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The Entertainment Wrap Up - September 25, 2008 - Survivor Premiere, Big Bang Theory, Smallville, How I Met Your Mother, Ratings, & More

Survivor Gabon started tonight on CBS with a two hour premiere. I loved having a two hour premiere as it gave us as viewers a longer time to get to know this cast on opening night. The first episodes seem like such a rush normally with trying to gain an idea on the different cast members. I feel like I’ve already learned about a lot of the cast after tonight’s premiere and am feeling good about this season. The tribes were split by school style picking. The oldest man and woman were chosen to be the ones to start picking their tribe mates. Gillian started Fang while Bob picked for Kota. Odd picks on the order people were being chosen. The first challenge takes place immediately with the tribes having to do two things. First, the separate people from each tribe that got to the finish first would win an individual immunity idol. The tribe that got completely to the finish line first would win food. Kota won the challenge and it was something that we got used to seeing in this premiere. Individual idol winners were GC for Fang and Marcus for Kota. At Fang, Michelle and Ken strike up a friendship and he appears to have a little crush on her. Michelle is bitter in her interviews about the tribe that she ended up on. She struggles with dealing with the cold overnight. Over at Kota, Marcus and Charlie strike up a friendship. The immunity challenge is won by Kota by a wide margin. They had the puzzle solved before Fang even had their puzzle pieces back. The talk then turns on who to vote out. Michelle is targeted for her negativity although Randy wants to go after Gilliian for being the weakest of the tribe. Good tribal council where Michelle calls out her feelings on why they lost the challenge. The talk also turns to not having a leader. GC speaks up about how they need a leader but then it backfires on him leading to him being voted as the leader of the tribe. Michelle gets voted out on a very one sided vote. I was disappointed to see her go cause she would have stirred up a ton of stuff as she seemed like a very straight shooter. She would have been really good TV going forward. That gets us to the second hour of the premiere. Things start off better for Fang with their newly appointed leader but it all starts to fall apart later. Snoring at night gets GC up and about. Others start waking up as well and complaints come from Gillian about it. GC speaks his mind on it all saying that he really didn’t want to be leader but took it cause that is what everybody wanted. He then resigns as leader and Randy has a funny line saying that it was the smartest leadership move he had made yet. Randy is a good quotable person this season. Over at Kota, an alliance is made between Charlie, Marcus, Corinne, and Jacquie. Talk turns to maybe bringing in Bob as a fifth person. The immunity challenge is won again by Kota but it is much closer this time. The previous two challenges had been big time one sided. Kota also got to send someone to exile island. They sent Dan who found the new option of exile island. You can choose between a clue or comfort. He chose clue but was not able to find the hidden immunity idol. He sure did have his tribe paranoid upon his return though. They went to tribal council and he emptied his bag out to show that he didn’t have the idol so they would believe him. He didn’t want them to try and flush out the idol when he didn’t have it. No surprise as Gillian is voted out on a one sided vote. Various thoughts on other happenings. I see Randy as someone that could be a major player in this game. He had an interesting first episode with him banging his head in the middle of the night and needing three stitches to stop the bleeding. I liked his comment of taking part in “operation let everyone crash and burn” talking about sitting back while they all destroy each other. The wild life is already getting close to the tribes as an elephant was not far from one camp. I don’t really have anyone that I dislike in the game so far. Interesting personalities. Good premiere night for Survivor.

CBS has officially picked up Big Brother for an 11th season. It does appear that the show won't be back in the winter but will instead return next summer as usual. The Big Brother wrap party gag reel has made its way online so here it is if you want to see it:

The CW has officially picked up 90210 for a full season. Michael Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly also broke some behind the scenes news that ties 90210 with Gilmore Girls. Here is the link to check it out:
This week’s episode had Annie taking over the lead in the school play after Adrianna’s drug problems had her pulled from the play by Brenda. There was also more drama involving Annie, Ty, and Ethan. Adrianna also decided to get even over losing her role in the play by getting between Annie and Ty. Dixon and Silver continued to grow closer.

Look out Clark Kent, Doomsday has arrived. Tonight’s Smallville had the debut of who will become Doomsday. Yeah, he looks innocent enough so far but bad is right around the corner. The end of the episode saw the tease of what is happening with him. I liked how they played that character up through the episode. They set up a lot with Davis tonight showing him as an EMT, meeting Chloe and later Clark, getting an introduction to the Isis Foundation, and also revealing how he knows about meteor problems. The stuff with Clark and Lois at The Daily Planet was fun tonight. How funny was Clark having to change clothes in the phone booth? The little writing touches like that in episodes are fun. So, Clark saves Tess from the explosion that was caused because she was chasing someone with meteor issues. It’s been a while since I’ve heard of someone being sent to Belle Reeve. Say hi to all the monsters of the week for me. Ha ha. Is Tess building some sort of army? It sure seemed that way. Anyway, fun episode tonight.

Smallville is now available on iTunes. If you miss an episode of this current season eight, head over there where episodes are available for $1.99 a piece or $39.99 for a season pass.

How far will Sheldon go to struggle with keeping a secret? Moving out is apparently the answer. The second season of The Big Bang Theory premiered on Monday night. Penny asked Sheldon about Leonard's dating history on whether he had dated normal girls like her. Basically, asking if he had dated non-brainiac kind of girls. This brought out Penny's paranoia about her and community college level education. Sheldon got the news of this and the talk of having to keep it a secret. Sheldon pointed out that he is terrible at the ability of keeping secrets. The rest of the episode saw the extremes that he would have to go to keep the secret which included moving out of the apartment. Lots of great comedy with him moving into each of the others' places. He drove them nuts and he ended up back where he started, with Sheldon. It was a play off of sorts of an episode from last season where the friends couldn't tolerate him for long. Yeah, the secret got spilled to Leonard and the approach of Leonard to Penny to remedy it didn't go over so well. Very funny first episode of the season.

Monday definitely had a lot of power on the networks with premieres. I was ready to see how the ratings would pan out. The winner of the night was Dancing With The Stars on ABC. The show averaged around 21.1 million viewers for the two hours. Compared to that, Heroes on NBC drew 6 million for its countdown episode and rose to nearly 10 million for the two hour premiere. On CBS, The Big Bang Theory opened its season with 9.4 million followed by How I Met Your Mother's 9.1 million. Two and a Half Men had 14.9 million viewers followed by the series premiere of Worst Week which had 11 million viewers. CSI: Miami opened its season with 16.9 million on CBS while Boston Legal on ABC had 9.4 million. Over on Fox, The Sarah Connor Chronicles had 5.8 million while Prison Break had 5.9 million. Over on The CW, Gossip Girl had 3.4 million followed by One Tree Hill's 3.1 million. I know I was very busy recording shows on Monday night and I'm sure many others were as well. The numbers look like each show kept their loyal audiences. Monday has become my busiest TV viewing night of the week now.

Chuck premieres on Monday night on NBC but if you don’t want to wait for the season premiere like I didn’t, you can watch the episode on Hulu before it airs. I was all about checking this out in advance. I don’t want to give away too much for those of you that haven’t seen it. I really liked the first episode. The focus of the episode revolves around Chuck’s new life and his old life with the potential of what both could be. Michael Clarke Duncan guest stars on the episode and is very good in his role. The Buy More also has the decision over who to promote to assistant manager which brings some good comedy.

