Thursday, November 19, 2009

Season Premiere Date For Chuck Is Announced

Wrath of Con PartyHey Chuck fans. Great news!! The show now has an announced season premiere date and I'm happy to say that it is much earlier than expected. Season three will premiere on Sunday, January 10 at 7pm central time with a two hour premiere. The show will then move back to its normal Monday night at 7pm time slot on January 11. Expect to see a lot of guest stars as usual this season with several already announced including Brandon Routh, Robert Patrick, Kristin Kreuk, Armand Assante, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Vinnie Jones. So, get the word out and get everyone watching!! If you haven't seen Chuck, pick up the DVD's or check out the show on Hulu. You won't be disappointed!! I just want to mention also again how awesome everyone was with the fan campaigns to save the show. The fans worked hard and the reward premieres on January 10. If you want a sneak peek at season three including a thank you to the fans from Zachary Levi, here is the video for you to check out:

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