Thursday, February 26, 2009

Idol, Lost, Survivor, Amazing Race, Conan, Oscars, & More

Three more sent on through to the top 12 on this week’s American Idol. The theme of the judges on Wednesday’s performance show was song choice. Either you picked the right song or you picked the wrong one. Not much in between from the judges on that one. Ones that got criticized for picking the wrong songs included Jasmine Murray, Matt Giraud, Jeanine Vailes, Matt Breitzke, Kai Lalama, and Mishavonna Henson. However there were some definite standouts that got praise from the judges. I felt that the star of this week was Allison Iraheta. She belted out a version of Alone. You know me and I say this every year. Tough to pull that song off when Carrie Underwood is so famous for doing such an incredible version of it. Allison did a very good version of Alone and definitely let people know who she is. Paula said that it was a very Kelly Clarkson type performance. I immediately agreed with that comparison with the style of it. Allison jumped immediately into one of my favorites this season with this performance. If there was another star for the week, that would probably go to Adam Lambert. He had a very strong performance overall as he performed “Satisfaction”. What can be said about Nick Mitchell’s performance? The judges thought it was very fun and entertaining. Simon’s reaction to him was funny including him asking why Nick’s parents were looking at him like they were. I liked Megan Corkrey’s performance and Kara called her a “package artist” meaning that she had everything and just needed the right song to break her out on radio. Tonight’s results show had the announcement of three more people moving on to the top 12. Going through are: Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, and Adam Lambert. Those that competed but did not make it include: Matt Giraud, Jasmine Murray, Mishavonna Henson, Kai Kalama, Jesse Langseth, Matt Breitzke, Megan Corkrey, Jeanine Vailes, and Nick Mitchell. Next week’s shows are going to be the best for me as far as talent that I’ve liked. It contains more of the singers that I’ve been interested in and it’s a bummer that only three of them are going to get to go through. There is always the wild card though.

The CW announced several renewals for next season and I am breathing a sigh of relief with a couple of them. The CW has renewed Smallville, 90210, One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, and America's Next Top Model Tom Welling appears to be on board for season nine so that is great news!! News also came out this week that The CW has given the go ahead for the Melrose Place revival along with the Gossip Girl spinoff. It sounds like The CW's lineup for the fall is just about fully formed.

Another episode of Lost and yet another round of applause from me and my friends watching the episode when it concluded. Lots of information was given about John Locke’s journey after leaving the island. Oh yeah, he’s alive by the way!! Locke ended up off the island and three years into the future time frame meeting with some of the Oceanic Six about coming back to the island. It didn’t go over at all. Interesting stuff with him meeting up with Whidmore. Their meeting left me very confused on just who is fighting the right battle here. How sad was it to learn of Helen passing away? How about the writing detail of having that guy from Locke’s past from the hospital returning to play a much bigger role? Oh, that Ben. That character has to be one of the more complicated characters that I’ve ever watched on TV cause you just can’t figure out what he is up to. Which side is less evil? I think that is the question now. Ben or Whidmore? The other question is what was it that turned Ben on Locke or was he ever working with him in the first place?

Last week’s Dollhouse gave us more background of the overall plot. I saw someone comment that they liked this episode better than the pilot. I have to agree. The ex-cop, Langdon is the one that is watching over Echo after things got really bad at the dollhouse. One of the former dolls did a lot of rage inside the dollhouse but spared Echo for some reason. This episode had our first bonding moment between Echo and Langdon when he helped save her from one of the dollhouse clients. Although, she can’t remember Langdon completely due to her memory getting wiped. However, she does seem to be remembering him a bit. I won’t go into everything that occurred in this episode but I felt like I learned more in this episode than I did last week. Both episodes were good obviously but I did enjoy this one more.

Moving on to tonight’s Survivor. New alliances and momentum were the theme of this episode. The target remained on Erinn after Candice was voted off last week. Erinn and her had hung out together so Erinn was now a target especially by Coach. However, Jerry became another story for the Timbira tribe when he started feeling sick. The momentum remained with the Jalapao tribe as they won the reward challenge and later the immunity challenge. Brendan was picked to go to exile island once again and he was able to choose someone to go with him just like last time. He picked Taj again and they got another clue on the whereabouts of the hidden immunity idol. Brendan found his later on which was attached to the tree mail box. Brendan and Taj made an agreement with each other on who to take the next time to exile island if their names were picked. They didn’t want to make it obvious that an alliance might be happening. Taj said she would tell Steve about the idol while Brendan would talk to Sierra. This would mean a possible four person secret alliance at the merge. After losing the immunity challenge, Coach tried to get a plan going to vote out Erinn. Coach’s final straw with Erinn was her face of possibly being safe when she learned of Jerry being sick. However, the tribe decided to vote out Jerry on a 5-1 vote cause of him continuing to battle being sick. Bummer as I liked Jerry. Seemed like a really nice guy.

Speaking of Survivor, Fancast hosts a live chat with the voted off Survivor cast member every week on Friday afternoons. Here is a link to check it out.

Get ready for the duo of Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter to be returning to a TV near you soon. NBC has announced that Richter will be the announcer for The Tonight Show when Conan takes over in June. Richter is also going to be taking part in some comedy stuff for the show as well. That will be fun having the two of them back together. I also have to say how much that I have enjoyed watching the classic clips of Conan that he showed during his last week of shows. Some of the stuff I had seen but I hadn't seen a lot of it.

Heroes and Chuck continue to fall in the ratings. I can understand Heroes cause I haven't even really liked this current season that much. The show just seems to confuse me this year with the storylines but I still enjoy watching it. Now, Chuck on the other hand makes me wonder what is up with that? Chuck has been REALLY good this season and I think it has been better than season one. Nice story progression and lots of fun stories to follow. Chuck is a show that you really need to watch. I laugh at it quite a bit.

A couple of TV renewals announced as Survivor has been renewed by CBS for two more seasons. The same goes for The Simpsons on Fox as it has been renewed for two more seasons.

