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The Entertainment Wrap Up - February 28, 2008 - SNL Returns, Knight Rider, Oscars, and more

The writers strike is now even more officially over as the WGA approved the new three year contract earlier this week.

Here are the happenings in the Big Brother house for the week. Last week, James and Chelsia won the HOH. They put up Alex & Amanda and Matt & Natalie on the nomination block. The power of veto was won by Josh and Sharon and they did not use the veto. Not much campaigning going on with Alex as he seemed content to just let it all happen. He didn't want to campaign against his friend Matt. Amanda did try a last effort to save themselves which he half heartedly agreed to go with. Allison was working a lot of power in the house and was not at all listening to what Amanda or Alex had to say. The vote was 3-0 to evict Alex and Amanda. That led into the next HOH competition won by Josh and Sharon where they destroyed the competition. No other team got a right answer in. This HOH was crucial for them as they were likely gone if they hadn't won it or a veto this week. Julie Chen also announced an upcoming twist involving evicted houseguests. Are they bringing back houseguests? We'll find out next week.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week.
Well, the news of the week focused on the medical trouble in the house. Allison and Amanda both had serious medical issues in the house within minutes of each other. This occurred last Friday night and I was watching the live feeds at the time when it happened. Amanda had been complaining about not feeling well and talked about how she is hypoglycemic. She needs to have a certain amount of sugar to keep her body levels right. Amanda was talking about trying to get into the diary room to see about getting some sugar but couldn't get in. She was walking with Natalie when she passed out into the floor in front of the diary room. Natalie immediately ran and got help from the houseguests. They started banging on the diary room door hitting the button over and over. There is also a "panic button" in the house which sends a call immediately through to the authorities that something bad is wrong. Josh hit that. The nurse ran out to attend to Amanda. What was the delay on getting out there to Amanda? Well, Allison had just went into the diary room a minute or so earlier complaining that she couldn't breathe. She was having a severe allergic reaction to something that she ate and her face had swollen up including her saying that her throat was trying to close on her. The nurse got her doing better and that was when Alex came running into the diary room to get help for Amanda. The house had no clue that Allison was in trouble in there. Alex told the rest of the house about Allison as the nurse ran out to help Amanda. James was incredible holding Amanda the whole time trying to help her. They got her the help that she needed and Amanda came back to not having a clue that she had passed out. One of the sadder things was her in a daze saying that all she needed was sugar. Both were taken to the hospital. Amanda returned to the house first a few hours later. About ten minutes later, Allison returned. The houseguests all told the stories of what had happened and really put over James for how he helped Amanda. Allison said that she was thankful that she was in the Big Brother house when it happened saying that she didn't know if she would have gotten the help that she needed anywhere else that quickly. Everyone put over the medical help HUGE saying how great that they were and quick. I was watching the live feeds that night when all this happened. On the live feeds, we saw Amanda pass out and the houseguests running to her aid along with them trying to get help. They cut the feeds off right after they turned Amanda over and she began to shake gasping for air. IT WAS SCARY!! That was one of the scarier things that I've ever seen. I was happy that they cut the feeds off when they did cause we didn't need to see this poor girl being worked on by the paramedics. That was actually what I was saying at the time was "cut the feeds, cut the feeds". The feeds did not return until 45 minutes later as fans waited to find out what had happened. The feeds returned with the houseguests calm so the house seemed normal which was obviously a good sign that everyone was ok. The feed viewers had no clue about Allison's trouble until hearing the houseguests discussing what had happened. I'm just thankful that both of them are ok cause that was a scary scene. It was scary to watch on the feeds and it was even scarier watching it on TV. The episode this week filled in the time line of what happened while the feeds were cut off. When I saw the segment of the slop and them using the line from Amanda about how the slop is just going to make her week worse, it was clear that they were going to show her passing out. I wasn't sure how they were going to cover that situation on TV. There has been blame of the slop causing Amanda's condition and from what I understand, she wasn't eating it. That was part of the problem. They do put nutrition in that slop. After she returned to the house, she was being given tablets every day by Big Brother to take but she had been told that she has to eat the slop cause it does give her what she needs to keep her levels up. Ok, so the "bueno" segment on Sunday's episode was funny. Yes, Amanda says that all the time on the feeds. They aren't exaggerating. LOL. Then, moving on to Natalie. Wow, she looks bad on TV with how head over heels she is for Matt and he has not shown any interest in her.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds:
I've already pretty well covered the live feed stuff of the week but here is a little bit more. That argument between Allison and Sheila was chopped up quite a bit as I was watching it when it happened. It had been building for a while. At one point, I think Allison was yelling as loud as she possibly could. A few minutes later, they moved on from the argument and hugged.