How I Met Your Mother’s season premiere was on Monday night. The engagement of Ted and Stella is official but Marshall is concerned on how short of a time it has been since they’ve known each other. Ted and Marshall decided to test out the relationship making sure that she is right for Ted by having her watch Ted’s favorite movie, Star Wars, since she had never seen it. Funny stuff with them really keeping an eye on her to see if she was liking it. The result? She told Ted that she loved it but then told Marshall the truth that she couldn’t stand it. She added that she would never tell Ted that though. The other story of the episode was Robin and Barney. Barney battled his feelings that he has developed for her and confided it to Lilly. A very different Barney has emerged as far as personality but he still hasn’t broken old women habits. I’m curious to see where they go with Barney and Robin.

There are some shows that you just watch once and that is it. However, there are also shows that you can watch over and over. I've found that Lost is one of those shows that I'm enjoying watching again. I found myself flipping through the channels the other night and found Lost on two channels at the same time. On G4 was the "walkabout" episode from season one while on one of our local stations, the second part of the pilot episode was airing. There is only about two or three episodes in between those that were airing. I ended up flipping back and forth between them when one would go to commercial. I'm also re-watching season one online with friends which is really fun as well. One of them has seen season one while the other is a new fan. It is amazing how you can pick up on little things now that you know what is going to happen in the future. I'm amazed at how far out in advance some of the story was laid out. I can easily count Lost as a show that is fun to view over and over.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Lakeview Terrace - $15 million. 2. Burn After Reading - $11 million. 3. My Best Friend's Girl - $8.2 million. 4. Igor - $7.8 million. 5. Righteous Kill - $7.4 million. 6. Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys - $7.2 million. 7. The Women - $5.4 million. 8. Ghost Town - $5 million. 9. The Dark Knight - $2.9 million. 10. The House Bunny - $2.6 million.

The Office premiered its fifth season tonight. You can check out the “Serenity by Jan” candle making website now. Here is the link:
To see video of the show including recaps, previews, or behind the scenes stuff, head over to:

MTV has announced that TRL will be ending in November. I remember when that show was such a huge part of the music industry. They drew huge crowds outside and really helped bring music to a whole different level back in the earlier part of this decade. The show hasn't been near the same for many years now with the ratings reflecting it and I haven't actually watched the show in probably six years.

Speaking of MTV, it is nice to see that they are apparently approaching their goal of covering the entire TV screen with their promotional advertising. Watching The Hills this season has made me just want to wait for the DVD so I can avoid all of this promo stuff. Their VMA promos were monstrous on the screen and just made me annoyed instead of making me want to actually care about the VMA's.

I got a message to remind all of you Blog Cabin viewers about the sweepstakes to win a waterfront vacation home in Tennessee. The deadline to enter is September 29th. Here is the link to check it out:,,DIY_26336_66068,00.html

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 30th. Adam-12 (Season Two), My Name Is Earl (Season Three), My Three Sons (Season One - Volume One), Numb3rs (Season Four).

TV Line Of The Week: (Let’s see if I can bring this back now that there are new shows to watch) From The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon being dropped off on Howard’s doorstep by Raj. Howard yelling at Raj as he runs off “Shouldn’t you put him in a brown paper bag and set him on fire?”

You Tube Video Of The Week: Ninja Cat. How funny is this video?

Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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Thoughts On The Heroes Season Three Premiere - September 22, 2008

NBC's Countdown To The Premiere Of
Save the cheerleader, save the world. Yeah, that was season one and there was no saving the cheerleader tonight. Heroes premiered its third season tonight on NBC with a three hour night. What a great night of episodes!! I loved it!! The show was really doing a great job in making me think things out. The first hour had the premiere party along with recaps of the show and previews of stuff to come tonight. I don’t know about you but I turned away when they showed sneak peeks of the episodes tonight. I didn’t want to know anything. The present and future took center stage in this next chapter of Heroes. They are definitely blurring the lines of sides with the new heroes vs. villains story. Who is on the good side and who is on the bad? Is there even a good side and bad side? So, I’ll run through the happenings of the show. We had the cliffhanger of who shot Nathan Petrelli. Well, it turns out that Peter was the one to pull the trigger. How can that be since he was standing right next to him when it happened? Well, it was a Peter from the future saying that things got worse when Nathan revealed their powers to the world. Peter had to go back and stop it from happening and shooting him was the way for him to do it. We also got a vision of the future where Claire was trying to kill Peter before he went back in time. Peter comes back and Nathan survives the shooting with a familiar face from the past returning as Linderman is back but only Nathan can see him. What about the current Peter and Parkman? Future Peter put the present Peter in the body of a character that me being as a Veronica Mars fan loved to see. No, he isn’t in Elle’s body. Another Veronica Mars character. Francis Capra (known as Weevil on Veronica Mars) is guest starring on the show as Jesse who is one of the level five villains. How great was it to see Kristen Bell and Francis Capra in a scene together again? LOVED IT!! Parkman ends up exiled to Africa where he is found by a native there who knows who he is. How scary was Sylar tonight??!! That stuff with Claire in the house was just creepy. He ends up locking Claire in the house and takes her power of invincibility. Wow, an invincible Sylar isn’t going to be good for anybody. He actually talks to her while he is finding the power in her brain discussing how powerful that she is. I started thinking about the save the cheerleader stuff from season one where it was said that Syler had killed Claire. However, he got her power tonight and she remained alive. He made it clear that he couldn’t kill her if he wanted to. I’m wondering how those two things tie together. She survives and heals up but now has a twist with her power. She can’t feel anything now where as she could at least feel the pain of it before. This sends her back to testing her limits once again including her stepping in front of a train. She is pulled out of there by future Peter who tries to tell her what is going on but is afraid to reveal too much due to him already changing too much of the future as is. Where is HRG? Well, he has his own problems. He is still trapped in The Company. Sylar shows up and kills Bob. Elle finds her dad killed and goes to free HRG needing his help. He shoots Sylar but then Sylar reveals his new power that he got from HRG’s daughter. Elle ends up in battle with Sylar but she ends up on the bad end of it. He tries to take her power but it results in a major electrical explosion. Sylar is knocked out and ends up being kept inside The Company. However, the explosion frees some very dangerous criminals being held in level five. One of which is the present day Peter trapped in Jesse’s body. Angela Petrelli takes over for The Company and tells Elle that she is no longer needed there. Angela said that the only reason that they let her work there up till that point was because of her dad and now she had to find her own new life. Hiro and Ando have their own issues in Japan. Hiro has taken over his dad’s company. His dad left a message for him to protect a formula secret and to make sure it didn’t get in the wrong hands as it would do major damage. Things go bad when Hiro encounters a woman that has major super speed who takes the formula. Hiro goes into the future to see what might happen and sees Ando killing him in the future with the formula in the balance. Ando also had abilities of his own which makes me think that he encounters what Suresh came up with. What is this about Suresh? Well, he has figured out a way to inject abilities into anyone. Maya was looking for help to get rid of her abilities but Suresh ended up finding a way to gain them. It worked great for Suresh for a little bit but by the end of the episode, things were starting to backfire. We now have Niki, another personality, or someone that looks like Niki as Tracy who is working with the governor. The governor and her decided to offer Nathan the job of junior senator of New York after Nathan’s amazing recovery from the shooting. Nathan talked about seeing God and how God had given him another chance. They are looking at that as a way for political gain. What is to come this season? Well, it looks like it will all be about changing things for the best kind of future possible. We still have Angela Petrelli having very bad dreams about the future. She also said something about being Sylar’s mother at the end of the episode. What is Peter’s agenda from the future and what has happened there to make things so bad? The abilities deal of Suresh’s may end up being a reverse kind of situation of the virus. Things were going to get bad with the virus being spread and maybe things are set to get bad cause of too many people having abilities. Whatever it is, I am very exciting. That was great television to watch tonight and the time flew by. Looking forward to next week where we’ll hopefully learn more!!

