Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - October 30, 2008 - Happy Halloween!!!, Smallville, Survivor, DVR Makes Its Effect, Ex List, & More

Happy Halloween everyone!!! I want to wish you a fun but most importantly, a safe one!!

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. High School Musical 3 - $42 million. 2. Saw V - $30 million. 3. Max Payne - $7.7 million. 4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $6.8 million. 5. Pride and Glory - $6.2 million. 6. The Secret Life Of Bees - $6 million. 7. W. - $5.08 million. 8. Eagle Eye - $5.05 million. 9. Body Of Lies - $4 million. 10. Quarantine - $2.5 million.

A very successful weekend at the box office with the top two bringing in all sorts of different demographics. High School Musical 3 opened with $42 million making it the highest box office ever for a musical movie topping Mamma Mia. Saw V opened up at number two with $30 million. Putting those together make for a nice box office weekend. High School Musical has also done very well overseas as well. In Germany, the movie opened to the biggest box office since The Dark Knight.

Great episode of Smallville tonight!!! I loved it!!! Lots of happenings on the episode. The episode started with Jimmy and Lois getting attacked on the street. Lois asked for Jimmy to get a picture of the guy’s face after Lois was already holding her own with the attacker. Lois ended up being sent into the front of a speeding vehicle when Clark flew in like a speeding bullet. Jimmy got the accidental picture of the good Samaritan that Jimmy has been on the trail of. The picture was a streak of red and blue. This got Jimmy hot on the trail to figure out who this mysterious figure was but also got Tess to let Clark be the one to write the story with the picture. Clark went to Chloe saying that she needed to talk Jimmy into not running the picture. Chloe told Clark that the picture running sounded good to her because it would give people hope that there was a mysterious hero out there. She was shocked to later learn that Jimmy was closer on things than she thought. Jimmy showed up at Clark’s house just as Clark was looking to hide his red and blue clothes. Jimmy had tracked more clues. He found that more mysterious happenings had been going on tracking it to Smallville saying it started when Clark and Chloe were in 9th grade. He then tracked the happenings to Metropolis as starting after they had graduated. While Clark tried to deflect the coincidences, Jimmy turned to see a picture of Clark and his family while he was wearing red and blue. Jimmy put it all together with all the odd happenings with Clark and how secretive him and Chloe were and realizing that she must know about Clark’s secret too. Clark was able to get to Chloe before Jimmy telling her how Jimmy had figured it all out. That just made things worse when Jimmy got there and was in shock that Clark had beat him there when Clark was doing chores when he left while Jimmy was speeding to get there. Clark denied it and Chloe lied about it. Jimmy promised to prove it. Clark called on Oliver to help him out but Oliver has been spiraling downhill since learning the truth about his parents murder. The plan was set up for Oliver and Clark to do a role reversal of how they protected Oliver’s secret a while back. Things go bad when Clark has to go and save Lois from a “memory taker” guy that was sent by Tess to find out if Lois had the crystal. Clark saved the day for Lois and then Jimmy was attacked again. Oliver made the save in a red and blue cape to throw Jimmy off the track with Clark being there at the same time. This wasn’t part of the plan however so Clark wasn’t there in time. Clark appeared too late and Jimmy was convinced that it was Clark who made the save. Clark points upward and there is Oliver standing atop the building in the cape. Jimmy apologizes and the story still runs. It was nice to see Clark soak in the feeling of being a hero seeing people’s reactions to the story. Clark talked to Oliver again as Oliver discussed going to a summit meeting with The Justice League. Oliver is back on track again and was surprised that Clark actually let the story run even though he wasn’t able to be seen in the picture. Clark then spoke of what Chloe had said to him and that was him feeling like the world needed to have that hope of a hero out there. The real stunner came at the end with Chloe confronting the guy who was after Lois. His name wasn’t what he had said and Chloe knew the truth about his identity cause she had been in Black Creek with him. She ended up doing something that looked like she downloaded his information and then left him apparently for dead. WOW!!! I was in awe watching her walk down the hallway. Are they turning sweet Chloe into a killer??!! I was wrong with my prediction on how the episode turned out. I thought it was an amazing coincidence that there was a memory taker on an episode that involved Jimmy hot on the trail of learning about Clark. I thought for sure that his memory would be wiped of it somehow. Instead, they just tricked him. I loved the dialogue of Clark and Oliver talking about the cape. This was a great episode and had me glued to it throughout. Where in the world are they going from here with this season? Next week looks like big happenings too.

Well, Heroes won me over immediately on Monday night with that episode. Two words: Kristen Bell. I loved the interaction between Elle and Claire. The two of them on the airplane trying to settle Elle down was great stuff. Just when we think we have Sylar all figured out, we now have to second guess!! Is Peter right that Sylar was protecting him by letting him survive the throw out of the window? How bizarre does that statement sound? LOL. Is Sylar really teamed up with Arthur or is it a ploy to help Angela?

We got a big dose of Sugar tonight on Survivor as she was in a prime position. Fang continued their frustration over losing as Matty did a lot of venting. Things got worse for him venting when Crystal accidentally spilled the rice over and they are already low on food. Kota continued their winning streak as they won the reward challenge continuing to frustrate Fang. Who was sent to exile island as a result? Well, you will never guess once again. Sugar goes for the fifth time in a row. Just incredible. While her tribe struggles for food, Sugar gets to kick back, relax, and eat. Sugar talked about how her and Ace are likely using each other to get further in the game as she wasn’t sure if she could trust him or not. The immunity challenge takes place with the announcement that both tribes would be voting someone out at tribal council. The immunity challenge would be for individual immunity with another twist being named after the challenge. The immunity challenge is a log rolling challenge. The advantage seems to be to Bob who was a former log rolling champion. He won his first matchup but then lost to Sugar. The finals had three people in it including Sugar, Ace, and Marcus. Really good battle between the three of them. Sugar falls first and then Marcus is able to defeat Ace. The twist is announced that the immunity winner must give immunity to a person on the other tribe as well. Who gets immunity? That would be Sugar. Not a bad challenge at all for her. She takes out the log rolling champion, makes it to the finals, and then gets immunity given to her as well. The talk turns to voting out Crystal but Ken starts to work Sugar about getting rid of Ace telling her a story of what Ace had been saying and planning. Ace goes to Sugar later asking for her to give him the hidden immunity idol so he would have protection at tribal council. She wouldn’t give it to him though. I wouldn’t either. Ace made the comment of that he would give it back after tribal council. Not if you use it??!! Good for Sugar on keeping it. Ace ends up getting voted out and he said “thanks Sugar” on his way out. Big play made in the game getting Ace out of there. For Kota, the talk was between Susie and Dan with who to vote out. Kota was concerned that Dan might have the immunity idol due to him having a short time on exile island. However, it was Dan that was voted out. Very fun episode tonight and Sugar was very key in all of it.

TV Guide is reporting on something that has been rumored about for a few weeks now. It sounds like it is happening. TV Guide is confirming that Melrose Place will be brought back on The CW much the same way of the 90210 revival. So, the obvious question is whether The CW is just now going to be the remake network? I love the new 90210 but I just wonder if this retro remake stuff is going to get old among viewers. I was a big Melrose Place fan back in the day so I'm curious to see how this all plays out. Here is the link which includes more of the story.

