Thursday, August 16, 2012

Big Brother HOH Endurance Competition Spoilers - August 16, 2012

Just a quick update tonight on the happenings of Big Brother.  The HOH endurance challenge is underway with the skating challenge.  There were three things to go for with the top prize of course being HOH.  Viewers voted to put $10,000 into play as a distraction for the competitors to go for.  You could also go for safety for the week.  You basically have to pick which one you want to go for cause if you don't get the prize, you're out of luck on going for something else.  Here are your spoilers so don't read any further if you don't want spoilers.  SPOILER ALERT!!!  This has been a rough competition as it usually is with a lot of falls.  Danielle and Ian are taking a beating with falls.  Ashley is hanging in and either walking really slow or crawling.  The first prize to be won was Britney winning safety for the week. The second was Boogie as he won the $10,000.  Shane has taken the HOH by a wide margin. Competition lasted for around an hour and a half.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big Brother Game Reset & HOH Competition Live Updates - August 2, 2012

We have a brand new game in the Big Brother house after tonight's coaches reset.  America was able to vote on whether to let the coaches get an offer to get back into the game and the vote was yes.  Each coach was allowed to vote on the chance but all it took was one vote for it to happen.  Boogie was the only coach to vote no.  That meant there were three coach votes to get back into the game.  Another twist meant that there was no eviction tonight giving everyone a chance at HOH.  Even outgoing HOH, Shane was allowed to compete.  We have what looks to be a miserable endurance HOH competition tonight.  This will be playing out on the feeds tonight and I will be live updating this post as the competition goes along.  If you do not want to know spoilers of this endurance competition, stop reading this post.

9:10pm.  Live feeds are up and everyone is still in the game.
9:20pm.  Good job Big Brother.  This is hilarious.  Birds just flew overhead and sprayed them.  A couple of minutes later, the whole group got a full spray of foam or something from the front.  They even laughed at it with someone saying, nicely played Big Brother.  LOL.
9:30pm.  Everyone still in it.  Different from recent seasons as usually the first person out is long gone by this point.  Mood is pretty good among all those talking.  Question was just asked to the group on which of the coaches pushed the button.  Janelle is denying that she was one of them that pushed the button.
9:45pm.  Everyone still in this thing.  No one out of it.  I am impressed!  The talk has calmed some now.  Some are really starting to struggle up there.  Won't be surprised to see some start falling off soon.  Complaints of how cold the water is.
10:00pm.  And the birds just returned.  LOL.  This gets intense fast when the water gets going.  Really struggling but impressive that we are an hour into this and NO ONE is out.  Amazing!  Wil is noticeably shaking from the cold water.  Boogie is standing and then sitting down a bunch with his eye patch wear on keeping the water out of his eyes.
10:02pm.  Boogie just bailed out saying "it's been fun guys."  He is the first one out.  One minute later and Jenn jumps off.  So, we've got two people out now.
10:04pm.  Joe is out.
10:15pm.  Lots of stretching and moving going on while the water is off.  Encouragement being yelled from the sidelines from those eliminated.  Only three people eliminated at this point and that is Boogie, Jenn, and Joe.
10:30pm.  Still no changes.  No new eliminations.  This is a powerhouse of a endurance competition.  Best one in many seasons.
10:42pm.  Ashley is out taking a big tumble into the water.  Joe has been talking to Boogie and Jenn about telling secrets so he is already working an angle on the sidelines.
10:45pm.  Dan is out of the competition.  Still in it are Shane, Frank, Wil, Danielle, Britney, Janelle, and Ian.
11:00pm.  We're past the two hour mark.  Nothing has changed.  Still have seven people left in it.  Water has started again.  These houseguests are fighting hard for this HOH.  They're obviously all past the point of exhaustion.
11:07pm.  Frank is out.  He has been struggling for a while and finally fell out.
11:20pm.  Houseguests panicking a bit over what Wil thought might be a wasp but appears to be a moth.  Still have six in this.
11:27pm.  Water is back on again.  Shane is struggling bad.  He is surely going to drop sometime soon. At the two and a half hour mark of this competition.
11:36pm.  Funny moment with Wil and Shane.  Wil was calling out loudly jokingly about working a deal.  LOL.  A few minutes later, Wil and Shane jump off at the same time.  Down to the final four.  Danielle, Britney, Janelle, and Ian.  This has been incredible!
11:40pm.  Janelle is out.  Down to three! Deal making is starting with Britney talking to Ian asking if they are good.  This may wrap up soon when the deal making starts.
11:45pm.  Ian trying to talk to Danielle.  Ian asks if they are good and he'll keep her safe.  Danielle saying she wants to see her family too.  Danielle gives him the same offer of if he drops out.  Here comes a coach motivational speech from Dan to Danielle saying how she has outlasted two Big Brother winners and that she has come too far to make a deal.  Dan says "If you want to win this game, it starts right now.  You don't make a deal.  You set the deal".
11:48pm.  Ian now asking for a motivational speech from Dan and getting one.  Ian, Danielle, and Britney fighting with all they've got.  They're hurting bad!
11:53pm.  Ian accidentally turned and caught his foot on the podium next to him.  He asked if it was a DQ and wanted to make sure of it.  Appears to be no DQ because he is still in it.  We're at the three hour mark!  Ian being told that he is safe.  He says he knows that but he is doing it for his family just like all of them are.
12:00am.  Danielle telling Ian again that he is safe.  He says that he wants to see pictures of his family just like they all do.  Danielle telling Dan that she can't feel her arms.  Britney pretty much said the same thing earlier.  Ian still trying to joke around even as exhausted as he is.  Britney talking to Ian about asking for privacy so they can discuss this situation.
12:05am.  Shane in the storage room talking to some of the other newbies saying his HOH was a waste of time.  Still talk of "am I safe?" from the three but none wanting to jump off cause of wanting to see pics of their families.
12:08am.  Ian asks "I'm safe.  No replacement?  No backdoor?" Danielle and Britney agree saying it over and over that he is safe.  Ian jumps off.  Britney secures her spot from Danielle. Britney jumps off. Danielle is HOH.  Dan runs and pulls Danielle off of the ledge hugging her.  Someone says to Shane give her a kiss for that so Shane comes up and gives her a kiss.  Kudos to Danielle!  I never would have predicted her as the winner.  She fought hard.  Awesome endurance competition.  Over three hours and everyone fought hard.  Can't say enough about the toughness of everyone!  Amazing!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fab Five Wins Gold, Phelps Becomes Most Decorated Olympian Ever - August 1, 2012