The Oscars were held on Sunday night and Slumdog Millionaire did some major winning on the show. Here are some of the award winners:
Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire
Actor In A Leading Role: Sean Penn - MILK
Actress In A Leading Role: Kate Winslet - The Reader
Actor In A Supporting Role: Heath Ledger - The Dark Knight
Actress In A Supporting Role: Penelope Cruz - Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Directing: Slumdog Millionaire
Music (Song): Slumdog Millionaire
Music (Score): Slumdog Millionaire
Film Editing: Slumdog Millionaire
Sound Mixing: Slumdog Millionaire
Sound Editing: The Dark Knight
Visual Effects: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
Documentary Feature: Man On Wire
Cinematography: Slumdog Millionaire
Animated Feature Film: WALL-E
Writing: (Adapted Screenplay): Slumdog Millionaire
Writing (Original Screenplay): MILK

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail - $41 million. 2. Coraline - $11.4 million. 3. Taken - $11.2 million. 4. He's Just Not That Into You - $8.5 million. 5. Slumdog Millionaire - $8.3 million. 6. Friday The 13th - $7.9 million. 7. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $6.8 million. 8. Confessions Of A Shopaholic - $6.7 million. 9. Fired Up - $5.4 million. 10. The International - $4.4 million.

There is news of Jerry Seinfeld working with NBC once again. He is producing a comedy show about marriages called The Marriage Ref. Basically, couples will talk about their marital problems and then comics and celebrities will then decide which of the two is in the right of the problem. The show is going to be very light hearted and is meant to just have fun with some of the comedy that happens in marriages. This has potential to be a fun show for sure.

Moving on to The Amazing Race. Not really any surprise happenings this week. Tammy and Victor continued to finish high in the standings with their first place finish this week. Going home were Steve and Linda who had a tough time. Linda took a wrong turn on the hike and they fought hard to try to get back in it but just couldn’t. Mel’s injury had him having to take a major gamble at the road block. The road block was to parasail down the hill but you had to wait on wind changes possibly keeping you from going. All the other teams went with the option of taking the 60 minute hike instead while he had no choice but to wait. The gamble paid off and they were able to finish in second place. Standings are: 1. Tammy and Victor. 2. Mel and Mike. 3. Amanda and Kris. 4. Margie and Luke. 5. Brad and Victoria. 6. Jaime and Cara. 7. Kisha and Jen. 8. Christie and Jodi. 9. Steve and Linda (Eliminated).

If you're a fan of The Hills, reported some major news about the show's future so here is the link to check it out:

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 3rd. 7th Heaven (Season Eight), ER (Season Ten), The Hills (Season Four), Hotel Babylon (Season Three), My Two Dads (Season One), Nash Bridges (Season Two), Wildfire (Season Three).

TV Line Of The Week: From American Idol.
"At least we remember you. You do your own thing, your own spin. You wear the same shirt like Simon every week." – Kara talking to Nick Mitchell and comparing him to Simon.

Video Of The Week: Conan signs off.

Hope all of you are doing great and I wish you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Music Notes - Gloriana's Music Video Premieres, Idol's Constantine On Fancast Tonight

Hey Gloriana fans!! Gloriana's music video for "Wild At Heart" is now up for viewing. has posted their video online to check out anytime. Really good video!! If you haven't heard Gloriana yet, I highly recommend checking them out!! Here is the link for their video:

Also, if you're a fan of American Idol season 4's Constantine Maroulis, check out Fancast tonight. He will be chatting with fans at 7pm central time throughout tonight's episode of American Idol. Here is the link to check it out:
Fancast will have former Idol contestants chatting every week during the show.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dollhouse Premiere, Lost, Survivor, Amazing Race Premiere, Idol, & More

The Apple Store Soho Presents Meet the Creator: Joss Whedon
I'm going to start with the long awaited premiere of Dollhouse which is the latest project from Joss Whedon. I really liked this show. The premiere was really good but it would be interesting to see what the original pilot was going to be like. The premiere set up the story well and gave us an idea of where the show is going to go. Echo, played by Eliza Dushku, is recruited to the dollhouse which is an underground deal where they are hired for jobs. I went into the premise of the show last week so I won’t go over it again. We get a glimpse of what life will be like for each of them immediately when we see Echo having a great time with a guy and speaking about how she may have finally found the one. Then, comes the treatment and, boom, no memory of it all. She gets put into her first case which involves saving a kidnapped little girl. I should point out that the treatment involves a complete personality download. They become the person that they are downloaded with. Echo becomes a negotiator and works on negotiating a deal with the girl's father and her captives. The problem with the downloading becomes apparent quickly when the personality that Echo was given turns out to be someone that had been captured by this guy previously and she ended up committing suicide. That was a very interesting turn. She was originally pulled off of the case until Boyd had her put back on it feeling that she was the only one who could get the girl back. What had happened was that Echo had the first in person negotiating deal but she freaked out when she realized who the guy was. The girl was saved and the personality that Echo was given did get some major closure over the whole deal. We did see the premise of the story starting when Echo started seeing flashes of memories showing that her memories aren't getting completely wiped. Yes, Amy Acker!! I have missed Amy Acker since Angel ended and love that she is on this show. She plays Dr. Claire Saunders who keeps an eye on all the "actives" to see how they're doing. You really get the feeling that she is going to play a major role in the story as it goes along. On the outside of the dollhouse, we learn about an FBI guy named Paul Ballard who is apparently hot on the heels of tracking down the dollhouse. Interesting twist at the end of the episode where we saw the yearbook video of Echo speaking about her life. During the episode, we also were shown the progress of another "active" named Sierra who was brought in and then put right in on the case at the end. It's always classic to see a Joss show ending with a Grr Argh. Love it. Overall, I really enjoyed the show. You know that I'm going to be tuning in every week. Dollhouse airs on Fox on Friday nights at 8pm central time. You can also check out the first episode on Hulu at this link:

How were the ratings for Dollhouse? Pretty solid numbers as a reported nearly 5 million viewers tuned in. That is actually just about even with the ratings for Firefly years ago from what I’ve heard. It just goes to show that the Joss audience will tune in for his projects. Point me to a Joss Whedon project and I’m in.

