Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - August 26, 2010

Well, this wasn't the HOH week that Britney was looking for. I think this week was more of a bad thing than a good thing. When we left off last week, I was cheering as Britney won HOH. She ended up putting Brendon and Enzo on the block. The talk then turned to what would happen in the veto competition. Yeah, this did not go well for Britney. This was one of those veto competitions where you buzz in on punishments or prizes. If you buzz in first to take a punishment, you get more points toward the veto. If you buzz in and take a prize first, you lose points toward getting the veto. The most memorable of this type of competition was during All Stars when Chilltown just kept taking all of the prizes. LOL. Well, it happened again but more in a bizarre way this time instead of humor. The Brigade had one of their own on the block while having Brendon on the block as well. So, Hayden and Lane went for prizes while Britney, Matt, Enzo, and Brendon were fighting for the veto. Hayden took the $5,000 and the trip to Hawaii. Lane took the phone call from home. Britney's reaction was of anger seeing people take the prizes when she is trying to get Brendon out of the house. Brendon and Enzo buzzed in on several punishments to get closer to the veto. Brendon took the 24 hour chum bath, the handcuffing to the houseguest of his choosing for 24 hours and picked Britney, and took a headshaving. Enzo got in there for wearing the penguin suit for the rest of the week. Brendon won the veto and Britney's plans were derailed. The Brigade's plans were on track as they were ready to get Matt backdoored. Britney was furious in the HOH room after it was over and she is seeing that she is doing the dirty work for the guys which is very true. She just doesn't see all of what is going on including how Lane is working her. So, Brendon survived and the guys worked Britney on putting Matt up. They filled her with information on that Matt was the one that took all the prizes cause he felt safe for the week. Britney puts Matt up on the block and now it is Brigade vs. Brigade.

Thoughts On The Week: My thoughts are all over the board this week. Likes and dislikes. Brendon is upset over Britney going back on their deal which is kind of controversial in itself because Brendon has said several times on the feeds that the DR told him that he couldn't nominate Britney. The reason was that he had told her before nominations that she was going up. So, he had to pick someone else. That is what he is saying so you'll just have to go with whatever you believe. I wish Britney could see that these guys are playing her but we really didn't get the full feel that Lane was playing her too until the episode aired last night and we heard his DR stuff. She really has done their dirty work for them and it might be too late now for a change. Pandora's Box returned and it did not go well for Britney. She got a visit from a previous houseguest including advice. It was Jessie and her advice was workout advice. The guys got a BBQ in the backyard including hula girls. So, while she is seeing Jessie, she is also seeing the happenings in the backyard on the TV. Britney also was handcuffed to Brendon for 24 hours this week. The reaction of the house to him taking the chum bath was funny. Britney's reactions in the DR to Brendon cracked me up. Her "help me" line had me laughing. Did you see her getting ready to do the rope hanging sign again before Brendon looked over at her? LOL.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Britney's birthday was on Sunday and she got a birthday cake. She got a song of "for she's a jolly good Britney" from the houseguests. It's so strange that they won't let them sing the normal "happy birthday to you" song. How can that be copyrighted??!! We did not see Jessie on the live feeds. The feeds went off for a bit and returned with Britney telling the story in the living room of what had happened to her which was seen on the show. I was disappointed that the show didn't really air more of her zingers at Jessie that she mentioned. Yeah, she was not a happy camper. The show really made the Britney/Brendon handcuffing deal look worse than it was. Yeah, she hated it but they were civil to one another and I thought they both made the best of it. On The Tip returned this week with it taking place in the HOH room. It was funny and I enjoy seeing them having fun playing up to the fans watching the feeds. Ragan had a moment in the backyard after the veto ceremony where he made an argument over how things were going in the house. I'm not really sure what point he was trying to make and the rest of the house was kind of clueless on it too. Basically, Ragan was hurt about Matt's actions in the house. Not a whole lot of happenings in the house as far as big events. I don't mind that either. Some fans have complained about it but I don't need drama 24 hours a day. Give me this group over BB9 any day. That season almost killed my love for the show. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and everyone has different opinions on things cause we're all different. I like this group for the most part and have enjoyed following them on the feeds. Yeah, some days are more entertaining than others but I thought that Britney's HOH blog put it into good perspective. They're all locked in this house for months and you're going to run out of things to do. Big Brother should give them some new things to do such as new games or something so that is a complaint obviously. I sometimes think that is why they verbally bash each other so much because it's the only thing to do.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: "Help me" - Britney during the DR session handcuffed to Brendon.

So, tonight's live show will have a double eviction. Will there be any more cracks shown of the Brigade? Basically, I'm speculating on whether Matt might blow it up or not. Will Brendon make another HOH comeback? Will Britney survive tonight? Lots of questions to be answered in a fast paced show of Big Brother tonight.

Here is an extended version of the Britney/Jessie clip that CBS has released today.

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