Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TBS Cancels My Boys, Survivor Premiere & Big Brother Finale Tonight - September 15, 2010

TBS has canceled My Boys after four seasons. The season finale aired on Sunday night. The way it tied up almost did make it feel like a series finale. I wonder if they knew something that we didn't. Such a shame to see such a funny show get canceled. Well, what else is new? The good shows get canceled while a lot of bad ones continue on. Welcome to the world of TV. Thanks to the producers, cast, and crew for four fun seasons.

Big night of TV tonight on CBS. The return of Survivor as season twenty one premieres. Wow, I have watched twenty one seasons of Survivor. Amazing to think about it. It will be a battle of the ages and there will be a new twist put into the game this week that I read about in Entertainment Weekly over the weekend. I'll just leave it at that and let you see it happen or read about it in EW if you want to. Tonight is also the finale of Big Brother 12. There is really no drama going on in the house. The guys are just wasting time to get to finale night. I am still amazed that they have had to stay in the house for another week since the last competition. I am predicting a Hayden win in the final competition and also a win overall. I don't think Lane or Enzo can beat him. The only chance of Hayden not winning is if Lane wins the competition and doesn't take him to the final two. The real show is going to be the reunion of the houseguests, the jury house, etc. That is where our drama is going to lie. The jury questioning could be very interesting especially when Britney shows up at the jury house with the news of the Brigade alliance.

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