Monday, March 12, 2018

Taylor Swift - Delicate

There is the catchphrase in life of "dance like nobody is looking". When you're Taylor Swift, that is a little hard. Being a superstar makes it hard to not be recognized. However, what if something happened where you suddenly weren't able to be seen? Taylor Swift's new video for "Delicate" is a lot of fun!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Amazing Race 30 Crowns Its Winners

Last night's Amazing Race finale was an edge of your seat episode. The two hour episode started with the final four teams which ended up being one of the toughest leg of races that I can remember. That trend continued into the final leg with the final three teams. I have such huge respect for all the teams in this finale as they competed as hard as they possibly could trying to win this race. One of this included something that wowed me with Henry and Evan overcoming a speed bump task and still finishing first on that leg of the race. That is really incredible to overcome just to stay in the race much less to finish first on the same leg of the race. The final three teams of Jessica & Cody, Jen & Kristi, and Henry & Evan went right down to the wire to try to win. In the end, it was Team Big Brother of Jess and Cody who pulled out the incredible win. Congratulations to them and to all the teams on an incredible finish to the race! I said this on Twitter but I loved watching Jen's reactions to happenings on the race. Her "I love this" reactions to seeing the incredible sights was the reaction that all of us would have seeing locations and doing fun things that a lot of us will never get to see or do. She was the "all of us" reaction of wide eyed. I thought one thing that was so interesting was just how everything balanced out as far as strengths and weaknesses among teams. You might have one team get behind when a task doesn't play to a strength while the other teams get ahead. The next task would often be a strength for the team that was behind. Just really fun to see how everyone competed and fought through these tasks. It was a great season and I was glued watching it! Here is the finish line moment from last night's Amazing Race finale! Thank you to all of the teams, Phil, and all the amazing crew for a great season!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Women of Country - Lindsay Ell

Continuing on with the Women of Country theme. Let's talk Lindsay Ell. Back in 2015, I was roaming around CMA Fest doing the hurry and walk fast to show after show. LOL. The normal with CMA Fest. I got to the park stage and I stopped there for a few minutes. Really enjoyed the atmosphere there. I checked the CMA Fest schedule to see who was next on the lineup. I see the name Lindsay Ell. I've heard of Lindsay Ell. I'm going to stick here and check her out. Lindsay walked out on stage and put on a big show. By the end of her performance, she had made a fan. I've kept up with her ever since and become a bigger and bigger fan. I saw her last year once again at CMA Fest performing in the same place so that was a cool retro moment. The previous time I had only ever heard of her. Last year, I am planning my CMA Fest day making sure I get over there to see her. Love how that works out. Lindsay recently released her album "The Project". This is one I was looking forward to getting. I am still kicking myself that I didn't preorder that thing on her website and get the autographed poster cause that would look really awesome on my wall! But that is beside the point. LOL. What can you do?! Kick yourself and move on. This album is just great from start to finish. "Waiting On You" was the lead single off the album. "Criminal" which is my personal favorite on the album is already picking up steam on radio. The album was "worth the wait". See what I did there with another song title. LOL. Get this album now. I have absolutely loved it. If you aren't following her on Instagram, you're missing a treat. Lot of fun and she is really interactive with fans. She is on tour and she WORKS HARD. So much of her Instagram is traveling. I don't know how she does it. She loves what she does. That is how she does it! Head over to her website at to see her tour dates. I can't wait to see her career grow and grow more. Lindsay is going to be doing great things for many years to come!

Survivor Ghost Island Preview

We're not far off from the premiere of Survivor: Ghost Island on CBS. It premieres on Wednesday, February 28th at 8/7c. The season will focus on the bad decisions made in the history of Survivor. I'm curious to see how this twist plays into the game. Here is a little look from CBS at the new season.

