found out at the end of the episode about who would be running. After winning unopposed in the last election, Michael has stepped up to challenge Laurel in the green district. In the blue district, Greg is going to challenge Anjay. In the red district, DK is going to run against Guylan. In the yellow district, Blaine is going to run against Zach. This is going to be interesting and I'm not sure what is going to happen now that I have seen these pairings. With the red district, Guylan made it pretty clear that he has had it with being a councilman. I actually thought he'd just step down and two others run against each other. Guylan took a lot of heat from his district and actually the whole town during this episode. I think that DK will defeat Guylan to get on the council. Green district. I would like to see Laurel stay on the council as I've been a supporter of hers throughout the season. She may get a tough challenge from Michael though as he is very well liked and is a hard worker. That could end being a close race. Yellow district. I was really looking forward to Zach getting on to the council but I just don't know if he has delivered. I know yellow has had their faults of not working hard like the others but I don't think making fun of your district members who are homesick is helping things out. Blaine is a hard worker and a no nonsense kind of guy and I'm going to predict that he gets in. On to the blue district. This is going to be wild to watch this play out. I fully expected Anjay to be out as a council member until I see that he is going to face Greg. I am not sure what will happen here. I think Greg could be a good leader and he really shows that sometimes with how he helps people out. However, he has that temper of his and things end up being ugly at times when he gets mad. Will the district hold that against him? I still tend to think that Anjay will get voted out. Interesting that as the season moves on that the older kids are starting to head toward the council. Blaine and Greg are two of the oldest kids in town and they could be on the council. The last election episode was a fun hour of TV and I fully expect this to be more of the same. See how it plays out on Wednesday night on CBS.

To follow up on last week's news of the new Bring It On movie, I received news of a couple of new exclusive clips of the movie that are available. Head over to these links to check them out.

Allison Mack of Smallville is doing video blogs on her website. Her video blogs consist of her answering fan questions. This is such a great idea for her to do for the fans. If you want to check it out, head over to

James Marsters doesn't seem to having a problem in finding roles. He is reportedly set to star in the new Dragonball movie that will be released next year.

A couple of notes for the Buffy fans. If you've missed the beginning of the new season eight comics, the new novel: The Long Way Home is now available to buy. The book contains the first five issues contained in one book. Issue eight is also now available as well. I have really liked these new Buffy comics and highly recommend them if you're a fan of the show.

I have seen so many DVD commercials in the last couple of weeks of a lot of the summer movies making their way on to the shelves. Hopefully, I can get back to reviewing some movies here in the near future. There were a ton of summer movies that I never got the chance to see.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 20th.
The Batman (Season Four), C.S.I. (Season Seven), Chappelle's Show (Full Series), Charles In Charge (Season Two), The Doris Day Show (Season Five), Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (Season Two), Ice Road Truckers (Season One), Mission Impossible (Season Three), Teen Titans (Season Four), The Wild, Wild West (Season Three).

TV Line Of The Week:
From The Hills
"I want to forgive you and forget you." - what Lauren had to say to Heidi on patching up their differences. Ouch.

You Tube Video Of The Week:
A clip to set you up for the continuation of the How I Met Your Mother slap bet.

Wishing all of you a great week!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

November 8, 2007 - Strike Updates, Veronica Mars, Heroes

Another week. Another Wrap Up. Hope all of you are doing great!!

As I'm sure you've heard by now, the writers strike is on. Last minute discussions over the weekend didn't see an agreement made and the strike is going on. I'm obviously bummed that an agreement couldn't be reached and the effects of it are already beginning to show. Late night TV is shut down with Leno, Letterman, Conan, The Daily Show, SNL, and more going to reruns. Soap operas will be effected later down the line. Several prime time shows have already shut down production as they have no more scripts. Some shows have more episodes done than others. Several shows that have not yet received full season orders have all of their ordered episodes produced. My hope is obviously with what everyone else is hoping and that is that this can be settled soon to get back to business as usual.