Let’s move into this week’s 90210. I really missed having this show to watch the last couple of weeks due to repeats. Fun Homecoming episode that had Adrianna going into rehab, Annie getting closer to Naomi, Annie getting even closer to Ethan, Adrianna trying to patch things up with Naomi, and a nice little story involving Silver and Dixon’s romance. The reveal of Kimberly being a cop to Ryan was very funny. I just knew that the two of them would end up being interested in one another. It was definitely obvious.

The DVR ratings have been released from the first week of the TV season. 90210 did the best percentage number of any show as far as having the highest percentage of DVR viewers. 29.8% of the total viewers for 90210 were DVR viewers. 90210 saw a 43% jump adding 1.1 million DVR viewers to the original 2.5 million viewers that tuned in live. That is a very significant jump. Some other shows had DVR increases as well including Grey’s Anatomy (4.3 million), Heroes (3.2 million), The Office (3.1 million), Bones (2.1 million), Smallville (1 million), Fringe (3 million), House (3.8 million), Prison Break (1.4 million), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (1.4 million), ER (1.7 million), Boston Legal (1.8 million), Supernatural (0.7 million). I’m glad that DVR numbers are getting counted now cause there is a bunch of TV viewers that are finding others ways to watch their shows whether it is DVR’s or by steaming video online.

Olympics flashback. That is what I was having this week when I watched The Tour Of Gymnastics Superstars on My Network. I actually missed this the first time that it aired which annoyed me greatly and I was happy that they aired it again. If you are unfamiliar with the Tour shows, it is completely exhibition and it’s all about performance. The lights go down and the music goes up. The tour shows are always fun to see the gymnasts just get to relax and have fun. Some changes to this year’s tour with the addition of several singers so it’s a mix of gymnastics and a concert. It definitely had a different feel than any of the other Gymnastics Tour shows that I’ve seen. Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin are the featured gymnasts obviously with their success in Beijing. Others on the show included many of the men’s team including the Hamm’s and many of the women’s 2008 team from Beijing. It was fun to see Shannon Miller and Blaine Wilson back on the tour. Seeing Shannon interviewing Shawn was cool with them being the only two American women to win gold on the balance beam. I attended the Tour Of World Gymnastics Champions back in 1997 which featured Atlanta’s Magnificent Seven and it is still one of the most fun things that I’ve ever been to. If you’re a gymnastics fan, you really should think about going to see these tours when they’re going on. They are a lot of fun. Fun just like this TV special was.

CBS has already pulled their new show, The Ex List, off of their schedule. It hasn't been cancelled but getting pulled from the schedule is never good news. The show is going to have 11 episodes complete but it is unclear if the rest of the unaired episodes will air. Like I said, it's never good news when you're pulled from the schedule. The Ex List was a show that had a plot that I liked which consisted of a woman going to a psychic to find out about her love life and whether she would meet the perfect guy to marry. The psychic told her that she had already dated him. The plot of the show has her going and meeting up with guys from her past trying to see which one was the one that she let get away. I liked the concept of it but never did catch an episode to see how it was.

Moving on to this past Sunday’s episode of The Amazing Race. Not much drama on who would be eliminated as Ty and Aja were never able to make up their deficit from the beginning. They put up a fight trying to come back though. Terence and Sarah ran into trouble when Terence was pulled over by the police for speeding at the beginning of the episode. The result of getting pulled over is a 30 minute penalty which they will have to take in the next episode. I’m not sure why they didn’t get the penalty in this episode. Terence and Sarah had a whirlwind of a time anyway. They were in first place and then had their boat break down not far from where they needed to get to. They watched helplessly while Terence paddled it to shore. First place went to Nick and Starr for this leg of the race. Not bad at all considering how Starr was injured in the last episode. She was a little banged up but is fine. Second place went to Toni and Dallas, third to Terence and Sarah, fourth to Ken and Tina, fifth to Kelly and Christy, and sixth to Andrew and Dan.

Reed Timmer and his crew have been a great addition to Storm Chasers. I am having so much fun watching them in action. Here is a video on their website that If found of them storm chasing. Just incredible footage.

Dominic Monaghan is set to guest star on an episode of Chuck on February 2.. He of course played Charlie on Lost. On Chuck, he will play a British rocker. Executive producer Josh Schwartz has said that they have discussed maybe throwing in a Drive Shaft line as a joke. The episode will also have part of it featured in 3-D.

Did I really hear Stan Bush’s “The Touch” played on this week’s Chuck? Oh my gosh, I loved that. That was the theme song for Transformers The Movie back in the 80’s. I could not believe that I was hearing that on TV in 2008. Loved it!!! Fun episode too with the whole storyline of Jeff and the Missile Command video game.

Is this really the 19th Treehouse of Horrors special for The Simpsons? Wow, that is amazing. It airs on Sunday night, November 2, at 7pm central time. There are reports this week that The Simpsons may be getting another renewal here soon which would extend its incredible run.

When I saw the promo for the CMT Crossroads special for a pairing of Def Leppard and Taylor Swift, my first thought was hmm, interesting pairing of singers. I saw a full video of them performing Def Leppard’s “Photograph” together. Halfway through the song, I was thinking, ok, this is going to work. I really liked it. The show premieres on Friday, November 7th at 8pm central time on CMT and I’ve already got it set to record. For more info on the show, head over to:

The Live with Regis and Kelly Halloween show airs tomorrow. Check your local listings on times. They always do an incredible job with their Halloween show and usually dress up in multiple costumes throughout the show. It should be a lot of fun!!

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 2nd. Fraggle Rock (Full Series), JAG (Season Seven), Project Runway (Season Four), Reaper (Season One), Spin City (Season One).

TV Line Of The Week: From Smallville. Lois answers a question on whether she’s ever had her palm read.
“I don’t do too well with fortune tellers. The last one I went to see told me that I was destined to fall for a guy who flies a lot and likes to wear tights. So, I’m just waiting for my cross dressing pilot to make his landing”

You Tube Video Of The Week: Barney To The Future

Once again, everyone have a great and safe Halloween. Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - October 23, 2008 - How I Met Your Mother, Storm Chasers Premiere, Chuck, SNL Ratings, Smallville, Heroes, Survivor, & More

All I can say is thank goodness after watching this week’s How I Met Your Mother. I went around online after this episode and found that I wasn’t the only viewer that had the Stella character getting on their nerves. I’ve found her very annoying for the most part so I’m thrilled that the wedding didn’t take place. I found myself wanting to participate in the intervention from last week to talk Ted out of marrying her. Ha ha. The episode had the wedding getting moved up due to Stella’s sister not getting married. Ted and Stella decided to take all the reservations and move their wedding up. The episode focused on one idea, don’t invite your ex’s to your wedding. Stella was annoyed that Ted had invited Robin to the wedding. Robin ended up at the wedding cause she didn’t want to say no to the invitation but felt completely awkward being there. Stella was disappointed that her daughter wouldn’t make it to the wedding cause Stella’s ex and the daughter’s father wouldn’t allow it. Basically, Ted couldn’t take the invite back from Robin and decided to try his best to get the daughter to the wedding which would hopefully lead to Stella being ok with Robin being there. Stella’s ex ended up going to the wedding with the daughter so now both ex’s showed up. It ended up being the demise of the relationship. Stella and her ex appeared to have gotten back together and a note was given to Ted signifying it. I realized in this episode just how much that I like Ted and Robin together. There is just a cool connection between those characters. However, Barney’s feelings toward Robin continue to be very real. Again, the whole point of this episode for me was thank goodness that Stella is not the mother!!!!