How incredible was Lost this week??!! That was an awesome episode!! Me and my friends that watched it together applauded after it ended cause it was so good. I was glued to it. The episode was just perfectly written with how we saw the members of the Oceanic Six arriving back on the island. Well, except for Aaron. It was revealed that they would have to travel on a plane which would travel right into the position of time of where the moving island would be with that either getting them on the island or not. They also had to do everything the same as in the day of the original crash. That meant that Locke was the replacement of Jack's dad. You also had the woman that was escorting Sayid which replaced the marshall that was escorting Kate originally. That all matches up. We saw Jack, Hurley, and Kate all on the island but no sign of Sun and Sayid yet. However, we did get to see Jin who found them as he was riding in the Dharma van. Some random thoughts on the episode. Just what did Ben have to do that got him all bloody? Did that involve his getting even with Whidmore? That would follow up with is Penny still ok? I’m thinking that she is not and that he just got even. Desmond was away for a bit with the group as he had the message for Daniel's mom. Geez, Kate. How cold was she in this episode? She sleeps with Jack and then basically wants nothing to do with him on the plane. I expected some big long explanation on that suicide note from Locke but it turned out to just say to Jack, "I wish that you had believed me". Wow, simple and very effective. Anyone else think that the woman escorting Sayid looked like Idol 6 winner, Jordin Sparks? How great was it that Frank was on the plane? He is happy to see Jack until he looks and sees the rest of the group onboard as well. Then, he gets his question to Jack of "we're not going to Guam, are we?" answered. That was great stuff!!! The airline logo is that logo that kept flashing in the season five music video promo that was set to The Fray’s song. I was wondering when we would see that logo. I can’t wait for the next episode!!

Three people have made it on to the final twelve on American Idol. After the competition this week, Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, and Michael Sarver have moved on. I'm definitely all for Danny and Alexis as I have been fans of theirs from the beginning. I don't know enough about Michael just yet but he is very talented. Alexis Grace just comes off like a star. She is going to go very far in this competition. Danny is much the same. He is going to carry on far too. The unfortunates that competed this week but didn't make it through included: Brent Keith, Jackie Tohn, Ricky Braddy, Ann Marie Boskovich, Casey Carlson, Stevie Wright, Anoop Desai, Tatiana del Toro, and Stephen Fowler.

Lost and American Idol will go head to head on March 11th as Fox is switching American Idol's time slot on Wednesdays. Yeah, I'm picking to watch Lost head to head. Not even a question.

Wonder what some of your past Idol contestants are up to? Well, Taylor Hicks has been on Regis and Kelly this week taking part in their dating contest. It has been fun and he took part in the dating game type of deal today where he picked his date. Katharine McPhee appears to be set to make an appearance on CSI: NY.

Tonight’s Survivor showed that the target remained on Sierra’s back from her tribe. Sierra still went after the hidden immunity idol and decided that she needed help with it. So, she went with the one person that didn’t vote against her in the first of the game which was Brendan. The two searched for the idol and were digging a major hole in the beach when the rest of the tribe worried about if they were ok cause they had been gone for so long. Debbie walked up on them and Sierra had the great story of that they were building a fire pit for a beach bonfire for later. Everyone seemed to buy the story but the task to find the idol was called off. The immunity challenge was held next and was a rough one. Basically, a ball was thrown out in the water and you had to go for it and throw it in the hoop. Kind of like a football meets basketball challenge in water cause you could do whatever to stop them. These challenges are always rough. Jalapao won the immunity challenge. They were able to choose who would go to exile island on the other tribe and they chose Brendan. A twist with that though is that Brendan got to choose a member of Jalapao to go with him. He picked Taj. He did get a clue on the immunity idol and also the option of switching tribes. He wasn’t about to change tribes but did let Taj in on the clue. Kind of a useless clue though as it said “homelands” making it sound like the idol was back at camp but is a different idol from the one that he had been looking for. Speaking of Taj, I am not sure if revealing that you’re the wife of NFL superstar Eddie George is a good idea. People are just looking for reasons to vote people out and revealing something of that magnitude often works against you. At Timbira, talk turned on who to vote out. The target was originally Sierra but Coach and Candace had started clashing. The plan then turned to voting out Candace. She was indeed voted out on a 7-1 vote and was blindsided.

While we wait in very impatient and hopeful anticipation for a Veronica Mars movie, it has been announced that Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas will be teaming up in another project. Thomas is producing a show for Starz which is called Party Down. The show premieres on Starz on Friday, March 20th and Kristen Bell will be appearing on the show in its season finale in May. Very exciting news.

One of my favorite comedies, My Boys, is set to return for its third season on March 31 on TBS.

An all right premiere of The Amazing Race. Nothing can't miss just yet but it is only one episode. The teams started from Los Alamitos, CA and were on their way to Switzerland. As far as challenges, it was some tough ones. To start, the teams had to send one of their own to bungee jump off of the second highest bungee jump in the world. It looked intense!!! After that, it was taking rolls of cheese down a very steep and slick hill. Finishing in first place for the leg of the race was Margie and Luke. So impressed with them. Luke is deaf and said that he doesn’t even read lips that well. So, his mom is his link to what is going on in this race. Wow, they did so good and have made teams take them seriously. Not far behind them in second and third was Tammy & Victor and Mark & Michael respectively. Last place came down to a foot race between two teams. Jodi & Christie were able to beat Preston & Jennifer to the line. Preston & Jennifer are the first ones out of the race. Here are the standings at this pit stop. 1. Margie and Luke. 2. Tammy and Victor. 3. Mark and Michael. 4. Mel and Mike. 5. Amanda and Kris. 6. Brad and Victoria. 7. Jaime and Cara. 8. Kisha and Jen. 9. Steve and Linda. 10. Christie and Jodi. I really liked the new opening for the show with had a new music mix and also a new look to it as well. It looked really sweet.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Friday The 13th - $43.5 million. 2. He's Just Not That Into You - $22.3 million. 3. Taken - $21.8 million. 4. Coraline - $18.8 million. 5. Confessions Of A Shopaholic - $17.8 million. 6. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $13.5 million. 7. The Pink Panther 2 - $10.76 million. 8. The International - $10.70 million. 9. Slumdog Millionaire - $8.7 million. 10. Push - $7.9 million.

