Thursday, September 2, 2010

Final Four Is Set On Big Brother 12, New HOH Is Crowned - September 2, 2010

The final four has been revealed for Big Brother 12. Tonight's eviction episode went as expected. Ragan was voted out despite giving an effort on why it would benefit Britney and Lane to keep him. It was a classy exit from Ragan and also by the houseguests. We saw the jury house full of evicted houseguests for the first time. It is always interesting to see the reaction of the jury house as each person is added to it. However, all of that was overshadowed by Matt revealing to the jury house of Rachel, Brendon, and Kathy that he had lied about his wife's health. It did not go over very well as expected with Rachel and Kathy being the most furious. Wow, just wait till Ragan gets that reveal. I actually thought that Matt wouldn't tell that till finale night but he said that he wanted to come clean since the game is over for him. The episode ended with the live HOH competition taking place. It was a Christmas themed HOH with the houseguests having to decorate their tree with ornaments. They had to reach through a fence and work the ornaments up to their destination on their tree. SPOILER ALERT!!! If you do not want to know who won the HOH competition, stop reading now. The feeds did not return until after the competition was long over and the final four was sitting at the kitchen table talking about it. Hayden was sitting there with the HOH key so there is your new HOH. So, the live feeders were robbed again. It does get annoying sometimes to be a live feed watcher. I still remember the live HOH competition a few weeks ago where we missed just about everyone being eliminated including them blocking when the winning moment happened. So, Hayden is the new HOH.

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