Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Brother 9 - Live Feeds Update - 2/13/08

Live Feed Update - 3:00pm. Again, these are spoilers as the feeds are way ahead of the actual show at the moment so keep that in mind when reading this stuff. Things are much calmer in the house today and the mood is light. Everyone is mostly bored in the house at the moment. Lots of just miscellaneous conversations with also game talk thrown in. Alex and Amanda are in the HOH position. Nominations are expected later today. Jacob and Sharon are definitely out of the house and it was said a little bit ago in a conversation that they were in the house for either three or four days. All was settled down last night with the stuff involving Jen and Parker. Parker has basically said that he was just mad and had to let it out. He said in a conversation a few minutes ago that he didn't blame Ryan at all for standing up for his girl and likes that he did that. Parker and Jen did have a talk last night about everything and things seem cool between them. I'm still having trouble figuring out who is on what side. I'm enjoying watching the feeds today and learning more about all of the houseguests. This is basically "get to know your cast" day on the feeds. The talk of nominations seems to revolve around Jen & Parker against Ryan & Allison. We'll see what happens!!

5:o0pm - Update. Remember when I said there wasn't a lot of game talk going on? Well, that changed pretty much minutes after my last update. We have trouble in paradise between Jen and Ryan. The talk for nominations was that it would be Jen & Parker against Ryan & Allison. It has been pointed out last night that Jen is the big fan of the show and Ryan said that he was there for her. Jen seemed to feel that she would be the pawn and there would be hopes for a veto win to solve the problem of being against each other. However, the conversation of nominations started to circulate and it appears that Jen might not have the votes to stay against Ryan. They are in opposite alliances as well. Now, she doesn't want to be the pawn. Ryan pointed out that now that she feels like that she doesn't have the votes to stay that now she doesn't want to be put up on the block. Jen told him that she felt betrayed cause of how she went to bat for him last night against the group. She told Ryan that she had heard that he was already campaigning against her and stormed out of the room. She then told everyone who was outside of that room not to put her up on the block cause he was campaigning against her and that she would vote him out cause she can't play the game with him there. We then went to trivia a few minutes later which means that its time for the nomination ceremony or some sort of competition. Probably be a while before the feeds come back.

7:30pm - Update. Feeds are back and we learned who the nominations are. It was what has been talked about all day. Jen & Parker and Ryan & Allison.

8:45pm - Update. Houseguests are taking a break from the game for a while as they are playing charades in the living room.

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