Fun NBA All Star Weekend. Seeing Shaq and Kobe teaming back up together was fun. They put the exclamation point on the reunion by sharing the MVP award for the All Star Game. How great was Shaq with his dancing during the player introductions? One thing about Shaq has always been that he is an entertainer besides just a basketball player. Good for Kenny Smith and Reggie Miller calling out LeBron James about entering the dunk contest. After Dwight Howard dunked the 12 foot basket with ease, LeBron committed to enter next year and said that he could dunk a 13 foot basket. I get tired of the stars not entering the slam dunk contest claiming that it makes them limited as only a dunker. It just another event and isn’t going to overshadow your career. Good for LeBron for jumping in and I look forward to a possible LeBron/Howard matchup next year in Dallas. The three point shootout was just kind of eh to me this year. It wasn’t really that exciting. Bulls rookie, Derrick Rose, won the skills challenge.

Note to Nascar. Start your races earlier. You could get so many more races in if you would start them at a decent time. This weekend's Daytona 500 didn't get the green flag till almost 4pm Daytona time. The rains came almost 3 hours later. If the race had been started earlier in the day, there would have been no problem getting the race completely done. I don't know why Nascar is so obsessed with starting races so late in recent years but I'm sure its ratings driven.

USA has cancelled The Starter Wife.

Conan O'Brien's last week of programming is currently ongoing. He has been airing old footage all week of his run of shows. He will take over The Tonight Show in a few months and is ready to move out west. Jimmy Fallon will be taking over for Conan on March 2nd. I’ll definitely miss seeing Conan on Late Night and wish him all the best of success with The Tonight Show.

I'm going to have to see Race To Witch Mountain starring The Rock. That looks like a fun movie. Quite a few movies that I want to see coming up so I'll have to make some trips to the theatre.

Speaking of movies that I want to see, how about the new trailer for Transformers 2? It looks incredible. I was a Transformers fan growing up and was very concerned upon the news of the movie a couple of years ago. Just one of those fears of a long time fan saying "please don't mess this up" if you're going to do it. I loved the movie and am really looking forward to seeing the sequel this summer. The release date has been moved up to June 24th. Here is a link to check out the trailer and more info.

If you didn’t see it, The Simpsons has a new opening to go along with their high definition launch. I thought it looked really cool just in standard defintion and it was nice to see it get updated.

Want to storm chase with Reed Timmer and the crew but can't go in person? Well, you're in luck. The TVN crew is about to launch a new live streaming video system. This will include storm reports, radar, GPS locations, watches and warnings, and more. I will definitely be checking this out!! The TVN crew was of course featured on season two of Storm Chasers.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, February 24th. Breaking Bad (Season One), Girlfriends (Season Six), Just Shoot Me (Season Three), The Lair (Season Two), Make Room For Daddy (Season Six - Volume One), My Wife and Kids (Season One).

Line Of The Week: From Lost. Jack asks Ben about the fate of the others that happened to end up on the plane with the members of the Oceanic Six. Ahh, that cold blooded Ben. The writers give him great lines.
“The other people on this plane. What is going to happen to them?” - Jack
“Who cares?” – Ben

You Tube Video Of The Week: Yeah, I have to promote the new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse, so here is a feature on the story of the show.

Hope all of you are doing great and I wish you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Survivor Tocantins Premiere Thoughts

Survivor Tocantins premiered tonight on CBS and was a very fun premiere. The tribes were already split on arrival. Jeff Probst gave them 60 seconds to grab everything that they could grab off the truck as far as supplies to use in the game. One tribe left with no water and no bags of food. The game started with a twist of first impressions. Each tribe had to vote immediately on who would not be making the four hour trip to camp. Read those words carefully. There were two targets. Sandy was picked out because of her age by Jalapao. Sierra was picked out by Timbira cause of her looking sick on the way out there. She was sick as she had a 102 fever and sore throat that she had been battling. The expected twist was that they would not be able to play. That wasn't the case. Instead, they got a helicopter ride straight to camp avoiding the four hour journey in the 110 degree heat. Upon arriving at camp, both that got the votes were able to pick between either searching for a hidden immunity idol or to go ahead and start building camp. Sandy went for the idol thinking she had to find it to stay. Sierra decided to go for building camp as a way to show good in herself to the tribe upon arrival. Sierra had camp up by the time the tribe arrived and was greatly appreciated for it. Sandy had nothing done and no idol. She did take some criticism from Carolina on it but Sandy's opinion was that she had no respect anyway so what was there to lose? Sandy spent day two out looking for the idol again which made the tribe think that she was being antisocial. Not helping her case but she had to do what she had to do. The immunity challenge had the poetic justice of Sierra and Sandy leading the charge for their tribes. Sierra and the Timbira tribe were able to make a comeback to win immunity. Carolina rubbed people wrong upon their arrival back at camp. It was clear that the votes would come down between Sandy and Carolina. Sandy earned a lot of respect for how hard she fought in the challenge. That led the votes to Carolina. She was voted out on a 7-1 vote. Other thoughts on the premiere. That heat is going to be vicious for sure. 110 in the early part of the day. WOW. I'm interested to see how Spencer does with being the youngest player in the game's history. I'm glad that Sierra got that trip to camp cause I'd be very concerned with her making that four hour journey with a 102 fever.

Dollhouse Set To Premiere On Fox

Joss Whedon fans. It's go time!! Dollhouse premieres tomorrow night, February 13th on Fox at 8pm central time. Here is the basic premise of the show. Basically, the dollhouse is full of people that continue to be programmed to carry out jobs. They have had their personalities taken away. They are hired to carry out jobs or become whatever the client asks them to be. They do the job and then are reprogrammed with no previous memory of what they had happen to them previously. The show's main character is Echo played by Whedonverse alum, Eliza Dushku. Echo begins to have memories of things that have been happening to her so her memory is not being wiped clean. Very excited to check it out. The network didn't do the show any favors by placing it on Friday night so that concerns me. I do like the combination of Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse though.

Lost, Heroes, Dancing With The Stars Cast, 90210, Big Bang Theory, & More

Michael Ausiello over at Entertainment Weekly has the latest on the rumored Veronica Mars movie as it sounds like we're getting close to crunch time on whether it will happen. I'm definitely hoping big for us to see the movie happen!!

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. He's Just Not That Into You - $27.7 million. 2. Taken - $20.5 million. 3. Coraline - $16.8 million. 4. The Pink Panther 2 - $11.5 million. 5. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $10.8 million. 6. Push - $10 million. 7. Slumdog Millionaire - $7.1 million. 8. Gran Torino - $7.1 million. 9. The Uninvited - $6.2 million. 10. Hotel For Dogs - $5.7 million.