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The Entertainment Wrap Up - September 18, 2008 - BB10 Winner, Smallville Season Premiere, Knight Rider, Season Premiere Previews, & More

Fall TV season is underway!! I'm very ready for it.

Big Brother 10 wrapped up on Tuesday night with its season finale. Dan vs. Memphis in the final two. The jury was shown at the beginning of the episode meeting to discuss Dan and Memphis. Jerry was shown arriving to the jury and got a mostly cold reaction. The discussion was basically what it always is and that was whether they were going to vote personal feelings or vote for game play. It was funny to hear Renny and Jerry go at it. They all talked about how they had been played by Dan and Memphis with Jerry pointing out that trying to defeat both of them was not able to be done. Michelle mentioned how her getting backdoored was the best move cause she was going after Dan. I thought Libra had the most logical thought of any of them when she said that lying is part of the game and Dan played it. She seemed to have the best attitude of any of them looking to reward game play. Jerry did find out about Dan taking Michelle on the trip while sitting in on the jury discussion. Best line though was Jerry asking “are we all that gullible?” and Libra answering with “apparently so, we’re sitting here”. The jury then got to question the final two which is always interesting to watch. Memphis found out about Michelle and the trip during the questioning. Michelle also revealed her alliance to Memphis which was news to Dan. Renny really stumped Memphis when he was asked to name what he had done in this game. Funny moment when Jerry told Dan how much he had always respected him. Umm, when did I miss that?? That was kind of bizarre. I thought Dan did the best out of the jury questioning. He was slick with his answers and answered everything that the jury threw at him. Memphis seemed really uncomfortable not knowing how to answer. The votes were cast and for the first time in Big Brother history, it was a shutout. Dan got all seven jury votes to win Big Brother 10. I was surprised at that as I was sure that April would vote for Memphis and possibly Ollie would as well. One thing that I was really looking forward to was the reunion. The finale really needs to be at least ninety minutes every year so it isn’t so rushed. We need longer reunion time. With the shows that Brian, Angie, and Steven have been doing, I was really curious to hear what they would stir up. They did call some things out but not as much as I was hoping to hear. The houseguests had it revealed about Dan being America’s Player for one week. That also showed them that the big turn in the game that week was America’s vote. Big Brother also gave away $25,000 to a jury member with the fans voting for who should get it. Second place went to Jerry but the money winner was Keesha. My first thought when it happened was how I bet April is steaming mad. So, there you have it. Dan wins Big Brother 10. I’m very satisfied with who won. There was no doubt in my mind that he should win over Memphis. Dan made a lot of big moves in the game. He was almost out of it immediately after being aligned with Brian. He worked a lot of people over and won challenges when he needed to. He was even getting people to make moves for him near the end of the game. Congrats to Dan on his win and it was a fun season. It was nice to not have a major twist this season and go back to having strangers in the house.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Not much. With the game being over, Dan and Memphis did spill information to each other about happenings that the other may have missed. They had a good time in the house just hanging out. They played a lot of games whether it be cards, chess, or beer pong. At one point, they had a series of games going against each other. Big Brother gave them some remote control cars at one point as well that they drove around the house. It was nice to see them have some relaxation at the end of the game.

What Has Happened Since The Finale: It is always interesting to watch the interviews with the cast members after the show. You can’t wait for the cast to learn of things that they didn’t know about in the house. Dick interviewed the cast afterwards on Real Player. He interviewed Dan, Renny, Ollie, and April. The cast has been doing a lot of press so you can pretty much find interviews all over the place.

Season eight of Smallville premiered tonight. I was excited to see where the show would be going with the off season changes and the possibilities are fun. Changes are in place whether it be the characters themselves or where the story is going. Clark and Lex were both missing with each being looked for by their friends and people. Chloe has went through some changes as well. It turns out that she wasn’t arrested by the department of security but instead taken by Lex’s people to help track her friends. Chloe has developed a super speed type IQ power now. Luthor Corp used her ability to help track Green Arrow and the gang but when Chloe figured out what was going on, she was hit by something straight out of gender. Her mom’s ability to persuade people was taken from her mom by Luthor Corp and used against Chloe and later Green Arrow to get what they wanted. Green Arrow leading the charge to find Clark was fun especially when the two finally came into contact. So, the way that Jor El figured out that he could control Clark was to take his powers away. Speaking of no powers, Clark is already in a world of hurting without them. During the break in to save Chloe, Green Arrow was hit with the persuasion juice to help find Lex. He ended up shooting Clark with two arrows with the second one being Clark’s demise. Green Arrow finally snapped out of it but the damage was done and Chloe’s healing powers weren’t working either. The Martian showed up and flew him out of there to the sun. The sun healed Clark but the sun has the opposite effect on the Martian. He was given the duty to be a guardian for Clark by Jor El but not to get involved. He decided that he couldn’t just watch him die but pointed out that due to the effect of the sun on him that this would be a one time only save. Tess has already debuted big on the show taking over Luthor Corp for Lex. She looks like a major force to deal with. Clark’s news on working at The Daily Planet was fun with how it was done and he and Lois working side by side should be very good entertainment. Chloe said yes to Jimmy on the proposal although he was ready to back off at the moment after what all had happened. The episode left us with a lot of questions. What happened to Lex? They made sure to let us know that there were no human remains found in the area of his disappearance. What was up with Chloe not being able to heal Clark? Allison has been talking about the evolution of Chloe’s powers and we’re definitely seeing that with the speed IQ deal. How will Clark get his powers back and where does he go to do it? I really liked the speech at the end by Clark where he talked of putting his old life behind him and searching for a new one. That backs up what has been said about the show and that it isn’t going to focus on Smallville as much but instead be set in other locations. It is a way of expanding the story on to the next level. I knew that the opening of the show would look very different due to the casting changes and it for sure was. Fittingly so, Allison Mack has been moved up to number two seen on the opening. Nice to see Justin Hartley finally added to the credits as well. Season eight is underway and it’s very exciting to have Smallville back.

Is Monday here yet? Is it time for Heroes to return??!! Almost!!! The near one year long wait for new episodes of Heroes ends on Monday night. Heroes will have all of NBC on Monday night with a countdown episode airing at 7pm central time followed by back to back episodes running from 8-10pm. I can’t wait for the show to come back. Just the Heroes music gets me all pumped up hearing it on the promos. I really should think about buying the soundtrack cause the music on the show really is incredible. The season premiere was shown at Comic Con and was received with rave reviews. 