What Has Happened Since Last Night's Show: SPOILER ALERT!!
Josh and Sharon got their HOH room last night. Some definite tension between Josh and Allison. Nominations were announced tonight and Josh & Sharon put Allison & Ryan and Matt & Natalie up on the block.

I read an interesting article that was from Entertainment Weekly this week talking about the current season of Big Brother. The writer of the article talked about not liking the cast of this current season. She also mentioned how many die hard Big Brother fans that she worked with who are just about to tune out and wait for the summer edition of Big Brother. This season's cast seems to not have a middle ground among fans. You either like this season or you don't. I find myself a bunch of times thinking "what is up with this cast this season??". I've commented about how it is starting to head toward season four for me where I just didn't like that cast either. I have a few people in the house that I like this season but very few. This cast is just way too young and I find myself embarrassed listening into a lot of the conversations that they discuss on the live feeds. Well, I say too young but the show has always had young cast members but things get wild in that house this year. I feel like I'm watching The Real World instead of Big Brother. The other night when the margarita party started, I tuned out knowing that this wouldn't be any interest to me cause I've seen this group party. With the level that it got to, I'm really glad that I tuned out. That is just my feelings on it cause I know there are a lot of fans that do like this season quite a bit. If you do, good for you but I'm just not big into it like previous seasons. The ratings have been lower this season which is obviously not helping being against American Idol but I wonder if this current cast has chased some viewers away.

This week's American Idol was definitely better than last week as far as performances go. Four people were eliminated tonight from the competition including Alaina Whitaker, Alexandrea Lushington, Jason Yeager, and Robbie Carrico. The only surprises for me was Robbie and I was stunned to see Alaina go home. I never would have guessed that. She was one of my favorites as I really liked her voice. She was extremely emotional being voted off and it's nice to see the other girls get up there to support her in her final performance. David Archuleta definitely stood out this week having a strong performance. Get used to him cause he's going to be around for a while and I can already tell that he is going to be popular with the female voters especially the teens. Kristy Lee Cook has a good stage presence to her. I keep waiting for Kady Malloy to break out and be a star this season. The judges talked about how she just hadn't yet had that song to show what she is made of. If she can find that style of song that works for her, I think she can do very well this season. She's got to do it next week though as she was in the bottom three tonight. It was announced tonight that Idol Gives Back will return this season and it will happen on April 9th. That show was a huge success last year and raised a TON of money.

The Oscar Awards were this past weekend. I didn't watch it and it appears that a lot of people didn't based on the ratings. I think I've watched The Oscars once ever if I remember right. I've rarely ever seen any of the movies nominated and there were several this year that I hadn't even heard of. Anyway, thought you might be interested in seeing the winners of the big categories in case you missed it. Best Picture: No Country For Old Men; Actor In A Leading Role: Daniel Day-Lewis for "There Will Be Blood"; Actress In A Leading Role: Marion Cotillard for "La Vie En Rose"; Actor In A Supporting Role: Javier Bardem for "No Country For Old Men"; Actress In A Supporting Role: Tilda Swinton for "Michael Clayton"; Directing: Joel Coen and Ethan Coen for "No Country For Old Men"; Writing (Original Screenplay): Diablo Cody for Juno.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend.
1. Vantage Point - $24 million. 2. Jumper - $12.7 million. 3. Spiderwick - $12.6 million. 4. Step Up 2 - $9.8 million. 5. Fool's Gold - $6.3 million. 6. Definitely Maybe - $5.2 million. 7. Be Kind Rewind - $4.1 million. 8. Juno - $4.1 million. 9. Roscoe Jenkins - $4 million. 10. There Will Be Blood - $2.6 million.

ABC announced that five of their reality shows will be returning next season including Dancing With The Stars, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Supernanny, Wife Swap, and America's Funniest Home Videos.

There is talk tonight that Scrubs may be moving from NBC over to ABC next season.

NBC has canceled their show, Las Vegas.