1996 was the year that all of us gymnastics fans remember.  The Magnificent Seven won the team gold in Atlanta and won America's hearts.  The team of Dominique Moceanu, Shannon Miller, Kerri Strug, Amy Chow, Amanda Borden, Dominique Dawes, and Jaycie Phelps won gold in dramatic fashion and embarked on a media whirlwind tour afterwards.  Flash forward to the present in 2012.  The Fab Five of Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, Kyla Ross, and McKayla Maroney won the team gold for the United States.  Move over Magnificent Seven, you've got company.  It was a strong performance for the Fab Five.  The only somewhat struggle for them appeared to be on the uneven bars.  The Russian girls had struggles of their own and were having trouble getting to the finish.  This led to the U.S. just having to be solid on floor exercise.  They were more than solid.  They were strong and had the body language of going out and getting this gold medal.  Gabby, Jordyn, and Aly were strong on floor exercise.  Really strong.  How great was it to see Jordyn, who just a couple of nights ago was in tears, going out there and having fun.  She had the support of her teammates and finished strong.  I thought it was fitting that she was the one that got them rolling on vault.  What a confidence lifter.  Speaking of the vault, how about Maroney's?  My goodness.  That was incredible and I'm still not sure where the judges found errors in that thing.  The reaction of 'what error' was unanimous all across the board from the commentators to the gymnasts watching the competition.  The whole floor exercise rotation felt like a crowning of a champion.  Watching this team go out and finish what many expected them to do and that was win gold.  The crowd was behind them and they won America's hearts.  Congrats to the Fab Five on bringing team gold back to the United States.

Not to be outdone yesterday with Olympic news.  Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian ever winning his 19th medal.  The most ever by an Olympian.  15 of those 19 are gold too.  Just incredible what he has been able to do.  He is still not done as he still has more events to go so he could very well add to that total. 

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