Continuing with the strike news. Here is a bunch of various news on different shows with what they are doing and how it will effect their TV season. Smallville is said to be good for 15 episodes and the 15th episode happens to end on a good cliffhanger note if that ended up being the season finale. Fox has postponed the new season of 24 indefinitely that was set to premiere in January. Fox is also putting Prison Break on hiatus in the next week instead of the original plan of doing it in December. New episodes will return on January 14th in a move where they are obviously trying to stretch some of these episodes out in the future. The Office has shut down production after reportedly Steve Carell and other cast members would not cross the picket line. The Office has produced a video on the strike which you can see at this link:
Other shows that have shut down production are The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, New Adventures of Old Christine, Back To You, and 'Til Death. Several shows were finishing up this week including How I Met Your Mother, My Name Is Earl, and Scrubs. How I Met Your Mother is said to have eleven episodes ready to go for the season so far. Several of the cast was said to be out on the picket lines in support of their writers and Alyson Hannigan was giving out left over Halloween candy. ABC appears to be moving forward with the new season of Lost even if it isn't a finished season. Reports have them as having eight of sixteen episodes set to go. For info on other shows, head over to this link which is an excellent reference from the LA Times.,0,7606966.htmlstory?coll=la-home-center

The writers strike could see a show returning earlier than normal. I'm talking about Big Brother 9. There is talk that if the strike continues on that CBS could start up Big Brother in February instead of July as it normally does. There are a ton of reports on this with some saying that it is a done deal that Big Brother will be back soon. Hmm, I'm not sure what to make of this. I kind of like it being a summer tradition but I understand why they may do it. On the bright side, being glued to the live feeds during cold weather instead of warm weather does have a nice ring to it!! It's Big Brother so I'm in for whenever they decide to bring it back!! There are also RUMORS flying that they could do a celebrity edition. Yikes, I really do not want to see a celebrity edition. I'd much rather see the show as it normally is preferably with strangers living together.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend.
1. American Gangster - $43.5 million. 2. Bee Movie - $38 million. 3. Saw IV - $10.3 million. 4. Dan In Real Life - $7.8 million. 5. The Game Plan - $3.9 million. 6. 30 Days Of Night - $3.7 million. 7. Martian Child - $3.3 million. 8. Michael Clayton - $2.7 million. 9. Why Did I Get Married? - $2.6 million. 10. Gone Baby Gone - $2.2 million.

What a finish to Heroes this week!! Here I was thinking that the whole Hiro storyline was just kind of a side story of building up Hiro on what he would become capable of doing. Then, we learn that Kensei is Adam Monroe!! I let out a big cheer on that reveal cause I love being blindsided with a good storyline twist. This episode started giving some answers but also gave us more questions. One thing that I really like is that I can't figure out who is on the good side. Is it the company or is it Bennet? It seems that the line between good and evil is completely blurry right now. We saw the future of the world as the virus had spread when Peter teleported into the near future. Will he go back to current day and change things? How does Adam fit into this equation? I'm excited to see how this all turns out.

The newest TV Guide has four separate collectible Heroes covers. They have an animated look to them. If you want to check them out, head over to this link:

Kristen Bell has yet another role as she is apparently going to be one of the main characters in a new video game called Assassin's Creed.

I watched something this week that put a big smile on my face when I started watching it but then put a big frown on my face when it was over. I finally saw the produced pitch to The CW for season four of Veronica Mars. I had a big smile cause obviously I was so happy to have something new of Veronica Mars to watch. My frown at the end was from the fact that it was really good and that this was the last new stuff of Veronica Mars that we're likely to get unless we get a movie or comic in the future. If you have forgotten, Rob Thomas pitched an idea to The CW to keep Veronica Mars going into a season four where he had taken Veronica out of college jumping her ahead a few years where she is know a part of the FBI. The pitch that was produced ran for about 11 minutes and saw her on the case and getting to know the new people that she is working with. Wow, this was really good and just gets me annoyed all over again that the show was canceled. So, you ask me am I still bitter? Do you have to ask? LOL. I really miss having this show to watch!! If you'd like to check out the season four pitch, pick up season three of Veronica Mars on DVD and it is one of the extras on the set. I'm thrilled that they decided to put this on the DVD and give us fans a chance to see what was pitched to the network.

Since the beginning of the fall season, I've reviewed many new shows but I thought I'd just go ahead and tell which of the new shows that I've stuck with in watching on a weekly basis. I'm still watching The Big Bang Theory, Kid Nation, Chuck, and Journeyman. I've made it no secret that Big Bang Theory is my favorite new show of the season.

Speaking of Big Bang Theory, I really liked the Halo video game night on this week's episode which saw Penny have to sub in on the two on two gaming. Sheldon's problem? The rookie kept destroying him in it. Funny stuff. This show is climbing up my favorite shows list as each week goes by.

If any of you are fans of The Colbert Report and are having withdrawals due to the writers strike, Comedy Central has released a Best Of The Colbert Report DVD this week. You can also head over to this link to download a widget that has been made for the DVD release.