The Women of Country - Danielle Bradbery

It is a good time right now for myself to be a music fan. The last few months have been awesome with so many music releases from my favorite singers. I wanted to cover some of them over the next posts to come. I'm so excited about this current group of ladies and I want them to keep breaking down those doors in Nashville. Keep breaking those barriers. Break through! There is so much talent on the female side of country music and I'm thrilled to see so much new music from many favorites of mine. So, let's start with Danielle Bradbery. She recently released her new album "I Don't Believe We Have Met". Awesome album. Just awesome! Super talented singer. I've gotten to meet Danielle at her CMA Fest meet and greets a couple of times. Really hoping that we get a show from her at one of the many stages at CMA Fest this summer. Her new songs are great. "Sway" was of course the first single off the album. A fun catchy anthem that you just have fun listening to every time. Some of my favorites off the album are "Potential", "Human Diary", "Can't Stay Mad", and my personal favorite "Worth It". There was a lot of buzz on several of these songs in the months leading up to the album release from fans at shows hyping the new music. The hype was real. If you haven't picked up Danielle's new album, go for it. Love it! Here is "Worth It" from Danielle Bradbery.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Big Brother Over The Top - Week One Thoughts

I hope many of you have floated over to Big Brother Over The Top like I have.  Tonight, we will be one week into this game and this new platform of Big Brother with the online only version.  So, I just thought I would go over my week one thoughts. 

Overall, I am absolutely loving it and my lack of energy is a lot due to the live feeds.  I'm sure I'm not alone in saying this but I would argue there has been more game going on in the first week of OTT than the whole season of BB18.  The lack of game play in BB18 was frustrating at times obviously.  I know I'm not alone in saying that.  So, what about the actual feeds?  It has been pretty amazing to watch.  Keep in mind that we never get to see week one on the feeds in a regular summer season.  We always jump in after premiere night.  Everyone already knows everybody.  Alliances have been made.  Competitions won.  We're playing catch up.  With OTT, we have jumped in from the very beginning with the first houseguest walking into the house.  We watched Scott walk in there.  Search the house.  Wait for another houseguest to arrive.  They wait for another houseguest to arrive and so on.  We saw the first impressions of these houseguests to each other on the first night.  We saw the first HOH competition play out.  The nominations announcements.  The veto competition. The veto ceremony.  Seeing the cast photo shoot yesterday on the feeds.  I always wondered the timing of doing those cast photos.  Now, I know.  CBS promised 24/7 feeds and there has been a minimum of a few minutes down over the last week such as the feeds going down right before the veto competition which was likely for producers to instruct the house on the rules of the veto comp.  Last night, we got 2 hours of live diary room sessions which I found fascinating to watch.  The summer season feels so overscripted in the DR often and this was raw interviews.  Great stuff.  Only negatives I have seen so far is that they need to put up more archive stuff and ways for fans to catch up easier.  I love the recap shows but there is a gap in them over the weekend.  If you aren't able to watch the feeds or following people on Twitter to catch up on the major happenings, you'll be lost for a few days.  I'd like to see something fill that gap between the weekend.  Overall though, I am thrilled with how this looks!  Are there things that CBS is going to have to work out?  Of course.  That is true with anything but I'm thrilled with week one so far. 

Let's talk game.  We have the two sisters in the house of Alex and Morgan.  Both have been able to stay under the radar so far.  Jason has said something at one point looking at the memory wall commenting on how alike that they look but that has been in.  Justin has made a comparison note as well.  Other than that, they are right under the radar.  I was fascinated last night watching their DR's where they basically said that neither wanted to work with the other coming into the game and even now.  It is almost like they have been forced to work with one another which is hilarious.  I figured it would be a plan from the beginning.  So far, I'm Team Alex.  I like that she is playing the game and has a great read of the game along with the history of knowledge of it.  I'm just thrilled to have a house full of people ready to play the game and aren't holding back and I'm talking about the majority of this house. Jason was voted back into the house for another shot at this game.  His first week has been nothing short of a rollercoaster.  The first HOH comp was one that I really enjoyed cause it was all strategy.  You couldn't very well throw that competition.  It also saw Monte getting HOH and his HOH week sure has been something.  LOL.  I think he's outed his plans to just about everyone in that house and that was just on that first day of him lining up the one on one interviews.  Jason's game was looking to be a lot of what cost him BB17.  Sitting around in the backyard talking to one group and not moving around.  It has been frustrating to the point of many fans including his girl, Day, calling him out on Twitter for it.  LOL.  Jason's win of veto saved him from a first week eviction.  I was surprised that he won it honestly.  I say that because even the people playing were lined up against him.  Well, except for Danielle who has aligned with him.  They were helping one another. So, the veto gets played and Jason takes himself off the block.  The replacement nominee was Kryssie.  Not a surprise.  Kryssie's main problem seems to be that she just isn't enjoying this experience.  I think she'll openly admit that too.  She has seemingly been miserable in that house from the start of it and that is effecting her game.  It will also likely cost her her game too as even her own alliance of people around her have said they can't defend her anymore.  Let's also not forget that America got to vote the third nominee which was Cornbread.  I really thought he was going to be a fan favorite in the preseason but a lot of things he has said in the house has turned off fans and fellow houseguests.  America also gets a vote in tonight's eviction.  Yesterday, it really looked like Kryssie was gone but the target has moved over to Cornbread. 

