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New Moon Box Office, Slapsgiving, Storm Chasers, & More - November 28, 2009

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. New Moon - $142.8 million. 2. The Blind Side - $34.1 million. 3. 2012 - $26.4 million. 4. Planet 51 - $12.2 million. 5. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $12.2 million. 6. Precious - $10.8 million. 7. The Men What Stare At Goats - $2.8 million. 8. Couples Retreat - $1.9 million. 9. The Fourth Kind - $1.7 million. 10. Michael Jackson’s This Is It - $1.6 million.

As you can see by that, New Moon was the talk of the entertainment world this past week. All you can say is wow to those numbers. New Moon had the third highest grossing opening in history trailing only The Dark Knight and Spiderman 3. It set opening day records doing $72.7 million on its opening day and $26.3 million in midnight showings.

How I Met Your Mother presented Slapsgiving 2: Revenge Of The Slap last Monday night and it was great TV. If you haven’t been following the show, there has been an ongoing storyline throughout the series based on a slap bet between Marshall and Barney. What is a slap bet? Well, the winner of the slap bet gets to slap the other person in the face as hard as they can. It has provided for some great laughs on the show. Anyway, the original bet was trying to figure out what Robin had done in the past which embarrassed her so much. That was revealed to be that she was a Canadian pop star with her breakaway hit “Let’s Go To The Mall”. Yeah, I dare you to listen to that song and not get it stuck in your head. LOL. Anyway, after all was decided, Barney was punished with five slaps which could be delivered over any time in the future. Three have been delivered which left number four for Monday night. Marshall announced that slap four would take place before sundown as to not mess with Lily’s meal that she had prepared. Marshall decided that he was going to share the love and give his slap to anyone that wanted it. Lily, who is slap bet commissioner, allowed the move. This came down between Ted and Robin who argued over who wanted it. The two then showed sympathy with one another with what the other had been through and tried to give the slap ability to one another. I should also add that Lily’s dad showed up (played by Chris Elliott) and was not welcomed at all by Lily after the things that he done in the past to her and her grandparents. However, they all made up and he was even given a chance at the slap. He passed it up as well as did Lily. Barney’s strategy at one point was to turn people against one another and starting arguments to get the time to pass so he would avoid the slap due to the time restriction of sundown. However, Marshall had Barney tied up in a chair waiting for the slap. Marshall looked to be showing some sympathy saying that the slap had brought everyone closer as he planned and he proclaimed that there would be no slap today. As Barney turned around, he received slap number four. The setup and build throughout the episode was great. The writers have really gotten good at teasing this slap bet throughout the series. The capper to the episode was the commercial at the end advertising the new slap bet board game which was made by Lily’s dad. Yes, that was another storyline of how he kept trying to invent hit board games. The commercial was hilarious!! So, happy slapsgiving. LOL.

Tomorrow night is the season finale of Storm Chasers. This is where I insert my sad face cause I LOVE this show. I'm obsessed with this show as it is so good. Tomorrow’s episode will feature the clip of what we’ve seen all season where Reed is going to have a too close of an encounter with a tornado which takes his driver’s side window out. Last week’s episode was really good watching multiple teams chasing the same tornado. I love Reed’s airplane that he had going. It is able to get near a tornado and is controlled by remote control. It can drop multiple pods in a tornado’s path while it also shoots video as well. They had success with it as well and Reed and TVN crew had a big day. The reaction of the other teams was funny when they saw this random plane flying through the air. LOL. The TIV crew had a successful intercept the hard way. How funny was the reaction of them to the leak that is in the TIV. They’re getting soaked!! Tim and his crew had a good day as well. This was a very wild episode and this two hour finale will not be a letdown either. The finale starts airing at 8pm central time on Discovery Channel.

