Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Big Brother 9 Update - Thoughts on Premiere

Big Brother fans. Welcome to Big Brother 9!!! Tonight's premiere saw the cast enter the house and also revealed the secret twists of the season. The first twist is that all the houseguests are single (well, not all of them but we'll get to that in a moment) and each of them will be paired up with their "soulmate" based on questions that they answered. The pairs will compete together, share a bed together, and be evicted together. We learned that four of the people aren't strangers. We have Jen and Ryan who are dating in real life and are going into the house as a secret real life couple. Then, we have Sharon and Jacob who dated for twelve years but aren't together anymore. The ending of the relationship was bad and the two are now going to be living in the house together. She is understandably upset with him still while he says that he messed up losing "the love of his life". With tonight's premiere, the girls entered the house first and immediately started putting clues together on what was going on. They noticed that all the bedrooms were locked and also all the love type slogans posted all over the house. The men enter the house and it is pointed out how everyone in the house is single. Introductions are made and Jen and Ryan play things off extremely well. Jen even continues to have to be reminded of his name. Nicely played Jen. Nicely played. The reaction of Sharon and Jacob seeing each other was about what you would expect when you see an ex walk in the house. Very awkward!! Julie Chen announces the twist to the house and the pairs are then announced. The reaction is obviously of shock. Here are the pairings. First, the previous couples mentioned don't have things go their way. Jen and Ryan are split up. Jen ends up with Parker. Ryan ends up with Allison. Then, we get Sharon and Jacob who are of course paired together. WOW. Other couples paired together are: Alex & Amanda, James & Chelsia, Natalie & Matt, Neil & Josh, and Sheila & Adam. The opinions on the pairings are positive and negative from the houseguests. Sheila is not happy at all with her pairing with Adam and pretty much just bashed him in the remaining moments of the first episode. Poor guy. We then get the first competition of BB9 which involves the couples being held from up above a bed in the back yard. The idea is that you will have one person on top and they will have to hold the person below them as they have to hold on tight to each other to keep from falling on to the bed to which you're eliminated. The last couple remaining in the air wins the competition and becomes the power couple being able to evict whichever couple that they want. The first couple out is Sheila & Adam as she really wanted nothing to do with the competition. Josh & Matt are eliminated next followed by Amanda & Alex and Sharon & Jacob. As it nears the end, the remaining couples are then told of a twist that if you are able to reach the pillow below you and pick it up with only your hands, you'll win $10,000 if you are also the winner of the competition. The teams go for it with James & Chelsia making a very tough effort at it. She does get the pillow but has to quit a little bit later cause she can't hold on any longer. Ryan & Allison were eliminated as well. It came down to Jen & Parker and Natalie & Matt. It is decided to go ahead and let Jen & Parker win since they have the pillow. They win to become the power couple and also win the $10,000. Who will get evicted? We'll find out tomorrow night. I really enjoyed this first episode and was hooked on it immediately. It will be interesting to see what happens with the couples especially the ones that already know each other. I am going to predict right now that Sharon & Jacob work things out.

Off to the live feeds: We got a NASA broadcast. Seriously, they had the NASA stuff up on the feeds for a while as a sort of test pattern deal, I'm sure. It was fun to watch the feeds load up immediately after the show ended. About 7:59pm, the NASA stuff disappeared and we started seeing "application loading" signals across the feeds. Each one loaded up one by one starting from four going up to one with each loading the BB9 logo. The theme song started playing and I admit to letting out a big cheer. We then got a shot of the guinea pigs on all four feeds as we waited. So, I'm guessing that the guinea pigs are the new "front of the house", "flames", or whatever else we've had over the years. Hey, I can deal with that. As I type this, we still have nothing but the guinea pigs on the feeds so I'm assuming that the feeds won't become active until the west coast show has aired. I've heard that Big Brother After Dark is airing tonight as well so that has to mean that we'll be getting feeds soon.

Feed Update (12:15): SPOILER ALERT here so keep that in mind if you want to be surprised with the shows. The feeds came on after the west coast premiere ended. I figured this was going to happen as it is mass confusion trying to figure out what has happened in the time of when the footage on the show ended and current time. Lots of chaos and drama immediately upstairs with it appearing that Jen has let people know about her and Ryan being together. Parker is furious over it as he feels cheated and wants Jen to be loyal to him. The rest of the room is pointing at Jen about how she and Ryan have an advantage over everyone. Jen seems to be taking on the room at this point. I feel bad for her. It appears that the house is already divided with sides being chosen. Lots of talk about how Jen and Parker have to agree on nominations or they go up as a penalty nomination. Parker is roaming around saying to put him and Jen up so they can go home. Lots of tempers going tonight and the alcohol is flowing. I'm thinking that Big Brother may want to limit the alcohol to this season's group. LOL. Really uncomfortable feeling tonight for sure in the house. Ryan isn't moving far from Jen. Parker is extremely unhappy and the rest are on their respective sides from what I can tell. Funny comment from Amanda saying something along the lines of "it hasn't been like this in previous seasons?" pointing out how crazy it is in the house. Somebody pointed out about Dick and the pots and pans last year. My thought was yeah, but Dick didn't do that till at least a month in. This house is wild for it only being five days in. It's really hard to recap this as I'm trying to piece together all that is going on and there are different sides of the story from all points of view. Probably won't get a clear picture of how this all went down until the show airs. We also appear to know the first couple that has been evicted and I'm extremely disappointed on who it is. It appears that Sharon and Jacob are gone from the house as they have not been seen on the feeds. What a bummer as I was looking forward to seeing how they would evolve in this game. So, really wild first night on the live feeds!!

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