Thursday, June 6, 2013

Carrie Underwood Fan Club Party 2013 - Nashville, TN - June 4, 2013

The Country Music Hall of Fame has definitely been a big place for Carrie Underwood fans this week.  Not only is the Blown Away tour exhibit open but this was the location for her annual Fan Club Party.  A special treat this year for fans as this was a very different feeling party with a songwriters roundtable concert in the Ford Theater.  It is funny cause recently I was watching one of these that Carrie was involved in on You Tube in recent months thinking that would be something fun to see.  Then, Carrie delivers one for the fan club party.  I feel so bad as I wish I knew everyone's names up there on the stage but there was Josh Kear and also Hilary Lindsey among others.  I remember Hilary from the roundtable that I did watch.  All of them were so great and talented.  It worked like a roundtable with them doing songs.  Lot of fun moments including Carrie going into "Undo It" and mixing it up for a second.  She sang a tiny bit of "What I Am" by Edie Brickell and then went into Undo It.  However, she got mixed up on her own lyrics for a second.  It was a funny moment.  Carrie and Hilary teamed up on Jesus Take The Wheel.  Lots of fun stories from this group telling how the songs came about and just having fun in general.  Very funny when Josh sang "Before He Cheats" and adding lyrics to it at the end that got cut from the song.  The event also featured a very cool moment with getting to be a part of a number one party for "Two Black Cadillacs".  Lots of industry people in the theater as they announced the news on "Two Black Cadillacs".  The plaques were given out along with awards and a medal.  It was a really unique thing to be a part of and that was something that Carrie wanted for the fan club to get to see.  It felt like we were suddenly at this huge press event. Carrie, Josh Kear, and Hilary Lindsey all were recognized for the song and each spoke.  After this, the fans got to ask a few questions.  The event was hosted by CMT's Bill Cody.  Several fans presented Carrie with gifts.  To close out, Carrie took a group photo with the room.  It was a very unique and special fan club party this year and very fun.

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