Speaking of How I Met Your Mother, the question now turns to whether to write Alyson Hannigan’s pregnancy into the show. I’ve seen that poll put up on many websites after the news was released this week. I say, yeah, go for it. Why not? The show has been on for four seasons now. Marshall and Lily preparing for a baby in their lives would be a lot of fun. You could also play the rest of the group off of that too.

Lots of deal making going on with Survivor and by the previews for next week, we haven’t seen anything yet. The show opened with a deal being made between Ace and Matty to make sure to get each other to the merge. There were extra negotiations though as Ace wanted Sugar to be safe while Matty wanted Ken safe. What kind of promises were made? Ace promised on his mother’s life while Matty promised on his girlfriend. Why do people always have to go to such extremes to prove that they are being loyal? Ace talked to Sugar saying that he thought the tribe knew that she had the immunity idol feeling that they had went through her stuff. She volunteered to give Ace the idol to keep it safe which he accepted. The reward challenge was won easily by Kota which gave them a reward of food and also the ability to send one of Feng to exile island. Hmm, any guess on who they sent? Could it be Sugar? Like she said, the island might as well be named after her cause she went back to exile island tonight. She shed some tears over feeling guilty for being able to eat all of that great food while her tribe barely has any food. The immunity challenge was a back and forth struggle. Kelly and Sugar got off to a nice lead but then slowed down on their return for Feng. Feng continued to trail until Matty and Ken made an incredible run coming from behind and eventually taking the lead. However, Kota’s teamwork prevailed giving them the win after Ace basically took over the end of the challenge for Feng. Kota wins immunity again. Crystal’s tears become a topic for discussion at Feng. Kelly and Ace discuss it comparing her to GC wondering if she was breaking down. Crystal followed them out to let them know that it wasn’t a sign of weakness. Ace targeted Kelly to have voted out. Crystal was ready to target either Ace or Sugar. Ken tried to work on Matty to get him to turn on Ace but Matty said there was no way he was turning on their deal. Ken eventually went to talk to Sugar about the vote. She confided to him that she had given the idol to Ace which Ken told her that she needed to get it back. Sugar did get the idol back and told Ace that she had done it which was fine with him of course. Tribal council got heated between Crystal and Kelly when the topic turned to whether Crystal’s crying was her showing weakness or not. Kelly then mentioned Ace saying the same thing about Crystal which made Ace mad telling Kelly to not throw him under the bus. Kelly then went on the attack against Ace. Kelly was voted out but Crystal did get several votes as well. The only real drama at Kota on tonight’s episode involved Dan eating more food than everyone else when they were trying to save food. I loved the interview with Ace where the elephant suddenly roamed through in the background. He stopped what he was saying to check it out. Really incredible.

Heroes this week saw the return of someone that we thought was gone. We of course got the reveal of Arthur Petrelli last week but this week saw him up and moving. Yeah, and he’s a little more powerful. Just a little. He pulled on Peter’s emotions and then took all of his powers away. The other drama in the episode involved Claire going to save her mom. The guy that her under control had to be the creepiest villain ever on Heroes. Just a creepy, creepy power and creepy guy. I loved the stuff with Parkman and Daphne. Funny stuff with her meeting Parkman as some random guy that knows her information while carrying a turtle. Speaking of funny, LOVED the stuff with Hiro and Ando meeting the guy who could paint the future. Hiro kept trying to time travel to sneak up on him. Hiro continued to get nailed with a shovel in the head. The best and hilarious part of the whole thing was Hiro going one minute back in time to sneak up on him only to get hit with the shovel. He then lays on the ground looking up just in time to see his past self getting hit with the shovel again as well. That was a great scene!!! I laughed hard at that. I was stunned that they killed off Adam Monroe. I thought for sure that he would be a major player in this whole story but I guess not. So, what happens with Peter and his dad now? The previews tease that we’ll get answers on Monday night.

This past weekend’s Amazing Race had Brooke and Marisa eliminated from the race. The two of them got far behind and just couldn’t make up the time that they lost. First place went to Ken and Tina after winning the fast forward. In second place was Sarah and Terence followed by Kelly and Christy in third. Starr took a tough fall out of her cart where she injured her arm. They did not say how bad it was but it hurt enough to put her in tears over it. Her and Nick were still able to finish fifth.

I listened to a radio interview with Jason Priestley earlier in the week where he discussed 90210. He sounds very excited to be working on the show. Again, he will be directing an episode of the show. He said that as of now it will just be one episode which will happen in January when everyone is back to work after the holidays. He added that he didn’t know if Jennie or Shannen would be in the episode that he was directing as he didn’t know the details as of yet. When asked what it would take to get him on screen, he sure sounded open to the idea. He definitely didn’t shoot it down. Another question asked was just what was the problem that Luke Perry had with the new 90210? Jason laughed about the question and they discussed how Luke just had no interest in doing it. He definitely understood why Luke might not want to do it talking about how different TV is now. It was a really fun interview and it sounded like Jason had a fun time doing it as he laughed quite a bit. Here is the link if you want to check it out over at the Billy Bush show website. Just search for Jason Priestley on October 20, 2008:

Speaking of 90210, the show returns with new episodes this Tuesday on The CW.

Smallville had the start of Doomsday emerging tonight. The episode definitely had a limited cast as far as the main cast. The show did a good job of showing that something major is going on with Davis and he isn’t sure what is happening either. The Martian returned to help out but warned Clark that Clark trying to help everyone in trouble was causing him to get careless in protecting his identity. Jimmy is hot on the trail of wanting to get the story of this secret hero who keeps saving people. The preview for next week teased that he just may get that picture of who the person is. Hmm, did I see a cape at the end of that preview?

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Max Payne - $17.6 million. 2. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $11.4 million. 3. The Secret Life Of Bees - $10.52 million. 4. W - $10.50 million. 5. Eagle Eye - $7 million. 6. Body Of Lies - $6.8 million. 7. Quarantine - $6 million. 8. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist - $3.6 million. 9. Sex Drive - $3.6 million. 10. Nights In Rodanthe - $2.6 million.

I am loving season two of Chuck even more than season one. Chuck continues to rise on my favorite shows list. The comedy has been really funny and the storylines have been fun. This week had Chuck getting information that he wanted to know. What is Sarah’s past and what is even her real name? The way it played out was hilarious with Sarah running into a former high school classmate who kept spilling information and causing Sarah to have a meltdown while Chuck was loving it. By the end of the episode, her identity was even more all over the place when we got the reveal of how she got to the point of becoming her new identity, Sarah. It was funny seeing her get her payback at the high school reunion for what she had been through socially in high school. The vision of her walking into the room getting named the ten year reunion queen after winning her brawl with the former high school cheerleader turned spy was a cool one. Nice to see a surprise guest star in this episode as I thought Ben Savage was very funny. I’m loving this show more and more every week.

Saturday Night Live had its highest ratings in 14 years on Saturday night with Sarah Palin’s guest appearance drawing around 14 million viewers. The last SNL that did those kind of ratings was the March 1994 episode that featured Nancy Kerrigan as the host following her Olympic attack.

If you’re a 30 Rock fan and can’t wait another week for the season premiere, you can go over to Hulu to check out the first episode before it airs on TV. Here is the link:

Knight Rider was picked up for a full season by NBC. I’ve actually quit watching the show. I watched the first couple of episodes but just can’t get into it enough to follow it every week.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has also been picked up for a full season by Fox. The show has lost some viewers since last season but is doing well enough to earn a full season. Glad to hear that cause I have several friends that really enjoy the show.

