Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - August 19, 2010

Previously on Big Brother, the DR completely messed with this game. Geez, it was unreal with what all happened this week. Last week's show ended with the HOH competition underway. Brendon won easily. His nominations ended up being Ragan and Lane. The veto competition had Ragan winning. Things really got busy this week when Rachel returned to the house. Brendon got a Pandora's Box which teased that he would get to spend 24 hours with Rachel outside of the house. Well, it didn't work that way. He took it and went to a remote location while she returned to the house for 24 hours. They did not see each other. Rachel stirred it up immediately upon returning to the house. Her and Ragan clashed big time and they had two big arguments. The inside argument was not seen on the live feeds but the backyard one was seen and I watched it live. UGLY argument. Rachel took a fight to him and he finished it. There were more happenings which I'll get to in the live feeds section which was not shown on TV. Rachel left the house and left a message for Brendon to target Matt making the message out of pretzels. Hey Big Brother, I thought you couldn't write things in the house. That is just one thing that they did this week that wasn't very fair. Anyway, Ragan uses the veto and Brendon puts Matt up as the replacement. Matt however had the diamond power of veto. Matt appeared to be the one going home. Kathy got targeted as the saboteur when Ragan left a note saying "I know your secret" under Enzo's pillow. Enzo thought it was Kathy who left it. Kathy also got a target on her from Matt when she didn't let him know about the pretzel message. On tonight's live show, Matt used the veto and the power was revealed to a stunned house. With the power, Matt was able to replace who went on the block and picked Kathy. Kathy goes home on a 5-0 vote. The HOH competition comes down to Britney and Enzo. Britney wins HOH!! Julie Chen announced that next week will be a double eviction which sounded like the return of Big Brother Fast Forward.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: It should be mentioned that before tonight's live show, Matt was told that he was going to be voted out. It appears that Enzo for sure told him but I'm not sure if Hayden told him too. So, that could start the downfall of the Brigade. I was wondering if Matt might blow it up tonight and put up Enzo. The Rachel/Ragan fight in the kitchen was not shown on the live feeds but we obviously heard about it. We did not see Rachel actually walking back into the house. The feeds went off and when they returned, Rachel was suddenly in the house. The argument in the backyard between Rachel and Ragan was edited pretty much how it happened. It was cut down quite a bit time wise obviously. After it was over, Rachel stood there speechless for about two minutes or so. The funniest part was the shot of Britney in the background just playing pool. Rachel went into the DR and then returned later apologizing to Ragan. They hugged and had a really nice conversation. Rachel was saying that she had to speak to every houseguest one on one before she left. She talked to Britney and the two had a very civil conversation. It actually went surprisingly well and civil. Britney told Rachel that she thought that Rachel was the saboteur. This is where things got odd. They talked about who was the saboteur with Britney mentioning that Brendon had said that he thought Enzo might be the saboteur. Not long after this nice and civil conversation, Rachel went out in the backyard and stirred things up with Britney over the saboteur talk with her using what Britney had said. It turned into a "who said that Enzo was the saboteur" argument with Enzo right there. I was amazed that this was left off of the show cause this argument went on for a while. I was also fuming watching this on the feeds thinking how Britney's game had been messed up due to a houseguest returning who has outside information. Anyway, the rest of the BB week was normal. The houseguests play a TON of pool and do a pool tournament every night.

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week: This was a frustrating week at times to watch how the DR was messing with the game. I get that it is their game and all but they really pushed the boundaries this week and I watched it play out on the live feeds. Let's go to Rachel. Rachel comes back in the house AFTER having outside information. She did the media tour and talked of some of the questions that she was asked by the media. So, the houseguests get that information. She also returns AFTER seeing goodbye messages. Britney was called out on hers. You are not allowed to write messages which leads us to Pretzel-gate. She left a message in pretzels for Brendon to read which ended up backfiring on her anyway. Just bizarre and it really messed with the game for no real reason other than to create drama. It did create drama and it was good live feed viewing on Saturday. I just really didn't like how the game was messed with and it seemed like rules were being changed. The only way that a houseguest should be allowed back in is if they are sequestered without doing any media stuff. The media tour gave her info and she was using it in the house. I'm thrilled with Britney's win obviously and now wait to see who she'll nominate. The Brigade is starting to show some cracks. Ragan made his $20,000 by finishing his saboteur challenges. The only tasks that were really any good was the challenge tease where the houseguests kept getting woken up all night teasing a night time competition. That was pretty funny. The other one was the "I Know Your Secret" letter cause it at least had some effect. I have been laughing at all of Enzo's comments about how this person needs to go up on the block and getting mad that things aren't going like he wants. Well, win something Enzo and do it yourself. LOL. Even the Zingbot got him on that and I laughed at it. Zingbot needs to return even as creepy as it was. LOL. I have never seen anything like this season with how houseguests will be screaming at each other and then making up an hour later. It is so bizarre. Not everyone has obviously but most have. Well, at least to their face anyway.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: "One of my single girl friends said 'it's Valentine's Day, I'm sitting in the bathtub drinking wine and watching a movie, seconds away from throwing my toaster in with me' " - Britney talking about one of her favorite lines that a friend of hers had said at home.

What Has Happened Since The Live Show: The feeds returned with Matt telling his stories of hiding his veto power. Enzo said that he had told everyone that Kathy was the saboteur and that "he's not as dumb as he looks". LOL. They still think that Kathy was the saboteur. Britney's birthday is coming up so she will be HOH on her birthday. Britney gathered Kathy's stuff since she didn't get to pack to give to her. Enzo was furious over his loss. He's complaining that Big Brother was rushing him on his answers. Hello? They gave you as much time as they give every houseguest in those kind of challenges. Matt has already joked to Brigade members that he now knows the pecking order of how things go in the Brigade. He laughed but I fully don't think he is joking. He does know now. LOL. Peaceful house tonight so far but there is a mix of emotions all over the place among the houseguests with the happenings of tonight.

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