The Big Bang Theory had its all time high rating on Monday night. The more impressive thing for me was the fact that it did this out of its usual time slot. The president spoke during its normal time slot which bumped The Big Bang Theory back to 8:30pm central time. 13 million watched Leonard's mom make her character debut. I have to give all kinds of kudos to the actress that played her, Christine Baranski, cause she was fantastic. She was really dry in her delivery and her appearance in the lives of the group sent their worlds upside down. Wouldn't you know that her and Sheldon would hit it off? ha ha.

I really enjoyed this week's Heroes. I found myself enjoying it more than last week. Maybe I was just in a better mood watching it. I don't know but it was a fun episode. Upon the crash, the Heroes were off and running trying to get away. The stuff with Claire and her dad was fun where she had to battle him on what she thought was right. Even after being sent home, it looks like she is not out of this fight yet. The bargaining with Nathan/Peter/Tracy was interesting this week but it didn't end well for Tracy. Good thing that Peter absorbed that flying power just in time!! Bye bye Nathan. He is going to have his hands full with his mother anyway based on what we saw near the end of it. It wasn't looking good for Daphne as I'm assuming they killed her off?? If that is true, that is yet another character that I liked on the show that has been sent out of there. Bummer. Sylar is still searching for his father and it provided for some good episode viewing this week where I'm assuming he may have found his brother who also has an ability.

I am loving this time traveling on Lost. It's also this feeling of what is going on??!! You just never know who is going to pop up. Jin's journey through time of being with Danielle was very interesting as we see the whole story with her history taking a spin as she was shooting the people with her cause she thought they were all sick after being taken by the smoke monster. Jin and Sawyer's reunion was fun to see. Their time traveling with Locke got their journey to The Orchid. I didn't expect to see Jack's dad being the one to greet him!! So, is he Jacob??!! My mind was already wondering if Daniel was Jacob before that after I heard Charlotte talking about seeing Daniel before and how scary of a man that he was. Speaking of Charlotte, time traveling finally finished her off. She did reveal to him that she had been on the island before and spent her life trying to get back there. She was told that if she returned, she would die. Jack and Ben were only able to get Sun back (out of the Oceanic Six) to what turned out to be Daniel's mom who is apparently the only one able to get them back to the island. Nice reveal with Desmond showing up who was looking for the same woman. Sun was pulled back in after Ben told her that Jin was alive. What about Locke? Well, he and Jack's dad met where Locke was told that he was the only one that was supposed to move the island and not Ben. He would be the sacrifice to get them all back to the island. I loved the last line of "say hello to my son" while Locke had no clue who his son was. Just a great episode. I can't even cover it all but it was a lot of fun!! These are all mostly random thoughts obviously cause I can't even begin to recap all that.

The new season of The Amazing Race premieres Sunday night on CBS.

Valentine's Day went well for some and not so well for others on this week's 90210. Wow, just how over the top is Silver now? Plus, she is freaking Dixon out. If there was any sign that she too over the top, it was the tattoo with his name. Annie and Ethan didn't have a good one after issues with his hanging out with Rhonda. Rhonda told them a very personal story involving her past and Annie ended up using it in her acting class. Ethan overheard this too and it kept them apart on Valentine's Day. Ethan and Rhonda hung out at the dance together and she ended up hurt when their connection grew despite him still being with Annie. Navid ended up back with Adrianna at the end of the night after her lousy Valentine's Day which was anything but a normal one considering her situation. Naomi's day seemed to go well until the bartender that she had been flirting with turned out to be in high school student with her. It was funny to see Naomi and Silver getting along again for a little while especially with her cashing in a favor from when they were twelve. Yeah, I'm waiting to see just what kind of major fallout that there is going to be with Silver and Dixon.

The cast of the new season of Dancing With The Stars has been announced. Here is a list of who will be particiating. Lil' Kim, Steve-O, Lawrence Taylor, Nancy O'Dell, Shawn Johnson, Denise Richards, Chuck Wicks, Gilles Marini, Belinda Carlisle, Steve Wozniak, David Alan Grier, Jewel, and Ty Murray. Good list of names for this season. ABC is really playing up the promotion of the show talking about husband and wife, Murray and Jewel, battling it out. Shawn Johnson becomes the youngest contestant ever on the show. The new season starts on Monday, March 9 at 7pm central time.

There was no new How I Met Your Mother this week but if you would like to check out Barney's video resume from last week's episode, here is the link:

I'm a huge Chicago Bulls fan and I just wanted to take a moment to recognize Johnny "Red" Kerr getting honored last night at the United Center in Chicago. Johnny Kerr was the first coach of the Bulls and has since been such a huge part of the organization. He has worked as a commentator and would host all the retirement ceremonies and championship rallies. I grew up watching the Jordan/Pippen era of Bulls basketball and so many of the great plays that I remember have Johnny Kerr calling the action. Seeing Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and so many of the legendary Bulls returning to pay tribute to him was great. I'll always remember the tradition of Michael going by and slapping that powder by Johnny as he would pass by him. It was a pregame tradition that they had a great time with over the years and Michael also did this during the ceremony. President Obama even recorded a message for him as well that was played at the ceremony. Johnny Kerr deserved every bit of that tribute and more which also included his own statue that will be at the United Center. Thanks for all that you've done for the organization, Red!!

Speaking of the NBA, this weekend is NBA All Star Weekend from Phoenix. One of my favorite sports weekends of the year.

Cartoon Network announced that they are bringing back Star Wars: The Clone Wars for a second season. The show has performed very well on the network.

Here are some of the winners of this past Sunday's Grammy Awards.
Album Of The Year: Raising Sand by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Male Pop Vocal Performance: Say by John Mayer
Female Pop Vocal Performance: Chasing Pavements by Adele
Record Of The Year: Please Read The Letter by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
New Artist: Adele
Rock Album: Viva La Vida or Death and All Of His Friends by Coldplay
R&B Album: Jennifer Hudson
Pop Vocal Album: Rockferry by Duffy
Song Of The Year: Viva La Vida by Coldplay
Country Performance By A Duo or Group With Vocals: Stay by Sugarland
Country Song: Stay by Sugarland
Female Country Vocal Performance: Last Name by Carrie Underwood
Male Country Vocal Performance: Letter To Me by Brad Paisley
Female R&B Vocal Solo: Superwoman by Alicia Keys
Male R&B Vocal Solo: Miss Independent by Ne-Yo

TV On DVD releases for Tuesday, February 17th. The Beverly Hillbillies (Season Three), Food Paradise (Season One), Law & Order: SVU (Year Eight), The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest (Season One - Volume One), Sabrina The Teenage Witch (Season Five).