I just read about this but there are a lot of Simpsons fans complaining over the season eleven DVD box set of the show. The problem? The packaging. I looked at the pictures of the box set and the problem revolves around that the discs are positioned inside of cardboard. Most discs are set up in box sets where you can pull them out of a plastic holder pulling on the discs with multiple fingers which should avoid scratches. With this set, you have to actually reach inside a pocket kind of deal in the cardboard to pull out each disc. It is pretty much impossible to not get fingerprints on the discs or to scratch the discs with pulling them out. I actually have a CD set that has a similar kind of packaging where the discs sit inside the cardboard. I’ve been very careful with it over the years due to this same kind of issue hoping to keep as many scratches off of them as possible. I can definitely understand why fans of The Simpsons are having issues with this box set.

If you’ve somehow been living under a rock and avoided the monster promotion, High School Musical 3 hits theatres this week. I am big time curious to see what kind of box office numbers that this movie does. HSM2 set all kinds of TV records upon its premiere and I’m very interested to see what kind of money that HSM3 brings in at the box office. It is going to be big for sure.

The second season premiere of Storm Chasers aired this past Sunday night on Discovery and I loved it. I thought it was even better than last season and the TIV didn’t even make it out into action yet. Sean Casey’s new TIV-2 is very impressive even with it being hard to top how impressive the original TIV was. That is just an incredible vehicle and I’m looking forward to seeing it get in the mix of the chasing. I am happy to see the regular crew back in action and enjoyed the addition of the TVN crew of Reed Timmer definitely has a “go for it” kind of attitude which I jokingly compared to a loose cannon kind of style. Ha ha. He definitely works hard trying to get the best shots that he can get of storms. Their crew getting stuck in the hail storm was the most impressive hail storm footage that I’d ever seen. They were getting pounded with it as they laughed about having to replace a windshield. Reed and his crew are going to be fun to watch this season. The storm footage on this show overall is just incredible.

The Hills spinoff involving Whitney, named The City, has a trailer now available to view. I’ll be interested to see how it does. I’ve always found Whitney extremely likable and hopefully her show will do well. The show premieres in December. Here is a link to check out the trailer.

If you’re a fan of Dexter, you’re in luck. It looks like Showtime has picked up the show for another couple of seasons.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 28th. The 4400 (Full Series), The Donna Reed Show (Season One), The Flintstones (Full Series), Girlfriends (Season Five), Good Times (Full Series), The Little Rascals (Full Series), Millenium (Full Series), NewsRadio (Full Series), Sanford and Son (Full Series), Sister Sister (Season One).

TV Line Of The Week: From Heroes. Parkman arriving at the airport talking to his spiritual advisor, his turtle, hoping to find Daphne.
“Ok, turtle you got me home. Now, I just need to find Daphne, save her life, and get her to fall in love with me. You just give me a sign. I can’t believe I’m talking to a turtle."
(Sees Daphne)
“High five turtle”.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Kelly Ripa does gymnastics with Shawn Johnson. Fun clip.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - October 16, 2008 - Survivor, Amazing Race, Smallville, How I Met Your Mother, Little People Big World, & More

Tonight, Smallville brought out a lot of the romance with one couple and led to some possibilities of another one. This was another episode where I wasn’t sure about it going in based on the previews but I ended up loving it. The episode opened with an engagement party of sorts for Chloe and Jimmy. Lois, who is the maid of honor in the wedding, gave a speech about how her and Chloe talked at ten years old about finding their soul mates but then didn’t exactly give Jimmy the praise of being that guy for Chloe. It should be pointed out that Lois had some alcohol in her so her thinking wasn’t the best. Clark took over and gave a great speech about her finding the love of her life and relationships falling apart lately had left her bitter. Chloe and Jimmy’s night would go bad and set up the rest of the episode. They were kidnapped and taken captive by a masked man ready to figure out if they were a match for each other. It was a very shocking kind of game meant to bring out any lies that you might be hiding from the other. The rules were simple. Tell the truth. If you don’t, every lie you tell gets the other person some electricity going through them. Jimmy lied when asked if he had ever cheated on Chloe which played back into last week’s episode. Chloe already knew of what happened so it wasn’t anything. Then, we got a good question asked when Chloe was asked if Jimmy was the only man that she was in love with. She answered yes and it was the truth. I thought that was a big moment in the Chloe/Clark relationship. They end up being let go since their love was true. The other half of the story has Clark and Lois searching for them. Lois gets the idea of pretending to be married as they figured out that this person is capturing recently engaged couples. That will lead them to the person that is doing this. Twists and turns end up with the two of them locked up into this love match game as well. Lois revealed to the guy that they weren’t really a couple but she was asked a question that opens up a lot of opportunities. Do you deep down love this man? Lois had a long pause and then said yes. No shock meaning that she was telling the truth. Talk about a moment there. Clark is asked the same question but breaks free before having to answer. Lois later used the excuse saying that she had slipped off the sensor when she answered it and Clark mentioned how amazed he was that she was such a good liar that she faked out the machine. I love how they are playing the feelings up between the two of them. Other thoughts on the show. Wow, did Lois ever look the most vulnerable that you’ve ever seen her after she revealed her love for Clark!! How funny was the huge grin on Oliver’s face when he saw Clark and Lois in the ring shop? I laughed at that for sure. So, Jimmy has been hiding his family’s past from Chloe cause he felt he wouldn’t fit in. Lois waking up from her hangover in the Kent house was funny stuff. Not sure what to make of the history between Tess and Oliver. Next week teases the bad that will be Doomsday.

I loved this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was really what the show has always been. The group going through life changes and adding in the Barney silliness of what he is up to. Moving out of the apartment and the group going on to the next portion of their lives was the subject of the show. I think that is when the show is at its best with dealing with stuff that everyone deals with. Robin got the job in Japan as a news anchor. Marshall and Lilly are off to their new house. Ted is about to get married and move to New Jersey with his soon to be wife. The episode had them reminiscing about memories in the apartment including very funny “interventions” where they confront each other on various things that are driving the others nuts such as Lilly doing a British accent. They all panic and decide to just stay where they are including Ted, Lilly, and Marshall staying with the apartment. Finally, they decide that they are going to move on with their lives. What was Barney up to? He was trying to prove that he could hook up with women in their 20’s while he was in his 80’s. He got made up to look like he was an old man and hitting on 20 year olds. It was great stuff. I also loved him with his experiment of getting a girl to fall for his Barney from the future trick. It was hilarious. Loved this episode!!

I laughed so hard at this week’s Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and his fake smile at his happiness for Raj’s success was hilarious and I loved how it kept showing up at random times during the episode. This also gave the opportunity to continue the story of how Raj can’t talk to women unless he has a lot of alcohol in him.

On to this week’s episode of Heroes. We got some more revelations on where this season is going. It looks like Father Petrelli is alive after all and he is building an army around him. Parkman’s dad is free again and back out in the world which can’t be good for anyone. Hiro, Ando, and Adam Monroe working together was funny stuff. Well, they didn’t work together for long as Adam outsmarted them. Their negotiations on Adam being freed though was very funny. Claire got a real reality check seeing her dad working with Sylar. She also tried helping out the level 5 guy but then HRG ended up just using the situation as a way get the guy to eliminate Sylar. I was waiting to see the reaction from Claire when she realized her dad’s new partner and it delivered. How many of the group were a part of this Petrelli experiment? We learned that Tracy and Nathan were a part of it. How creepy is that guy that Meredith is now stuck with??!! I was reading this week that Kristen Bell will be returning soon in upcoming episodes. To no surprise, I am very happy to read about that!!