I love watching the Black Friday store sales. It’s fun to look for bargains and watch people stand in line and all. Much respect to the diehard shoppers that get out there and go for what they are looking for. I mostly watch stuff online and Amazon has been doing lightning deals. There will be a deal going for only a certain amount of time and a limited supply. You put the right thing on sale for the right place and sales will fly. I sat and watched a lot of these sales to see how fast they would go. I saw the X-Men Trilogy Blu-ray DVD set sell out in about 3-4 minutes in a hot price. The Michael Jackson “This Is It” soundtrack got put on sale for $5 and sold out in around thirty minutes or so. The new Beatles box set was put on sale for $99 and it sold out in a matter of minutes as well. Computers were selling quickly on there as well and if you weren’t online when the sale started, you weren’t getting it. I saw a hot price at Best Buy on the Smallville box sets. $9.99 a piece!!! Hope that you Smallville fans got in on that one!!

Survivor took a break this week with its annual Thanksgiving tradition of a recap episode with new footage added in.

Funny episode of The Big Bang Theory with the battle between Sheldon and his co-worker. I loved the stuff with Wolowitz and Bernadette as well. Funny episode all around.

I thought Melrose Place was new this week until I sat down and went to watch this week’s episode. I then realized it was a rerun. New episodes return this Tuesday night.

I watched The Fantastic Four over the weekend. Fun movie and it was a movie that I expected to like and did.

Is it really possible that it is the 25th anniversary of Back To The Future in 2010??!! Taking place on March 5, 2010 will be a Back To The Future reunion taking place at the University of North Alabama. In the Shoals Community Theater. In attendance will be Lea Thompson (Lorraine McFly), Marc McClure, James Tolkan, and screenwriter Bob Gale. The event is part of the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival and is being co-sponsored by Now, this event sounds like a lot of fun. It’s too far away for me to make it but I see this as an event that will be great to attend especially to celebrate the big anniversary. To get tickets for the event, head over to:
Wow, and all these years later, it is still my favorite movie of all time. I kid you not that if I see the movie on TV, I will stop and leave it on. I would just love to have a count of how many times that I’ve seen those three movies. I noticed the other day that one of the movie channels was running all three movies in a row. That gave me the idea of that over Christmas vacation, I’m going to make some time and pull a marathon and watch all three right in a row.

I got this information to pass along to all of the readers about a new movie. The Young Victoria, starring Emily Blunt, opens in select theaters on December 18. The movie is written by Academy Award winner, Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park) and produced by the team of Graham King (The Departed), Martin Scorsese, Tim Headington, and Sarah Ferguson (Duchess of York). FOr more info on the movie, head over to:

I have found myself watching a couple of different shows on The History Channel over the last couple of days. One being Pawn Stars. My family was watching this and I ended up watching a bit of it. Interesting show and fun personalities. The previews of the new season are funny with the revelation that one of them bought a $38,000 hot air balloon and planned to sell it for $50,000. When questioned about who would buy it, he replied with people that like to go riding in hot air balloons. LOL.

The other show that I watched a little of this morning was Ice Road Truckers. Wow, talk about a show that will raise your stress level just watching. I can’t even tell you how much respect that I have for these people that drive in those conditions. Just incredible.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, December 1. Better Off Ted (Seasone One), The Donna Reed Show (Season Three), Saturday Night Live (Season Five).

TV Line Of The Week: From How I Met Your Mother.
“Last year, you got left at the altar, you lost your job. You’ve come such a long way since then and I’m so proud of you Ted. You deserve to slap someone in his face as hard as you can.” Robin to Ted over the battle between them on who would get to use slap four of five in the slap bet against Barney.

Twitter Update Of The Week: Gotta give it to Neil Patrick Harris again this week as this was a funny one.
@ActuallyNPH: "FYI - Starting arguments around the Thanksgiving dinner table is a bad idea. Unless you're drinking. Then it's hilarious."

Video Of The Week: The Muppets parody Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. This has to be seen and it is hilarious!!

Have a great weekend. Take care and God bless!!

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