This week's 90210 saw the major revelation that we had been waiting for. Who is the father of Kelly's son? The obvious answers had to be either Dylan or Brandon. A conversation between Brenda and Kelly had the revelation that Dylan is the father. It has been talked about previously that Dylan is trying to get back into his son's life. Other happenings on the show had Dixon beginning to work at the Peach Pit. Nat talked of a great kid that he took a chance on and hired from West Beverly many years ago obviously referring to Brandon. Dixon and Silver continued to get closer with talk of a date starting up. Silver decided to try and put the past behind her with Naomi. Naomi is going through the same thing with her parents that Silver went through and then Naomi had proceeded to spread the news all over school. Naomi confronted the woman having an affair with her father. She also found out that the woman was moving into Naomi's beach house which took Naomi and her mom by surprise. The musical that Annie is involved with got a new director, well, actually two. Annie's grandmother took over the play and drove everyone nuts. To no surprise for anyone following 90210 casting news, Brenda got the job of taking over the project in directing the musical. Annie also had the love triangle deal going on with Ethan and Ty. Ethan and Naomi started to grow back closer. Annie had pretty well chosen Ethan over Ty but then got nowhere. She was back with Ty at the end of the episode. Silver becomes my favorite character more and more every week. That character has so many possibilities of story ideas. Naomi is interesting with how they are playing her up. It already has the early Kelly Taylor twist on it where she's not likable in the beginning but then we learn more of her backstory and we see the turn. I'm thinking that they are already in the process of doing that with Naomi. Have I mentioned that I am completely hooked on this show? That sound you might hear is the show rocketing upwards every week on my favorite shows list. Ha ha.

Despite his character being named as the father of Kelly's kid, Luke Perry said in a conference call earlier this week that he still had no interest in appearing on 90210.

Survivor premieres one week from tonight on CBS.

My favorite current comedy, The Big Bang Theory, returns for its second season on Monday, September 22nd at 7pm central time on CBS. We got left with the Leonard/Penny cliffhanger last season and the preview for Monday’s episode sounds very funny. 

Also returning on CBS on Monday night is How I Met Your Mother with the season four premiere. Wow, is it already season four??!! I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with the story this season. Check out the show on Monday, September 22nd at 7:30pm central time.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Burn After Reading - $19.1 million. 2. Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys - $17.3 million. 3. Righteous Kill - $16.2 million. 4. The Women - $10.1 million. 5. Tropic Thunder - $4.18 million. 6. The House Bunny - $4.15 million. 7. The Dark Knight - $4.12 million. 8. Bangkok Dangerous - $2.5 million. 9. Traitor - $2.1 million. 10. Death Race - $2 million.

I watched the first episode of Knight Rider last night. I'm definitely looking to take advantage of any offerings of shows that are available for viewing before they premiere on the networks. Knight Rider was the one last night for me. Enjoyable first episode. The episode continues the story from the recent TV movie. The episode jumps right into the action which I’m sure will be very common for the show. I don’t want to go too much into details so I don’t spoil it. The episode gives us more questions abut Mike’s background and what has happened in his past. KITT has seen some major upgrades and if you love KITT, you’ll get plenty of him. KITT sees plenty of action while showing off those upgrades. I like the talk in the story about how they let KITT learn on his own at times. That plays into the first episode. Anyway, if you’re a fan of the original or just like action shows, give Knight Rider a shot to see what you think. I enjoyed the first episode. Knight Rider premieres on NBC on Wednesday, September 24th at 7pm central time.

I tried to watch the first episode of Fringe. I watched the first few minutes of the show online and just thought, yeah, this just doesn't seem like my kind of show. It may be a great show but it just isn't my kind of thing based on initial impressions.

The Live With Regis and Kelly - Relly Awards winners will be announced next week on the show. The Relly Awards are fun every year so it will be fun to see what kind of surprises are in store this year.

My Name Is Earl returns for its 4th season on Thursday, September 25th at 7pm central time on NBC. It will be a one hour premiere that includes guest star, Seth Green. Here is a clip of Seth Green discussing his experience on the show.
For a sneak peek at the season premiere, check out this video:

I have to say that I knew that was Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live but she looked so convincing that I kept having to do double takes to assure myself that it wasn’t really Palin.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 23rd. Boston Legal (Season Four), Brothers & Sisters (Season Two), C.S.I.: NY (Season Four), Peanuts and Charlie Brown Specials (Holiday Collection), Friday The 13th: The Series (Season One), iCarly (Season One - Volume One), My Name Is Earl (Season Three), Samantha Who? (Season One), This American Life (Season One), Two and a Half Men (Season Four).

You Tube Video Of The Week: Home Made Olympics

Wishing everyone a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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The Entertainment Wrap Up - September 11, 2008 - BB10 Final Two Is Set, Smallville DVD, 90210, & More

The final two is set on Big Brother with the finale airing on Tuesday night. Here is how everything played out since last week. Renny was voted out of the house. Dan won HOH and the houseguests returned to the living room to find a sumo wrestler. The language translation of what he was saying talked of the information that he was sitting on. Dan figured out that there was an envelope underneath him and grabbed the envelope quickly when the wrestler stood up. I watched this play out on the feeds and the mystery of the wrestler was solved in about ten minutes. Dan read the letter in the envelope that discussed a luxury challenge that could effect the game and involved a trip out of the house. The challenge involved a series of clues outside in the yard where they formed a phrase. However, not all of the clues were legit so you had to wait and see which ones were eliminated. Each houseguest was given three chances to name a phrase. You would ring the bell in the backyard and then go to the diary room to give your guess. There were some very funny guesses including Memphis with “fruitless exit” and Keesha’s answer as well. Jerry used all three of his chances way too early. There was a gorilla in the backyard messing with them which turned out to be Jessie. They did figure out that it was him when he made the noise that he was known for making in the house as he walked out of there. The look on the houseguests’ faces were hilarious when they put it together that it had been Jessie out there the whole time. Dan made one guess and after over two and a half hours guessed “bury the hatchet” which was the right phrase to match the clues. Dan won and was given the option of taking one of his houseguests or someone from the jury house. Dan chose to take Michelle from the jury house to try and help his cause on getting jury votes. Dan did not tell the house that he was taking Michelle. He told them that he had the option of taking a houseguest but chose to just go by himself to eliminate any drama that might happen with choosing one over the other. Nominations took place and Dan nominated Jerry and Memphis. Memphis thought the best way to protect their alliance would be to have himself nominated. Well, it fooled Jerry and Keesha for the time being. Dan went on his luxury competition by helicopter to a private beach. Michelle arrived not knowing who had chosen her. She was surprised and they had a nice time. They talked a lot of game and she did think that being picked for this was likely a plea for a vote. Dan did tell her that he didn’t tell the house about taking her to the luxury challenge. Next was the veto competition. Dan had it won but needed Memphis to win. So, he kept taking his time allowing Memphis to get the win so that he could be the one to evict Keesha. Keesha finally figured out that she was going to get voted out and questioned Dan and Memphis on it. They wouldn’t answer her though but Memphis later went to her saying “sorry” but never actually said that he was voting her out. Keesha was very upset and crying obviously and Dan went to talk to her. He put all of the blame on Memphis saying that he was working him to change his mind and vote out Jerry. It really has been amazing with how Dan has been able to deflect the blame to others and also how Memphis has accepted it. Memphis used the veto on himself and Keesha was put up as the replacement against Jerry. Memphis had the only vote and he voted out Keesha. Dan whispered to Keesha on the way out revealing to her that he took Michelle on the luxury win. Dan and Memphis then played up that Dan was mad over the Keesha eviction to fool Jerry. The three part HOH began with part one on Tuesday night. The three had to balance on an airplane (no, not a real one LOL) above the backyard. It was endurance and it was no surprise when Jerry was out first. The plan was for Memphis to throw part one to Dan and he did. They had to make it look convincing though to Jerry including Dan talking trash to Memphis. Part two was between Jerry and Memphis which involved them having to name the HOH and nominees for every week of the season. Memphis finished in 8:35 while Jerry finished in 51:22. Wow, the beating was just as bad as it sounded on the live feeds. That brought us to tonight’s live show. Part three was held tonight with Dan and Memphis answering questions on how they thought jury members would finish certain statements. Dan won four points to two points and is the final HOH. He evicts Jerry which means that Dan and Memphis are the final two.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. Well, we didn’t get to see Renny’s entrance into the jury house but we did get to see Keesha’s. She was met with a cold reaction except for Renny. Funny when Michelle mentioned how she knew something that Keesha didn’t but then Keesha told her she knew about the trip. Keesha and Michelle both said how great of a player Dan was so I think he has their votes locked up. April was hoping for Jerry to make it to the final two so she could vote for him cause of the way the others played the game. Did I somehow miss when April was the only one that played an honest game in the house? That is really what you get out of listening to her jury house interviews. I’ll go ahead and give my overall thoughts on how the final episode will go. Dan is going to win. Jerry is still saying that he is the swing vote in the jury even in his exit interview. There are some people that are going to vote personal but I wonder what Ollie and April are going to do with only having a choice between Dan and Memphis. Dan has played the best game. He’s had others do damage for him in the house and kept his hands cleaner in the eyes of the jury. He’s won challenges when he had to and made some big plays. He has definitely played the best game this season and, if he wins, it will be nice to see a strong player win it cause that obviously doesn’t always happen. I watched last night’s Real Player chat with BB10’s Brian and Steven. This was great stuff and a lot of laughs. It would have been nice to see both of them stay in the house longer. They were hilarious. They also set the highest number for a Real Player chat. They had joked with Angie about how they needed her to put them over the top with the highest chat. She wasn’t able to make it and they said they were going to blame her if they didn’t get it. When they got the news, they looked into the camera saying forget Angie, we didn’t need her anyway. It was funny. A definite advantage having their chat taking place while the season is still ongoing to get the highest chat. I also listened to Angie on a blog talk radio show tonight with her talking to fans which was fun as well.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: There isn’t much to miss at this point in the game as the feeds usually slow down. Sunday was very slow on the feeds especially with Dan gone on the luxury win. Memphis joked later saying that it was just him that was up while Keesha and Jerry slept. Dan and Memphis talked later that night where they discussed how boring the feeds must be right now. Memphis said that it must be like watching paint dry and pointed out how easy it must have been to recap the live feeds earlier in the day with no one talking “for five hours”. Monday night had Keesha finding out that she was going home. She had a cussing rant to Dan where she just voiced all her frustrations in the HOH.

