Wednesday, September 22, 2010

American Idol Finally Names The Judges, How I Met Your Mother Premiere, & More - September 22, 2010

Sept. 22, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - Sep 22, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, USA - American Idol Judges Musician STEVEN TYLER, Actress/Singer JENNIFER LOPEZ, Personality/Judge RANDY JACKSON at the American Idol Season 10 Press Conference held at the Forum, Los Angeles. © Red Carpet Pictures
After months of waiting followed by a couple of weeks of reports of what the news would be, American Idol finally unveiled the new judge lineup for season ten. Randy Jackson will return but will have two new judges by his side which will be Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. The show is returning to a three judge format obviously with that news. I don't really have any certain opinion on it. I'm a long time fan of the show but the show has been weakening in recent years especially this past season. With Simon Cowell leaving the show, the show fell even further down. Viewership is down and we'll have to wait to see if this new season will bring judges back. Honestly, this announcement did nothing for me as far as excitement for the show and I like Steven Tyler. What will season ten hold for American Idol and can they get rolling again? Time will tell.

I haven't watched any other new shows this fall season yet. Just not very many that grab my attention. The one show that does is on Fox and I just have my rule with Fox. Don't watch new shows on there. They'll promote it to the moon, get you interested, and then cancel it possibly after one episode. So, I've learned my lesson from them after getting burned way too many times.

How I Met Your Mother premiered this past Monday night. There is a lot of hype on this season with the producers saying that it is going to be their best season and that the show will focus more on an overall storyline instead of standalone stuff. The cliffhanger at the end left all of us fans wondering what wedding that Ted was at. The Saget voice said that he met his wife at this particular wedding. With Lily in a bridesmaid dress and with Ted and Marshall suited up, my first thought was that they are at Robin's wedding. I am really excited about this season of the show.

I did not watch The Event this week. Lots of hype on it and unfair hype. Here is my recommendation to the networks, shows, and whoever. PLEASE do not hype a show saying that it is the next Lost. I literally groaned when I saw that in the promos for The Event. That puts way to much pressure on a new show and makes people have huge expectations of a show. Remember FlashForward? It was promoted as the new Lost. Where is that show now? Just put a new show out there and promote it. Don't link it to huge hit shows to try and grab those fans. If it disappoints, I think you're in worse trouble than you would have been if you just promoted it on its own.

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