I am really enjoying the first episodes of Chuck this season. They are playing up the Chuck and Sarah romance big time where we just keep getting teased on whether it will work out. Adding Bryce into the equation this week built even more on it. I said this a couple of weeks ago but I absolutely love Ellie. I love how supportive of a sister that she is for Chuck. The craziness at the Buy More has been very funny this season which this week had a battle with football players determined to bully their way into playing video games in the store.

Tensions are getting higher on The Amazing Race and I’m glad Kelly and Christy stuck around to make that get more interesting. The show opened with them confronting Starr about whether she threw one of their sports bras off of the ledge to which Starr denied saying how is that going to help me in the race? Nick did try and make peace with them at one point during a break in the action where he said that he didn’t think Starr would do something like that. However, the tension between the two teams gets higher upon the U-Turn. If you’re not familiar with the U-Turn, it makes a team have to do two different tasks instead of just one. Nick and Starr were determined to beat as many teams as they could to make sure that they didn’t get U-Turned. They decided not to use it cause it would bring more negativity toward them. However, Starr tried to talk Ty and Aja into using the U-Turn on Kelly and Christy. Ty and Aja saw the plan though cause you can only use one U-Turn on each race. Ty and Aja would have accomplished what Starr wanted done and yet they still have a U-Turn to use. Nobody used the U-Turn and Aja did eventually tell Christy about what Starr tried to get them to do. They were furious as they went to the pit stop likely in last place. They were in last place but something else occurred to keep them in the race. Mark and Bill read their clue wrong which told them to travel on foot at one point but they instead took a taxi. They didn’t realize the messup until it was way too late on that leg of the race so they knew a penalty was coming. They also struggled at the wrestling task. A thirty minute penalty was given to Mark and Bill as they had made it in next to last place. Kelly and Christy arrived while the penalty was being served and are still in the race. Mark and Bill were eliminated. Coming in first place was Ken and Tina. The wrestling task was a lot of fun on this episode where they had to perform a succession of moves in front of a live arena. I kept cracking up at Marisa cause she wasn’t selling any of the moves being hit on her. I just kept saying “sell it Marisa”. Ha ha. Speaking of Marisa, her and Brooke had a lot of fun with the band task. The altitude was a major problem for teams in this task and also made Mark struggle in the wrestling task more. That bike task was a tough one. Kelly and Christy had a really tough time with it due to some major wipeouts and I’m glad there were no injuries cause some of the falls looked really bad. When seeing Mark and Bill messing up on the clue and taking the taxi, a question arose to me about the U-Turn. What happens if they got to the U-Turn first and then used it on another team despite a penalty being on the way for them? They get an unfair advantage and then hurt another team’s chances. Just curious what would happen if that problem occurred but maybe we’ll find out one day.

Tonight’s Survivor had challenges, tension, searching, nervousness, and other emotions going on. Ace and Sugar were a target at Fang especially after Jacquie was voted off. The talk turned to whether Sugar had the hidden immunity idol. After a reward challenge that was won by Kota, Sugar was once again sent to exile island. I wasn’t sure about her telling the tribe upon her return that she went for comfort instead of the clues. People are going to automatically think that you have the idol if you’re not searching for it. After losing the immunity challenge, curiosity at Fang got even higher when Crystal decided to go through Sugar’s bag to see if she had the idol. The idol was seen and the talk turned to whether they should blindside her at tribal council. However, there was another issue in the tribe and that was GC. GC had started to wear down from the game saying that it was changing him for the worse. He and Crystal had issues with getting along and he eventually said to the tribe that he was ready to go home. Crystal voiced her opinion saying that she was tired of him quitting at everything and wanted to vote him out. The votes had GC being voted out of the game. Interesting to point out that GC got so frustrated at one point that he took the boat and paddled off before the immunity challenge. Several looked and yelled for him before he finally showed back up. When he was told that they were about to take off without him, he basically said that he didn’t care if they had left him. I’ve spoken about this before but I always get annoyed when people go through others’ stuff looking for immunity idols. It just seems like a really low tactic to me. Sugar didn’t seem to care when questioned at tribal council about whether she thought that people might look for it in her bag. When you’re Ace and Sugar, it has to make you feel better when the rest of the tribe is going after each other instead of yourselves. Ace and Matty sure are a lot braver than me to get that close to the elephant. I would have been watching from further back with the group. I can’t imagine what that sight must have been like to see that elephant in action.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $17.5 million. 2. Quarantine - $14.2 million. 3. Body Of Lies - $12.8 million. 4. Eagle Eye - $10.9 million. 5. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist - $6.4 million. 6. The Express - $4.56 million. 7. Nights In Rodanthe - $4.54 million. 8. Appaloosa - $3.32 million. 9. The Duchess - $3.30 million. 10. Fireproof - $3.1 million.

There was no new episode of 90210 this week and won’t be next week but I did see a favorite episode of the original on TV this week. Donna Martin graduates. Enough said.

I got hooked on this show last year and actually just found out that there were new episodes set to air. I’m talking about Storm Chasers. The show follows a team of storm chasers as they try to study tornadoes for science but also includes a filmmaker named Sean Casey trying to get the ultimate shot of a tornado for his IMAX production. I have always been kind of fascinated with watching storms. The storm chaser crew are fun to watch and seeing their strategy of trying to intercept these storms is interesting to follow. The show gets incredible shots of the storms and I can only imagine what it looks like in high definition. I will definitely be watching and highly recommend giving it a shot if you haven’t seen it. The first of eight new episodes premieres this Sunday night, October 19, on The Discovery Channel at 9pm central time. For more info on the show, head over to:

New episodes of Little People Big World began airing on Monday night on TLC. Matt Roloff made a trip over to Iraq to meet an Iraqi family that includes little people so he could see about helping them. It was a very powerful episode with him meeting the family and promising to do whatever he could to help the kids get the treatment that they need. The episode also included the dangers of the area with Matt having difficulty getting into Baghdad to meet the family. It actually took him four days to get into there. The teaser for the rest of the season showed that we’ll get a follow up on his work to help out the family. It looks like the rest of the new episodes will be a lot of fun based on the previews.

Well, The CW’s decision to dump WWE Smackdown on Friday nights sure isn’t working out for them so far. The network moved comedies to Friday nights and the ratings for the network have dipped significantly since then on that night. Wrestling definitely brings in a consistent audience and that audience is gone. I don’t understand the network making a decision like that to cut one of its highest rated shows.

I wouldn’t mind seeing that new movie, The Secret Life Of Bees. I’ve been seeing some of the talk show promotion for the movie and it looks interesting. I think Dakota Fanning is an amazing actress especially for her age. I think she’s very underrated. I thought it was funny seeing how many singers are in this movie. The one scene I saw had a scene full of power house singers including Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, and Jennifer Hudson. I expect this movie to open up strong at the box office.

James Van Der Beek appears to be headed to One Tree Hill in a guest starring role. In a bit of déjà vu, his character will be a filmmaker.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago but there is a contest ongoing for the Dr. Horrible DVD. They asked fans to make their own Evil League of Evil video applications and the best ones will be used on the upcoming DVD. I plan on watching more of them and picking out my favorites to put in a future Wrap Up but here is one that jumped out at me immediately. Very cleverly done.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 21st. According To Jim (Season One), Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour (Volume Six), Dynasty (Season Three – Volume Two), The Incredible Hulk (Season Five), Knight Rider (Full Series), The Outer Limits (Full Series), Route 66 (Season Two), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Season Two – Part Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon talking to Penny about why he is using baby wipes to clean his hands.
Sheldon: "I had to sanitize my hands because the university replaced the paper towels in the restrooms with hot air blowers."
Penny: "I thought the blowers were more sanitary."
Sheldon: "Hot air blowers are incubators and spewers of bacteria and pestilence. Frankly, it would be more hygienic if they just had a plague infested gibbons sneeze my hands dry."