I picked up season seven of Smallville this week. I’ve gotten a chance to watch the extras. I’m a big fan of deleted scenes and there are several scattered across this set. I liked several of the scenes that were cut and there were some where you could definitely tell why they were cut especially for time. There are a couple of very fun featurettes. One is on the history of Supergirl giving perspective on the evolution of the character from her introduction. The other involves the character of Jimmy Olsen. Some of the actors that have played Jimmy Olsen got together to discuss the character. Jack Larson, Sam Huntington, Marc McClure, and Aaron Ashmore got together for a roundtable discussion talking about experiences in playing the character and telling stories. I really enjoyed this and it goes for just about 25 minutes.

Speaking of Smallville, season eight premieres one week from tonight on The CW. Very excited.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Bangkok Dangerous - $7.7 million. 2. Tropic Thunder - $7.2 million. 3. The Dark Knight - $5.5 million. 4. The House Bunny - $5.5 million. 5. Traitor - $4.2 million. 6. Babylon A.D. - $4.1 million. 7. Death Race - $3.7 million. 8. Disaster Movie - $3 million. 9. Mamma Mia - $2.8 million. 10. Pineapple Express - $2.2 million.

I think it is safe to say that I’m officially hooked on the new 90210. I liked the premiere and I thought this week’s episode was fun. The story was predictable but I didn’t mind. The episode revolved around the attempt at family night by Harry and Debbie. It was a tradition of the Wilson’s before they got to Beverly Hills. Annie and Dixon reluctantly agree but start their own spin on how to make the night more enjoyable. Annie gets asked out by Ty while Dixon gets asked by Navid to join him and the guys in an exclusive movie premiere. The plan for both of them is to have the others show up at the bowling alley to see if they can bail early. This was the perfect opportunity to blend in another storyline. That would be Silver. Silver gets asked by Dixon if she would like to join them and she agrees. Silver ends up enjoying it the most which makes complete sense based on the fact that she isn’t even staying at home due to her mom’s alcohol problems. It is revealed that she has been staying at a women’s shelter whenever there is room for her. She is trying anyway possible to avoid home. Family night was her seeing the family life that she wanted and getting a taste of it. While Annie and Dixon are ready to get out of there, Debbie points out that Silver is having the most fun out of all of them. The family all arrives back at home and Silver is set to leave. She is caught by Dixon a little bit later sleeping in her car outside of the house cause she doesn’t want to go home. Dixon and Silver bond over their family situations where he talks of how bad things were before he was adopted by the Wilsons. They reveal to Harry what has been going on and then he talks to Kelly. Kelly confronts Jackie who is very much off of her rocker. It appears that Jackie doesn’t even know where Silver is most of the time and doesn’t bother to check. Silver does arrive and gets caught in the middle of the argument. Kelly says that she isn’t going to let Silver have to deal with what she dealt with in her childhood. Kelly pulls Silver out of there saying that she is moving in with her and her son for the time being. Annie and Dixon did make good with their parents after being allowed to leave bowling early and make breakfast for them at the end of the episode. Other happenings on the show had Kelly and Ryan going out on a date. We got more details on the father of Kelly’s baby as she said that they went to high school together, didn’t see each other for a while, and then got together again. Now, the father wants back in his son’s life. It was funny that Jennie Garth recently said in an interview that she thought the father would be whichever original cast member decided to come back first. Ha ha. Naomi also caught her dad cheating on her mom. It turns out that her mom already knew when Naomi tells her. It had been going on for two years and she even knew the woman’s name but wasn’t about to break up their family. Ethan comforts Naomi but there was still more chemistry between Annie and Ethan in the episode. I think that mostly covers the happenings. Like I said, the show is very paint by number at times but I don’t mind that. I enjoyed the family dynamic of the family night and how it tied together all the happenings on the show. The Silver character was put in a perfect situation in that episode where she sees what she wants to have with the family life and gets that reality for a little while.

The ratings for the second episode of 90210 were down from the premiere which is expected. More people are always going to tune in for a premiere than the following week. Well, most of the time anyway. The show did drop to 3.3 million viewers compared to last week’s 4.7 million.

The new JJ Abrams show, Fringe, premiered on Tuesday with a 5.9 rating for Fox. The show kept the same rating for both hours of the premiere which I thought was interesting. It showed that they didn’t build or lose any of the audience throughout the two hours. America’s Got Talent had the highest rating for the night.

Dollhouse is taking a break from production. The reasoning appears to be that Joss Whedon is taking time to catch up on some script writing. Production will resume near the end of the month.

