Sunday, February 10, 2008

Writers Strike Update - Things Are Looking Very Good!!

Unless something out of nowhere happens, it appears that the writers strike is just about to end!! I've been following the reports very closely over the last few days and it appears that we have very good news. The tentative deal between the WGA and AMPTP was written up very early Saturday morning. Yesterday, meetings were held on the east and west coasts to present the tentative agreement to WGA East and WGA West. The WGA East meeting was held yesterday afternoon and the presentation was said to go over well. Last night, WGA West was up with their meeting and it went over extremely well there too. DeadlineHollywood is reporting that there was actually a standing ovation that took place there from people in attendance. The agreement is said to give the writers several gains in what they were wanting. When will the strike be lifted? Well, it appears that a 48 hour voting period is going to take place. Everyone could be back to work by mid week. What exciting news for this weekend!! Now comes the question of what part of this TV season can be salvaged? What shows are coming back and which ones are done for the year? We'll be finding out more and more when this strike likely ends in a couple of days. Anybody else want to just take a deep breath and just say "whew, finally"?

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