Friday, November 13, 2009

Smallville, Heroes, Survivor Blindside, Opry/My Space, & More - November 13, 2009

With the news of Dollhouse being cancelled which was in a terrible Friday night time slot, we have the latest DVR numbers. DVR numbers are strong for several shows in bad time slots. Dollhouse was boosted by 55% in viewers after DVR numbers were added in. Fringe has also seen a significant jump in viewers jumping 41%. Heroes has jumped by 31%. I was just reading an article and here is an interesting stat about shows airing on Friday. Brothers which airs on Fox on Fridays has been doing around a 1.6 rating. It aired on Sunday in a new timeslot and got a 3.4 rating. Now, that is significant. DVR numbers are going to continue to be good for shows stuck in bad timeslots.

Moving on to this week’s Storm Chasers. What an episode and accomplishment for Reed Timmer and his crew. They get their new radar up and running and then end up right in the middle of a F3 tornado. Incredible footage and moment for them. Where was Joel? Well, Joel was out chasing with the Scout team. This is the first appearance for the Scout team on this season’s episodes. Imagine Joel’s frustration when he learned of the success that Reed had. All was not lost for Joel and the Scout team as they did get to see a tornado. Tim and his crew were chasing the same tornado as Reed and got a close up encounter with it as well. Wow. What about Sean? Well, TIV 2 was once again back in the shop being repaired which is frustrating for sure.

If you can’t make it to the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night, My Space has you covered. On Saturday, November 14 at 8pm central time, My Space will run a live video stream of the Opry show which includes performances by Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Rodney Atkins, and Jake Owen. For more info, head over to:
I’ll definitely be tuning in.

Tonight’s Smallville had the debut of the Wonder Twins with one of them having a tie in to an old favorite show of mine, 7th Heaven. One of the actors playing in the role was David Gallagher. The other twin was played by Allison Scagliotti. The Wonder Twins were obviously new characters for me as I’m not familiar with the Superman background obviously. I liked their role in this episode with wanting to help the Blur but they were doing more harm than good. Then, we had the story of Lois finding out that Clark was indeed the Blur. That was until The Wonder Twins saved the day for Lois after she fell from the building. Then, Chloe made a call in Blur voice to Lois with Clark standing nearby. It really is funny to watch this and you just know that Lois can never know that Clark is her superhero cause of how the story has played out over the decades. Yet, you're still dragged into it.

Speaking of Smallville, we’ll be getting a double dose of episodes on January 29. The episodes that have been written by Geoff Johns involving the Justice Society will air back to back that night. That will be a lot of fun.

I don’t know how others are feeling but this is the most that I have enjoyed Heroes in a LONG time. This season is simple to follow and has slowed down. Plus, they are giving us a lot of nice twists. The stuff with Hiro and Charlie was fun last week with the time travel stuff sending us back to season one. One by one, the carnival is taking in the ones with powers. Hiro is now being used so he can find Charlie. That was last week. This week, we had the fun stories of Claire and Bennett battling Rebecca. I liked the backstory of why Rebecca was after Claire. She was actually after Bennett cause of him killing her father when she was a little girl. Now, Samuel has stepped in and is trying to play Claire against Bennett. He’s definitely an interesting character with how he works to manipulate against the weaknesses of various people that he is after. I have really enjoyed the Parkman/Sylar stuff. The big finish this week of Parkman realizing that the only way to save everyone was to have himself killed (in a way, his body, but Sylar’s control). Yeah, it’s complicated. LOL. I thought that was a big scene with the cops and what Parkman did. I’m wondering what happens with that from here.

Survivor blindside last night. Yet again. I was cheering for this one to happen. If you missed it, Russell was in major trouble last week after using the hidden immunity idol. He and Foa Foa were still a target. After his team lost the reward challenge, he went looking to see if a hidden immunity idol was being put back into the game. The team that won the reward challenge was all Galu members. They got a clue informing them that the idol was going back into play. Well, too late. Russell searched the whole area. He looked under the bridge and found the hidden immunity idol. This is the SECOND one that he has found with ZERO clues!! Unbelievable!!! LOL. I just laughed and had to see this play out. The target was originally Laura to be voted out but she won the immunity challenge. So, Russell knew that he was the target. He showed the idol to Shambo with that being the only one from the original Galu tribe. He then told the rest of the Foa Foa tribe about his idol and made sure for the tribe to keep the target on him. That way he could use the idol and send someone else home. Tribal council takes place and he plays the idol. That means all of the votes for Russell were thrown out. The first vote that comes up is for Russell. The look of shock on everyone’s faces was priceless. Russell had seven votes to go home. The other votes then started coming up which was for Kelly. She gets four votes and that sends Kelly out of the game. WOW. That has to be one of the great blindsides in Survivor history!! Two tribal councils in a row where the low numbered Foa Foa tribe survives. Next week’s episode looks like a race to keep Russell from finding yet another hidden immunity idol. Unreal. Great episode and great twist seeing Russell find that idol again.

When I was watching 90210 this week, I just thought that Silver’s party wasn’t going to work out like the original plan. Jackie is unconscious with Silver unable to wake her. Call goes to 911. I have enjoyed the bonding with Silver and her mom and it is giving Jackie a good farewell. The other stories revolve around drug dealing going on at West Beverly involving Jasper. He has covered his tracks with people but is starting to trip up including him selling to Adrianna who has fallen once again. Not really sure what to make of the whole storyline of Dixon and his mom with the stories of the baby. It has just been kind of there for me. I guess I’m just in the middle ground on reaction to it. I’m waiting to see just what Liam is going to have happen to get revenge on Jen.

Heather Locklear returns to Melrose Place this Tuesday night on The CW. To no surprise, she’ll be clashing with Ella.

ABC cancelled a couple of their shows this week as they cancelled both Eastwick and Hank.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $31 million. 2. Michael Jackson’s This Is It - $14 million. 3. The Men Who Stare At Goats - $13.3 million. 4. The Fourth Kind - $12.5 million. 5. Paranormal Activity - $8.6 million. 6. The Box - $7.8 million. 7. Couples Retreat - $6.4 million. 8. Law Abiding Citizens - $6.1 million. 9. Where The Wild Things Are - $4.2 million. 10. Astro Boy - $2.5 million.

If you want Bon Jovi’s new album, you can get it for $3.99. Yes, $3.99 at Amazon for a MP3 version of it. Great price on that. I did see them perform earlier this week on The Today Show and they were great. Glad to see them mixing up the new song along with the older stuff as well.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 17. 7th Heaven (Season Nine), The Little Couple (Season One), Scrubs (Season Eight), Wagon Train (Season One).

TV Line Of The Week: Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosting at the CMA Awards. This was funny and got a big laugh from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.
Carrie (to Brad): “You smell amazing”.
Brad: “Thanks. I’m wearing McGraw.”

Twitter Update Of The Week: Alyson Hannigan
@alydenisof: “Late night on set. Gearing up for our 100th episode next week! No spoilers but I'm VERY excited about one of our guest stars!!!”

Video Of The Week: Taylor Swift’s opening monologue from SNL. When I watched this on Saturday night, my first thought was how this monologue was very Phoebe-like from Friends.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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