NBC programming has returned to iTunes. The two clashed over the pricing of the shows last year seeing the two part ways. NBC wanted the price of episodes raised but Apple wouldn’t budge. Now, episodes of NBC Universal shows still run $1.99 for standard definition but now have a HD version available for $2.99 for those interested. Select older NBC programming will be available for $0.99.

TBS has renewed The Bill Engvall Show for another season that will air next summer.

Don’t forget about the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this Saturday night on NBC with Michael Phelps hosting the show. Will we see some SNL alum returning to play the parts for election segments? We’ll have to wait and see.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 16th. Chuck (Season One), Criminal Minds (Season Three), Duckman (Seasons One and Two), Father Knows Best (Volume One), Inside The Actors Studio (Robin Williams), Private Practice (Season One), Pushing Daisies (Season One), Torchwood (1st and 2nd Series), Will & Grace (Season Eight & Full Series).

You Tube Video Of The Week: A fan edited update of the Gremlins 2 scene where the Gremlins take over the movie reel. This is very impressive editing.

Have a great and safe weekend!! Sending prayers down to the south as the hurricane approaches!! Take care and God bless!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Brother 10 - HOH Competition - Part 2 - September 10, 2008

5:30pm Update - The live feeds have been cut off so it appears that part two of the final HOH competition is underway in the Big Brother house. Part two will be between Memphis and Jerry with the winner taking on Dan in part three. I'll post the results when the live feeds return.

7:30pm Update - We still have no live feeds. Surely the competition has to be over by now??!!

7:50pm Update - I've got to think that every Big Brother live feed viewer just did the same thing that I did and that was jump up toward the computer when the feeds finally returned. They were off for around three hours. Memphis has won part two. He will face off with Dan in part three which should be during tomorrow night's live show. Jerry, Dan, and Memphis are sitting in the kitchen talking about the competition so we're only getting bits and pieces of the competition details. It apparently involved answering questions about the season and Jerry just said something that it took him 51 minutes to complete it??!! Wow!! I haven't heard Memphis's time yet but surely it was a lot better than that to win it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Brother 10 - Final HOH Competition - Part One Live Feed Updates - September 9, 2008

The final three is set on Big Brother 10. Not much of a surprise on who was evicted tonight based on watching the feeds. The veto was won by Memphis meaning that he had the power to evict whoever he wanted with Keesha or Jerry. He was on the block and he of course used the veto on himself. Keesha was vicious in her final speech to try and plead for her case to stay. She thanked Dan for being there for her the last couple of days and had nothing to say to Memphis. Memphis voted Keesha out making it a final three of Dan, Memphis, and Jerry. On the way out, Dan whispered something to Keesha. I was hoping to hear what he said to her and did hear it right at the time. Keesha confirmed later in her interview that Dan revealed that he took Michelle on the trip with him. That was no doubt a way to stir things up in the jury house. Dan talked right afterwards in the house about getting revenge for Keesha but he knew that she was going home. They're playing Jerry at this point obviously thinking that there is trouble between them. I have to say that Dan is playing one smart game so far but let's see what happens in the remaining days. The HOH competition began as the show went off the air as this will be part one of three parts to it as always. The houseguests are having to stand on top of an airplane swaying up and down.

SPOILER ALERT!! Here is what is happening on the live feeds as this competition goes on. I'll be updating as the night goes along.

8:15pm Update: The feeds came back around 8:10pm and Jerry was already out. Dan and Memphis still going at it. Not much talk going on among the three.

8:40pm Update: Dan and Memphis still hanging on. Big Brother has a wind machine that kicks up after a period of time and seems to be hitting them with water as well. Jerry is outside watching the competition. Dan keeps telling himself "nose on the plane" as he concentrates on where to look at to keep himself focused. This will be interesting to see who drops out between the two cause they're obviously taking each other to the end unless one of them turns on the other.

8:47pm Update: HOH is over. Memphis is down and Dan wins part one. Yeah, a very anti-climactic competition. You had to know that Jerry would be out early which I'm sure is why they took him to the final three. It would have been a lot more interesting if Keesha would have been in it with the three of them battling it out. I figured this would be a short HOH and it was. Yeah, not quite the marathon that Dick and Zach had last summer in BB8.

9:20pm Update: Dan and Memphis have not talked yet but it is clear that Memphis threw the HOH to Dan. Just waiting for them to have a conversation to hear what their mind set is on the events of the night but it's fairly obvious. Memphis and Jerry are eating in the kitchen. Dan is laying in Keesha's bed looking deep in thought.

9:30pm Update: Finally, they meet. Memphis just went into the room and Dan said that they can't be seen talking to each other until part two is over. Memphis then joked for Dan to get out of his room then. They're talking about whether Memphis can get Jerry to throw part two of the HOH to him. That seems to be the plan which they have already discussed previously.

10:15pm Update: Jerry gets called to the diary room. Time for Dan and Memphis to talk. LOL. Dan asked Memphis if he called him out too much after the show. Memphis said "maybe a little bit but not much". Memphis talked about flipping to decide who evicts Jerry.
Memphis asked Dan what he said to Keesha when she went out of the door. Dan told him that it was about Renny's vote and to "Finish it for me". They are still talking about not being in the same room together to continue to make Jerry think there is problems between them. They are definitely working this argument for all it is worth.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Entertainment Wrap Up - September 4, 2008 - 90210, BB10 Final Four, Smallville Season Seven DVD, Online TV, & More

I want to send my thoughts and prayers to everyone dealing with Hurricane Gustav last week and to those that are in the path of the two new hurricanes as well.

90210 brought some good ratings numbers to The CW on Tuesday night with the premiere. The show had the top 18-49 demographic numbers of the night giving The CW the win in that for, from what I understand, the first time in the network’s history. An average of just about 5 million viewers tuned into the premiere. The show did not approach the number of viewers from the last season of the original 90210 in 1999-2000 but there is a big difference between the size of the audience between Fox and The CW. The CW had better hope that 90210 and Gossip Girl deliver cause that seems to be the only shows that the network is pushing in their season promotional stuff. Would it kill the network to promote one of their highest rated shows, Smallville, a little more?

It was very nice to see the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly with Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty on the cover. Inside was a very good interview where they discuss their history along with discussing 90210 of the past and present. If you’re a fan of 90210, I highly recommend reading the interview as I really enjoyed it.

Hulu will be premiering some episodes of shows before they air on TV. Chuck, Life, 30 Rock, Lipstick Jungle, and Knight Rider will have their first episodes of the season available on Hulu a week before they air.

Season seven of Smallville is released on DVD on Tuesday. It includes twenty episodes and plenty of extras. There are featurettes including one on Supergirl and the other being on Jimmy Olsen. The Smallville Legends Mobisodes will be included that were advertised throughout the season on TV and focus on Kara. Commentaries on episodes with Executive Producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar while also having cast members including John Glover and Justin Hartley. Deleted scenes will also be included.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago about Dr. Horrible. The soundtrack is now available exclusively on iTunes. In its first day of release, the soundtrack ranked at number two on iTunes downloaded albums chart. How long till I buy that? Also, you can buy Dr. Horrible gear at this link:

If you’re a Lost fan, this is something that will be fun. Lost 2.0 begins airing on G4 on September 15th. They are airing all the episodes starting at the very beginning. The 2.0 twist is that there will be on-screen facts throughout the episode along with creator commentaries. Very cool idea to get fans to watch the episodes again. I’m definitely up for checking it out.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Tropic Thunder - $14.6 million. 2. Babylon A.D. - $11.5 million. 3. The Dark Knight - $11.1 million. 4. The House Bunny - $10.1 million. 5. Traitor - $10 million. 6. Death Race - $7.8 million. 7. Disaster Movie - $6.9 million. 8. Mamma Mia - $5.4 million. 9. Pineapple Express - $4.4 million. 10. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - $3.7 million.

