Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Tree Hill & Life Unexpected Premiere Tonight, 90210 Premiere Thoughts - September 14, 2010

One Tree Hill moves to its new night of Tuesday night with its season premiere tonight. We got left with some definite cliffhangers on that show and I'm excited to see what happens. Based on the info that I've been reading about the overall tone of the series this year, I'm looking even more forward to it. Also, Life Unexpected returns tonight with new episodes. Life Unexpected has been a really fun show and I've admittedly gotten behind on it. Bad me. I need to get caught up on it so I can get rolling with the new season.

Last night was the 90210 premiere. I felt like I got blasted with new storylines in the last five or so minutes of the show Senior year started with an earthquake that got all of the new happenings of the season underway. Annie had done her time for the hit and run and was now free. I still thought the payoff for that season long storyline was lame to end last season. They built and built and then barely a whisper to send it out on. Last night, Annie applied for an internship and after being honest about her summer house arrest, she was given the job. However, the woman in charge seemed to have plans for Annie especially with her current state of being desperate to get back on her feet. Annie and Liam. Tension going there. Also, Annie and Dixon are having to help their mom as she deals with the divorce. Silver and Teddy are going well. However, Teddy ends up getting hurt in the earthquake and returns to play tennis too quickly hurting himself worse. Silver later caught him with Naomi as a very intoxicated Naomi was throwing herself at him. We learned that Naomi had hid in a hotel all summer from everyone after she was raped by the teacher at the end of last season. She looks to file charges against him when seeing he is still at the school but she continues to free fall. Definite weird triangle, wait make that a square I guess, with Dixon, Ivy, a childhood friend of Ivy's, and Ivy's mom. Yeah, it was just weird. Adrianna was in a car accident after returning from her tour with the pop star. He basically informs her that she is done and her career is about to go bad. Then, an accident happens and he is killed. She takes the song book of his and starts to use the songs. Navid told her it was the best stuff that she had ever written. Overall, I mostly enjoyed the premiere. There were things that I liked. Things that I didn't like. I didn't like the love triangle-square at all. Just seems really forced and bizarre. As usual, I like most of the Annie storyline stuff. Teddy's injury provides some story possibilities for him and Silver. The Naomi storyline with the teacher could be interesting with her looking to get revenge. The rest of the Naomi stuff is just usually way too over the top for my liking. There are times where this show really feels like it goes off the rails with storylines and just overdoes things. The shows seems the most enjoyable to me when they keep the stories simple. We'll see where they take season three from here.

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