Tonight's Survivor was all about immunity. After winning the reward challenge, the Favorites sent Kathy back to Exile Island but sent Ozzy with her. Kathy didn't want to go searching for the immunity idol again but Ozzy did....and he found it. Not only did he find it but he made up something fake and wrapped it back up in its hiding spot. Will we see someone again try to use a fake hidden immunity idol? It could happen. Ozzy is dangerous in this game cause he is such a tough competitor and now he has a immunity idol to use making him even tougher. Who else was needing immunity? Well, Eliza for one. Eliza was sick through a lot of this episode and the tribe was looking to cut her loose seeing her as the weakest. She needed for the tribe to win immunity to keep her safe. It happened as the Favorites won immunity and she survives to another day. The Fans were looking to eliminate Chet as they saw him as the weakest on their tribe. However, Joel had it explained to him by Tracy that Mikey was likely going to be trying to get revenge for turning on him a while back. She said that this would be his last chance to get Mikey out having the numbers for the votes. Mikey had talked in this episode that he was going to wait to right before the merge to turn on Joel and get his revenge. Well, revenge will not be had as Mikey was voted out tonight. The tribe wasn't satisfied with the decision overall though pointing out how they lose more challenges than they win and want to stay strong. There will no doubt be some talk about this vote when they return from tribal council.

I've been re-watching episodes of Journeyman again recently and it just makes me more annoyed that the show isn't coming back. Such a greatly written show and amazing cast. What are you thinking NBC??!!

I recently checked out the new Knight Rider movie that aired on NBC. I went into this remake of Knight Rider with an open mind seeing what the story was going to be of it. I'm usually not very optimistic when it comes to bringing a popular show or movie back with how it will compare to the original. I grew up watching the original show and always liked it. Overall, I thought the movie was good. They definitely set things up for the much talked about TV series if the movie did well ratings wise which it did. The story of the movie was that Charles, who created the original KITT 25 years ago, is about to get caught by some men looking to find out his technology secrets. Charles' daughter, Sarah, gets a call from KITT saying that he has been instructed to find her to protect her. She already has the men after her and gets to KITT. We then get several scenes of her and KITT together where she adjusts to what this car is able to do. KITT has also been instructed to have a human look after her as well which turns out to be Mike Tracer. Sarah knows him very well but they had a not so good ending to the last time that they saw each other. Charles also has a friend in the FBI named Carrie who helps them out along the way but her problem is that he has a sheriff with her that is on the other side leaking info to the men trying to kidnap Charles and Sarah. We got a nice history of Mike when his mother gets brought into the story. His mother and Charles know each other and she knows all about the original KITT. How? Well, it turns out that Mike is indeed the son of Michael Knight. Nice twist. I was wondering if they were going to just stand this series return on its own or tie it to the original somehow. It was explained that Mike did not know his father at all cause he left home. He obviously left home cause of his job with KITT. All turns out well when everyone is saved and the men are taken out. There is a casualty however as Mike's mother ends up being killed. At the funeral, we get a father/son reunion with David Hasselhoff returning to his great role of Michael Knight. He and his son talk about Mike's mom but also about the incredible offer that Charles had given him to work with them as there were more people trying to hunt down their secrets. Mike takes the job and the end of the movie saw a classic finish except with a new twist. Mike and KITT backing out of, not a trailer, but an airplane. What about KITT? KITT is now a Ford Mustang. One new twist is that KITT is able to change into different versions of the Mustang to help hide himself. And, the theme music was back. It was pretty cool to hear that theme start off. Overall, if you have access to the movie and liked the original show, give it a shot. It's worth watching to see if you like it or not. I wasn't just crazy about it but I liked it. For more info on the new Knight Rider, go to:

Saturday Night Live returned this past weekend to a big audience doing its best ratings in two years. Tina Fey was the host and I watched quite a bit of the show. They started immediately with the political sketches which is their strong point in election years. Later, an appearance was made during Weekend Update by presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee. My favorite sketch of the night though was the Donald Trump stuff cause I think that Darrell Hammond does an incredible impersonation of Trump. Great to see Tina get to jump into her old segment, Weekend Update, for an appearance. SNL is going to be doing four new shows in a row including last week which is something that is said to have not happened since the 1970's. This week's host will be Juno's Ellen Page.

The Justice League movie appears to be going again after it was stopped due to the writers strike. The plan is for it to be released in the summer of 2009.

TV Guide is reporting that NBC is canceling Bionic Woman. The show did big ratings with its series premiere in the fall but had been losing viewers ever since.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, March 4th.
Ben 10 (Season Three), The Love Boat (Season One - Volume One), Magnum P.I. (Season Eight), Saturday Night Live (Best Of 2006-2007), Saturday Night Live (Lost and Found - SNL in the 80's).

You Tube Video Of The Week:
This dog makes me laugh every time she appears on Regis and Kelly. Watch as she attempts to break the record for balloon popping. Keep in mind that all the excitement from her is cause she LOVES popping balloons. Don't take her to any parties. LOL.

I hope all of you have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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