TV Lines Of The Week:
From Heroes
"Well, I don't even need an ability to know that's a lie" Sylar to Luke when Luke told Sylar that his mother hated him. She said that she didn't.

From American Idol
"Paula that was so generous to promote your jewelry on live television. Seriously, not many people would do that." Simon to Paula after she gave Tatiana some of her jewelry. I thought that was a funny Simon line.

Video Of The Week: Do you know someone that tends to spoil shows for you? Here is a funny clip from G4 on how they would deal with this calling it "spoiler interruptus".

Wishing all of you a great and safe weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

American Idol Top 36 Announced

Down to the Top 36 on American Idol. Hollywood week concluded with the judges finalizing their selections on who would move on. Here are the final 36 and then I will discuss a change from what we saw on the show.
Adam Lambert - 26 years old from Los Angeles, CA
Alex Wagner-Trugman - 19 from Studio City, CA
Alexis Grace - 20 from Memphis, TN
Allison Iraheta - 16 from Los Angeles, CA
Anne Marie Boskovich - 22 from Nashville, TN
Anoop Desai - 21 from Chapel Hill, NC
Arianna Afsar - 16 from San Diego, CA
Brent Keith - 28 from Blanchester, OH
Casey Carlson - 20 from Minneapolis, MN
Danny Gokey - 28 from Milwaukee, WI
Felicia Barton - 26 from Virginia Beach, VA
Jackie Tohn - 27 from Silver Lake, CA
Jasmine Murray - 16 from Starksville, MS
Jeanine Vailes - 27 from Sherman Oaks, CA
Jesse Langseth - 25 from Minneapolis, MN
Jorge Nunez-Mendez - 20 from Carolina, PR
Ju'Not Joyner - 26 from Bowie, MD
Kai Kalama - 26 from San Clemente, CA
Kendall Beard - 23 from Austin, TX
Kris Allen - 23 from Conway, AR
Kristen McNamara - 22 from Napa Valley, CA
Lil Rounds - 23 from Memphis, TN
Matt Breitzke - 27 from Bixby, OK
Matt Giraud - 23 from Kalamazoo, MI
Megan Corkrey - 22 from Sandy, UT
Michael Sarver - 27 from Jasper, TX
Mishavonna Henson - 18 from Irvine, CA
Nathaniel Marshall - 18 from Malone, NY
Nick Mitchell - 27 from Brookfield, CT
Ricky Braddy - 25 from Nashville, TN
Scott Macintyre - 23 from Scottsdale, AZ
Stephen Fowler - 26 from Beachwood, OH
Stevie Wright - 16 from Phelan, CA
Tatiana Nicole Del Toro - 23 from Los Angeles, CA
Taylor Vaifanua - 16 from Hurricane, UT
Von Smith - 22 from Kansas City, MO
Now, here comes the scoop today on some changes to the final 32. Joanna Pacitti was picked in the final 32. However, Fox released a statement today saying that she is "ineligible to continue". There has been some controversy on her from fans due to her having a previous recording contract. She has been replaced by 26 year old Felicia Barton. I just thought I'd share some random comments on the week. I really liked how Hollywood week was stretched out this year and it gave us more of a feel of a lot of the singers. However, there are still some that have barely got TV time. Definitely not liking that Jamar Rogers went home especially when there were people that went through that forgot lyrics!! He was way too talented and the room was stunned when he was eliminated. I thought Danny Gokey rocked this week. Really liking him. I know we'll see Jamar back supporting him cause I'd be stunned if Danny doesn't make top 12 at least. How about Tatiana? Wow, people just didn't know what to make of her. That waiting room freaked out when she was moved in there. They definitely didn't know if they were safe then but it turned out that they were. I liked a lot of the performances this week. Here are my favorites of the final 32. I've said Danny Gokey already. I like Arianna Afsar, Alexis Grace, and Scott Macintyre. My middle ground on who I just can't make my mind up on and need to see more of include Kendall Beard, Kristen McNamara, Casey Carlson, and Von Smith. Can you tell I prefer female singers over male singers? ha ha. There are a lot of big voices in this competition that I didn't mention that I know will go far but I'm just naming favorites. Anyway, it should be fun to see how this goes from here. There are some definite big personalities in this field and I definitely got the feel that some of the people that got through did so with more personality than their voice.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gloriana Update - Touring With Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler

Gloriana has announced that they will be touring with Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler this summer on Taylor Swift's first headlining tour. Very exciting news and I'm thrilled for them!! The tour starts on April 23rd in Evansville, IN and continues through the fall. If you haven't read my review of their concert that I attended, check out the link on the main page. I also had the pleasure of meeting them as well. I'm a big fan of theirs for sure and wish them plenty of success. Such a great sound!! They have done a very cool video that is an introduction to Gloriana. Check it out as it is a really fun video.

Back To The Future DVD's Released On Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009. Back To The Future hits stores once again on DVD. You may remember that the trilogy was released in stores several years back. At that time, you had to buy all three of them as part of one trilogy set. This release gives you the option of buying each movie separately. Back To The Future Part 1 is a two disc release while the other two parts are one disc a piece. Here is a list of the bonus features on the DVD's.