If you're a fan of the Bring It On series of movies, you're in luck as the next movie, Bring It On: In It To Win It, is set to be released on DVD on December 18th. There is also a contest being held in celebration of the release on They are hosting "battles" between members which will eventually lead to a tournament with the winner receiving a DVD set containing all four movies and also $5000 worth of MyYearbook lunch money. For more info on the contest, head on over to this link:
If you want more info on the new movie, head over to:

I was surprised to read this but The Amazing Race kicked off to its highest rated premiere ever getting 13.7 million viewers. I'm curious as to what made the show jump up from the previous edition unless it just premiered at a good time in the year for more people to tune in. I enjoyed the premiere and there are some interesting personalities on this season so we'll see what happens as the season rolls along.

Nashville hosted the CMA Awards last night. I got to watch some of it and liked what I did see of it. Carrie Underwood won Female Vocalist Of The Year for the second year in a row and also won Single Of The Year for "Before He Cheats". Brad Paisley took honors for Male Vocalist Of The Year as this was the first time for him to win that award. He also won the award for Music Video Of The Year for "Online" which is a great video. Sugarland won for Vocal Duo Of The Year. Rascal Flatts won for Vocal Group Of The Year. Taylor Swift won the Horizon Award. George Strait's song "Give It Away" was named the Song Of The Year. Album Of The Year went to George Strait for "It Just Comes Natural".

Fox has announced that the new season of American Idol will begin on Tuesday, January 15th. As usual, the show will have a two night premiere with another episode airing the next night on the 16th.

NBC's Brian Williams was the host on this past weekend's Saturday Night Live. I didn't know he was hosting until the show started and I stayed tuned to see how he would do. He gets a thumbs up from me. The segment of "the day in the life of" was the funniest I thought. I laughed out loud at Matt Lauer's reaction to being hit by a penny from Brian out on the street.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 13th.
The Addams Family (Full Series), Are You Afraid Of The Dark? (Season Four), Captain N and the New Super Mario World (Full Series), Da Vinci's Inquest (Season Two), Ducktales (Volume Three), Gilmore Girls (Season Seven & also Full Series Box Set), The Littles (Full Series), Melrose Place (Season Three), Miami Vice (Full Series), Northern Exposure (Full Series), Perry Mason (Season Two - Volume Two), South Park (Christmas Time In South Park), SpongeBob SquarePants (Atlantis SquarePantis), Tale Spin (Volume Two),

TV Lines Of The Week:

From The Big Bang Theory where Penny is destroying Sheldon in Halo.
Leonard: "Penny, you are on fire".
Penny: "Yeah, so is Sheldon".

From the CMA Awards:
"This is definitely the highlight of my senior year." - 17 year old, Taylor Swift on winning the Horizon Award at this week's CMA Awards.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Biking Tricks

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1, 2007 - Writer's Strike??, Joss & Eliza, Survivor

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Saw IV - $31.7 million. 2. Dan In Real Life - $11.8 million. 3. 30 Days Of Night - $6.8 million. 4. The Game Plan - $6.1 million. 5. Why Did I Get Married? - $5.6 million. 6. Michael Clayton - $4.9 million. 7. Gone Baby Gone - $3.8 million. 8. Nightmare Before Christmas - $3.4 million. 9. We Own The Night - $3.3 million. 10. The Comebacks - $3.3 million.

The big news of the week has revolved around something that has been brewing for some time now. The Writer's Guild Of America has been negotiating with the Alliance Of Motion Picture and Television Producers. WGA appears ready to strike after not being able to come to a new agreement. The contract ended yesterday. The major problem leading to this seems to be the WGA wanting a bigger cut of the money that is being made off of online media such as streaming or downloading shows and also DVD sales. Studios have been rushing trying to get movies into production in anticipation of this strike looming. How will this effect things on TV? Well, most shows likely have scripts for several more episodes but then will run out of them due to the strike. This will definitely hurt shows like 24 which starts at midseason with airing on the schedule so they start shooting episodes later than most others. Late night TV will be shut down pretty much immediately. The networks have been getting prepared in advance of this coming with planning out their schedules. You'll likely see a TON of reality TV. You thought there was a lot of reality TV now? Just wait and see how much there will be if this strike happens and continues for a long time. The last strike happened in 1988 and lasted for five months. It was said that the strike in 1988 cost the TV and movie industry $500 million. Variety is reporting that the strike date could be Monday. This is something that the industry as a whole doesn't need at all. Let's hope that this doesn't happen again and a deal can be worked out!!

