Saturday, September 25, 2010

Smallville Season Ten Premiere - Thought and Recap - September 25, 2010

The final season of Smallville is underway after last night's great premiere. It is clear from the start that we're going to be going through the history of this show in this final season. There are going to be twists and turns that go back to the past. There was a lot of it in this episode. I liked a lot of what went on this episode and it set things up really well for what is to come as the show heads to the finish line. First, the thing that stands out the most is the incredible scene that closed the episode with Clark and Jonathan. How great was it to see Tom Welling and John Schneider together again? That was an incredible scene. I'm assuming that we're going to be getting more things like that in the future including Lionel Luthor. The episode started off where we saw that Clark was apparently saved and brought back. Jor-El made it clear that he didn't bring him back so I'm assuming it was Lois that gets the points for bringing him back by pulling out the blue kryponite. That is unless I missed something in that. Jor-El told Clark that a bigger evil was coming so he went for Lex. That whole story in the episode of the Lex clones was interesting. Tess was moved to a facility that included a bunch of Lex clones that Lex had created to try and heal himself. We later learned from the much older Lex clone that the real Lex didn't live to see if it worked. Tess was healed and saved the young Lex clone. Clark and the older Lex clone had a conversation about their history. Lex put the spin on it that Clark was his own worst enemy and that his pride always got in the way. Clark ended up having enough of him and almost choked him to death. He let go but the Lex clone didn't survive but it was pointed out that he was near death anyway. The Lex clone left a task for Clark of big magnitude where he set the Daily Planet globe to fall to the ground and cause a catastrophe. However, Clark also had to deal with the fact that the Lex clone had his own history lesson. He captured Lois and tied her up in the corn field. Hello flashback of the series premiere. How wild was that to see with us being taken back to that whole scene? Clark is able to save both Lois and the people at The Daily Planet. That was when Jor-El really let Clark have it on that he wasn't turning into the person that he had trained him to be and that the big evil that was coming was within himself. That led to the conversation with Jonathan that ended the episode where Jonathan gave him one of those great speeches that we're always accustomed to and how he can't always listen to what Jor-El has to say. The scene was so great and really made you think back on the early days of the show. The relationship between those two was such a HUGE part of this show's history. I'm not going to lie. I had tears in my eyes while I was watching it. It was that good. What about Oliver and Chloe? Well, I'm assuming the way that this turned out is how Chloe will be written off of the show for a while since she isn't going to be appearing full time this year. Oliver was captured and beaten while tied up. Chloe found out where he was including some other future events based off of her putting on the Fate helmet. Oliver was told that he was free to go and we saw them pass each other with hoods over their heads. Yep, Chloe traded herself to the captives to save Oliver. Lois did find out Clark's secret and now knows everything. She did take the job in Africa after all the happenings in this episode. That sure looked like the arrival of Darkseid at the end of the episode. The way they played up Clark pushing the Planet globe back up to the roof teased that he was flying but I almost wondered if he didn't. I did see him jump off of that taxi so it looked like he jumped and pushed it up. He did tell Jor-El that he almost felt like he was flying in that moment. Awesome, awesome premiere. I loved it. So much was set up and I love that we're getting a major homage to the past. We're definitely going to be going full circle with this final season and I'm excited to see what happens.

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