Monday, November 2, 2009

Carrie Underwood - "Play On" - Album Review - November 3, 2009

I have been very excited to hear Carrie Underwood’s third album, Play On. I have been getting little bits and pieces of song previews of it just like everyone else through the iTunes weekly song releases leading up to the release. 30 second previews but I’ll take 30 seconds. LOL. Very strong album from her once again!! The album has a mix of all sorts of sound to it. There are parts that sound more country than she has done, then there is more rockier stuff like Cowboy Casanova, and then we go back to the ballads. Lots of slow stuff on this album and it is incredible. Temporary Home is an incredible, incredible song. The lyrics are so powerful to it. The closing lyric is about an old man dying in his hospital bed with his family surrounding him with the man telling them to not be sad for him cause he will see them all again while talking about how he can see God’s face. The song finishes saying “this is just our temporary home”. Wow. Wow. That was all I could say when listening to this song. Just an incredible song. I am really hoping that this will become a single and that we’ll get a video for it. When I heard it, I was thinking that this feels like the new “Jesus Take The Wheel”. “Mama’s Song” was one that I liked immediately after listening to the preview of it a couple of weeks ago. The song focuses basically on mom not having to worry and to watch her daughter grow as she has found the great guy that treats her that like a man should. “What Can I Say” is a song that features Sons of Sylvia and is definitely one of my favorites on the album. Their voices combine really nicely on that song!! Another song that I really like is another slow song called “Change”. It talks about wanting to change the world and how people will always tell you that you can’t change it. Really inspirational song with talking about how even the smallest thing can change the world. Getting away from the slower stuff, “Undo It” and “Unapologize” are really good rockier kind of songs that I really liked. There is the fun mad at guys and venting out song with “Songs Like This”. The chorus goes with “if it weren’t for guys like you, there wouldn’t be songs like this”. Great lyric. I love the album. As I was listening to a lot of these songs, I had thoughts of just how incredible these songs would sound live at a concertThat powerhouse voice of hers is great on this album. This album delivers strong. There are a lot of songs on this album that would be great singles so I’m very interested to see which ones are picked. If you’re a Carrie fan, you’re going to love the album. What are you waiting for? Get the album. Ok, so when is her fourth album going to be released? I’m ready. LOL. I have always said that I could listen to her even sing the phone book. If I ever got to talk to her, I’d have to ask her, can you sing this phone book just to prove my theory right? LOL. She definitely always leaves you wanting more.

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