Day 59 in the Big Brother house and we have our final four. It is down to Dan, Keesha, Memphis, and Jerry. What happened to get us to the final four? Well, the show left off last week with the Big Brother Fast Forward with Ollie being evicted. The HOH competition took place later that night and the alliance of four got their game messed up when Jerry won HOH. Who wasn’t surprised when he won HOH? Before the HOH, Jerry told the houseguests to at least just talk to him and not cut him off knowing that he was the loner against the group. Memphis commented after Jerry won HOH that it was time to pucker up to the new HOH. Jerry then mentioned that you become very popular when you win HOH. Jerry told Memphis that he wanted a final two deal with him. Memphis agreed but it should be pointed out that Memphis had a final two deal with everyone except Renny. Ha ha. Jerry asked him to not use the veto if he won it. Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha for eviction. Jerry told Keesha that she was not the target for the week. Even with not being on the block, Renny was not feeling safe at all and had an idea that something was going on. There was something going on and that was a plan by Dan and Memphis for Memphis to win the veto and take Dan off leaving Renny the only available person to go up followed by her exit from the house. The veto competition was the houseguests having to look at morphed pictures of the houseguests put into a baby picture. The winner of the veto would be the person who got all the answers right in the fastest time. Memphis won the veto with a winning time of 2:50. Dan was second with 2:58, Keesha was third with 5:16, Jerry was fourth with 8:01, and last was Renny with 23:32. Yeah, Renny did not do well at all. The girls realized that Memphis was not going to get rid of Dan. Memphis and Dan talked about how getting rid of Renny was the best idea cause the other four are “equally hated” with the jury. The feeling was that no one wanted to go up against Renny in the final two cause everyone knew that she would win. Memphis did go to Keesha and tell her the plan. Keesha said that she just hated having to trust Dan cause he is so unpredictable. The veto meeting takes place and Memphis uses it on Dan. There is only one other option so Jerry has to nominate Renny against Keesha. There was never any doubt on who was going home. Renny and Keesha had some nice bonding time over their last moments in the house. Tonight’s live show had Renny going home on a 2-0 vote. The Renegade alliance of Dan and Memphis were the only ones able to vote of course. Very classy exit by Renny and I loved her greeting all the crowd outside the house. That brings us to tonight’s HOH competition. The houseguests were shown a series of pictures from previous competitions in the house. They then had to answer questions about them. Dan won HOH with seven right. Memphis had five and Keesha only had one. The end of the show had the houseguests walking into the living room to see a sumo wrestler sitting there. Julie told the viewers that he held the clue to something in the luxury competition that could change the game. We got subtitles with him saying that he “was sitting on information that you need”.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. Would Jerry have done better in this game if he wasn’t so obsessed with getting Dan out of the house? That was what I was wondering tonight. Regardless of whether he would have, he has been way too determined to get Dan out for weeks now. I did find it funny when he was telling people to send Dan home this week and for them to put personal stuff aside till next week against other houseguests. Well, the personal stuff that others are holding besides what Jerry has against Dan. Ha ha. Well, at least the jury house people aren’t bitter. LOL. Lots of hurt feelings in that house. It seemed like Libra was the only one that seemed fine. She did call it right on who she thought the next two evictees were going to be entering the jury house. Jerry’s fall into the pool this week had to hurt. It looked really nasty especially from the one angle. How funny was Dan and Renny’s conversation arguing over the time difference? Renny couldn’t get it right with what time it was in New Orleans as compared to Los Angeles. Dan and Memphis could not convince her that they were right but she eventually figured it out. It was a funny bit for TV. Speaking of Renny, was she really sleepwalking? She has been a lot of fun this season on the show and on the live feeds. It’s disappointing that she is no longer in the house.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: The live feeds are an absolute mess this year. So many technical problems and more censoring feeds than ever before. It’s really frustrating at times. If you are a live feed viewer, you really need to read the message boards as you watch. That is a big part of the Big Brother experience for me every year. It’s fun to get others thoughts as you’re watching. I laugh so hard at posts on the boards that can be really funny when they catch something that you might not have. Big Brother gave the houseguests a Labor Day treat. The houseguests got a grill and were able to cook a BBQ dinner. An American flag was also set up which was discussed to be Dan’s flag. The houseguests ate outside in the back yard. They also got some cards and were able to play Memory in the living room. Labor Day also fell on Dan’s birthday. A cake was made for Dan which was a football cake. The “happy birthday to you” was cut off of the feeds and off of BBAD on Showtime. Well, at least with this maybe they didn’t have to sing “for he’s a jolly good fellow” like they do for other birthdays. I always think that is lame as I guess “happy birthday to you” is copyrighted music? The group then sat around talking and telling jokes. Jerry came in and hung out with them and the room was very awkward. Dan got called to the DR later and there was an audio leak where he asked the producer how awkward is that room and thanking them for getting him out of there. Jerry sure is working his jury house angle. What is that, you ask? Well, he keeps mentioning that he’s going to persuade the jury to vote for or against whoever he feels if he ends up in the jury house. He has basically been throwing it around as a threat to keep him around but I highly doubt that the jury house is going to care what his opinion is cause they have their own agenda. It will be fun to see how well the houseguests eat now that Renny is out of the house cause she did the cooking.

What Has Happened Since The Live Show: SPOILER ALERT!! The feeds returned at 8:03pm with the houseguests watching the sumo wrestler. He got up and started different sumo routines while he continued to say the line. Dan figured things out after just a few minutes and sat up near him by the couch. The sumo wrestler stood up again for a quick second and Dan grabbed the envelope that he was sitting on. Dan started reading the letter which said that by reading this, you have launched a special luxury competition saying that it would be a trip out of the house for someone and that it could also could impact the game. The letter also said that there would be more details tomorrow. The sumo wrestler then picked up his stool and walked out through the storage room. Lots of speculation on what the trip could be. Some on the message boards are speculating that it could be something to do with some sort of sumo competition taking place in Los Angeles this weekend. Who knows though? Jerry is working his jury “swing vote” story again. He told Dan that the guys should keep him in the house a little longer with him talking about being the “swing vote” in the jury house. About ten minutes later, Jerry told Memphis the same thing. After that, it’s been really laid back in the house with everyone just having small talk.

Bones opened up its new season last night with 9.7 million viewers. The show drew its largest audience ever for a season premiere. I did catch David Boreanaz on Regis and Kelly yesterday morning promoting the show. He is always a great guest.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles kicks off its second season on Monday night on Fox at 7pm central time.

Here is the plan for as far as new content. The site will post more episodes of shows every week with the site saying it should happen normally on Mondays. However, some episodes will be taken off to make way for the new ones. They do say that the episodes won’t be gone forever once they’re pulled down as they’ll cycle back around eventually. For example, I checked out Firefly and the first two episodes are gone but now episodes six and seven have been added. That has happened with many shows on the site so that appears routine. However, season one of Veronica Mars was up on the site completely and still is. Instead of doing season two next, they jumped up into putting up random season three episodes which I thought was strange. One bummer for me with that episode plan is now I’m already out on Everwood. I had planned on checking that show out but now the first three episodes are already gone so I’m not jumping in episodes behind.

