Monday, September 13, 2010

Thoughts On The Big Brother Week - September 13, 2010

The Week Of Big Brother. I'm late on getting this up on the site. This was the week that the live feeds went dark…..for a long time..….taking out the last interesting thing to watch..……and returning..….to watch the guys sleep. No real surprises last week with the happenings and that is unfortunate as a Britney fan. She had to win veto last week to survive and didn't get it. So, let's start with the beginning of the Big Brother week. Hayden wins the HOH and decides to put Britney and Lane up on the block. No surprise there. Hayden wins the veto. I'm kind of surprised cause I really thought Britney might pull out the win. Hayden doesn't use the veto which keeps his nominations the same. Enzo is the lone vote and votes Britney out of the house. The first part of the HOH competition was held and was an endurance competition. Enzo was the first one out and was out at around 20 minutes if I remember right. Seriously??!! LOL. He got on the nerves of Hayden and Lane when he went in the house and fixed him some food. He came back out and ate it right in front of them. Yeah, they weren't happy. LOL. Hayden and Lane battled for nearly two hours with Hayden pulling out the win. Yeah, it figures that we FINALLY get a good length endurance competition and the feeds are blocked. Thanks CBS. Glad that I pay for these feeds. The second part of the HOH competition was held with Lane against Enzo. Lane won easily and will face Hayden in part three on this Wednesday's finale. The winner will then get to choose who to take with them to the final two. The other big news of the week was The Brigade revealing to Britney about their alliance. I thought Britney took it pretty well until the guys basically were laughing in her face about it. The final straw seemed to be Hayden's smirky glad you won ten grand comment. That was when she realized that she had no chance. She left the room crying. We also saw the arrival of Ragan to the jury house. We also got another argument between him and Rachel. The argument was bizarre and basically had Ragan's point proven that things had been more peaceful since she left the house. It's true. The drama did leave with her as the arguments didn't happen after that. Ragan's reaction to the Matt's lie reveal was better than I expected. He didn't take it as bad I thought he would.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Well, the live feeders pretty much missed as much as the non feed viewers. I'll just leave it at that with the blackout that they did on us. It felt like a ratings move which I just don't get anyway. If it was a ratings move to get us to tune in, what's the point? We tune in anyway. We have to so we can get the rest of the story with the diary room stuff. Then, the ratings weren't as strong for that episode anyway which kind of made me laugh. Real was working hard trying to get programming on for the live feeders who were canceling left and right in anger over what had occurred. I have to give credit to Real for trying all they could including getting call in shows on the air to keep us entertained or at least more patient. I did watch the Brigade reveal to Britney on the feeds. It went basically as it was shown. She just listened and took in this information of what had been going on. She was basically fine until she realized that she had no chance of winning. She went to the diary room for a while which was likely the breakdown that we saw with her DR interviews on the show. The reaction in the room with the Brigade after she left was one of feeling bad. Enzo seemed to feel the worst saying that he hated that they had made her cry. They all basically felt bad about her crying. Well, if you mock her and laugh right in front of her making her realize that her game is done, what do you expect her to do? She did cool off and was fine later in the week including her playing cards with the guys. I thought she handled the whole thing really well overall including a classy exit with her interview. The feeds have been DULL since Britney left. The guys sleep most of the time and Enzo's mood has been terrible for a lot of it with him thinking that his chances to win are gone. I just don't understand why Big Brother left them in there for a week with nothing to do. That is a lot of time and I'm really hoping that something is given to these guys to entertain themselves.

Big Brother Line Of The Week: Actually, I'd just put any of those Zingbot lines from last night's best of episode cause they were hilarious. ZING!!

I listened to an interview with Matt's wife the other night. Good interview and she seems really nice. She had interesting takes on the season and how Matt had played the game. Big Brother After Dark did the interview and you can check it out at this link:
Their website is at this link:

So, we have the two hour finale on Wednesday night. I'm predicting a Hayden win in part three of the competition and a Hayden win overall. I just don't see anybody stopping him. The most entertainment of the night will be the jury house and the questioning taking place. That will be where the fun of the show will be.

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