You Tube Video Of The Week: A couple of clips from my favorite comedy on TV, The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon teaches Penny about online video gaming. Great stuff.

Hope all of you have a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - October 9, 2008 - Heroes, Smallville, Amazing Race, Survivor, SNL, & More

What an incredible episode of Heroes this week!! I have actually seen this episode three times now. Once originally, rewatching it with friends, and then rewatching it with the commentary on If you haven’t watched the episodes with the commentary, you really need to. It’s a lot of fun and informative but I love commentaries anyway. The episode had us going back and forth between present day and four years into the future. The way we got there was from two different versions. Future Peter taking present day Peter into the future (follow all that?). Things go bad for Peter in the future when they arrive. Future Peter is shot and killed by Claire. Present day Peter runs and saves himself and goes to look for Sylar after he was told that he needed to get his power to help save the world. We find out that Claire is working with Knox and Daphne to eliminate Peter for what he had done but it’s unclear on what that is. The next happenings were just bizarre but incredible to watch. Sylar as a dad and extremely nice guy and brother to Peter. What a wild scene to watch!! Sylar is going by Gabriel again and reveals that the monster that he was is a thing of the past but something that he has to fight every day for his son. He reluctantly gives Peter his power which is figuring out how things work but apologizes for it saying it is a curse. This brought the attack from Claire and her group. It led to the death of the little boy and that brought Sylar out. He exploded and blew up the entire area in a long radius which resulted in 200,000 people being killed. Claire, Peter, and the Haitian survived the blast and she was looking to deal out some pain to Peter over what had occurred. He was saved by Nathan but Peter then started using his power apparently killing Nathan who had become president by the way. Then, we had Parkman's version of the future as he was dreaming after meeting the Universal Studios guy (sorry I just thought him wearing that shirt was hilarious). He has a baby in the future and is with Daphne while also still raising Molly. Daphne doesn’t survive the Sylar explosion though. Tracy was able to find out more about herself when she talked to the man who created her. He revealed that they were triplets with two of them being Tracy and Niki while also naming another one that has apparently not been seen yet by us. Hiro and Ando put their feelings aside and work together. They talk to Angela who says that they are the ones who can fix things and their first task is not a good one. They have to retrieve Adam Monroe who was ready for some revenge on Hiro immediately. Suresh’s plans for gaining powers is not going well as he apparently mixed the formulas wrong. He looked ROUGH in the future!! Some other things that I caught in the episode. Did you see that Mr. Muggles was with Sylar in the future? It also looked like he got the Bennet house as well. The only clue that we got on how that worked out was that Claire said that she learned to take care of herself and was mad that she lost out on what she was supposed to get. Where was Noah in the future? Also, did you catch that Sylar's son was named Noah? How cool was everyone flying around in the future? That scene looked sweet as could be. What I loved about this episode was how much it got me thinking on what had happened in the four years trying to piece things together. Like I said, I saw it three times so I kept picking up on new things each time that I watched it. Excellent episode!!

Tonight’s Survivor had a shakeup. Kelly was the immediate target among her tribe upon the return from tribal council after being the other vote for Ace. The tribes are brought to what seems like reward challenge time but it isn’t that. The members of the tribes are asked to rank their tribe members on who is the most and least important ones in the group. They do this confidentially and the results were surprising. Most importance for Kota was Marcus while down the line as least important was Kelly. Fang had Matty as most while having Susie as least. The reveal is made that the tribes are changing and the most important ranked members will get to start picking new tribes while remaining on their original tribes. The new tribes look like this and in order of picks. For Kota: Marcus, Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corinne, Susie, and Bob. For Fang: Matty, Ace, Crystal, Jacquie, Ken, Kelly, and GC. The odd one out is Sugar. Jeff tells her that she goes to exile island and will not return until after tribal council where she will join the losing tribe who will have just lost a member. Sugar’s exile island experience is of course “comfort” because she already has the immunity idol. Kelly who looked to be very vulnerable before the tribe switch ends up befriending original members of Fang. The immunity challenge had Kota winning EASILY. It wasn’t even close. Several members of Fang looked really bad in the challenge including Kelly, Ken, and Crystal who could not hardly move in their little raft. The talk at Fang turns to who to vote out. Jacquie is the target even though she performed well at the challenge. The reason being is that they feel she was aligned with Ace and Sugar who they worry might have an immunity idol (which she does). Jacquie makes a huge plea to stay when she finds out that she is being targeted. It comes down between herself and Kelly on who goes home but the votes send Jacquie out of the game. The previews for next week have an angry elephant invading camp and GC disappearing before a challenge.

Stressful week for teams on The Amazing Race. Terence and Sarah continued their rivalry with Nick and Starr. Tina stirred things up with Terence at the airport after an argument over a place in line. Tina took the credit for getting all of the teams on a bigger plane thus wanting it to allow her and Ken the first place in line. After having words for a few minutes, things settled down and seemed to be fine. Terence and Sarah made a crucial mistake in not going to the taxi parking and couldn’t find a taxi out. They were bailed out by Toni and Dallas who stopped to tell them of what they did wrong. Speaking of teams that had a tough time, Kelly and Christy and had all sorts of problems involving clues. They decided to do one task but ended up arriving at the other one. They mixed clues up thinking that they needed a container to finish the task. They finally realized their mistake but then messed up later when they let their taxi driver go. The clue stated to make sure to tell your driver to stay which they forgot to do. Things worked out for them though but it was a definite stress for them. Just a sign of how the simplest of mistakes can almost cost you the race. First place on this leg of the race was Ken and Tina and finishing in last place was Anthony and Stephanie who were eliminated.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $29.3 million. 2. Eagle Eye - $17.7 million. 3. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist - $11.3 million. 4. Nights In Rodanthe - $7.3 million. 5. Appaloosa - $5 million. 6. Lakeview Terrace - $4.5 million. 7. Burn After Reading - $4.1 million. 8. Fireproof - $3.9 million. 9. American Carol - $3.6 million. 10. Religulous - $3.4 million.

I absolutely loved this week’s Big Bang Theory and it is by far my favorite episode of this early season. If you missed it, Penny ended up getting hooked on online video gaming. She did nothing else but play the game and bug Sheldon to help her get further in the game when she got stuck on a level that she couldn’t get beyond. One of my favorite scenes was the video game scene with Sheldon walking in as his game character confronting Penny about her playing too many video games. It was so funny. She ended up looking really rough by the end of the episode cause she was doing nothing but gaming. I have to add that Kaley Cuoco was amazing in this episode. So funny. Good news in the ratings for The Big Bang Theory and also for How I Met Your Mother as both have seen viewer increases and are performing very well on Monday nights for CBS.