Just some random thoughts on week one of Over The Top.  I absolutely love Over The Top!!!!  It's different and it is going to spoil us live feeders like crazy when we go back to blocked feeds next year with BB19.  LOL.  If you haven't checked out Over The Top, DO IT! Go to and you can get a free week of All Access to try it! 

That's it for today! Take care and God bless!  Have a great day!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Big Brother 18 Thoughts - Roadkill Challenge, Veto Results SPOILER

I'll put SPOILER ALERT here as I'm going to be talking live feeds and TV show so stop reading if you don't want spoilers.  We're about four days into the Big Brother 18 live feeds.  I always call Friday "meet your new houseguests" day as that is the first full day of feeds to where you sit back and observe the house.  Not a whole lot going on in the house over the weekend outside of a few random things with conversations.  Voting talk and such.  Jozea is the target to be evicted this week and the goal of the side of the house targeting him is to keep it quiet for a blindside.  Paulie was even talking to Frank at one point about later in the week going to Jozea and saying "wow, this is bad.  I really think I'm going home.  I don't think I have the votes".  Just to stir it up and hype up the blindside more.  So, the guy who thinks he is the master mind Big Brother player is about to get played big time on Thursday.  Get your popcorn.  LOL.  Whew, this guy.  I think he has had one of the worst Big Brother weeks ever and all of it is his own doing.  He's terrible at this game.  Big Brother 101 says that you don't voice that your target is the current HOH!!!!  LOL.  That's just the first of many mistakes by Jozea this week.  Unless there is some out of nowhere turn of votes, he'll be going home this week. We were introduced to the new twist of the Roadkill challenge.  The winner of that gets a secret power of adding a third nominee on to the block.  All houseguests open up a box to reveal if they were a winner or loser in the competition.  The winner can then tell people he won it or keep it to himself.  Frank was the winner this week and he put up Paul up on the block.  Now, here is where we are going to get into more spoilers so SPOILER ALERT!!!  With Frank putting him on the block, that made the veto competition that much more important.  The Eight Pack alliance was very strong in that they couldn't let Jozea win the veto.  He is the number one target for eviction this week.  So, he didn't win veto.  Paul did and was apparently very vocal about his win afterwards.  We haven't seen this of course yet on the show so I'm curious to see how that looks compared to the talk of it.  Veto meeting has occurred over the weekend.  Paul took himself off the block.  Bridgette was put on the block as a replacement.  Target is Jozea and that alliance thinks they easily have the votes to keep him.  As far as the overall cast, I like the group.  Some more than others obviously.  LOL.  I've got about three or four that I'd like to see voted out soon.  It has been mostly a quiet week in the house.  I think things will really pick up with intensity in there when this blindside happens on Thursday.  That will show the battle lines of the house and some that thought they were safe and good in this game are going to panic realizing they aren't safe.  So, that's it for now.  Just some random thoughts on this weekend of live feeds and TV shows. Hope you are having a great day!

Taylor Swift - Delicate

There is the catchphrase in life of "dance like nobody is looking". When you're Taylor Swift, that is a little hard. Being a s...