So much for that Heroes spinoff that was set to debut in midseason. NBC has apparently canceled what was going to be called Heroes: Origins. The show was going to be on during the Heroes hiatus in the spring and be a six episode spinoff introducing new characters. The reason behind the show not happening is it appears that NBC is getting antsy over the Writers Guild strike and didn't want to commit to it with the strike looming.

Here was a huge surprise of news today for Buffyverse fans. No, it has nothing to do actually with Buffy but we have a reunion pairing going to TV. News came out that Joss Whedon is set to jump back into the TV world to be the head of a new show starring Eliza Dushku. The show called, Dollhouse, has been picked up for seven episodes by Fox. How did this happen? Reports say that Eliza signed a developmental deal with Fox and wanted Joss Whedon to do the show. She invited him to dinner and the two brainstormed on the show coming up with a concept. Eliza was determined to get him involved and she got her wish. The show is about a group of people that are programmed with different personalities to do different tasks. The personality depends on what the task is but then after the task is completed, it is all erased. Eliza will play Echo who will apparently be the one that will start to remember stuff from the past after not having everything completely wiped out and try to figure it all out. Tim Minear, who worked on Angel and Firefly, will be a writer/producer on this show as well. This will be the first series for Whedon since Firefly. This is very exciting and these two have been wanting to pair up together on a project for a long time now. I'm in for watching it!! We'll have to wait and see when it gets put on the schedule and the strike may effect that as well.

Samantha Who? has been picked up for a full season from ABC.

Carrie Underwood's new album, Carnival Ride, debuted at number one on the charts selling 527,000 copies. How does it compare to her first week sales of her first album? Some Hearts sold 315,000 copies in its first week to debut at number two. Definitely a huge jump. With being compared to other American Idol alumni albums first week sales, she only trails Clay Aiken's Measure Of A Man album that sold 613,000 in its first week.

NBC said this week that they are going with the planned schedule with their late night lineup. There has been talk most of this year wondering if NBC might back out and keep Leno around instead of bringing Conan on to The Tonight Show. NBC said that the plan is still to have Leno step aside for Conan in 2009. Leno has said that he is not ready to retire from TV and NBC is working to try to keep him at NBC in another position. I've read that Fox appears to be interested in Leno. This is such a tough deal here with Leno and Conan. Leno is still very successful with The Tonight Show and it's the old theory of if it isn't broke, don't fix it. However, Conan has been waiting to move up for a long time now and has shown a lot of patience. I'm a fan of both of theirs obviously and can see both points of view on it.

On to tonight's Survivor. If you missed the show tonight, you missed one of the most memorable moments in Survivor history. Wow, talk about a harsh way to get voted off of Survivor!! We saw it tonight!! You may remember a couple of weeks ago when Jaime and Peih-Gee threw an immunity challenge so they could vote either James or Aaron out. They then laughed about it too and made it extremely obvious that they threw it. James was furious saying that you should never throw a challenge. Aaron was voted out and James was going to be the next one voted out. James's old tribe found the immunity idol and knew that he was in trouble. On a reward, they gave him the immunity idol that had been found so he could save himself. They also told him where to find it so he could get the other one at his tribe home to give back to them. Last week, the plan was set for James to throw the challenge so his tribe would lose thus having him to be voted out. He would then present the immunity idol and one of the other three would go home. That didn't work out when James and crew still couldn't lose despite James trying to throw it and the other tribe trying hard to win. It was really disappointing to watch last week as I knew it was going to be a great Survivor moment. However, tonight made it all worthwhile in waiting a week!! James was shown getting the second immunity idol. However, the blank space where it was removed was attention grabbing. Jaime pointed out that she wondered if it was an immunity idol that had been removed. It should be noted that the board was on each side so one side was an idol and the other was just a board with the same design. James had taken both down and didn't put the non idol board back up. Jaime sees the board laying on the ground and picks it up. While James is away from camp in the dark, she reaches into his bag and feels two immunity idols. Jaime decides that she must have an idol too. James realizes later that the board that was on the ground was missing which makes him think that someone had a fake immunity idol. That is exactly what happened. The tribes merged and Frosti won the immunity challenge. The plan was set into place as James had told everyone that he thought Jaime had the fake idol. They were all begging for her to present it at tribal council. I was too!! LOL. The voting concludes and Jeff goes to read the votes. Jaime stops it saying that she had found something asking if it was an immunity idol. She presents it to Jeff and Jeff looks at it and says that it isn't. Then, he throws it in the fire. Jaime is then voted out of the game. Unbelievable!!!! What didn't help her cause is a lot of the things that she said leading up to this tribal council to other people and in her interviews. I loved it to be honest. Nothing against her personally obviously cause it's all a game. I wasn't crazy about throwing the challenge a couple of weeks ago and their laughing about it was just kind of rubbing it in. I've never liked someone going through someone else's stuff like she did on tonight's show. My question is if she knew that what she had wasn't an immunity idol, would she have taken one of the idols in James's bag? She said in her goodbye speech that she knew she shouldn't have trusted James. Hello??!! You were throwing challenges to get him voted out. Jaime and her crew were really pushing James hoping that he was still with them. How can he still be with them when they were looking to kick him out? So Jaime is going to end up going down in Survivor history for what happened tonight. Ouch but it was great TV.

