Monday, September 27, 2010

The Amazing Race Premiere Thoughts - September 27, 2010

The new season of The Amazing Race started last night on CBS. I found it funny that the whole promotion of the season premiere basically was "watch this poor girl get hit in the face with a watermelon". That was what every promotion that I saw of it was. The moment happened and wow, it hurt to watch. Kudos to Claire on finishing the task and also her and Brook finished fourth. Solid premiere and I feel better about this cast than recent seasons. Recent seasons of the show have just had me losing interest midway through. The cast is more compelling so far with their stories and there are some fun personalities this season. I had been hoping for a new twist in the race and we now have that with the express pass. The team that won the first leg of the race would win it. The express pass allows that team to skip any task in the future during the race. The dating couple, Jill and Thomas, won it when they finished first. Who was going to be eliminated really depended on who had the least mistakes. It came down to Nick & Vicki and Ron & Tony. It seemed like neither team could catch a break on their bad day. Ron & Tony were eliminated. There are some interesting teams on this race with some dating couples that are either newly dating or have been dating for a while. This race will make or break some of those relationships. I like the story of Andie and Jenna which is the birth mom and daughter team. They just recently reunited and I believe that they said that the race had brought them together in person for only the third time. Like I said, solid premiere and I enjoyed it. Hoping the rest of the season will be better than recent editions as well.

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