Two Olympians are set to appear on Wheaties boxes that will be released into stores later this month. Nastia Liukin and Bryan Clay are the two that have been selected. Liukin is of course the women’s gymnastics all around gold medalist. Clay won the decathlon. What about Michael Phelps? Well, he has inked a deal to appear on Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Not sure when the Phelps boxes will be hitting stores.

Speaking of Phelps, this has to be my favorite of the AT&T commercials about missed calls. I love all of these commercials but the one with the Michael Phelps fan is my favorite. This is something that I could see myself being mad about if I missed a favorite of mine making an appearance nearby.

Jennifer Aniston will be guest starring on this season’s 30 Rock.

I’m not an ER watcher but you don’t have to be to know this news is big. Anthony Edwards is set to return to reprise his role as Dr. Mark Greene. He will appear in one episode on November 13th and his role in the episode will be flashback type moments to fit in with that episode.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 9th. C.S.I. Miami (Season Six), Grey’s Anatomy (Season Four), It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Season Three), Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Seasons One & Two), jPod (Season One), Legion Of Super-Heroes (Volume Three), Medium (Season Four), Riptide (Full Series), Smallville (Season Seven), Ugly Betty (Season Two), Wings (Season Seven).

You Tube Video Of The Week: You Tube in 1985.

Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

90210 Premieres - Thoughts On The Premiere From A Fan Of The Original

The CW premiere party for '90210' in Malibu, California

The new version of 90210 premiered tonight. It should be pointed out that I grew up watching the original Beverly Hills 90210 and it is one of my favorite shows of all time. When the show ended back in 2000, it really was like a feeling of losing family that you had known for so long. I have gotten to where I am really nervous now whenever there is talk of a remake of anything that I loved. You just never know if the remake is going to be good or if it will leave a bad taste on what you loved about the original. That brought us to tonight. The network gave everyone nothing as far as previews. No advance screenings of the show and everyone would have to watch the show at the same time. I did get extremely nervous over the weekend reading some stuff about the show and a scene that was discussed from the first few minutes of the episode. My first thought was, oh no, they’re going to push boundaries and try to shock value this show. I was already concerned thinking that I’m likely to hate this. After watching the two hour premiere, I have to say that I liked it. I was saying that about halfway through the premiere. The show started new stories for the new fans but gave us old fans something to enjoy as well. They were able to introduce new characters, let us see the returning characters, and also hear news about other original characters not seen on the episode, and also able to tie the current new stars into the old show. I will be discussing spoilers so you may want to skip this if you haven’t seen it yet. The show immediately felt like 90210 from the first seconds with the way that the opening was done. Quick shots of Beverly Hills were shown with current mainstream music playing in the background. That was a huge part of the original. 90210 had such big mainstream music in it that it really added more personality to the show. So much that the music is getting replaced on the DVD’s but that is another ranting story. The focus of the new show is on the Wilson’s. Harry and Debbie move back to Beverly Hills from Kansas with their kids, Annie and Dixon, to take care of Harry’s mother. The original series, of course, focused on the Walsh family moving from Minnesota to Beverly Hills. Harry is taking over as principle at West Beverly Hills High. Annie is a theatre girl while Dixon, who was adopted by the Wilsons, is the star athlete and a very smart student. Annie and Dixon have a very good relationship and a strong bond. Annie is very Brenda like as far the first episode with her trying to fit in. They have to blend in as the new kids at a new school in a completely different world. Silver is a great tie between the original and new series. I put everything together quickly when she was introduced. She is called Silver but her name is Erin yet she doesn’t want to go by that. It didn’t take a genius to figure out who that was. Silver is of course the sister of Kelly and David in the original series and is now enrolled at West Beverly High. Just like her brother, she is into the video stuff doing video blogs but does more of a tabloid blog talking about her classmates at West Beverly. Nice scene with her telling her name that finished with Kelly walking in and taking some of her food saying “hey sis”. Insert the new Kelly Taylor, Naomi. Naomi and Annie hit off on a friendship (that sounds familiar). She has a complicated first episode that revolves around a cheating boyfriend, an embarrassment at school, and disciplinary problems due to a copied paper that she took from Annie. Navid is the head of the school’s daily newscast. Ryan is the English teacher that is interested in Kelly. Adriana is the theatre star with a lot of pressure on her. The problem is that she has a drug problem which makes her miss a big audition. Annie appears likely to be pushing her out of her star role in the chorus here soon based on the first episode. That brings us to the romantic story twist of the show involving Ethan. Ethan has ties to Annie from years past but also has ties to Naomi cause that is his girlfriend. Ethan cheats on Naomi which Annie catches in the act. Annie hits it off with another guy who takes her to San Francisco on a secret trip. Ethan is obviously interested in Annie as well. The grandmother? She is a very funny character. Her line of that she took out a SUV made me laugh out loud. More ties to the original series. I felt like such a nerd when I cheered at seeing Kelly, Brenda, and Nat in the same scene together. The thing that would have made that scene better with Brenda walking up behind Nat would have been if she was doing her "Laverne" voice. Some of you will get that reference. ha ha. Here is what we found out about our original characters. Kelly is now the guidance counselor at West Beverly. She has a 4 ½ year old son. No word on who the father is. Silver told the story of how her dad cheated on her mom. So, it sounds like Mel cheated on Jackie once again back when Silver was in 8th grade. He apparently cheated with Jackie's best friend. Silver and Naomi have bad blood due to the fact that Silver told Naomi the secret of the cheating but Naomi spread the secret everywhere. The cheating secret got back to Jackie and it sent her back to drinking. Brandon and Brenda are apparently roaming the world as Kelly told Brenda that she can’t keep track of where they are. Kelly said that she hadn’t seen Brenda since her son was born so the two were together for that moment. The Peach Pit is back obviously and is still the hangout. I noticed that the club was named “The Pit” which makes me think that is Peach Pit After Dark? Next week’s episode had a preview of Kelly confronting her mom saying that she wasn’t going to let happen to Silver with what their mom did to Kelly. Yep, Jackie returns next week. Nice little comments here and there given to us original fans as well such as Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez doing the school announcements. That would be the daughter of Andrea. She only had a cameo but we knew who she was and then we had the line afterwards of “she looks like she is 30”. An obvious reference to the age of the original cast members who played high school students. I picked up on the joke as I’m sure pretty much everyone did. Other thoughts. There was the scene that had been talked about with the girl in the car with Ethan. Yeah, that was pushing the envelope and concerned me that the rest of the show might be that. However, it wasn’t. I didn’t want the shock value and there wasn’t really a lot of that for the rest of the night. I don’t know if they’ll do more shock type stuff for episodes ahead. Very good selection of music used in the episode. Like I said, the original was known for being current and mainstream with music being a part of that. The new 90210 has that going for it too. I won’t go into all the spoilers and details on happenings on the premiere but I found it very enjoyable. I am definitely going to be sticking around and watching it. The show does a good job of mixing both generations of 90210 to where I think new fans and original show fans will be happy. All of us original fans have ties to it with the characters that we grew up with and also the next generation of those characters including Silver. If you’re a fan of the original 90210, I say give it a shot. You may or may not like it but give it a shot anyway to see what you think. If you missed the premiere, you can see the encore of it on Thursday night at 7pm on The CW.

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