I couldn't believe it but, I kid you not, I was hearing Christmas music after midnight last night on one of the music channels. Halloween ends and we go right into Christmas. Unreal.

Is it me or does the special edition DVD thing seem to be getting out of hand? For a while now, there have been movies being released on DVD only to have ANOTHER special edition with a catchy title come out a few months later that contain more extras not on the original release. Several movies have been being released with multiple versions. One version will have just the movie. The second version will have the movie and tons of extras. However, there is often another release down the line of an "Ultimate" edition or something like that which contains more new extras. One complaint I've really had lately is with the TV on DVD stuff. I am all for releasing complete series sets but I just don't like that those are containing extras that aren't seen in the original sets. It just leaves people hanging that have been buying the season sets as they have been released. Then, they get no option of getting the extra stuff unless they buy it all again in the complete series set. I've heard of several people putting their original season sets on Ebay and getting rid of them to get the money to buy the new sets. Several series sets are putting out exclusive boxes to store their sets in. Those are nice obviously but I'm not going to spend money AGAIN on stuff that I already have. When the Friends complete series set was released a while back, Warner Brothers offered the exclusive box up for sale to people that wanted it. It sold out quickly and it was really a nice gesture to the fans that have been buying the sets as they were released. Just give people an option to get the exclusives that they are going to miss out on with these complete sets. How many times can you expect consumers to buy the same stuff over and over? It may end up hurting initial sales on movie DVD's especially as I've been reading more and more about fans not going out and buying DVD's automatically thinking that another "special edition" will be released later down the line.

If you haven't watched the commentaries on any of the Smallville DVD's, I highly recommend checking them out. They are a ton of fun. You learn quite a bit and also laugh quite a bit too.

I don't even watch Dancing With The Stars but I knew this was a shocker when I read it. Sabrina Bryan was voted off this week. I was shocked cause I figured that she'd do very well on the show with her dancing background. I then saw her dance this morning on a TV appearance and she was amazing. What is with her being voted off??!!

The new season of The Amazing Race kicks off this Sunday night on CBS. Keep in mind that the football games tend to run over sometimes (well, actually most of the time) so keep that in mind if you're recording or just watching. The games often run over and push back 60 Minutes and then also The Amazing Race.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 6th.
The Andy Williams Show (Best Of), Beetle Bailey and His Friends (Collection), The Bob Hope Show (Ultimate Collection), The Colbert Report (Best Of), The Cosby Show (Seasons Five & Six), Flight Of The Conchords (Season One), Full House (Season Eight, Full Series Box Set), Gilligan's Island (Full Series), House Of Venus (Season One), The King Of Queens (Full Series), Martin (Season Three), McLeod's Daughters (Season Four), Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (Season Three), Payback (Season Two), Project Runway (Season Three), Seinfeld (Season Nine, Full Series Box Set), Sesame Street (1974-1979), The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson (Collection), Wildfire (Season Two), Wings (Season Five), Wonder Woman (Full Series), X-Files (Full Series).

TV Line Of The Week:
I only watched this for about one minute but cracked up at this line. Sara Evans was on Foxworthy's Big Night Out and she was given a challenge to smell two different things to decide what smelled worse. Both were awful and she actually had to pull away joking that she wasn't acting at the smell. One of the guys responded to her by saying something along the lines of "those aren't suds in a bucket". That is obviously the title of a hit song of hers if you aren't familiar with her music. Pretty funny.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Some computer rage at work. LOL

Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Big Brother Over The Top - Week One Thoughts

I hope many of you have floated over to Big Brother Over The Top like I have.  Tonight, we will be one week into this game and this new plat...