Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - September 2, 2010

After last week's double eviction episode, Matt and Brendon were eliminated from the game. The next HOH competition was held which was won by Lane. The obvious question with that is where is his loyalty going to lie? The Brigade or Britney? Well, it obviously wasn't going to be with Ragan who was put up on the block next to Enzo. Enzo was the pawn in the situation. OTEV returned for the veto competition and it came down to Enzo and Ragan for the POV. The two collided diving down the slide to get the winning CD. It was amazing to watch and thank you Britney for calling for the slow motion replay of it. LOL. Enzo finally wins something and is the veto winner. He takes himself off of the block and Lane has to choose between Britney and Hayden on replacements. Britney definitely got in Lane's head with the talk of that he can't beat Hayden in the final two. So, Lane is now paired up with Britney till the end for final two. Hayden goes up on the block and it's Hayden against Ragan. All signs point to Ragan going home especially with him knowing about the Brigade alliance. Lane opened up Pandora's Box this week which ended up being a money tree. He could possibly have won up to $10,000 in money but instead ended up with $91.17. LOL. Three punishments were inflicted on the house for the time after the box was opened. One was that all the eating and drinking utensils were gone. Two was that the houseguests had to wear a sock puppet with their likeness for 12 hours including them having to talk all the time with the puppet. Three was the dance party. For twelve hours, the houseguests would have to get up and dance every time the music played in the house for as long as it played. It didn't matter what you were doing at the time. That was hilarious!!

Overall Thoughts On The Week: It was an all right week. The Pandora's Box stuff obviously helped it a lot cause there was no drama with how things played out with nominations and veto. Ragan knew he was the target this week and had to win to keep himself in the game. Just some random notes of the show happenings. I loved the conversation with Enzo trying to understand golf. We do have a lot of these fun type conversations like that on the feeds and you just never know what he is going to say. Enzo's comments on the picture of Lane's brother was hilarious comparing him to The Undertaker. How hilarious was Ragan throwing that CD and hitting the clam AND it bouncing off to hit Enzo in the face? LOL. The puppets were hilarious and provided for some good entertainment. The likenesses of them were funny.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Well, you've seen most of the big happenings. We just saw it longer such as the puppets, dancing, and the ending of the penguin suit. I did think it was funny how they cut the ceremony. We get one line from Lane saying something to the effect of we'll miss you penguin. LOL. The houseguests were around the pool and Enzo asked them each to say something about the penguin.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: Enzo learning golf.
Enzo: "How many different sticks do you need?"
Britney: "Nine."
Enzo: "Why do you need nine, it's one golf ball? Just use two sticks. If one breaks, you use the other one."

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