Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/27/08 - Eviction and New HOH

8:00pm - Update. Tonight's live show has concluded and the next couple evicted from the Big Brother house is Alex and Amanda. The vote was 3-0. The head of household competition winners were Josh and Sharon who ended up destroying the competition. Nobody else got a question right. They definitely had their game face on. The women competed against each other with the winner of each question getting to eliminate another houseguest. No surprise that Sharon took out Allison first and then Sheila. Some definite strategic playing there from her. Sharon of course won against the women. Josh then won against the men easily as well. Lots of celebration from them as this HOH was crucial to them as they were likely going home next. Allison is definitely in trouble for eviction next week. She's going to have to work some sort of magic or win the POV. Julie Chen mentioned tonight that a twist was coming involving the evicted houseguests. Is someone coming back or is there another twist?

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