Jason Priestly is returning to 90210. Ok, so it will be behind the scenes instead of on camera but still very cool. Priestly will lend his directing skills to the show. Talks are apparently continuing with Shannen Doherty on her appearing on more episodes. The show did throw me for a loop this week with the arrival of Kimberly at West Beverly High. She is undercover trying to help fix the drug problem at the school and the episode finished with Adrianna overdosing. That was a predictable story twist but I don’t mind it at all. When Harry and Kimberly walked together at the party, I thought for sure that she was going to be the kid that Harry and Tracy are looking for and that maybe Harry had already found her. I guess not. Naomi confronted Adrianna on her drug problem. However, Naomi took the fall for the drugs that were Adrianna’s but the confession from Adrianna was about to happen when she overdosed. Like I said, Tracy is wanting to find her and Harry’s kid. Ryan had a bad experience with online dating which was funny. Silver held her half birthday party. She broke Dixon in on scary movies. Annie and Ethan grew closer after being paired for their high school project of caring for a baby. Fun episode. Love this show.

I really enjoyed tonight’s Smallville. Tonight saw the arrival of Maxima who was looking for her mate who had to be Kryptonian. She went through many guys trying to find the one that she was looking for and one of those included Jimmy Olsen. He was rattled over finding a note from Chloe that revealed her feelings for Clark. It was also what she read to Clark back many seasons ago in high school when he was hurt. After she read it, he woke and said “Lana”. How sad was that at the time? Come to think of it, it’s still sad. Anyway, Jimmy finds the note and it brings back some tough feelings for him with seeing that history between Clark and Chloe. He becomes a victim of Maxima as her kiss tends to leave guys feeling, well, lifeless. Jimmy was the only survivor from what I could tell from her kiss. All was fine though between Jimmy and Chloe over the matter when she found out what had happened. Maxima also brought out some more feelings and that was from Lois. She was definitely not liking catching Clark and Maxima together. However, Clark and Maxima didn’t get far as it was over after Lois caught them. Maxima caught the feelings between Clark and Lois telling each of them about it. Speaking of Lois, how many great lines did they give her in this episode? I could have easily picked out any of them for Line of the Week but instead went with another since I’m a Chloe fan. You can definitely see the feelings beginning to develop between Clark and Lois and it’s fun to watch. That wasn’t the only happenings as we continue to see the battle over obtaining the crystal but who has it now?

For those of you that haven’t canceled your Big Brother live feeds yet, head over to Real Player where Dan and Memphis did a live video chat on the site this past week. I haven’t gotten to see it yet but they do have the archive posted if you’re interested.

TBS sent out a press release this week announcing that My Boys will be back for another season. A big smile on my face over that announcement.

One of my favorite shows, Little People Big World, returns this coming Monday night, October 13 at 7pm central time on TLC.

The premiere of the new Star Wars cartoon, The Clone Wars, did very well ratings wise for The Cartoon Network. The show had 3.96 million viewers which is one of the best ratings for the network ever. I haven’t had time to watch the show as of yet but am looking forward to checking it out.

Saturday Night Live did a 30 minute special tonight on NBC which focused on their strong points, political humor and their Update segments. SNL has been getting a ton of attention over their election stuff and they are obviously looking to carry it over into prime time. The ratings have been up for SNL lately. Really fun show tonight as the debate spoof was fun as was the Weekend Update segments.

The third season of 30 Rock premieres on NBC on October 30th at 8:30pm central time on NBC. If you want to see a preview, here is the video to check out:

I was surprised to hear the news of 10 Things I Hate About You being turned into a TV series on ABC Family. I can't say that I saw that one coming and just kind of left me thinking, hmm, when I read the news. I loved that movie and it is one of my favorites of all time. Can it work as a TV series? ABC Family has been very successful in a lot of their series so I could see them making it work.

I checked out the new show, High Drama: Against All Oz. The show is one of the new exclusive shows to The show focuses on the high school production of The Wizard of Oz at Barnstable High School in Cape Cod. The first episode focuses on the introduction of the students and the audition process while the second episode moves on to the casting decisions. We begin to see the clashes between Elliot and Mr. Sullivan over their differences in how things are done with the show. Mr. Sullivan gets frustrated with Elliot often and it turns out that Mr. Sullivan enforces a contract for Elliot to act a certain way or he is out of the play. The episodes run around five minutes in length and new episodes will continue to debut on the site so keep checking back on there. The previews for the overall show tease some wild happenings as the show continues. This has potential to be an enjoyable series so I’m going to keep checking it out from time to time to see how it is. If you want to check out the show, here is the link:

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 14th. Back To You (Season One), C.S.I. (Season Eight), Life With Derek (Season One), Nash Bridges (Season One), The Partridge Family (Season Three), Rules Of Engagement (Season Two), Scott Baio Is 45…And Single (Season One), Scott Baio Is 46….and Pregnant (Season Two), Survivorman (Season Two), That 70’s Show (Full Series Release), The Unit (Season Three).

TV Line Of The Week: From Smallville
“I don’t regret having had those feelings. But that’s because they helped prepare me so that I was ready to share my love with the perfect person. And to me that person is Jimmy. So, you blew it bud.” Chloe talking about her feelings in the past for Clark and how it tied into her relationship with Jimmy. All that can be said is yes, you did Clark. Ha ha.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Pac-Man The Movie. Seeing it from a different point of view with Pac-Man as the bad guy. Clever idea.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - October 2, 2008 - Amazing Race Premiere, Smallville, 90210, Chuck, Heroes,, & More

The teams have crossed the starting line on this season’s Amazing Race. I have loved this show since the very first episode premiered and have been hooked ever since. I wasn’t sure how to recap the first episode due to this being a brand new season with brand new teams that I’m still learning. Just thought I’d give some random thoughts and give the results of the episode. The teams started from the Los Angeles Coliseum and their first travel took them to Brazil. Finishing in first place was Nick and Starr on this leg of the race. I guess I’ll start with them since there was a lot of focus on them in the episode and they did finish first and all. I like them and so far have them as my favorite team. The next thing to go to off of them is Terence and Sarah. My question is did they get a bad edit or were they really that upset at Nick and Starr? Sarah was really mad that she got “ignored” when she tried to make small talk with them while trying to catch a taxi. My first point when watching that was wondering if Nick and Starr even heard them. If I had been in Nick and Starr’s spot, I might have even been wondering if they were talking to me or whether they were talking to each other. That was how casual it seemed. They spent the rest of the episode just ripping on them and it looks to continue next week based on the preview. Nick and Starr have also formed an alliance with “mom and dad” which are Ken and Tina. Nick and Starr definitely have a game plan in this race and we’ll see how it plays out. It is always funny to watch teams panic in an airport when information gets out. Some of the teams in line found out that they were at the wrong ticket counter which resulted in the first team running to the other one. The other teams always freak out too and start running. Goodness, I would do the same thing if I was them. What a perfect setup on the one task where teams had to climb the stairs and answer a secret question at the top of the stairs. The question? How many steps did you just climb? Like you’re going to know that and you know what that means. You have to start all over. That was a perfect setup though. Eliminated on this leg of the race was Anita and Arthur.

This week's Survivor saw the power finally change over to the other tribe. Fang finally made their comeback sweeping both the reward and immunity challenges. Along with winning the reward challenge, Kota was able to pick who they wanted to send to exile island. They chose Sugar and it was fun to watch her trying to find the hidden immunity idol which she did find. I'm not sure if telling Ace about it was the greatest thing but they seem to have a solid alliance so far. Fang's plan for the reward challenge was to rest all the stronger women for the immunity challenge. The challenge had one member of the tribe being dragged by two others from the other tribe to the line. The single person would start wrapped around the pole and have to be forcefully removed by the two to start being dragged. Paloma was put out there by Ace which I didn't think was very smart cause of how little that she is. Ace was a force in this challenge for sure but his tribe ended up with the loss. Immunity went the way of Kota's as well. The decision was made to vote out Paloma but she sure did call out Ace on her feelings of him during tribal council. Ace has definitely stirred some people up on his tribe so he has to be a major target in the game from here. I was bummed to see Paloma go as she seemed very likable.

