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Lost Auction - Day Two Bidding - August 22, 2010

SANTA MONICA, CA - AUGUST 21: An item on display for sale during the 'Lost' Memorabilia Auction at the Barker Hanger, Santa Monica Airport, on August 21, 2010 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
The Lost items went for insane prices yesterday and that was just the first day. Day two promises to bring even more jaw dropping bids for items. Lots of big items going today including the Dharma van and Hurley's Camaro. I won't be able to update this as quickly as yesterday so just check through the day at it if you're interested.

Season Four:
Ben Linus "halliwax" DHARMA parka and costume: $3,500
Jack's personal belongings: $4,000
Photo of Jack & Aaron and toy Millennium Falcon: $1,700
Jack's backpack: $1,200
Court documents in the criminal case against Kate: $1,000
DHARMA branded red wine enjoyed by Sawyer & Hurley: $1,200
Backgammon set used by Sawyer and Locke: $4,000
Locke's knife: $3,500
Death certificate and body release form - Jeremy Bentham: $2,750
Sayid's golf club set: $1,500
Note delivered to Sayid & Desmond on the freighter (don't trust the captain): $1,900
Jin's stuffed panda bear: $1,700
Sun and Jin's wedding rings and photos: $1,900
Ben's messenger bag and keffiyeh from Tunisia: $1,500
Ben's bag containing stacks of currencies and passports: $5,000
Ben's island messenger bag, journals and Polaroid photos: $2,750
Copy of Philip K. Dick's "Valis" given to Ben by Locke: $1,100
Michael's wooden cargo box from freighter: $1,000
Michael's prop suitcase bomb and freighter bomb: $3,250
Satellite phones used by Charlotte and Faraday: $3,000
Faraday's experiment test kit with rockets: $1,400
Faraday's Oxford time machine and rat maze: $2,000
Faraday's folder with scientific notations and briefcase: $3,250
Faraday's map to the Tempest station: $2,250
Miles ghost detector: $900
Tunisian newspaper with Flight 815 cover story: $4,250
Polar bear collar: $4,500
Risk board game played by Locke, Sawyer, and Hurley: $2,500
Blueprint of Jacob's cabin: $7,000
Collection of Apollo candy bars: $2,000
DHARMA map to the Temple: $3,500
Season four production artwork: $5,500
Hurley's Camaro: $20,000
Island Time-shifting spinning wheel: $25,000 (How funny is it that this outsold a car??!!)

Season Five:
Jack's DHARMA suit: $3,750
Kate's DHARMA suit: $2,750
Hurley's DHARMA suit: $2,250
LaFleur DHARMA suit: $6,500
Sayid's DHARMA suit: $2,500
Jin's DHARMA suit: $1,900
Sun's wedding dress: $2,000
Roger Workman DHARMA suit: $2,000
Juliet's Motor Pool DHARMA suit: $4,250
Miles DHARMA suit: $1,700
Jack's U.S. passport and Ajira Airways Flight 316 ticket: $3,250
Kate's U.S. passport and Ajira Airways Flight 316 ticket: $4,250
Kate's backpack and New Kids On The Block lunchbox: $1,200
Photo of Hurley with gun outside the safe house: $1,100
Hurley's notebooks for The Empire Strikes Back rewrite: $4,250
Young Sawyer's letter to the man who killed his parents: $2,250
Dossiers on the Oceanic Six that Widmore gives to Locke: $3,000
Locke's compass: $8,000
Locke's suicide note to Jack: $8,500
Locke's Ajira Airways coffin crate: $3,000
Locke's crutches used during suicide attempt: $1,300
Boar carried by Locke/Man in Black: $1,500
Collection of photos of Ben and Alex: $1,200
Jin's wedding ring: $4,750
Ben's U.S. passport and paperback copy of "Ulysses": $2,500
Ben's secret door/wall with hieroglyphics: $6,000
Nuclear bomb core detonated in season five finale: $4,500
Richard-built ship in a bottle: $4,750
Desmond wedding ring and Penny's watch: $3,250
Faraday's "new" journal as given to him by his mom: $2,750
Daniel Faraday's journal w/extensive handwritten notes: $27,500!!!! (I was waiting to see what that item went for and this is now the highest selling item of the auction!!)
12 cans of DHARMA beer: $4,500
Framed Group Photo of the 1977 DHARMA recruits: $7,000
DHARMA Initiative Swan Station Construction Codes: $1,000
DHARMA Initiative Videocassette: $850
Prop "Jughead" nuclear bomb with bomb core: $2,250
Collection of Ajira Airways branded water bottles: $700
Ajira Airways blankets: $1,000
The Others collection of bows and arrows: $2,500
Materials from the DHARMA Initiative induction: $2,000
Seven photo prints of the 1977 new DHARMA recruits (color and black & white pics): $3,500
Concept design model of Swan Station construction site: $900
Season five production artwork: $6,000
Set design model of Swan statino construction site hole: $600
Set design model of the Jughead chamber: $650
Galaga submarine conning tower and deck: $2,500
Galaga submarine interior door #1: $800
Galaga submarine interior door #2: $700
Monitor console from the Barrack's security office: $550
Hatch door to the Lamp Post station: $1,700
Secret door to the Temple: $1,800
Hieroglyph wall section from tunnels beneath the island: $1,500
Firepit from Jacob's chamber inside statue of Taweret: $1,200
Jacob's primary tapestry: $8,500
Fragment of Jacob's tapestry: $6,500
Jacob's tapestry: $3,750
Jacob's tapestry: $2,000
DHARMA Van: $47,500!! (Now the highest selling auction item. Been waiting all weekend to see what that would go for.)
DHARMA Jeep: $20,000
DHARMA Bicycles, tricycles, and metal bike rack: $1,700

Season Six:
Jack's death costume from the series finale, "The End": $2,750
Jack's suit from the series finale, "The End": $2,250
Jack's bloody death costume from the series finale, "The End": $10,000
Kate's costume from the series finale, "The End": $3,000
Hurley's costume from the series finale, "The End" (dressy - purple with jeans): $900
Hurley's costume from the series finale, "The End" (tan with jeans): $900
Sawyer's costume from the series finale, "The End" (blue shirt with dirty jeans): $1,600
Sawyer's costume from the series finale, "The End" (dressy - jacket, shirt, jeans): $1,600
Locke/Man In Black Season Six island costume: $1,900
Locke/Man In Black death costume from series finale, "The End": $1,700
Locke's costume from the series finale, "The End": $1,300
The Man In Black's dagger: $6,000
Locke's distressed wheelchair: $900
Claire's squirrel baby: $2,750
Senet game played by young Jacob and Man In Black: $7,000
Steel cup that was used to hand power from Jacob to Jack: $7,500
Jack's watch: $8,500
Season six production artwork: $15,000
Four toed statue: $4,750
Candidate Cave: $650
Dial mechanism and mirror array from the signal room of the lighthouse: $27,500
The script for the finale signed by Lindelof and Carlton: $7,500

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