Thursday, November 5, 2009

Storm Chasers Clashing, Scream 4?, Regis & Kelly Halloween, Survivor, Southland, & More - November 5, 2009

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Michael Jackson’s This Is It - $23.2 million. 2. Paranormal Activity - $16.3 million. 3. Law Abiding Citizen - $7.4 million. 4. Couples Retreat - $6.4 million. 5. Where The Wild Things Are - $5.9 million. 6. Saw VI - $5.2 million. 7. Astro Boy - $3.4 million. 8. The Stepfather - $3.2 million. 9. Cirque Du Freak - $3.09 million. 10. Amelia - $3.03 million.

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" was a major winner last weekend at the box office worldwide. The movie drew $101 million worldwide which includes $23 million that it did here in the U.S. to finish at number one at the box office. I reviewed this last week and you really need to see it. It is incredibly produced!!

Awesome episode of Storm Chasers this past Sunday night. It saw a lot of clashing going on between teams while also members of teams clashed. Well, I thought that Sean and Josh had parted ways but it was just temporary until Josh got his new Vortex radar system up and running. Josh and Sean paired back up but things didn’t set well when Josh talked at the big meeting of the TIV crew chasing with them but not being “formally” a part of the Vortex group. Yeah, I’d take that as a sort of insult too if I was Sean. Then, we have Josh and Reed clashing. Why? Well, Reed is working on his own radar system that picks up the wind from a different angle than everyone else. Reed’s radar system is the only one that could interfere with their frequency range. From what I understand, Reed’s radar works vertically while the others go horizontal. Josh kept trying to get the frequency number from Reed. If I was Reed, I’d be hesitant to give out information as well when I’m trying to accomplish the same goals as other chasers. I just never really know about Josh. I’ve never been much of a fan of his on this show. It seems like he misses more than he hits over the past couple of seasons of Storm Chasers. I’ve often wondered what Sean might be able to do paired up with someone else. Reed is definitely the front runner on the show with what he is able to accomplish. The clashing continued between members of the same team. Reed and Joel have not been getting along and Joel has been very iffy on whether to go chasing on various days. They were not getting along at all at the end of this episode. The TIV 2 is back out on the road as Sean has it improved and up and running. Awesome episode that really showed the competitiveness of what they are all trying to accomplish. Big things yet to come and I think we may see that on this week’s episode.

I loved last week’s Smallville. Clark and Lois trying out for morning TV and then doing a blind date segment for the show. That was a lot of fun!! The running commentary by Lois during Clark’s date was hilarious. He ended up with a great girl and date so of course Lois had to compete. The counter to that was something that she didn’t expect. Oliver taking her blind date’s place and pouring his heart out to her. The ending of the episode did give us the big moment that we were teased about and that was the big kiss between Clark and Lois.

Live With Regis and Kelly had their annual Halloween show last Friday and it was a lot of fun. The theme this year centered around reality TV and had a lot of funny moments. The first costume appearance for Regis and Kelly was as Jon and Kate and was fun. I wondered who would be the first to do the balloon boy costume and there was Gelman and Art Moore. Lots of funny segments during the show spoofing several reality shows.

I had not heard about this but it looks like there is going to be a fourth movie from the Scream franchise of movies. It will be written by Kevin Williamson. Hmm, not sure how I feel about this. It could work. I just don’t know where you take the story from here cause the third one kind of brought it all back full circle. I liked the first three but the original was easily the best one by far. This was the last series of films that I probably watched in the horror genre before I finally just outgrew it and didn’t care to watch horror movies anymore. Well, except for me getting pulled in a couple of weeks ago staying up late watching Prom Night cause I couldn’t turn it off waiting to see what happened. LOL. Would I give Scream 4 a look? I don’t know. I think I probably would but would likely wait for a DVD release. Actually, the first Scream was the only one that I saw in the theatre of the three. I still have fun memories of me and my friends sitting in the theatre trying to figure out who the killer was. I think we had every character in the movie picked as the killer at one point or another. LOL.

The Survivor merge happened tonight and it was a mad scramble to see who would survive and who wouldn’t. Russell was working people like crazy making deals and showing them the hidden immunity idol that he had. His original target was Laura and that was the plan to vote her out. However, plans changed during the immunity challenge. Immunity was won by a male and female. Both were won on the final shot in the Survivor T-Ball challenge. For the men, John won it. For the women, the winner was Laura. That meant a scramble to find out who to vote out from there. Russell wanted Monica to be the target to break that duo up. That didn’t go over though. People started talking and word got out even more about Russell having the idol. Talk turned to flushing out Russell’s idol and sending someone else home in the process. Well, Erik then made a statement to the Foa Foa members minus Russell about what he wanted them to do to save themselves. Yeah, they didn’t take that well and strategy started flying on voting out Erik. At tribal council, Erik took shots at Foa Foa and how weak that he felt that they were. Russell and Erik both had immunity idols. Russell went ahead and played his idol cause he felt uncomfortable on his status in the game but said everyone knew that he had it anyway. Erik did not use his. Russell did not get a vote. Jaison got two votes. The other seven? They went to Erik and he was voted out. Wow, quite a turnaround there. Laura saved herself from going home and Erik basically talked himself into getting voted out.

Did anyone see the clip from The Today Show of Meredith Vierra working drive thru at McDonald's? It was a lot of fun and the customers mostly enjoyed it as well. Well, except maybe for that guy that she said looked like De Niro. LOL.

Jodie Sweetin of Full House fame now has a book out on her life and struggles. Jodie, of course, played the role of Stephanie Tanner on the show. In the book, she talks about her days on the show and moves on to the struggles of drugs in recent years. This is a book that I'd really like to read. I grew up watching that show every week and learned of the book in the last couple of weeks. I definitely hope to read it soon. The title of the book is UnSweetined.

After NBC dropped Southland, TNT has picked up the show and will air episodes in January against Jay Leno on NBC. Well, that sure is interesting, isn't it??!! Lots of people were upset over the network dropping the show especially after bringing it back for the new season.

Hey Party Of Five fans. Remember the house used for the show? Want to own it? Well, now you can. For $7.2 million, it is yours. LOL.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 10. Dawson’s Creek (Full Series), JAG (Season Nine), Nash Bridges (Season Three), The Tudors (Season Three), The Untouchables (Season Three – Volume Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From Smallville.
“Congratulations Clark. You’re dating Mother Teresa in six inch heels.” – Lois to Clark as he is on his date after hearing all of the incredible things that his date has been doing with her life.

Twitter Update Of The Week: @darthvader
“I love Halloween. The only day of the year when I'm scarier with my mask *off* instead of on.”

Video Of The Week: Meredith Vierra works the McDonalds drive thru.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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