Saturday, February 23, 2008

Big Brother Live Feed Update - 2/23/08

Well, we're about a week and a half into this new season of Big Brother and I can't decide if I'm liking this season or not. I haven't liked it very much so far. It's still early though and we'll see how it plays out.
1:00pm Update - SPOILER ALERT!!
Last night was a wild and scary night in the Big Brother house. First, the veto competition was held and the veto was won by Josh and Sharon. Last night, Allison and Sheila had a huge argument over rumors that had spread through the house. It was very intense at times. I'm not sure who got the rumor floating around the house cause there was a lot of fingerpointing going on. They later did apologize to each other and hug. This was when things got very scary. Amanda had been complaining about not feeling well. She had mentioned earlier that she had a condition where she needed a certain amount of sugar in her body. She is on Big Brother slop for the week due to losing the food competition. Amanda and Natalie were walking along the hallway when Amanda just passed out right on to the floor. Natalie ran and got the rest of the houseguests. James got to her immediately and Amanda was shaking on the floor. Josh hit the panic button in the house which is the ultimate alert to let people behind the scenes know that help is needed immediately. I happened to be watching the feeds when this all happened and IT WAS SCARY!! I was glad that they cut the feeds off while she was attended to and was actually saying "cut the feeds" at the time. It was a very long 45 minutes of the feeds being off as I was praying that she was ok. The feeds came back and the house was back to normal showing signs that everything must be all right. Amanda had been taken from the house but there was someone else missing. Allison was missing. It turns out that when Amanda passed out waiting to get into the DR that Allison was already in the DR. She was in bad shape as well as she had a major allergic reaction to some food and her face was swollen up. At the same time, there were two major medical problems in the house. At around midnight, Amanda and Allison returned to the house and seem to be doing fine although understandably a little shaky. The houseguests were raving about how great the nurse was that is in the house. Allison said the nurse was to her in about five seconds to attend to her. Then, when Alex came in and said what had happened to Amanda, she ran out there immediately as well. Allison said that her face and tongue had swollen up while her throat had closed within 45 seconds. The doctor told her that she was severely allergic to something that she had eaten. With Amanda, James was given a TON of credit for how he took care of Amanda after she had passed out. He was the first to her and held her the whole time. Alex said that he was pounding on the DR button trying to get in to let them know what was happening. He finally got in and saw the doctors attending to Allison, which he had no clue was happening, and let them know what had happened outside. Josh had also hit the panic button as well as I had said. I am so happy that everyone is ok. Both of them are set to meet with the doctor this morning to get checked out again. Their personal well being is obviously the most important as Big Brother is a GAME so I just hope that they get checked out completely to make sure that they are ok to continue in this game. Big Brother is a mentally and physically grueling game and I want the show to make sure that everything is all right with them. There are more that are sick in the house. Natalie was down last night as well complaining of a fever, headache, and sick to her stomach. She was extremely rattled with what happened with Amanda as was James.

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