Back To The Future 1
Disc 1:
The Making of Back to the Future
Making the Trilogy: Chapter One
Q&A with Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Bob Gale
Enhanced Conversation with Michael J. Fox
Feature Commentary with Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton
Deleted Scenes
Did You Know That? Universal Animated Anecdotes
Original Makeup Tests
Production Archives
Excerpts from the Original Screenplay
Theatrical Teaser Trailer
Cast & Filmmakers
Production Notes
DVD-ROM Features Including Total Axess
Special Announcements

Disc 2:
Back to the Future...The Ride
Looking Back to the Future
Back to the Future Night
Michael J. Fox Q&A

Back To The Future 2:
The Making of Back to the Future Part II
Making the Trilogy: Chapter Two
Q&A with Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Bob Gale
Feature Commentary with Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton
Deleted Scenes
Did You Know That? Universal Animated Anecdotes
Production Design
Designing the DeLorean
Designing Time Travel
Hoverboard Test
Evolution of Visual Effects Shots
Production Archives
Huey Lewis & The News "Power of Love" Music Video
Theatrical Trailer
Cast & Filmmakers
Production Notes
DVD-ROM Features Including Total Axess

Back To The Future 3:
The Making of Back to the Future Part III
Making the Trilogy: Chapter Three
Q&A with Director Robert Zemeckis and Producer Bob Gale
Feature Commentary with Producers Bob Gale and Neil Canton
Deleted Scene
Did You Know That? Universal Animated Anecdotes
Designing the Town of Hill Valley
Designing the Campaign
Production Archives
The Secrets of the Back to the Future Trilogy
FAQ's About the Trilogy
ZZ Top "Doubleback" Music Video
Theatrical Trailer
Cast & Filmmakers
Production Notes
DVD-ROM Features Including Total Axess

I'm sure one question that you fans may ask is whether there is anything new with this DVD release that wasn't on the original DVD release. The answer is yes. New stuff on these DVD's are the Back To The Future...The Ride feature and the Looking Back To The Future documentary. The television special Back To The Future Night is also included on this set. I am a HUGE Back To The Future fan so I will be double dipping on this set and buying it again. I'll have thoughts on the new set on the site in the near future.

For more info on the DVD release , head over to:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Entertainment Wrap Up - February 6, 2009 - Heroes & Chuck Return, Lost, Smallville, Super Bowl, & More

The ratings for this year's Super Bowl were very strong as it just narrowly had less viewers than last year's as there was an average of 95.4 million viewers for the game. It made it the third most watched telecast ever behind last year's Super Bowl and the finale of MASH.

Several clever Super Bowl commercials this year but I just wasn't into a lot of them. I'll post my favorite later on in the Wrap Up but I also had to post this one which saw a tie of Heroes to the Super Bowl. Loved it!!

Speaking of Heroes, lots going on this week as the Heroes were kidnapped one by one by Nathan and his crew. It seems like so much has gone on with this show this season that I constantly need a refresher of happenings. Me and my friends that I was watching with were having to help each other at points with the happenings since it had been a while in between episodes. Things happening included all of them being kidnapped on a plane and then Claire freeing Peter allowing others to be freed as well. The cliffhanger was the plane going down. So, Noah and Claire were working on different sides? That seems to happen a lot where they're not on the same page. Peter can absorb powers again. That is nice to see again because Peter with powers is much more fun. Wild to see Ando as the one with all the hype now instead of Hiro due to him having powers. Sylar was tracking down his father and to the surprise of no one, Sylar is alive. I'm curious to see what happens when this plane lands on Monday night.

Hollywood week on American Idol. I love Hollywood week. Tons of drama. I'm just glad that it didn't get shortened this year cause this is where we learn quite a bit about the singers. Round one had the singers put through boot camp of working with stylists and vocal coaches. They would form a line and then have to sing acappella. The judges would then eliminate people. I was surprised to see Von Smith eliminated but he way over sang that song. That was one of a few surprises on the show of people cut in the first round. Second round was group day. Here is your drama. This is where people have to work with others. Good ones get brought down a lot sometimes when they end up in a bad group. The episode mostly focused on three groups that were not getting along. Tatiana was roaming from group to group but ended up staying with her original group. All four in her group did well when it came to performance time and went on to the next round. Team Diva had mixed results. This involved Katrina, Rose Flack, Jasmine Murray, and Lauren Barnes. They just could not get it together and at one point, Katrina quit on them. She showed back up at show time but they struggled. Only one that got through was Jasmine. How about Team Compromise? What a mess!! They didn't get along at all. They consisted of Nathaniel Marshall, Kristin McNamara, and Nancy Wilson. They were also a part of the Tatiana problem cause they were the group that she tried to join which didn't set well with everyone. Huge drama with this group. Kristin and Nathaniel went through but Nancy went home and she was not happy about it. Two of my favorites in this competition have become Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers. They have torn up Hollywood week and have been strong. Nice to see their friendship even having them teaming up in the group day. 75 people got through to round three of Hollywood week which we'll see next week on American Idol.

We're definitely seeing the history of the island on Lost. Jin lives!!! Well, I guess anyway. So, has he been floating around out there in the water and time traveling like everyone else? And, he met Rousseau as a youngster and is now with her family. How is that going to play into everything? Did the island want Jin alive? Is there any hope for others that haven't made it along the way? I think we're going to see a lot of previous cast members showing up especially with the time traveling. There was a big twist last week with us getting the reveal that Charles Whidmore was on the island at one point. They just keep bringing us big twists in the history of him and Ben. What is up with Sun anyway? I'm thinking that can't end well. She has Aaron as Kate had left him with her as Kate tried to figure out who was behind the custody deal. Should have known that it was Ben. Sun was pulling a gun the last time we saw her heading toward the group of reunited Oceanic 6 members with Ben. Sad scene with Sawyer seeing Kate while he was time traveling. What is up with the bleeding from the nose by several of them? That can't be a good thing.

Moving on to tonight's Smallville. Wow, what an episode!! Lots of happenings. I just had to think that nothing good was going to come of Lana's idea of becoming invincible. It ended up costing Clark and Lana their love. Tonight's episode had Oliver buying into Luthor Corp but an explosion rocked the board of directors meeting killing all of the others except for him. The person behind it was Winslow who once worked for Oliver but was now aligned with Lex. Lex was looking to take out Oliver and Tess but didn't get the job done. Chloe found out that Oliver was on a mission to kill Lex and wouldn't stop until it was done. On the other side, Clark and Lana were working together to find out what was going on with Lex. Lex communicated with Clark and Lana through a monitor up atop The Daily Planet. A kryptonite bomb had been made. The only results of this were two options, the bomb goes off, or that Lana absorbs it and thus absorbs the kryptonite making it to where she can never be around Clark ever again. The only decision that could be made was to save everyone else and Lana absorbed it. Clark was immediately sick around her and he went to find Lex based on a tracking device set up by Oliver. As Clark was set to kill Lex, Lana stepped in and stopped him. That didn't stop the demise of Lex though when a bomb was set up in the truck and it went off. This supposedly killed Lex but there is no way that happened. Oliver was behind it but told Chloe to not let Clark know that as Clark thought it was Winslow who had turned on Lex. This brought us to a very emotional farewell with Clark and Lana. He fought the sickness to get to her and kiss her with some wild effects of his face with it going on. The two said their goodbyes and it was very sad for sure. The two of them are very much in love and now can't go near one another cause of what it does to Clark. Wow, powerful ending to that episode!!