Regis Philbin guest starred on this week's How I Met Your Mother and he was hilarious. The story of the episode was that Marshall was trying to find the perfect burger in New York City. When he moved to NYC, he had this incredible burger but later couldn't find the place again. So, the gang ends up helping him on his quest to find the perfect burger again. How did Regis tie into this? His autographed picture was in the place hanging on the wall so Regis had been there as well. Regis also was going crazy trying to find the place that cooked this burger too. Regis and Neil Patrick Harris played off of each other really well. Lots of funny comedy in this episode including Robin's starving frenzy. Bottom line, very fun episode.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Eagle Eye - $29.1 million. 2. Night In Rodanthe - $13.4 million. 3. Lakeview Terrace - $6.9 million. 4. Fireproof - $6.8 million. 5. Burn After Reading - $6.1 million. 6. Igor - $5.3 million. 7. My Best Friend’s Girl - $3.8 million. 8. Righteous Kill - $3.7 million. 9. Miracle at St. Anna - $3.4 million. 10. Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys - $3.1 million.

Congrats to Neil E. Boyd on winning this season’s America’s Got Talent. He won $1 million and also won a show in Las Vegas.

Fringe has been picked up by Fox for the full season.

The blurring line of good and evil on this season’s first episodes of Heroes continues to get blurred. This week’s episode saw more changes being made. Sylar and Noah working together was just bizarre. Flat out bizarre. How bad must things be out in the world if you have to work with Sylar to get things under control? I thought the Hiro/Ando stuff was entertaining this week with them still battling Daphne over getting the formula. However, there was a new player involved in that this week and that was the return of the Haitian. They are definitely laying groundwork on problems brewing between Hiro and Ando which will lead to their problems in the future. Speaking of the future, I am really looking forward to seeing what Peter is going to get to see from his future self. Are the writers missing the painting the future abilities that Isaac had and giving it to Parkman? I have no clue on where they are going with the Tracy/Zimmerman storyline. The stories involving Ali Larter’s characters usually leave me baffled.

There was some buzz that got going this week among Smallville fans wondering what the “Robin” pilot meant for the future of Smallville. Smallville executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders are working on “The Graysons” which is a prequel for the character of Robin from the Batman series. The show is being developed for The CW which got fans panicked about Smallville’s longevity. Peterson and Souders have released a statement to KryptonSite about the project and their future plans for Smallville which will relieve fans worries. Here is little bit of the statement: "While we are extremely excited to be working hand-in-hand with Wonderland, Warner Brothers, and the CW to create the origin story of Dick Grayson, it has never been intended as a replacement for Smallville, as is speculated in some media. The cast, crew, writers and producers are all working full-steam ahead on a story-line for Clark that allows for seasons of further trials and adventures for our favorite hero."
For the full statement, head over to:

Speaking of Smallville, I wasn’t crazy about the episode tonight up until I saw how it was playing out at the end. Once it all started to make sense, I began to like it more. So, Oliver and Tess have a history together with being on the island at the same time while fighting their way out. Davis continuing to learn of these bizarre happenings happening around Clark and the gang can’t be a good thing for them especially knowing about Chloe’s power. Clark also found out tonight about Chloe’s super ability to get information and that it was the result of what Brainiac did to her. Quite a bit of focus on Lois and her men tonight. The man from the past and the man of her future. You can really see them starting to move on their way to Lois and Clark being together.

I got a chance to listen to the audio commentaries on season seven of Smallville last night. There were no commentaries on the season six DVD set so it was great to see them return for season seven. There is commentary done on episode ten (Persona) and episode eleven (Siren). I found it interesting that the original plan was to use the Interpol song in the first episode of season seven which would have replaced Kelly Clarkson’s “Sober”. They made the right decision on both as those two songs fit their scenes so great and are my favorite mainstream song scenes of season seven. I loved hearing that Tom Welling did one scene six times with James Marsters just because he was enjoying working with him so much. One really great thing about the Siren commentary is that they talk about deleted scenes in the commentary telling when something was cut due to time. However, head over to the deleted scenes section afterwards and every scene they discussed is there. I loved that. Funny comment from John Glover during the Persona commentary when he was asked to say something about working with Michael Rosenbaum. He laughed saying that Michael is a “madman” but in every kind of good way. The two of them developed such an amazing chemistry over the years.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars premieres tomorrow night, October 3rd, at 8pm central time on The Cartoon Network. The premiere episode will be one hour in length and I am looking forward to checking it out. For more info on the show, head over to:

I mentioned last week that I had already seen the season premiere of Chuck but didn’t want to discuss it since it had yet to air on TV. It has now aired so I’ll go into my thoughts. What would become of Chuck’s life was the big question on this episode. Would he continue having the spy life or get to have his own? The new intersect was set up which effected Chuck greatly. He would be able to go on with his own life. He got to take Sarah out on a real date. He was offered the assistant manager position at the Buy More but turned it down looking for bigger things. That resulted in a funny story of the rest competing for the position. However, it also meant that Chuck would be terminated under orders given to Cayse. However, Cayse was having a hard time dealing with carrying out that order but it wasn’t needed when a Trojan device destroyed the computer. That means that Chuck is back to being the only intersect and his life is now back out of his control. The episode was a nice balance of seeing what could be for him and what his reality is. I really like the chemistry between Chuck and his sister, Ellie. She just wants the best for him so bad and gets so excited whenever he is about to make a big positive change. Ok, being a Back To The Future fan, I loved hearing “The Power Of Love” used in the episode. Excellent first episode of season two.

Kelly is on her way with her son to visit Dylan on the new 90210. Can we please get Luke Perry on this show? Yeah, I know he isn’t interested in appearing but I couldn’t have been the only one entering his voice in on the other end of the phone during that phone call between Kelly and Dylan. We even got some old school love triangle stuff played on the show with Dylan, Kelly, and Brenda. All that was missing was a trip to Paris to be involved. Ha ha. As for the current group, I really enjoyed the story of Annie and Adrianna where they were paired together on a school assignment. Annie helped out Adrianna but then learned of Adrianna making up all the drama over Ty in last week’s episode. It doesn’t look like Adrianna’s drug problem is going away based on the end of the episode.

Some new content debuting this month on Rich Girl/Poor Girl is about two teenagers who end up changing lives with one another. High Drama: Against All Oz is a look at the behind the scenes of a high school play of The Wizard Of Oz. Downers Grove is a series about four friends and following their adventures.

Speaking of, the full second season of Veronica Mars is now available on the site. Do yourself a favor and watch the show.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 7th. 30 Rock (Season Two), The Beverly Hillbillies (Season Two), How I Met Your Mother (Season Three), Martin (Season Five), Mission: Impossible (Season Five), Robot Chicken (Season Three), The Simpsons (Season Eleven), The Smurfs (Season One – Volume Two).

TV Lines Of The Week: From Smallville: “I have got a delicate enough ego as it is. I am not cut out to date a guy with a hero complex.” Lois to Clark discussing Oliver.

From Survivor: "If Ace wins the million dollars, I'll never watch Survivor again." Paloma during her exit interview which I thought was a hilarious line.

You Tube Video Of The Week: Food Court Musical. An improv group breaks into song right in front of an unexpecting public.

Have a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!!

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