Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Brother 12 Crowns A Winner - September 15, 2010

Big Brother 12 has officially come to a close. Tonight's finale has wrapped up and we have a winner. First, part three of the final HOH competition took place and it was won in a tiebreaker by Hayden. Hayden chose Lane to go with him to the final two which meant that Enzo was voted out. The jury was put together for the live questioning. Nothing really that interesting although Matt did take some shots at him being ousted from the Brigade. Lane was asked if he would have stayed loyal to the Brigade or Britney if he had chosen who to take to the final two. He lied and said the Brigade. Later, the video was shown of him saying that he would have taken Britney when the reunion took place after the live vote. The live vote did take place and it was closer than I thought it would be. I didn't expect a tie vote with Enzo being the tie breaker. Hayden won on a 4-3 vote. The results of the voting was that Enzo, Matt, Ragan, and Kathy voted for Hayden to win. Britney, Rachel, and Brendon voted for Lane to win. The winner of America's Choice for favorite houseguest was Britney!! $25,000 to her. Loved it!! Ok, the reunion part of the finale. It was the best part of the show. The second saboteur was revealed with Ragan and the jury was stunned to learn it was him. The Matt lie was revealed to the final three and they were shocked as was everyone in the past. Speaking of reveals, I loved that Britney got to reveal to the jury about the Brigade alliance with the special shirt upon entering the jury house. The Kristen and Hayden relationship in the house was shown on the reunion to the house. That was a funny moment. I love the moments when you get to see the house react to things that they didn't know. So, Hayden wins Big Brother which I thought would happen. I thought he sealed it with his competition wins late in the season.

Super Pass is doing live interviews in the backyard with the houseguests on the live feeds. Just some random recaps on it. Kathy was just asked if she knew that Enzo thought that the "S" in the note he got was for "sheriff". Kathy got a huge laugh out of it. Britney said that she didn't see Rachel much in the jury house as Rachel was with Brendon most of the time. You can tell that Britney is getting a ton of Lane questions. She confirmed that she did lie about the goodbye to Rachel. She told Rachel that she recorded two goodbyes which was a lie. She said "duh" to the question laughing that of course she lied cause she wasn't expecting Rachel to return to the house. Britney talked of how she was devastated about the Brigade reveal but that she knew she could either be happy or sad during her last days in the house. She chose to have fun with the friends that she had made for her last few days in the house. "Just The Tip" was brought up and Britney was thrilled to learn that it was a hit. I loved it. Matt said that he came up with the wife lie before the show started on doing something like that. He said that he just blurted it out at the beginning of the show and had to run with it from there. He did regret throwing Ragan under the bus and also said that he knew he was the low man in the group from early on. It wasn't something that he learned late in the game but said he did not know that the others were so determined to get him out. Matt still is battling over the creation of the Brigade. Matt said that Enzo created this deal of making side alliances but yet Enzo was the only one that didn't have a side alliance with anyone. We'll have a battle going on for a while over who started the Brigade between Matt and Enzo. Ragan was asked about his trashing on the other houseguests on the feeds. He said that the people that he disliked were doing bad things to him in the game so he didn't feel bad about it. He feels that he and Matt will remain friends. He did not regret throwing the competitions to Matt saying that he didn't feel like he was a target at the time. Looking back on it, he said he would have put up Brigade members. Rachel was asked why she chose to have a showmance so early in the game and put a target on her back. She said that she didn't plan on it but fell in love. Rachel said that her and Ragan would never make up saying that Ragan won't accept any of her apologies. She was asked about the imitation in the HOH room and whether she knew that they were laughing at her and not with her. She said that she did know it. Enzo said that Matt is lying about putting together the Brigade. Enzo was asked one why he ate when he was a have not? He said that he was given a warning but that he is the meow meow and that is why he can get away with it. Lane was asked about Britney. He did a lot of joking around about it saying how he had picked on her so their relationship is healthy. He did say that Britney was his type and a sweet girl. Lane was told about his dogs having been missing but that they had been returned. He was obviously happy to hear that news. Lane did say that it was a strategy of his to lay low in the early part of the game. Hayden was asked why he didn't take Enzo and he felt that Enzo could have beaten him. That was pretty much the highlights of the interviews that I saw.

I do want to finish this by saying thank you so much to the live feed updaters. You guys work really hard to help keep us up to date on what is going on in the house. When the rest of us are away, you do the work and we're able to read and catch up. Thank you to all the fans who made this season a lot of fun as well with reading the message boards. Watching the feeds and reading the forums at the same time is an absolute must and makes the live feed experience so much better. I really enjoyed this season and am already looking forward to Big Brother 13 which will be happening. That is it for tonight's Big Brother recap. Take care and God bless!!

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