Movie box office numbers for the last couple of weekends.
January 23-25: 1. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $21.6 million. 2. Underworld - $20.8 million. 3. Gran Torino - $16.2 million. 4. Hotel For Dogs - $12.8 million. 5. Slumdog Millionaire - $10.6 million. 6. My Bloody Valentine - $10 million. 7. Inkheart - $7.6 million. 8. Bride Wars - $6.8 million. 9. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - $6 million. 10. Notorious - $5.7 million.
Last weekend: 1. Taken - $24.7 million. 2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop - $13.8 million. 3. The Uninvited - $10.3 million. 4. Hotel For Dogs - $8.6 million. 5. Gran Torino - $8.2 million. 6. Slumdog Millionaire - $7.6 million. 7. Underworld - $7.5 million. 8. New In Town - $6.7 million. 9. My Bloody Valentine - $4.4 million. 10. Inkheart - $3.7 million.

The new cast of The Amazing Race has been named and here they are.
Cara and Jaime - Friends and former Miami Dolphins cheerleaders.
Christie and Jodi - Friends and flight attendants.
Margie and Luke - Mom and son team. They communicate through sign language as the son is deaf. I'm very interested to see how they do.
Mike and Mel - Father and son.
Amanda and Kris - Dating couple.
Brad and Victoria - Married couple.
Jennifer and Preston - Southern couple.
Tammy and Victor - brother sister team of Harvard Law grads.
Mark and Michael - Hollywood stuntmen brothers.
Linda and Steve - Married couple.
LaKisha and Jennifer - Former college athletes - sisters.

Chuck returned with new episodes this week. Also in 3D. Yeah, I didn't watch it in 3D. Fun idea though. Lots of funny paranoia involving Chuck around Sarah after he had seen her shoot that FBI agent and then lie about it to him. Also, the battle over the golden ticket was very funny in the Buy More especially with the guys involving a newly hired football player by the name of Jimmy Butterman. It came down to Butterman and Jeff with the funniest part of the episode was Jeff eating the urinal cake. That was part three of the challenge for the golden ticket to see Tyler. However, Morgan wasn't able to get out what the part of the challenge was and that was just to touch it. Instead, Jeff ate it!! Music superstar, Tyler Martin was appearing at the store who was played by Dominic Monaghan. Anybody else wanting him to break into "You Are Everybody"??!!

Good episode of 90210 this week. The result of Ethan's crash last week had him ok but injuring the other driver which was named Rhonda. She had a punctured lung but was going to be ok. Ethan wanted to make sure to apologize cause it was his fault that it happened. He didn't know who she was when he was in the hospital room with her. She knew him as she was in his French class at West Beverly High. She was very rattled over everything and the actress that played this part was so good. I felt awful for her cause she did look so rattled and panicked. She said that he didn't know her because he was popular and she wasn't. Ethan ended up helping her out and becoming friends with her. Really enjoyed that whole story. Adrianna's pregancy was once again a focus of this episode as she told Ty that she was pregnant and that he was the father. He didn't take it too well at first but later was ok with it along with his parents who took in Adrianna. However, they wanted her to sign this contract that would keep her from talking about Ty being the father, putting the baby up for adoption, and also never talking of the circumstances of the pregnancy. Ty's mom ended up talking to Adrianna and her mom and that was how Adrianna's mom found out about the pregnancy. Her mom stood up for her and wouldn't let her sign everything away. Adrianna talked to Ty but ended up making an announcement over the school's TVs about her pregnancy with the help of Navid. She didn't name the father though joking that she was immaculately conceived. Silver went into a panic over the breakup with Dixon. She ended up tracking him down saying that love was making her crazy. That was the admission that she did in fact love him and the two appeared to be back right at the end of the episode. Navid was looking to get back into the dating pool with the help of Dixon and his cheerleader friend. He met a girl at the end of the episode so we'll see if she sticks around or not. Annie ended up in acting classes after the leader of the school play advised her to do that to make her better.

Robin gets to stay in the United States. That was the theme of this week's How I Met Your Mother. Robin was still unemployed and found out that she was about to lose her work visa if she didn't get a job in the next few days. She decided to take the job of being the TV Lottery Girl which she was big against but desperate. Barney helped her by making a video resume which was hilarious. Barney's was great that he used as an example!! It ended up working and she got a job as an anchor on a morning show.

AOL has a list up of the Top 25 High School Movies. Just thought I would share the list. I have several favorites on this list including Ferris Bueller, Clueless, Election, and Can't Buy Me Love. I definitely agree with the number one movie. When you think of school movies, you have to think of that one.
25. The Girl Next Door
24. Fame
23. Stand and Deliver
22. To Sir, With Love
21. Can't Buy Me Love
20. Brick
19. Friday Night Lights
18. Superbad
17. Footloose
16. Grease
15. Napoleon Dynamite
14. Sixteen Candles
13. Carrie
12. Pretty In Pink
11. Dead Poets Society
10. Mean Girls
9. American Pie
8. Rushmore
7. Heathers
6. Clueless
5. Election
4. Fast Times At Ridgemont High
3. Dazed and Confused
2. The Breakfast Club
1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

TV on DVD releases:
This week: Becker (Season Two), Bewitched (Season Seven), Dave's World (Season Two), Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Season Three), Night Court (Season Two), The Partridge Family (Season Four).
Releases for Tuesday, February 10th: Friday the 13th: The Series (Season Two), House (Season One), Melrose Place (Season Five - Volume One), Simon and Simon (Season Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From Chuck
"I still win, right?" - Jeff to Morgan after he ate the urinal cake in the golden ticket challenge before he was told that the winner only had to touch it.

You Tube Video Of The Week: My favorite of the Super Bowl commercials.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

Big Brother Over The Top - Week One Thoughts

I hope many of you have floated over to Big Brother Over The Top like I have.  Tonight, we will be one week into this game and this new plat...