Monday, September 13, 2010

My Boys Season Finale, CW Shows, & More - September 13, 2010

My Boys wrapped its season up last night on TBS with a one hour block of episodes. Fun season that saw the group making changes in their lives. Brendan probably had the most changes. Wait, that isn't true based on the finale last night. Mike got married!! Wow!! I did laugh at how that relationship got started with her basically just continuing to show up at his door and doing all she could to get his attention although he was clueless. LOL. I loved her approach of that she was the new neighbor and had heard a bunch of barking over night. She asked if he had a dog. He didn't. She then asked if maybe he had a wife or kids that make a lot of noise. He didn't again. That opened the door for her to know he was single. My first thought was..…BRILLIANT. LOL. That was great writing right there. Anyway, she has been a good addition to the cast. Brendan's changes for the season was him moving out of P.J's. and into his own place. Then, he saves Crowley's at the end by buying it. How did I not see that story unfolding was what I thought at the end of the episode? P.J. and Bobby continued their relationship and P.J. had to decide how much a dream job would mean to her. Would it be worth changing her life for? The answer was no and she chose her crew over the job. Fun season. Fun show.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JULY 29: Executive Producer Kevin Murphy, actresses Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka and Executive Producer Tom Welling speak onstage during the 'Hellcats' panel during the 2010 Summer TCA Tour Day 2 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 29, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)
I checked out the H-Cats series premiere last week. Yeah, I'm just going to put a hyphen on that show name. I enjoyed it. I was amazed at just how many cast members from other favorite shows of mine were on this show. The story revolves around the college cheerleading squad. There are two different stories of desperation going on. One is the cheerleading squad who is in danger of being cut due to budget cuts unless they perform and win. The second is the story of Marti. Marti is a scholarship student and learns that her scholarship has been cancelled. She learns a little too late after her mom doesn't inform her of the news. If you didn't see it, her mom isn't the most responsible. Marti basically is desperate to do whatever she can to stay in college and brings her gymnastics talents back to the forefront. She goes for the cheerleading squad. This clashes with both team captains, Savannah and Alice. The first episode had Savannah and Marti putting their differences aside and working to better the team. That doesn't appear to be happening with Alice though who is going to cause all kinds of trouble based on what we saw in the last part of the episode. This show has a lot of cast interest with me. Several of my favorite shows are represented with former cast members including One Tree Hill, Buffy, and American Dreams. Plus, you have Tom Welling of Smallville producing it. This is a show that I see as being a fun competitive sports story with drama added in. I liked the first episode and will be continuing to watch.

The season premieres roll out on The CW this week. 90210 starts tonight on its new night along with the season premiere of Gossip Girl.

Little People Big World has returned on TLC for its last season. I'm sad to see this show ending soon as it is such a fun show. The Roloffs have been a lot of fun to watch over the years. They are going to definitely be missed by all of their fans. Tune in tonight on TLC at 7pm central time.

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